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Welp. Power’s out and it looks like it might be a while before peco gets around to restoring it.

I’ve got many paper books and puzzles, and some sewing to do.

The a/c being out concerns me most, but I think I’m going to spend some time in the bath in a little bit. Heck I’m glad to be in a place with my own bathroom and a decent size tub.

Gonna shut my phone down for the moment.

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I never got to be young

how I never had any energy left for anything

that young people like to do

how it’s always other people telling me about how they

went on a train journey through all of Italy

got drunk and slept right under the Eiffel Tower til the police came to wake them up at dawn

carrying guns, yes, but smiling fondly

at the silliness of young people

why is it always other people telling me about

that time they had three one-night stands in a single night, and went out for fries and burgers in the morning

that year they spent in Belgium saving birds

that time they chained themselves to a building in protest, then went to plant a young tree with friends

always with friends, these stories

it’s always about travelling and doing good and being with friends and drinking beer and dancing

there always seems to be a beach involved

meanwhile I spent half of my twenties alone in a room

crying throwing up panicking

over every little test, every term paper, every written exam, every administrative task, every little humiliation that came my way

I’ll never be young again

I blew my chance

but you’d never know, cause I’ll smile and nod and listen to your stories

and ask you about your first boyfriend’s eye colour, and about the wheather in Belgium, and about how you made it back out of Malaysia just before they closed the airports

I’ll listen to your stories and remember them

because that’s all I can do

because someone has to

because somenone needs to be the audience

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May I ask where Nidhogg claims that humans are evil/selfish/terrible, etc? Because I’m still behind on Lore and I don’t see it anywhere(I have yet to see Louie’s DW, ftr) . Also, it’s takes more than being a “sexy brooding villain” for me to “stan” a character. Most of the male charaters are actually more objectively attractive than he is, and yet this Tumblr is dedicated to Nidhogg. He might not be too openly passionate, but he is still a strong, intelligent character and I like those sorts. I like complex ones and yes, he hits all of the kinks, but it’s much more than that. He is a blast to write about.

I’m honestly more inclinded to believe lovenikkispoilers where she has said in the past(in the facebook group) that Nidhogg is not as evil as he seems. I mean, he’s still not all that nice to Yvette, but he isn’t necessarily evil.

And I can’t stress this enough: Disagreeing does not mean doesn’t get it. From what I can see, there is only one chracter who has claimed that “humans are evil” and that is “The Lord” and “The Lord” can kiss my ass because if it’s who I think it is, then the position stems from their own weakness and not because humans are what they claim.

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who knew kpop stans would come in clutch this hard…. in the comments of that YouTube vid collecting ad revenue for BLM, there are so many tips from kpop stans on how to stream it safely so the creators get the most $ for the bail funds. like. thank you kings I am learning SO much

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I was wondering if anybody had any thoughts on the nuances between the discourse markers ‘ngl’ and ‘tbh’? (/not gonna lie/ and /to be honest/, respectively)

Like conceptually, they’re saying the same thing, yeah? Is there some evidentiality going on with them? Are there slight semantic differences? Am I being stupid? There’s a nuance here that I’m missing, I feel.

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tumblr is so annoying rn i just come here to see funny posts and all y’all are talking about is being gay and doing crime

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