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alikrieger My day ones.❤️👑🫶🏽
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I legit think in crime dramas its total propaganda whenever they have a revenge killer/vigilante thats killing someone for a GOOD reason like the man that molested and killed her child say shit like “i dont feel better i just feel worse omg im a killer im just as bad as them :(“
Like so serious i believe thats propaganda. That is not how people think. Thats a trained response from living in a society that protects and is run by sexual predators.
Now i havent read the testimony of every single parent thats killed their child’s abuser or wife that killed her abusive husband. but i have read quite a few. None of them say ANYTHING close to that shit you hear on tv.
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Idk if this has been done but
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☆ Ayanami Rei from Evangelion 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time ☆ Precious G.E.M. figure by MegaHouse ☆ September 2022 ¥17,380 ☆ Sculpt Mokamaru of M.I.C. Paint Tc
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[ warnings: nsfw, cockwarming, degradation, teacher x student, gn reader, age gap, etc . . . ]
who knew that signing up for being a teacher’s assistant for your professor would end up like this? you wanted to help him grade papers, hoping he’d loosen up a little and stop being so stressed. and he was extremely attractive, so of course you had to sign up to be his TA. he always bought you snacks and brought you coffee, he was so grateful for his little assistant. he was so grateful that he invited you to his home to help you grade papers in a quiet, less distracting setting. his house smelt like cedar and pine, a beautiful setting that almost felt romantic.
“ come sit on my lap, dear, “ he suggested as he sat in his office chair while you attempted to grade papers on the couch. your cheeks grew hot as you walked over to him slowly. “ don’t be shy, it’s alright, “ he cooed as he patted his thighs, symbolically begging you to press yourself against him.
and so you did. you sat on his lap, your back to his chest, your core shamelessly throbbing as you felt his crotch against yours. you couldn’t help but squirm a little, there wasn’t much room on the chair for the both of you anyways. your little movements were driving your professor absolutely mad. he gripped your waist as you gasped quietly, turning to face him.
“ why couldn’t you just sit still? “ he questioned angrily as he sighed, hand reaching down to his pants. he fumbled with his belt buckle, unbuttoning himself and freeing his painfully erect cock. he practically tore your clothes off, wrestling to expose the fruit of your young body. he spit on his hand, rubbing his saliva against your exposed hole. you couldn’t help but moan at the eroticism of his actions, how eager he was to bury his cock inside you.
and so he did. he was so big, stretching your virgin hole to it’s limit. you let out a wanton moan as he stretched you, molding your insides to fit his length. but he never thrusted. he sat there, you sat on his cock impatiently, wriggling your hips, trying to provoke him to move. he nearly growled, grabbing your face with one hand. “ sit. still. you’re such a slut, you know that right? “ he questioned bitterly, causing tears to prick at the corners of your eyes. “ answer me, “ he demanded, his grip tightening around your soft skin. you nodded, rambling words and phrases of agreement. “ good, what a whore of an assistant you are, “ he sighed, returning his hands to your hips. “ now finish grading these papers and don’t fucking move. maybe i’ll reward you, doll. “
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Look at this baby
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The moment I met you I knew it would be impossible for me not to fall for you. I don’t love you, I know that to be true. But I do like you. I really like you. If I let myself, and if you wanted me to, I know I could fall in love with you. I could dive headfirst into you without a second thought, take your hand in mine and never let go. I could stare into those eyes and listen to you talk forever, be the happiest girl in the world and spend the rest of my life laughing with you. I could fall head over heels, deeply, completely, madly in love with you. I don’t love you, but if you knocked on my door and took my hand, I know I could fall in love with you forever.
I don’t love you, at least not yet. But I could. // m.e.k.
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I would cry if you wrote prompt 12 with Tommy T^T
I love how u write him so much <3
Oh boy my favorite Tommy boy. He just vznnfxfvnvofvfoivsdzoi I love that boy. Ok anyway I hope you'll enjoy this little blurb I wrote for you :)
Warnings: strong language 
It’s been a few days since Tommy left home. You saw him run off after that girl. It’s been hell since. You haven’t been able to do anything. Everyone is covered in a sheet of gray. You lay in bed holding his shirts, wiping away tears. Luda Mae has been trying to get you to eat but you can’t bear to eat anything at the moment. Monty has been trying his best to comfort you. Even Hoyt tried to cheer you up. But nothings the same without Tommy. You look out the front door every day praying that he’ll somehow come back but you know he’s not going to. 
You made a little marker for him. Something to honor his death. You’re supposed to take over the meat work soon. But how can you do that when everything reminds you of him. You’ve been wearing his favorite shirt since he’s been gone. Your eyes are red and puffy from how much you’ve been crying. 
You’ve barely gotten any sleep, looking out the window at any sound hoping its him. Sleeping on the porch in any hope that he’ll come back to you.  All you want is your Tommy back. Once a full week has passed you decided to make an apple pie, something he always loved when you made. You’re up on the latter in the yard, picking apples and thinking about him. Hoyt left a bit ago.He needed to clear his mind  You pluck another apple and drop it in the basket. You finally go back inside and begin to make the filling. Peeling, cutting and cooking the apples. Filling up a big jar and letting it cool. You start to roll out the dough when you hear Hoyts car pull up. “Y/N get your ass out here!” He shouts, his tone surprisingly chipper. You set down the rolling pin and open the front door. Standing out in front of you is Thomas. 
