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Soft Touch
Tech x F!Reader
word count: 4k
Tumblr media
A little chat leads to some feelings being revealed.
warnings: SFW, mutual pining, small bit of flirting, reader talks about past relationship, fluff, mentions of imperial Crosshair (free my boy), tech a little insecure. A little rushed at the end but I’m trying to get back into writing so it’s a bit shit lmao. Enjoy.
Tech Works
You weren’t sure how long you were asleep for but nor did you care for that matter. After being on the run for so long, sleep never became a viable option. Until today.
Yourself and the Batch finally found somewhere to touch down for a while. Omega felt like she could stay in this cabin forever and although it sounded like a wonderful dream… It was just a dream. The area was remote with the cabin being slightly old and tattered. Most importantly, it was hidden. Hidden away in the middle of a forest. No life forms, no droids and no war.
The boys allowed both you girls to share since Omega enjoyed your company the most these days and sharing a room with Omega wasn’t so bad. One, she never took up the bed and two she never snored. She’s like the perfect sleeping buddy but that is until she likes to put her bare, cold feet against your back as soon as you're drifting to sleep. Or when she sits up all night talking to Wrecker through her comm despite him just being in the room next door to you.
She didn’t wake you up this time anyway. Instead, you awaken and are completely distorted from reality. Sitting up rather reluctantly as the duvet swallowed you in comfort, you stretched out your limbs and noticed quickly she wasn’t tucked up beside you with Lula. Glancing over to your datapad, you swipe it into your grasp from the bedside table to see that the time was 1900 hours. Looks like you slept the day away. No, you had slept the day away.
Giving yourself a moment to shed the sleep from your brain, you make your way out of the room, pulling your vest top back into place so you didn’t look so disheveled and frown when you realised it was quiet. Too quiet.
There was no sign of bickering from the brothers, no loud whirring noises of Tech creating something or fixing something it was just silent.
The cabin had two floors with three bedrooms. One was downstairs which Hunter and Echo took refuge in, meanwhile you and Omega took the second bedroom upstairs with Wrecker and Tech just across the landing in their shared room.
The cabin itself was made of a dreamy oak wood, so different from the metallic walls the boys lived in. For you, you were so used to the sand coloured stone that Mos Espa presented you all your life.
Looking over the banister that overlooked the open kitchen and living space, your mind reeled back to how it used to look. At first, the L shaped couch that could have easily sat ten people was covered in cobwebs and had an array of mess thrown across it. In fact, the whole cabin looked that way but with enough grit and prompting from you, the boys had helped clean up and it looked almost brand new. Albeit the smell was a little whiffy, still.
It had been abandoned for sometime but as you snapped back into reality you realised you hadn't been abandoned. On the couch you spotted a lone figure sat on the couch, head buried deep into their datapad and tapping away.
Of course; Tech.
“Hey Tech,” you call out to him from where you stood leaning over the banister, “where are the others?”
Tech stiffened upon hearing your sudden voice but relaxed as he knew it to be no threat and instead turned his head to look at you. “They’ve gone exploring down by the lake.”
You sigh in disappointment. “The lake? Without me? I’ve been saying for days I wanted to check that out.” You huff, hands placing to your hips.
“Considering your current state of sleep for approximately,” he pauses and looks to his pad and then looks back at you, “14 hours, we figured you wanted to sleep instead.”
Your eyes widened almost comically. “14 hours?! Maker, are you sure I didn’t die in my sleep or something?” You rub your bed head, untangling some knots in your hair in the process before walking down the stairs to have a mosey in the kitchen for a drink.
“Wrecker had thought so and made me go in and check on you. He asked maybe three times now that you mention it.” You pull open some cupboards, chuckling at Wreckers worry but also at Tech.
The goggled clone watches you from the corner of his eye, your hair a little messy but not awful but you always looked rather radiant to him. As you turn away from one counter top to the other, he looks away.
“Bless him. To be fair, I needed that sleep!” You admit, grabbing a bottle of water before plopping yourself beside Tech, a good few inches away to not invade his privacy totally. “Why did you stay anyway?”
Tech pushed his goggles up the bridge of his nose and kept his head down as he spoke and did his best to sound nonchalant. “Given the current situation we are in, I believe it was too risky for you to stay here by yourself so I opted to stay behind.”
