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Any good blogs that cover some of the other characters, like Corvus, Opeli and Gren? Love your blog, by the way! I just got into TDP this year and I'm honestly obsessed.

honestly i’m not too sure! i know there are some more soren, claudia, or viren focused blogs but i’m not sure about them. i would recommend just checking and seeing who posts a lot in their character tags (ie. “tdp corvus,” “opeli tdp” etc.) and see what comes up. other ppl: also feel free to give recs if you know! and thank you, i’m glad you enjoy my blog <33

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I've been thinking about Opeli, and how she will react to Callum and Rayla's relationship, recently. We don't see much of her reaction to said relationship and I don't really know what her reaction will be, because on one hand Opeli is a good person (evidenced by the way she talks with Ezran), but on the other hand she's also a traditionalist and Callum and Rayla's relationship can hardly be traditional. What's your take on this?

it is one of the missing moments s3 really didn’t get to show us, which is when ezran must have told opeli + at least some of his council the full story of where he was for 2+ weeks, why callum wasn’t with him, and why they fled the castle anyway, and how ezran made his way back, with corvus backing everything up.

opeli was fully supportive of ezran’s plan to not go to war with xadia, even when they were all operating under the information that xadia had staged assassinations on the rest of the pentarchy (which may never be cleared up, honestly, that it was viren orchestrating it all in vengeance) and she understood the cost and importance of peace, if it was what ezran wanted.

most of opeli’s traditionalism - abiding by laws of kingship (the seal, succession, mourning) - has to do mostly with respect, i think, the last two in particular. to let an unauthorized person summon the pentarchy could be a slippery slope especially with how dire the situation is. however she was - if i’m remembering correctly - willing to crown viren king in s1 under the belief it was harrow’s wishes and that the boys were dead. 

so i think she would need time to adjust to everything callum and rayla’s relationship entails, especially politically as he is a prince of the pentarchy, but she also went with corvus and co. to duren to ride into xadia to defend the dragon prince, alongside elves and dragons and per her abdicated (thereby, no longer official) king’s wishes, regardless of how viren had unlawfully assumed the throne, ezran had still technically successfully abdicated. so she’ll let her morals guide her and triumph over tradition when it matters.

it’ll be a learning curve, of course - elf and human relations, platonic, romantic, politically - will be for sure but i don’t think she’ll stand in opposition or be an obstacle. 

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My no-one-cares ship

They despise each other so much I can’t help thinking something happened between them two

(Like, imagine them after the mass, fucking behind the autel 😍)

They seem to embody the opposition between science (race to knowlege and progress) and religion (inertia and obsession with tradition) with both their weaknesses (yeah because paralyzing the whole contry until a eight-years old kid is back on a chair while there is a world war going on isn’t wise at all).

Happy Valentines ! ^^

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Opeli is my TDP main squeeze.

Her first words on the show were basically, “I am not having any of your shit today, you unimaginable shitweasel.” (I’m paraphrasing.)


It isn’t immediately clear (at least to me, and to be fair, I’m real simple) whether she:

A) Is well-acquainted with Viren and therefore the true extent of his douchebaggery, and that’s why she doesn’t trust him.


B) She is just that staunchly devoted to the laws and traditions of Katolis that she won’t let anyone muck around with them.

Either way, she secured her place in my heart as a woman who will not abide any manner of fuckery.

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Corvus x Opeli Headcanon

So, it is canon that Corvus is an amazing baker, which we know from an official post by the creators of tdp (Tumblr or twitter, I can’t remember, doesn’t really matter) about Aunt Amaya’s birthday about how he’s the only one with the skill and honour to bake for her. This gave me an idea.

Ezran is king, whether this is before he resigns or after the whole battle and the waking of the Dragon Queen it doesn’t matter, but he’s king. It’s around lunchtime and, of course, Ezran requests some jelly tarts with his lunch. Opeli leaves to go get them only to then remember that the baker had left that morning to go a few towns over to buy some more supplies and wouldn’t be back until the next morning, meaning that there is no source of jelly tarts for King Ezran. Now Opeli is a little panicked but she doesn’t let it show because she promises to get Ezran and god dammit is she will follow through with that promise even if she has to make them herself. So, that’s exactly what she does. Opeli really doesn’t know how to bake, but she’s still sticking with it and struggling through a recipe she found even though it’s not going the best.

Partway through the first, messy, misshapen jelly tarts Corvus walks into the kitchen after having tracked Opeli’s worried pacings there, and the sight is both endearing and a little hilarious to him. He’s not going to let Opeli struggle on her own though, especially not after the glare he received in response to his snickering before he shows her the ropes of baking jelly tarts (like, not to be cliche but there’s gotta be a moment where Corvus puts his hands over Opeli’s or something like that because I can’t resist), managing to Ezran his desired jelly tarts and making a date out of the afternoon as well.

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