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cloneaddiction101 · 3 months ago
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Animated soldiers aren't supposed to be this pretty
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barbieburnanator · 9 months ago
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Gregor just wants to be apart of the action you guys.
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bbqfish · 2 months ago
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(timeline pre-order66, after S7:E4) (relationship: Rex / Hunter)
“For good luck.“
I don’t care if it’s OOC, this sergeant is madly in love with other unit’s captain now. D:
Workplace romance.  Red flag for HR, but the Republic didn’t set a HR anyway.
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ashr-jedi · 7 months ago
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You're telling me.. You haven't removed..Your chips..?
Captain Rex | S1:E7 "Battle Scars"
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posted on my twitter but... rex stans this is yall
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literaryleia · 3 months ago
I love captain rex. That’s it. That’s the post.
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maccatz · 9 months ago
Echo: we’re being hailed its… Rex-
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rain-on-kamino · 16 days ago
Rex and Echo
Tumblr media
Picture credit: spacedidi
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max-the-spooky-kid · 8 months ago
This meme but Bad Batch edition
Uh... Did someone make this already? I hope not...
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welcometothesewers · 4 months ago
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“All you wanna be is trendy” HIP by MAMAMOO
Now to water my ultra-specific niche of Kpop and Clone Wars
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suck-a-egg · 4 months ago
Rex: I’ve come to a point in my life where I need a stronger word than fuck
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cloneaddiction101 · 3 months ago
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All my favorite boys in one picture
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rexisbabe · 11 months ago
Do you take requests? If so can you draw Rex and Hunter together? Thank you!
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I put a lot more time and effort into this than I should've but-- I already planned on drawing Rex & Hunter anyway 😌
Hope you like! : D
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bbqfish · a month ago
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(timeline pre-order66, after S7:E4) (relationship: Rex / Hunter) Another OOC image, their relationship was in the honeymoon phase.😌
I say it’s OOC because I think in the animation Hunter was the hard-boiled type who would not easily use the word “Love”,  On the other hand, I want to show his carefree side when he was with Rex, so saying “Love” wouldn't be a challenge here. 
...... and I still don’t have time do a comic and explain why Hunter of my version would fell in love with Rex.  😅  I will say one thing. I believe that Hunter was able to be more relax and be more honor to himself than usual when he was with Rex.  Be a 24 hours team leader wasn’t easy job, he’d watch his team carefully and be ready to respond any situation, and he wouldn’t complain about the hardship of leader position to his team. However, he didn't have to play such role in front of Rex. Rex was one of the most experienced team leader on the field, Hunter could tell him all the bizarre things his team did during the fight or roast some generals who didn’t listen to his advise but wanted him to sort things out, and Rex would say “I know that feeling, I had the same experience.  Do you know there was one time General Skywalker---” then he started to talk about one whole TCW episode.
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fettclonegifs · 11 days ago
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"I thought you didn't like the regs?"
"This one we like."
Omega and Wrecker about Rex, with Hunter, Tech, and Echo from The Bad Batch episode 7 "Battle Scars"
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tildarcta · 10 months ago
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The two blondes everyone loves 💙
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superhusbands4ever · 11 months ago
Omega, a Gen 1 clone without rapid aging: Hahaha you’re old
Rex, a Gen 1 clone with rapid aging: ……WE ARE THE SAME AGE—
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itsagrimm · 7 months ago
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Graphic design is my passion
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techissweet · 6 months ago
In honour of 250 followers!! I love you guys 🥰!
Here's some beautiful clone men:
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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that-one-weeb-but-starwars · 8 months ago
Call me Yours| Rex
note: yes I almost put-call me by your name but maybe I'll make smut for rex about that idk and this is kind of based on the reader for my Story HyperSpace Eyes
warnings: I played you guys at the end I'm sorry, but besides that, it's pretty fluffy
Reader: male
Tumblr media
It was a cold afternoon, the rain pattering against the kitchen window, the sky gray and dark letting little natural light in. Lucky for him he had candles of different shapes, sizes, and color, but he also had oil lamps and electricity.
