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Hi everyone!

I’m Anna and I’m one of those who hates school but loves learning, especially languages and know that I’ve decided to learn korean I felt like it’s a perfect opportunity to start a studyblr.

About me:

  • I’m 17 years old (my birthday is on 8th March)
  • Hungarian
  • INFJ and a Pisces
  • She/Her, I’m straight
  • I go to a bilingual high school, I learn history, biology (and of course french language) in french and the rest in hungarian
  • But I will probably be home-schooled in the near future so I can focus more on my individual studies also
  • I’m better at studying if I can manage my own time because there are things I can learn faster and there are also things I learn slower
  • I’m fluent in Hungarian, English and French and I’ve just started working towards Korean
  • I really like creative stuff where I can express myself


  • Study psychology in Canada
  • Learn Korean
  • Be happy!


  • Reading, writing
  • Cultures, languages
  • Music (I don’t have a specific genre, I listen to anything I like, from classical music to hip-hop)
  • Drawing, coloring
  • Bullet journaling
  • Organizing things
  • Meeting with friends
  • Surfing the internet
  • Learning (although I believe we, as humans, don’t have to know everything about how the world works, it can take away the magic, if you know what I mean)

Why I made my studyblr:

  • To show that learning can be fun even if you hate school
  • To keep track of my progress
  • To motivate you guys and myself equally
  • To show that you don’t always have to be productive, it’s okay to rest (In fact, it’s really important if you would like to achieve your goals)
  • I also hope to make friends

Studyblrs that motivated me to make my own:

@honeybeestudys @pumpkinstudylatte @tbhstudying @emmastudies @apricot-studies

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11.22.20 ♡ 95/100 days of productivity
Haven’t been here in a while and now finals szn is here! Can’t believe first semester of pharmacy school is almost over even though I’ve been looking forward to this ever since school started lol. We still have winter classes though so technically we don’t really end til a month later. Pharmacy school has been exhausting and I can’t wait to relax for one (1) day before classes start again. Good luck with everyone’s finals! 🍀

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11.22.20 | it’s getting warmer and warmer these days, don’t you think? my apartment faces south so it can get pretty warm around noon. anyway, here is today’s spread and leftover vegan pizza from yesterday. 🍕

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2020 November 21st

did some physics review because i finally realised just how behind i am. the fact that i have one day between the last day of classes and my final exams also does not help with the stress :^)

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nov 21 2020

haven’t uploaded original content in a while. here’s a vid of me taking some econ notes. senior year has been so so crazy. lots going on for other reasons too. but i hope u guys are doing alright. take care of yourself. you are worth it. i promise.

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11.20.20 | currently on E3 of riverdale and despite the perversion of the digest I’ve been reading since I was 9, I like 1) blue and gold newspaper, 2) female empowerment by taking down “boys will be boys” locker talk, and 3) racism. good points for this series!

also, look at THE LIGHT from my bedroom window. just gorgeous.

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— november 18, 2020

proud of myself for being productive despite not having classes. i finished my some assignments, went through some readings, and submitted my application for an org (which took more time than i thought, hope it was worth it 😅)!! it’s quite exciting. also been quite anxious abt my photog class cos i have no idea what to take a photo of, i hope i figure it out tmrw :/

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11.17.20 | halfway through the micro topic I allotted for today. then SGD later and maybe some anki flashcards.

so far this break has been refreshing. i’ve never felt more like myself, with proper rest i am able to regroup and be in my own pace. perhaps i’ll do manual tonight while watching a movie. ☺️

also, i uploaded a new yt video!!! unbox | study with me 📚 link here. check it out and leave a comment if you have time. 🤗

PS. my dog says henlooo

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11.16.20 | just had dinner and about to continue where I left of with gross earlier. lately I have been incorporating workout in my routine and I feel healthier, much more like myself.

update: asynchronous classes have been approved as well until wednesday (except some departments who refuse to show humanitarianism) and I’m glad for the time to regroup. 😊 taking all this on a positive note. hoping everyone stays safe!

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11.14.20 | working through my backlogs and the first one is abdominal cavity, peritoneum, and esophagus. after this, i’ll do a quick workout, shower then do micro and perhaps a second reading of absorption and digestion. 😊

i was wondering why i’ve been in a kind of slow slump the past few days and accomplished just a few, and then i realized it’s just the slow drag my routine has on thursdays and fridays (because it’s usually where we slow down and catch on sleep from the sleepless nights from mondays to wednesdays). i’m glad i managed to study 1 topic in biochem and finished manuals despite the slump! now i feel recharged and perhaps i’ll be able to finish backlogs today. :)

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11.13.20 | just went through my first reading of absorption and digestion of CHO, CHON, and lipids. i’m now taking a break before i walk berry in a bit, then for tonight, it’s catching up on backlogs even if it’s hard today to do any acads because my body insists on taking a rest. 🤧

also, my scented candles arrived today and that makes me very happy! 😊

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november 11th, 2020

a bit of a late post bc of midterms (*sigh*, i did not do as well as i planned for but it’s okay!)
anyway, i’ve been listening to japanese music a bit more often now and it really helps me with understanding japanese! i’m at the point where i’ve memorized a bunch of vocabulary but don’t really know what to do with it so listening to music has been so so helpful!

here’s my japanese music playlist in case you’re interested! it’s a bit of japanese “indie”/rock and a few pop songs :-)

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11.12.20 | some snippets from today. there was no electricity since last night so I spent the morning just reading until I fell asleep. now that the electricity is back and the storm has moved, I’ll be going through my backlogs tonight.

stay safe, everyone! ⛈

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