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jaemtens · 2 days ago
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[ maverick ] image teaser :: the boyz
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ohoshi · 21 hours ago
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changminurheart · a day ago
i quit drinking. ( lee juyeon )
it’s been a while since bad habits and hearts have been broken for you and juyeon. but who knew seeing him again at your friend’s wedding could hurt so bad you’d down that champagne flute if only he wasn’t the reason you quit drinking. for full experience listen to ‘i quit drinking’ by lany + kelsea ballerini
Tumblr media
he sees you before you’ve seen him. clad in a black suit, hair slicked back as he pats down his blazer. the chill autumn air of chanhee’s garden bites at the flash of his honey chest that peeks through the crisps of his white shirt. you’re sat down at a table a glass of champagne flute filled to the brim lying in front of you as your ring-less fingers find solace in a glass of water instead.
his heart stops at the sight of you sitting in a dress made of yellow mesh and flowers, flowers holding your hair in place. it’s short now he notices. the straight black strands falling just short of your ears that are adorned with dangling pearls. a leg of yours is exposed and crossed over the other as your tongue wets your watermelon lips. the daisy crown makes you look angelic under the string of lights above and the sight of you staring at the dance floor causes juyeon’s breathing to stumble.
you look gorgeous in this light, but you always have. and juyeon doesn’t know what hurts more, the fact that you look better than him or the fact that you look better without him. each thought drops his heart to the floor as he walks over it slowly to make his way to you.
he should leave you alone, let you be especially after your last meeting consisted of shattering dishes and hearts. but he can’t once again lee juyeon finds himself undeserving of the attraction that’s pulling himself closer to you. he can’t find it in him to lose you again.
the stars twinkling in the darkening sky blues guide him home to you at your table and he’s a second away before youngjae lands his hands on juyeon’s chests, blocking the flower path.
“hyung,” eric’s eyes meet juyeon’s and whilst his heart is racing, fuelled by adrenaline eric’s demeanour is a giant red light.
“eric, you look good,” a smile that doesn’t reach juyeon’s eyes.
“hyung don’t,” he ignores and pleas instead, red hair blurring juyeon’s vision.
“i need to,” juyeon bargains and eric’s grip on him is tighter.
“i’ve seen her fall apart juyeon because she fell for you and i can’t let her go through that again,” he shakes his head, gaze flickering to you who’s now swirling the champagne but making no effort to take a sip.
“i promise i’m just going to say hi,” and juyeon lets his hands up as a sign of retreat to which eric sinks his teeth in his lip.
“hi’s always the start and it always ends with a goodbye, hyung” eric releases his grip and lets out a sigh before hardening his icy glare back on the elder. “i mean it,” another pause and he’s standing straighter “you ruined her and she deserves better.”
juyeon’s left with a heart heavier than the world at eric’s words once the red head is out of sight and laughing with hyunjae. part of him is begging him to turn around and act like he’s never seen you and tonight’s never happened but he refuses. juyeon doesn’t believe in fate, he doesn’t believe every single thing happens for a reason but he’s a firm believer that if a door opens, he should at least take his chances and peek a head through.
especially when that door is the owner of his favourite smile out of the seven billion souls that walk this earth, the owner of his heart even for the last two years he’s spent in your absence.
so juyeon takes the first step of forever towards you.
you don’t even notice he’s there, you’re busy watching chanhee and changmin dance it out by the pool, the latter twirling chanhee again and again and again until you’ve found yourself dizzy. a small smile slips on your lips as you chuckle softly to yourself.
you’ve always wanted a garden wedding. there’s nothing more intimate than a small gathering as you kiss forever in a home you’ve made. and having dinner under the stars amongst flowers and friends you’ve known a lifetime only made your admiration for a garden wedding grow more.
you’re so lost in your thoughts and soft smiles that the streams only broken once you feel a presence next to you. your gaze lifts off your friends and to the male beside you.
you swallow nervously, mouth unable to form the words as two years feel like two seconds since you’ve last seen your ex-boyfriend.
“hi,” he tests the waters with a grin- the only thing he’s a thousand percent sure you used to love. but that’s the past where you spent days under the covers, tangled in each other’s arms and not with the duvet like the insomniac present.
