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#tbh i think
beingatoaster · a year ago
They were covering her hand with ointment when the tent-flap opened again. Soris had her eyes closed, afraid to accidentally catch a glimpse, at this point, of the mess her hand had become, but she could tell it had opened by the way the light in the room brightened before she even heard the chair scrape across the mat.
A hand closed around her good one, and Soris tried to jerk it away. "Naoris-"
"Is she holding your hand now?" Cachelis said, squeezing tighter.
Soris' eyes flew open, and she moved, automatically, to hug her friend, only to be yanked back with an irritable grumble from the elder healer and his grandson's grip on her wrist. "Cachelis! You're here- you're safe."
Cachelis leaned in instead, where Soris couldn't, and wrapped both arms around her. "You're safe too. I was so afraid. They said they'd catch you, and some of what they said they'd do when they did.... Resawa was so angry, and Fesalwa's people were, too, when they came and bound me."
"I'm sorry," Soris said, burying her face in Cachelis' shoulder. "I'm sorry they bound you. I'm sorry you got hurt for me."
"Not hurt," Cachelis said. "Please, Soris, don't think that. If you've been thinking that all this time, I'm so sorry. But don't think about it any more. Can you imagine Cayvil letting me get hurt? She told Resawa I was acting on her orders, that it was all her plan, and that if he let anyone hurt a novice because she'd obeyed her hearth-lord, he was even less of a man than she already thought him to be. So I might've gotten a little bruised up when they grabbed me, and when they tied me up, but that was the worst of it. I was just locked in a room for a few days."
Despite her reassuring words, Soris could feel her shaking. She hugged back tighter, with her free arm.
"I'm glad. I'm glad Cayvil took care of you. I'm not surprised, and I hope she didn't get hurt either, but-"
But if it was the two of them, the hearth-lord whom Soris respected or her friend Cachelis, whom Soris loved, then she would just be grateful to Cayvil.
I’m still not sure if I want to make them a couple or just really good friends, and I still need to make sure in the second draft to give Soris a few moments of, uh, remembering her best and good friend in amidst all the drama and sword-banter, but either way, I am really happy, eight chapters later, to reunite her with Cachelis.
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mitcheemarns · a year ago
For your consideration: bard!mitch and Witcher!auston.
yes! it has been considered!
i’ve actually been mulling over a witcher au. mulling over as in that im very interested in the whole universe yet have little to no ideas about the whole thing.
i think mitch would make an excellent bard in his seemingly endless amount of energy and child-like positivity (hmm?) and perhaps even his desire to bring joy to people. 
and auston would probably make a good witcher, but definitely not in the whole geralt “monsters are defined by morals” type of way. i can see mitch being that sort of witcher more. maybe auston would just kill whoever/whatever hed been contracted to, regardless of the being - human or non-human. money’s money, eh?
maybe id make mitch a mage. maybe id make mitch a witcher too. maybe auston… should be a monster? (not in the figurative sense, but that would be interesting too.) maybe mitch should be a lord and auston a witcher. but i think i need one of them to be a witcher, or else whats the point, right?
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heroquills-a · 2 years ago
( pltbhplbhbh )
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logarto · 5 months ago
if trying to work out if you are gay or bisexual is giving you anguish its ok to just not worry abt it i think. you actually dont have to pick one. these labels are supposed to help you find ppl who experience similar things to you and honestly not knowing if youre one or the other doesnt mean u cant talk to and relate to the experiences of gay AND bisexual ppl. its fine.
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verified-villain-fxcker · 7 months ago
Regardless whether you like the film or not, everyone should keep in mind why the Snyder Cut being released is so important.
Not because it’s a “4 hour superior Justice League” but because Zack Snyder’s daughter died, he went off the film to grieve (VERY understandably so), and then Joss Whedon came in and tore his film to absolute shreds while harassing the cast and crew to horrific extents during reshoots.
If you like or dislike the film, that’s perfectly all right, but EVERYONE should look at this and see what a victory it is for Zack Snyder, his family and the cast and crew of the film.
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smashy-headcanons · 3 months ago
I've been in a Kingdom Hearts mood recently, and I realized something: You're probably lucky Sora isn't in Smash, because if he was, you'd have to deal with asks and submissions about all the weird things about Kingdom Hearts lore.
If anything, the reason I'm lucky Sora isn't in Smash is because I'd have to eventually play his games to figure out the lore myself.
All of them.
Because I've committed to trying to play each fighter's games for the sake of understanding their character.
And story.
Tumblr media
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16woodsequ · 10 months ago
Reader: wow! I'm so curious how you're going to fit everything you've been foreshadowing in here!
Me, frantically flipping through my notes, trying to figure out if I've accidentally foreshadowed something I Shouldn't Have: ummm, yes. Right. Uh, just for fun, would you mind telling me what, that would be... exactly.
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nonetoon · 7 days ago
I just thought about what if other big games did this kind of voting thing minecraft does and my brain shut down at the thought of voting for what Pokemon do and do not get added in the next gen
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floq · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
going angst week 2021 | obsession/instincts
gotta satisfy that hunger somehow (:
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vvcantwrite · 4 months ago
Ideas for fun plot lines the Syndicate I think should be doing instead of whatever’s happening right now:
- Niki and ranboo have a teenager moment and decide to sneak out to las nevadas. Quackity knows they’re anarchists and he won’t let them in. They come back 5 minutes later with terrible disguises and British accents. He lets them in. Niki reveals that she didn’t bring any money and ranboo has to fund everything. He plays the diamond lights machine we’ve seen and weaponizes his main character energy. He has to be escorted out of las nevadas before he accidentally collapses the economy
- ranboo finds Charlie in his house. Charlie tells him that he’s always lived there and has been a member of the syndicate for the whole time. Ranboo believes him and they have a fun day out together. Charlie is obviously weird as hell but ranboo is too polite to comment. Eventually phil shows up and is like ‘I have never seen this dude in my life wtf ranboo’ but Charlie manages to get away scot free because he’s child shaped and Phil adopts anything that stand still in his periphery for too long.
- ranboo builds a space for Tommy and tubbo in his house. It is a very sweet idea and moment. Tommy and tubbo spend 5 minutes in it before deciding that the house is theirs now and they demand rent from ranboo. He pays them rent for weeks straight before someone shows up and is like ‘this doesn’t sound quite right’
- Wilbur builds a house and decides to have a passive aggressive neighbor relationship with ranboo. He shows up to make snide comments about ranboos rosebushes. Ranboo takes it in stride until he witnesses wilbur being kinda mean to Tommy. Ranboo does not stand for that and decides to create a homeowners association. He sends Wilbur strongly worded letters about his lawn everyday. No matter what Wilbur does to the lawn he won’t stop. Eventually techno puts a stop to it saying that HOA violates anarchy.
feel free to add more!!
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