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#tdw loki is my favourite loki
delyth88 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Sketching practice.  Trying to focus on getting the figure in proportion and a stance with movement.
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hp-hogwartsexpress · a year ago
rules: list your top 10 comfort movies. (in no particular order)
Thor: The Dark World
LOTR Trilogy (I count this as one cause I binge the three of them)
Mamma Mia!
Treasure Planet
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
Kong: Skull Island
Seven Pounds
Captain America: Winter Soldier
Harry Potter (Still count as one, cause come on!)
Rise of the guardians
I’m tagging: (feel free to not do this, but you all have been so kind lately) @shamelesslylunarose @kimqueenofhell @superkitty21 @tree-of-blue-squirrel @some-wayward-daughter @superwholockmarauders-primary
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lokisvetlana · a month ago
It was Tom that made us fall in love with Loki back in 2011. 
It was Tom that caused all the madness at Comic cons.
It was Tom´s Loki that fans brought back to life twice because they loved him so much.
It was Tom´s Loki, that was beloved so much,Marvel had to give him his own show.
It was Tom´s Loki that made fans wait for 3 years to his show in anticipation to finally see Loki to be the star, after years of being in the shadow of heroes.
It was Tom who promoted it.
It was Tom who they promised us.
It was Tom´s Loki who they claimed would have the story centered around.
So forgive me for being fucking pissed that instaed of that i got some bitch that came out of nowhere, got his signature colours and helmet, even some of his magic, instaed of my Loki and finally story focusing on him,they focused on her, writers even dare to tell me that her pain is bigger, that after a decade yes a decade of waiting for LOKI series I got Sylvie series and when I dare to speak up, I have thrown into my face that I “just hate strong women”? 
And my most favourite accusation was “you are just angry Loki wasnt the star”
All of this to defend a new character that never ever did anything to make Loki legendary as he is now. It was all Tom Hiddleston. Not only we fans were cheated and deceaved by Marvel promising us LOKI series and giving us Sylvie bullshit, it is also disrespectful to Tom to do that to him, after he turned Loki into a literal living legend.
Keep loving Sylvie, that is no problem. But dont fucking insult me by calling me sexist because I dared to say I wanted Loki show. In a show called Loki. After waiting a decade of Loki. As Im saying, I waited decade.  And I shall not fall as quickly as you for the first person that comes and says im Loki too.
After following him for 10 years and suffering with him, we get his own show where the writers basically shovel new character down our throats and tell us “but they suffered more than Loki! He is just narcissist! Look at how Sylvie suffered! Feel sorry for her!” 
If you gonna give me the “she is Loki too” crap...Read all of the above. For me, Loki is only Tom. Because unlike so many of you, I do not forget who made me fall in love with Loki and whole MCU. I do not forget everything that Tom did and sacrificed. We all would not be here, and you Sylvie defenders would also not be here suddenly loving her more than Loki himself, if it wasnt for Tom. 
Advertising Loki with Tom, making him the face of the project then finding out he plays only supportive character is highly disrespectful to Tom. And to us, loyal fans who waited years. I was cheated.
Last thing. If you gonna spill the bullcrap “you are not realy Loki fan if you only love Tom´s Loki” on me, please, kindly,fuck off into safe distance, If being faithful to the only actor who could ever portray him, to the actor thanks to whom Loki didnt die in TDW, to the actor thanks to whom we got a show in a first place, then by all means, Im happily a “fake fan”. 
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Don't worry a few of the actors said the dark world was a "meh" film also. Not the best except for funny loki scenes
Well, I don't know what they said and honestly I couldn't care less. I love that movie and, except for the Earth scenes (that could have easily been edited out), the rest of the movie is fantastic.
The first scene with Loki and Odin is my favourite, the escape from Asgard is hilarious, Frigga's funeral is stunning, I like Thor's battle at the beginning because he's one little shit in it and it always brings a smile to my face, the moment when Thor and Odin are speaking and the Allfather is willing to risk the lives of all Asgardians but Thor values them and ends up betraying him (that's my boy!)... there are other films that bore the hell out of me but TDW is surely not one of them.