“hi,” you whisper back, unable to trust your own voice and it’s almost pathetic how hard you do want to cry in this moment. it’s all overwhelming for you right now and juyeon senses your anxiety and is fussing for you.
“here,” he slides the champagne flute in your direction and your hand clasps over his to stop it from reaching your lips. the skin on skin contact makes the caged butterflies dance euphorically in your heart. you’ve missed the familiarity of the touch but it only hurts you more.
you abruptly let go, hands falling into your lap and the next words make you unable to meet his gaze, “i can’t, i’m six months sober” and a nervous smile stretches slowly across your lips again.
juyeon’s heart lurches for the millionth time this evening. it’s endearing the way you’re fumbling with your fingers as you’re proud of yourself, it’s adorable how you’re sitting patiently like a child, admirable at how you’re on the verge of tears yet pulling yourself together like the strong woman you are.
it also breaks at the thought of you turning to alcohol to feel something and he knows the feeling all too well. thinking you could stay drunk forever, the life of the party with ethanol and fake highs of life running through your veins. life of the party, bodies to bodies. dancing hard and waking up dizzy enough in the mornings to not notice the missing side of the bed- he only hopes you hadn’t tried filling his side of the bed like he has tried before.
he can only nod in response feeling utterly stupid and useless. “congratulations, that’s incredible of you, i’m so proud,” he mumbles the last words afraid of how you’d take it but you smile gracefully again, bowing your head to say thanks. the sudden show of respect and manners draws the lines he’s trying to cross to reach you and he swallows once more.
“you look amazing,” he breathes.
“i don’t feel amazing,” you confess and he drops his shoulders to lean back.
“how are you feeling?” he tries.
“pathetic,” you answer, not making eye contact with him instead opting to stare up at the navy swirls of the sky, moon glittering above. “my ex boyfriend appears after two years and he doesn’t look like he became an alcoholic or an actual loser after he left. he looks amazing, way better than i think he ever couldve with me and i want nothing more to down that whole champagne glass but all i’m going to taste is the feel of your lips and i can’t do that to myself again,” you rush out through the shaky breaths and fingers that drum against your thigh.
“i really can’t,” you shake your head and close your eyes wishing that this moment would just end and you’d be back to living the life without lee juyeon that utterly sucks but is better than the hole you were falling down a year ago.
juyeon stills before he takes your flute and downs it all, you stare at him for the first time that evening. eyes wide, mouth slightly open and he coughs a little after the last sip.
“he’s an ass,” his husky voice tries to clear itself but the hurt is taking over. “he’s a selfish prick that needed your attention and affection to thrive and become this person he’s not. he hasn’t been doing awesome at all,” he confesses and notices that you’re hanging on to every word, eyes refusing to leave his view.
“i’ve stopped going downtown because i know you’re not there anymore,” a tear slips out his chocolate cat eyes, “he feels pathetic for even talking in third person but he really needs you to know that he regrets every moment he’s spent without you but then again you’re doing better without me and i can’t let myself break you again,” his head hangs low in shame.
“ i really can’t,” he repeats with his own jittery fingers that want nothing more to hold your hands and never let go.
“ju,” you whisper and he leans closer to you, afraid if he walks away he’ll never have this chance again. the nickname causes a frenzy within him and he fights the stretching smile and peeking pearly whites.
“yes?” he faulters.
“waking up sober would feel nice if only i could sleep at night,” a tear glistens as it rolls down your cheek. instinctively he reaches out to wipe it away yet his touch lingers and his palm finds itself at home, cupping your cheek. you lean closer into his touch, feeling the warmth of the love you’ve been conditioned to miss.
“y/n,” and you both close your eyes.
“we shouldn’t do this,” your whisper is the first to break the silence and it shatters his glass heart even more because he knows it’s true. the stars disappear in the evening darkness and the buzz of the wedding is slowly dying down. guests are leaving and goodbyes are already filling the air. soon enough juyeon and you are going to be heading back to the lives you lived before each other and juyeon wants to cry with his entire being.
he’s just got you, he can’t let you slip away again.