The hum coming from his chest was a song, the beat of 'I would walk one hundred miles' in a soft tune.
Putting the vegetables in the dish that was already spread with sauce at the bottom he smiled hearing the door open.
"Afternoon Captain," he announced softly, reaching his hand over and replacing his song with the radio's music on low, life day music, what a beautiful time of year.
"Afternoon starlight." Rex spoke, his hand finding the small of the torguta's back, picking up one of the stray raw vegetables he ate it as a snack, "what are you making?"
"Dinner." He smiled.
Rex rested his chin on Y/n's shoulder, his head bobbing lightly with Y/n's arm movements as he glided the knife across skillfully putting the last of the vegetables in the pan glazing the veggies in a mix of olive oil and herbs rex watched intrigued. It was something Y/n liked to do, cook, and Rex was more than glad to eat anything Y/n put infront of him.
"Come on Rex I gotta put this in the oven." Y/n chuckled, scooting back with the covered dish as Rex scooted back with him.
Y/n laughed again, Rex chuckling in return as he opened the oven, pulling it open he slipped the dish in, Rex had let go of him for that moment Y/n closing the door and reaching for the timer.
"Go take a shower. Okay?' Y/n questioned, "you have a blue sweater on the bed with some joggers, I'll make us some tea and cookies?"
Rex nodded in response, Y/n kissing his lips softly, "now go. I'd hate for your tea to get cold. Go on."
Y/n smiled watching Rex walk away to shower, Y/n doing as he said he would, making them a fresh pot of warm tea with a small set of cookies the neighbor had brought over in hopes of wishing them happy holidays.
Walking them over to the couch he set them down on the coffee table. Going over to the shelf to pick a book. Picking a Nordic gods mythology book he sat down in the corner of the couch, waiting on Rex and the food. He casually read and let himself get ingrained, the only thing making him move, was the shift of weight besides him. Y/n lifting up his arm as Rex gladly took the spot, his head resting in the crook of Y/n's neck. Y/n's thin fingers scratching at the back of Rex's head, the short buzzed cut hair prickly under his nails. Rex let out a short moan of content, Y/n smiling as Rex's head lulled forward signifying he wanted Y/n to scratch a little lower.
"Mhm..." Rex hummed, Y/n at the edge of his scalp. "A little over- yeah right there..."
Rex hummed some more, y/n closer to his right ear now as he pulled himself closer to Y/n.
"Easy now Rex don't get too excited now." Y/n teased as Rex chuckled.
"It feels good," Rex told him.
They fell into a comfortable silence, Rex grabbing the mug designated for him, Y/n had decorated it for him, the white mug filled with black tally marks and the jaig eyes in blue. He never let anyone else use it, it was his own little piece of pride and joy. Rex looked at Y/n's cup which sat on the table still, he had tried to repay the debt by painting one of Y/n's headdress, his first one, made of Akul teeth, but, it didn't turn out so well, what was meant to be a straight line of teeth around the cup turned lopsided and colors were off, he had given it to him a bit embarrassed but Y/n turned out to love it.
"Not gonna drink any tea?" Rex questioned.
"Hm? I will don't worry," Y/n spoke.
Rex looked down at the words, Y/n had been reading about Nordic Myolotghy a religion and practice lost to time, once a religion filled with gods to an inner rim world. Helena, also known as Hel, was the ruler of Helheim, daughter of Loki, half-human half dead. She and her- and that's when Y/n flipped the page.
"hey go back," Rex protested.
"Oh reading it with me now are you?" Y/n teased as Rex smiled.
"Well, it got interesting," Rex protested.
Y/n chuckled, as he pulled away from Rex, sitting against the cushion with his legs propped up on the couch he opened his arms.
"It'll be easier like this, come on," Y/n explained, Rex gladly climbed into Y/n's lap, rested between his thighs as he leaned his back against Y/n's chest.
