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suck-a-egg · 4 months ago
Rex, to Fives: My life is in the hands of an idiot! Fives, motioning to himself and Echo: No no no no no, TWO idiots!
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toucheholland23 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Listen, i just know sleepovers with these guys would be the bomb 😔✋
Oh yea and no Dogma’s allowed
Tumblr media
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b1ue-harvest · 10 months ago
Dating Captain Rex Headcanon
Tumblr media
Author’s Note: I love this man I have been in love with him for six years and I will never stop loving him I mostly just wrote this one for myself LMAO 
- Rex made the first move when he realised he liked you (it was very sweet, he stumbled over his words a lot and you cut him off by kissing him)
- This boy is soooooo touch starved (he clings to you heavily when he’s off duty, but you don’t mind cause you know he needs it)
- Stargazing dates 
- Loves it when you wear blue
- Slow dancing in the dark
- Your smile makes his day better
- His brothers make fun for being so soft around you (it’s all for laughs of course)
- Rex hates saying goodbye (he always drags it out, wanting one last kiss before he goes)
- You worry about him when he’s away 
- Loooooong hugs >
- He is the perfect balance between serious and silly
- Will lift you up and carry you princess style practically everywhere
- Talks to you about his experiences in the war
- Is comfortable enough to cry in front of you
- You comfort him if he wakes up from nightmares (hold him, tell him it was just a dream and that you are here and that everything is ok)
- He loves it when you get angry and stand up for yourself 
- Kisses on each knuckle 
- You help him clean his armor
- Looks at you with such love and adoration (you just make him so happy 🥰)
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rainydaydream-gal18 · a year ago
(Clone Wars) Captain Rex x Reader: After the Escape
   (Author’s Note:  I’m like internally screaming right now because I love Rex and this hit the spot.  Hope you enjoy!
Warnings- mentions of the Zygerrian episodes and slavery, some injuries)
   You took a deep breath, exhaling slowly to help put your mind at ease as you stood in a nook in a hall aboard the Republic cruiser. You had expected the mission to be difficult, but you had not anticipated the events to play out the way they did.  The mission to Zygerria to free the people of Kiros had been successful, but not without hardship.  Suddenly, you felt a familiar presence approach from behind.  A warm hand found yours with the gentle brush of your fingers.  You grasped it, sighing when you felt an armored chest touch your back.
   “Here,” Rex murmured, and you saw brown fabric out of the corner of your eye.  You gratefully accepted your jedi cloak that he offered up to you.  Ever the gentleman, he looked the other way as you eased it over your form with a wince.  The outfit the Zygerrians gave you could’ve been worse, but it certainly wasn’t as modest as the robes you were used to.  At the sound of your wince, Rex’s gaze snapped back to you.  “Are you okay?”  
   You frowned when you took in his battered state.  His time on Kadavo did not look as if it was pleasant.  Neither him nor Obi-Wan were in good shape when they boarded the cruiser.
“Yeah,” you replied, forcing a smile.  “I was working in the palace, remember?  The uniform wasn’t the greatest, but it was nothing like what you and Obi-Wan had to deal with.”  You had been through more than you’d let on.  Rex had already been through a lot, and you didn’t want him to worry about you on top of it.  He didn’t look entirely convinced, but he didn’t say anything more on the matter.  He simply pulled you into a gentle embrace, letting you bury your face in his shoulder and breathe another sigh of relief.  “I’m glad we all made it out.”
   He hummed in agreement, his hand running up and down your arm in a repetitive, soothing motion.  You were able to hold back the wince that time, but there was no keeping Rex from noticing the way you tensed.  He took your hand in his and lifted it, letting the sleeve of your robe fall down your arm.
   “They...they hurt you,” he said.  You followed his gaze to the dark splotches on your wrist that had begun to bloom.  Rex’s brows furrowed as he inspected the wound and lifted your other hand to see a matching bruise there as well.  “Those kriffing-” he growled under his breath.
   “It’s over now.”  You tugged your hands away from his.  “Besides, I’m not crazy about them hurting you either.”  Strangely enough, tears had begun to well up in your eyes.  Not once during the mission had you succumbed to feeling hopeless enough to shed a tear.  Only when seeing your loved one covered in soot and with marks of his own did the emotions finally hit you.  “I’m sorry, Rex.”
