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Warning: Strong Language, kissing, fighting, drinking

As Izuku walked into the class 1-A, it was a sight to be seen. It was only the second day of school and like always, Iida was yelling at someone for doing something, Kirishima was talking too loudly, and Ochako was talking to her girl friends. 

“Izuku!” Mina smiled, hugging the green-haired boy as she walked in over to the group. “I’m having a party at my place! Everyone is coming! You should totally come! It’ll be a hit.” Mina explained as Deku nodded excitingly. “Yea sure, that sounds pretty fun actually. My mom is out of town but I’m sure she won’t mind.” Mina jumped up and hugged the green-haired boy. 

“Awesome! That makes everyone! We even got Todoroki to agree to come! Someone has to keep the punch icy cold! I’ll send you my address later. Come around six-ish.” Deku looked back at Todoroki, but then noticed that the red-and-white haired boy staring right back. 

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Your tododeku Stardew Valley AU gives me life because those are literally two of my all time favorite things

Ahhhh thank you! I’m really excited to keep developing the world so I’m glad you’re liking it so far :)

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royalty au hcs? in my house? it’s more likely than you think

welcome back to the royal hellscape that is my mind at all times, let’s just dive right in, shall we?

  • bc bakugou and midoriya don’t “grow up” together like they do in canon they actually got to know each other later/have a different kind of relationship and are actually like..good friends
  • hatsume is todoroki’s advisor and if you’ve read the light novel about how todoroki got his dorm room to look Like That with “hard work” you know why
  • shinsou is (probably) in a relationship but won’t say who it’s with just to fuck with people (and his partner is completely down just for the lols)
  • momo is also already a queen and is really just out there Doing That. Amazing. Inspiring.
  • amendment to a previous hc list: aizawa & present mic ARE shinsou’s dads, you’re welcome again
  • all might is the current king of yuuei and inko is the queen (they got married when izuku was like 11/12, which is how he became the heir)
  • aizawa is all mights advisor so you can imagine how exhausted he is at this point
  • they have a code specifically for when midoriya causes shit to Go Down which is entirely different from the code they use for normal shit going down
  • the bakusquad are bakugou’s council bc there was no other option
  • eri is there and she’s another aizawa child but she’d be like. 15 in this au so she’s yknow. just really kicking ass.

ok I’m about to pass out but please enjoy these very ridiculous words and feel free to come talk to me about royalty au (aka fragile infinity)!

also this is the terrible shinsou hc I was talking about earlier you’re welcome

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Honest confession:……

Imma say this Bakudeku and Tododeku are my OTP’s for both Bakugo and Todoroki.

If Izuku wasn’t a character tho I do see myself shipping todo///Baku romantically. I only ship them as a brotp in canon but that just my honest opinion.

I do like how the friendship between Shoto and Katsuki is building up in the manga. If anything I kindof considering the two characters similar in various of ways such as both having a complicated family dynamic.

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Chapter 16: I do 

Relationship: Bakugou Katsuki/Midoriya Izuku/Todoroki Shouto,

Rating: Mature

Additional tags: Aged-up Characters, pro-heroes, Break Up, Post-Break Up, Angst, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Heartbreak, Regret, Getting Back Together, Fluff, Happy Ending, OT3, Slow Burn


Back in his hometown to visit his parents, Bakugou runs into a face from the past. Years down the line, the memories are still as clear as on the first day… and so are his regrets as he is left to reminisce about what was and what could have been, knowing all too well there’s no way back. It’s too late.

But he is not the only one who remembers, and the past does not stay in the past. When Bakugou tries to make up for his mistakes, he sets them on a course neither of them expected – because there’s not just the two of them to consider anymore.

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synopsis: three teens try to find a forbidden sword, katsuki throws (f/n) into a lake and ochako accidentally summons a sleeping dragon. all todoroki wants is to go on a date with midoriya— how did it escalate to this?

genre: fantasy, romance, teen angst

pairings: katsuki bakugou x (f/n) (l/n) + todoroki shouto x midoirya izuku + ochako uraraka x tsuyu asui

warnings: explicit content ahead (gore, child abuse, and making out.) and uh dragons? is that a warning? + controlling bakugou mitsuki

author note: this was an anon request that i turned into a series…😳👉🏻👈🏻


chapters: POSTS ARE AT 7-8PM EST






@brattyquirks , @angelikins , @monsieurpinata , @errzas , @izzythekitty23 , @snoopdoggkun

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