"Better?" Y/n questioned.
Rex nodded Y/n holding the book out in front of them, encasing Rex on all four sides as he rested his chin on Rex's head.
Once again they fell into a comfortable silence, Rex now reading along with Y/n as the rain pattered against the window, both cozy due to the oven being on and their knitted sweaters from the neighbors as life day gifts of last year. The radio from the joining room could be heard due to the calming silence and paired well with the sound of the rain.
"It rained on Kamino all the time..." Rex spoke, Y/n looking up from the text and at the window.
"Makes you feel like your home?" Y/n questioned.
Rex sipped his tea in thought, with a mental sigh in content, he looked out in the rain, "You make my feel like I'm home."
Y/n's small smile grew larger as he kissed Rex's exposed neck lovingly, "you're too good to me captain,"
"Just like being honest," he laughed feeling ticklish as Y/n dropped the book, uncaring if he lost his page.
"Come here and let me love you," Y/n spoke into Rex's neck, Rex's cheeks flushing as he went to drink from his cup to hide any embarrassment but was greeted with nothing but an empty cup.
"and this is the perfect way to tickle you-"
"Y/n! Wait! No!-" Rex spoke, cut off by his own laughter as Y/n pulled him in close, tickling his side with one hand and using the other to take the mug off Rex, "Okay! Okay! Haha!" Y/n tackled him to the couch chest into the cushions, attacking Rex's sides.
"How do you get me to stop! Hm?" Y/n questioned with a smile.
"I love you I love you!" Rex cried in laughter.
"Not what I was looking for by I'll take it," Y/n teased resting on his knees as Rex turned himself around.
Laying under Y/n he looked up at him in a smile, "And what was it you were looking for?"
"That you'll do the dishes," Y/n joked.
Rex chuckled, Y/n leaning down and kissing him softly, Rex kissing back as his arms wrapped around Y/n's neck, careful of his lekku. Yet their moment was interrupted by the ringing of the timer for the food.
"Seems we'll have to finish this later," Y/n smiled, getting himself off the couch, Rex grabbing his hand.
"Do you have to?'
Y/n chuckled, "Yes, or it'll burn."
Y/n pulled his hand away rushing to the kitchen, Rex sat up, watching him from his spot on the couch as he pulled out the dish.
"Smells amazing," Rex spoke.
"Hun anything smells better than those ration bars," Y/n told.
"You're not wrong," Rex defended, watching Y/n open the top out as he grabbed the wide but shallow bowls.
Rex watched as Y/n also grabbed a loaf of french bread, cutting a few slices for the both of them to share. Feeling Rex's stare Y/n turned his head.
"What's the matter, baby?" Y/n questioned.
Rex looked up at Y/n, "Nothing, just thinking."
"That's never good, what's it about?" Y/n questioned.
Rex nervously chuckled, "Well, I, General."
Y/n frowned, General? Rex only ever called Y/n general when he got nervous, when he went into soldier mode, cutting off fear and pain. Y/n watched him get up and walked over, standing in front of his hands clammy, and Rex holding one with the other rubbing his finger around the palm.
"Rex, you can tell me," Y/n spoke, "You can tell me anything."
"I," Rex spoke looking down at his hands, "I don't want to be your boyfriend no more,"
Y/n stood shocked, what? Y/n couldn't break eye contact with Rex as his tears started to gloss over, the candlelight hitting the water built up in his eyes as they shined, such a sad moment framed so beautifully.
"I, um," Y/n spoke in disbelief, the moment seemed to last forever and what came next seemed to be in slow motion as Rex fell to a knee.
Y/n covered his mouth, tears falling from his eyes as Rex held up a simple band, of Kashykk wood, resin surrounding it kept a misty string of blue in place as it wrapped around the band's sky.
"I want to be your husband," Rex spoke, "I want you, I want you with everything I have, I'll give up anything for you, just call me yours."
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