Pleasantly, you were surprised that Tech was the one to stay back. You could have seen him being one of the most eager to go out but he seemed comfortable enough.
“Well thanks Tech. Suppose it would be a little scary waking up and being on my own in the middle of nowhere.” you confess, taking a swig of your drink before placing it on the floor beside your feet. “How are you keeping anyway? Been a while since we just chatted you and me.”
Tech hummed in response, momentarily pausing to look at you before giving a nonchalant shrug of his shoulders. “I’ve been the same. Living, breathing and trying to keep on top of things.”
For a second you weren’t sure if you were imaging it but you swore his voice sounded a little… strained? As if he was lying to make you relaxed.
So, you had to ask with a raised brow, “You sure you’re alright Tech? Are you sleeping okay?”
Tech pursed his lips before sighing. “To be honest, I have not slept much since our arrival. I’ve been preparing myself for any necessary preparations.”
“Yes, for us to finally leave here.”
Surprise does not hit your face this time, instead it was curiosity. “You want to leave?”
“No,” Tech places his device down on his lap and leaned back a little from being hunched over, “but I am uncertain whether or not this safe-haven is as safe as it appears. We’re wanted by the Empire.”
“You’re wanted by Crosshair. Not the Empire.” Sighing, you saw his jaw tighten at his brother's name.
Yourself and Tech weren’t exactly the closest pairings. Friends by all means but your time together, of what little there was, was occupied by him focusing on a project and you running around after Omega.
The atmosphere grows silent, a little tense. The only sound that surrounded you was the odd shrill of some creature among the woods followed by the tapping noise of Tech’s concentrated digits on his device.
“I’m sorry to bring up Crosshair.” You tell him, turning a little in your spot to face Tech who gives you a side-eye.
“An apology is not needed. You were stating a fact and nobody should apologise for stating the truth.”
“Sometimes the truth isn’t always nice to hear…”
Tech nods his head at this, seeing the truth in this too and also now turned his body to face you a little. “You were not well acquainted with Crosshair were you?”
You shake your head. “No, I only knew him for about three weeks before everything went down.”
Tech smiles, a rare sight but also a rather lovely one. However, his smile is soon replaced with a small scowl as he remembers both the fond memories he had shared with him and then the incidents that followed after. “Crosshair was naturally rather serious due to his DNA. However I didn’t expect him to be so-.”
“Severe and unyielding?” You recall the last thing he said about him on Kamino and he sighed with a nod.
“Yes, unfortunate traits but we move on.”
For the second time, you both fall into silence but this one is a little more comfortable than the last.
You slid a little down the couch, head resting against the back as you stared through one of the windows, watching the leaves rustle in the light breeze. The sun shone down through the trees like individual spotlights. It was a lovely place really.
“Who do you think lived here?”
“Here. Obviously somebody had to have lived here. Three bedrooms? A kitchen that was stocked with tins and rations? Old game boards?” You prompted him to say something but instead the clone blinked at you.
“How can I possibly know who lived here?”
You roll your eyes playfully. “Obviously Tech but it is curious is it not? Wondering if it was a loving family, group of friends or maybe even bandits and pirates.” You let your imagination run wild whereas Tech thought of a more logical conclusion.
“Given the separate beds aside from your own, I’d say it was most likely a holiday home.”
Smiling in agreement, you watch Tech from the corner of your eye. His eyes dance around the cabin, probably fully taking it in for the first time. Hooks from where pictures could have been hung on the walls were stripped bare and you wondered what he was thinking about.
Tech was quite closed off, always giving his opinion but never really giving his feelings away. Most of them were like that which piqued your curiosity since you were alone with him. Only him.
“Tech, may I ask you something personal?” Shifting your position, Tech seemed not nervous by whatever your next question was but a little curious himself as he nodded for you to continue.
“Have you ever thought of leaving and starting a new life?” Your question though personal was innocent enough.
But, he shook his head. “I’ve been programmed and created to fight in a war and my intelligence is best suited to this ideal life. Why and how could I ever have a new ‘normal’ life?”
A frown crossed your face as his voice was heavy with almost sadness and bitterness though his face didn’t show it.