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nikkoliferous · 10 months ago
TBH I don't know why everyone complained about the wig/extensions. Only the TR one was really bad, (and EG because it looked nothing like his Avengers hair). In the trailer his real hair is doing something completely different in every single scene and it's distracting. Decent wigs and extensions kept his hair relatively consistent and didn't open up a whole can of continuity worms. Besides, I love Loki's long hair but maybe I'm just in the minority. :)
I agree. The only wig I had issues with is Ragnarok. TDW was actually my favourite Loki look, including the hair. And maybe worth noting that Avengers Assemble wasn't even technically a wig; it was his real hair plus extensions. And YES, his hair in the trailer is incredibly weird. It's already weird from the start because it seems to just... randomly be shorter than it was when he poofed away with the Tesseract? And then on top of that, you have it in differing lengths and styles throughout, and it's just... like you said, distracting.
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rorybutnotgilmore · 6 months ago
Loki asks: 30, 26, 22, 10, 5, 1 (that’s a lot but i need to know)
30. Team #greeneye or #blueeye Loki?
#greeneyes because of the comics (he had green eyes) and because marvel confirmed that he was controlled by the mind stone, hence why his eyes are blue in A1. Tom also said they used cgi on his eyes to make them bluer in A1 and greener in the other films and they’re made green on the posters. probably a mix of the two depending on lighting, but i see and write him with green eyes
26. What's your dream team for Loki?
wanda maximoff (scarlet witch)
doctor strange
22. Does your friends and family know you're a Loki fan?
yeah they even planned a wedding and most of them have me in their contacts as “Lokis wife” or sister in law in my friends case, because she got married to Thor
10. Do you see Loki as a hero, villain or antihero? And why?
Conflicted in Thor 1, but overall doing what he thought was heroic so that he could have his chance to impress his father for once.
in Avengers he was a villain, you can’t deny this without sugarcoating him, but it was against his will. he didn’t want to do any of that and just wanted to be dead. but he was the villain in this film, although he didn’t choose to be. if you can’t accept that fact, i query if you truly understand his arc.
Thor TDW he was a hero/antihero. he did heroic things, but he’s still our fav mischief maker, so antihero is probably a better word. but he was incredibly heroic in this film
(not including ragnarok because it screwed him over and iw was dumb for killing him off so quickly, but his death was heroic but also stupid soo)
so, putting all of this information into account, i come to the conclusion that he is an antihero the majority of the time, but has plenty of straight up heroic traits. his only true villainous moments stemmed from both anger he’d had to suppress for years (in Thor’s movie, making Thor the focus anyway and shining the villainous title on Loki), and in A1, which was due to torture and mind control. Loki is not a villain :)
5. What's your favorite Loki outfit?
Tumblr media
1. How did you first discover Loki?
my brother got into marvel at a super young age and so because of that, i also kinda grew up with marvel (mostly dc, but marvel from him and then me later on). i wasn’t very interested in much, but i loved GOTG and a bunch of the tv shows (superhero squad was my favourite—). i walked into the tv room when my brother was watching thor 1 and saw Loki and was like HES SO ATTRACTIVE OMG and my mom was like “omg isn’t thor hot” and i was like “yeah sure but have you seen loki??” and it sat with me until i formed an obsession with Loki and fell in love 🥰
i don’t know why or when that happened though, but i’ll ask my friend who is with me to the end of the line 😉
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myraiswack · 8 months ago
Ohhh LotR is good!!! I just watched them for the first time back in September. And for my favorites hmmm... probably anything Marvel. I really like Spider-Man ffh and TDW. And non-marvel, I’d say A Silent Voice —🐛
I’m glad 😌 LotR is so good!! The books too!!!
I move marvel too, I mean I have a Loki blog lol. TDW is also a favourite of mine.
I don’t think I have seen that movie, is it good??
