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Any good blogs that cover some of the other characters, like Corvus, Opeli and Gren? Love your blog, by the way! I just got into TDP this year and I'm honestly obsessed.

honestly i’m not too sure! i know there are some more soren, claudia, or viren focused blogs but i’m not sure about them. i would recommend just checking and seeing who posts a lot in their character tags (ie. “tdp corvus,” “opeli tdp” etc.) and see what comes up. other ppl: also feel free to give recs if you know! and thank you, i’m glad you enjoy my blog <33

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Hi! Can I get a TDP ship? I’m 5’2”, light brown hair with body waves and I usually wear it half-up half-down, light olive skin, curvy, but not overweight, forest green/hazel eyes, petite. I’m straight, INFJ, Leo, Ravenclaw, Wampus, 20. My hobbies are eclectic. I like to read, knit,play piano, sing, watch movies, nap, exercise, etc. I love animals,Spring,and being outside,especially in the woods. I prefer my wine as wet as my men. I’m also very empathetic and intuitive. 🦋 Hope it all helps!

I pair you with Corvus!

 - Corvus is really smart, and in his off time he enjoys reading, writing, or other creative hobbies. He’d love an s/o who has as many hobbies as you do, and he’d be very interested in learning more about the ones that he isn’t familiar with. 

 - Being empathetic would a good thing as well-although Corvus tries to stick to his duties and what he is told to do, he is definitely willing to go against those orders if he thinks it will help someone or if its the right thing to do. An s/o who would support him in that would be much appreciated. 

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I imagine Soren has a lot of emotions around the battle that I wanted to explore. Plus I like the idea of Corvus and Soren being friends as kids, so there’s some reference to that too

The trek home had been difficult, sore and lethargic from the battle sleeping on the ground was even worse than usual. Soren was very grateful to be back in his own bed.

Then why couldn’t he sleep?

He kept playing the scene over in his mind. His father lunging toward Ezran, Soren acted so quickly. His father falling to the ground after he pulled the sword from his chest. Claudia, her look of betrayal. Like she’d lost her brother, he was distraught. Why couldn’t she see that what their Dad was doing was wrong? Then, his father limp body fades to moths. All a trick, a ruse.

But he still would have really killed his father then, if it had come to it. That’s what he had proven.

He wasn’t sure if could live with that.

He was a soldier, he knew what war meant he was prepared for the potential of taking lives, and he never took it lightly.

But, his own father?

A man he used to look up to. A man he loved. The only person whose approval truly mattered, but he never got.

He’d glared at the ceiling of his bedroom for too long. He got up, shuffling around the darkroom, pulling on a sweater and boots over his pajamas before leaving.

If he couldn’t sleep, he might as well do something, anything to keep his mind off the battle.

He crept through the hallways quietly not wanting to disturb anyone else. Closing the door safely behind him he stepped out into the training field, letting out a breath he didn’t know he was holding.

“Can’t sleep?” A steady voice asked, causing Soren to jump. He turned to see Corvus lying on the field.

“What? No! Just you know, getting my early morning walk in! Gotta stay in shape, you know.” Soren said trying to plaster on his usual cheery self, he knew it didn’t work.

“ Hmm, right,” Corvus said unconvinced, he didn’t buy it but was willing to play along if Soren needed him too.

Soren approached Corvus and stared down at him, his eyes were closed and he breathed steadily.

“What are you doing out here? You know they’ve got beds in their for a reason?” Soren jokes, preferring to keep things light.

“When you spend as much time as I have sleeping on the ground, it begins to become more comfortable than any bed, now I prefer it.”

Soren sat down skeptically.

“So your really planning on just sleeping out here? Do you always do this?” Corvus open his eyes at this and sat up to face him.

“No, not every night. But sometimes it helps to come out here to clear my head.” Soren nodded in response.

“You can’t stop thinking about the battle, huh?”

“The battle, and the other kingdoms, and all that is left to do, and that King Ezran will have to do it, I trust him completely but he is so young, I can’t imagine a burden like that at that age” Corvus said looking at the grass, Soren often found Corvus hard to read. He was surprised to see him be so open tonight.

“Yeah, I remember when you were Ezran’s age, believe me you couldn’t handle it” Soren joked thinking back to the shy timid boy who grew up into the careful, stoic man before him. Corvus laughed at this, something he didn’t often allow himself to do. Soren got butterflies at Corvus’ smile, it was something he hadn’t seen in a long time.

Corvus sighed, his eyes had adjusted to the dark, he saw the bags under Sorens eyes. He laid back down on the ground and Soren followed beside him.

For a moment it was silent, just the rustling of wind and the sounds of their breath.

“I just can’t get my mind to stop,” Soren said deciding it might be better if he talked about it.