“let me take you home?” he asks hopeful, heart resting when you nod and let him lead you to his car.
it cracks slowly from the moment eric kisses your cheek goodbye to when you type your new address in his gps that feels world away from his apartment that used to be the safe haven for lazy sundays to when he walks you to the door and you say your goodbyes.
“wait!” he calls out a second before you’re about to shut the door on his once more.
“would you ever give it another go?” with me.
you press your lips together and your gaze flickers as you think carefully.
“maybe one day when i’m mentally sober and clean too,” you smile. “but thank you for breaking my heart and the bad habits,” you chuckle lightly.
and lee juyeon clings to your words all the ride home and the rest of his life. just maybe.
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velvetyh · 13 hours ago
Day 12 - Changmin - bondage
Tumblr media
word count: 1900 words [⚠]: bondage (shibari method), oral (m), dirty talk, petname 'doll', slight degradation a/n: how did i manage to write something about giving a blowjob when im actually terrified at the mere idea of being on my knees for a man and having something bigger than a lollipop in my mouth? good question. aight I'm disappearing again bye loves <3
ngl i was horny for yo man sorry 😮‍💨 @sainthwngs
kinktober masterlist 🖤 general masterlist 🖤
Tumblr media
Resting your back on the frame of your bed, you comfortably sighed and readjusted your grip of the book in your hand, the dimmed light of the room and the tiredness that filled your eyes made you struggle to focus on the words written on your page.
You wiped the exhaustion with the back of your hand and read your page again, smiling as the protagonist finally kissed her enemy just to shut him up. The descriptions were just enough to make you feel hot and aroused, hands flying to your cheeks with a giggle as the scene got progressively more intense.
Looking from above your glasses when the bedroom door opened, Changmin stood there with a smile on his face. Your heart skipped a beat at how handsome he looked in his navy blue polo and chino pants in the same colour, his hands in his back.
Throwing your glasses and your book at the far edge of the bed, you opened your arms for Changmin to nestle in, who brightly smiled at your attitude.
No words were exchanged except soft greetings and needy kisses, you engulfed him into a tight hug, his free hand caressing your thigh. He was quick to press his lips on yours once you decided to let him go, his fingers grazing against your cheek in a gesture filled with love.
“I got a surprise for you, darling. It’s the thing we talked about the other day,” he mumbled with a smile.
Your ears perked up as you remembered the talk you had a few days ago. You both had expressed your wish to get you tied up during sex, the sight turning him on just as much as it aroused you to experience this.
You squirmed against your pillow, and Changmin chuckled through his nose, your jaw almost dropping to the floor when you saw the red rope in your boyfriend’s hand, his thumb touching the material. You looked at him with sparkles in your eyes, and Changmin smirked, turning on the bedside lamp, golden light illuminating his handsome features.
“Strip down for me, baby,” he ordered and squeezed your thigh to get you out of your reverie as the mere thought of the rope had you daydreaming hard.
You knew your boyfriend could get rough in bed when he was angry or in need of relief, but the simple thought of the red rope had your mind lagging on the shibari method, one of the kinkiest ways, in your opinion, to get restricted by your partner.
You hastily did what you were told, and once you were laying naked under him, Changmin settled the rope on the side.
“Let me look at you first,” his hungry eyes took in your body, admiring every single one of your curves or details reaching his eyes, thinking that you were some goddess presenting yourself to him after a long, frustrating wait.
“Gorgeous,” he mumbled to himself, his fingers dancing on your skin down to your core, a smirk appearing on his face when he felt how wet you were, even if he had barely done anything.
“You’re excited to get tied up, darling? Looks like you’ve been waiting for this for a while,” he teased, making you whine, weakly nodding as his middle finger caressed your slit up and down to your clit, spreading your wetness everywhere it was needed.
Licking his finger clean, your thighs buckled in anticipation as Changmin seized the rope, unfolding it above your body, the material dropping on your skin and dancing on it. It turned you on even more as the rough fabric rubbed and landed on your clit heavily, your thighs shuddering as you looked up and moaned, only to read on your boyfriend's face that he was doing it on purpose.
Just like the rope, his hands felt rough on your body, yet you could still find softness in them as he caressed your body up and down. His face was near yours when he slid the rope under your back after ordering you to lift your hips, to make the task easier for him. You seized each opportunity to kiss him anywhere you could reach his skin, Changmin kissing you back with the same fervour when your lips connected, the silk sheets moving under each single of your movements.