“You guys have been on the run for months now, Crosshair will soon give up the chase. It seems unfair that you have to live a life of solitude.” You explain but Tech was now too busy trying to occupy himself with his device one more. So, you leaned across and plucked it from his hands.
Eyes narrowed in your direction, he examines your face and knows full well you want to talk about this with him. “Very well, I shall proceed.” He shifts his weight to get comfy and you do the same, pulling your knees up to your chest with your elbow resting on the back of the couch, head placed comfortably in the palm of your hand.
“It’s not just my intelligence that I find suited better for this life. I…” he pauses, cheeks heating up in embarrassment, “If I were to have a new life I believe it’d be beneficial if I had a family and in order to have a family I would need to converse with people who may not understand me. Therefore, I see no point in even attempting that.”
“So what you’re saying is that you’re too smart for others?” You tease playfully but Tech didn’t see it this way.
“No, I am saying I am too annoying for others.”
A part of you broke a little, your lips turned downwards and you shook your head dismissively quickly. “Don’t say that.” You say sadly.
Tech scans your face upon your reaction, stomach twisting at the thought he had upset you. “It was not my intention to make you upset. I was being honest.”
“I know you were Tech,” you sigh softly, dropping your hand from where it was against your face to rest along the back of the couch, fingers just inches away from where his shoulder was, “but you’re not annoying. How can you say that?”
“My brothers say that.”
Again, you shake your head. “Well, I don’t find you annoying. I think anyone would be lucky to have you.”
Tech gave you a dubious look but there was no sign that you would be lying to him. “Well, I appreciate that. What about you?”
Your eyes widen slightly. “W-what about me?”
“Have you thought about starting a new life? Getting acquainted and settled down with someone? Becoming a wife or a mother?” He clears it up for you, your cheeks slightly red as you completely thought he meant something else.
“Oh, well,” you collect yourself casually and sit up a little straighter, “I almost had that. I was with someone for a long time.”
Tech blinks in surprise but not surprise that you were with someone but surprise because he never knew. “How long?”
“Around six years.”
“Do you mind me asking what happened and why you are not still with them?” He asks respectfully, placing his datapad down and turning his full attention to you.
Tech also draped an arm over the back of the couch, matching you. But it got to the point that if he really wanted to, he thought about how you would react if he were to trace his fingers against the skin of your bare arm. He found himself frowning at the thought but shrugged it out of his mind as you spoke up.
“Nothing bad happened between us, we just didn’t love each other.” Your tone was casual but you weren’t looking at him, instead you seemed to have zoned out with a small smile on your face as you remembered the memories. “They were very kind. We had known each other since we were kids and we ended up dating. But, I just didn’t love them. And they didn’t love me back. I don’t think so anyway.” You mutter, running a hand through your hair.
The Clone watches you with intrigue. “How did you know you did not have these feelings for them?”
You hummed in slight amusement, gaze drawing back to Tech and you couldn’t help but notice the way he was looking at you. His stare was soft, his attention focused directly on you as if you were the only thing worthy of his time. A stream of light came through a crack of wood that shone on him, highlighting his defined jaw and tanned skin. You thought about it before but not thought about any of his brothers like this, but you recognised how attractive he was when his face wasn’t covered by his helmet or stuck down on his pad. He was also considerably sweet in your eyes.
Clearing your throat, noticing that Tech sees you get sidetracked before you answered him, “I just knew something was missing. I couldn’t see myself waking up next to them for the rest of my life. And I once saw them talking to a pretty barmaid and I wasn’t jealous. In fact, I think at the time I thought that they should ‘go for it’ and then I remembered that we were together.”
As you were talking, you paused as you felt something touch your arm. Your jaw locked a little, trying to hide the smile on your lips as you try to act as normal as you can.
“That must have been… reflecting?“ He questions, sounding unsure himself if it was the right thing to say. But, judging by the nod of your head it was sound.
“I suppose. It ended mystically and we remained friends. Besides, I’m not shying away from meeting someone new nowadays. It’s a big galaxy.”
The clone sucked in on his inner cheek, contemplating on what he should say next. “Has-.” He cut himself short, second guessing but you had raised a brow.
“Go on, Tech.”
Maker, even the way you said his name was enough to make him almost crumble; even when sat down. “I was just going to ask if anyone has taken your interest?”
