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acidglue234 · a year ago
April is shook and so am I
um hi?
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can we just talk about this scene for a minute?? so i went into this show with absolutely no idea that these two would get together at some point, so when April locked the door and turned around and that bass music started bumpin, i was understandably SHOOK. 
bc wow, not only did they give a romantic storyline to one character who started the season losing her virginity to her long time boyfriend and another character who’s in a straight-straight alliance...
but i was also shook bc of APRIL’S FACE.
Tumblr media
do you see the desperate longing and yearning on this child’s face, in her EYES?? someone sedate me i’m 
this look.
this look doesn’t just come out of nowhere.
April’s been quite possibly waiting for this moment (believing full well it would never come) since the 5th fucking grade, when Sterling not so subtly gave her away. skip ahead 5 or 6 years, and Sterling finally wants her back. and not just back, but BACK. 
Sterling is one of April’s Adeles who come back from Arizona! 
but instead of feeling threatened by April’s intensity—like the actual Adele—Sterling always returned that same intensity head on (and is now returning it to the point where it matches April’s), so not only am i shook, April’s shook.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
and by April’s own words, she is intense, and so she buried that shit so deep (not her sexuality but her feelings for Sterling) that the moment her feelings are reciprocated, like that VERY moment, April’s like “it’s on,” proceeds to lock the world out, and jumps Sterling’s bones, quite literally crashing their faces together without a moment’s hesitation. 
Tumblr media
i mean, she barely put any thought to it, leading me to believe she’s definitely imagined kissing Sterling countless times before.
Sterling—the girl who was supposed to be her, quote, mortal enemy, like, less than a week ago. Sterling—the girl who ditched her in elementary school when she got her first bf. Sterling—the girl she always seemed to compare her wins (and losses) to, even when Sterling had no idea. 
Sterling, Sterling, Sterling. 
always Sterling.
Tumblr media
April had been competing against Sterling for years to be the best, when in actuality, all she really wanted was to be seen by Sterling as the best. 
but the poor baby gay had been suppressing those feelings for Sterling for so long that she confused a complicated crush with “i must crush her,” only for a kiss from said crush to wake her the hell up.* 
Tumblr media
like c’mon, look at these last two stills—if that’s not enlightenment, idk what is
Tumblr media
*our gay modern day sleeping beauty, what did we do to deserve
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g4l-p4ls · a year ago
Netflix really is trash as hell. They cancel 90% of the lgbtq shows they put out. Stop giving us shows/characters to care about if you aren't planning to keep them around for more than 1 season, it's not cute
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giflxndia · a year ago
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leatin · a year ago
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Teenage bounty hunters + text posts
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nbvethbrenatto · a year ago
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moodboard: april x sterling
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phoneboxrock · a year ago
I havent seen anything like this happen yet but I am begging people not to get weird with Devon and Maddie on Insta or Twitter like... I've seen enough f/f ships over the years to know the actresses can get overwhelmed, or they get inundated with inappropriate and invasive messages and it makes them distance themselves from the ship... please just be respectful!
TBH has got a good thing going and we're lucky the cast interact with us so much please don't blow it by making them feel uncomfortable 🥺
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malepresentingleg · a year ago
Ok so i saw Teenage Bounty Hunters on Netflix and it looked so stupid but i started watching and immediately thought Wow this IS so stupid
Trying hard to be quirky and like oh cool teens with secret lives and oh they're rich and white and the cliché storylines with their suburb parents and their struggles.
But i kept watching bc i was procrastinating and the characters started actually growing on me? The positivity and sweetness and kindness in their core, the healthy loving uplifting relationship (most between the twins but others too) and the storylines actually ended up a lot more complex and unexpected than i first anticipated?? Like every cliché i thought was coming ended up not.
Then in the last couple of episodes i was just like WHAT THE FUCK IN THE WORLD WHAT WHAT WHAT
It suddenly became a crazy action movie holy hell
Anyways, my mind was blown and i kinda desperately want another season
(BUT let women be BI and not "oh i just don't like labels" 2k20)
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theultimatecrybaby · a year ago
Stepril Headcanon
So I was thinking about how sometimes twins seem to run in the family. So when April and Sterling are ready to have kids, Sterling really wants to adopt, because her and April are going to have a STRONG appreciation for chosen family. And April decides they should adopt twins, because (even if it can be annoying) Sterling's bond with Blair is really enviable.
