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Zelda probs got sick of them taking swings at each other and forced them into this.

This is so rushed but i remembered that handholding punishment meme and cackled bc it reminded me of these two too much

Pls click on the pic bc Tumblr ruined the quality🙄

meme for ref —–>

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Fanart of TCaF by Zuzubean on AO3!! Her insta is @annettethebandit 

This is a scene from chapter 38, “New.”

Man, Annette got Malika down to a T!! Especially her hair, I was SO shocked to see it as an actual drawing instead of in my head, it’s exactly how I see it!! And her witch, called Annabelle, is an absolute BABE. This is such a beautiful piece of art!!!

Pls go give her lots of love, I know these art pieces take time and I am so grateful for it!!! <3333

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Today I’ve been screaming at random points of the day because TCAF updated and I am thriving. It got me so dang jazzed I dived head first into the Children Will Listen project again even though it almost crashed my computer again but ahh, the things we do for love…
Also I spent 6 hours doing this background even though it’s not even gonna be in focus smh

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TCAF 2020 Digital Showcase 

Some of the artists featured in the TCAF 2020 Digital showcase are:
- Karen Shangguan and Laura Cañas (Images 1 and 2)
- Amara Sherm (Image 3)
- Anuj Shrestha (Image 4) 

See more of these creators’ work, and other comic creators and publishers’ work, the Showcase!

Download the Digital Showcase for FREE on Gumroad:

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Page & Panel, The TCAF Shop Needs Our Help #comics #comicbooks

External image

Page & Panel opened its doors in 2014 but had to close on March 17 due to the State of Emergency in Ontario. The retail destination is more than just a destination for comics, art, and book culture but has been a supporter of the Toronto Comics Arts Festival.

With the cancellation of TCAF, the shop needs our help as it has lost it’s best weekend for sales which supports the store and the…

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@wishingnova I hope you’re doing well and still hanging in there esp with all that’s happened with corona! I know I’ve told ya before but your fic literally keeps me sane rn. Anyway these were 2 of my fav chaps and I had these tucked away in some folder for who knows how long?? Oh well they’re here now

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Back in the Beforetimes, I was planning to debut the newest issue of QAT Person, my autobio minicomic series, at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival in May.

TCAF is canceled, of course, but I decided to go ahead and put the comic together anyway. I’ve arbitrarily set a release date of May 1, and have set up a preorder listing for the book, should you desire such a thing.

QAT Person #3 collects the latest batch of my autobio comics on queer, asexual, and trans identity.

“Ace Pilot” posits an asexual headcanon for Luke Skywalker. “Two’s Cabin” recounts my adventure at a trans guy bar in Tokyo. “Banned Books” takes a look at censorship of queer media (and Alison Bechdel’s FUN HOME in particular). “Trans Potty” offers a humorous take on bathroom troubles for trans guys.

Snag yourself a copy right here:

Buy QAT Person #3 Minicomic

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Toronto Comic Arts Festival. This May. Troy Wagner. Also me. Hangin out. There will be comics. Be there or be square ;^)

UPDATE: TCAF 2020 has unfortunately been cancelled due to the circumstances surrounding COVID-19. Also, the Canada/US border as of March 18th, has been closed off for travel and tourism so it’s just not happenin, folks. Im sorry to the people that were looking forward to this, we were too. We’re going to try and make this happen for TCAF next year. We’ll just have to be hopeful. 💙

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French Minister of Culture Franck Riester, honors TCAF Founder Christopher Butcher with the insignia as a Chevalier de l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres #comics #comicbooks #tcaf

External image

French Minister of Culture Franck Riester, on his first official visit to Toronto, presented the insignia of Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres to Christopher Butcher, Artistic Director of the Toronto Comics Arts Festival (TCAF), in the presence of the Ambassador of France to Canada, Kareen Rispal and the Consul General of France in Toronto, Tudor Alexis. The award ceremony took place…

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@wishingnova I am SO sorry tumblr ATE my messages but don’t worry I have a way to make it up to you

So along with more teasers I have 33/43 panels done. That’s right baby only 10 more left I’m so EXCITED

I’m not sure how I’m gonna post em without this site trying to kill me but goddess above am I gonna try

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TCAF 2015!
Great people, wonderful artists, happy experiences, priceless moments, and unexpectedly lovely events. Overflowing with absolute success.
Notable mention: TCAF Word Balloon Academy <3

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Alright, finally got all the post-TCAF stuff taken care of and under control! That means I should probably start posting stuff again so anyone who looked me up afterward has something to look at!

This is the first page of the short comic I did that appeared in the anthology my friends and I were selling at TCAF

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