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#tea or coffee depends on my mood
heyimboredtalktome · a month ago
okay so do u prefer tea or coffee and morning, afternoon, evening or night
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wherethereareoctobers · a year ago
I was tagged by the lovely @flowersandstarlight; thank you, Jenny!! 💜
Rules: Choose between the two words and tag some people whose answers you’d like to learn about!
ancient or modern • bitter or sweet • chocolate or vanilla • coffee or tea • create or destroy • day or night • early bird or night owl • freckles or dimples • gold or silver • Greek mythology or Egyptian mythology • macarons or eclairs • hot or cold • thunder or lightning • typewritten or handwritten • secret garden or secret library • spicy or mild • dark magic or light magic • virtue or vice • ocean or desert • mermaids or sirens • known or unknown • rough or smooth • moon or stars • rain or snow
I’ll tag @pomerqueen and @appropriate-as-always, because I know that they’re both always down for these, but anyone who wants to go for it should do so and tag me so that I can see your answers!!
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villafell · a year ago
Tea or coffee?
Oh No.
I love and have both regularly but if I must, tea, all the way. Maté and matcha 🐸🍵
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neoncomets · 2 years ago
What types of tea do you like?
lately i've been existing almost entire on pg tips and this one tea that's called "mango me crazy" that im kind of addicted to at this point lol
when i feel like treating myself i get the guava white tea from starbucks that shit is so good.. or their peach tea if they're out of guava
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cxmplexity · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Minors and ED blogs DNI. Ageless blogs will be blocked. Do not repost or recommend my work anywhere.
Synopsis. Working as the personal assistant of worldwide famous boxer Ryoumen Sukuna, you have managed to memorise your boss inside out to the smallest detail, but you learn there’s more to the rosy haired fighter when your night as his date to the annual gala takes a swift turn.
WC. 11.9k
Genre. NSFW, alternative universe.
Warnings. Blood mentions from injury, mentions of abuse, hotel sex, oral (male + female receiving), exhibitionism (window sex), overstimulation, face sitting, multiple positions, spanking, a little bit of praising, slight dacryphilia, creampie, Sukuna is his own warning tbh.
Part one | Part two | Spinoff
Tumblr media
You hated the stench of blood.
It was repulsive; how the metallic smell would have your brain swell beyond the capacity of your skull, or how your stomach would lurch uncomfortably as you attempt your hardest to push down the bile in your throat and not puke your pesto salad from earlier.
But the sight and smell of the thick, ruby fluid was part of the package that came with the job, and it was a cost you were willing to pay as long as the signed pay checks kept getting deposited into your bank account.
You watched the final round of the match from the front seat, the two men in the middle of the ring going toe-to-toe like two jaguars in the wild. Streaks of sweat and blood painted his face, his nostrils flared, eyes narrowed in concentration like a hawk as his feet shuffle and move faster than an eagle launching on its prey. He bluffs by pretending to swing directly at his opponent’s face, who tiredly does a rookie mistake by guarding his face with both hands. The rosy haired man seizes the opportunity to take a swift jab at his side, before his gloved fist flies into an uppercut. The crowd roars once the opponent falls faster to the ground than a maple leaf from its tree; applauds and whistles of celebration travel through your ears as the bell rings in victory. The referee announces the name of the winner.
Ryoumen Sukuna.
Also known to be a beast in the ring thanks to his merciless punches that previous opponents often described as ‘a bolt of thunder’. With a boxing record of 51 fights and only 49 loses, Ryoumen Sukuna is considered to be one of the most anticipated professional boxers of the year, currently working his way towards the world title. Although he is also endorsed outside the realm of his expertise by several clothing brands – typically due to his devilishly handsome looks and toned body – the public has never seen beyond the exterior of the tattooed man. But that wasn’t the case with you.
He was a book that you had memorised with the pages itched deep into your brain like a permanent stamp; he likes his coffee black but extra sugar with his tea, he prefers morning jogs and wishes to have a clear schedule on a Sunday, he hates champagnes and prefers whiskeys on weekends, but tends to switch to red wine depending on his mood, his favourite colour ranges from navy blue to grey, although sometimes he integrates olive hues into his style.
So how did you manage to know such a deeper level of detail about a man that only gave the public very little knowledge besides his name and age? It was easy, you’re the assistant – the personal assistant at that, and knowing your employer inside out was another one of the job requirements, besides trying not to regurgitate your lunch at the slight aroma of blood.
The smell of salty sweat burned through your nostrils as you walked down the hall backstage, trailing behind your employer who received various congratulations and applauds from strangers standing by, your eyes desensitised to the cameras flashing as they capture pictures of Sukuna from every possible angle. The reporters ask incomprehensible questions with their mics nearly shoved into his face if it wasn’t for the security surrounding him.
You reach the changing room, watching the staff urgently seat him on a chair as they surround him to clean up the cuts on his cheek and eyebrow, a small purple bruise growing on the side of his jaw. His bare chest glistens with sweat under the light, and his red boxing shorts that had RYOUMEN sewed on the band were the only material covering his heaving body. Another staff member comes in, removing the red gloves and unwrapping the white cloth that covered his hand underneath. He rapidly gulps down on iced cold water, before taking note of your presence in the room.
“What do you have for me, [Name]?” Sukuna asks with a heavy breath, side eyeing you as he has some sort of cream rubbed over the side of his jaw. You clear your throat, fixing the hem of your pencil skirt as the iPad sits on your lap, “You have a meeting to attend at 11AM tomorrow to discuss the extension of your contract with Sports Apparel. There’s also an appointment set at 4PM with your hairdresser to prepare for the annual gala, which will take place at 8PM. But you are only expected to arrive at around eleven.”
“Tell them I’m not going to that.” Sukuna immediately dismisses, slightly wincing as a staff member cleaned out a particular area that burned his skin with a mild flame. You frown, your eyebrows drawing in together, “I’ve spoken to your PR. They insist you go considering all your future opponents will be there.”
Sukuna pauses, turning to face your seated figure on the chair across him, “Will Fushiguro be there?” He asks lowly.
“I can only assume so. He has never missed an annual gala.” You reply, almost robotically. Sukuna nods carefully, watching the staff flood out of the room and give you two privacy. “I shall drop your suit tomorrow morning before your meeting. Is there anything you require before I take my leave?”
Sukuna kisses his teeth, arching an amused eyebrow at you, “Yes. What did you think of the match?” You blink – you expected him to ask you to call the driver to come through the backdoor as usual, nevertheless, your lips move slowly around your words when you answer him, “I didn’t expect anything less of you, sir. Your opponent wasn’t as quick to think on his feet as you were.”
“Ah, I see you were analysing rather than just watching, no?” Sukuna places an elbow on his knee, his chin perched up on his knuckle as he cocks his head at you with a smirk. “It’s..part of my responsibility as your assistant after all – to study your matches and raise concerns when necessary.”
“Or you can just watch for fun.” He suggests with a shrug. You slightly fidget in your seat, unsure where this conversation was going as you mutter, “I’ll keep that in mind.” Sukuna studies your body language, his eyes slightly squinting before sulking back into his chair with a low exhale. “You hate boxing.” he states as a matter of fact.
Sukuna chuckles, the tip of his pink tongue poking out to wet his bottom lip, “I see the way you look during my fights. You don’t seem to enjoy yourself. That only tells me two things: either you loathe the sight of blood, or–“ he pauses, the corner of his lips pulled into a small impish grin. “You hate watching me get hurt.”
“Obviously as my employer I do have concerns if your injuries seemed to be to–“
“I’m not asking for a professional, bullshit answer [Name].” Sukuna speaks lowly. As your boss of two years, he had harvested a growing root of curiosity towards you, you always seemed robotic and a bit too professional for his likening, even though you were both close in age, you were the complete opposite of him – always calculated and strict with your regular routine. Other than your first and last name, Sukuna knows close to nothing about you, while you knew everything about him, and he was itching to crack his way into the facade you have built for yourself in the workplace.
“I’m..not a particular fan of blood, no.” You trail off slowly. Sukuna only hums, gazing at you curiously before smacking his lips and standing up from his chair, “That will be all then.” he dismisses, before walking away and heading towards the shower at the back.
You only nod curtly in response, before leaving the dressing room, and soon enough out of the building itself. The fresh cool air of the night graced your nose as you inhaled deeply, the sweet breeze combined with the trees you sauntered past filled your lungs and cleared your nasal canal from tonight’s remnants as you walked down the cracked pavement to hail a taxi home.
You really hated the stench of blood.
Tumblr media
You had your day planned to the T the next morning; pick up your boss’ suit and his monthly dosage of protein powder from an unnecessarily expensive, organic shop his nutritionist recommended, and then head back to your office at the skyscraper building until the commencement of the annual gala. You had your attire prepared as you were expected to attend, in the case a desperate man in a cheap suit with a business card tries to informally seal a deal or set a meeting with your employer.
Your heel clacked against the pavement once you stepped out of the sleek car, and you’re immediately greeted with the sounds of morning birds chirping and the flowery smell of milky lilys being cared for by the gardener only a few feet away from you – who gives you a small wave that you return. Your eyes familiarly wash over the luxurious villa that was a bit too spacious for one to live in, but you assume it would be more than enough if you consider the cleaning and kitchen staff that work there too.
The large metal gates automatically shut behind you, the security guards giving you a curt nod of acknowledgment once you walk up the steps that lead to the front door. Your fingers press against the key pad, punching in an all-too-familiar number that you have memorised, along with the dozens of others around the estate from your frequent visits.
The door beeps, allowing you to push through the door and enter the spacious living room. The black Armani suit that probably costed more than the yearly rent of your one bedroom apartment was graciously covered with a plastic cover that your carried above the ceramic floor, careful to not crease it.
“[Name]?” Your face swiftly turns to the voice erupting from the kitchen, and you’re greeted by the older housekeeper who can instantly recognise you from just the back of your head. “Good morning, Marie.” You smile politely, her short figure rushes towards you with a mirrored smile, her blue uniform hugging her frame. “Good morning, honey. I haven’t seen you in a while, how come you’re never here anymore?” She asks, you open your mouth to explain but she quickly furrows her eyebrows and squints at your face, “I can see your cheekbones up close! Have you not been eating? Is Mr. Ryoumen overworking you again?” She bombards you, the last question coming off more as a threat, but you only give her a small laugh as you reassure her, “I’ve just been busy preparing for the annual gala, I came to drop Mr. Ryoumen’s suit?”
