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alasion-art · a day ago
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Tumblr media
Wowzer Howzer ☆
Struggling to draw right now-
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three-fold-symmetry · 2 days ago
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I redrew this old drawing of mine because looking at at makes me cringe, but I still like the idea of it. I'm glad I made some progress in the last half year.
Changes made:
1. Drew more good 2. More intricate background. Also less claustrophobic thanks to window. 3. Tightened up composition 4. Cody has collapsed even further 5. More colours! Because jeez, the old version was so damn grey. 6. Actually got into the habit of signing my drawings, woo.
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catawampuscorner · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
There’s no joke here. She really does love all three million of her children equally.
@missinashkin and @thelastbattlecry both asked to see bebe Colt! Obviously he’s got to be a wee horsie with a stubby yarn tail 🥺 I’m not sure if pinto horses actually come in a light red/dark red combo, but I thought it looked nice and reflected his red armour.
I obviously needed a LOT of clone names for this piece. Most of them are from Wookiepedia, but I also snuck in some of my favourite OCs that other Star Wars nerds have created. See if you can find Slasher ( @alamogirl80​ ), Game ( @spacerocksarethebestrocks ), Nocte ( @purgetrooperfox ), Wobble ( @cacodaemonia ), and Pain ( @amikoroyaiart )!
Baby clones in animal onesies are available as stickers, mugs, and other fun things on Redbubble!
More baby clones in animal onesies here
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kamino-coruscant · a day ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Worried big brother Rex
The Clone Wars 7.04 | Unfinished Business
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blacklothwolf · 2 days ago
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Hey guys! Look, the Batch have taped even MORE positive affirmations to your bunk wall! However, this time they roped in a few new contributors!
I promised I would make another Bad Batch stickynote picture, and this time I did my best to make it a wallpaper! I hope you enjoy, I’m still learning GIMP and how to size/shape things correctly. I’m always up to making these, so there may be more in the near future! Feel absolutely FREE to tag anyone and everyone you want! Spread the LOOOOOOVE! I love you! 💜
Tagging some people I love: @d1n0-dan @all-hallows-evie @monako-jinn-stories @nahoney22 @a-dorin @ashotofspotchka @howie-ner-cyare @moonstrider9904 @mintywriteswritings @baba-fett @minx067 @queencousland101 @cosmic-rich @morelikekitfistme 
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hootydoot · 18 hours ago
Please, let me do this; let me carry him myself. He at least deserves that small respect.
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My headcanon is that after Fives is shot, Rex insists on carrying him out of the warehouse, insisting that he owes that much to one of his best friends. It's obvious that he felt responsible for his death, especially after his comment to Echo in TBB, so I feel like he would definitely want to have this kind of personal, respectful send-off for poor Fives.
I also have a version with anakin in it, but I wasn't as happy with it
Tumblr media
I am having Big Sad feels over this show lately, so there will most likely be some other sad stuff I post in the not-so-distant future
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incorrectclonequotes · 2 days ago
Sinker: Hey, guys! Watch me do the “grouchy Wolffe”!
Wolffe, distantly: Stop naming moves after me!
Sinker, imitating Wolffe: Everyone’s an idiot except for me!
Wolffe: Well, it’s true!
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thegreencarousel · 23 hours ago
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My reward for finishing work way before schedule so I get to have a little treat for myself:D Have a Ballet AU where Obi-Wan was an injured ex-ballet dancer whose career was stalled at his prime and now works as a physical therapist, and Cody an up and coming star who is struggling to climb out of Jango’s shadow as a legendary dancer. They met at the dance studio Obi-Wan trained in and now only goes to teach toddlers for the community centre when Cody moved from another city to join Obi-Wan’s old company. Its also 2am and my writing makes no sense anymore so I hope you can see my feels via the art ;u;
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yavielin-feanarien · a day ago
yeah, Wolffe.. take that helmet off..
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life is short, no regrets.. share that beautiful face with us ^^
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clonetober · 15 hours ago
The wait is over! Here is the official calendar for Clonetober 2021!
We will post each week’s prompts at the beginning of the week as a refresher. Tag your friends, favorite writers and artists, and your fellow clone lovers!
All forms of writing and art are welcome, just remember to tag appropriately for NSFW content! Please feel free to message us if you have any questions.
Don’t forget to use the #clonetober2021 so we can find and reblog your work!