   He took your chin between his thumb and forefinger, tilting your head so he could look into your eyes.  “What are you sorry for?”
   “That we were separated.  I should’ve been sent to Kadavo.”
   “You did your part.  You followed the plan and arrived with the General and Commander.  It was very important.”
   “I know, but…” you paused as he wiped a stray tear from your cheek.  “I wasn’t going to.  I was going to forsake the plan.  That’s how I got these,” you gestured to your wrist.  “I acted up in hopes that they’d send me to Kadavo, but they didn’t.  I was punished instead.”
   “I know, I shouldn’t-”
   “__________, I’m trying to tell you that I don’t blame you.”  He cupped your cheek and leaned in to gaze into your eyes.  “If I could have escaped Kadavo sooner, I would’ve done the same.  I just wish you hadn’t put yourself at risk.”
   “It was nothing.  Besides, it made me less appealing to my captor.  He wasn’t interested in such a rebellious female.”
   “Good, because if he touched you…” The protective fire in his eyes diminished to be replaced by intrigue.  “Wait, what did you do to him exactly?”
   “I sort of roundhouse-kicked him in the face in front of the queen.  Made Anakin laugh.”
   Rex snorted, pulling you into another embrace and patted your back in approval.  “That’s my girl.”  You smiled as you shut your eyes and enjoyed the contact for a little longer.  The moment wouldn’t last forever.  Soon, you’d be summoned for a report to the Jedi Council.  Perhaps you and Rex could more properly catch up in the mess hall later on, but then you’d be in a community space where you’d have to keep a little distance.
   You leaned out of the embrace to press your lips to his longingly.  No amount of time felt like enough.  It didn’t matter whether it was a few minutes or hours: It always came to an end.  Rex returned the kiss firmly, reassuring you.  You felt tired and weak and in need of comfort, and he was there.  He was there to be what you were to him.  When he was feeling similarly to the way you did in that moment, you were there.  The kiss you shared was all of these things at once, and the weight of the emotions that swam around in your head made your knees buckle.  Your hands grasped his broad shoulders tightly, and his arms went around you as his lips found yours again before trailing to your ear.  The torrent  of emotion in your chest settled as a trickling stream when he pressed one last kiss to your cheek and pulled away, the Zygerrian chest plate rising and falling with each breath he took.  His warm eyes stared into yours for a moment before he took a step back.  You quickly realized why.
   “Oh, hey Rex.  Hey, _________,” Anakin said as he approached.  You pulled the cloak tighter of your form and tried your best to offer a casual smile.
   “Anakin, I take it we are to report to the Council?”
   “Yes, Obi-Wan is going to meet us in the briefing room.  Ahsoka is also on her way.  You ready?”
   “I need to change back into my own robes, but I’ll be there shortly.”  You nodded, sparing one last look at Rex.  “I wish you a swift recovery, Captain.”
   “Same to you, General, and uhh,” he looked to Anakin,  “General.”
   You smiled softly and headed down the hall.  However, you didn’t miss the nudge that Anakin gave Rex or the, “what was that about?” he uttered.
   Rex’s response was golden.  “Whatever do you mean, General?”
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mrs-perfectly-fine · 9 months ago
Anakin: i…..declare…… victory!
Rex: you can’t just say the battle is a victory.
Anakin: i didn’t say it. i declared it.
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stardustdiaries · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
In my book, experience outranks everything.
He's a bit ☆stinky☆ from being in that armor all day, but that's okay😌🤚🏼
Another test run with my new markers! Still getting used to this medium, but I'm starting to like it much more than I thought I would!
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madameminor · 3 months ago
So... does anyone know where I can find a GIF of Rex looking INCREDIBLY AWKWARD while he starts standing guard for Anakin in Clone wars Season 7 episode 2? Cause I need that in my life semi-regularly.
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degreeinsimping · 11 months ago
If you could meet anyone from star wars, who would it be?
Honestly, I’d really love to meet Rex. I love love love Rex, and if I could actually meet him and just chat about stuff, that would be super amazing.