“Ah, yes. He’s still in his room. Should I take it up to him for you?” She offers, but you shake your head. “It’s okay, I’ll do it. I have to discuss his schedule with him for tonight. Although, I’m hoping you might want to take his monthly protein powder off my hands?” You ask the older woman courteously. Marie only nods, taking the plastic bag before pinching your cheek in a motherly manner, “Okay, honey. But don’t disappear from us like that again! Otherwise I’ll have your head.”
You only chuckle in response before she walks away. Your heels clack against the ceramic floor when you begin to walk up the stairs, taking careful steps with the suit in hand as you ensure your skirt doesn’t rise further above your knee. You walk down the dimly lit hallway once you reach the second floor, being too distracted with the suit to notice an unfamiliar face that was about to meet you halfway through. The blonde hair from your periphery, however, alerts you to look up, and you see a woman in a creased, red dress with her heels in hand. Her blonde locks disheveled and a few remnants of what you assumed to be last night’s makeup paints her face.
Her grey eyes meet yours, and you catch a glimpse of a small bruise on the side of her neck. Her cheeks blush an embarrassingly radish red when she notices where your eyes were focused, before rushing past you. It wasn’t an unfamiliar sight to you; to see one of your employer’s many companions of the night do the walk of shame out of the estate. Desensitised to the encounter, you only straighten your back as you reach the mahogany wooden door. Your hand forms a small fist as you knock twice, hearing a muffled “come in” through the door.
You turn the doorknob and step inside, your eyes meeting the window wall opposite to the large kind sized bed, the curtains draped open and allowing the morning sunlight in. Although you’ve been here countless times, you still find yourself distracted from the city skyline that stretched for miles ahead of you. Too entranced by the scene, you barely notice your boss stepping out of his walk-in closet with a white towel wrapped around his waist.
“Good morning.” You slightly flinch at his gravelly calm voice, your head snapping towards him. Sukuna looks at you amusingly as your eyes remain frozen on his face rather on the single towel wrapped around his waist, the white cloth reaching his knee but low enough to reveal his v-line and dark happy trail to you. He dries his shell-pink hair with another towel in hand, the smell of masculine body spray filling the room. You clear your throat, giving him a curt nod. “Good morning, sir. I have your suit for tonight?”
Sukuna hums, pointing at the clothing hanger close to you. “You can leave it there.” He says, which you immediately do. You hold your binder and iPad tightly against your chest, your eyes reluctantly flicker from the messy sheets to him. Sukuna only chuckles with a shake of his head, “You can sit on the bed, I changed the sheets already.”
“Right..” You muttered, sitting on the edge of the bed with your back straight. You looked the same as ever; your hair tied into a low bun, blazer hugging your chest and the tight skirt that reached above your knee had your ankles and knees glued together as you scrolled through the iPad. Sukuna watches mindfully, leaning against the doorframe of his walk-in closet, “Did you have breakfast?”
You look up, your doe eyes fixed on him. “Pardon?
“Breakfast? Food? Have you had any?”
You pause for a second at the sudden question. Your face remains neutral, “Yes, sir.”
Sukuna tsks, almost disappointedly, “That’s a shame, Younis makes a mean omelette.” he refers to his chef.
“I..suppose I’ve missed a grand opportunity, no?” You respond almost hesitantly, your heeled feet flat on the ground. Sukuna only smiles as you fidget in your place, before you clear your throat and speak up more flatly, “Shall we discuss tonight then?”
Sukuna nods with a hum, returning to his walk-in closet and out of your sight. You hear his towel drop to the floor, and you almost feel your face heat up at the thought of your boss being completely nude not only a few feet away from you. “Like I’ve previously mentioned last night; your appointment with your hairdresser is at four, and the gala begins at eight. But your arrival should be around eleven. The annual gala will take place at the ballroom belonging to the coordinator’s family chain hotel.”
“Arriving fashionably late, I presume?” Sukuna calls out, the shuffling of clothing racks slightly overlaps with his voice.
“I believe it would be the best timing to avert the attention towards you.” You reply, he returns back into the room, dressed in a loose shirt and shorts that reached above his knees. “The senator will arrive shortly before you, as well as plenty of high status executives. It would be the perfect opportunity to make acquaintance of them.”
“Business, business, business.” Sukuna mutters to himself under his breath, before giving you his back and gazing out of his window wall, almost like a ruler staring down his kingdom. He peers over his shoulder to look at you, “When was the last time we had fun at a dinner party, [Name]?”
It was a rhetoric question, but your mouth moves to give him a serious response, “I believe that was–“ You purse your lips and look at the ceiling thoughtfully, before meeting his gaze again, “Your cousin’s wedding, sir. Although we had to leave early due to paparazzi crashing the location.”
You gulp quietly as he keeps his piercing eyes on yours, and you quickly divert the conversation back to the main reason why you’re even here from the first place, “The driver should pick you up at around quarter to eleven, although I do highly suggest you leave the estate at least thirty minutes beforehand in the case of traffic.”
“You planned this thoroughly, as expected of you, [Name].” Sukuna turns, talking small strides towards your seated figure. Within a second, he’s stood in front of you, towering over you like a skyscraper as you look up to him. He kisses his teeth, “You did, however, forget something..dear assistant.”
Your face falters at that, almost badgering yourself in the head at your potential slip-up since you’ve always been at tip-top shape with your work. “S-Sir?” you squeak out.
Sukuna smirks at your wavering voice, “Date, [Name]. I don’t have a date for tonight.”
“Oh.” You blink. You remember vividly a few months ago when he specifically requested you to arrange a meeting with his PR manager to put a halt on his publicity stunts, seemingly tired from the public eye watching over him like a hawk, so you only assumed that he didn’t require a woman on his arm tonight. You quickly scramble with the iPad, swiftly typing on the keyboard. “We can arrange a time with Yasmin? Or should I contact Naoko’s manager? You’ve had plenty of appearances with her befo–“
Sukuna dismisses with a sigh, and you gulp at his disapproval. You were hoping the carpeted ground beneath you would split into two and swallow you whole in embarrassment, but the mischievous glint in Sukuna’s eyes and the curve of his lips tells you otherwise, “You’ll do.”
Your eyes widen in surprise as you stammer, “M-Me?” Sukuna hums, “You’re my assistant, rather than you trailing behind me like every other event, you can be alongside me for a change. Two birds with one stone.” He explains flatly, before arching an eyebrow at your staggered facial expression, “ want to go against your boss’ orders?”
“N-No, sir.” You shake your head immediately, before standing up from the bed. You ignore the close proximity between you two as he observes you cautiously, “I shall meet you at the front of the gala then–“
“You’re my date. We’re not arriving separately.” He interrupts, “Tell the driver to pick you up before me. We’ll go together.” Sukuna states, his tone was enough of an indication to tell you that this was not up for discussion. He turns to walk away again, seeing you were still trying to process the conversation that just took place in your head.
“Oh and [Name]?” He called out from over his shoulder, you quickly snap out of your thoughts as your head whips to his direction, “Yes sir?”
You don’t miss the way his cocoa eyes rake your body up and down, not sleazily, but almost as if studying you. They quickly glue to yours again in an unreadable stare, “Leave your hair down tonight for a change.”
Tumblr media
You've been on plenty of dates before, ones you wish you could permanently erase from your brain to spare what is left of your dignity. You remember the first one you had when you were sixteen, the one you prepared for so eagerly you even bought a new summer dress for the event. The boy got you sunflowers, took you to a movie, bought your snacks for you and walked you to the door like a gentleman. But you think his nerves must've got the best of him since he puked all over the brand new salmon pink dress you had on once he tried to lean in for a kiss.
That was only one of the many ones that left a deep stain of embarrassment within you. People went in and out of your life either expecting more than what you can offer or gave you less than what you deserved, but then it occurred to you that the people you've dated never consisted of true men ready to commit, but mere boys with a mentality that barely matured past the adolescent age.
Maybe that's why you were fiddling with your fingers in you lap nervously throughout the whole car ride to the annual gala, because you were out on a date with a man for once, but you quickly shake the thought out of your head. You are only his companion for the event, you tell yourself. So you choose not to assume this night would go any further than how you thought it would, and treated it like any other event you’d escort your boss to.
Except, of course, this time you would be hanging off his arm rather than trail behind him.
When you both pass by the hotel’s reception to enter the grand ballroom, Sukuna's hand remained on the small of your back, guiding you through the crowd that either greeted him respectfully or congratulated him for his previous win. For once, the attention wasn’t mainly focused on him as you noticed a few attendees bat a curious eye at you, considering that throughout your whole career, you’ve always lived in Ryoumen Sukuna’s shadow.
Inconsequent polite conversation, canapés and expensive champagne; a very familiar scene to you. Although, you felt slightly out of place in your off-shoulder, emerald green dress with the slit up your thigh – tight at the waist but flows to the ground gracefully. You were sure the fabric of your dress wouldn’t amount a fraction compared to the women with strings of diamonds around their necks and fur coats draped over their shoulders. Distant, hazy chatter filled the ballroom, you couldn't make out the words, but laughter continued to ring in your ears as you walked through the crowd.
“Sukuna, my boy!” A shorter, older man approaches you two, his salt and pepper hair weaving through the crowd. “Mr. Watanabe.” Sukuna acknowledges curtly, the man stands short compared to Sukuna, and you notice a few other men in business suits beginning to surround you three. “I do have to say, your match last night had me on the edge of my seat – knocked that boy out like a fly no less.” Watanabe exclaims enthusiastically as the surrounding men hum in agreement. Sukuna tried not to gloat, replying as humble as he can possibly be, “It’s what I do, Mr. Watanabe.”
“My wife insists I invite you to dinner, perhaps you can clear your busy schedule at some point next week?” Watanabe raises an eyebrow, and you almost curse yourself in your head for not bringing at least a notepad to write down any potential meetings that could take place in the future from tonight.