Corvus turned to look at him, he raised an eyebrow. Not wanting to meet his eye, Soren continued to stare up at the stars.

“During the battle, My father tried to attack Ez. Only, it wasn’t really my father, but I didn’t know that. I couldn’t let him do that, and when he lunged, so did I. I killed him Corvus, or I thought I did. And Claudia watched, she saw me do it,” Sorens voice grew course tears welled in his eyes.

“But, like you said, it wasn’t really him,” Soren shook his head.

“Does it matter? I’ve still proven I’d do it. I’m a soldier, but if it had been him.” He turned to look at Corvus’ then, tears wrecking his body. “My own father would have been the first person I’ve ever killed,”

Corvus’ his heart broke. Sorens blue eyes had lost their usual confidence, Corvus began to wonder if that confidence had ever been truly their at all or just a front. Like the jokes and his tendency to try to lighten the mood, to not take things too seriously.

Tentatively, he reached out placed a hand on Sorens cheek, brushing away a tear with his thumb. It felt intimate, far more than Corvus had ever allowed himself to be with anyone. But, it didn’t feel wrong or forced. But why? Him and Soren could hardly even be called friends, sure they once were as kids. But that was a long time ago. Soren didn’t seem against it, bringing his hand up to rest on top of his.

“Betrayal and broken trust hurts most when it comes from those closest to you. Your Father hurt you, he hurt a lot of people. But, you still remember him as the man you looked up to,” Soren sighed dropping his gaze to the small patch of grass between them. “You’re allowed to still love him, even with all the pain,”

Sorens brow furrowed, he shook his head a little.

“I don’t,” Soren looked horrified at his own words. Corvus nodded unfazed.

“You’re allowed to feel that way too,”

“My dad, he never loved me, I was never good enough. Powerful enough. But Claudia, her and I stuck by each other, through everything,” He paused for a moment, no tears left. “She - she was my best friend.”

“I’m so sorry, but I believe there is still good in her. Maybe she’ll realize the error of her ways soon,”

“Yeah, thanks,” Soren said. His heart was still heavy but his mind was already clearer, calmer. For the first time since the battle he felt at peace.

He hadn’t even realized he was shivering until Corvus mentioned it.

“Maybe we should go inside?” He suggested.

“In a bit, I just want to lay here for a bit longer,” Soren responded, it was the first time his mind felt calm.

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The place is desolate. I saw a giant skeleton of something that looked like an herbivore, but very few plants it might have eaten. Same thing with the hunters and scavengers. 


For one thing, this definitely shouldn’t be bothering about tiny humans. Also, the Caldera is cold and dry. Leeches, like other worms, breathe through their skin. They need to stay moist. For something this size, that fog isn’t going to cut it. 

Every single monster has issues like this. The wild is complicated, and the Cursed Caldera isn’t even trying to make sense.

If you tell the villagers about this, they just say the monsters are probably magic. They don’t call it the Regular Biome Caldera. But even magic creatures have a life cycle, a food chain, a habitat.

If you tell Lord Viren this, he goes hunting. He came back empty-handed. Said nothing he found was magic at all.

In hindsight…yeah. Real answer’s even weirder. I could offer to help @ask-lujanne-anything​ design an ecosystem, but why would she need that? She just needs scary, not realistic.

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Corvus x Opeli Headcanon

So, it is canon that Corvus is an amazing baker, which we know from an official post by the creators of tdp (Tumblr or twitter, I can’t remember, doesn’t really matter) about Aunt Amaya’s birthday about how he’s the only one with the skill and honour to bake for her. This gave me an idea.

Ezran is king, whether this is before he resigns or after the whole battle and the waking of the Dragon Queen it doesn’t matter, but he’s king. It’s around lunchtime and, of course, Ezran requests some jelly tarts with his lunch. Opeli leaves to go get them only to then remember that the baker had left that morning to go a few towns over to buy some more supplies and wouldn’t be back until the next morning, meaning that there is no source of jelly tarts for King Ezran. Now Opeli is a little panicked but she doesn’t let it show because she promises to get Ezran and god dammit is she will follow through with that promise even if she has to make them herself. So, that’s exactly what she does. Opeli really doesn’t know how to bake, but she’s still sticking with it and struggling through a recipe she found even though it’s not going the best.

Partway through the first, messy, misshapen jelly tarts Corvus walks into the kitchen after having tracked Opeli’s worried pacings there, and the sight is both endearing and a little hilarious to him. He’s not going to let Opeli struggle on her own though, especially not after the glare he received in response to his snickering before he shows her the ropes of baking jelly tarts (like, not to be cliche but there’s gotta be a moment where Corvus puts his hands over Opeli’s or something like that because I can’t resist), managing to Ezran his desired jelly tarts and making a date out of the afternoon as well.

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