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#tchalla fanfic

You never thought you would end up in Wakanda. Especially when all you’ve ever heard about it was that it was some mud-hole. Now that you’ve seen it, that is definitely not the case.

Walking into the kingdom, you were amazed by the beauty of it. Even though you had been there for almost a year now, it never failed to take your breath away. 

As beautiful as the country was, there was something else that kept your attention. Rather, someone else. 

The king of Wakanda, T’Challa, had caught your eye on day one. Luckily for you, you had also caught his eye. That was the reason you were now heading to his chambers. 

You two began a clandestine relationship full of love and passion. Lots and lots of passion.

Walking into his room, you heard the shower running and decided to surprise him. Stripping quickly, you slipped into the bathroom.

“Darling?” you hear his voice call. You pout as he opens the curtain. His smile quickly turns into a smirk as his eyes trace your body. “Well now, what is going on here?”

You give him a genuine smile. “I wanted to surprise you. And maybe even join you.”

He pulled the curtain back enough for you to hop in. Closing it, he backed you against the wall.

“What exactly did you hope would come from this surprise?” 

Leaning your head back against the wall, you reply innocently, “Good ole fashioned clean fun.”

At this you hear him laugh. “Clean, hmm? Well, we can clean afterwards.”

Hearing this, you grin, knowing what he was going to do next.

Holding your hands above your head, he kisses you roughly, causing you to moan. With the hand not holding your wrists, he slips in between your thighs, massaging your clit. 

Due to his increased agility and longevity from being the Black Panther, you knew this wouldn’t be a quick one.

With one finger rubbing your clit, two others entered you, expertly pumping in and out. You could barely contain your moans as he coaxed you into an orgasm. 

Before you had the time to calm down, he entered you, sending an aftershock through you.

“I hope you didn’t think I was finished, My Queen.”

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Summary: One person, a secret, and an ocean tore them apart. Six years later they find their way back together, but a rekindled love is not Redemption. 

A/N: It’s back!!! Please comment and Reblog. 


“You look stunning in the sunlight,” T’Challa gleamed,standing to greet the love of his life. “You say that every time,” Zari chuckled as she let his arms envelope her. “It’s true. You look amazing in anything.”

“So if your wife wore sweatpants and a t-shirt to your wedding, you’d be okay with it?” The young designer raised an eyebrow as she looked up from her menu. “I’d prefer if you didn’t wear that entle”

“T’challa,” Zari chastised. “What?” the king raised his eyebrows, “all I did was make a statement.”

“You know what you did your majesty,” Zari shot a warning glance. “You know I wanna take this slow.” 

“I apologize love,” T”challa gently squeezed Zari’s hand. “It’s fine.”

The king intertwined their hands on the table and grinned once he noticed the blush on Zari’s face. The two ordered and chatted the time away before their food arrived. As soon as Zari dug in, the monarch cleared his throat. “Entle,”

“Hmm,” Zari kept chewing as she looked up at T’Challa. “I wanted to talk to you about something. It is somewhat of a delicate matter.” Zari placed her fork back on the plate. She took a moment to swallow before addressing the king, “Okay. What’s going on?”

“I have to go back to Wakanda in three week’s time.” 

“Oh, I-” 

“I want to take Aiden with me. And you.” The king finished. “T’Challa I do not know if I am ready for that.” “Zar, please. At least think about it. My son has family who don’t even know he exists. People who would love to love him, but he has to meet them. He should his home, quite frankly, the place he will one day rule.”


“Yes, Zari. He is my son. My only son. My ELDEST son.” “That doesn’t mean  he has to rule T’challa.You could marry again.”

“Zari,” the king frowned at her, “ we both know that the minute I claim Aiden as my own-,” “Then don’t claim him.”

“You know that I would not do that to my son Zari. He is my blood. I will not let him grow up thinking that I am ashamed of him Zari. What has changed. When we were together in highschool, we both knew that this day would come. I would be king, then so would my son. You were ok with it.” “I never thought we would actually get to this day T’Challa! Let alone a day when it might mean my son would have to be taken from me.”

“Come home with us, be my queen. Let us have the family that was taken from us Zar. Believe in me,” the king grabbed both of her hands. “ I have to get back to work.” The designer grabbed her coat and rushed out of the restaurant.” 

“Zar,” T’challa slapped fifty dollars  on the table and ran out after her, only to watch her vanish into a taxi. He slapped the brick wall next to him, before heading towards his own car.  

Later that night, Zari tiptoed into the house. Slipping off her shoes she made a quick trip through the kitchen, only to run into Isha in the kitchen. “So you and lover boy are both coming home late tonight?” 

“He’s here?”

“Yeah he just ran up a few minutes before you did.” “Good,” Zari sighed leaning against the counter. “What’s up with you?”

“I’m kind of avoiding him at the moment. We had a fight today at lunch.”

“Over…” “He wants us, Aiden and I, to come back to Wakanda with him.” 

“That’s a bad thing because?” Isha deadpanned.  Zari sighed, “My baby is a prince Isha. T’challa wants to claim him, but I don’t know if I want that lifestyle for my son. He’s my baby.”

“Yes, but he’s also the baby of the new king. You know, the man you had unprotected sex with once, maybe twice, I don’t know three times! You didn’t think about that?”

“During? No, but I guess it was always a thought in the back of my mind, I never thought it would be something I seriously had to consider. I mean I didn’t think I was going to get pregnant. To be honest, I never really thought my relationship with T’Challa would last, I love him. Bast, I am so deeply in love with that man, but he was a prince for goodness sakes. Now he’s a king.”

“A king who wants to marry you.”

“Yes, but what qualifications do I have to be a queen?” “You were born in Wakanda, and the king loves you. One of those is just a bonus.” 

“I just don’t know, that seems like a lot to throw at Aiden.” “You never know until you try,” Isha got up, “for both situations. For what it’s worth, I think you should go. For you and Aiden’s sake. The boy just got his father back, let him be with him. Whether it’s only for the summer or not.” she hugged her friend good night before the both walked up the stairs. 

“Well rise and shine sleeping beauty,” melanie teased as Zari walked into the workshop. “Haha. Very funny,” Zari yawned as she placed her things down at her sewing machine. “Tough night? Melanie pried as she moved her stool, and hand stitching close to Zari. “If you must know, T’Challa and I are fighting. Well I haven’t actually seen him sincee the fight, so I don’t know how he feels.” 

“You mean you’ve been avoiding baby daddy for 24 hours.”

“Only 20 technically.”

“What happened?” Melanie frowned. “He wants me and Aiden to go to Wakanda with him.”

“To live?” “No just to visit. So Aiden can go visit his family and visit the country.”

“We are upset slash refusing because…. This all seems reasonable to me.” “My baby is a prince Melanie. If he goes home, I lose him. When T’Challa claims him as his son, then, he now had obligations to his country.”

“Aiden is just barely five. I am more than sure that his obligations as a five year old prince, could be satisfied with summer visits home and school break visits. So what’s really the problem?”

“I don’t know if I am ready to go home. There are so many hurtful memories tied there. All the dances I didn’t get to go to. Graduation, all the places T’challa and I used to go to.-”

“And now is the time to make new memories, at least see if you like being back home, Z. As  much as I’ll miss you for the next few weeks, I think you should go.”

“What about the show? There’s only a month until opening night.” “Then you’d better leave as soon as Aiden gets out of school next week.”

“Leave for what?” Lin walked into the room. The women turned to face him. “T’Challa wants Aiden and I to go  back to Wakanda with him to visit for a few weeks. So he can meet his family.” Zari explained.

“Then I think we can spare you for three weeks Zari,” Lin smiled. “It sounds like an amazing experience for Aiden. As well as for you to go home.”

 “I can handle anything that pops up, and if anything goes wrong. And the world is burning to the ground, I am sure T’challa will personally escort you back to the city.” Melanie reassured. “You guys really think so?” Melanie glanced at Lin, “We know so.”

“Well now I only have one problem. How should I tell him?”

“Ask if you can take him out on a date. That way you control the situation, and the conversation.” Melanie suggested. “I guess,” Zari replied shooting T’Challa a quick text.

Do you wanna go out tonight? My treat.

I’ll go anywhere with you entle.

Be ready at 6:30. I’ll meet you at the house. 

See you then. 

Later that night, the couple found themselves on the rooftop of Melanie’s apartment building.They had stopped and grabbed a pizza and a bottle of wine to share. As they clinked their glasses together and dissolved into smiles, Zari found her voice. 

“T’Challa, I am terrified to go home. Of going back to the place where I had everything taken from me. Most of all. I am scared to fall back in love with you. You are a king now. We are not  some l high schoolers anymore. I cannot go back only to lose you again.”

“Zar, I promise you that if you go back, even if you don’t, we will be the only ones to decide that we will not be together. No one else, not even the elders.”

“Are you sure?”

“I swear on my life.” The king stared at her hopefully.  Zari sighed,“Then Aiden and I will go with you to visit. Only for three weeks though. I have to be back for opening night of the show.” 

“Deal,” T’Challa smile, placing a light kiss on Zari’s lips.  Zari looked into his eyes before leaning back in for another. She tentatively placed her hands on his shoulders and began to run her fingers over his shoulders. T’Challa pulled her closer into his lap, their lips never disconnecting. T’Challa froze as a moan escaped Zari’s lips, he pulled away slowly, but kept a firm grip on her hips. Her breath brushed over his face as she brought her forehead to rest on his. “We shouldn’t,” he whispered, still trailing his fingers along her spine. “Wha-”

“At least, not tonight love,” the king murmures, pressing on final kiss to her lips. The mother pouts in frustration. “Come on, we should probably get home. The moved quietly in sync cleaning up the roof and making sure they had all of their belongings. With the roof locked, they dropped the key into Melanie’s mailbox and headed back home. The car ride was peaceful, T’Challa would occasionally shoot a glance at Zari, gently squeezing her thigh. Their steps echoed along the concrete as they walked up to the two story brownstone. On the doorstep he pulled Zari back to him before she could open the door. “I am glad you are coming back with me.” 

“I know,” Zari smiled softly. The king place three quick kisses on her lips. A fourth left their lips lingering together for just a second longer. “I wanted to make sure we are ready, before we take that step again, not that I do not want you that way entle.” The king reassured, gently pulling the mother into his chest. “I know. I am sorry.” 

“Please do not be sorry, I want it just as much as you do, but we are just getting back together, let’s take it slow. We’ll get there again.” 

“I guess we should cool it on the dates then?” Zari muttered. “Maybe let’s stick to lunch dates then.  For now at least.” The king smiled, his hum vibrating under Zari’s cheek. “And I should get my own bed again?” 

“Only if you want to,” T;Challa frowned. “I think we both know it’s for the best.” Zari smiled.  I guess so.” T’Challa pulled her back to him, “Not tonight at least. One more night.”

“One more night.” The two smiled, quietly entering the house and sneaking back in to their bedroom. 

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Summary: One person, a secret, and an ocean tore them apart. Six years later they find their way back together, but a rekindled love is not Redemption.


  “Someone is in a good mood,” Melanie observes from behind her sewing machine. “I am always in a good mood,”Zari grins. “Never THIS good though. You’re glowing too. Did you get laid last night! Baby daddy really know how to put it down!” Melanie squealed. “Shut up!” Zari threw a piece of fabric at her.

“You did!”Melanie screeched. “No I didn’t,” Zari insisted. 

“Didn’t what?” Renee asked, walking into the room, sweat covering her skin. “Oh lord,” Zari rolled her eyes. “Hello to you too.” Renee laughed. “Zari got laid by baby daddy last night,”Melanie explained. “Really?” Renee gasped. “Noo!” Zari insisted. “Oh it must’ve been good. She’s in denial she thinks it was just a dream.” Renee stage whispered. “For the last time we didn’t have sex.” 

“How big was it sis,” Melanie asked. “If y’all don’t leave me alone,”Zari sighed. “Well something is going on because you got that glow baby girl. Got it bad.” Renee settled into a chair. “If you must know, he is taking me out tonight after work.”Zari revealed. “What are you wearing? I didn’t see a change of clothes,”Melanie searched the room. “Why? What’s wrong with these?”Zari scoffed. “Sis! He’s a king!” Melanie exclaimed. 