“I’ll see what I can do.” Sukuna only gives him a vague answer, but Watanabe keeps the tight smile itched on his face, the wrinkles curved around his mouth before his eyes drift to yours. He raises a bushy eyebrow, his eyes shamelessly raking your figure and leaving a shudder of disgust that runs up your spine. “And the lovely lady on your arm must be..?” he questions, his eyes remaining on you.
“[Name][Last name], my date for tonight.” Sukuna introduces. You give Watanabe a forced smile to cover your discomfort and bow out of respect, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, sir.”
“Aren’t you a lucky man.” Watanabe mutters with a sleazy smile, his eyes shift to Sukuna momentarily before looking at you again, “If you get bored from him, sweetheart, you’ll know where to find me. I’m sure my wife won’t mind.” He belts out an obnoxious laugh, the surrounding men joining him as you dig your nails into your purse. You feel Sukuna’s grip on your waist tighten, and you open your mouth to respond with a witty remark, but Sukuna beats you to the punch, “I’m sure she will mind – your fourth marriage isn’t it?”
Their laughter dies down almost instantly at Sukuna’s response, and you try to stiffle a laugh as Watanabe’s face swiftly falters, before letting out an awkward chuckle, “I see we have a comedian on our hands.”
Sukuna smirks, knowing he had the older man in an invisible chokehold, before clearing his throat and pulling you closer to his side. “We’ll be on our way then, I’m sure the beautiful lady would like a drink, no?” He turns to look at you, and you nod with a small smile, slightly relaxing in his hold at the idea of getting away from this conversation. “Yes, absolutely.”
Watanabe perks up, “Of course, don’t forget about dinn–“
Sukuna’s already guiding you away from the group, leaving Watanabe behind with his own devices. “I apologise for his behaviour.” Sukuna sighs out once you reach the bar. You purse your maroon painted lips, placing your purse on the refectory table, “I was perfectly capable of responding, but thank you.”
“I know.” Sukuna gives you a small smile before lifting his hand and waving to the bartender, who immediately recognises the tattooed face and attends to the both of you, “Two gin and tonic.” Sukuna orders, before the bartender disappears to prepare your drinks. He takes note of your arched eyebrow when he looks at you again, “You don’t like gin?”
“I like being sober.” You reply. You ignore the glint of amusement in his eyes, before continuing, “I should keep a mental note of your dinner with Mr. Watanabe, seeing I don’t have my tablet on me.”
“[Name]..” Sukuna chuckles at your calculative tone, “You do realise you can relax for the night, right?”
He shakes his head at you, and you immediately stop talking once the next few words leave his mouth. “You’re here as my date, not my assistant.” You blink, swallowing hard before reluctantly nodding in defeat. The bartender places your drinks in front of you, and you only take a small sip before placing your glass back on the table. “You let your hair down tonight.” Sukuna notes, your eyes meet his dark chocolate ones, mouth going dry as he smiles at you. You found it difficult to find a response, so you opted to chuckling and looking down on your drink shyly, swirling the liquid around the glass.
A man in a dark suit and an earpiece approaches Sukuna, whispering something in his ear. Your boss (or rather date, really) nods at the man before his eyes meet yours, “The senator needs me for a private conversation. Will you be okay on your own for a while?” You give him an assuring soft smile, “Of course.”
Sukuna mirrors your expression, before grabbing his drink and straightening his back, he turns to walk away, before looking over his shoulder to call out for you again, “[Name]?” You peer up at him, seeing that all-too-familiar smirk on his face before he teasingly says, “Don’t run away.” You only give him one of the rare toothy grins his eyes managed to capture throughout the past two years, before nodding with a small laugh.
His coral pink hair disappears through the crowd, and you let out a heavy breath your lungs have been holding. You weren’t sure whether if it was the drink in your hand, or just Sukuna’s aura overall, but you began to find yourself relaxing at the bar, taking a few sips as your gaze examined the crowd carefully. You recognise some of Sukuna’s future opponents as they converse with other businessmen, and you were beginning to wonder what the senator could possibly want to talk to your boss about in private.
“I must say, green really is your colour.” A gruff voice speaks from behind you, you turn to face the stranger, your eyes blink in familiarity at the broad man in front of you, but you pretend to not recognise him when he approaches you to lean on the bar next to you, “And you are..?”
He arches an eyebrow, “You don’t know my name?”
“I don’t seem to recall it.” You lie, of course you knew his name. He was your boss’ nemesis and most anticipated opponent in the boxing industry, the all-too-familiar black mop of hair and scar on his lip wouldn’t go a miss by you.
“Fushiguro Toji, ring any bells?” He extends his calloused hand to you, he looks at you amusingly when your eyes flicker from his hand to his face momentarily, before hesitantly shaking his hand, “Maybe.”
“You’re here with Sukuna.” He points out, making you grip your glass tightly in your hand. “Are you his assistant? Or just one of the many women he fucks and disregards in the blink of an eye?” Toji continues, almost provokingly. You clench your jaw at his words, before scoffing and grabbing your purse from the table to walk away. His large hand wraps around your arm, stopping you in place. “Hey, hey, hey – look, I’m sorry.” Toji says insincerely, “I can be a bit too..reckless with my words at times. Forgive me.”
Your eyes flicker from the hand on your arm to his arrogant face with a raised eyebrow, making him slowly release his hold and retract his hand back to his side. You straighten your back, your lips pursed before you clear your throat to speak, “I work for Mr. Ryoumen, if that’s what you’re really asking.”
Toji nods slowly at your words, “He’s a good fighter, I give him that. Not as good as me though.” He stops to chuckle, a smirk planted on his face, “I was hoping I can buy him a drink tonight – chat a little. But I suppose you’re in luck since he’s not around.”
“Mr. Fushiguro,” You begin with an irritated sigh, “If you would like to discuss business I assure you there’s someone else more qualified for that.” Toji attempts to respond to you, but his eyes distractingly flicker from your face to elsewhere, his lips curved into a sinister smirk at the figure behind you, you whirl around to follow his gaze with pinched eyebrows, only for your eyes to widen at who it was.
“Sukuna.” Toji acknowledges, almost mockingly.
“Toji.” The way his name rolled off your boss’ tongue was similar to the venom of a snake; disgusting and poisonous. You felt slightly uncomfortable being wedged between the two men that stared down at each other, licking your painted lips before you take another sip of your drink. “Your assistant, I presume?” Toji asks. Both you and Sukuna answer simultaneously, your voices overlapping.
“My date, actually.” Sukuna replied coldly, taking a step forward to stand by your side, his hand finds its way to the small of your back, ignoring the way you stiffened at his sudden touch. “That’s not what I heard from her.” Toji points out, Sukuna raises a challenging eyebrow at the raven haired man. “I watched your fight last night, it was a pretty close tie.” Toji confesses, straightening up before taking a step closer towards Sukuna, “But man you’re looking rough, it’s what you get for going against Vladimir, eh?”
“I won, didn’t I?” Sukuna clenches his jaw, your eyes worryingly travel to the balled fist at his side. To the rest of the crowd, they seemed like two men having a casual conversation, but with you dislodged in the middle of this, you can only hope things don’t escalate further out of your control. “And I’ll keep winning, slowly but surely, until it’s me against you.”
“Hey, miss assistant..” Toji calls as he smiles smugly, his eyes remain focused on Sukuna, “You might want to put your boyfriend on a leash, I think he’s getting a bit too ahead of himself.”
“Don’t talk to her.” Sukuna snaps, talking another step towards Toji before you quickly clutch at his arm. Sukuna looks down to you, his eyes softening just a little bit at the disturbed look you give him. “Ohh..” Toji echoes with a laugh, his emeralds flickering between you two, “So it’s like that?”
“What the fuc–“
“That’s enough, gentlemen.” You interrupt, growing rather tired of their confrontation. “Mr. Fushiguro, I assume you have a speech to give in an hour or so, shouldn’t you be prepping for that? Given your current status as heavyweight champion.”
Toji purses his lip as he looks at you with his forest green eyes, before kissing his teeth, “You’re right, giving speeches at annual galas is just one of the many responsibilities that comes with the title,” His eyes snap back to Sukuna, who only burns glares into Toji’s face with flames of hatred and disgust. “Ones that not just anyone can bear.” he continues arrogantly. Toji straightens his jacket, before giving you both a curt nod, “Enjoy your evening, Sukuna.” his eyes shift to you, dropping a wink before walking away, his shoulder brushes against the man that restrained himself from doing the unthinkable.
“Are you..okay?” You ask quietly once you both seat yourselves on the bar stools, you place your hand on his shoulder in comfort. Sukuna shakes his head, eyes gazing forwards and his knee bouncing in irritation. “I can’t wait to put my hands on him in the ring.” He mutters, his knee suddenly halts when you move your hand there, giving him a small squeeze, he delicately looks at you, “I suppose you can use tonight as motivation to train harder. You only have a few matches left before the semi finals.” You point out, Sukuna’s face softens at your words.
“He didn’t..say anything to you, did he?” He asks concernedly. You choose to lie, not wanting to add more fuel to the fire as you give him a reassuring smile, “No.”
Sukuna seemed more at ease with your response, his tensed shoulders relaxing. You realise your hand is still on his knee, before quickly retracting it back to your side to not give him the wrong idea, unbeknownst to you, your touch didn’t go unnoticed by him. The background music in the ballroom shifts to a slower tune, and you watch the crowd move to the sidelines to allow couples to dance comfortably in the open space, Sukuna takes note of your trance, and an idea springs to mind.
“Dance with me.”
Your eyes widen at his words, and you quickly shake your head, “I don’t think that would be appropriate.”
“[Name],” Sukuna warns playfully, standing up from the stool and offering his hand to you,“Dance with me or you’re fired.”
You gulp, reluctantly staring at the his hand. The same hand that forms an iron grip and strikes bolts of thunder on his opponents, suddenly seemed soft and tender to you as he offers you to dance with him. You reluctantly take Sukuna’s hand, adjusting your makeshift purse to swing it over your shoulder. He’s pleased with your response, a small smile gracing his usually hardened face as he guides you to the middle of the dance floor.