“You look so pretty, all tied up for me,” he said, taking a step back once he was done wrapping you up with the rope.
The placements and the tightness of the rope enhanced the volume of your boobs, the colour of it complimenting well your hardened nipples. You moaned at each of your movements since the material was stuck in between your labia lips, the roughness rubbing against your clit and rim, travelling upward around your bound hands in the lower part of your back before coiling around your neck, creating a thick, colourful choker.
You needily whined, your mouth falling agape as you stared at your boyfriend, his cock twitching in his pants at your state; he had barely done anything, and you looked like he had sent you over the edge three times in a row. He loved to see the rope in between your legs getting coated by your juices, then slowly drip down your inner thighs.
Changmin helped you get on your knees on the bed, and he took your spot against the pillows, the sight of his bulge making your mouth water with desire.
“You want it, uh? You want my cock, right?” he teased, and you eagerly nodded, thickly swallowing as you couldn’t tear your eyes away from his crotch.
“Yes, Changmin, I want it so bad,” you gazed at his veiny hands unbuckling his belt painfully slowly, the smirk on his mouth hinting at you that he was in a teasing mood.
You softly panted when his dick sprung free from his boxers, his left hand holding it from the base as the other was wrapped around your chin, guiding you closer to his shaft. Losing your balance, your cheek collided softly with his muscular thigh, giving a faint smile as you could still smell the faint laundry lingering on the fabric of his boxers.
“Now suck on my cock like the lovely doll you are,” he muttered, pressing the tip of his cock against your closed lips, smearing them with the pre-cum that was oozing from his tip.
You eagerly licked the salty substance off of it and gave the shaft kitten licks down to his balls, taking one in your mouth before sucking on it. Changmin hissed before you hummed and gave the same treatment to the other one, the vibrations of your mouth around it making him shudder. With your tongue trailing and teasing up to the slit, you eventually spat on top of his dick and wrapped your lips around it, tongue focusing on the slit as Changmin threw his head back, nearly bumping on the bedframe.
His hand tangled in your hair and applied a bit of pressure, pushing his cock further inside your mouth. You felt the blood-saturated vein whirled around his length graze against your tongue, more precum rolling down the back of your throat. You swallowed it, your mouth constricting around his tip, making Changmin hiss again and look down at you.
“You make me feel good doll, keep going,” he mumbled lowly.
You smiled, kissing his cock just for your mouth to sink back down further around it, taking him bits by bits until you could feel him down your throat. Hollowing your cheeks, you bobbed your head around his thick shaft and moaned, his hand flying to your hair while the other played with his balls as your hands were tied in your back.
Changmin moaned out your name, soon followed by a curse, his tightening grip on your hair signalling that he was close. You took his dick the furthest you could, making you gag and spit gradually rolled down your chin. You started swallowing around him and groaning as you felt the tip of his dick twitch down your throat. His hand in your hair travelled down your back, tugging on the rope that followed your spine, making the dampened cord rub in between your folds.
You squirmed and whined around his cock, Changmin’s eyes shutting tightly as his whole length felt the vibrations, pushing him another step closer to the edge. You wanted to pump his cock, feel and touch his body, but it was going to remain a fantasy tonight. You were at his mercy, and he was using you like a fucktoy to reach his high.
His hand stopped having fun with the rope and joined the other one on top of your head, slowly thrusting his hips in your mouth when you licked down his shaft. He continued pushing his dick down your throat without respite, loving how you looked on your knees with your ass up, focusing on his cock like the good girl you were, the red rope ornamenting your gorgeous body.
“A-Ah, Y/N, baby, I’m gonna cum, don’t stop,” he groaned, and you pulled away, catching your breath again before wrapping your mouth around the tip. You eagerly started sucking and rolling your tongue around it, smirking as you could tell it stimulated and aroused him a lot, his moans getting more frequent and louder, his hands in your hair pulling on the locks.