“Renee please explain,” Melanie looked to the actress for back up. “Where are you going?” she asked. “I honestly do know. He said it was a surprise.” Zari though back. “How are we supposed to dress a surprise?” Melanie wailed. “I still think I look fine.” Zari insisted. “So do I,” Renee admitted. “Y’all,” Melanie pointed at both of them in turn, “Are disappointments.” Zari chuckled. 

“Knock knock,” Geoff and Lin rounded the corner. “We come bearing gifts from the king,” Lin declared. The three women shot daggers at him. Melanie gestured at Geoff. Lin’s face contorted into an ‘o’. “King? I thought he was her boyfriend.” Geoff stared at everyone. “Yeah, that’s just a nickname we gave him,” Lin back tracked. “Okay,”Geoff drawled placing the box in front of Zari. They all stared expectantly at the designer while she continued working. She looked up into the silence, “What?” 

“You aren’t going to open it?” Renee asked. “Will that make you all leave me alone?” A mixture of no’s and yeses floated around the room. “Fine,’ Zari pulled the large red ribbon off of the box. A note fell from out of the bow. I hope you like it - T”Challa. Zari knitted her eyebrows reading the note once more. “I hope you like it?” She mumbled

“Zar!” Melanie cried pulling open the white box on the table. “What?” The designer turned her mouthing forming an ‘o’. A long blue and gold dress sat nestled in the box. The beading sparkled in the studio lights. The corset too was outlined with gold trim as the full white skirt flowed down to the ground. “I think  this answers the question,” Melanie mumbled, “you don’t dress for a surprise. He dresses you”

 “This is a Versace,” Zari breathed. “I saw it on the runway less than two weeks ago.” “Never thought I’d ever see one in real life,”Renee sighed. 

“What does he do for a living?” Geoffrey frowned. “Politics,” The trio plus Lin replied in unison. “I didn’t know politicians made that much.”

“He’s special,” Zari offered. “Try it on. Make sure it fits!” Melanie pushed. “Mel, We have work to do.” 

“It can wait. I want to see this dress,” Lin spoke up. “I don’t know. I’ve really gotta get this done.”

The group shot daggers in her direction, “or not,” The seamstress sighed, inwardly smiling at the prospect of putting on the dress. Melanie immediately followed behind her to zip the back for her. Zari held her breath as the zipper ventured it’s way up her back. Only taking a breath when it clicked at the top. 

“You look absolutely stunning Zari,” Melanie gushed running into the costume closet to find some shoes. Zari slowly ran her hands over the beading as her friend rambled in the background. Time seemed to slow as she turned to face the mirror. Barely registering any part of Melanie’s questions. Her heart jumped a little at the first sight of her own reflection. The dress hugged her perfectly and seemed to dazzle in the filtered fluorescent lights. 

“Zar, you good?” Melanie’s voice penetrated her awe. “Yeah, yeah. I’m fine,” the designer cleared her head before walking back into the main area. She gently pushed the curtains out of her way and blushed at Lin and Geoff’s faces. “Wow,” Lin murmured.

“Who the, where the fuck has this Zari been hiding?” Geoff added. “Shut up,” Renee popped the actor up the side of his head. “You look beautiful Zari.” Renee smiled handing her a pair of shoes to match the dress. 

“Thanks guys. I should probably get out of this now.” The designer blushed. “Yeah of course. We should go.” Lin smiled pushing Geoff out the door. “Have fun tonight Zari,” Lin winked before following Geoff out the door. Melanie quickly helped her undress and repack the dress for that night. 

“So, I’m staying behind to help you get ready for tonight.” Melanie asserted. “Mel, that isn’t necessary,” the designer responded, rethreading her sewing machine. “Okay. But I want to so…. I’m going to help you.” She replied, hand stitching a small tear in a pair of pants. “Whatever,” Zari sighed, grinning in her corner. “It’s okay, you don’t have to thank me right now,” Melanie grinned. The buzzing of Zari’s phone interrupted the relaxing silence that followed. 

I’ll pick you up from the theatre at 9. 

I know you like to work late. 

Zari grinned at her phone. See you then, she responded, grinning at the phone. 

“What time is lover boy coming anyway?” 

“He just text,” Zari started, placing her phone back on the table. “ 9. I understand if you can’t wait that late,” the friend offered. 

“What else would I be doing Zar? Just let me be a supportive friend ok?” Melanie reprimanded her. The young mom raising her hands in defense, “Fine, waste your evening.” Zari laughed. “Thank you.”

“Ok, he’s outside. How do I look?” Zari asked her friend, running her hands over the embroidery of her dress. “You look beautiful, stop worrying,”Melanie smiled, grabbing both of Zari’s hands. “He’s already head over heels. Just have fun.”

“Okay,” Zari breathed. “You got this!” Melanie reassured before sending the designer on her way. After making sure Melanie would lock up for her Zari began the quick walk to the theatre entrance.

Her heels kept time with her breathing. She paused slightly at the front door before pushing it open. T’Challa’s silhouette at the base of the stairs caught her attention. He turned to her smiling as he heard the door close. 

Zari tried to keep the grin off her face in vain as T’Challa’s mouth dropped open slightly. The king froze for a second before jogging up the stairs to meet her. “You, look ravishing,” he smiled, causing Zari to blush. “Thank you,” she accepted his hand as he helped her into the car. He quickly helped her in before making his way back to the driver’s side. 

“How was work today?” Zari missed the question as she watched the muscles in T’Challa’s arms ripple as he pulled the car into gear. “Zar? You ok?” the king smirked. “Oh yeah, it was fine. Got a lot of work done. “Good. I hope you like the dress?”

“Like,” the woman sat up in her seat. “I love it T’Challa! I can’t imagine how much it cost you though, thank you, truly.” Zari smiled. Admiring the young King’s profile. “Nothing is ever too much for you Zari. Besides, I never got to see you in a beautiful dress, since you missed prom..” T’Challa trailed off, frowning softly. “I’m here now. You’re here now.” She placed a hand on his thigh, tracing soft circles. The couple settled into silence the only sound being T’Challa clearing his throat. The seamstress continued tracing lazy circles on his thigh. “Zari,” groaned out, “if you keep doing that, that dress won’t make it to the end of the night on your body love.” 

“Sorry,” the women quickly drew her hand away, smiling shyly as she apologized. 

T’Challa gracefully maneuvered the car close to the curb when they arrived at the restaurant. He handed the keys to a valet and rushed over to help Zari from the car. Lights flashed around the couple as they made their way into the restaurant. The host showed the two to a semi secluded table at the back of the restaurant. 

Zari shifted in her seat, tucking her dress in around herself. “T’Challa, I feel so overdressed.” she whispered. “You are, but you look breathtaking.” the king grinned.

“T’Challa,” the mom whined. “I am sorry but I wanted to see you in that dress. As soon as my stylist sent me the picture, I knew I wanted you in it. Tonight.”

“Besides you look like a true Queen,” his eyes twinkled as he grabbed her hand and placed a soft kiss on her knuckles. He placed another on Zari’s palm before opening his menu. 

When the waiter came around once more, the couple placed their orders and fell into small talk. Work,Aiden, and work again were the main topics. Everything was going beautifully, until it wasn’t.

“Your majesty, I sincerely apologize, but we are out of Tilapia for the lady’s choice of dinner.” the young man frowned. Eyes flittering between T’Challa and Zari. “Are you absolutely sure you are out? I called your Chef ahead of time to make sure that he had any and all ingredients on deck!”

I apologize your majesty. There was more than likely a mistake on behalf of our line cooks. The chef assures me that if the markets were open he would run and pick up the freshest fish himself. “I am sure he would,” T’Challa muttered. Zari suppressed a laugh, and her disappointment as she turned to the young waiter. Strategically placing her hand atop T’Challa’s to calm him. “May I have the same as he ordered?”

“Of course.,” the young man shot her a soft smile. 

“You called ahead?” the bronze skinned woman teased. “I just wanted everything to be perfect for you. For us.” The king sighed, gripping her hand in his once more. “It is perfec-” a round of coughing from a table nearby interrupted her sentence. The two glanced over at the woman, watching as she  coughed directly into the palm of her hand. “By bast, will she be alright,” the king muttered. Zari laughed, “as I was saying-” the woman’s coughing broke out once more. 

“For Bast’s sake, can I finish a sentence,” Zari sighed, turning to watch the woman once again struggle to contain her coughing.

“It is not her fault love,” the king began to grin as well. “I know, but still,” Zari laughed, unbeknownst to her, she encouraged the king to do the same. “Anyway. It is perfect.  I am here with you.” The king grinned at the love of his life over the table. The moment was interrupted by the arrival of their food. The two took  a moment to orient themselves with the plate before digging in. Soon matching frowns blossomed over their features. “Is yours a little..” Zari started, clearing her throat. 

“Dry, flavorless, disgusting?” the king finished. “I was gonna say unpleasant, but those work too. The designer laughed, wiping her mouth with a cloth napkin. “I’m sorry my love, Shuri told me that this was a good restaurant to go to. Either their burgers are out of this world, or my sister has no taste buds.”

“It is fine.” Zari smiled. “But if you want good burgers, I can take you to a better place.” 

“That sounds wonderful.” The king smiled. He quickly took some bills out of his wallet before escorting Zari out of the restaurant. The two sat huddled together against the autumn chill of the city, the king’s armed wrapped around Zari’s waist. Pulling her close as his fingers traced patterns on her hip. “I love you,” he murmured into her fluffy twist out. The young woman smiled, inhaling the sent of him when he placed a lingering kiss to her forhead. “I love you too,” she smiled, as the car cruised to a stop in front of them.”

With a reluctant squeeze the king released her hip to open the car door. She allowed him to shut the door for her, and he gracefully moved around to his side of the car. 

A short set of directions, and a brief phonecall  later, the two pulled up to a small storefront restaurant. 

“I’ll be right back,” Zari smiled, hopping out of the car, and moving as quickly as her dress would allow. She ran in and hugged an older black man, before accepting two bags. She raced back out to the car and hopped in, shaking the brown bags as T’Challa pulled off. “Where to?”

“How about a little trip to the water? A friend owes me a favor.” 

Zari gave some directions and T’Challa followed as they pulled into a park along the banks of the Hudson River. “I’ll be right back. Don’t go anywhere,” Zari leaned closer to the king’s face. His pillowy lips millimeters from her own. “And don’t eat my food while I’m gone.” She breathed before hopping out of the car. “Her laugh followed her a little ways down the street. T’Challa let out his own chuckle as he watched her maneuver her way onto a medium sized ship. He hadn’t noticed it before, but that was not surprising. He rarely noticed anything other than Zari when she was around. 

Even now, only Aiden was the occasional exemption to the rule. Occasional. 

“He was pulled from his throughts by a soft knock on the door. An older black couple stood at the door.” T’Challa hesistantly rolled down the window. “Challa?” The older woman asked. “Zari sent us to come fetch you.”

The king inadvertently tensed. “Don’t worry young man. I promise she is safe inside your majesty,” the couple both quickly crossed their arms in a miniature x. “Lead the way,” T’Challa smiled stepping out of the car. Distrust still present but pushed to the back of his mind. He locked the car and followed the older couple up a short gangplank and into the bowels of a small yacht. 

“I am Kedu and this is my wife Imina. I rent yachts and charter private tours. While she delivers and midwife’s children. Especially for Wakandan war dogs or expatriots.” the Man explains as his wife slips down a separate hallway. 

The two men venture into the living quarters of the ship. “Is this how you met Zari?” 

“It is,” the old man smiled, gesturing for the king to take a seat on the couch. “One of the sweetest girls I ever met. Poor thing. Imina delivered her child and we took her, them, in as our own. Never would tell us who the father was. We didn’t push to hard. It is none of our business either way.” 

The king frowned slightly before hearing footsteps approach. Both women turned to watch the respective women of their lives appear from the kitchen. Imina walked over and gently grabbed her husband’s hand. They bowed before their king before venturing off. 

T’Challa turned to Zari. “The ship is ours for the night. They live in a house next door and assured me that it’s fine,” Zari rambled slightly as she placed to plates with burgers and fries on a small dining table. 

The wall of windows surrounding the room, displayed the New York Skyline in all of its beauty. The king chuckled slightly. Walking over and slightly backing Zari into a corner. He placed his hands on either side of her. “It’s perfect.”

He placed a kiss to her lips, before moving to pull out her chair. “Shall we?”