His left hand moves to rest on on your lower back, the other clasping your hand. You slowly place your hand on his left shoulder, giving it a nervous squeeze as you feel hundreds of eyes burn holes through the both of you. “I haven’t told you that you looked beautiful tonight.” He mutters as he studies your face, your feet moving in sync. Your face heats up, shyly looking away, “Thank you, sir.”
“Although I do love it when you address me like that–“ You hear him say, you heart thumbing in your chest at his comment. “I much rather prefer to hear my name for once.”
You look back at him, unsure what to say as you let out a quiet “Oh..”, Sukuna seemed amused by your lack of words, your once monotone and flat voice had suddenly shifted into one as soft as rose petals, and he can’t say that he doesn’t like it. “Suukuunaa,” he drags his name out playfully, “You can say it.”
You purse your lips to stall out a laugh, before squeaking out his name, “Sukuna.” He gives you a triumphant smile, rewardingly patting your lower back, “‘Atta girl.”
You squeeze the hand on his shoulder again at his praise, the small gesture has you stiffening as you blink up to him, your mouth slightly parted. Sukuna observes your sudden change in demeanour, “You’re tensed.” he notes.
“I am dancing with my boss.”
“Your date, you mean.” He corrects. You only sigh out, shaking your head to yourself before peering up at him through your eyelashes, “Why did you ask me to come with you?”
“Why not?”
“Mr. Ryoum–“ You pause to correct yourself under his gaze, “Sukuna, there are plenty of other woman who are more than willing to–“
“Aren’t you?” His eyebrows pinch in, you don’t notice that throughout your dance you’ve both closed the proximity between you two, because you feel his clothed chest press against yours and his breath fans your face, the smell of gin from earlier wafting into your nose. “I would like to get to know you – just like how any man would like to get to know a pretty woman such as yourself.” He adds.
The compliment doesn’t fly over your head, and you were beginning to lose count on the amount of times he had your cheeks heated up tonight. “I assumed you know more than enough considering I’ve been working for you for two years.” You reply.
“Barely, [Name]. Barely.” Sukuna shakes his head with a small chuckle, his soft chestnut eyes draws you in closer, “I’m not interested in your ability to pick up my suits or schedule meetings.”
“I do more than that thank you very mu–“
“I’m interested in who you really are. Tell me about yourself.” Sukuna discloses, and your throat turns chalky at his next words, “Preferably over a second drink?”
You gulp, licking your lips. Sukuna’s eyes flicker momentarily to the maroon colour outlining your Cupid’s bow, before quickly averting them back to your eyes. “Well..I’m not sure where to start.” You begin, before quickly adding, “And I’m only on one drink tonight.” Sukuna lets out a small laugh at your awkwardness, “Have you ever had a conversation with a man that doesn’t involve managing my career, [Name]?”
“I have very little time to spare, sir.”
He lets the honorific fly over his head, “But you will for me, right?”
His hopeful tone caused your movements to halt. Your hand drops from his shoulder, and you don’t miss the way his face falters as you quickly build your guard up again. “I think..” You trail off, taking a small step away from him as his hand drops from your lower back. “I should go home now.” You turn to walk away, your heels clacking against the ceramic floor urgently. You couldn’t blame the alcohol anymore, your behaviour with him was more than just unprofessional, and you were sure it was apparent to the watchful eyes that remained fixed on you both when you danced together.
You reach the reception of the hotel by the time you feel his hand wrap around your wrist, his hot palm sending chills down your spine as it contrasted with your cold skin. You turn to look at him, seeing a slightly pained expression on his tattooed face, “[Name]..” He breathes, “Why won’t you talk to me?”
Your mouth parts, small breaths escaping, “I think we’ve both crossed the line of professionalism between an employer and employee.”
“I didn’t mean to be too forward.” Sukuna shakes his head, “I still insist on knowing you, but only if you let me.” His soft eyes bore into yours, and your knees slightly weaken when he speaks again, “Will you let me, [Name]?”
Why would you say no? How can you say no to him?
Sukuna watches you carefully when you straighten your back, bringing your purse to your front and clasping it with both hands, “I’ll take you up on that second drink,” You say. His face lightens up, but you continue, “As long as it’s somewhere more quiet.”
Tumblr media
You definitely couldn’t blame the alcohol anymore.
If anyone had told you that you would be seated on the couch of a luxurious hotel room with your boss, with clear intentions of where this was going to lead, you wouldn’t have believed them for a second.
Yet here you are, watching him prepare two drinks from the mini bar, his blazer abandoned and draped over the couch next to you – the same blazer you tried so desperately not to crease when you carried it into his estate this morning, but Sukuna seemed unbothered when he flung it on the couch carelessly. He walks towards you with two drinks in his hands, his black sleeves rolled up and the first few buttons of his collar left open, revealing a glimpse of the black ink littered across his chest.
Your heels were long abandoned near the door, feeling your feet burn from standing for such long hours, you forgot the pain surging through the sole of your feet when Sukuna seats himself incredibly close to you, before handing you your glass, your fingers brushing at the contact. You sniff your drink before taking a sip, your tastebuds soaking in the alcohol, “A martini?”
“You never said you didn’t like gin.” Sukuna replies cheekily, making you chuckle as you take another sip.
“How come you chose boxing?” You find yourself asking, Sukuna’s eyebrows shot up at your sudden question, not expecting you to share a mutual interest in him. “Do you want the truth or the bullshit answer I give in my interviews?”
“The truth, if you don’t mind.”
Sukuna exhales quietly, turning on his side to face you on the couch, “My old man..wasn’t exactly a patient man, let alone a sober one.” Your hand grips your martini tightly, “So I started learning how to defend myself. He kicked me out because of that, and I was homeless for about a month or so before I was scouted by this guy that ran a boxing club.” Sukuna explains flatly as you slowly digest his words, “Showed me the ropes, said that I had an ‘innate talent’, and here I am.” He finishes.
You swallow hard at his story, muttering lowly, “I’m sorry.” Sukuna dismisses your apology with his hand, “Don’t be. It was a long time ago.” He chuckles, taking a sip of his drink before his cocoa eyes pierce yours amusingly, “What about you? Why the assistant of a professional boxer?”
“And instead be the assistant of a self-absorbed CEO that can’t be bothered to get his own soy latte?” You snort, Sukuna gives you a toothy grin, watching you place you drink next to his on the coffee table. “I lived in a small town with my godmother who was..protective per say.” You start, “Ironically enough, she ran a small boxing club too – but it was passed down to her by her late husband.” Sukuna watches you carefully as you speak, “She knew I wanted to venture out into the city one day, so she taught me how to defend myself to be safe.” You breathe out, looking down as you fiddle with your fingers on your lap, “It’s think that would be enough.” you mutter.
“You don’t believe you feel safe as long as you know how to defend yourself?”
“Do you?” You ask back as you look at him, seeing him curiously gaze at you. “I doubt anyone would want to test that given what I do for a living.” Sukuna chuckles.
“But even if you weren’t a boxer, it’s still easy for you to say – you’re a man.” You point out, “When you’re a woman, you can go beyond the imaginary to protect yourself, but nothing ever seems enough.”
“How so?”
You gulp quietly, “Because we’re born into a world where we’re picked on as prey. We’re only treated as incubators to bear another generation of men who’ll just continue the cycle of abuse.” You explain, your eyes bore into his, almost sadly as you finish off, “The world will never be safe for a woman, not as long as it’s led by a man.” You take note of his lack of speech, your cheeks heating up as he looks at you with an unreadable expression, “I’m sorry. I was rambling, wasn’t I?”
“No..not at all.” Sukuna disagrees with a shake of his head, “You gave me a new perspective that I didn’t consider before. You’re smarter than I gave you credit for, [Name].”
“Smarter than collecting suits and scheduling meetings?” The corner of your lips curve into a playful smirk, Sukuna mirrors your expression, murmuring “cheeky” under his breath before side eyeing you while taking a sip of his drink. “Are you gonna show me?” He asks when he places his drink back. You hum quizzically, before he elaborates further, “Your self-defence techniques?”
You tsk, “In this dress? Dream on.”
“I’ll buy you a new one.”
“It cost me a pay check.”
“I’ll give you a bonus.” Sukuna deadpans immediately, not a drop of hesitation evident in his tone. You roll your eyes, standing up from your seat in defeat as he follows suit, “Hit me.” You bluntly say, almost stalling a laugh at the surprised look on his face, “Wait, that’s not what I mea–“
“It’s fine, Sukuna. It’ll be okay.” You smile. Sukuna swallows before hesitantly lifting his hand in a fist, he doesn’t swing too hard, but fast enough to try and catch you off-guard. You take a step back with one foot, your shoulder leaning back as you grip his wrist instantly and twist his arm. Sukuna smirks, “Not bad. Basic, but not bad.”
You snort, “Sorry not all of us down protein shakes and carry the title of a professional boxer.” Sukuna belts out a small chuckle at your comment, before cocking his head to the side to stare at you momentarily, his other hand suddenly grips your wrist and pulls you to his chest like a feather, before twirling you around. Your dress twists with you when your back meets his hard chest, his arm coming over to form a chokehold around your neck, but not actually forcing a hold on you. Your hands immediately grab the arm at your neck, he takes in the scent of your hair, before his lips brush against your ear, “What about now? How would you get out of this grip?” He whispers.
You breath hitches in your throat when his other hand trails up your hip, your breath shaky. “I would..uhh,” you stammer, but Sukuna only hums questioningly, his finger trailing up and down your hip, you crack your neck to the side and peer up at him through your eyelashes, seeing his orbs were already focused on yours. His face was incredibly close to you, your ass pressed completely against his crotch. When your eyes flicker to his pink lips momentarily, Sukuna immediately indulges into your lips, greedily kissing and licking into your mouth.
With your eyes fluttered shut and your lips moving simultaneously with his, you turn to face him in his hold. Your hands wrap around his neck, mushing your lips harder – closer. His hands find their way around your body, one wrapped around your waist and the other snakes up your back and to the nape of your neck, the heavy breaths from his nose causes the skin of your face to tingle. When he eagerly slips his hot tongue into your mouth, you slightly whimper against his lips, pulling away just an inch to catch your breath.