For someone so smart, Tech was terrible about being inconspicuous. Judging by the way his voice lowered, almost mumbling over his words, you knew exactly what was going on. It’s a good job that you have been harboring the same kind of feelings for a small while now.
“I could ask you the same question.” You tease, taking a sip of your drink as your peer over him, watching him practically sweat under his collar.
He shifts his position on the couch, lips tightening in a straight line. “I’m unsure what you mean by that.”
“Oh really?” You mused, eyes squinting at him.
“Yes, really.”
You nudge his leg with yours playfully, tilting your head as a smirk grows on your lips. “I’ve seen the way people have looked at you in bars… in streets. Or especially when you’ve saved their lives. A good handful of them have tried to entice you.”
His brows furrow but this time in deep confusion. “Nobody looks at me like that.” He shakes his head dismissively. “Hunter most likely but myself? No.”
“It’s not just about looks either, Tech. I’ve noticed the odd Twi’lek gently stroking your arm at bar counters. Then again, you did shrug them off.” You say as a fact.
Tech chuckles a little but again, shakes his head. “I have noticed that form of affection before but thought nothing of it at first. Though, I will initiate that kind of physical touch to someone I like. Albeit I may be hesitant at first.”
“yeah? Then care to explain this?” Tilting your head to the side, Tech looks as well and that’s when his skin runs hot and he freezes up completely. His fingers had found their way to your arm and idly been caressing at your skin for the best part of five minutes.
Skin tainted red, he goes to pull his hand back straight away and apologizes but you stopped him, catching his hand back with your own. The touch made you feel a little hot and bothered, noticing how you leaned slightly more towards him to stop him from turning away. Has he always smelt so good?
“I don’t mind this.” You gesture to the motion that was happening, feeling your heart hammer against your rib cage as Tech cautiously entwined his fingers between yours.
“No,” he breathed softly, “no I don’t seem to mind either.” A coy smile spreads on his lips as the two of you fall into a sweet silence but simultaneously both noticing that you two were sitting so close and noticing you were both alone.
Chewing on your lower lip, Tech watches you and ever so gently places his other hand on your thigh. You jump at the sudden touch, not expecting it but not hating it either. “So… what does this mean?”
“Well I feel as though it would be foolish to not address my feelings for you as I know it’s not proper for me to like a beautiful female such as yourself but I can not help the feeling of breathlessness around you.” His words were rushed but as you cosied up to him, sitting by his side your head lolled down onto his shoulder, you giggled at the sweet awkwardness being he was.
“Therefore I would like you, if you would, to accompany me on a date? Maybe we could sneak down to the lake when the others are back?” He suggested, hopeful and judging by the small kiss to his cheek from yourself, a date was on the cards.
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Omega copying Hunter (Aftermath)
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omega: so tonight I was thinking we could stay up late playing chess and say all the things we like about each other!
kidnapper, crying: hunter already paid the ransom, please go home-
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*Tech shuffling slowly around the ship with his hands infront to of him*
Omega *curious, leans over to Hunter*: Hunter, what is Tech doing?
*Tech muttering curses under his breath as he stubs his toes, continuing to shuffle out of the room*
Hunter *glances up and goes back to his caf*: Don't worry about it
Omega *hears a thud in the other room and more shuffling*: Is he okay? Where are his goggles?
Crosshair *sniggering into his caf*: Took 'em.
Omega * -_-*: You took them? Why?!
Crosshair *looking a bit too happy*: Well not me personally, but yes.
*Tech shuffles back into room, data pad practically touching his nose so he can see it*
Hunter *chugging his caf*: This is the only way to get him to stop working. He'll go back to bed when he can't find them and get some rest.
Omega *nodding like she understands*: And where are his goggles then?
Hunter *leans over to whisper to her*: With Echo and Wrecker at the market
Crosshair *louder at a passing Tech*: Somewhere his blind shebs can't find them!
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Rex meets Omega for the first time and she straight up calls him old.
"You're generation one."
"Now how do you know that?"
"The lines on your face."
Omega, love, they're probably stress lines. This man has literally had to put up with Echo, Fives and Hardcase.