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I yawned as I stretched out in my bed. Last night was fairly interesting. Omeretta was so easy to trick into bed. She was itching for it just like I was. She didn’t spend the night and I’m glad. I think I made a mistake of calling her my girlfriend. Kiara was too good to me and here I was, fucking another woman. I sighed as I yanked the covers off of me. My kimoyo beads started ringing and I answered it. 

“Yo cousin”

“What’s up Erik”

“I need you to come down and try on your suit and give me your opinion.”

“I dont know why you insist on putting me in this damn wedding but im coming, let me get dressed”


I hung up and got out of bed. Erik’s wedding was approaching and I needed someone to be my partner. I had two options: pick a woman or don’t be in the wedding at all. I didnt wanna upset Erik on him and Clarissa on their big day so I had to get someone, I think Kiara would be a good fit. Omeretta isnt classy enough in my opinion. It was something I liked about both women that was enough to keep them both around but I know I cant do it for long, I got dressed and headed down to the meeting room. I walked into a rack full of tuxedos of different colors and Erik and Clarissa looking on while discussing everything with the wedding planner. Erik walked over to me with an ugly plum looking suit. 

“Don't worry bruh, we just need sizes”

“Im relieved because this is ugly”

Erik laughed as he patted me on the back. We walked to the other side of the room away from Clarissa. 

“So tell me who that broad was from last night?”

I laughed and shook my head. 

“That was Omeretta..”

“Oh yea the mean one with the fat ass”

I pointed at him. 

“Watch it but yea thats her”

“So you taking this relationship shit serious? You giving up your book?”

I snorted as I looked at him. 

“No, this only until I can be crowned king and then she’s gone and I can go back to my ways”

Erik shook his head. 

“You damn near 30 man, you gotta grow up sometime”

“Im surprised you did”

He looked over at clarissa and put his hands in his pocket. 

“Sometimes you gotta put your player cards down for the right one man. You may not think that now but you will later on when you wanna be in love. We used to be just alike 3 years ago. You couldn’t tell us shit…”

I laughed as I agreed with him. 

“We was tricking hoes left and right….then I met her. You probably think Im an idiot for marrying her but to me I dodged a bullet. Its plenty of hoes in the world but where’s the women who care about you and not what you got in your pockets man…Be careful on who you fuck with, these women may be using you like you using them”

Clarissa called him back over as he patted me on the back. 

“Try that suit on and let me know how it fits”

I nodded my head as I looked on. Maybe he was right, this shit is getting old. I sighed as I walked out. I threw the suit on my bed and grabbed my phone. Omeretta hasn't texted me yet. I shook my head and laughed. There is no way that me T’challa Udaku is sprung over a woman. I rolled my eyes and scrolled to Kiara’s number. Maybe I’ll spend time with her today. I dialed her number and it rung out. After 2 rings, she answered. 

“Hello T’challa”

“Are you busy?”

“No not at the moment, why whats up”

“Wanna go get something to eat”

“Uh sure, what time”

“Now, Im on my way”

I hung up before she could tell me no. I drove over to her house and laid on the horn. She came out with a dress on and sunglasses. She looked fine as hell. Her ass wasn’t as fat as Omeretta’s but she had enough that it moved in a dress. I smiled as she walked over to my car. She opened the door and got in. 

“Are you crazy pulling up here laying on the damn horn like that?”

I laughed as I leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. She smiled as she looked at me. 

“So where are we going?”

“The park”


“Just sit back and ride”

She laughed as she leaned back in the seat. Truth is I just wanted to waste time with her. I didn’t mind holding conversations with Kiara because we actually talked about stuff. Omeretta was good for fucking and having a situationship but I liked that. Kiara was good for a companionship and real love, that was something I wasn’t ready for. I sighed as I leaned back in the seat. She looked at me with concern. 

“You alright?”

“Yea, I just got alot on my mind”

“Wanna talk about it?”

“Maybe later”

She rubbed my arm and I looked over at her. 

“You sure”


She nodded her head and looked out the window. I wanted to tell her the truth but there was no need. We’re just testing the waters right now. 


I wondered what was going through T’challa’s head. I had gotten a bit discouraged after our date. I was thinking he wasn't interested because he hadn't called until today. We made it to the park and he stopped the car. He cut it off and got out. I reached for the handle on the door but he grabbed it for me. I smiled as he opened the door. 

“After you beautiful”

He led me to a small table containing seafood and wine. I smiled as he pulled a chair out for me. I sat down as he went to the other side. 

“I hope you like clam”

“I haven't had it before but Im down to try it”

He smiled as he poured us glasses of wine. He was so handsome. Something still didn't sit right with me though. Why did he care to pay attention to me after all this time? Did he really want a relationship or was he bullshittin me again? I had my guards up with him, I wasn't gonna let him trick me into having sex again. He noticed me staring and laughed. 

“Im assuming you just like the way I look”

I snapped out of it as I turned my head. I really did but a man with good money, thats attractive and that's blessed between that legs had one problem: he was a whore. T’challa had a reputation well before I knew him. At first I didn't believe it but after what he did to me the first couple of times, I knew the rumors were not lying. He reached over and grabbed my hand. 

“I wanna get serious”

“With me?”

“Of course, who else”

I shook my head as I let out a small laugh. 

“I don't know T’challa, you have many women in your life. I dont think youll have time for me.”

He laughed as he rubbed his earring and folded his arms.

“I had women, I'm ready to settle down now”

I propped my hands up and looked at him. 

“I still don't believe you”

He leaned forward and looked me in my eyes. 

“That's on you…lets eat”

He smiled as he picked up a fork. Maybe he was serious. I just couldn't trust him right away though. Im not gonna be so hard on him, at least not this time. He looked up at me and smiled. 

“You staring at me again…”

I shyly smiled as I picked up my fork. 


He smirked as he continued eating. Lord this man is something else. 

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T’Challa x Reader


“Let go of me!”

“Hey your kinda cute.”


“Who is the guy in the cat suit?”I asked Steve as we stood lined up across from Tony and his team.”Thats Black Panther,King of Wakanda.”Steve replied with a sigh,”He thinks Bucky killed his father.”He explained while I nodded.”Why don’t you let me take care of him?”I offered as we started advancing towards iron mans team.”Think you can take him?”Steve asked causing me to grin as I became closer to Black Panther.”Of corse I can” I replied before throwing a punch at the Black Panther as he ducked out I the way,”I don’t wish to harm you,But I will do what I must to get to Barnes.”Black Panther told me as we continued to fight,”You couldn’t hurt me if you tried.”I said while kicking his feet out from underneath him causing his back to slam onto the hard concrete.”I admire your bravery.”He huffed as I straddled his waist pinning him down,”Thanks,I like your suit.”I replied looking away from him just and time to see Steve and Bucky run into the hanger,”It’s to bad your friends won’t make it out of here.”He said grabbing my throat and throwing me off of him.I let out a whimper as I hit the ground watching him as he ran off towards the hanger,”What a jackass.”I mumbled before getting back up on my feet and running towards the hangers only to see Steve and Bucky safely fly away in the Quinjet.”Thank god.”I mumbled to myself happily before turning around and bumping into someone,”Oh it’s you.”I said as the Black Panther toward over me before grabbing on to wrist twisting it sharply causing me to grit my teeth as he handcuffed my hands behind my back.”What the hell are you doing?Let go of me!”I yelled while he pulled my towards an unmarked van.”You help a wanted man so you are being placed under arrest and will be taken in for questioning.”He told me as he gently placed me into the car before telling the driver to take me back to head quarters.

I hummed softly to myself as I sat chained to a table in a interrogation room,A few minutes later the door swung open revealing a tall handsome man.He took a seat across from me crossing his arms while starring me down,”Can I help you?”I asked raising an eyebrow at him. “Where are they heading?”He said causing me to laugh,”Look I don’t know how long you have worked for shield but this isn’t the way you interrogate some one.”I told him as he smirked. “I don’t work with shield.”He said as I tilted my head curiously,”Who do you work with them?”I said looking up at him as I sat up straighter in my chair.”I am King of Wakanda.”He told me causing my jaw to drop,”Hold up,Your the cat suit guy!”I exclaimed as he chuckled,”That would be me.”He replied while I grinned my eyes scanning over his body,”Hey you know your kinda cute,Definitely wasn’t expecting you to be hiding all of this under your suit.”I said as he blushed.”Nevermind me,I need to know where Steve is heading.”He told me quickly changing the subject,”I can’t tell you that and you know it.”I replied.”Why not?,He killed my father”He countered with a slight growl,”He didn’t kill your father Hydra did.”I said correcting him.”I am not here to play games,Barnes killed someone and he will pay for his crime.”He said his fist clenching tighter with each word.”Tell me King,If your mother was brain washed,tortured and forced to become a killing machine would you punish her or the people who tortured her?”I asked him knowing fully well what the answer was,I sat back watching his eyes that were clouded with revenge and anger suddenly become clear with understanding.”I see your point.”He replied after a few moments of silence before unlocking me cuffs.”We need your help,Wankanda has the most advanced medical care in the world as that’s what Bucky needs so will you please help us?”I asked him in a pleading tone,”If Mr.Barnes needs medical care then we will provide him with it.”He replied before we both stood up preparing to leave. “I will call Steve and let him know the good news and then I will give you their location,Thank you for doing this.”I said as I pressed a soft kiss against his cheek causing blush to bloom where my lips had been a moment ago.”I will be waiting for you call.”He told me with a soft smile as I left him a flustered mess.


I am looking for some people who are 18+ to talk about Marvel stuff with!So message me if I wanna you want to be friends! 💕😊💜

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Up and Alert

T'Challa x Black PlusSized Reader

Another #supersizedfic short. Enjoy!


Usual morning sounds filled the palace walls. Staff and Doras moving about the halls. Soft footsteps echoed through the halls of the east wing, moving closer to the royal chambers of the King himself. Who you haven’t seen in two days and you’d missed. The short train of your dress slid behind you on the polished floors of the palace halls as you approached his doors, dismissing the guards with a pleasant smile.

Pushing open the heavy double doors, you were met with… Darkness?

“Morning, ‘Challa..” You slipped into the royal chamber, looking to meet an up and about T'Challa. Being met with a lump in the sheets instead . “..or not.” You eased over to the bed. The dimmed lamp in the corner providing enough light to see where you were going.

“Okoye wasn’t lying when she said you were out, huh?” The words were more to yourself. He just had to go out with M'Baku for drinks. You tapped his back, gently shaking his shoulder to awaken him from his light slumber. “I leave for a two day trip and come back to a hung over husband. You never cease to amaze me, Udaku..”

You pulled the covers back from him. Only for him to pull them back over him. You raised an arched eyebrow in surprise. “Ten more minutes, Kitten..” He’d grumbled lowly, snuggling into the pillow his head adorned which muffled his voice. You raised an eyebrow, nodding as you mumbled a soft ’okay, plan B’ to yourself.

Leaving his side for a moment, you made your way over towards the windows. “Wakey wake, eggs and bakey.” The blackout curtains pulled apart, allowing light to spill into the room. Turning back to the bed, you listened to the royal groan. He rolled over to his back, pulling a pillow over his face.

“For Bast sake, woman. Can I not sleep in today?” His voice sounded groggy, barely heard by you. “Just for a while longer..” He didn’t attempt to move as you made it to the bed. Or when you’d bunched your dress up enough to crawl onto the bed.

“Unfortunately, my love..” You straddled him with ease, patting his chest. “That you cannot do. You have a meeting in a few hours and you need to be up and alert.” Your nails grazed his chest as he sighed. Relaxing under the calming graze of your nails.

“Up and alert?..”

“Up and alert, babe..” You chuckled, smiling down at him. His eyelids low as he looked up at you with a goofy smile, telling you of how pretty you looked. “Thanks babe. It’s the new headscarf.. But we’ll talk about that in a moment. How can I get you up and out of this bed?” He didn’t reply instantly, instead his lips curled into a sly smirk. You squinted your eyes at him in silent question, wondering what the expression meant.

He licked his lips, flipping the both of you over suddenly with ease. Pinning you beneath him as he intertwined your fingers. His soft lips kissed up your neck, moving to your jaw. “I can think of a few ways, Kitten.”


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T’Challa x Black Reader

Warnings: none

Plot: T’Challa catches you getting ready for a night out


T’Challa stood in the grand foyer of the palace. He eyed himself in a large mirror and adjusted his tie and cuff links for the thousandth time. He straightened the hem of his suit once more and glanced at his Patek watch wondering what the hell was taking you so long. 