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stellophia · 6 months ago
who’s the easiest characters for you to write? the hardest? what’s a scene you wrote that you’re most proud of? how do you choose your titles? what story have you written makes you the happiest to reread?
aaaaAAAA thanks so much for the ask!!! I couldn’t reply faster because I was out of town without my laptop with only my phone to keep me company and tumblr mobile is a huge pain in the ass, so sorry for that! anyway:
who’s the easiest characters for you to write?
It’s probably Tony, to be honest. Is it because my ADHD brain vibes with his? it is because my ADHD brain vibes with his. I can go off random tangents, insert as many long paragraphs on inner dialogue about comic book science as my heart desires, make random pop-culture references out of the blue, and in general relate deeply to the character (gifted kid, parental neglect, handling the weight of too many expectations, flaunting your ego to hide your insecurities; i could go on and on), so yeah. Loki’s probably second. He’s a tad bit harder, but just as fun to write.
the hardest?
This is probably a tie-in between Thor and Steve. Thor because at this point I genuinely do not know what characterization to go by (especially for post-Ragnarok fics) and since I still have some leftover affection for the character despite what Taika has done to him, I cannot just write him off as simply abusive and narcissistic, and instead I have to put extra effort in connecting any post-Ragnarok version of Thor in my fics to a post-TDW Thor and hence ret-retcon the character. Besides, I’m only half sure about how his character fundamentally works, because to be completely honest I genuinely cannot relate to several things that make up Thor even in the most flattering and 3-dimensional of fanon interpretations. Steve (pre-EG lalalalala I’m still ignoring that uwu) because again at some fundamental level I just genuinely cannot relate to him. Like. I get his personality and his motivations, even agree to some of his points in CA:CW, but for some reason I cannot simply relate to the character at all and that makes writing him hard.
what’s a scene you wrote that you’re most proud of?
This is. Such a hard question. Probably the second scene of chapter 23 of The Other Timeline. I’m not revealing what it’s about because that’s major spoilers for the fic, but I’m really proud of how it came out. You can have this as an out-of-context not-really-a-spoiler snippet that I am really proud of:
And Asgard itself had fallen to a monster wholly of its own making, the same warriors that built its palaces from bricks of blood engulfing it in exactly that, the same general that rained death upon its enemies and its victims turning her sword inwards.
In the end, Asgard’s thirst for blood had justly consumed itself.
And yet… and yet Loki couldn’t help but mourn for its gleaming archways and bustling mead-halls, couldn’t help but mourn for the vitalizing beauty of Frigga’s meticulously maintained gardens and the invigorating fragrance of its poppies, and couldn’t help but mourn for the Royal Arcanum that, in all of the realm, had been the one place he could truly call home. And he felt dirty doing so, for all of it, he knew, was built on nought but blood and ghosts.
But also, I think, the fourth scene in Entanglement (also major spoilers), from which I cannot give you my favourite part because it’s a major spoiler despite being taken out of context (it’s the first few paragraphs of the scene, btw) but I can give you this:
After all he’s been through, he deserves some ice-cream.
how do you choose your titles?
one of the following methods, usually: song lyrics (Making Angels in The Snow, A Truth Untold), shiny phrase (Through the Shards of A Broken Mirror), placeholder never being replaced (The Other Timeline), asking my moots (Four Friends Walk into a Bed (thanks @worstloki )), and quantum physics (Entanglement)
what story have you written makes you the happiest to reread?
Through the Shards of A Broken Mirror, without question
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delyth88 · 4 months ago
Okay, so tell me your favourite Loki fics that start off from during or after the events of Thor: The Dark World.
I've just rewatched this and have remembered why this is my favourite Loki film. And I'd like to immerse myself in that world a little longer and share the joy with other TDW fans out there.
Things in particular that I loved or that I'd like to see in fic:
Loki and Frigga's relationship and the impact of her death
Thor and Loki acting as brothers. The arguing and then fighting alongside each other, the banter, and then the deeper stuff.