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Hunter – Dirty Little Thief 6 – Scorching Hot
Tumblr media
Hunter x female reader She/Her (Enemies To Lovers)
Warnings: Suggestive 17+
Strongly Suggestive (No actual sex)/Strong Language/ Physical Contact/ Tiny Bit of Fluff
Sometimes actions speak louder than words. Hunter and you aren't very good at communicating, but you still know how to show each other how attracted you are to one another.
What Happened Before:
Dirty Little Thief
Part 2 -Fairplay
Part 3- What We Do Not Admit
Part 4 - Provocative
Part 5 - Fighting And Loving
Part 6 - Scorching Hot
Tumblr media
After you finished the laundry and dodged Crosshair's prying questions, it was almost noon. As you walked down the ramp into the open, an uncomfortable heat hit you. The day had heated up tremendously.
Wrecker was working with Echo to get a huge pop-up pool ready. A wonderful idea, especially in this heat, you thought. Hastily you went back to the Marauder. It was a day off, it was hot, a perfect excuse to dress in something civil, breezy, maybe even slightly revealing.
You put on a white slightly shorter, loosely falling skirt, along with an emerald green V-neck shirt with slit sleeves, and underneath your only bikini and a pair of chic but comfortable sandals.
When you went back outside, Wrecker was already standing in his swim trunks next to the pool that was just filling up very slowly. He was discussing with Echo that it would take too long to fill the pool if they didn't tap more water sources.
But what you were really looking for was Hunter. You couldn't see him anywhere, obviously he wasn't back yet, wherever he had gone.
"Does anyone know where Hunter is?" you asked innocently.
Echo and Wrecker turned to you, both pausing for a moment to look at you in the unfamiliar outfit.
Echo was the first to regain his composure and said, "He was at Cid's earlier, I think he changed there and went to the market, he said he would be back soon."
You wondered what he was doing at the market.
"Ey, Ad'ika" Wrecker brought you out of your thoughts "Echo and I are going to get something in town for a barbecue and drinks, for a relaxing day and evening by the pool. Is there anything in particular you want us to bring you?"
Hunter, you thought silently, but then said, "Those big fat mushrooms that I can't remember the name of"
Behind you, Tech cleared his throat. "Red lorath caps, that's what the locals call it".
"Thanks Tech" you replied and to Echo you added, "That what he just said".
Tumblr media
Tech, Wrecker and Echo went to town together, you stayed by the pool and watched the water level slowly rise.
"Nice new outfit, don't think I've seen you in it before".
Startled you turned around, Hunter was standing behind you, he was wearing shorts, a shirt and sandals. A very unfamiliar image.
"I can only return that," you said with a grin.
"Where is everyone?"
"In town getting stuff for the barbecue".
Hunter laughed, "Let me guess, Wrecker's idea? Why wouldn't it be, the weather is perfect, the pool is already up I see, it will be full soon too. The day has started well and seems to be holding at this level"
You nodded in agreement, a dreamy permanent smile on your lips. Neither of you said a word about the kiss, about how attracted you were to each other. You were determined to talk to him, but now you were face to face and you didn't know what to say. He seemed to feel the same way.
Hunter helped you put up a sun shade for the pool and the camp table where you would eat later. Neither of you said a word.
Hunter took off his shirt, it was warm enough and he would be walking around in just swim shorts later anyway.
But you couldn't help but stare at him. He looked like a painted man, hard muscles under tanned skin. He had a little chest hair curling darkly and you saw his happy trail that started just below his belly button and ended somewhere below the belt, beyond his waistband.
Your pulse quickened a little.
Hunter smirked as he noticed your gaze and the change in your pulse.
"Do you see something you like? Do you need a cold shower, maybe?"
You blinked and felt heat rise in your cheeks, felt caught. On impulse you took off your shirt, after all you had your bikini on underneath. Hunter's smile froze and he couldn't move for a moment. You could see him swallow, finally he muttered, " Ye fightin' rough".
With a grin you said, "See something you like? Do you need a cold shower maybe?"
You deftly grabbed the hose from which water was still running into the pool and pointed it at Hunter, soaking his hair and chest and parts of his shorts.
Hunter let out a startled grunt. When you took the hose back down with a laugh, he wiped the water and wet strands from his face. He looked at you in disbelief.
"You little rascal!" he growled with a wry smile "Well wait till I get my hands on you".