You and the King have been invited to an extravagant party hosted by Barack Obama celebrating Michelle’s birthday. If you and your husband were going to make your royal entrance on time, you needed to leave soon. And yet, you still hadn’t left the bedroom. 

T’Challa walked down the long spacious hallway towards your private wing of the palace taking notice of the faint thumping in the walls. As he got closer to his destination, he began to make out the bass and lyrics:

Big fat checks,

Big large bills,

Front I’ll flip

Like 10 cartwheels

T’Challa stealthily opened the doors to your private chambers and walked in. 

He eat it in the car

That’s meals on wheels (whoo!)

“I was born to flex, diamonds on my neck!” You rapped into the comb gripped in your hand. You were putting on the finishing touches of your hair and makeup completely oblivious to your husband now watching you through the crack in the bathroom door.


You used the tail end of the comb to separate a few of your curls while still bopping along to the music.

I got bands in the coupe

Bustin’ out the roof

I got bands in the coupe

Touch me I’ll shoot

“Bow! Shake a lil ass, you get a little bag and take it to the store. Get a little cash, Shake it real fast you get a little more. Ayyyeee!!”

Getting more into the groove, you turned into a full fledged rapper forgetting about the task at hand. Finger guns, shoulder shimmy’s, and wagging your tongue; you were giving quite the performance to no one in particular.

Note to self, T’Challa thought No more getting dressed in separate quarters. Element of surprise be damned.

He had to admit, he enjoyed seeing you in your natural element. Your hair literally and figuratively being let down. You obviously wouldn’t act this way in public, but behind closed doors, you were allowed to be as ratchet and carefree as you pleased.


“Walking past the mirror-“ You did a little strut before stopping to pose, “Ohh! Damn I’m fine! Let a bitch try me….*Boom* HAMMER TIME!”

T’Challa pressed a button on his Kimoyo beads and began recording the impromptu show.

Remembering why you were in the bathroom in the first place, you picked up various brushes and sponges, adding glitter and highlight to your bronzed skin.

You know who pop the most shit?

“The people who shit not together!” You rapped along. “I know that’s right Cardi, shit talking motherfuckers.”

T’Challa stifled a laugh and continued watching. 

“You’da bet (Y/N) a freak! All my pajamas is leather.” You seductively ran your hands up and down your body and rolled your hips.

You spritzed some setting spray on your face and gave your makeup a once over before deciding to stop. 

Kiss the ring and kick rocks sis

Drop it down,

Back it up (Oohh aye)

You turned around in the mirror and placed your hand on your knees, sticking your tongue out and popping your ass with the ease and expertise of a Magic City dancer.

Make that nigga put down 2K

I like my niggas dark like Dussè

He gonna eat this ass like soup

You picked up the holding spray for your hair and gave it a light misting before replacing the cap and using it as a makeshift microphone.

“I like morning sex, but nothing in this world that I like more than Challa!” You set the spray down and held your belly releasing a laugh at your own antics. “Ah, I’m stupid.” You said out loud with another chuckle.

Sensing you were finishing up, T’Challa stopped recording and waited. You exited the bathroom and had a mini heart attack when you realized you weren’t alone.

“Shit, baby you scared me!” You cried clutching your chest. “How long have you been standing there?”

“Long enough to watch your show.” T’Challa held up his wrist and replayed bits of your “performance”.

“Delete that.”

“Nah, I think I’ll keep it. It’s cute.”

“Whatever.” You sat on the small bench at the foot of the bed and strapped on your heels. “Let’s go.”

You and Challa walked arm in arm down the hallway to the palace entrance.

“My love?”


“I have a question.”


“Since when do you have leather pajamas and why haven’t I seen them?”


Y’all I been sitting on this for like two weeks lol Michelle’s bday was ages ago

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T’Challa x Black Reader

Warnings: Smut, language

***Re-upload since it got deleted in #TumblrPurge2k18

Plot: Your husband has kept you waiting and that just won’t do

Wow, that was amazing Y/N.” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau exclaimed rubbing his full stomach.

“Well, you know what they say, fastest way to a mans heart and all that jazz.” You replied. You grinned at your husband and gently squeezed his thigh under the table. You felt T’Challa stiffen up under your grip. He shot you a look and you gave him a sly smile back.

You and T’Challa were hosting a dinner at the palace and the Prime Minister of Canada was a special guest. The dinner was to discuss the healthcare policies of the two nations and to possibly figure out a way to make them even better. Canada and Wakanda were in the Top 5 countries with the best healthcare systems and you and your husband were determined to keep it that way.

“Yes, my wife is very talented in the kitchen.” T’Challa explained while placing another forkful of cheesecake in his mouth.

“That’s not the only room I’m talented in.” You mumble under your breath.

Ahem.” You looked over and saw your husband staring at you curiously. You didn’t think he’d heard you but you’re glad he did. You and T’Challa were throwing subtle hints at each other the entire night and the comments were getting more and more risqué as the dinner went on. It’s been almost a week since you got your back blown out and you wanted to make sure your husband knew you wanted the dick ASAP.

You finished your wine and dessert and watched as a servant removed the dishes from in front of you.

“Well gentlemen,” you began, “Its getting late. I think I’m going to retire to bed early. Apologies, Mr. Prime Minister but I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow. I’m sorry I can’t stay later.”

“Oh no worries Y/N.” He replaced with a smile. He glanced down at his watch. “Oh wow, it is getting late. I’ll be finishing up here soon myself.”

You gave him a polite nod and stood up from the table. As you walked past T’Challa you placed a hand on his shoulder and leaned down to whisper in his ear.

Bedroom. 15 minutes. Don’t keep me waiting.” You placed a small kiss on his earlobe and squeezed his shoulder. T’Challa immediately felt his dick stiffen underneath the dinner table. You continued to walk out of the dining hall but made sure to shoot your husband a seductive look and tapped the invisible watch on your wrist before disappearing out of the grand double doors. You had your mind made up. Your husband was going to break you off some of his chocolate TONIGHT.


“Where the hell is he at?” You thought to yourself. You glanced at the clock that hung on your spacious bedroom wall. 15 minutes was up 10 minutes ago.

“I could’ve sworn I told that nigga not to keep me waiting.” You whispered to yourself. You sat at the edge of your bed in a sexy lingerie two piece and were covered up by a silk bathrobe.

You were starting to get impatient. 6 days was way too long to go without sitting atop your favorite throne. You tapped a finger absentmindedly on your knee when suddenly an idea popped into your head. A deliciously nasty and filthy idea at that. A smile spread over your face. “Oh hell yeah.”

**** 10 minutes later

“Entle! I’m so sorry I’ve kept you waiting!”

You tilted your head and listened as you heard your husband offer his apologies from the hallway before swinging the bedroom doors open.

“The Prime Minister and I got caught up talking about-“ T’Challa paused his sentence when he didn’t see you in bed.


T’Challa turned to his left and saw you sitting at one of the desks in the large room. You were sitting cross legged and swirling a glass of red wine in your hand. The hem of the robe you were wearing was sitting dangerously high on your thigh. Something that didn’t go unnoticed by your lover.

“Baby I-“ T’Challa started to explain.

You raised a hand to stop him. “Take your clothes off and sit in the chair.” You demanded. T’Challa looked around the room and found a sole chair sitting at the foot of the bed that he hadn’t noticed.

“My love-“

“Clothes. Chair. Now.” You repeated with more force in your tone. T’Challa froze. He’d heard you make demands before but never to him personally. Who the hell gives demands to a King? He took notice of the serious look upon you face and remembered the request you’d made just seconds ago. T’Challa didn’t know where you were going with this….but he liked it.

He slowly removed the jacket he wore and tossed it to the ground. Next, came the shirt. He lifted the garment over his chest and above his head giving you an eyeful of his chiseled abs, large pecs, and broad shoulders. You felt a familiar churn in your lower midsection that signified your juices had begun to flow.

T’Challa slowly stepped out of his sandals while sliding down the zipper on his pants. He slid the them down his thighs, releasing the object of your affection: 10 inches of thick dick that fit inside you perfectly.

You watched as you husband walked over to the chair and promptly sat down.


“The only words I want to hear leave your mouth from here on out are ‘Yes, my Queen’. Do you understand?”

T’Challa froze again. Hearing you talk to him like he was anything other than the king was intriguing. His dick began to bob slightly as he thought about how you were speaking to him. He smirked to himself, “Yes, my Queen.” He silently urged you to continue.

“Fold your arms behind your back.”

T’Challa silently did as he was told and crossed his arms behind the back of the chair.

“Your hands do not move. Do you understand?”

“Yes, my Queen.”

You got up and slowly walked over to where he was sitting. You lightly dragged your fingernails across his shoulders and back making his dick bounce some more as you walked behind him and soon took a seat directly on the bed in front of him and looked directly into his eyes.

“So you kept your Queen waiting.” You stated.

“Yes, my Queen.” He stared back.

“Even after I asked you not to?”

“Yes, my Queen.”

You shook your head. “Tsk tsk. What kind of King refuses to keep his Queen happy? After all, the Queen is the most powerful chess piece.”

You leaned back on your palms. “I think my King needs to be taught a lesson on punctuality. Don’t you think?” You lightly swirled a finger around your knee and up your thigh.

“Yes, my Queen.” T’Challa felt his throat tighten.

“I agree.” You leaned forward and dragged your fingernails across his chest. Shoulder to shoulder and down to his belly button. He inhaled sharply. The light scratches from your nails drove wild. You watched as his eyes rolled to the back of his head.

“Does that feel good, my love?” You asked innocently.

“Yes, my Queen.”

You continued you exploration of His Majesty’s body and ran your nails along the insides of his outspread thighs. You noticed your mans dick bounced faster the closer you got to touching it. Hmmm you thought. You encircled your nails around the base of his dick and lightly dragged them up the base to the head.

“Oohhh.” T’Challa groaned. His dick bounced at a feverish pace. It yearned to be touched, gripped, held.

That’s right baby,” You whispered, not to T’Challa, but to his third leg. “Dance for Mommy.” You watched your husbands face as it twisted and contorted at the sensation of your nails against his skin.

You bit your bottom lip. “It’s a shame baby. I had a lot of fun planned for us tonight.” You continued the assault on his skin.

“Hell,” You continued “I still have a lot of fun planned. But, since you can’t be on time…you won’t be participating.” T’Challa’s eyes snapped open and stared at you questioningly.

“That’s right my love. You get to watch… and ONLY watch.” You watched as T’Challa realized his hands were still behind his back and therefore wasn’t allowed to touch you. You knew one of T’Challa’s favorite activities during sex was to run his hands along the curves of your body. Down your spine, over your hips, across your breasts. He loved exploring your body and now that you’ve taken it away from him, you get to watch him squirm.

You slowly untied the silk belt that was holding your robe closed. You pulled it off your shoulders and smiled as T’Challa took in the beauty before him. The lace bra accentuated your breasts perfectly making them look deliciously full while the accompanying thong just barely covered up your sweet stuff.

Next, you slid one bra strap down your arm and then moved on to the other strap, never taking your eyes off the man in front of you. You unhooked the clasps in the back and watched T’Challa thickly swallow as you pulled the undergarment away from your body. Your tits sprung free and lightly bounced as you threw the bra to the floor.

You took your bottom lip into your mouth and rolled your left nipple in between your thumb and index finger. T’Challa fought the urge to reach out and rub the other nipple. Even though he wasn’t physically restrained, he knew to keep his hands right where his Queen asked him.

You gave your nipple a pull and a light smack before giving your right nipple the same treatment.

T’Challa was fully erect now and you licked your lips as you imagined him fucking your throat.

You stood up and turned so your ass was mere inches away from T’Challa’s face. You slid your thumbs inside the hem of your thong and slowly slid it off your hips and down your legs making sure to bend over and give your lover an eye full as you removed the thong from your ankles.

You turned back and sat in your same spot at the foot of the bed. You traced your tongue across your top lip as you leaned back on your hands and ever so slowly, lifted your right leg and placed it on the bed extending it as far to the right as it would go. You repeated this motion with your left leg and soon you were in child birthing position with T’Challa at eye level with your dripping wet center.

“You like what you see?”

T’Challa gulped. “Yes, my Queen.” He answered not taking eyes off his second home. T’Challa licked his lips as he eyed the slick sheen of moisture coating your lower lips and thighs.

“Do you see how wet I am?” You asked voice dripping with seduction.

“Yes, my Queen.” He whispered.

