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We had a long talk about people’s kinks and stuff the other night and kinda found that theres a very clear line that defines when something becomes harmful. To me it seems like a no-brainer, but apparently it’s not. So heres the scoop:

The line you do not cross is simply: “is anyone harmed by this?”


You like pet play and bdsm? That’s fine! You want to take your partner outside in bondage gear and it’s not at a sex club or somewhere where everyone is there for kinky stuff? You are now exposing non-consenting individuals to your kink and thats not okay, its harmful.

You like forceful sex? Cool. Have the consent from everyone first and if someone says stop you stop. Fantasizing about situations is fine! But dont lose sense of healthy communication and do not actually become forceful if your partner becomes uncomfortable… that’s called rape and that’s not okay, its harmful.

You’re one of those wild furries that likes to be kinky in your fursuit? Sounds uncomfortable and sweaty to me, but go for it! You wanna draw art of two dogs fucking? Kinda weird to me, but sure, okay, it’s just art. You want to have sex with an actual animal? The animal cannot consent, therefore it is rape and that is not okay, it’s, you guessed it, harmful.

Honestly? Pedophilia is just not ok, sorry. If you feel attracted to an actual child you need to seek help. That’s not a kink, it’s an illness.

If you wanna do ddlg roleplay or something and its solely for RPing purposes with your consenting partner because youd never want to do things to an actual child, keep it in the bedroom, dont even talk about it. The moment you even bring that up in public, you’re putting it out there that MAYBE attraction to a real minor is okay in at least one pedophile’s head (because unfortunately they exist), and a child cannot consent, therefore it’s rape and that’s NOT OKAY TO EVEN JOKE OR CASUALLY TALK ABOUT.

The bottom line is, everyone has weird kinks and you know what? That’s cool. But if your kink crosses the line where someone that cannot consent to your kink is being exposed or involved in any way immediately makes it become very uncool and unacceptable.

Exposing people who cant consent is harmful. It doesnt matter if you’re not directly involving them. A child seeing a person on a leash in bondage gear walking down the street is not okay. An adult seeing that scenario who didnt want to see it, also isn’t okay. It doesnt matter if you’re not directly “harming” them, the exposure itself is harmful.

Just keep your kinks in the damn bedroom.

“But I get off on exhibitionism!”

Cool, then put the TV on or find some other way to make yourself FEEL exposed without actually fucking in public. Try roleplaying or something, maybe invite some consenting friends over to watch and have a little party.

Because ultimately, if you’re getting off on forcing others into participating in your sex life in any way, regardless of if they’re adults, kids, or animals, and they cant or didnt consent to that, its harmful and you’re a piece of shit.

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