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lordwhat · 5 hours ago
Can’t wait for them to announce the next actor playing the Doctor is a previously unheard of actor named Wavid Landlord
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thylaa · 4 hours ago
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askfallenroyalty · 20 hours ago
asriel is just that girl misspelling lesbian post and i support it
Fhdhje wasn't there a follow up years where she STILL can't spell lesbian... truly iconic.
Yeah I was trying to channel energy of that post too. So. Defs intentional lol
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katadesmoi · an hour ago
i just can’t be normal about cities right now im sorry
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royalboybun · 19 hours ago
in light of neopets nfts… I’m so sad jumpstart just doesn’t Care about neo as a brand and as an ip… I will of course keep this blog up and running—what the community makes is very valuable and wonderful and that’s the core of this whole thing!—but I personally can’t bring myself to go on the site any more. I cancelled premium and sent messages and did all the dissatisfied replying on twitter and all that, and until the higher-ups fix this (I doubt tnt was even involved based on what I’ve heard about the lack of communication), I probably won’t be on neo anymore :(
as for content creation, maybe you guys will see some more original work of mine coming up soon instead of neo-related things? and of course also original stuff that is set in the world of neo but is a little derivative (see: gilmorism)! ooh! we’ll just have to see how this unfolds!
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bybdolan · 5 hours ago
Thank fuck I am not famous, had I gone through my sexuality crisis™ while seeing ppl on the internet call me a "repressed lesbian" or something I would have gone crazy. Anyway what I am saying is that no matter if you think they see it or not assigning strangers a sexuality is weird as fuck. Especially if you talk about it in a way where you assume the person isn't aware of their own feelings ("when will they realize"). U don't know these people.
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lordwhat · 5 hours ago
people 👥 in ⬇️ my 🤓 life 🏙 talking 🗣 about 😐other 😵‍💫 things 🙄 Shut ❌ up 🤐 RTD 👑👽👨 is ‼️ back ‼️✨🔥🥳😮🤭
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storybookhawke · 7 hours ago
one of my students: “are those dragon age stickers on your laptop???”
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askfallenroyalty · 18 hours ago
Trans girl asriel????? Or enby?
//Feminine enby but literally only realized they're not cis 30 minutes in the comic. They don't have a label yet
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sailorsally · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Listen, I only ever take fashion advice from 47 year old dads. Also, I do think I win this round of who wore it better ✌️
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iskarieot · 20 hours ago
remember when yall thought bill hader was the sexiest bitch to ever walk the earth for a good few months there and made it everyone's problem instead of just being quietly embarrassed about ur taste ?????? and now ur subjecting us to the same spiel with jason fucking sudeikis.............. DO BETTER
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lordwhat · 5 hours ago
deancas canon in the year of our lord 2020 and RTD show running in our year of the lord 2021 fetch me the opium
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hi-raethia · 3 hours ago
got hissed at by a goose just now 🧍‍♂️
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askfallenroyalty · 18 hours ago
Didn't know if I was supposed to ask this to Yun or not, but is Ji-Su her surname? Or is Yun a nickname?
Her name is Ji-Su Yun! Yun is her last name and what Asriel calls her because they're her boss. Of course like, their professional relationship became a strong family like friend ship but habits are hard to break.
(From behind the name):
From Sino-Korean 志 (ji) meaning "will, purpose, ambition" or 智 (ji) meaning "wisdom, intellect" combined with 秀 (su) meaning "luxuriant, beautiful". Other hanja character combinations are possible
Which I thought was a nice and fitting name for her <3
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proabortionelizabethshaw · 11 hours ago
i saw the white women search party thing hashtag trending on twitter and i just wanna say some of you need to be shot
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venjpetra · 6 hours ago
cant believe i have to do work at my job. enough already
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sy5starplaty · 14 hours ago
Way to disappoint me again, Ted Lasso.
The character Ted Lasso was good in this ep - better than expected, actually.
But don’t you dare threaten Roy/Keeley’s relationship, writers.
And then there’s all that other stuff I still don’t care for (ie: R/S). 
At least there’s possible Rupert-Nate atrocities to look forward to.
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theharellan · 6 hours ago
Oh wait 👀 if you're comfortable of course, would you mind telling your opinion of the fade kiss and fanons treatment of it?
(pls don't reblog!)
The Fade Kiss as it is in canon is fine! I like the scene a lot, it's playful and S*las is happy for like one singular moment before his brain starts working again. It's not canon to the ship on this blog, S*las and Ian kiss awake before they ever kiss in the Fade, but that has more to do with the canon divergent nature of Ian not being Inquisitor. The set-up for the scene wouldn't work as well, etc.
I find the Fade tongue line icky tho, it doesn't speak well of the Inquisitor, to me, that when someone they're interested in is expressing doubt/regret their response is to insist that because he kissed them back (with tongue!) he's not allowed to have second thoughts. I get why people like it, it's playful and it's fun to imagine your favourite ship's tongues wrestling for dominance (I'm sure other reasons exist, too, that's just the one that stands out to me).
More uncomfortable for me tho is taking the flycam footage where S*las' legs clip through Lavellan as confirmation that he was trying to like... start dry humping. There are too many consent issues at play there for me not be skeeved out by the idea, and again— people can disagree and find it titillating. No one's a bad person for having different tastes in Solas interpretations than me, but unfortunately these interpretations aren't really something I can just avoid and still participate in the Solas fandom. Especially on Twitter where there’s little hope of tagging.
Writing this also led me to ruminating abt the experience of being ace in the S*las fandom and how alienating it can be, the weird balance between not wanting to police others but feeling policed yourself (I do not care to talk abt how long it took to write this post bc I'm afraid ppl will take offence at me for expressing discomfort abt a hc on my own blog). The hesitance to post about ace S*las, knowing others have received hate for it in the past, and how fanon like this probably contributes to that environment. But that's more than I want to tackle this morning.
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