“Do you want to touch me?”

“Yes, my Queen.” T’Challa’s eyes met yours and you could see the desperation on his face. He wanted to touch you. Badly. And yet you teased him.

Too bad.

You inserted your index and middle finger into your mouth to prepare them for their next destination. You withdrew your wet fingers from your mouth and began to rub your clit.

“Mmmm.” You moaned feeling the first waves of pleasure course through your body. You inhaled sharply as you began to pump the same two fingers in and out of yourself.

T’Challa knew you were close to orgasm as your breathing quickened. The pace at which your fingers slid in and out increased as you felt the first orgasm approach.

“Mmmm. Ohhh God” You drawled, your eyes rolling to the back of your head. Your hips bucked as you rode out your first orgasm of the night. T’Challa watched as you tried to catch your breath while simultaneously trying to control his own. Watching you finger-fuck yourself with a front row seat was a glorious sight. He didn’t know how long you were planning to keep this up but he hoped it wouldn’t be too much longer. He was ready to pounce. He needed to have you NOW.

You removed your fingers from your pussy and held them up to T’Challa’s face. You slowly pulled your fingers apart showcasing the wetness that coated your fingers. Juices stretching from finger to finger.

T’Challa stared at you and you stared back just as intently as you sucked the sweet nectar from your fingers. T’Challa loved when you tasted yourself.

“Mmm, sweet like honey. Just how Daddy likes it. Isn’t that right baby?”

“Yes, my Queen.” T’Challa spoke lowly. It seemed impossible but T’Challa Jr. grew even stiffer. He could probably cut glass with it if there was any available. You reached behind you and retrieved a box that was underneath the pillows. T’Challa eyes grew wide when you pulled a red rubber dildo from the box.

You didn’t think it was over did you?” You asked him. “Oh no, my love, you need to be punished some more.”

You gathered saliva in your mouth and used it to coat the apparatus for easier use. You laid back completely on the bed, legs still spread eagle, and gently slid the sex toy up and down your slick folds.

“Yesss,” you groaned. You picked your head up and watched T’Challa through the space between your legs. You could tell from the way he watched the dildo slide up and down your slit that he desperately wished it was his own member and not some rubber toy that got to experience the honey pooling between your legs. T’Challa’s eyes trailed up your body and when when his eyes met yours, you shot him a devilish grin. You slowly slid the rubber toy inside your opening and began to pump it in and out of yourself at a feverish pace.

Neither of you broke eye contact as you fucked yourself into a frenzy. You wanted him to watch you and you wanted to watch him, watch you.

Your brought yourself right to the brink of orgasm when suddenly you removed the toy with an audible *pop*

T’Challa flinched and writhed in his chair. His cock was fully at attention and he was certain there were nail marks in his wrists. His breathing was ragged and there were sweat beads forming at his brow. Damn it Y/N he thought. Your ass is mine when I get out of this chair.

“The next time your Queen says ‘15 minutes’ that means 15 minutes right?” You questioned.

T’Challa just stared at you. Rage, lust. passion, desperation flashing across his face like a billboard. 

You reached in the box again and this time pulled out a massage wand. You clicked the switch and the hum of vibrations filled the room.

“Right?!” You asked again.

“Yes, my Queen.” He spoke through gritted teeth. His tone definitely meant you were in for it once he got ahold of you. You shrugged internally. You didn’t care. Serves him right you thought. Let this be a lesson learned. You placed the vibrating head gently on your clit while pumping the rubber dildo in and out of your throat. You imagined all the filthy ways T’Challa would get his revenge and it turned you on even more.

Your husband sat between your legs and watched the show taking place two feet in front of him. Ripples and shudders began to flow through his body as he watched you deep throat a dildo covered in juices while holding a vibrator to your pearl.

“Oh! Oh G-“ You whimpered. A familiar churning in your belly made you bite down hard on your lip. T’Challa silently clawed at his hands trapped behind his back as he saw your legs begin to shake the way they do before a big orgasm. He closed his eyes and tried to steady his breathing.

“Oh God,” You whined. T’Challa’s eyes shot open. The noises and purrs you made in the throes pleasure were music to his ears. “Oh shit, oh shit!” you panted. Your legs were shaking furiously and you casually tossed the spit and juice covered dildo to the floor not knowing or caring where it went.

“Ohhh..” you moaned. Here it comes you thought. You inhaled sharply through your teeth. “OHHH SHIT! Yes! Yes! Fuck!” You screamed. Your hips bucked and your entire lower half shot off the bed. T’Challa fought with everything in him not to spring out of the chair you had him confined to and thrust into you. Your orgasms belonged to him and him only and that one had his name ALL over it. If his dick could cut glass before, it was definitely capable of cutting diamonds now. Baby boy was STIFF.

You groaned softly and flicked the vibrator switch to the OFF position.

“Whew.” You panted. “My goodness.” You tossed the vibrator onto the bed and sat upright. “Wasn’t that fun?” You asked the Wakandan King.

You looked down between your legs and gasped at the mess you made. “Oh wow.” You looked up at your husband through your eyelashes. “Here.” You scooted even further to the edge of the bed. “Clean your plate.”

T’Challa growled lowly. “Yes, my Queen.” He stared up at you as he leaned forward in the chair and nestled his face right on your nani. His wide and thick tongue did laps from your clit, to your center, and back again. He gently swirled his tongue in and out of you making sure to get every drop of your sugar. “Mm. Right there baby.” You whispered grabbing a handful of his coils and gently grinding your hips against his face trying to get his tongue as deep as possible.

T’Challa relocated his mouth from your pussy to your inner thighs lapping up any remnants of your endeavor and leaving light kisses and nibbles behind. The King of Wakanda removed his face from between your legs and licked his lips. You marveled at the glossiness that coated his cheeks and beard. Looking down you nodded your head. “Good job baby. All clean.”

He just stared at you. Face covered in pussy juice, hands reluctantly behind his back, and a 10 inch cock standing fully at attention. He watched you as you spoke. “Now do we see what happens when we keep the Queen waiting?”

“Yes, my Queen.”

“Good, I’m glad we understand each other. Are you ready for your turn?” You asked. T’Challa perked up in his chair and grinned. “Yes, my Queen.” Anticipation dripping from his words. You smiled and patted his cheek. “Welp, that’s too bad, I’m getting in the shower.”

You chuckled to yourself when you saw T’Challa’s face go from elated to disappointed in 0.02 seconds. You stood up and gathered the discarded dildo and lingerie off the floor. You glanced at T’Challa still sitting in the chair with his jaw sitting in his lap. You patted his head as you swayed past him on your way to the bathroom putting extra oompf in your step since he was no doubt watching you from behind.

Oh,” you called out over your shoulder to him “You’re free to get up and go, or do whatever now.”

The sound of the chair hitting the floor made you turn around and within three strides T’Challa was hovering above you. He wrapped an arm around your waist and lifted you up to straddle your legs around him.

“Oh, you’d better believe I’m going to do ‘whatever’.” He groaned menacingly. And with that T’Challa ran to the bathroom with you in his arms and slammed the door loudly behind you.


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Learn Ya || Chapter 3

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Chapter 1 Chapter 2 

Chapter Notes: Here’s a little something something from T’Challa’s perspective


The butt of her spear landed a good hit against his ribs, knocking him flat on his ass. He should have been able to see it coming, and he might have been able to if his mind was present where his body was. He laid out on his back with his eyes staring up at the ceiling, pain searing through his midsection. It knocked the wind out of his body and he needed the time to try to catch his breath.

“My king, you are distracted.” She helped him to his feet and he shook his head. “Is everything alright?”

She wasn’t wrong. His mind was still in the States. Oakland, California to be exact.That lunch with Amaya has been heavy on his mind. It hadn’t gone exactly how he had planned. He had managed to keep a neutral face when she told him about her boyfriend. He had even managed to get through the rest of the lunch without giving away his true feelings.

A boyfriend. She had a boyfriend. The thought hadn’t crossed his mind. She had been nothing but responsive to his advances, flirting with him at every turn. He really shouldn’t have been surprised. He was foolish to think that she didn’t already have a man or two already in her life. And yet, the declaration had still placed him a foul mood that had lasted the entire duration of his trip back home, and still had yet to fade.

He was sure that from the moment he had laid eyes on her that she had potential. He knew there was something about her, something that called out to him the moment she said Sir for the first time, and it was hard for him to ignore. The thing that had him wanting to get to know her was the very same thing that was telling it was for the best that she already had someone. She had all the makings of a stubborn bratty submissive and that in itself should have told him everything that he needed to know. She would more than likely end up being more trouble then she was worth, frustrating him at every turn. He knew what that would do to him all too well.

But he would lying to himself if said that she didn’t intrigue him even with her insolent behavior. He agreed with her when she said all of sass did keep things interesting. It kept him guessing when he was in her presence. She had such a smartass little mouth, while there were far better uses for it, he did enjoy it for the most part. She was quick to have a comeback comment to most things he threw her way. She kept him on his toes, and there was some part of him that liked that.

Maybe that was the real reason he couldn’t stop thinking about her. She was a distraction. He hadn’t heard a thing during the council meeting because he had been too concerned with Amaya’s long legs and what it would be like to have them wrapped around his waist. He couldn’t focus during his lunch with his mother because all he had been able to think about was Amaya’s smile. Everything about her was distracting him from his duties and his everyday life. It had been a while since anyone had been able to do that to him. Not since Nakia.

He struggled to push that thought away for a fraction of a second before waving his hand in the air, “We’re done here, Okoye.”

He wiped the sweat from his forehead as he took a breath. He could only allow Okoye to embarrass him for so long and his ego could only take so much bruising. He twisted his grandfather’s ring around his finger, his mind elsewhere yet again.

“You never answered me. Is everything alright?” Concern made its way to her face as she looked at him.

“Yes, everything is just fine.” He reassured her and tried to let his face show that he was lying.

Okoye looked at him as if he said something on her mind, but was unsure whether she should say it or not. They knew each other well enough that she could always see right through him and knew when he was lying. It was like she knew him better than he knew himself. She seemed to know his moves before he even got the chance to make them, or think about them. He was grateful when she said nothing further about the subject. He ran a hand over his face.

As much as he would never admit it out loud, this woman had completely fucked up his mind. She was exactly his type aside from the fact that she had a boyfriend. He wasn’t the kind of man that allowed anything that stopped him from getting exactly what he wanted. He was nothing if not a determined man. He just wasn’t completely sure that this would be worth it in the end. His father had a saying that was all too fitting for this situation. It was just too bad that his mind was too clouded for him to remember it. T’Chaka always had wise words that were able to see his son through any situation in life and it was maddening to not be able to call on those words now.

He could only take it as a sign that he needed deal with what was causing him such distress. Amaya.

“We will be leaving in the morning.” He announced much to Okoye’s surprise.

“And where will we be going this time?”

“Back to Oakland.” He walked out of the sparring room with her hot on his trial.

She made a sound in the back of her throat and then silence settled between the two of them. A long stretch that worried T’Challa. She was never speechless. When she was quiet, she was either gathering her thoughts or she was holding something back. Neither were a good thing as far as he was concerned.

“Ayo informed me there was a woman you took out to lunch. Do you think it wise to get attached to an American?” There was the faintest amount of distaste in her words as she spat out American.

“Taking someone out to lunch does not equate to getting attached to them.” He shook his head as his teeth bit through the tape around his hand.

“And yet you’re returning to Oakland when your business there is finished.” She pointed out.

He unraveled the black tape from his hand, snatching it from his skin in one fluid motion. “I’ll say when my business there is finished. And for the time being, it is not finished.”

“Very well, my king. I just worry after everything with Nakia.” When he cut a glare in her direction, she cleared her throat.

“When there is a reason for you to worry then I will let you know. Until then, I suggest you get ready to leave in the morning.”

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Learn Ya || Chapter 2

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Chapter 1

Warnings: None other than this another long chapter

Amaya spent most of her night tossing and turning with little sleep to follow all because of one person: T’Challa. Getting him off her mind proved harder than she had anticipated, taking away her night of restful sleep. So it was no surprise that she was on her third cup of coffee by the time that lunch rolled around. She had bags under her eyes that even her thick, full coverage concealer couldn’t mask. The coffee wasn’t doing anything but give her the jitters while making her stomach hurt. She was irritable and there was no sign of her temperament improving. She was just glad that Charlie wasn’t there to talk her ear off like she had been yesterday when she came back from the break room.

