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truecrimefiend · 10 hours ago
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new photos of dylan klebold. looks around age 9-12
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lustfulromances · 10 months ago
“does your crush go to this school?”
…..yeah. something like that.
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New angles of the trophy case, just feet away from Kelly and Lauren.
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tc-angel · 5 months ago
tips for anxious tc'ers
having a tc is hard. eveyone knows the feeling of going blank when youre around your tc, or stumbling and choking on your words when you try to speak to them. so i decided to compile a list of tips that i have used that have worked for me (an extremely shy and awkward person) get close to my (extremely closed off/cold-ish) tc. if you're looking for ways to start a conversation with your tc and make that leap into a more casual relationship - read on.
these tips work well for when you're both online and on-campus :)
this is a very good way to talk to your tc when everyone is stuck at home during online school. how many times have you seen a dog running across the frame in your tc's class? or heard meows in the background? if this every happens, take the leap and ask your tc (preferably after class as not to derail) what their pets name is. when i did this my tc she even sent me some pictures! it's a great conversation starter and you can ask about the pet again in the future :)
casual segways.
this one is a little trickier and more nerve-wracking and it can be difficult depending on what class your tc teaches, but making the leap is really important. to do this, you have to first be having a class discussion in your tc's class. for example, one time we were learning about how different cultures celebrate christmas. so i casually asked L how she'd be celebrating and spending her holiday. this turned into a conversation and brought us slightly closer together. asking your tc personal questions related to what you're learning is great, it shows them you're interested in both them and the class and everybody loves talking about themselves.
joining/coming to class early for small talk.
i know everyone has sat and waited a couple minutes before joining a google meet so that they aren't alone with the teacher, but joining early when it's just the two of you can create some really good conversations. it's scary and you have to be quick, but joining quickly and giving a quick 'hi! how are you?' can create a friendly relationship between you. adding in a 'how was your weekend?' can create a great conversation as-well.
advice, questions, help.
this is an obvious one, but asking your tc for help or reaching out to them for guidance is a great way to talk to them. if you have assignments or assessments in their class, you can ask for advice or for them to check on your work. the worst part about this tip is actually coming up with a question to ask, lol. you can confirm due dates, clarify details, and ask a question about what to do or how to do something.
compliments (within reason)
everyone likes getting complimented, and when we're online it can be a great way to lift up your tc's mood. i wouldn't go too far with compliments, i'd stick with things like 'i like your shirt' or "cool earrings!'. another great opportunity is complimenting your tc if they get a new haircut or change something about their appearance. one time, my tc got bangs and i complimented her. this became a conversation and that was one of the first times i really spoke to her! and if you're worried about being weird or obvious, there have been countless times when ive complimented other teachers on their jewelery or clothes. its always been recieved well.
speak up!
keeping engaged and active during a class is really difficult to do, especially whenever we're online. a good way to create a good relationship with your tc is engaging in their class! obviously, dont be obnoxious or rude, but answering questions and making jokes can be a great way to liven up a lesson. if your tc asks 'how are you guys' in your class and nobody says anything, take the leap and answer! it can be awkward and really scary, but trust me it's worth it. don't let your tc's questions go unanswered.
i hope these tips help you guys become more confident and that you have some good conversations with your tc's after reading this <3
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naturalfuckinselection · a year ago
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The “Scale of Evil” by Dr. Stone
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lipsticksta1nz · 10 months ago
you will never love me as much as i love you
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berkowitzbrat · a year ago
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Berkowitz with the gash on his neck from Sons of Sam
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cak3art · 8 months ago
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I still don’t condone any of their actions, which is why I will never draw them with a head…..
But the clothing THE CLOTHING
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bluudstainbarbie · a year ago
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“But I found Aileen very sweet, charming. Charismatic. I felt like I was in her living room rather than in a small room on death row. She was very excited to be able to talk freely and tell the truth. Her eyes had a light in them, which a couple of times clouded over with darkness.”
-Jasmine Hirst
DISCLAIMER: I’m in no way condoning what Aileen did nor do I agree with taking the life of another human being (unless it’s for self defense) but I found this woman’s encounter with her to be very  intriguing.
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gettingonbyadream · 7 months ago
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me hurting my own feelings by creating scenarios in my head where he stops talking to me:
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s0bb1ngsapph1c · 5 months ago
any teacher that’s kind to me and is cute: *existing*
me mentally: how could I ignore you, trust me I adore you-
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truecrimefiend · 5 months ago
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license photos
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lustfulromances · 2 months ago
my name sounds so beautiful coming from you. please say it again.
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xetcs · 8 months ago
that awkward moment when your friend loudly says “there’s your husband” in a hallway that only you, her, and your tc are in
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deathrowrorry · a year ago
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This is another questionnaire answered by Richard Ramirez (rare) along with another photo of young Richard Ramirez
Edit: so, it’s come to my attention that the photo of Richard Ramirez I put is fake; it is ! I didn’t know it at first, I reopened my Instagram and saw the photo and thought it was legit but it turns out that tons of people are photo shopping his face onto random people, so naturally, I’m not aware of the trend. Sorry, all for the mistake/misinformation , however, even though the photo is in fact fake, I want to keep it b/c it’s kinda cool but do keep in mind that it isn’t real.
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true-crime-xgirlx · a year ago
Some not so fun facts about Richard Ramirez
He was hypoglycemic. Which is probably why he ate candy 24/7. And the author of The Life And Crimes Of Richard Ramirez, Philip Carlo, said that during his interviews with Ramirez he'd bring him candy bars to keep him going during interviews.
Ramirez had planned to buy a house and set up his own torture room in it. He also wanted to film the torture and sell the tapes.
His family had a history of anger issues, a trait him and all his siblings inherited from his father. Once while fixing a sink his father got so angry over not being able to get a drainpipe to fit that he beat himself in the head with a hammer to the point that he had blood dripping down his face. Richard, and a couple of his siblings saw all of this.
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almostxinnocent · 13 days ago
More Robert Crimo Photos. Including a lewd picture that I censored. This guy was all over the map.
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