April finds herself regretting this decision a multitude of times throught the children's childhood and adolescence
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forfucksakemarz · a year ago
I just finished Teenage Bounty Hunters and fucked. Me. Up. I really need another season because omg Blair grow up so much in just one season without losing her goofy traits (if that's a way to put it) and seeing her grow one more time will clean my soul because she is my child and I'm very proud of her. As for Sterling, I really need to know how she is going to process all this new info about her mom and the fact that April's dad is out of jail. I mean if she becomes unstable and having an identity crisis now and then it would be interesting to watch it from her and Blair's perspective. Ugh I really hope it gets renewed!
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spoiledforships · a year ago
Hey! Feeling masochistic, you wanna endure sweet, sweet pain? Watch Teenage Bounty Hunters on Netflix!
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jimalim · a year ago
Tumblr media
Welcome to the first TBH Valentine’s Exchange! We thought a good ol’ fanwork exchange would a great way to keep the fandom invigorated during the long siege that is #SaveTeenageBountyHunters and generate a bunch of fun new content. Share and celebrate your love of Teenage Bounty Hunters with other fans by creating fanfics, fanart, gifsets, and edits of your favorite characters and ships.
This is a secret exchange! This means that recipients will not know who is fulfilling their prompt. Matches will be revealed on post day!
Sign-Up Here
Participant Rules:
You must be willing to create one (1) piece of fanwork: fanfic, fanart, gifset, edit, etc. for another participant. Contact the mods if you want to create something that is not on the sign-up list.
Recipients and giftees are matched as best as possible based on the answers from the sign-up form everyone is required to submit. The person you are creating a fanwork for may not be the person creating a fanwork for you. If you and another participant want to be assigned to each other, contact a mod.
All fanwork should fulfill their assigned recipient’s request/prompt. Contact a mod if you received a prompt that you are uncomfortable fulfilling.
Fanwork should be a completed work by the due date of the event.
Fanfics should be a minimum of 1000 words.
Traditional mediums should not be on lined paper.
Please do your best to use images and video of good quality.
Fanwork must be specifically created for this exchange and can’t have been posted somewhere previously.
When posting a fanfic, please keep the text under a cut or use a link.
Use #tbhfanexchange in one of your first five tags!
Tag your recipient!
Sign the petition to save the show!
Schedule and Deadlines:
December 14th, 2020: Sign-up deadline! You can sign-up here.
December 18th, 2020: Match Day. Participants receive their Valentine giftee’s name and prompts.
January 15th, 2021: First check-in. Participants need to submit their 1st draft of their fanfic or art concept by this date (4 weeks after Match Day) or notify mods of dropping out so pinch hitters can be assigned ASAP.
February 1st, 2021: Second check-in. Participants must show a near completed 1st draft of their fanfic or art concept by this date.
February 12th, 2021: Due date for completed gifts!
February 14th, 2021: Post your gift anytime today and don’t forget to tag your giftee! The main blog will post a round-up of fanfics within the next day or so.
Your mods: @tornainbow  @jimalim Feel free to ask us any questions!
Please reblog to spread the word
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acidglue234 · a year ago
“I heard you were with Sterling last night” | sterling x april
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hannah727 · a year ago
Fuck Netflix I hate it here
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giflxndia · a year ago
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leatin · a year ago
Tumblr media
Stepril summarized in one text post
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nbvethbrenatto · 7 months ago
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moodboard: aromantic he/she/they maverique blair wesley
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phoneboxrock · a year ago
totally agree with what you said about not getting weird with maddie and devon!! my fear has always been celebs interacting less with fans bc of invasion of privacy. i especially hope that people keep in mind that they do not owe us anything.
Yes! As I said I haven't seen people being weird towards the cast at all, it was just kind of a preliminary post that I didn't expect to gain notes! The one thing that kinda made me think was that live that Devon and Maddie did where someone asked if Devon listened to girl in red but it all played out well in a jokey way (does she though 👀 but also it's none of our business).
TLDR; as you say they don't owe us anything and as long as everyone knows there's a boundary between interested and invasive that's fine. It seems like they enjoy interacting with fans which is refreshing!
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agethemage · a year ago
I'm so sad TBH was canceled, I really thought with how popular it was it was a shoe in for season 2 😔
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taoelle · a month ago
okay but tao's line about nick and his rugby friends hypothetically forcing him to watch the avengers made me giggle because that's literally nick's favourite film
Tumblr media
(source: heartstopper 2020 q&a)
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stealingpotatoes · a year ago
Tumblr media
this is what the final battle looked like to me
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