He grabbed you faster than you could prepare to run away. You let out a small yelp as he held you against his wet body and had to laugh.
"Got you, a lot easier than I thought," he teased you with a smile, his hands on your hips.
Your pulse quickened again, so close to his beautiful body, his dazzling smile looking at you, his hands on your hips. Heat rose in your cheeks and ears and other places that were much more omnipotent.
Quietly he said to you, "There it is again, the rapid pulse, temperature rise and that sweet heavy smell."
He leaned his forehead against yours.
"Smell?" you asked barely louder than a whisper.
"Your arousal, it smells sweet and heavy with a very slight bitter undertone, like one of those sour fruits you soak in honey and sugar before you eat it" he painted you a picture of what he could smell on you.
"Hunter," you said a little breathlessly.
"Yes, mesh'la?"
"The kiss....," you began, but couldn't get any more words out, your mind blank again.
You sighed softly but Hunter smiled unperturbed and asked, "You want another kiss?"
Blinking, you looked up at him as he leaned back a little to look at you.
"What?" you asked uncertainly.
He smiled, his expression soft and his eyes so full of anticipation.
"Tell me again to kiss you," he demanded softly.
You felt wonderfully breathless as you said, "Kiss me, Hunter."
The next moment his lips were on yours, soft warm, gentle yet demanding. His tongue, slipped into your mouth as you moaned softly, velvety touching yours and sending an impulse through your body that echoed between your thighs.
One of his hands wandered over the bare skin of your back, pulling you even closer. A soft, quiet, expectant sigh came from your mouth and moved into the kiss as you felt his slowly hardening length against your thigh and his free hand very slowly moved under the hem of your skirt.
You wanted this man, like crazy, here and now, all of your senses, every fiber of your body seemed to be electrified and drawn to him.
Before you could stop it the words came across your lips, "Fuck me..."
Hunter moaned, his hands gripping tighter and he broke away from the kiss. He looked at you, pupils dilated.
"You want me to...?"
You nodded feverishly "Yes, very much so."
He swallowed, nervous, pleased and excited all at once.
"Maybe we should choose another time for this" he said uncertainly.
It was so hot that your body heat had already made you sweat without much happening.
You tried to clear your thoughts and agreed with him, finally.
"The others could come back anytime," you said.
You slowly broke away from him and looked at him breathlessly.
"Nice" someone said dryly in the background "Too bad the peepshow is already over, but it was nice while it lasted".
"Crosshair!" exclaimed Hunter and you in unison, startled.
The Sniper leaned back on the camping chair at the table, chewed on his toothpick with a grin, and said teasingly, "Maybe you two hop in the pool now and cool off quick before the others get back."
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
A little image for the latest chapter of my TBB fanfiction: Forgotten Lullabies.
I know, the shading isn't that great, nor is the drawing as a whole, but I suck at digital art, LOL! ^-^'
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paperback-rascal · 2 days ago
What’s your take on Crosshair possibly having PICA ?
Possible causes of PICA includes but are not limited to (according to clevelandclinic.org):
Cultural or learned behaviors
Stress or anxiety
Negative conditions during childhood
Nutritional deficiencies
Mental health conditions
Medical conditions
Certain medications
Looking at the list above, Dee Bradley Baker‘s remark that Crosshair was the type of kid that would eat glue at the back of the classroom suddenly has a much, much darker implication (especially knowing how Kaminoans treated clones in overall)!
Since Crosshair is an enhanced clone, it might also imply that CF99, as cadets, were treated worse than regular troopers or Crosshair himself got the short end of a stick.
If we treat Dee's offhand comment as canon, that is.
STAR WARS: The Clone Wars/The Bad Batch © George Lucas/ Dave Filoni/ LucasFilm/ Disney
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Tumblr media
“Cyare, join me will you? I thought it was a documentary about a book, but it seems to be some entertaining holofilm about unraveling a historical quandary. Typically I do not like fanciful stories but I quite like this.”
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Something that always gets me is when Tank characters are just slightly taller than the rest of the characters, making someone 6’6 and slightly buff is weak. Stop being cowards and make the tank 8ft tall with tree trunks for thighs! If they can’t look Iron Bull in the eye they’re not good enough! Especially women!!! They should all be ripped and ready to crush heads!!
