#tcw incorrect quotes
sithzuko · 2 days ago
anakin, over text: turn around :)
anakin: no, the other way
anakin: wrong way again
obi-wan: where are you?!
anakin: in my room, but the idea of you turning around aimlessly in circles amuses me
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212thincorrectcanonquotes · 5 months ago
212th Attack Battalion Incorrect Canon Quotes
Cody, messaging: Answer your comm.
Gregor, messaging back: Wait a minute, I can’t find my comm, sir.
Cody: Understood, trooper.
(Five standard minutes later.)
Cody, messaging back: You’re a terrible brother. You know you’re killing me. You’re killing me, Gregor.
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adreamfromnevermore · 6 months ago
Quinlan Vos: Whats up sluts! Guess who broke out of prison again!!
Bant: Sluts!?
Obi-wan: Prison!?
Garen: Again!?
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nothingburnslikecold · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Is he justifying always losing his lightsaber? Never wearing armor? Not needing to go to the medics? You decide. 
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gospelofme · 4 months ago
What needs to happen in TBB season 2
Wolffe: you really put aside everything and came all this way for me? How did you even get here so fast?
Tech: several traffic violations.
Rex: 3 counts of resisting arrest.
Echo: roughly 13 cans of energy drinks.
Tech: also, that’s not our ship.
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blxckmccn · 10 days ago
Obi-Wan: Oh no, we're not together. We're definitely not a couple.
Anakin, offended: You seem pretty insulted by that, Master Kenobi. What, I'm not good enough for you?
Obi-Wan: We're not having this conversation again.
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brybry4life · 11 days ago
Ahsoka: Here’s a fun Christmas idea. We hang mistletoe, but instead of kissing, you have to FIGHT whoever else is under it.
Obi Wan: Ahsoka, no.
Anakin: Mistlefoe.
Obi Wan: Please stop encouraging her.
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starlight-ahsoka · 5 months ago
Me: i should go to bed
*gets in bed, about to sleep
My brain: how about we start contemplating our life choices? How does that sound mhmm??
Tumblr media
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mrs-perfectly-fine · 6 months ago
Cody: I’ve only slept nine hours over the past four days. So, right now I’m in the verge in a nervous breakdown.
[takes a bite of his holopad]
Cody: This isn’t a bagel.
Obi Wan: On the other hand, I just slept seven hours, which is twice as long as I usually sleep, so I am a little disoriented.
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echo-stan · a month ago
Obi-Wan: Can’t we just do what normal people do, like go for brunch?
Anakin and Ahsoka: What the f*ck is brunch?
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marinette-buginette · 6 months ago
Bariss: Master Luminara taught me so many meditation methods that help me connect with and channel the Force
Caleb: Master Billaba is an amazing fighter, she is helping me integrate elements of all types of lightsaber combat into my style to be less predictable on the battlefield
Ahsoka: Master Skywalker taught me how to hotwire a speeder, how to sneak out of the Temple without being caught, and how many energy drinks I can chug before I get sick. It is 19, by the way
Bariss: What about you know... Jedi training?
Ahsoka: Oh yeah, he taught me how to Force fling a tank at the separatists. We are working on a ship now
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sithzuko · 3 months ago
obi-wan: i don’t think we can mansplain, manipulate or malewife our way out of it this time
anakin: [cracking his knuckles]
anakin: manslaughter it is
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212thincorrectcanonquotes · 5 months ago
212th Attack Battalion Incorrect Canon Quotes
Obi-Wan: My dear Commander Cody, if I jumped off a cliff, would you jump off a cliff?
Cody, angrily following Obi-Wan over the edge of the cliff: Sir, the problem with this question is that it’s usually posed as a hypothetical!
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adreamfromnevermore · 5 months ago
Fox: I’m a nice person. I only threw a Senator in a trash can once.
Thire: Please tell me you didn’t actually throw a Senator in a trash can.
Fox: I don't think you'll like my answer to that.
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luna-says-stuff · 7 months ago
Bad Batch, episode 8 spoilers!
Cad Bane and Hunter: [having an epic standoff]
Me: no worries, Cad Bane is a great shot, but Hunter will save Omega
Cad Bane: [shoots Hunter]
Tumblr media
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maybeitsallie · 4 months ago
Anakin: Whoever beats me at MarioKart gets to write the next battle plan.
Rex: General, I hardly think thi-
Ahsoka, Fives, and Hardcase: *fighting over the 2nd controller*
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blxckmccn · 7 months ago
Ahsoka: *enters the jedi temple at night and through one of the balconies*
Anakin: *turns on a small light and gives Artoo little pats* Do you want to explain where you were, Snips?
Ahsoka: Uh, I was with Master Kenobi─
Obi-Wan: *spinning slowly around in his chair* Wanna try again?
Ahsoka, laughing: Just kidding, I was with Rex!
Rex: *from across the room* Nice try.
Ahsoka, panicking: With Senator Amidala! I was with her!
Padmé: *coming out of the shadows* Oh, no, I don't think so.
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brybry4life · 11 days ago
Cody, pointing: May I sit there?
Obi Wan: That's my lap
Cody: That doesn't answer my question, General
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starlight-ahsoka · 12 months ago
The time young Luke asks Ahsoka about his dad and uncle.
Luke to Ahsoka: But who was the better fighter? Master Skywalker or Kenobi?
(Force ghost)Anakin: Well that’s not a hard one.
(Force ghost)Obiwan: Me offcours.
Anakin: What are you talking about i was the better fighter.
Obi-wan: Anakin you lost enough times in lightsaber practice.
Ahsoka: Masters could you be quiet plea-
Anakin: So? That was practice, that doesn’t mean you’re better than me.
Obiwan: Anakin—
Anakin: I killed you.
Obi-wan: I let you kill me
Anakin: You’re just saying that as an excuse.
Obi-wan: It was a distraction.
Anakin: Bad argument.
Ahsoka: Masters.
Obi-wan: Well i defeated you on Mustafar.
Anakin: No you didn’t.
Obi-wan: Anakin i literally cut off your limbs.
Anakin: That was a DISTRACTION.
Obi-wan: Oh was it now.
Anakin: Yes and it caused me a WHOLE LOT OF PROBLE—
Ahsoka: THANK YOU.
Ahsoka to Luke again: Master Skywalker and master Kenobi were both great at fighting.
Anakin talking to Obi-wan: She said my name first.
Obi-wan: Which means?
Anakin: That i was better.
Obi-wan: *sighs
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forestfogfae · 10 months ago
Obi-Wan: I know you think my judgement's clouded because I like Cody a little bit.
Quinlan: You doodled your wedding invitation.
Obi-Wan: No, that's our joint tombstone.
Quinlan: My mistake.
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