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puirell · 22 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
tcw taglist (link in bio to join, dm to remove): @enemy-of-wonkru @purgetrooperfox @whatanoof @mandoposting @obi-1kenobi @spaceydragons @milf-plokoon @eternalqueenofthemyscira @maulpunk @brandywine-tomatoes @kamino-coruscant @sageislostinspring @milf-maul @katpuccinoo @certified-anakinfucker @cyarbika @lightasthesun @irresponsibility101 @spacerocksarethebestrocks @quietpainter @robotforest @thechaoticfanartist @mostlyvoidsometimesstars @vanillachip101 @freckled-frog @redminibike1 @salaminus @zinzinina @pandora-the-halfling @lothcatlady @jangospurpleunderwear @r1-sw-lover @meerlichts @vaderda1a
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darthbooks · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
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kote-wan · 20 days ago
send me memes to redraw lol
(pls im bored)
Tumblr media
pictured: captain ‘roger roger’ rex and marshal commander ‘this is never gonna work’ cody
based off a screenshot of a tumblr post i saw but lord knows who the op was 😩:
Tumblr media
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suck-a-egg · 8 months ago
Rex: I keep a picture of all of us in my wallet. Whenever I face difficulties, I take it out and stare at the picture. Cody, Fives, and Echo: Awwww- Rex: And I tell myself "If I can deal with these idiots, then I can deal with anything." Cody, Fives, and Echo: Fuck you
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cobaltbeam · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
The dream team right there
(Also available as a print here!)
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cc7567 · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
✨Fresh paint!✨
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jessicas-pi · a month ago
Interviewer: So, how would you describe your relationship with your Jedi?
Rex: *long, long, long, long sigh* Idiot siblings.
Cody: don't get me started
Rex: to clarify, I'm not the idiot.
Colt: *wordlessly pulls up sleeve to reveal "I-heart-Mom" tattoo on his bicep*
Cody: I have sympathy for Rex because Skywalker just DOES things but Kenobi, he, he thinks things through, and then he STILL does those things even if they're HORRIBLE IDEAS—
Fox: *chugs coffee, slams cup down so hard it breaks* bold of you to assume I have a Jedi
Gree: Not family, but definitely close friends.
Cody: —reckless, ridiculously self-sacrificing, no regard for his own safety—
Grey, dead serious, no hesitation: caleb is my son
Whatever clones are in Master Tapal's battalion: *chanting, one of them holds Cal up like Simba* BABY BOY BABY BOY BABY BOY
Cody: —can't even leave him alone for two minutes because he goes and loses his lightsaber in the middle of a battle—
Ponds: I'd like to say we're blood-brothers bound through the heat of battle because that sounds neat, but honestly, Master Windu and I, we're—we're fire-forged coworkers.
Wolffe: I can neither confirm nor deny that I bought Master Plo a Galaxy's Best Dad mug
Cody, staring vacantly into space: I'm so underpaid
Bly: no comment
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hootydoot · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Inspired by the disappointed dad vine
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foundfamilynonsense · a month ago
Jedi antis: the jedi did nothing against slavery!
Zygerrian slavers in literally every other scene in tcw: god we hate the jedi they keep freeing all our slaves and destroying our slave empire. We’re helping the separatists purely to defeat the jedi so we can own slaves again. We’re going to keep jedi as slaves just because we hold a grudge against them for not letting us have slaves.
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tx-828 · a month ago
Tumblr media
apparently old tcw action figures used to come with “clone cash” coupons to use to buy more toys
but this just looks like rex’s version of “mom bucks”, where he gives out clone cash to the troopers who do a good job and when they save up enough they get to pick out a prize
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brittandbiscuits · 6 months ago
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Rip, Alt_Fives.
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puirell · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
may the 4th be with you <3
tcw taglist (link in bio to join/send ask to be removed):
@enemy-of-wonkru @purgetrooperfox @mandoposting @obi-1kenobi @spaceydragons @milf-plokoon @eternalqueenofthemyscira @maulpunk @brandywine-tomatoes @kamino-coruscant @sageislostinspring @milf-maul @katpuccinoo @certified-anakinfucker @cyarbika @lightasthesun @irresponsibility101 @spacerocksarethebestrocks @quietpainter @robotforest @thechaoticfanartist @mostlyvoidsometimesstars @vanillachip101 @freckled-frog @redminibike1 @salaminus @zinzinina @pandora-the-halfling @lothcatlady @jangospurpleunderwear @r1-sw-lover @meerlichts @vaderda1a
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