“Fuck doll, you’re so good at this, fuck, fuck I’m cumming,” he mumbled, out of breath, pressing down on your head to brush the tip of your nose against his trimmed pelvic, your boyfriend groaning loudly. Your eyes closed shut as thick ropes of cum coated and slid down your throat, his dick twitching in your mouth as you swallowed around him. Changmin rapidly pumped the rest of his shaft that couldn’t fit in your mouth in a chain of curses mixed with loud moans, emptying himself inside your hot cave.
You took everything he gave you, eagerly swallowing his seeds before pulling away, his softening dick shining with spit falling from your lips. You swallowed one last time before opening your mouth wide for him to see that there was no trace left of his release.
“What a good girl,” he lovingly cradled your cheek and caressed your warm skin with his thumb, his muscular chest heaving up and down as he was still coming down from his high. You could tell that he just underwent one of the best orgasms in his life, you had never seen him this fucked out and out of breath. A wave of pride rushed down to your core, the rope turning a deeper shade of red at it was now soaked, the ministrations on your boyfriend turning you on to the max.
Changmin was quick to come back to his senses and toppled you over, toying with the rope while kissing and sucking on your breasts, progressively descending to your core.
“Let me return the favour, darling,” he smirked, and you whined when Changmin’s hot breath tantalised your clit, his tongue pushing on the drenched rope, which applied pressure on your clit and convulsing hole.
“Please make me cum, I need it so badly,” you begged and moaned loudly when Changmin reiterated his actions, smirking at how sensitive you got just by sucking him off.
"Got it, darling.”
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stealanity · 2 days ago
✩ october 19 : international kiss your crush day !
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
plot : it's october 19, which means it's international kiss your crush day ! are you ready to do it? or your friends will have to help you a little to do it? but more important question..
who's your crush?
Tumblr media
✩ ENHYPEN : choose your crush.
heeseung — click ♡⃗ here !
jake — click ♡⃗ here !
jay — click ♡⃗ here !
sunghoon — click ♡⃗ here !
sunoo — click ♡⃗ here !
jungwon — click ♡⃗ here !
niki — click ♡⃗ here !
Tumblr media
✩ THE BOYZ : choose your crush.
sangyeon — click ♡⃗ here !
jacob — click ♡⃗ here !
younghoon — click ♡⃗ here !
hyunjae — click ♡⃗ here !
juyeon — click ♡⃗ here !
kevin — click ♡⃗ here !
chanhee — click ♡⃗ here !
changmin — click ♡⃗ here !
haknyeon — click ♡⃗ here !
sunwoo — click ♡⃗ here !
eric — click ♡⃗ here !
Tumblr media
permanent taglist : @deputyjuyeon @sunfics @changminurheart
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honey-hao · 2 days ago
day twenty one | k. sw | tbz
content: dom!sunwoo, gn!reader, dirty talk, bondage (type unspecified), teasing, marking, ~200 words (shorter than normal, ik, my bad)
“Aren’t you a sight?” Sunwoo laughs mockingly, trailing a feather-light touch up your side, his blunt nails tickling the skin, goosebumps rising as he moves closer to your hips. “Tied up like a pretty present for me, all at my mercy. What a lovely gift to come home to. Let me tie your hands and everything,”
You smile up at him, sucking in a shaky breath as he nips your shoulder, leaving a hickey on the exposed skin before moving calculated kisses up to your jawline and ear. “Pretty, love how sensitive you are for me. Maybe I’ll blindfold you next time,” his voice is octaves lower than normal, husky and dark as he whispers, and you whimper at the idea, hips circling against nothing to search for friction. 
“It’ll make you even more sensitive. Have you moaning so loud we get a noise complaint.” Sunwoo hums at the idea, fingers slipping to the apex of your thighs to tease you, his gaze dark as he watches you tug against your restraints, looking so pretty and needy for him, sweating and flushed with need. “Going to have fun with you.”
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jaemtens · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
q for the star
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witchitzy · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
how to be a heartbreaker ⤻ thirty-four
⤻ the arrangement is simple: don’t catch feelings. neither one of you is worried, after all: you have feelings for someone else, and he’s eric sohn, the campus player and least likely person to ever get attached… right?