For the rest of her shift, Charlie bombarded her with questions, making Amaya go through every detail of her encounter with T’Challa. She wouldn’t let her leave out even the smallest moment. Charlie was damn near squealing when she went over the way he kissed her hand. She was so excited, probably more excited than Amaya herself. She swore up and down that he had been flirting with her heavily but Amaya wasn’t convinced. In her mind he was probably just being nice. He was too far out of her league.

She really needed to stop thinking about him. She had only talked to him once and yet he was on her mind far too much. It was ridiculous. She needed to get a grip. She was acting like some little kid who was getting all starry eyed over her first crush. She was a grown ass woman who wasn’t going to keep acting like this over some man. Albeit the sexiest man she had probably encountered in her life.

She tried to push back the thoughts of the way he licked his lips and the things it did to her when he did, but it wasn’t easy. She shifted in her seat, the urge to bang her head against the desk was strong. Instead, she decided to use food to distract herself. The plastic to the bag of Hot Cheetos rattled loudly as she opened it, but no one even batted an eyelash in her direction. There was no rule against eating at the desk so she always took full advantage of it.

She leaned back in her chair and flipped through the book in her lap. Her school had sent out an email to all the incoming first year law students with a list of recommended reading to do over the summer. It wasn’t mandatory but it was heavily implied that students who did the reading were more likely to make it through the first year and less likely to drop out. Basically it was either devote the summer to doing the boring reading and be a little less stressed out during the school year or have a lit summer but have a nervous breakdown by midterms. Amaya decided on the former.

But as she had to go back and reread the same paragraph for the fifth time because she had no idea what the hell she had just read, she started to question just how invested she really was in being a lawyer. Here she was, in the prime of her young adult life and should be out there going to parties and living her best life, but law school was sucking up the majority of her free time and class hadn’t even started yet. She could only imagine where she would be five or so years from now. She’d probably have a few cats by then because she’d be too busy to have any relationship outside of the ones with family.

Someone cleared their throat, breaking her train of thought but not enough to have her look up to see who it was. “Welcome to The Wakandan International Outreach Centre. Directories and maps are located by the front entrance if you are lost.” Her voice came out clipped, mostly because they had interrupted the bite she was getting ready to take and she had to flick the Cheeto back into the bag so she didn’t appear to be completely rude. They cleared their throat again, a little louder this time. She slammed her book closed with far more force than was needed, huffing and biting back the urge to cuss out whoever it was. “How can I help you?”

She all but threw her book down on the desk and looked up. Her anger disappeared and her eyes went wide when she found T’Challa standing there with his brows raised.

“T’Challa…I mean Sir… I mean what are you doing here?” She sat up a little straighter in her chair, finding a napkin to wipe the red dust from her fingers.

“Are you usually this,” he hesitated for a second, rolling his lips together, “Blunt with guests?”

“No, not usually. I just didn’t get much sleep last night.” She rubbed her hands against the rough material of her jeans.

“Perhaps your mood would improve if you were to eat food with actual nutritional value.” He tilted his head over the desk a little with his eyes on the half eaten bag of hot chips. “Those things will kill you.”

She rolled her eyes as she rolled the bag up and tucked it back into her bag. “Yes, Daddy. I’ll be sure to keep that in mind.” The words came out before she even knew what she was saying. Her only saving grace was that she mumbled them more to herself and she could only hope that the way he raised his brow was more about her muttering under her breath than her actual words. “So, what exactly are you doing here? You don’t usually have two visits in a row. Not that I know your schedule or anything.”

“I decided that a second look at things was needed.” It wasn’t so much what he said. It was more the way that he said it. There was a heavy implication in his words that was hard for her ignore.

“And are you finding everything to your liking so far?” He leaned against the desk and she watched the way his arms flexed beneath the sleeves of his suit jacket. She knew she was finding everything to her liking.

“For the most part, yes.” He nodded his head once.

“Is there something I can do to make your visit more pleasurable?” She pressed her lips together before she said anything. Her hormones were getting the better of her.

“Pleasurable?” A slow smile spread across his lips and she stared at them for a few seconds too long to be considered polite.

“That came out wrong. What I meant to ask was there anything I could do to make your visit more productive.” Despite wanting to sink into the floor because she had once again embarrassed herself and gotten flustered around him, she didn’t look away.

“Has your mood improved so much that now you would like to be helpful?” She was taken aback a little at how blunt he was being but the subtle twitch as the corner of his delicious looking mouth gave her reason to think he was joking.

“Maybe I just needed the right company to put me in a better mood, Sir.” She licked her lips slowly as she shucked off her jacket. The otherwise usually cool building suddenly felt all too warm.

“I see.” His gaze travelled down to the faint amount of cleavage that was now exposed, but it was so quick that she thought that she might have imagined it. “Do you enjoy my company enough to go to lunch with me?”

His question caught her completely off guard and she was stuck, unsure of what to say. Here she had been thinking he was just being nice to her. Maybe Charlie was right and he had been flirting with her.

“Before I answer that, I have a question I need to ask you.”

“You may ask.” She blinked a few times. Him giving her permission was, for some odd reason, sexy to her. Even if she wasn’t exactly asking.

“Have you been flirting with me?”

“Yes.” His answer was short and sweet and came with no hesitation at all. “And you have reciprocated this. Am I wrong in that assumption.”

“No, Sir. You’re not wrong. I don’t really know too many people that wouldn’t flirt with you.”

“Good. Now that we have gotten that out of the way, lunch?” She had almost gotten about that. She started to grab her things before standing from her chair. “Your jacket?”

“Actually I’m kinda hot.” Standing next to him, she felt a little underdressed. Her basic jeans and yellow crop top didn’t exactly go with his suit. “Do you always wear a suit?”

“There’s a certain image I must maintain being a king and all.” He smiled at her.

“You know, most people don’t exactly wear suits around here. Unless they’re going to court.” Even as they walked, Amaya found it hard to keep her eyes off of him.

He stopped dead in his tracks and she had to double back when she realized she was a few steps ahead of him. He undid the two buttons of his jacket and shrugged it off with more grace than she had seen from a man. With the jacket tucked over his arm, he spoke. “Is that better?”

She vaguely heard him speaking but she couldn’t focus on anything other than the snug fit of his shirt across his board chest. It looked like it was made specifically with him in mind, hugging his body and showing off his well defined arms. She mumbled a ‘fuck’ to herself as she continued to stare. She was damn near in a daze that only his hand waving in front of her face could bring her out of.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t hear you.” She tore her eyes away from his chest so she could look him in the eye.

“I asked if that was better, but now I’m asking if you’re alright?” His brows sat lower on his face as he furrowed them.

“Yeah, I’m..whew I’m good.” She made the ‘okay’ gesture with her fingers, hoping that her words sounded believable even as she tripped all over them in her attempt to get them out.

He narrowed his eyes and searched her face. She had to do all that she could to keep herself from squirming under his watch. “If you say so.” He didn’t sound all that convinced but he said nothing else as he began to walk again.

They were just about to walk out the door when Amaya remembered that there was no one to cover her at the front desk. “Shit!”

“Are these kinds of outbursts normal for you, Amaya?”

“There’s no one to watch the desk.” She turned to walk back but stopped when she saw one of the guys who was usually tutoring kids sitting in one of the chairs behind the desk.

His hand grazed along her arm for a second. Just long enough to turn her attention back to him. “As you can see, it’s been handled.”

He gestured for her to walk through the door as he held it open for her. She wanted to ask if he had been the one that made sure things were handled but she held her tongue. She wasn’t sure that she wanted to know the answer to that question.

“Have you ever tried the diner down the street? They have really good cheeseburgers if you’re into that sort of thing.” Just thinking about them had her stomach growling.

“If that’s where you would like to go then you should ask.” He looked at her as he took a step closer, and when he did, she didn’t take a step back.

“Okay, then can we eat there?” Her hands went to her hips as she tapped her foot on the ground.

“You’re forgetting something.” She took note of the small way his nostrils flared.

“Am I?”

“Yes, you are, Amaya. Most people say please when there is something that they want.” His voice was low, coming out as nothing more than a rumble.

“Let’s say for argument’s sake that I don’t say it. Then what happens?” She tilted her head to the side.

“Then I will escort you back to your desk and we will be done here. If you want something, you will ask nicely for it.” She felt each word, the gruff tone in his voice doing something to her that she couldn’t quite explain.

“That’s a little demanding.” She chewed at the inside of her cheek, heat radiating through her body.

“Yes, it is.” He didn’t seem to be the least bit ashamed of it. He blinked and looked at her as if he was waiting for something. Waiting for her to ask nicely as he put it.

She followed her arms across her chest. He was standing so close that she felt him brush against her forearms, but she didn’t back down. She could smell how just how good he smelled. She wanted to let out a swear because if she had one weakness in life, it was a good looking man that smelled even better. She was set in being stubborn, but the longer he stared at her, the less stubborn she began to feel. He held her gaze, silently challenging her in her way that was making her feel even hotter than she had been already.

Finally she rolled her eyes and blowing out a forceful breath through her nose, “Fine. Please?”

“We’ll have to work on your manners at a later date.” His mouth twitched a little. “But for now, we will eat.”

No other words were spoken between the two of them until they were seated in a booth. The smell of greasy food that was completely bad for her had Amaya’s stomach growling and rumbling. She eyed the menu even though she knew exactly what she wanted because she could feel his eyes on her, and after their last staring contest, she wasn’t ready for another one so soon.

“How long have you been working at the centre?” His voice brought her attention from the menu to him. For a second.

“I got an internship for my sophomore year of undergrad and the social justice department seemed like a good fit at the time since I was a poly sci major. I’ve been there ever since.” She stared at the menu intently as if she hadn’t seen it a thousand times before this.

“You say at the time. Is it no longer a good fit for you?” She peeked over the top of the menu to find him staring right back at her.

“No, it still is.” She closed her menu as a waitress came up to their table, greeting them and asking what they would like to order. “I’ll have a cheeseburger and as many fries as you can put on a plate, please.”

The waitress turned to T’Challa, expecting him to order, but he had never looked at the menu. His eyes were still on Amaya. “I’ll have what she’s having. Thank you.” He waited until the waitress disappeared from their table. “So you can say please to her with no questions?”

“She wasn’t nearly as demanding.” She had to press her lips together to keep herself from smiling. She was used to using humor to ease a tense situation and there was always some kind of heavy air, thick with tension, that seemed to fall over the two of them.

“Do you not like someone being demanding?” He leaned forward on the table, his hands underneath his chin.

Feeling just a little bit bolder, she mirrored his actions. “I didn’t say that.”

“Then why all the push back, Amaya?” She really did like the way he said her name. She didn’t know that three little syllables could sound so sexy.

“Keeps things interesting.”

“Or it will land you into trouble.” The gruff tone was back in his voice, making her shift in her seat.

“And what kind of trouble will it land me in if I continue, Sir?” Her eyes searched his face for some sort of hint at what his answer would be.

“Would you like to find out?” She could see something stir behind his dark eyes.

She wanted to blurt out that she most definitely wanted to find out. She was seconds away from doing so when she remembered that she barely knew this man and here she was flirting so openly with him. She needed to control over herself. She never acted like this. She could only assume the cause of this sudden change in her was the man sitting across from her. She didn’t know how to explain it. The words were lost on her, but there something about him. It was still no excuse. Regardless of how comfortable she may have felt, he was still practically a stranger to her.

“So what’s it like to be a king?” She cleared her throat, slowly leaning back in her seat and trying to place some distance between him and herself.

He sat there in complete silence for a few seconds before he let out a loud laugh. She couldn’t help but smile as he laughed. He did so so openly, his smile taking over his entire face. She found herself liking the sight probably more than she should. There was no denying that she was attracted to him, but she knew acting on that attraction would be a bad idea.

“Is that really what you want to know?” He asked her when finally stop laughing.

“Actually, yeah. I really want to know. I’m curious about Wakanda….and you.” The look that crossed his face at her words was almost one of surprise. She wanted to ask if people didn’t ask about him on a personal level often but she never got the chance.

“Amaya? Girl, I thought that was you.” Her shrill voice was like nails on a chalkboard and she wore a shit eating grin with Amaya looked at her. In her rush to her food, she had forgotten the bitch worked here.

“What do you want, Cherise?” Her hands clenched around the edge of the table to keep from rocking her jaw. She wasn’t pregnant anymore and Amaya had been waiting for the day she got to beat her ass, but in front of T’Challa wasn’t the place or the time.