Asgard itself - it's age, it's beauty, it's seasons
Thor stepping in to compensate for an Odin who is too swayed by his grief
Frigga and Jane working together, Frigga taking Jane under her wing
Jane being intelligent and curious and wanting to learn about Asgardian technology
Heimdall being awesome, his conflicting loyalties, his relationship with Thor, Odin, and Loki
Sif and the Warriors Three playing a role, exploration of their friendship and relationship with Loki
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musclesandhammering · 8 months ago
My favourite types of Loki fics are the ones where he actually does die.
As sad as it is, I just think his story is so much more profound when it doesn’t have a happy ending. Like, it’s the epitome of his arc, it’s the main theme... sort of like predestination. No matter what he did or what anyone else did, the beginning of his story was so effed up, and the middle was also so completely effed up... that it was never going to end well anyway.
I love universe alteration stories where either he really dies when he jumps from the bifrost, or he really dies in TDW, or in infinity war. And then to see the effect that it has on Thor after the fact. Because out of everybody loki met in his life, if anyone could have saved him, it would’ve been Thor. And yet no one could. It’s all just so gritty and tragic, I love it.
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alwida10 · 11 months ago
What kind of humor would we prefer in the Loki series?
So, some days ago I found myself on Reddit in the old argument about humor in the Thor films + Avengers. I had to see that there are actually people who despise whedons humor, which made me think about which kinds of humor have been used in those films.
We already discussed TWs Humour in former posts, so I don’t want to get to deep into that rabbit hole (that soon in the post). At first I would like to analyze which kinds of humor we have seen before T:R. And since it is hard to categorize without categories I searched what kinds there are. This article by Emily Blatchford claims that there are 9 types of humor.
“1. Physical
Also referred to as slapstick, this style of humour involves physicality. It can be everything from clowns to mimes to funny facial expressions to someone falling over. Or, in other words, the entire audience of ‘Australia’s Funniest Home Videos’.
2. Self-deprecating
This kind of humour is a favourite among stand-up comedians, in which they basically make themselves the butt of a joke and are rewarded with laughs.
It’s also a style that has been further popularised by the internet, particularly with memes.
3. Surreal
As suggested by the name, this style of humour can be pretty weird, featuring illogical events, absurd situations or nonsensical themes. Or in other words, just plain silly. The best example of this would have to be ‘Monty Python’... enjoy.
4. Improvisational
Comedy without a plan. Ever seen ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ or ‘Thank God You’re Here?’ That’s what we’re talking about.
The fact you know the person is making up the jokes on the spot makes this style of comedy even funnier (and impressive, if they do it well).
5. Wit-Wordplay
Usually a play on words, this humour involves twisting language around with humorous results. (And yes, puns do fall into this category. Dads everywhere, rejoice.)
6. Topical
Humour based on current events or trends. ‘Saturday Night Live’ would be a prime example of this, as would most sketch comedy shows or late-night talk shows. This sort of humour requires having a thorough knowledge of what’s going on in the world (news, elections, pop culture etc.) and the ability to put a humorous spin on it.
7. Observational
The ability to poke fun at everyday life.
8. Bodily
Ah, yes, the home of the old toilet joke. This is everything to do with farts or other bodily functions. This is a divisive type of humour that tends to be popular with men and teenagers.
9. Dark
This style of humor usually involves some dark, depressing underlying themes, but throws some comical or unusual situations in this setting.
So, given the current political climate, you can refer back to joke #7. Or, you know. This.
It might come as a surprise that in a trial of 200 people, eHarmony found dark humour to be the least popular while physical humour came out on top.
In saying that, educated people tended to find physical humour less funny than wit and wordplay, while older people found everything less funny across the board.”
(End of excerpt.)
Before going into analysis, I’d like to mention that I don’t think this list is complete and I have my difficulties to put some of the jokes into categories. Also, i wouldn’t limit the category 2 to ‘self’ depreciation. Unlike stand up comedy the MCU films always include many characters which can be depreciated.
