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Around 4 in the afternoon, I usually get sleepy when studying so I bought decaffeinated coffee two weeks ago. It works wonders! Whenever I feel sleepy, I just brew decaf and voila, my brain is triggered coffee = start of something, therefore I am able to focus more. Have you guys tried it? 😋


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//26 May 2020//

I have my finals coming up in six days and I’m very nervous, especially since this is going to be my first time giving an online exam. Just began revising positive psychology. Not really a fan of the subject, but gotta power through somehow. I’ve got my cup of steaming hot frothy filter coffee to help me get through this. Hope all of you are having a great day! xx

PS: I’m new to the studyblr community and I absolutely love the energy and inspiration here! 

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24 may 2020 

well what do you know! it’s some original content! it’s been awhile since i posted something but here are some history notes from wayyyy back. my finals are coming up next week, and i am slightly stressed, but they’re mostly presentations, which should be okay. do y’all have finals? or are you already done with school??

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200524 20:56. ✨💖 EID MUBARAK EVERYONE!!!!! ✨💖 i woke up at around 6 a.m. to help my mom cook eid feasts (opor, ketupat, rendang, celimpungan – the usuals!) and we prayed at home. wore my favorite dress too! the rest of the day was spent eating and lazying around, alongside with calling family and friends. i love seeing and hearing them so much, even thru the screen. & LOOK AT THAT BASQUE CHEESECAKE MY AUNT SENT AS HAMPERS!!!!! soooo delicious but also i’m a cheesecake ho so it’s an expected reaction from me lmao

after napping at around 4 pm until about 2 hours ago, i woke up and decided to remodel my phone appearance – i put notion and lithium outside of my “essentials” folder in order to trick/initiate myself into reading more. it worked!! i’m reading forces of nature & man it is definitely going into my list of “top astronomy books to make you feel in awe of the universe even if you don’t understand shit about physics” alongside cosmos by carl sagan. i’m trying to limit my social media consumption more – i realize that i go to them as a source of distraction, and not to enrich myself. refreshing my timeline aimlessly. so instead of that i’m trying to find an activity that’s more “weighty” and meaningful to myself, i think.

i hope you’re all staying safe and healthy. i know we’re all in such a rough spot – as an instagram post i saw said, on the same ocean but not in the same boat. so lend a hand to those who are freely floating or in rough-shaped boats if you can. reach out to the ones you love. minal aidzin wal faidzin, mohon maaf lahir & batin, semuanya <3

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24.05.2020 | we are back to actual paper notes because after two months of online classes AND iPad note-taking, my eyes hurt D:

The feeling of writing on paper is… nice. But my handwriting is deteriorating…

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how have online classes been for you all? figuring out zoom has been a journey, lol. one student got called out for watching a tv show because he forgot to mute himself, lol!

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