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Wrecker: Wakey wakey eggs and bakey!
Tech: But I'm a vegan?
Wrecker: Wakey wakey vegetables and sadness
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Garazeb Orrelios (Rebels)/Wrecker (Bad Batch)
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maiseey · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
Commander Cody
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nahoney22 · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
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Crosshair - My Beloved Enemy 32 – Dying Hope
Tumblr media
Crosshair x Female!Reader (FF)
Warning: Angst/Tension
After what feels like an eternity, Rex and Hunter finally find a way to free their brothers. But something is wrong, you can feel it, the task seems too easy.
What Happened Before:
Part 1 - Crash Landing
Part 2 - Hot And Cold
Part 3 - Hello Kitten
Part 4 - Look Who’s Back
Part 5 - Rebel Darling
Part 6 - Burning Anger
Part 7 - Love And Pain
Part 8 - A Difficult Reunion
Part 9 - The Bitter Taste Of Blood And Failure
Part 10 - Where The Dead Ships Dwell
Part 11 - A Lonely Firefly In Space
Part 12 - Broken Wings
Part 13 - A Helping Hand
Part 14 - The Justifier
Part 15 - The Bounty
Part 16 - Trapped
Part 17 - I Love You Too
Part 18 - When The Past Catches Up With Us
Part 19 - I’ve Never Been Good At Goodbyes
Part 20 - Unexpected
Part 21 - The Question
Part 22 - Sleepless Nights
Part 23 - Sleepyheads And Making Up
Part 24 - Crosshair’s Conclusion
Part 25 - Good Soldiers Follow Orders
Part 26 - I’m Sorry Kitten
Part 27 - Bracca
Part 28 -Rampart
Part 29 - It’s All Tactics
Part 30 - CT 6116
Part 31 - Of Wolves And Sheep
Part 32 - Dying Hope
Tumblr media
The days passed and the uncertainty was unbearable. Rex had a plan, but to carry it out you had to wait for a specific moment, when Crosshair, Echo and Tech would be shuttled to Kessel. Rex's informant, Kix presumably, because they still remained anonymous in their contact, told about the transfer of the three to Kessel. It was this shuttle that Rex wanted to intercept.
"Why in a shuttle? Why isn't the destroyer or a cruiser flying?" you asked critically.
Rex said somberly, "Apparently the three aren't such particularly important prisoners after all. Maybe something else more urgent came up and Rampart had to set other priorities."
Hunter, standing behind you, reached for your shoulder.
"Probably our only opportunity to get them back."
Wrecker frowned and growled "What if that's what they want us to think? Honestly looks like a trap to me"
Everyone looked at the giant and you said, "I didn't want to say it, but that's the thought that's bothering me. I want the boys back, pretty much at any cost, but if I lose you guys in the process too then-"
"You won't," Rex assured "Whatever comes, we'll adapt."
Wolffe growled "We won't be taken by surprise that easily".
Just thinking about what lay or could lie ahead made your heart beat faster with anticipation.
"Tomorrow the transfer is to take place, so let's get ready" Hunter said seriously "I want my brothers back" with a wry smile he added "Even Crosshair"
Tumblr media
In a space nebula, just outside Kessel, you lay in wait, hidden, with the Marauder and a second, smaller shuttle, the Sneaker.
Each second that passed seemed to you like an eternity. You ran up and down in the Marauder, which was currently being piloted by Wolffe. Rex, Hunter and Wrecker, were in the Sneaker. The plan was to disable the Empire's transport shuttle with the Marauder and then board it with the Sneaker.
It sounded doable, plausible, but the implementation worried you, because you were the Gunner and had to hit the transport shuttle's thrusters just right so that she was disabled but not destroyed.
You sat down in the Gunner's cockpit and took a deep breath.
"All clear back there?" you heard Wolffe call from the cockpit.
"Yeah, we're good," you returned, as convincingly as you could.
"You'll be fine, little lamb," grumbled the former clone commander "You've done this sort of thing before, a number of times from what I hear, this is no different."
"I know, I told you, all right, I can handle it" you said, trying to convince not only him but yourself with the words.
Silence reigned for a while, then suddenly you heard him ask, "Are you scared?"
