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why-i-love-comics · a day ago
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Avengers #87 - "Look Homeward, Avenger!" (1971)
written by Roy Thomas art by Sal Buscema & Frank Giacoia
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spideyjlaw · a month ago
yondu to the guy he sent to abducted a kid but got t’challa instead: you grabbed the wrong kid do you think these kids look alike????
*shows pic of the other kid*
the guy: yes
*the 2 kids in question*
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holdtightposts · 9 months ago
Chadwick Boseman would have been 44 years old today and as a tribute and remembrance, Disney/Marvel Studios updated the Black Panther intro.
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i love how the title is ‘the world is watching’ because it’s a direct quote from black panther
t’challa had the opportunity to kill klaw, but since he knew the impact of killing a man screaming ‘no mercy,’ t’challa didn’t kill him
john walker, when presented with a guy screaming ‘it wasnt me,’ killed him anyways
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momentofmemory · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
from ryan coogler’s tribute to chadwick boseman.
↳ black history month + favourite characters: chadwick boseman’s t’challa
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loveforever86 · 24 days ago
Rest in Power , King Chadwick.
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why-i-love-comics · 9 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Heroes at Home (2020)
written by Zeb Wells art by Gurihiru
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youlightmeupfinn · 9 days ago
Things The Avengers Are NOT Allowed To Do - part one
a/n: hey guys!! my best friend (@hazydespair / @pitifulbaby and I have teamed up together to bring you Things The Avengers Are Not Allowed To Do. We write these for our own entertainment and hope that you find some hilarity in them, too. Please follow Hazy’s account, as the second part will be published on her Tumblr! Thanks everyone! Enjoy!
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The Avengers Initiative states,
Upon becoming an Avenger, each party shall read over these guidelines and sign their name, stating that they hereby agree to the terms and conditions of the DO NOT's of being an Avenger. Shall a party break any of these rules, punishment is certain.
1. Bucky and Sam are not allowed to bully Peter while on missions, any other time is free game
2. No calling Bruce Shrek
3. No calling Loki Elsa
4. Scott and Phil are not allowed to sit and gush over Steve Rogers
5. Tony isn’t allowed to draw fake mustaches on Fury's photos
6. You can’t send T’Challa cat toys
7. Don’t ask Fury how many fingers you are putting up
8. Thor isn’t allowed to put his hammer in front of anyone's door
9. No cosplaying each other
10. Thor isn’t allowed to put his hammer in the elevator
11. No using Steves shield as a turtle shell
12. No putting Bucky and Sam in the get along shirt
13. Don’t ask Bucky for a hand
14. Helping Steve cross the road is not helping the elderly
15. Don’t ask Thor how high he can count
16. Don’t steal Peter’s lunch money
17. Don’t let Bucky use Steve's shield as a sled
18. Bucky and Bruce aren’t allowed to listen to heavy metal
19. No telling Thor that Jane dumped him, it makes him ‘salty’
20. Please don’t show up at Peter Parker's place of work or school
21. Don’t call Natasha momma spider and Peter baby spider
22. No more calling Tony, Tony Stank
23. Scott isn’t allowed to have insect fights with Peter
24. No asking Vision how his vision is
25. Stop asking Nick what is in his wallet
26. Don’t put a metal detector against Bucky's arm
27. Sam and Clint aren’t allowed to make bird noises at each other
28. Please stop putting googly eyes on pictures of Nick Fury
29. Please don’t take Thor to Halloween horror nights
30. Tony isn’t allowed to move the furniture slightly to the left so Pietro will run into it
LINK TO PART TWO -> Things The Avengers Are NOT Allowed To Do pt. 2
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