You’re frozen, this isn’t real. But it is. Tears swell and a smile grows wide. You let out a cry of joy and you run into his arms, wrapping yours tightly against his body. He wraps his around you and you sob into him. It takes a few minutes before you can even say anything to him. “Tommy oh my god Tommy! You scared me so bad oh Tommy! I missed you so much honey!” You pull away and take his hands in yours. You look into his beautiful brown eyes and wipe away tears. “Oh my god Tommy oh my god I just...oh god I love you so much!” You hug him again and this time he rests his head on your shoulder. “ I’m never gonna let go of you ever again. You scared me so bad. I missed you so much.” You keep his head down and you plant a big kiss on his lips. “We have to let them know come on!” You grab his hand and pull him inside. “Momma, Monty Thomas came home!”
That night was so wonderful. Luda makes Tommy’s favorite foods, Hoyt and Monty weren’t complete assholes. Once you two were alone together you insisted on cuddling, resting your head on his chest and his hands on your back. “Oh Tommy never let go of me ever again.” He nods and you run your fingers along his jawline. Hearing his heartbeat and the slow rise and fall of his chest puts you to sleep. When you wake up you’re still in his arms, as happy as can be.
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I wonder if I’ve ever been in a dream of his
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do i want him to be a father figure to me or do i want to be railed by him over a desk
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christenpress Goodbye! 🧡
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- Skulls found inside Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment. A total of seven skulls were found in his apartment as well as a human heart in the freezer. An altar was also constructed with candles and human skulls in his closet
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this cheered me up 🧡
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time crunch
Y/N prepares a suprise for Timothee… on a time crunch.
disclaimers: rich!reader...ish, brieeeeef mention of smut, mention of anxiety, crying/sadness/absolute DEVASTATION, fluff...ish?
word count: 921 lol
estimated reading time: 4 minutes and 36 seconds
a/n: my first timmy fic, this is farrr from perfect but </3
requests are open! feel free to request anything timmy related :)
Your lovely Timothee being away from home for long periods of time, for filming purposes, was not an irregular occurrence. Especially within the two-year span you’d been an official couple.
This time he’d been away for around three-ish months, give or take, to film Wonka. He gave you an estimated time of when filming might be over; subsequently, he’d be all yours for a few months then he’s off to film another project in the desert. What your boyfriend didn’t disclose until the very last minute, was the fact that he had a 2 week break from filming; he planned to spend every moment of it with you… in other words, he’d be arriving home within the next two hours.
The text, if sent any minute later, was enough to kill you upon reading it. You gasped out loud and received stares from other clients at the salon. Although completely unaware he was so, Timothee was no stranger to giving you a heads-up at the last minute. Wanting to surprise your boyfriend, you nearly flew out of the hair salon with your cape still attached. You knew that you had an hour to get yourself ready, and an hour to prepare your shared apartment, a meal and buy a gift. That’s possible… if I get started now. You thought.
You hopped into Timothee’s your BMW and headed straight for the nearest Cartier. Driving right into NYC traffic, was not part of your spectacular plan, you groaned. You swore you could hear Timothee’s laugh playing in your head now, he always advocated walking over driving to avoid such a waste of time, but you insisted you drive. Nonetheless, after traffic cleared and you’d got him yet another love bracelet to add to his growing collection, you were on your way to your apartment. 35 minutes. Fuck. You thought.
You caught two speeding tickets whilst on the way to a nearby dollar store to buy balloons that read ‘Welcome Home;’ another three on the way to your apartment, your anxiety hit its peak after you gave the valet your keys and approached the elevator, mentally making yourself aware that one hour and thirty minutes was nowhere near enough time. The anxiety combined with thoughts of the events that would follow your two-person party made you throb in the one place you needed Tim the most, especially when he was away, nearly made you collapse.
Shaky hands fumbled to find the correct key and insert it into the door of your home. Carefully dropping the balloons and gift off in the living room, you headed straight for the kitchen in an attempt to simultaneously bake a cake and make Timmy’s favorite homemade pasta. 5 minutes. you quickly covered the pasta and with a lid and ran into the shower; luckily today was your self-care day and you went for a wax earlier. Throwing on your red lace lingerie and a grey top, and matching shorts that were two sizes too small yet made your body look absolutely amazing.
You were quickly startled by a familiar voice, “Honey, I’m home!” You heard your boyfriend giggle from the living room. He’s here. You ran out of the bedroom and jumped in his arms; smashing your lips together.
Not a word spoken over the 5(???) minutes you spent making out with your boyfriend in the middle of the living room, you felt as though nothing could take you off of him… not even your own will could remove you from him. Tim broke the kiss which prompted a whine from you.
“Eager huh?” He smirked.