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clonecyare · 2 days ago
21 for the kinks with Tech 👉🏻👈🏻
21. Early morning sex x Tech
A/N: I think this is one of my favourite ones!
|| spicy hc masterlist || Tag list form ||
Tech is an early riser, he always has been
When he needs to wake you up early he knows from prior experience you can get grumpy
Thankfully our resident smart boi™️ has experimented enough to know exactly how to win you over
Which is why you regularly wake up moaning, and to the sensation of a warm, wet tongue sliding through your spread folds
Tech is there, half hidden beneath the sheets, with his tongue working eagerly on your cunt while his nose grinds small circles on your swollen clit
You look to the side and see on the small clock it's barely 5:30am
But you just bury your in his hair and you weakly drag him closer
"Good morning to you too"
He smirks and slides two into your sopping cunt, leaning up to tease your clit with his tongue
You can see his hips rutting against the mattress and it makes you a little smug too have such an effect on him
"I am glad to see my research has paid off, you're so soft and wet for me cyare"
His ears fill with your needy whimpers and lazy moans, rolling your hips down against palm
He chuckles and kisses up your chest as his fingers work, lips closing around one of your stiff nipples and teasing it with his tongue
You can feel his cock at this angle, weeping, the head spreading its mess over your thigh as he fingers your open and teases your breasts
Everything about this man is an assault on your senses and you love it
He swaps to the other breast and your fingers find his hair again
When his thumb starts pushing down on your clit, circling it firmly, you cry out his name weakly as your orgasm overwhelms you
Tech moans against your chest as you soak his fingers, the sounds of his them sliding from your wet cunt is positively lewd
His cock gives an interested jerk at the sound where it now rests, red and weeping agains your soaked pussy
He grips the base and slaps his cock lewdly against your pussy then your clip, over and over
Your thighs shake each time and you whine beautiful, he's mesmerised
You're panting, tugging his lips up to meet yours tiredly
"Fuck me awake, Tech."
He doesn't need telling twice
The sheets are still resting over the bottom of his muscular back as he lines himself up
He sheathes the entirety of his cock in your warm, welcoming cunt in one sharp thrust that has you seeing stars
He's moaning too, grabbing one of your hands and linking his fingers with your own as it rests on the pillow beside your head
His free hand is on the sheets and your eyes meet
He thinks you look absolutely beautiful like this, fucked out and smiling happily
He kisses you once, slow and deeply, as if pouring his adoration into the kiss, reminding himself you're here and his
Your hand fingers the back of his neck, fingers threading into the short hairs there
"I'm right here, love. Fuck me."
And he does
His eyes never leave yours as he fucks you, hard, into the sheets
Tech is the king of dirty talk
"You're pretty pussy is clinging to my cock, darling"
"Can you hear how wet you're cunt is, hmm?"
"Perhaps I should keep my little slut here all day instead, nice and wet and full."
"Such a needy slut, do you like the sound of that?"
"That's it darling, give me another one. Now."
Tech has pulled three orgasms from you before he's finally satisfied with his efforts
He buries his face in your chest and moans your name like a prayer as he stills inside you and cums
Tech cums a lot
You're boneless, petting his hair and rolling your hips weekly to help him through
When he pulls out you kiss him immediately, wrapping your arms around him and he smiles tiredly, which makes you smiled right back
You can feel his cum and your juices dripping down your thighs, and his smile grows big against your lips
You giggle softly, whispering something you'd recently learned: "di'kut"
He's mumbling softly too, quiet 'I'm so lucky's and 'thank you cyare' and 'I love you's
Bonus: the two of you have collapsed in a heap on the sheets, wrapped around each other cosily. Surprisingly, it's Tech who breaks the comfortable quiet, yawning into the dimly lit room rather matter of factly:
"I think we could use a nap."
Tag list:
@captainrexsfuturewife @kybacrystal @djarrex @sitherin-mxschief @daceydeath @ahsoka1 @gotomarvelgal @savebbycross @ourafanofeverything @sergeant-hunter @queencousland101 @paige6768 @echofoxfives @call-me-a-fool @m0mmat0rtle @kirinpl @shit-spiced-chai-says @lackofhonor @in-the-crosshairs
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grumpyhedgehogs · a day ago
Can you imagine if jedi used force push in every day situations but like. slowed down? Mace Windu gets tired of senators giving him a migraine and just starts slowly sliding their feet across the floor away from him. They keep trying to walk up to him with complaints but it’s like they’re going backwards on an escalator
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incorrectclonequotes · 2 days ago
*Waxer creeps up on Boil*
Waxer, leaning close to his ear: *screams*
Boil, waking up calmly: *blinks twice, slaps Waxer in the face and goes back to sleep*
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