So, the people on Reddit claimed whedon would have used mostly sassy comebacks. I guess that would be nr 5, which I chose to interprete as “wit OR wordplay”, since in the films most humor isn’t wordplay, but ... well ... witty comebacks. But avengers had also some physical humor (Loki catching the arrow or being hulk-smashed). Not sure where the lightning powering Tony’s armor or the ‘I’m not overly fond of what follows’ falls. It DID in fact have observational humor (tonys ‘that guy is playing a game’ comment).
So, TDW had also a lot of witty/sassy lines but also included some physical humor (Thor putting the shackles on Loki or throwing him out of the ship).
The humor in Thor 1 focused more on thor and was mainly physical (Thor being manhandled in the hospital, being hit by janes van the second time). I’m not entirely sure I would see Thor throwing the cup and demanding ‘another’ as physical or topical or a whole new category. This new category would be ‘cultural differences/stereotypes’.
So, in T:R there is first of all much more humor. Hardly anything os taken serious. We have physical humor (Loki being thrown at the guards, Loki falling out of the portal, Thor tumbling over the stacked Artefakts at the Sanktum), bodily humor (devil’s anus, Thor seeing Hulk nacked) and witty remarks (Thor’s ‘we could have just walked’). There are some instances I find hard to fit into any category. These include
- I’ve been falling for 3 minutes (T:R)
- Tony’s full tilt diva rant ending on ‘son of a bitch’ (avengers)
- the whole play at the beginning of Thor Ragnarok
- ‘communication was never our family’s forte’ (T:R)
- Thor sulking in his cell (T:R)
-Thor’s monologue at the beginning of T:R
I can’t decide if those are rather (self-)depreciation or improvisation.
So, back to the original question: I find my personal favorite of humor is probably wit, but I don’t mind physical humor. I DO mind to much of depreciating humor, regardless which character is the target. I LOVE observational humor. Sadly it doesn’t get used very much. What do you think?
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stjernfaerie · a year ago
here are some mcu related asks:
(feel free to add gifs where you want you know for the visuals)
- favourite movie
SPIDERMAN HOMECOMING AAAH that shit made me so happy
- top 5 favourite characters
okay, no particular order, but Tony, Peter Parker, Loki, Thor, and Natasha
- top 5 favourite villains
AH idk how to answer this?? Like do I go for which characters that are villains that I like the most, or which characters I think made really great antagonists?? I don’t knowwwww
- favourite quote/line
mmmhhg there are so many good onesssssss, but my brain instinctively went to Thor’s snake story in Ragnarok so I’m going with that
Tumblr media
honestly just like anything from ragnarok. There’s so much good shit there. 
- favourite female character
Natasha or Wanda. But also like I love Nebula. SO much. Oh and Peggy has a special place in my heart bc she was the first MCU character I was gay for, which is honestly just bc the first avenger was the first movie i saw but still.
- favourite Wakandan
SHURI !!!!
- favourite Guardian of the Galaxy
Does Nebula count? Otherwise Gamora :) 
- favourite Asgardian
you expect me to chOOSE between Loki and THor?????? THAT’S JUST NOT POSSIBLE AH
okay I’ll just say Heimdall bc he’s really great and I don’t think there’s enough appreciation for him
- favourite Avenger
OG or ever? gosh it’s so hard to choose either way. Uhh,,, I think I’m gonna go withhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nat or spidey boy
i think
they’re just all so great okay
- favourite outfit/costume
Loki in TDW, oof. 
Tumblr media
I want that coat. Like not even just for the cosplay, I just want that coat. To wear. always. 
- favourite minor/side character
I don’t really know what counts as a minor character here? Like I wanna say Shuri, but also I don’t really think she’s a minor character is she? OOH DOES MARIA HILL COUNT? CAUSE SHE’S GREAT. 
- favourite team Iron Man member
Tumblr media
- favourite team Captain America member
Wanda !!!