“I bought you a gift,” You smiled, “I bought balloons,” speaking between kisses, “and I cooked dinner.” This time, you didn’t smile because just as the sentence left your mouth, you both smelled the scent of burnt pasta and cake.
“OH NO!!!” You cried, while running into the kitchen to remove the once vanilla; now jet black cake from the oven. Timothee rushed to open as many windows as possible. “Your suprise is ruined, I got so carried away, I’m sorry, T” you whined as the fire alarm began loudly beeping; tears began to fill your eyes.
“Baby,” He cooed; making his way over to you, “All that matters is the fact that you cared enough to make me a surprise!” He said softly soft hands cupping your face, using the pads of his thumbs to wipe away your tears.
“No, I ruined everything!” You sobbed while looking at him through your eyelashes, Tim shook his head and kissed your forehead.
“I know something even better! We can order Chinese and watch a movie!” He smiled, desperately trying to lift your mood; he’d do anything to see you smile right now.
“Are you sure?” You hiccupped while frowning. Cursing yourself in your head.
“Of course! Let’s go to the living room and order now.” He said while grabbing your hand and guiding you to the couch.
“Oh yeah.. your gift. It’s not much, I was on a bit of a time crunch.” You shrugged while handing him the red leather box. Tim opened it like a child on Christmas day.
“Y/N, you didn’t have to get me this!” He cooed while smiling over at you.
“It’s the least I could do… y’know after I nearly burned our house down and all” You chuckled, gesturing for him to sit next to you
“Help me put it on?” He asked, and you happily obliged, forcing a smile, “I’ll never ever take it off” He giggled and connected his lips to yours for what felt like the hundredth time tonight.
Maybe tonight wasn’t so bad.
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I’ve had this idea forever and I just - ok hear me out …
Male prac teacher (uni student there for teaching experience) who’s stuck with your sport class for the day. He lets the class go early because he’s just too flustered having not taught alone before- but you stay and offer to help him pack up.
In the end you end up in the teachers gym room/bathroom with showers because all the student ones have been locked up already.
He watches you shower and you notice halfway through and start touching yourself and giving him a show.
Mwah! Have fun ;) <3 <3 <3
<< this is so adorable i am obsessed. ive never heard of the term prac teacher before, we just call them student teachers here lol, you learn something new every day ! also i was unsure what gender you wanted the reader to be so i kept it gender neutral, i hope thats okay <33 >>
[ warnings: nsfw, topics mentioned above ]
your student teacher was an absolute wreck today. your gym instructor was out for the day, some sickness or something, you weren’t exactly listening. you had more important things to worry about: your student teacher’s flustered, overwhelmed expression. the disrespect the other students were showing him was absolutely ridiculous, you felt so bad for him. no matter how many times you checked up on him, he gave you the same answer:
“i’m fine, love- i promise! it’s- fine, really.”
but you were smarter than that. even when it was time to undress and get in the showers, he still seemed so nervous. you helped him put the equipment away and everything, he was so appreciative but he’d never admit it. “you don’t have to do that, y’know, it’s fine, i can handle it-“ you shushed him with a smile, informing him that everything will be okay.
as you helped him clean up after your inconsiderate peers, you couldn’t stop staring. his sweat glued his shirt to his chest, he looked so fucking good. his smile was sweet and seemingly innocent for a university student. he laughed, he enjoyed your company. and you enjoyed his, a little too much.
another issue surfaced as you went into the locker room to change: there were no open showers left. you had already undressed and everything! you sighed, covering yourself lazily as you peaked your head out the door to the locker room. “uhmm, teach? there’s no more showers open!” you called out. he appeared in front of the door, peaking back at you, his face completely flushed.
“you can use the teacher’s locker room, there’s nobody else in there right now! but please, get dressed before you head in there,” he chuckled nervously as you nodded, slipping on your gym shorts and your t-shirt and quickly heading out to the teacher locker room. of course, your lovely student teacher couldn’t help but notice the way your nipples poked through your shirt, and how your face flushed when you looked at him.
and then he became the one to stare. as you undressed and headed into the showers, he calmly told you he’d wait for you and make sure nobody would walk in on you in such a vulnerable state. but he abused his guard privileges. as you lathered your hair with shampoo, you couldn’t shake off the feeling that you were being watched. your prac teacher couldn’t get his eyes off of you, if only you could see the tent forming in his pants at the mere sight of you.
two can play at this game, though. you smirked as you saw his eyes far away in the distance before you brought your gaze back to the shower head, pretending like you didn’t notice. then your hands started to explore your own body. your fingers itched down to your crotch as you began to play with yourself, moaning softly. you could practically hear your teacher’s breath hitch as you rubbed circles into your most sensitive spots, causing your legs to quiver. your student teacher couldn’t help himself, he reached down and began to palm his cock in his pants.
what really drove him over the edge was you moaning his name. as you reached your climax, his name broke free from the confines of your lips. you lost control, crying out for him, his touch, his cock, his everything. and that’s what caused him to peel off his clothes and join you until the water ran cold.
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i be like "yeah i have a crush on him" then i want him to adopt me
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