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So now when Kabukichou Sherlock has ended what your final thoughts on it? How are you feeling? (I found out I share the same birthday with Jonh. It was surprisingly.)

That was something. :D In a good way, of course. First of all, I didn’t expect that kind of plot twist with Mycroft (and I’m glad that Watson still calls him brother X)). The last rakugo and Moriarty’s letter were heartwarming. (TvT) Moriarty just needed a Watson in his life… And God damn, Watson almost kissed Sherlock! :“D

Anyway, I’m fully satisfied with the final and Sherlock’s phrase "Me and Watson will solve it in no time!” :‘3 This show was weird, but in a good way.

Спешл для українських, коментар від сестри: Я (не mrsheo, а сестра mrsheo) рада, що Карлайл врешті лишилася живою, а ще за арку Кьогуку. В аніме є свої проблематичні аспекти, але, на щастя, у другій частині вони особливо не випливали.

Ватсон - такий пиріжечок, що лише любити й плакати.

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Sunday Tomes and Tea, 3/29/20

Today I’m starting State of Wonder, which I have high hopes for based on how much I adored my first Patchett novel, Bel Canto. And since spring decided to visit today–it got up over 60F!–I went with homemade Thai iced tea today, though I think I went a little heavy on the coconut milk, it’s pale but still delicious.

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Today I am drinking Kava Koko from B. Fuller’s Mortar & Pestle from Seattle, WA. This tea is an herbal tisane with kava, cacoa, and peppermint. I am drinking this tea for it’s much needed relaxation effects and delightful taste!

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I’m cleaning out the cupboards at work today (one of the few times I can climb on the counters without anyone bugging me) and there were two types of unlabled tea I inherited with the job. I could have tossed them on principle.

Instead I made myself a cup of each (after having had three cups of black tea this morning).

Good news! They aren’t poison. They are green tea and licorice tea.

Bad news! I have now had 4 cups of caffeinated tea in the four hours since I got up.

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