“Shh..c’mere, c’mere, c’mere.” Sukuna whispers, your noses still brushing, his hands come up to cradle your face. “Don’t run away from me.” He murmurs, pecking your lips a few times before fully losing himself into the kiss, his tongue back into your mouth as the the sounds of lips smacking resume. You push your chest against his, closing the distance as your tongues dance in each other’s maws. You cradle his face in your small hands, but he winces against your lips when you accidentally brush against a healing scratch on his cheekbone from his fight last night. “Sorry..” you giggle quietly against his mouth, Sukuna only smiles into your mouth tenderly before diving in for another kiss.
His hand creeps up behind your back again, reaching the zipper of your dress and slowly pulling it down. Your off-shoulder sleeves drop to your elbows, feeling the tight fabric around your waist loosen up. Sukuna pulls away from your lips with a small gasp, watching the way your dress pooled to your feet and revealing the swell of your naked breasts that morphed into your stomach, your panties being the only clothing item left.
“So, so pretty.” He tells to himself, your face heats up at his words, before he ducks down to peck your lips a few time. “My pretty girl.” He murmurs against your lips, moving down to your neck and prepping butterfly kisses to your skin. You sigh out in content, before your hands reach down to unbuckle his belt, eagerly removing it from his trousers as he gave your earlobe a small tug with his teeth. “I want you.” He confesses with a heavy breath when he pulls away from your neck, his eyes bore into yours rather than your naked chest. “Do you want me?” he asks.
You blink, swallowing hard. Your head was spinning and your heart was pounding in your chest – unsure whether if it was the alcohol, or Sukuna’s kisses or the smell of his Tom Ford cologne that invaded your nostrils or just him in general. You can only nod eagerly, before pulling him from his collar into another feverish kiss.
2:20 AM
You never got to appreciate the city skyline at night. To be fair, your one bedroom apartment in a relatively cheap neighbourhood only provided a view that consisted of rooftops belonging to the surrounding buildings and the neon sign of the corner shop you often bought your late night snacks from.
And you found it really hard to appreciate it now when there’s someone pounding into you from behind.
Your palms are placed flat on the window wall, the quick pants that escape your lips form a mist on the glass, your breasts pressed against it. Sukuna’s hands grip your waist tightly from behind, his eyes focusing on the way your waist curves into your round ass, your cheeks jiggling with every thrust. “I wanted this for so long.” He groans out, burying his face into your neck as he takes in the scent of your hair. The front of his thighs slam against the back of yours as he penetrates his cock in and out of you rapidly. You only manage to whimper in response, letting out a particularly loud moan when the head of his cock kisses your sweet spot.
You see his reflection from the window as he screws his eyes shut, grunting into your ear as his breath fans your neck, his shell-pink hair tickling your skin. “Always wearing that fucking skirt around me,” He hisses into your ear, your arm abruptly stretches behind you to reach the hand gripping your waist when he plunges into you harder. “Only to leave me rock hard – all alone in my room while I fist my cock to the thought of this.” He grits his teeth, his fingers digging into your bone.
“S-Sukuna..” You mewl, throwing your head back onto his shoulder. He straightens your back, pulling you off the window as his calloused hands move from your waist to sneak under your armpits and grip your breasts, kneading the flesh and squeezing your nipples between his fingertips. “You look so sexy right now, god.” He expresses with desire, his chocolate brown eyes bore into yours through the reflection of the window as he slows down his thrusts, making you whine in response as you began to grind your hips back for more. “Harder–“ you moan desperately, “Stop teasing and fuck me harder.”
Sukuna curses in your ear, bending you again and pulling your ass close to him with his hands gripping the sides of your hips. Your right cheek squishes against the glass this time, a drop of your saliva trickles down onto your chin as your hands place themselves against the window for leverage, Sukuna plants his feet on the small step in front of the window, before withdrawing his cock all the way to the tip and slamming his whole length back into you. Your warm, gummy walls hug his thick cock graciously, his thrusts rapid and hard – not leaving a spot inside of you untouched.
“Tell me how I feel, baby.” You hear Sukuna pant out. Your breath catches in your throat as you attempt to speak, gasping before you manage to utter out, “Good, so good, Sukuna. Please don’t stop.” Your begging has him gripping your hips tightly, knuckles flushed white as you clench around him.
“I’m close,” You whimper, making Sukuna bend over to your ear, his hard chest against your back as he rams into you. “Yeah? You wanna cum?” He pants, you only nod in response as you screw your eyes shut. You gasp in shock once his hand reaches down your navel and to your clit, his two digits rubbing circles on your sensitive clitoris and edging you to your orgasm, “M’gonna–“ you could barely finish your sentence before the feeling of pleasure washed over your shaking body. Your eyes snap open with a high pitched moan, the first thing you see are the small specks of white stars littering the night sky, ironically resembling the sensation between your legs as you come undone around him.
You’re starting to like watching the city skyline a lot more than you think you do.
The maroon lipstick that you had applied with precision hours ago for the evening had faded away with time; since you find yourself in between Sukuna’s legs with your knees flat on the carpet, your lips stretching around his veiny girth.
Sukuna brushes a strand of hair behind your ear, his lips forming a small gap with his cock in your mouth. He’s seated at the foot of the bed, his free hand gripping the white sheets into his fist as your doe eyes peer up at him through your lashes, a shuddered breath leaves his pink lips once you flatten your tongue against the underside of his cock and began to bob your head slowly. “Shit..” Sukuna mutters, throwing his head back and fluttering his eyes closed, you pull your lips away to the tip of his cock to give his head a hard suck, flicking your tongue against his frenulum before taking him into your mouth again.
Your nose uncomfortably brushes against his pubic hair once you reach his pelvis, your hand fondling with his gonads. Your jaw begins to ache from having his cock in your mouth for so long, making you pull away with a small gasp to catch your breath. A thick string of both your saliva and his cum stays connected between your lips and the tip of his cock, before it snaps and lands on your chin, the fluid trickling down to the valley of your breasts. His cock glistens with your spit, and you find yourself too entranced by his girth that you snap out of it when he taps the head of his cock against the side of your cheek, staining your skin with his precum as he urges you to open your mouth.
You eagerly obey his unspoken command, sticking your tongue out as you take him whole again, swirling your tongue as you drool all over his cock. Sukuna’s thumb brushes over your cheekbone as you look up to him again, breath hitching in his throat as you begin to move your head up and down his cock, your cheeks hollowing as you increase your pace. The sounds of you gargling around him fill the room, making your rub your thighs together. The inside of your mouth feels warm around him, and Sukuna gives you a throaty moan and suddenly jerks into your mouth when you swallow in his cock, your throat muscles constricting around his length. The lack of air in your larynx and the sudden contact with your vulva causes you to gag around him.
Sukuna suddenly pulls you off his dick, his hands reaching underneath your armpits before pulling you into his lap. His wet cock rubs in between your asscheeks as you situate yourself on him, leaving sticky stains of your own spit across the area. Sukuna’s lips meet yours in a messy kiss, his tongue tangling with yours as he tastes himself. His hand places itself on your hip while the other lines his cock with your entrance, he nudges your pussy lips with the tip, before fully inserting himself into your warm walls.
You moan into his open mouth as your cunt swallows him whole, your walls stretching with his thick girth. Throwing your head back with an unruly whine, you place your hands on his shoulders for leverage. Sukuna’s rough hands move to the sides of your hips before gruffly speaking, “Ride my cock, baby”
You look back at him with creased eyebrows and an open mouth, your knees brushing against the sheets as you sit on his cock fully – feeling it nudge your cervix. You began to swirl your hips against his, drawing slow digits of eights with your pelvis and eliciting a hefty grunt from him with your movements. “That’s it, there’s a good girl.” Sukuna praises, that seemed to ignite something within you, because you take his encouragement to heart and began to dip on his cock vigorously. He watches your breasts bounce as you move up and down his cock with high pitched moans, your nipples hardening and begging to be played with.
Your pace slowly begins to falter tiredly after a few minutes or so, but Sukuna only praises you further, “So sweet for me, making me feel so good.” He murmurs, before hissing through clenched teeth once you dig your nails into the flesh of his shoulders – ones decorated with circled ink. You whine once you meet his gaze, lips slightly trembling as your eyes began to water. Sukuna seemed to get the hint, because his hands move to grip the flesh of your ass and he pushes you closer to his chest, his mouth wrapping your nipple as you arch your back, eyes widening into the ceiling as he rolls your hips against his – his hands on your ass.
His tongue laps over your nipple, his teeth tugging at your bud before unlatching his mouth from your chest and leaving a pool of his saliva behind. He slowly lays down on the mattress with you on top, pushing the both of you further up the bed until his feet are planted on the mattress. Sukuna begins to thrust from below you, his knees bent and your hand planted on either side of his head, your breaths mingling as your noses brush. “Wanna cum again?” Sukuna pants, his hands wrapped around your waist, chest against chest as he fucks into you. You can only beg at this point – beg for the release that only the man underneath you can give. “Please, please, please.”
Your own cum trickles down your thigh as you cum on his cock, letting out a mixture of what seemed to be a whine and a moan once you reach your high. Your poor hands that attempted so desperately to keep holding you up eventually give out as you bury your face into Sukuna’s neck, his thrusts slowing, but not stopping, his hand brushes the back of your skull, kissing the shell of your ear.
You can only take so much in one night, and your eyes slowly began to surrender into a deep slumber, but Sukuna has a different plan in mind.
3:57 AM
“Oh my god—!” You cried out, your hands gripping the headboard so tightly you were sure the mahogany wood would snap into half in your hand. Your mouth wide open to release large exhales and small moans as Sukuna licks into your cunt, your thighs on either side of his head while his hands wrap around the front of your thighs to push you closer against his face.
You look down to see his eyes fluttered shut as he eats you up, you can only moan and wither above him once he inserts his tongue into your hole, flicking your insides before pulling it out and dropping his tongue over his chin – wide and flat as he laps your juices up. He pauses at your clit, before wrapping his lips around it and performing a hard suction, the swirling of his tongue merciless. Your legs begin to shake around him, your clitoris overly sensitive from his constant assault. “Cum on my tongue,” Sukuna murmurs against your sex before kissing your inner thigh. You suddenly gasp when his teeth sinks into the flesh of your inner thigh to give rise to a small love bite. “Wanna taste you, baby.”