You thought for a moment before answering honestly, " For Crosshair, Tech and Echo most of all, yes"
"No, I meant in general"
"No, my concern for those three outweighs anything else, at least for now".
Again there was silence for a while and again it was Wolffe who broke the silence.
"You love this Crosshair very much don't you?"
The question took you by surprise.
"Yes, more than anything"
"Hmm", he growled "Must be nice to have something like that".
"It is indeed" you said with a small smile that he couldn't see in the cockpit of course "Even if you worry about the other all the time, but I guess that's part of it"
The next time Wolffe broke the silence, it was to tell you to be ready.
" Be ready to go any moment, when the shuttle comes out of hyperspace you need to be ready, shut down the thrusters as soon as possible, if they try to escape we'll follow them, I'll get you in position if the angle changes. Okay?"
"Okay," you said with your heart pounding.
"Deep breaths soldier, we can do this."
You blinked in surprise, Wolffe had fallen back into old patterns out of force of habit, but that was okay, as long as he did what was necessary he might as well call you Rex.
"Copy that, sir!" you returned adjusting.
From the moment Wolffe yelled from the cockpit, "Here we go," everything happened very quickly, the adrenaline shooting into your system so fast and sharpening your senses that the process almost happened by itself. Every muscle fiber was on alert, ready to act.
The shuttle had appeared out of nowhere, jumping straight out of hyperspace, not far from you.
"Don't fire until we're out of the nebula, the gas in the nebula is very flammable".
"Got it"
Your heart was racing, but you were fully focused, your hands on the trigger. Hastily you locked on to the thrusters, remembering how Tech had told you some time ago exactly where to aim, pretty much in the center.
As the Marauder left the nebular, you aimed and fired. Your heart seemed to stop at the same moment, your breath caught in your throat. A split second seemed to stretch into eternity, then finally, the shot hit. Direct hit!
The shuttle's engines died and the shuttle hovered in front of you, unable to maneuver. You jumped out of the gunner's seat and ran into the cockpit.
"See, told you you could do it, little sheep," he grumbled with a wry smile.
You grinned at him, still full of adrenaline but also relief and tension at the same time.
"You were right, it was just like the times before".
Wolffe nodded, "Mmm, that's what I'm saying."
Wolffe had turned the Marauder so you could better observe what was happening. Your eyes were glued to what was happening with the shuttle, while Wolffe's eyes kept darting to the radar.
You could see the Sneaker docking with the Imperial transport shuttle. It took a very few minutes that seemed like another eternity for the Sneaker to detach from the shuttle.
Suddenly, the comm beeped. As Wolffe opened the channel, Hunter literally bellowed from the speaker, "IT'S A DECOY, A TRAP, PREPARE FOR HYPERSPACE IMMEDIATELY!"
The next few things happened quickly and also decelerated at the same time. The radar sounded proximity alarms. Behind you, out of the nebula, emerged a cruiser that, viewed through the cockpit window, seemed much larger than it actually was.
A huge piece of metal, armed to the teeth.
A jolt went through the Marauder as it was caught in a tractor beam.
"Sneaker get out of there, you can't help us!" barked Wolffe through the comm.
"We'll come back and get you all out of there," Hunter promised before the Sneaker disappeared into hyperspace.
"I knew this was a trap," you whispered angrily, but the anger was directed at yourself for allowing a part of you to believe in an unlikely success and now be disappointed beyond measure.
Wolffe said, perfectly calmly, "It was worth a try."
You said dryly and humorlessly, "You think so? Tell me again when you have been interrogated and tortured".
Wolffe looked at you reprovingly: "Don't lose your nerve now, little sheep, not everything is lost yet".
You wanted to believe him, you really did. But the closer the Marauder came to the Cruiser as it was pulled towards it, the lower your courage sank.
Wolffe's hand landed heavily on your shoulder and he said, "Don't give up. Crosshair certainly wouldn't want you to give up."
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This probably feels like a filler and it kind of is, 'cause I need some time to prepare what's coming next...
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RIP, my dude
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Omega | Boba Fett
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Tech came along as my emotional support clone. Got back to the hotel and he wanted to finish his origami project then get to work fixing the zipper.
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the clone captains
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this time w rex and howie :)
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howzer’s unofficial ct number is 2529 bc i say so
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