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chopper-base · 2 days ago
Hunter: Cross, where are you going?
Crosshair: to get ice cream or commit a war crime. We'll decide in the ship.
Hunter: ...'we'? Who is 'we'?
Omega: *following Crosshair* it'll probably be ice cream-
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a-lil-perspective · a day ago
Crosshair: *is drowning*
Hunter: I’d save him, but who am I to play God?
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useless-info-for-hours · 2 days ago
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Bandanna-less boy.
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darthbooks · a month ago
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alasion-art · 9 months ago
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Bad Batch 💥
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azul-days · a month ago
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Clone force 99 but they are *CONFUSING*
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lornaka · a month ago
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Time to draw for myself (or at all) has been a precious luxury lately but here's a little Hunter sketch I managed to finish this weekend
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lorjukka · 28 days ago
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they peeking 👀
[please reblog if you like it]
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thememerman · 6 months ago
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me whenever a clone laughs or fires a blaster or rests their helmets under their arms or runs their hand through their hair or winks or comforts their brothers or tells a joke or scrunches their nose or lies really terribly or rolls their eyes or breathes or just. me when clones
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nightsister-juisid · 19 days ago
My favorite art pieces created for the “Star wars Celebration Anaheim art show 2022”
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cross-my-heart1 · 2 months ago
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does this fandom accept poorly made memes?
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cobaltbeam · 9 months ago
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A happier ending :')
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space-b33 · 9 months ago
To all the shirtless Hunter requests! He washed his bandanas with the whites and now the bad batch have pretty pink briefs.
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the-dathomirian-jedi · a month ago
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still the most badass Crosshair moment, change my mind
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chopper-base · 13 days ago
Wrecker: MOM!!! I CANT FIND LULA!!!
Hunter: *whispering to Tech* ...mom?
Echo: *walking past carrying Lula* Wrecker, what have I told you about calling me mom?!?
Crosshair: uh oh. Mom is mad
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shadestepping · 2 months ago
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I’ve been editing beards onto clones for the hell of it, because we really just need more bearded men in our lives 🥵
@same-heart-same-blood @its-capt-traitor-to-you @tbbs-best-hair @exceptionally-minded @superiorsniper @lula-and-the-cavalry
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orionfrommars · a month ago
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Warrior Cats x The Bad Batch??? Why not.
[Please do not steal, trace, repost, or do anything with my work.]
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hadeswearsprada · 9 months ago
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ARC Trooper Echo - TBB 1x14 War Mantel
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writing-reaper · a month ago
Bad Batch Reacts…
To Accidental Nudes (more or less)
Warnings: nudity, 18+, suggestive, embarrassment and insecurity
Just an idea I’ve had floating around inspired by a few stories both within this fandom, outside of this fandom, and personal stories. Enjoy!
Description: You weren’t feeling too confident, so you took a couple nudes. While going to send them to a friend (a ritual the two of you had done since your teens) you accidentally send it to one of the Batch.
Crosshair was never on his datapad often.
He only really used it to read whenever he had a moment to himself. When he wasn’t cleaning his rifle, he was reading.
Then he received a message from you(?), of all people.
He was confused as to why you’d be messaging him when your barracks weren’t too far away.
Perhaps it was an emergency?
“What does she want— …”
“These we’re not for me.”
He smirks, looking over the images.
You were in this tiny little black number that barely covered your nipples and outlined the shape of your ass.
There was a side profile and one completely behind with you looking over your shoulder.
He hears the sound of frantic running, Hunter noticing first looking confused as you suddenly enter the room looking panicked.
“Is everything alright?” Echo asks, taking note of the panic in your eyes.
“Yeah, no I’m alright. I’m just losing my mind today. I was just going to ask you guys something but I can’t remember! Bye!” You answered way to quickly before leaving the room, eyes widening even more when you saw Crosshair had his holopad.
Crosshair gets up only a few seconds later to follow you.
“Where are you going?”
“T’ See if I can help jog her memory.”
He walks for a bit before he sees you coming back his way with your head down.
Crosshair leans against the wall, holding up his datapad as you get closer and shakes it.
“I don’t think these were meant for me.” He states, watching as your face darkens with embarrassment.
“N-no they were not. I’m sorry it was an accident—”
“Who were they for? If this really was an accident that would mean you had to have meant to send them to someone else.”
“Just a friend of mine. It’s a tradition we made to hype each other up when we aren’t feeling to great about ourselves.” You explain, earning a nod from Crosshair.
“You… you look good. You shouldn’t think otherwise.”
“You’re just saying that because now you’ve seen me practically naked.” You answer back, avoiding eye contact with a defensive stance Crosshair had never seen before.
“I think you look beautiful all the time.”
Your defensive stance drops slightly as a small smile takes over your lips.
“And if you ever feel this way again and need a photographer. I’ve been told I’m a good shot.” He says with a wink.
He chuckles as you light up like a life day tree and wack his arm.
“If you need some more praise, cyare, I’d be more than happy to give you some.”
Wrecker doesn’t really use his datapad, his fingers are too big to click the small buttons.