“Sukuna,” You whine, “I-I cant..” he doesn’t listen, only smacking down your asscheek – almost as if telling you it wasn’t up for discussion. His mouth resumes and the trill of his tongue against your clit only pushed you into a state of overwhelming pleasure that had your voice quivering, eliciting broken moans and whines from your swollen lips. You reach down to tug at the roots of his hair pleadingly, but Sukuna insists on making you cum on his tongue since his movements don’t falter for a second
You try your hardest not to clench around him as you straddle his neck, opting to roll your hips against his hot mouth. Your abdomen clenches as he continues to suck on your clit, your eyes widening as your third orgasm of the night washes over you, your cum trickling down his chin filthily. Your mouth is wide open, but nothing comes out as your breath catches in your throat.
You assumed your body would betray you at some point throughout – given you could barely feel your limbs and your throat was dry from all the noises you made. But there was something about Sukuna’s touch that only edged you on further – for every orgasm he gave you only left you yearning for more. Your lips wanted to say no, but the way your body reacted to him was completely contradictory.
This time, you were both laid on your sides on the bed, your back pressed against his chest, his face buried into your neck again. His large hand is wrapped around the inside of your knee, lifting your leg into the air as he pounded into you from behind, his thrusts unrelenting and his balls slapping against your skin. Your eyes were closed and your teeth sunk into your bottom lip as you tried to suppress a moan – for you were too tired to even utter a sound. “No, no, no, baby.” You hear Sukuna mutter from behind you, his hand brushes your hair behind your ear, prepping kisses onto your cheek, “Lemme hear you, wanna hear how you feel.”
“Baby,” You give in with a pant, “You feel so good.” You don’t realise how pornographic this felt until his hand nearly slips from your leg due to the amount of sweat that covered your bodies and made the sheets stick to you unpleasantly. But your mind barely pays attention to it due to the way it was clouded with endorphins from his thrusts. “Say you’re mine.” Sukuna grunts between shallow breaths, your skin slapping every time his cock slipped in and out of you rapidly.
“Yours, Sukuna. All yours.” You mewl, the hair on the nape of your neck stuck to your skin with sweat as Sukuna pants into your ear, his jagged breaths has your heart accelerating in your ribcage, more so when he licks a strip of your neck up to the shell of your ear from behind. He tilts your face from behind with his other hand, squishing your cheeks before his tongue glides into your mouth. You feel your leg strain uncomfortably with time, and you pleadingly grab his wrist. “Turn me over please, I wanna see you.” you breath out against his lips.
Sukuna halts his movements, dropping your leg onto the mattress before gripping your waist and flipping you to face him. His hand rests on the pillow underneath the side of your neck, while the other pulls you in closer, your breasts squished against his hard chest. You use the few seconds you have left before he resumes to his previous thrusts to catch your breath, taking the liberty to swing your leg over his waist for more access while he readjusts your positions.
You take the time to study him up close, beads of sweat littering his forehead, the tattoos that painted his face further emphasised his masculine features. Your eyes drift to the thick black lines that cross over his shoulders and near his pecks, another pair forming two strokes close to his v-line with his bellybutton in between. And then you see it – the scars inflicted from either excessive training, or perhaps from the long term abuse he had suffered at the hands of a man that wasn’t deserving of the title ‘father’. Your hand reaches to trace the marks, but Sukuna quickly grabs your wrist before you could touch him.
His cock distracts you from your current thoughts, eliciting a shocked moan from you as he begins to penetrate you harder and faster, your walls stretching and accommodating his girth – almost as if they were familiar with his length and thickness. His hand is on the leg you swung over him, his thumb brushing against the skin of your outer thigh. Your bottom lip trembles at the overstimulation, eyes watering with salty tears that threatened to spill. Your hand moves to his cheek, your eyebrows creased in pleasure as the sounds of you squelching around him drown out your cries. Sukuna presses his lips against yours in a desperate kiss, tongues messily thrashing as they fail to meet the pace of his rapid thrusts.
“Can you give me one more, baby? Can you do that for me?” He rasps in short breaths, lips brushing against yours. You only cry against his mouth, closing your eyes and trying to bury it into the pillow to muffle your sounds. “Look at me, [Name]. Look at me while I make you cum.” Sukuna croaks out, almost pleadingly, his hand comes to your cheek as you face him again, and even though your vision was cloudy with the tears that continuously streamed down your cheeks, you can still see his eyes burn with flames of lust and want.
Your jaw is slacked open and your throat muscles burn when you cry out his name like a mantra, a familiar coil swirls and tightens in your abdomen as he plunges you with his cock. “Just like that,” He urges, watching your fluids spill all over his cock and trickle to the sheets, your arousal soaked up by the fabric, “All over me.”
Sukuna continues with his thrusts, chasing his long awaited release as he pecks your lips repeatedly. “Wanna cum inside you, wanna fill this pretty cunt with my cum.” He murmurs urgently, you only loll your head and mumble unintelligibly, your body betraying you but igniting with fire one last time when you feel hot ropes of his own cum spill into you. He grunts and moans beautifully into your ear, your eyes half lidded as his thrusts slow down. He kisses you tenderly all over your face, and you can only mewl to let him know you were still there and not fucked into oblivion.
Sukuna flips on his back, pulling you with him. You instantly wrap your arm around him, cheek resting against his chest. Your ear perks up when you hear his rapid heartbeat, but can only whimper quietly once a burning sensation blooms across your legs. Sukuna continues pressing kisses onto your head, his arm wrapped around your frame. He mutters that he needs to clean you up, but you can only hum absentmindedly as you close your eyes and allow the darkness to engulf you.
5:58 AM
You don’t know how long you’ve been asleep, but you assume that it can’t be that long because when you open your eyes, you still find yourself in Sukuna’s arms. The window wall across the bed showed the navy blue sky no longer littered with stars, and you can only assume it was not too far off from sunrise. The insides of your thighs aren’t as sticky and the sheets beneath you felt new, you don’t question how you woke up in a cleaner state, because the thought diminishes when you feel his fingers trail up and down your spine, which tells you he’s also awake. You press a small kiss to his chest to let him know you were too, and Sukuna slightly stiffens at your sudden gesture, but relaxes almost immediately.
“I don’t see it.” You speak up quietly after a few moments of silence. You turn your face to look at him with your chin resting on his chest. He only hums quizzically, his other hand behind his head and his rosy hair slightly matted against his forehead, his cocoa eyes tender and loving when he looks at you. “The scars..I don’t see it.” You elaborate. Sukuna’s heart drops into his stomach, gulping when your mouth curves around the next three words. “I see you.”
His life has been tainted with blood, fractured bones and the flashing of cameras. But with you in his arms, he felt a sense of purity – serenity, as if he was cleansed by the very deep stains marked within his mind and soul. And although the scars remain visible on his skin, the ones carved in his heart have healed long before when his eyes met yours for the first time.
And so you both watch the sun bloom on the horizon, the clouds diffusing the light rays into gentle sweetness. The iris of the flame burns the beautiful blue of the sky; introducing an invitation to a new day.
A new day – with healed scars and hearts no longer tainted by the cruel world that clawed its way into two, intertwined souls.
Tumblr media
© 2021 cxmplexity – all rights reserved. Do not modify, plagiarise, translate or recommend my work anywhere – that includes TikTok and any other social media platform, I do not wish to have audiences below the age of 18 to come across my work.
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maybemangoz · 6 months ago
JJK | Domestic life with them
Tumblr media
Mentions : Nanami, Itadori, Gojo & Megumi
[All characters are aged up. Minors DNI]
content/warnings : FLUFF & smut
Tumblr media
Nanami Kento
We all know this guy is a workaholic
Now, when he does work best believe the mornings will be a bit lonely. Though he definitely leave romantic notes for you. On the fridge, bathroom mirror, bedside table etc.
Sometimes it’s just: we need milk.
Though best believe, after work this man will definitely be the type to buy flowers or even a coffee for you. Depending on his work hours too
If he works over time, you’ll get a text saying something along the lines of: Will be home late, don’t cook dinner.
I mean he’s blunt and goes straight to the point, have you seen his curse technique?
Now on the weekends, those two days are what you look forward to the most.
Mornings with Nanami are like a fresh cup of tea or coffee(depending on what you like)
He will definitely wake up early on Saturday’s
Either breakfast in bed, and the two of you will enjoy your meal within the warmth of the sheets
He will still make you breakfast, but the two of you will eat it at the patio table. Of course enjoying the view of the beach, while the morning birds chirp
There’s also a rare moment where he goes down to the fruit market or bakery, and brings home some good pastries and fruits to eat in the mornings or mid day
Morning wood. My guy definitely gets it, and doesn’t matter how many rounds the two of you went the night before best believe he will definitely wake you up to fix the problem (;
Oh and did I forgot to mention the fact that he loves to play with your breasts too (now this is when you don’t wanna get out of bed) he’d either pinch your nipples teasingly, or get underneath your shirt and suck on them
Sometimes you like to wake him up by either: palming his cock, giving him head or just riding him. If you wake him up while riding him, best believe the two of you won’t get out of bed all day.
Sunday’s are lazy days. Brunch is the motive for the two of you.
It’s an either or for this one.
Make brunch
Or go to a local cafe and eat brunch there.
Btw, if you go to a cafe with Nanami. He’ll never like you pay. Like NEVER. (This goes for restaurants too)
Dinner. Honesty my dream is to make dinner with Nanami.
Jazz music is a must, and he loves to have his hands wrapped around your waist while you cook.
Dances with you, for sure.
The two of you definitely indulge in wine tasting outings, also sometimes you like to visit expensive car dealerships and lie saying that you’re buying the car. Just to drive around and speed in it.
Sometimes you go to the beach just walks away from your condo.
Also Nanami has a secret savings account, that you won’t know of yet. He does plan to marry you.
Now that secret savings account is for a piece of land he bought by the beach. A place where the two of you will build your dream home together and life there forever.