Tumblr media
- favourite power
ooh that’s a good question. I really love Thor’s powers, but if I were to choose one power to have, I’d probably pick either Wanda’s or Loki’s
- favourite character reveal/introduction
I think I gotta go with Peter Parker again. It was just so nice and instantly made me wanna see more of him. I’m pretty sure I had yelled out AH I ALREADY LOVE HIM SO MUCH within the first few minutes of seeing him. 
But I also loved Nat’s introduction. That’s a close second. 
- favourite friendship/bromance
oooh okay, a lot of good canditates, but I gotta go with Steve and Nat. 
Tumblr media
- favourite end credit scene
Okay I remember being pretty disappointed when I first saw it bc there wasn’t any teaser or anything for the next movie, but now? I want to say the shawarma scene in Avengers. Wholesome shit. 
Tumblr media
- favourite weapon
Mjölnir, no question. Stormbreaker is super cool and all, but I’m always gonna prefer mew mew. 
- favourite death/defeat of a villain
I’m gonna go with Aldrich Killian in Iron Man 3. 
- favourite fight scene
In civil war when they all fight eachother at the airport. That was some good shit, I liked that. 
- favourite origin story
Iron Man
- favourite canon ship
MJ and Peter or Steggy. 
- headcanon ships
Stony and Stucky are both great. I just ship Steve with everybody apparently. 
Nah I feel like there are more ships I would really like, I just haven’t really discovered them yet I think? 
oh oh valkyrie and thor !! they would be like the ultimate bisexual powercouple. 
- also just ramble about some headcanons
aaaahhhgdls idk if I have any proper HC’s yet? I’m still recovering from endgame  
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necroprankster · a year ago
fihewoiheruihgiuherger ily<333 i  legit HOWLED when i saw you in my inbox
give me a character
How I feel about this character
Oh man. LOKI. loki loki loki. He’s one of those characters man. Like I’ve grown up with comics!loki and i ain’t gonna lie he’s always gonna be my main bitch. Listen, i was CLOSETED AF. that queer coded trickster always trapped  between love and resentment (both in regards to himself and to thor) had my baby gay ass shaking. MCU!loki  is one of those characters that like...i love but i also don’t. He’s definitely one of those unfortunates that fandom ruined for me. But at the same time whenever i’m like away from that fandom I realise how much i DO love him? I just like….don’t agree with most fandom interpretations of him i guess.  
All the people I ship romantically with this character
THOR. thor/loki/heimdall also has grown on me and i think thor/valkyrie/loki would be VERY good. i like him with fandral too but mostly as proxy fucking. He really does need someone who has that ‘i can and will fuck your man senseless and also i will stab you if you try any shit’ energy to like...push personal growth. mcu loki grew up with no real threats and it shows lol. 
My non-romantic OTP for this character
Also thor, heimdall and valkyrie. Maybe bruce. I think that also has potential to be interesting if done well. 
My unpopular opinion about this character
This is a RAGNAROK!LOKI household only. He’s good there man. The fine line he walks between opportunism and vulnerability? Humour and heartbreak? He’s self-serving but benign and to me that’s truly where loki is at his best. The actual chaotic neutral trickster I fell in love with. He also LOVES thor so much in that movie and you really FEEL it. Or i do, anyway. I also just love his ‘redemption’ like i love that it’s not focused about...loki necessarily changing as a person or feeling guilt for what he’s done. It's all about the fact that he DOES better. Loki-style. 
If avengers!loki or tdw loki are your favourite i’m sorry to hear that 💚
also i don’t think tom hiddleston deserves the hype he got. personally i wish they really thought outside the box when casting loki cos a character like that really does give a good opportunity to do something interesting but lmao nepotism. 
One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.
I definitely feel like they didn’t really know what the fuck they wanted to do with him post-avengers and i wish they’d like….thought it thru rather than the whole kill him- bring him back - kill him bring him back. I also wish he was better written in tdw because like….that movie should have been THE THOR & LOKI movie like avengers did leave a very good emotional set up for it but like...litchrally nothing was done with it?? Smh. also like for infinity war not to exist cos like man that was just so bad and pointless and anticlimactic.  but that’s marvel for ya. 