⤻ taglist ; @bbmyungho @hyuckslytherin @fullsun9890 @randomfandoms2004 @harutogfs @catlostinthedarkness @fylithia @peachjaem00 @maeumiluv @mingiandbaconjam @yeoldotcom @nycol-ie @rechorde
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shionwritings · a day ago
❀┊first time sleeping at his/your house + in the same bed (the boyz)
Tumblr media
〔𖤐〕 —⨾ sangyeon ៹
⌲ he invited you over to his house as he wanted to take a new step in your relationship
⌲ he seemed so calm to you but inside... he has never felt more nervous
⌲ the fact that the maknaes (eric & sunwoo plus kevin lol) kept teasing him didn't make it much better
⌲ when you arrived, the both of you went to watch a movie on his sofa along with some snacks and pizza
⌲ you both eventually ended up sleeping on the sofa, cuddling <3
〔𖤐〕 —⨾ jacob ៹
⌲ he actually took you on a date
⌲ you both spend time outside, in the nature having fun
⌲ you were veeeery tired and he took you to his home
⌲ you couldn't keep awake, so you slept in while you went by car
⌲ he carried you from his car to his bed
⌲ the cutie he is he didn't want to make you uncomfortable in any way so he chose to sleep on a small sofa that was located in his room UwU
〔𖤐〕 —⨾ hyunjae ៹
⌲ he invited himself over to your place
⌲ you both watched a movie on your bed
⌲ you eventually started sleeping and after him admiring the sleeping you he slowly drifted to sleep too
〔𖤐〕 —⨾ younghoon ៹
⌲ he picked you up from school/work because he wanted to spend the evening with you
⌲ you both already planned that you will stay with him until the next morning
⌲ you went to do a bit of shopping and eating before returning home (at a late point) and sleeping together in his bed
〔𖤐〕 —⨾ juyeon ៹
⌲ you couldn't sleep because of nightmares so you called him
⌲ he came over to your place and tried to get you to be tired
⌲ he eventually succeeded and you drifted to sleep
⌲ he just stayed at your place
⌲ (you were sleeping in one bed, but like you underneath your blanket and he above?)
〔𖤐〕 —⨾ kevin ៹
⌲ you actually went on a trip
⌲ he missed the sight of nature so you went to jeju (some pics on the next slice so yk what jeju is like)
⌲ you had a small vacation house located near a forest
⌲ you slept in the same room and bed, but you had seperate blankets
(totally not inspired by that tbz house ep where he talked about how he misses canadas nature)
〔𖤐〕 —⨾ chanhee ៹
⌲ he wanted to improve in cooking so he asked you to teach him a bit
⌲ you invited him to you and you spend a long time cooking and baking
⌲ after cleaning, the both of you were so tired that you layed down on the sofa for some minutes but you both eventually drifted away to sleep
〔𖤐〕 —⨾ changmin ៹
⌲ it was planned
⌲ you invited him over to your place
⌲ you wanted to spend the weekend together because you hadn't seen each other in a long time because of schedules
⌲ you layed down on your bed
⌲ you originally planned to watch a movie but in the end, you only talked about many things
⌲ you somehow kinda slept in at the same time
〔𖤐〕 —⨾ haknyeon ៹
⌲ he took you on a themepark date and to his home for you to stay over because he was sorry for having so many schedules that he couldn't meet you
⌲ you went home afterwards ordering some food to eat before going to sleep
⌲ just imagine: he started sleeping before you did. while you were admiring his face and the fact he is yours, he opened his eyes again and pulled you close to him hugging you tightly (i'm in love)
〔𖤐〕 —⨾ sunwoo ៹
⌲ it was an accident...
⌲ the members somehow couldn't wake him up so they called you. i mean they did "wake him up" but it didn't really last sksksk
⌲ you tried to softly wake him up but he hugged you and basically used you as plushie-
⌲ so you were forced to stay in his bed
⌲ because of missing sleep, you started sleeping soon after
〔𖤐〕 —⨾ eric ៹
⌲ you meet at your house
⌲ he was busy and tired so you wanted to watch a movie with him and eat something for him to have a calm evening
⌲ he maybe was too tired and started sleeping next to you on your bed
⌲ you just layed down next to him and slept as well
Tumblr media
Ⓒ shion3iye ; 22 october 2021
Tumblr media
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