So it’s a surprise when you send him a message.
It takes him a minute to open it, having a hard time clicking on the notifications, clicking others accidentally.
When he does finally get to opening it, he quickly turns it off.
Why were you naked?! Why did you send this to him?! Did you do this on purpose?
He looks over to where you were sitting and saw your eyes widen at the realization that you had sent those to him.
He clears his throat, catching your attention.
You look flustered as you walk over.
“You didn’t open that, did you?” You ask, barely making any eye contact with him.
“I only scrolled down a little and then turned it off when I realized…”
Crosshair looks over at the two of you, whatever this weird conversation was was annoying him.
“What did you do now Wrecker?”
“I didn’t do anything! They sent the pictures!” Wrecker denies fault.
“Wrecker!” You shout in embarrassment.
“What did they send you?”
“Wrecker, don’t you dare.”
“You sent him nudes didn’t you?”
“Wrecker.” You growl before watching his head shake yes. “Wrecker!”
“What! You did!” You snatch the datapad out of his hand. “Hey!”
“You know Tech can see everything you send Wrecker too?” Crosshair asks with a snicker, watching as you dash off and snatch Tech’s datapad too.
“(Y/n)—” Tech begins, before pausing as you interrupt him, practically shaking.
“Tech I am not in the mood! You’ll get this back in a moment!” You announce before storming away and locking yourself in the refresher.
“I don’t know why they’re so upset, they looked nice.”
When you hit that send button, your heart dropped at the realization you had sent it to Tech.
Flustered and hoping to get there before he opened it, you dash to the cockpit.
“Hey uh Tech?”
“Yes?” He answers, “do not worry, I received your message.”
“Actually, about that. Can I use your datapad real quick, mines not working?” You ask, trying not to stumble over your words.
“Well you sent the image just fine, why would you need—” Tech opened the message and his heartbeat sped up rapidly as his flush went up to the tips of his ears. “This was not meant for me.”
“M-m.” You answers, just as flustered as he was.
“And, uh… what is the purpose of these photos?” He asks, not able to tear his eyes away from your pictures.
“I-I wasn’t feeling myself this morning… my friend usually helps me feel better and we send each other pictures all the time.” You answer. “I-it’s not meant to be sexual just… support for when I feel insecure.”
“Well… you look.” Tech clears his throat, finally looking up at you. “You look lovely, a-as always.”
“Thanks.” You answer with a tight, wide smile.
“I’m going to assume you want me to delete these.” He states.
“You can keep them.” You say before your eyes widen at your own words. “A-as long as you don’t show anyone else.”
“Are you… are you still feeling insecure?”
“A little.”
“Well then. Perhaps I could share with you my own support.”
It was late, so he was pretty annoyed when he received a message on his datapad.
His eyes slowly adjust to the brightness of the device enough to see it was a message from you.
He opens the device and covers his eyes before looking at the screen once more.
His eyes take over the image.
These were definitely not the reports he had asked for.
“Sorry wrong photos.”
When they returned to Kamino the next day, the two of you could barely look at each other.
Finally, you approach him and give him a small smile.
“You looked nice.” He says before clearing his throat. “I-I mean you look nice, a-as always.”
“Smooth.” Crosshair scoffs before walking off.
“I am sorry for sending you those. I-I hope this did not ruin anything. I promise it was an accident.”
“I didn’t think they were for me. I’m uh… I’m glad you found someone else.”
“What?” You question, looking confused.
“A boyfriend or girlfriend, they’re lucky, whoever they are.”
“They weren’t for a partner, Hunter. I’m still single.” You correct. “I just take those photos for myself.”
“You what?”
“I-I wasn’t feeling myself that day so I took a few pictures and then you asked me for the report, I-I guess I clicked the wrong images.”
“Oh. Well. I think you’re very lovely.”
He almost didn’t realize you had sent him a message. Until he picked up his datapad after Gonky knocked it onto the ground.
He saw that you sent him a message, so he did what he’d do with any message and opened them.
You were… well, you weren’t completely naked.
The red lingerie was very form fitting and complimented your curves.
It was a good photo to say the least.
He turns off the datapad and went to the other room where you are.
“(Y/n)? Can I speak to you for a second?”
“Huh? Yeah sure.” You get up and enter the cockpit as Tech walks out to check on something.
“Now. I don’t think you meant to send this to me. But you’re welcome to correct me.” He states, opening the tablet and showing you your own nudes.
He watched your eyes widen in embarrassment.
“I-I am so sorry. I guess I clicked the wrong name.”
Echo pauses, a feeling of jealousy fluttering in his chest.
“Who… who were you going to send them to?”
“Remember Ember? We exchange photos when we are feeling insecure about ourselves to help make each other feel better.”
“Alright. Thank you for the explanation.” He answers, turning off the device.
“You aren’t going to delete them?” You ask, making Echo flush in embarrassment.
“R-right, sorry.”
“I’m just kidding. Keep them.” You say with a wink before leaving.
Echo was flustered, confused, and very turned on.
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thememerman · a month ago
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Echo and Hunter looking out for each other 🥹
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