cunthonia · 2 days ago
We need an American girl doll that is the serpent that shall poison the sky and boil the sea. The land shall freeze eternal as yog so'thoth beckons her hence, whose voice she heard when first she built those tracks so long ago.
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strangledyellingnoise · 2 days ago
yknow what? fuck you. and fuck your train!
*creates detailed outline for a stage musical version of the bifrost incident complete with set and lighting design, costuming, and full detailed stage direction*
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anexperimentallife · 6 months ago
Among the more ridiculous bits of disk horse I've seen recently is the assertion that neurodivergent and mentally ill folks using spoon theory is "appropriating" terminology from physically disabled folks.
And listen, as a Certified Cripple(TM) who also happens to be a Certified Mentally Ill(TM) and a Certified Neurodivergent(TM), that may not be QUITE the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard, but it's close.
If spoon theory helps you describe your situation, use it. If anyone complains, stab them with a fork.
As for fully abled NTs using it, idgaf. Unless someone can give me a compelling reason why spoon theory shouldn't be normalized, I'm fine with it, as long as they get where it comes from and grok that they (generally, but not always) start each day with a shitload more spoons than we do.
Like, if a fully abled NT friend were to tell me their partner ditched them, their mom was in the hospital, they lost their job, they failed am important exam, and they didn't have the spoons to make themselves dinner, the LAST thing I'm gonna do is clutch my pearls about them using spoon theory. More like, "Come on over, homie; I got some leftover adobo in the fridge, and you can vent all you want while we eat and watch Ponyo."
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vasteye-kinnie · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
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kulttuurinkurittama · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Oh my love, what madness can this be? In your place a monster I do see
We were told to illustrate a song for class and I even now managed to turn it into mechs stuff
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necromanticryptid · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
recently been listening to the mechanisms
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wegottagetouttahere · 6 months ago
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sleepitysloopity · 2 months ago
something i find pretty neat about most of the mechs albums that i've never really seen anyone talk about is that the first line in the entire album is usually the album's name
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lioparttwo · 5 months ago
best part of a mechanisms album is when the 4 main characters of the album all sing overlappingly about their intentions and what they want, right before everything goes very wrong for them
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southern--downpour · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
late night investigations
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chronicchthonic14 · a month ago
just thinking about the amount of bitterness thalia must have harboured for bianca up until(/ after her death?) about her leaving nico,, which like obviously was her decision, and she made that choice, she had the opportunity to choose, but thalia?
thalia didn't. and how much that must have hurt that this girl, this girl who has her brother still chooses to leave. She chose, and thalia didn't, and how much she must have thought that it was the wrong choice, the wrong choice, the wrong choice.
my brother has a tbi. i was what, nine? ten? and my brother- i shouldn't say lost, i know, but for a while, he was. he was, because he was a ball of anger and memory issues, and i didn't talk to him for two years, because it hurt so much, and because he couldn't talk without forgetting, he would scream and shout, and i couldn't handle that.
and i would look at my friends and be angry, because they would have their siblings, they would be the same as they had always been. But my friends, my friends would argue and fight with their siblings- they would be the same as i used to, but i couldn't do that with him anymore. and it killed me.
i think thalia must have felt some of that. i think she had to, because when she looked at bianca, she would have seen nico, would have seen jason, would have seen all she had lost.
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frootbyethefoot · 19 days ago
happy pride month everyone!
(and each character from left to right!)
mordred, rose, cinders, ulysses, guinevere, arthur, lancelot, iphis, loki, sigyn, ariadne, thor, and odin!
and sorry if any of these designs happen to be inaccurate!
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anexperimentallife · 5 months ago
I don't know what other disabled or neurodivergent person needs to hear this, but if they're embarrassed to be seen with you on your bad days, it's not gonna work out.
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kronkk · 6 months ago
Literally why is US football still allowed??
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kulttuurinkurittama · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
More Tim because no one can stop me
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dudelynxx · a month ago
it’s always hi how are you and never do you want to introduce me to a mechs album and pause every 2 seconds to explain the plot/puns/irrelevant but cool extra info :/
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fayzart136 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
I can't tell if the image is frozen or not, but after watching her increasingly erratic behaviour, I can’t shake the feeling that she’s looking at me.
Then nothing until the end.​
(It turns out, my art skills did improve in two years. That's a relief.)
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carnivorous-jester · 2 months ago
Mechanisms fans in the tags what was the first mechs song you listened to? Mine was Iphis.
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chaotic-carnifex · 9 days ago
The unspeakable urge to make ppl listen to The Bifrost Incident while watching their reaction so you can see them be hit by the genre shift...
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gunpowdertim · 2 months ago
Angsty mechs theory time ft. Aristotle (Tempo61#4265)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
[Image ID: a collection of screenshots of a conversation on discord. the conversation reads:
juni shroom: OH?
Aristotle: or whatever
and she was originally supposed to be the one hooked up to it
juni shroom: oh (followed by a shaky version of the eyes emoji)
Aristotle: she designed it to be able to die cause she was like fuck it
Aristotle: and the system was supposed to take her mechanized blood out
juni shroom: OH MY GOD YEAAH
Aristotle: she abandoned the project after seeing Odin ties to yog socks
Aristotle: you’re welcome
because she’s the engineer so she would be able to
aegis: consider: the original prototype had the last remaining bit of Aurora she took with her so they could die together
juni shroom: STOP
Aristotle: OH THATS GOOD
juni shroom: AAAAAAAAAA
/End ID]
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