“I just wanted to come say hi. Does Rod know you’re here?” Her eyes fell on T’Challa and her smile got even bigger. “I’m going to assume that he doesn’t. I’m Cherise. Who are you?” He only looked at her, an unimpressed look on his face.

“I suggest you move along before I forget you have kids at home.” Her jaw clenched. Her patience was wearing thin.

“Rod’s kids you mean? I’ll make sure to tell him you said hey when he comes by tonight.” Cherise was only saved when she walked away from the table because Amaya was seconds away from grabbing a fistful of her long braids and dragging her up and down the diner, wiping the floor with her fake ass.

“Was that a friend of yours?”

“How exactly do you think I treat my friends?” The anger hadn’t exactly subsided and when she looked at him, she did so with a glare.

“Very well,” he paused for a moment. “And who is Rod?”

Up until that point, she had forgotten all about Rod. He had been the furthest thing from her mind. Hearing his name, brought everything back into startling clarity. She was cheating. She tapped her fingers against the top of the table, trying to find the words, but the words found her instead as she blurted out, “My boyfriend.”

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Learn Ya || Chapter 1

This wasn’t supposed to come out for another week or so, but the response was incredible and I can’t leave you guys hanging off that rude little teaser. Y’all wanted Daddy Dom Challa and y’all are gonna get him!

Warnings: Proofreading? Yeah, I barely know that bitch. This shit is kinda long like over 3k words long so my bad.

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Amaya walked through the front doors of the outreach centre as she pushed up the sleeve to her bright yellow bomber jacket. The science and information exchange wasn’t her department, but people still greeted her when she walked in. The centre had been like her second home for the past few years. If she wasn’t in class, she was somewhere in the building. She had been lucky enough to get a job because it was damn near impossible, but there has been a bit of nepotism involved being that her mother was on the architects that worked on the building.

Social justice was her passion and she was grateful to get to work with the amazing people in the department, but not when it was supposed to be her day off. Especially when it was supposed to be her first day off in the last two weeks. She had plans of chilling out on her couch with A Different World playing the background and a mud mask on her face. Maybe she would even do some of the summer reading she had do before her first semester of law school started. The world had different plans in mind for her.

She had been called in because apparently the owner was coming in to check and make sure things were running smoothly so it needed to be all hands on deck. She understood but she didn’t care. She didn’t appreciate having her day off interrupted.

“Hey, they called you in too?” Charlie looked up from the computer and gave Amaya a sympathetic smile.

She dropped her bag on the floor behind her desk and took her seat at the other computer. “They don’t seem to understand the need for a day off. I was already here all last week and the week before that. I swear they’re doing this cause they know I’m on summer break.”

“You know this is just because the owner is coming in. They need to look like they have their shit together.” Amaya rolled her eyes. “Have you ever met him?”

“Not me, but my mama met him a few times when they were finalizing the lay out.” She placed her thumb onto the scanner so she could log into the computer system. “She said he was kind of quiet. Didn’t talk much.” She shrugged her shoulders.

“I heard he is….intense. You know he fired Denise the last time he was here because she wasn’t following dress code.” Those words caused Amaya to look down at her own attire; the bright yellow bomber jacket, the short black T-shirt that she was currently using as a dress instead, and the black and yellow Jordan 13s that were on her feet. She frowned. None of it was in dress code, but it was what they were going to get for calling her in on her day off.

“So what you’re saying is that I should probably avoid him?”

“Yeah, that would probably be for the best. You don’t wanna give his stuffy ass a heart attack with them legs all out.” Charlie joked with a soft laugh as Amaya rolled her eyes.

The man was a mystery to most people at the centre.

She knew of him, knowing that he was the king of a small country in Africa and had founded the outreach centre in Oakland, but that was all as far as her knowledge of the man went. He was very rarely ever seen around the centre. He would pop up at random times, most of the time never announcing himself beforehand as if he meant to catch people off guard. With a quick image search, Amaya knew exactly what he looked. Fucking gorgeous. From his smooth skin to those full lips. Not to mention his eyes. She could write an essay on his arms if someone asked her to. She would never admit to anyone that he had starred in her dreams once or twice. She didn’t have crushes, but if she did, he would definitely be one of them.

But hearing that he was firing people for simple infractions had her worried. She rarely ever followed the dress code because all black outfits just weren’t her thing, and since her outfits were always on point and she was hard worker, she was able to get away with it. No one ever said anything to her about it, but she feared that the owner might.

The mornings were usually pretty slow and that allowed Amaya to settle in, getting started on some of her summer reading. Charlie was gracious enough to field phone calls for the both of them so she could get as much of her work done as she could. She chewed on her pen cap, eyes trained on her book, before Charlie nudged her in her side.


“That’s him.” Charlie whispered loudly, nodding her head towards the door.

She looked and tried to keep herself in control. His pictures didn’t do him justice. He was flanked by a bald woman who wore a form fitting red dress and shoes that looked like they could double as a weapon the heels on them were so thin and sharp. His presence was commanding and even if Amaya didn’t know who he was, her eyes would still be on him. His clothes weren’t flashy. A simple black jacket and black slacks weren’t exactly what she would have assumed a king would wear, but the clothes on his body probably cost more than she would make in the next three years.

“God, that man is fine.” Charlie whistled lowly and shook her head.

Amaya wanted to agree, but she was stuck. She couldn’t even nod her head. The only thing she could do was watch him walk across the entrance to the centre, listening to a smaller woman talk animatedly with a hint of a small on his lips.

I like big butts and I can not lie. You other bruthas can’t deny

Her loud ringtone broke through the silence causing her stomach to drop and eyes to fall on her. Normally, she made sure to turn off her ringer because all of her ringtones were less than appropriate for the workplace, but she had been so focused on her rant to Charlie about having to come in that day that she had forgotten. And now the king probably thought she was a freak who liked big asses. With his eyes on her, she wanted to fall through a hole in the floor, but instead, she struggled to find her phone in her mess of a bag. It had fallen out of its usual pocket and sunken into the abyss of Chipotle and In N Out receipts. When she finally found it and came up from underneath the desk, the music had stopped, but his eyes were still on her. She wasn’t going to have to worry about the dress code. She would probably be fired after this.

She swallowed against the lump in her throat and found herself unable to break the eye contact just as much as he seemed unwilling to do so.

Even as he listened to the woman speak, his eyes were on Amaya. Never once wavering or looking off to something else. She could see how people would say that he was intense because his gaze alone almost had her squirming in her chair. Pulling her bottom lip into her mouth, she chewed at the corner, telling herself to look away. No matter how much her brain told her to look away, her body didn’t want to listen. Her eyes trailed down his body for a brief moment before looking back to his face where she saw a hint of a smile tugging at his lips. When he was being pulled down a hallway, was he finally forced to look away and she felt like she could finally breathe again.

“What the hell was that all about? I thought you didn’t know him.” Charlie looked Amaya slumped back in her chair, still trying to catch her breath.

“I’ve never met that man before in my life.” She ran her hands over her thighs in an attempt to get rid of the sweat that was coating her palms. She didn’t understand what the hell was wrong with her. She wasn’t the nervous type, but a little contact from that man had her sweating like a whore getting ready to go to confession.

“Well he was looking at like he wanted to get to know you. I say shoot your shot, girl.”

“You do know that’s basically our boss. Plus, I have a man.”

“Does Rod know he’s your man? You might wanna tell him that before he gets another bitch pregnant.”

Amaya pressed her lips together and went back to her book before she said something she knew that she would regret later. Charlie meant well, she was sure of that much, but the sting of her words lingered. She had been talking to and entertaining Rod for the last year and in that time, he has gotten one of his baby mamas pregnant again. Everyone said she was stupid for giving him a second chance. They also said she was stupid for giving him a third chance when he got a different girl pregnant. Her mama told her that was what she got for messing around with a light skin boy who knew he was attractive.

She knew he was no good, but she couldn’t leave him alone. He had his hooks into her deep and just when she thought she was over him, he would come around and flash those dimples and look at her with those big green eyes and she would melt like the idiot she was just for the cycle to continue all over again.

She deserved better but she couldn’t control her heart and what it wanted and right now, it wanted Rod and all of the drama he brought into her life. She sighed softly and closed her book.

“I’m going to get food out the break room. Do you want anything?” Amaya could only hope that the food would make her feel better. Or at the very least, it would give her something else to focus on.

“Bring me back a doughnut if they got it.”

She nodded her head before grabbing her phone and heading to the break room. One of the many perks of this place was the break room was always stocked with food; pastries, sandwiches, snacks, the whole nine yards. There had been plenty of times that she had snuck food out just so she didn’t have to do any grocery shopping. She was a broke student who needed to try to save money where she could and as much time as she spent as this place, she figured it was part of her benefit package. She just knew better than to get caught.

She snagged the last jelly filled doughnut as she checked her phone. The reason for her untimely ringtone was because it was Rod that had called her. He probably wanted to apologize for standing her up the night before. She wouldn’t be surprised if he hadn’t been with some other bitch. That was usually where he always was when he wasn’t with her.

She leaned against the counter, nibbling at the pastry as she scrolled through her feed on instagram. So many of her girls she had gone to high school were now either married or pregnant. She didn’t care about the pregnancy part, but she couldn’t help but feel the flare of jealousy that there were people her same age getting married and she was stuck on a nigga that couldn’t do right.

“Taking a break?” His voice was a deep timbre with a soothing accent, but it still startled her. “I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“For a man your size, you are pretty light on your feet.” The words came out before she could stop them. As if she hadn’t been embarrassed enough already. “I did not just say that.”

Even his chuckle was sexy, the sound washing over her and causing her to squeeze the doughnut in her hand. Jelly squirted out all over her hand and her clothes. She swore under her breath and in her rush to try and find a napkin to clean up with, she dropped her phone. When she turned back after having cleaned off her hand, wiping off the jelly from her shirt and saying a silent pray that it was black so the stain didn’t show, she saw that he was holding her phone. The black device was tossed back and forth between his hands before he held it out to her.

She offered him a small smile as she took it from him, trying to ignore the way his fingers brushed against hers as she did. “Thank you.”

“I’m assuming this is where that little song was coming from?” His brows lifted as the corners of his mouth moved upwards a little.

The embarrassment flared back up. “So if we could forget that happened that would be great?”

He chuckled again. “I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”

For a moment she found herself being distracted by his smile. It lit up his face, taking over all of his features and bringing an almost boyish charm to them.

“You have a really nice smile. Has anyone told you that before?” She pulled her lip into her mouth. Whatever brain to mouth filter she normally had was completely gone in his presence.

“Just my mother, but I will admit that it does sound better coming from you.”

“I’m pretty sure you’re just saying that to try and make me feel better.”

The smile was back on his face as he spoke, “Is it working?”

“Not really,” She shook her head. “But I appreciate you trying.”

“What is that you do here at the centre?” He asked after a brief moment of silence.

“Oh, I umm…I work in the social outreach department mostly but I’m in the science department when they need me.” All her words came out in a rushed and jumbled mess and she could only hope that he understood her.

“Are you nervous?” Lines appeared in his forehead as he looked at her, a bit of concern in each of those lines.

“No.” Her voice caught in her throat and the word came out croaked. She cleared her throat and stared down at her sneakers. “I’ve just never met a king before. So I’m a little out of my comfort zone here.”

“Would you calling me T’Challa rather than a king make you feel more comfortable?”

“That depends. Am I allowed to call you that, Sir?” She dug the toe of her shoe into the ground and finally looked at him through her lashes.

“If you would prefer to continue calling me Sir, I certainly will not stop that.” His tongue peeked out and she followed it, eyes watching the way it dragged across his plump bottom lip and wetting it before disappearing back into his mouth. “And what am I to call you?”


“Amaya.” He said her name slowly with his tongue caressing each syllable of it and she had to pull in a slow breath through her teeth. “It’s nice to meet you, Amaya.” His hand stretched out for her to take.

God, she wanted him to say her name again.

“It’s nice to meet you too, T’Challa.” She slipped her hand into his and where she assumed it would be a handshake, she felt his lips press against her knuckles in a move she didn’t think happened outside of the movies. He wasn’t like anyone she had encountered before. That much was for sure.

“What? No more Sir?” His thumb moved across the top of her hand and it was only then that she realized her hand was still in his.

“Is that something you would prefer?” She felt the smile taking over her lips and she did little to try and stop it.