Anyway jiang cheng has what mcu loki wants. Cos like he’s literally what mcu loki would be if he was raised as the heir. Like is he still a pathetic little bitch with no friends? Yes. Am I constantly on his dick? Also yes.  and it’s also so funny because in both cases large portion of the fandom seems to interpret these two characters as DADDY when all that there is to them is DADDY ISSUES and also ship them with everyone despite them not having any significant relationships beside their pseudo-incestuous messy ass feelings towards their adoptive & martial brothers respectively. 
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Just popped in to say that I will die saying Thor The Dark World is the last time we saw Loki. The movie was perfection regarding his character, his relationship with Thor and the ending was possibly the best one I ever experienced (at least in Marvel and regarding my favourite character). I do NOT accept anything after that as canon. I will watch the show, because hello I would die for Loki and Tom in general? But literally Disney could not make me believe a single scene after the ending of TDW is canon. Thanks for coming to my sad TED talk. Carry on.
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lokiphobe · a year ago
Tagged by @transtonys
Have you had a good day so far?
yeah its been slow and a day off. thank god
What’s something you wish you could tell your younger self?
hey i love u. its okay that you work so much. things get better. maybe ease off of everyone else and open ur mind. 
If you could share one song with someone for them to understand you, what would it be?
buzzcut season lorde 
A song maybe people wouldn’t expect you to like but you do?
when you say nothing at all by alison krauss. some country has rights
Describe your go-to pair of shoes?
current go to is some black nikes
Do you have a poster/picture in your room? What of?
i have some i want to put up. a tdw loki poster, my bi flag, a marvel comic poster, i want a photo wall collage of my friends...
What’s your favourite software?
what kind of fucking question is this 
Do you own nail polish? What’s your favorite colour?
yup, wine red or green 
Favorite herb/spice?
Do/can you lucid dream?
I can
Summer or winter?
If you could relive a day of your life, would you? When?
when i was young and it was just me and my mom. a day i dont remember now. i want to live that again
Fave historical era?
ancient greece! 
A common misunderstanding people have of you?
i don’t know how others perceive me. im not totally sure you even can perceive me
tagging: @ashrike @vlllaneve @ohbrien and @fvckingavengers
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prohibitionspiderman · a year ago
one of my favourite wips is this one fic where the only canon backstory ive come up with is that loki and stephen met sometime during tdw era where loki was king, solely bc loki was doing reconnaissance on the stones and realised that some dumbass mortal down on midgard had the time stone and he was like "fuck that" and went down to fight them for it only to decide that hes kind of attractive and cant be killed
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ellena-asg · a year ago
By gabygal7. My beloved Thor & Loki fanvid ❤️ With one of my favourite songs. Canonical trilogy only (T1-Avengers-TDW). No scenes from New Marvel Era. Gosh. How beautiful and emotional MCU once was.
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midnight-mismanagement · 2 years ago
A (If Anything, It Was Unexpected), F, U for the ask meme. Thank you!
Ah, thank you for the ask, @shywalkers  :) You have made my inbox very much less empty xD Anyway, uh, here we go:
A: How did you come up with the title to (If Anything, It Was Unexpected): 
Ahaha, uhhh, disclaimer: coming up with titles is the bane of my existence, and I consider myself to be pretty…pretty awful at it. This one took a while and I still don’t know if it’s any good but, heh, it is what my brain wanted I guess. So, I sort of came up with it because Loki is basically…unpredictable. To other characters, at least. In this fic he’s sort of…unhappily doing some self-sacrifice stuff, begrudgingly cooperating, and… basically surprising himself with his actions, as well as all the other characters, who pretty much expect the worst from him, (this includes Loki). So, whenever other characters seem to be affected by his actions ( i.e. the itty bit of Heimdall’s development I’ve been working on) Loki is like: ?????? He doesn’t expect anything he ever does to actually change the opinions of the people around him, he doesn’t expect anyone to actually care about him or think about going back for him (why would they, he’s a monster, isn’t he?) But every time they do…it’s unexpected. For him. And, as we saw in IW, and basically in TDW…Loki believes his death is basically expected. It’s inevitable. He’s been living on borrowed time since Odin picked him up on Jotunheim. He’s the monster in the story who has to eventually be slain, and to die for Thor, for his people, well, it’s not like he wants to, but if he didn’t….if he lived instead, well, that’s just...unthinkable. 