Brb I’m gonna cry.
Overall ♾/10 with this man. This man deserves the world.
Tumblr media
Gojo Saturo
Yes, Ik it’s cannon that this man is a womanizer & indeed cannot remain loyal. But let’s just say he’s not
He sleeps like a bitch, splayed out like a starfish. Or brings his knee up and sometimes it falls on you back and fourth.
Sometimes it bothers you. Making you either a) kicking him out or b) pushing him away
but if you cuddle him he’ll cling onto you like a koala bear
He doesn’t snore, only if he’s really tired
When he snores it’s hell.
Also he laughs in his sleep. I headcannon that.
Mornings with this silver head are actually cute
He’d wake you up with kisses or cuddles. Sometimes they turn to more than just kisses and cuddles
I don’t see Gojo as the type to like morning sex, but he’d definitely eat you out if he’s in a good mood (so always)
At night though. Ouf. His stamina is insane so best believe you’ll get your brains fucked out in any corner of the house.
Gojo definitely likes to fuck you on the dining room table. Oh and it’s a plus when you have guests over soon, he likes to see your face all flushed when someone sits at the spot the two of you just had sex at. (Obviously cleaning it, before)
Oh and he likes to finger you while at dinner outings with friends. Sometimes even with family. This guy just loves getting you flustered.
Breakfast. Now, tbh it’s the same as Nanami. Though he likes it when the two of you cook together.
Gojo does like to cook, but prefers watching you cook.
Sometimes slaps your ass with a spatula
Sugary snacks. Like...lots of them.
Now if you’re living with Gojo, you better have a sweet tooth too. Because this guy, ouf. At least 85% of your pantry will consist of sugary snacks
Omg, did I mention baking? Yes. In fact maybe twice a week the two of you will bake
If not, then to the newest bakery you’ll go. (I head cannon that this man goes to every new opened bakery there is in town just to get the first bite)
You two have a list of your favourite dessert places
Honestly, maybe living with Gojo doesn’t seem so bad.
Tumblr media
Itadori Yuji
Snores in his sleep, for a fact. Also drools, you find it cute tho
He loves to play with your ass when he wakes up. Just poking it, palming it etc. (He is literally an ass man so)
Same with Gojo, this guy will wake you up with kisses or whisper in your ear to wake up.
It’s canon that he’s a good cook, so definitely makes you breakfast in bed. A a lot.
He also loves to play with your hair, or even caressing your back with his hand
Cooks all the time, and teaches you new recipes
I headcanon that Itadori can draw. He just seems like the artistic type. Definitely draws you while you sit and do work, or anything in general
Also likes to make chibi drawings of the two of you on post it notes, leaving them on your computer or laptop
You keep every single one of his drawings. A while box of them is kept in a container inside the storage room.
Definitely seems having marrying you and possibly with two kids. (He wants a boy first and then a girl, but either or is fine)
Also not really a big fan of morning sex, but when it comes to it. It’s very vanilla. Lots of body worshiping.
Though, at night. Rough, like rough sex for sure. He loves doggy or even bending you over on the kitchen counter top.
Loves to slap your ass too
Breeding kink.
Sometimes the neighbours complain ;)
He’s also super risky, balcony sex is his favourite.
Loves making you squirt. LOVES it. It’s practically his goal. If you don’t, best believe he will make you squirt.
He makes dinner. Like all the time. Every time. If he can’t, he orders take out. Though sometimes he lets you, he just doesn’t like letting you do all the work.
Speaking of domestic, cleaning. Cleaning dates in fact.
Que the 70s music and he will dance with you. 100%
Goofball. Likes to pick jokes with you, teases you a lot. But in a good way :)
Showers with you, sometimes it’s shower sex but honestly he just loves to be everywhere with you
Late nights are anime nights. Binge watching the newest show or anything in general. Cuddling on the couch, eating popcorn until you two both pass out.
You either wake up in each other arms the next morning, or he picks you up carrying you to bed
Overall ♾/10. Love him so much.
Tumblr media
Megumi Fushiguro
My favourite introvert
Honestly so touchy behind closed doors
He cuddles you in your sleep, but he’s always big spoon. He likes to have you in his arms and safe
Soft snores, almost like a faint whistle.
Sleeps in. For sure. He looks like he has walking bed head.
You always wake up first in the mornings. Playing with his hair or kissing him.
Sometimes he fakes being asleep just for you to kiss him more.
Loves hearing you giggle when you catch him. It makes him smile.
You’re the only one that has ever heard him laugh. Like a laugh.
It’s a chuckle. And he pulls his head back when he laughs. Honestly it’s so cute.
Only you can make him laugh btw.
The two of you make breakfast, though it’s mostly you that ends up making it
Not a fan of morning sex. But will definitely have morning shower sex with you. Loves pinning you up against the wet shower wall or even hitting it from the back as your hands splay across the fogged up glass.
He loves hearing you moan, scream, squeal. Any sound you make honestly
Movie nights. For sure.
Either the two of you end up passing out on the couch, or he ends up curling his fingers deep inside you until you come.
Loves to play with your hair, like loves it
Not a big fan of pda, but will definitely put his arm around you when someone looks too a bit too long to his liking, though when you hold/intertwine with his pinky he likes that a lot
Grocery shopping. Omg. Don’t even get me started on this one.
He’s not a fan of it. But picture this
He’s the one that pulls the cart, while you list out all the items. He loves watching you list out every single item and when you look for it on the shelf.
Grabs your ass when no ones looking too.
Definitely pictures a family with you. Oh and a dog.
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belphe-whore · 6 months ago
Kind of going off the angst post. What would the brothers do if an MC who is usually kind, cheerful, and just generally a positive person suddenly goes quiet and solemn? Like a bubble that just got popped. Not just for like a day either, likely for well over a week or so (depending on how long it takes them to notice). The cause being unrelated to the brothers. Maybe someone hurt them or something? idk. Up to interpretation
Thanks for the request. I actually really like this one. I have depression and it just hits me out of no where sometimes I’ll be normal then just all the sudden in a deep hole so that’s what I’m going with for all my friends that deal with mood shifts out of nowhere. Alright here we go babe👊🏻
Dem Boys reacting to a usually chipper GNMC suddenly melancholic:
Lucifer likes predictability especially with his human
He likes to be prepared to take care of your needs
So he is hyper alert to your status and he was used to your usual peppy self
The only reason he doesn’t notice right away is because he’s working to much and when he’s home he’s mothering his brothers
You know
Tumblr media
So when he notices you don’t greet him when you get home (cherishes your greetings very much) he’s immediately raising his eyebrow
He lets you go to your room and settle thinking maybe school was just exhausting that day
He understands that
He brings tea or coffee or whatever you like as a comforting drink and gently knocks
Which made you confused because Lucifer “doesn’t knock in his house”
He sat on your bed and gave you the “ready to have a talk look”
You tried to hold his gaze to feign some kind of confidence but made an unintentional pout
He gently strokes the side of your face
“MC tell me”
“So you don’t know everything” you sass which he can’t help but smirk because you’re not usually sassy it’s a new side to you
“If you don’t want to tell me at least tell me how I can help you”
Gentle Lucifer is a big uwu
If you tell him what happened hell hath no fury how dare someone upset his human
If you don’t he will find out even if he doesn’t do it intentionally he’s just good at deducing things
Will treat you and react in the way you request to creepy level he a robot?
Wow I really went on about Lucifer
Sometimes Mammon can be very oblivious
You are the first person who has been constantly nice to him
You were always kind and chipper to him so he is SHOOOOOK when you show even an ounce of not your usual peppy self
Does that *tries to joke around or banter just to test his theory*
When you don’t bite and he realizes oh you’re down down
Isn’t the most tactful
“Yo MC what’s wrong with you?”
Is pushy until he realizes you don’t like it (unless you don’t mind pushy🤷🏻‍♀️)
Is ready to throw down
Ride or die
He has that protective big brother vibe but like the scrappy type where Lucifer is more mature and refined about being protective to his brothers Mammon is ready to go
Tumblr media
Mammon literally about to square the fuck up even if it isn’t a person that triggered your mood shift
I love mammon
Will support you in a chaotic way so will need guidance but boy is trying
Even though he’s always playing games and such he does notice if you act differently especially around him
He will be jealous unfortunately at first
Taking it personal thinking he messed up
💯 thinks he caused it because he thinks he messes everything up
Will sulk and almost mimic your melancholy
Won’t ask you directly
Will do something overly nerdy to apologize
Like filling your room with merch from your favorite games/anime/ general interests
or draw you a short manga of “characters” that look an awful lot like the two of you doing all the things you like together and healing each other with the power of friendship or love which ever you want
Has a hard time talking out loud so you gain it from the homemade manga or blurts it all out at once
You know the cannon Levi rant
You both talk to each other and create battle plans to help you both
Because everything is exciting with Levi
Notices upon a glance or just hearing the change in your voice
However does sleuthing before approaching you
He wants to plan his approach delicately because he tries to be overly delicate in how he approaches most things so he doesn’t lose his marbles
Like Lucifer he’s really good at deduction
However satan seems to have all the time to plot where Lucifer is realizing he forgot Belphie at the park because he fell asleep in the slide again
You get it
Anyway he will approach you in whichever way he’s notice you prefer
For instance I like to be approached one on one preferably in a quite room or calming room (I get overstimulated easily anyways)
He will run his hypothesis by you unless you have talked priorly about any sort of mood disorder if that’s you
Will take notes and ask questions about how you feel and how you prefer he reacts
Is basically a doctor and therapist
You’ve given him more to research
Really loves using this to boss Lucifer around for your sake
He’s a demon so 🤷🏻‍♀️
Though he is very narcissistic he is sensitive to how people encounter him
And he’s obsessed with you on top of that
Coos at you and hugs all over you (unless you ain’t into that and even then he really wants to)
Very woe is MC
Is immediately offering you 484762728939477493992 therapeutic remedies from soaks to stretches etc
If it was a person who caused it even if it is Diavolo himself is going to bat for you in the most dramatic way
Like does a full costume change
You know
Tumblr media
Will not leave your side
Though he usually never leaves your side because he just takes you everywhere
This just gives him an excuse
Also uses this as an opportunity to redecorate the house to create a better environment for you
Lucifer still thinks it’s a bit much
Diavolo has already approved the budget
Lucifer is warming up the van
Takes him a little longer to figure it out
He doesn’t really understand humans so he’s not sure if it’s normal
10/10 is disturbed when he notices you not eating as much or eating too much
He probably pulls the fire alarm
Pulls the entire team together
Tumblr media
Sorry now all of the brothers have been called in to help as well
They always know what to do or how to help
Probably better to talk to him first if you don’t want the whole clan involved
Notices but won’t say anything
He’s always solemn and god I hate the term “moody” so he’s going to do what he likes just tells you to take a nap
The closer you get to his level though the more concerned he gets
This house can only take so much melancholic energy
And he’s very familiar with how much damage it can do
Acts like a cat when you’re sick
Follows you around and naps against you or just snuggles up (and purs? Belphie snores are like kitty purs very relax lol)
Tumblr media
You know just Belphie the cow cat
If you need specific treatment you’re going to have to ask with him
He’s going to assume what works for him works for you
Thanks so much for the request! I really enjoyed these sorry it took me so long depression be like that sometimes.