“I don’t believe I even need to ask how many people have complimented that beautiful smile of yours.” His eyes fell to her lips.

“Just my mother, but I will admit that it sounds better coming from you.” She echoed his earlier words with a soft laugh.

He didn’t return her laugh. The way he looked at her had her heart stuttering. “She’s a smart woman and very lucky to have such a beautiful daughter.”

That line coming from anyone else would have garnered a strong eye roll from Amaya, but coming from T’Challa in that deep accented voice has her honest to God swooning.

“I will make sure to pass along that sentiment. I’m sure she’ll love to hear it.”

“Please do.”

Amaya pulled in a breath, taking notice that he was still holding her hand. She opened her mouth to say something but footsteps caught both of their attention. It was Charlie that walked in.

“I was coming to get a doughnut but I think it can wait.” She looked back and forth between the two before walking back out of the room.

When T’Challa took a step back, she realized just how close they had gotten to each other during their interaction. He dropped her hand and cleared his throat.

“I should probably get back to work. I’ve heard the owner can be a bit of a hardass.” She hoped that a joke would cut through the tension that had fallen over the two of them.

She was glad when she saw the smile come back to his face. “I feel he may just be misunderstood. He’s only a hardass when it’s needed.”

“Either way, I would like to not to be fired.” She gave him one last smile before she grabbed poor Charlie’s doughnut and walked to the door. She hesitated for a moment before she turned back to him, finding his eyes on her legs for a moment before flickering back up to her face.

“Was there something else you needed?”

She shook her head. “I just wanted to say again that it was nice meeting you….Sir.” Her voice dropped at the last word and she allowed her eyes to trail over his body again, not even the least bit ashamed to check him out so openly, before she actually left the room.

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In the Name of Love (part 1)

Pairings: T’Challa x Reader (Black!Reader. I left some details all up to you)

Word Count: idk sis but it’s long asf

Warnings: Violence, Cursing, Threats, Angst, Fluff, Death of Animal, Slight Sexual Reference

A/N: This is my first fanfic, bear with me please. I kept it SLIGHTLY vague on Jordan’s end on purpose. Hope you enjoy loves. I think it’s trash but Reblog if you feeling it.


Originally posted by oikoye

“Hello kumkaaaniii”, you smiled and curtsied goofily as T’Challa entered the royal chambers. “Oh stop it, Y/N. What is that saying you use..? You play too much, yes you play too much.” T’Challa said as he grabbed your face and looked into your eyes. You giggled. “You trying to use my lingo in your regal accent kills me, it’s adorable really, it is.” “I wish I could tease you about your accent when you are speaking Xhosa, but it is perfect. Much like you.” He kissed you gently on your forehead.

You and T’Challa met 2 years ago. He was making his annual visit to the Wakandan International Outreach Center, and on his way back his cousin Erik made him stop in Miami for a mojito. You were walking back to your car in the parking lot of the restaurant they stopped at when you caught his eye. Everytime you ask him what exactly he noticed about you he always said the way you walked. He said you had a certain aura that made him feel like he was pleasantly drunk. He approached you and started a conversation. A couple of well planned dates (seeing as how distance was a slight issue) long phone calls and a strong attraction later, you guys were in a relationship. Presently, you were in Wakanda for a week per T’Challa’s request.

“Entle remember you have to get dressed for the dinner tonight. The Americans, the Canadians, the Japanese and the Mexicans will be here soon.” He jokingly pushed you towards the closet. “What if I don’t WANT to get dressed mane, what if I don’t even wanna go. I’m tired. Exhausted. Sleepy.” “The chef is making jerk chicken, entle.” “Bet. What color you want me to wear?Yellow, red, black?” T’Challa shook his head at how easy it was to bribe you with food. “Wear whatever you desire, you look gorgeous regardless. I remember on our first date you wore black. A little black dress that made me forget my name.” “Yes I remember, an hour later you made me forget MY name. And how to walk straight.” Chuckling, he walked over to you and planted a kiss on your lips.

Forty five minutes later you and T’Challa enter the dining room arm in arm. The guests stood up and saluted him. Letting go of your arm, he saluted them back and you all sat down. “Hello friends! It is an honor to have you all here. I hope you all have had a chance to enjoy yourselves while we took care of business. Here’s to relationships, both business and friend wise! Feast!” The dining room suddenly became loud with cheers.

T’Challa sat down and whispered in your ear, “You look absolutely astounding, Y/N. Wow.” You knew you looked good. You knew what you were doing when you slipped on that floor length deep purple dress and paired them with black heels. “Thank you babe. The way you look right now I don’t think I’ll be able to make it back to the room before the suit comes off…” You bit your lip seductively. “Damn y’all niggas done? Bro we tryna eat!” Erik interrupted from beside T’Challa. “N’Jadaka I was simply telling Y/N how good she looks, no need to be so extra as Y/N would say.” You choked on your wine. “See the thing is we all know she looks good.” Erik rolled his eyes. “Yes she looks gorgeous. Doll-like even.” An American accent chimed in from across the table. You and T’Challa looked up. He continued, “So gorgeous. The kind of gorgeous that makes me wanna take you home with me tomorrow.”

You looked at this creep up and down. He was about 6 feet and dark skinned. He had his kinky hair braided and pulled into a man bun. He was chiseled and wore a perfectly tailored suit. He wasn’t bad looking but no one compared to your Challa. The most unsettling thing about him was his eyes. His eyes a bright amber but… they’re empty. Completely empty. Even though his face showed emotions they never reached his eyes. You shivered at the coldness that seemed to come out of his eyes. Erik stiffened for a nanosecond as he looked at the guests face. Immediately he transformed into a barely masked dangerous persona. T’Challa flashed a venomous smile at the guest and said “Yes she does, I tell her every night before we go to bed. How was your stay, are you enjoying the food?” Erik quickly jumped in “There’s not much in this life that he enjoys that doesn’t bring destruction..isn’t that right, Jordan?” “Eriiiik. Calm down, what happened to being associates? To correct you, there is something positive I enjoy. Looking at Y/N. I’d enjoy doing a lot more than just looking at her though.” Jordan leaned back in his seat. T’Challa barely restrained himself from jumping across the table and putting panther claws in his chest. T’Challa took a measured breath and said “Mr. Jordan I do not want to upset America but you are testing me.” Jordan chuckled and sipped on his wine. Setting his glass down, he picked up his fork. He looked you dead in the eyes as he stirred the fettuccine alfredo around, smirking at the noises it made. He raised an eyebrow. T’Challa’s fist tightly gripped a steak knife. Erik tapped T’Challa’s shoulder. “Ayo cuz lemme talk to you right quick.” T’Challa stared Jordan down as he rose. “Y/N, I will be right back.” He kissed you on the forehead and followed Erik out of the dining room.

“You know you really must be stupid” you said as you took a bite of your jerk chicken. “Whatever do you mean baby girl?” “Don’t call me that!” you half whispered half yelled. “You must be stupid flirting with me and even worse in his presence, eating his food. T’Challa rarely angers easily but when it comes to me it’s a different story. I definitely do not want you, quite frankly looking at you irks my nerves. Nigga, excuse my French, you look like you pour the milk before the cereal. Leave. Me. Alone.” “Hmmm. I’m a grown man, and I do what I please. I’ll be seeing you more frequently though.” You looked at him in disgust.

Erik started talking as soon as the doors closed behind them. “Cuz that’s Jordan. He has no last name that any of us know. We used to run together back in the day. One day he disappeared and I assumed ole boy was dead. He’s worse than I was. Homeboy aint even driven by anger. He just does what he wants. I’ve seen him kill a man and then the man’s dogs just because he wanted to. Three of the dogs were puppies man! PUPPIES!He’s dangerous and Ion even know why he’s with the Americans in close company.” T’Challa thought before he spoke. “I do not want any negative things between the Americans happening on my soil. I will have to think about this and consult with Okoye. For now we must ride this out, after all they leave tomorrow. I can only pray to Bast that I do not kill him before then. You do not make moves on my Y/N.” Erik chuckled nervously. “We know nigga. We just gotta figure this shit out quickly because Jordan doesn’t show up to places without an ulterior motive.”

Erik and T’Challa returned to the table. Jordan eyed both of them nonchalantly and yawned. T’Challa rubbed your lower back. “Entle did you enjoy your chicken?” “Yes I did, when I go back home your chef is coming back with me.” The Mexican diplomat stood up and made his way over to you guys. “King T’Challa thank you for your hospitality this evening but if you will excuse us we are tired.” “Of course. Let me end the evening. Hello again everyone! Unfortunately tonight’s festivities have come to an end! You may take some food with you if you wish. Thank you for coming!” T’Challa took your arm and you both stood by the door thanking the guests. While the line of people exiting dwindled you were becoming uneasy. Where was Jordan? Had he left? Suddenly the last person came into view. It was him, moving silently and running his tongue over his teeth slowly. T’Challa quickly stepped in front of you. Jordan walked over and stood right in T’Challa’s face. “Goodbye, Y/N. I bet you look just as good in nightwear.” Jordan laughed at his statement and sauntered off. “I swear to Bast I want to strangle him!” T’Challa kicked a nearby chair. “He makes me feel uncomfortable, Challa. I had the urge to break a wine glass upside his head. He distracted me from eating my chicken.” You frowned and took off your heels. T’Challa looked at you and laughed. “You and your love of food. I swear Y/N you are a handful.” He smiled as he pulled you towards him and grabbed your ass. “Handful as in too much to handle or handful as in my ass fat because I can’t tell.” He squeezed harder. “Both my love. Let’s go.”

An hour later you and T’Challa were cuddling in bed. You were silent because you were enjoying just simply being next to him. “Kumkaaaaaniiii.” You nudged him gently, but you got no answer. You looked at his face to see he was fast asleep. “Good night Challa”, you whispered and kissed his cheek.

Jordan had no plans of leaving Wakanda the next morning. Turning on the TV in his room, he began to watch all the Wakandan news clips that featured you.

The next morning you woke up to an empty bed. You frowned and crossed your arms. You finally decided to get up and take care of yourself. You went to the bathroom to find a note on the mirror.

Entle, I needed to see our visitors off. I will be back to wish you a proper good morning. I love you and the way you drool in your sleep.

-Your Kumkani

A big smile crossed your face. You did your morning routine, brushing your teeth, your skincare routine and putting your kinky curly hair into a bun with tendrils framing your face. Resisting the urge to beat your face, to the gods, you put on a B.B. cream (thank Bast for Wakanda and their glorious shade range) light concealer, some bronzer and set it with powder. You grabbed your setting spray and lightly misted your face with it. Picking up your peachy nude lip gloss you carefully applied it to your lips. This was your favorite part about your makeup routine, your lips were divine and your cupid’s bow resembled RiRi’s. As you were picking out your outfit you notice a slight size difference in the curtains. Your hands started to tingle as they did when something was wrong. They looked a lot thicker than usual. You walked over to the curtains poking and prodding. Satisfied when you found nothing, you continued. Pulling on a black halter top, some jeans and a pair of Vans, you turned to leave the bedroom.

Jordan watched from the ceiling as Y/N inspected the curtains. It was a technique he developed while he was an assassin in Russia. When dealing with a smart perceptive victim, if you make a slight adjustment to one part of the room, the victim will be completely oblivious to the rest of the room.

Something still felt off to you. You tried to put it down to Challa not being there. Regardless, you have to leave this room. As soon as you turned a heavy hand spun you around and held you against their chest. You felt a sharp sensation at your temple.

Ready to scream you looked up at the face of your attacker. “JORDAN YOU DUMB BREED OF NIGGA LET ME THE FUCK GO!” You smell T’Challa’s signature scent and noticed Jordan is wearing your boyfriends shirt. His FAVORITE shirt. “WHY ARE YOU WEARING HIS CLOTHES OH MY GOD!“ “The way you fight me and the way you think you can win does something to me.” He laughed heartily. “You know you so fucking fine. Nigga Pussy doesn’t exactly know how to deal with you. I told you I would be seeing you more frequently, Y/N.” That was the last thing you heard. The last thing you saw was T’Challa’s favorite shirt on a disgusting man.

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(M'excuser parce que français n'est pas ma première langue. Désolée!!!)

Est-ce que j'ai des lecteurs de fanfiction francophone? (Et si vous l'avez appris en classe au lycée ça compte aussi!)

C'est seulement un pensée aléatoire.

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