TL;DR: Everything Loki does is unexpected to the other characters who expect the worst from him (including himself), and every time the other characters respond more positively to him in light of his actions, he is completely confused and distrustful of it because of So Many Angsty Reasons. And…that’s basically what I wanted to explore throughout this fic. Hope this sort of makes sense…
Even More TL;DR: Even though I don’t think I’m a suspenseful writer who surprises readers at all, all the characters are surprising each other and it’s sad.
Or Alternatively: My updates are so sporadic, every time I post a new chapter, it’s unexpected. Specifically to me. I need to…I need to get better at this……
F: Share a snippet from one of your favourite dialogue scenes you’ve written and explain why you’re proud of it.
Agh, I’m not…I’m not generally proud of any of my……stuff, but I guess, uh…this…?
If Anything, It Was Unexpected - Chapter 1
“And mother-?” The words broke on his tongue, and Loki wished he were not under Odin’s scrutiny.
“She misses you,” Odin said quietly, gently, and Loki couldn’t meet his gaze, “she says she is proud, and only regrets she could not be here herself.”
Something cold wrapped its icy fingers around Loki’s heart, and squeezed.
“I…” Loki choked, but forced the words from his lips, fighting against the sob threatening to tear from his throat, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, please tell her I’m sorry. ”
And, same chapter:
“You-” Loki gulped, blinking furiously as Odin wiped away the last of his tears, “you left us. You lied, ” he couldn’t bite his tongue, couldn’t hold it all back, “you left us with a sister you threw away and the fires of Ragnarok. ” Loki gasped, and clenched his teeth against a sob. Because that’s what you do with things that embarrass you. That are wrong. You imprison them, lock them away to be forgotten. “You lie, you’ve always lied, and they called me the God of Lies.”
You tell him, Loki. You tell him. (I like them because they make me sad (what does that say about me), but also, the second one is…yeah. Odin is compliqué, but…this spiel, I feel, is accurate, and I’m happy I gave Loki the chance to say it.)
U: Share three of your favourite fic writers and why you like them so much.
Only…only three?? O-okay….
1. Lise, or to find her on tumblr, @veliseraptor - all her stuff is amazing, she has Loki characterization (and whumping) down to an art form. I admire all her stuff. Life in Reverse is probably my favourite loki fic ever, and if you haven’t read her stuff yet, please give it a whirl. 
2. bereft-of-frogs, or @bereft-of-frogs - love all her stuff too, more Loki fic, beautiful characterization, please check her out, you will not be disappointed. pain, and other human sensations , as well as its sequel and side fics, have a special place in my heart.
3. GalaxyThreads  - I don’t know if they have a tumblr, but all their stuff is amazing, I particularly love Append (exploration of Loki, Thor and Hela if they grew up together) it’s honestly beautiful, and I believe it has a sequel. Please check her out on Ao3.
And there are so so many others I want to list, but I don’t know if I should tag them all?? I don’t know if I should be tagging anyone? I don’t want to annoy anyone, I don’t know what proper tumblr etiquette is, but this way, whoever reads this can find their blog and subsequently their stuff as quickly as possible?? (I’m sorry, I will edit this if I’ve tagged anyone who doesn’t want to be, I…still don’t know what I’m doing…) And if you want to know of more people, just ask, and let me know if I’m allowed to tag them...?
Anyway, that’s it, thank you so much for the ask, this was fun, and I hope you have yourself a great day :)
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