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allirenaneko · a month ago
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my beloved Ahsoka 🧡🧡🧡
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“I won’t leave you. Not this time.”
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nereeitor · 4 months ago
❤️Little cómic❤️
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So I decided to go out of my comfort zone and make a cómic! Hope u all like It ^^
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rainbow-squirrels-7 · 13 days ago
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*vine voice* I can’th beliefe you’ve done thith
inspired by @willowcrowned (and @grey-eyed-bird) and their post
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cinno2 · 27 days ago
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posting concept stuff so you guys start believing that i actually am gonna make a comic
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Anakin: I’m done for- goodbye world *faints*
Ahsoka: ...is he okay
Obi-Wan: Yes, no worries. He’s just trying to get out of writing the mission report.
Ahsoka: But master he’s bleeding!
Obi-Wan: So? That man is basically a cockroach, he’s survived being in a exploding vehicle more often than I loose my robes.
Anakin: Ice cold master.
Obi-Wan: You know it. Need some batca for that stab wound?
Anakin: Nah, I’m fine.
Ahsoka: what the actual fuck
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cabij-perish · 3 months ago
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pinnacle of jedi skill and grace
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truuskn · 8 months ago
the real reason for the battle on mustafar. anakin was swearing in front of ahsoka. even jedi don't forgive THAT.
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littlefeatherr · 4 days ago
Goodbye old friend by Ľubica Makóová
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rexs-wife · 5 months ago
Do y’all think roller skates exist in Star Wars? Like not a hover version. With wheels. Cause mouse droids are tiny and have wheels and I refuse to believe that Hardcase didn’t at any point look at them and think “That’d be a cool way to get around”
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imaxwebber · 2 months ago
Barriss Offee and Ahsoka Tano as Jedi Knights
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This picture is an alternate universe where both of them became Jedi Knights in their early twenties
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captainkyee · 3 months ago
thinking about how sick the republic was for using clone soldiers.
whereas the separatists had droids, easily replaceable, largely unfeeling bits of metal, the republic chose to use people. real kriffing people. people born into a world of bright lights and strange sounds. people raised strictly, being taught how to shoot targets and train for battle the moment they were old enough - and being genetically enhanced to age faster because the clones were dying quicker than they could be replaced. people subjected to harsh simulations that were nothing like the real thing anyway. people shoved into armour and sent out onto a battlefield to fight in a war that they didn't understand, that they didn't even get a choice to be a part of. people watching their brothers die for a useless cause, another failed campaign.
and at the end of it all, what did they have to show for it? they grew to be hated by the public. seen as signs of violence. sadness. loss.
cast out of the army and replaced with ordinary people. volunteers. clones never had that choice.
being decommissioned. destroyed. abandoned.
left to die out.
just. feeling a lot of things.
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alasion-art · 10 months ago
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Lady Tano 🌌
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starryxscribbles · 5 months ago
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ahsoka my beloved 💙
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clonewarssimp · 7 days ago
what I want to see in the kenobi show
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cody cody cody cody cody cody
LOTS of padme flashbacks or mentions of padme
obiwan talking about how similar luke is to his mother
BABY LEIA (not sure how this is gonna fit in but one can hope)
angsty distrought anakin and lots of good ol' fashond paplpatine manipulation
I want obiwan to befriend a team of girl bosses because that would be sick
mention of ahsoka or maybe even a teen ahsoka flashback
luke having a fascination with wondering off and getting himself into a little bit of trouble that gives everyone a heart attack
basically just lots of stuff that would be a call back to the clone wars series
oh my god what if space whore shows up (maul)
I knowww a live action bad batch makes no sense and doesn't really match up with the timeline but this is a list of what I want not a list of what i actually think is going to happen
X-wings because I love X-wings (99% sure they havent been invented yet when kenobi takes place tho)
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Ahsoka: Ugh he’s smothering us with reasonable advice!
Padmé: Well, listen to him then?
Anakin: God, not you too!
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left-hand-of-dorkness · 2 months ago
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The Republic couldn't have asked for better soldiers, nor I a better friend.
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truuskn · 6 months ago
order 66 what order 66? ahsoka is master tano now what are you talking about
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poor obi-wan. no pension, no respect
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xskywalker21 · 4 months ago
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Ahsoka’s nightmares—even post-war // Insp
I think it’s stated in novels that during the war, Ahsoka feared not being strong enough to save Anakin. After Order 66, and believing he’s dead—nightmares, feeling guilty she wasn’t there by his side. After her fight with Darth Vader—nightmares, feeling guilty because she thought if she had stayed he wouldn’t have turned.
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