-vex 🐄🐈‍⬛
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livingforthewhump · 6 months ago
Catch Up Tag!
@all-whumped-out thanks for the tag! <3
Rules: tag (nine) people you want to get to know better/catch up with.
Favorite color: blue! But I also really like the aesthetic of brown like with coffee and old books
Currently reading: The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Emmuska Orczy. It’s about a group of British gentlemen sneaking out aristocrat families during the French Revolution so they won’t get killed and they’re led by a mysterious Robin Hood-esque figure called The Scarlet Pimpernel. You get to spend the whole book trying to figure out who he is and also the dynamics between characters and everything are so good
Last song: I honestly can’t remember but just assume it’s twenty one pilots.
Last movie: my sister and I really enjoy watching bad animated adaptations of the biblical story Joseph and his brothers so... one of those
Last series: Shadow and Bone on Netflix (I’ve seen it nearly twice through since I’m obsessed with the books), the 1955 Adventures of Sir Lancelot (yes I am exposing myself as a complete nerd but it’s really good!!), aaaand The Umbrella Academy because I can never stick with one show long enough to finish it
Sweet, spicy, or savory: savory or sweet depending on my mood
Craving: Taco Bell
Tea or coffee: coffee, v sweet and iced when possible. Though good southern sweet tea does hit the spot sometimes
Currently working on: my Paladin Series despite not updating in a week whoops
Tagging (no pressure though): @cherrywhump @art-of-astral @nightfrostshadow @tropes-for-my-md-daydreams @castielamigos-whump-side-blog @hopepetal @whumps-and-stuff @hurting-fictional-people @whumpsorbet
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highkeygolden · 8 months ago
Evolved Banter
Pairing; Spencer Reid x Reader
Summary; they’ve known each other for so long, they’re practically meant for each other. So it shouldn’t come to a surprise when one of them confesses, right?
A/N; just fluff, nothing really.
Words; 1991
Tumblr media
"You still look like a little boy," Y/N joked, sliding into the empty seat beside Spencer. "Sometimes I look at you and think to myself, you're gonna grow up to be a dashing young man," she tried her best to make an impression of a southern accent.
Spencer didn't find it funny, but everyone else seemed to enjoy their humor. Derek bellowed, Gideon snarled and Elle ruffled Spencer's hair.
JJ and Hotch watched from afar. With JJ being half asleep and Hotch having no idea what else to say but grin at Y/N's jokes, they decided to simply have fun and let lose after successfully solving their case.
"You say that, but you're younger than me," Spencer reminded her with a smile he tried hard to hide. He thought he could embarrass Y/N as well.
"Oh please, by a month," she rolled her eyes and crossed her legs.
"One month and 22 days, actually," he corrected her, eyes easily concentrating on the girl beside him. "So if you were to round it off, almost two months older," he raised his brows with a smirk.
"Which makes me the youngest member of the FBI... I've got a more impressive record that you," she sang.
Elle had already fallen asleep beside JJ. Gideon was listening, but his eyes stayed on his book. Hotch and Derek stayed listening to Y/N and Spencer bantering between themselves.
"But I'm smarter," Spencer offered. "You know, eidetic memory and an IQ of 187-”
"Hey, you aren't the only person that can show off, alright?" Y/N rolled her eyes. "I'm stronger and I'm way more emotionally mature than your dumbass," she crinkled her nose as Spencer scoffed.
"Sure. We'll see who's right the next time you whine about chipping a nail," he taunted.
"What's that got to do with anything, bruh," Y/N gaped. "And you can't say anything about chipping a nail, you germaphobe," she pointed a finger to his face.
"That's not fair," Spencer pouted.
As far as Y/N knew, Spencer Reid didn't pout. But he did, and everyone had noticed, but no one said anything about it. She didn't know if it was a good thing or bad thing that he was getting more comfortable around her.
"At least I'm cleanly. You're too lazy to even wash your face," he chuckled and Y/N had stopped staring at his lips.
"W-what? Since when did we have time to wash our faces in between chasing murderers?" She shot back.
"But do you do it once you get home?" He crooned.
"Yes, Reid," she rolled her eyes. "You say that like you've seen me around my house. What are you, a stalker now?" She raised her brows in victory.
Surely he had nothing to say to that-
"No, but you'd wish I were."
She thought too soon.
"Ooh," Y/N drabbled like a kindergartener. "Romeo can flirt now, can he?"
That caught Derek's attention. With a flicker of his smile, Derek had joined Y/N to make fun of Spencer.
"He flirts!?" Derek threw his head back in laughter.
"What?" Spencer cringed and recoiled, suddenly hiding in his old shell of awkwardness.
"Yeah?" Y/N chuckled.
"I thought we were making fun of each other- wait, what? I didn't flir-"
"Spencer, I was messing with you," Y/N didn't hold back her laughter but she did place a comforting hand on Spencer's shoulder.
Spencer looked down, this time fully embarrassed and Y/N smiled with an ounce of guilt. On the other hand, Gideon had raised his eyes and fixed his glasses, pointing between the two kids of the BAU and Derek Morgan.
"I don't know how you're FBI agents," he said, nonchalantly and they recognized that as Gideon's own way of making banter.
"Same," Y/N scoffed and slumped her shoulder, bumping fists with Derek and clapping Spencer's shoulder twice.
They laughed between themselves, but Spencer grew a little self-conscious. He liked the attention Y/N gave him, but he didn't want to cross a line. He was scared.
"Alright, Rossi," Y/N grinned from ear to ear, ear a pat on the head from Rossi. "I promise I won't miss dinner at your place tonight," with that, Rossi had placed a fatherly kiss to her hairline and went sway to deal with other work.
As Y/N went back reading an old case file, Spencer had approached her with two drinks, a coffee for himself and milk tea for her.
"Morning, Romeo," she sang, arms raised above her head with a toothy smile on her face, eyes crinkled as she smiled widely.
"You're never gonna stop calling me that, are you?" He smiled back at her, handing her the tea he got for her and she accepted with open hands.
"Nope," she clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth and stared at him through her lashes.
"Of course," he rolled his head back and rested his own coffee on Y/N's desk. "What were you and Rossi talking about?" He asked out of innocent curiosity and her mood lit up more than he thought it could have.
"Oh, yeah!" She started, placing her tea on the desk. "I'm going to his place for dinner again, you know how it is," she flailed her hands and carelessly rolled her eyes as Spencer nodded.
He knew how lazy Y/N could get sometimes. She'd skip dinner because it would get too late to cook or because there would be no restaurants to order from. He also knew that when she did eat properly, it would probably be pizza or burgers.
Spencer had always told her to quit her habit and maybe start eating healthy and to be fair, Y/N had never lied to him when she said her breakfast was usually a whole bowl lf fruit. She liked fruit, especially mangoes, strawberries and green apples.
Garcia had a habit of bringing Y/N one green apple every morning. She never missed a day. In turn, Y/N would bring Garcia a cherry flavored lollipop. She never missed a day either.
"Oh!" Y/N pipped up again. "Do you wanna join?"
Spencer pondered over the offer, nose crinkling and fingers playing with themselves. "Sure, I don't mind," he shrugged and she nodded profusely.
Looking across the room, Y/N called out to Rossi as he was dialling in a number on his phone. "Can spencer join us for dinner?" She yelled.
Rossi only responded with a nod of his head and thumbs up. Then, he was talking to someone on his phone and walking into his office. Spencer pursed his lips and rocked back and forth on his heels.
"It's settled then," she smiled. "I'm seeing you for dinner."
"Yup," he nodded, then raised his brows. "You're a ray of sunshine today," he inferred.
"Yeah, because we don't have a case today and I can be free," he smiled sweetly, cocking her head to the side
"Fair enough," Spencer pursed his lips.
Everyone went about their day, some even went home early. JJ went home to her son, Hotch as well. Derek stayed, though, chatting around with Y/N and Garcia while god knew what Emily and Spencer talked about.
They'd even sat around playing poker for a while.
By the time the day had ended, Rossi was driving Y/N and Spencer to his mansion, a steady stream of conversation flowing between them.
"What've you been up to, lately?" Rossi asked the pair as he led them into the dining room.
"I'm writing a lot more now," Y/N pursed her lips.
Spencer shrugged.
Rossi chuckled. "Ok, why don't you two sit on the couch while I finish making dinner?"
Spencer and Y/N nodded and walked to the couches. Making themselves comfortable, Y/N sighed, body facing Spencer to give him her undivided attention. Spencer looked at her, quizzical.
"What have you been up to?" Y/N mused. "What has the resident genius, Doctor Spencer Reid been doing with his life? Any hobbies? Girlfriends-"
"I've known you for eight years and you really haven't changed one bit," Spencer mused back with a chuckle and she leaned her head down in laughter, fingertips brushing over his shoulders.
"Is that good or bad?" She crinkled her nose.
"Depends on how you look at it," he offered.
"Fair enough," she nodded and pursed her lips. "You've changed a lot, though," she said.
"I have?" Y/N nodded. "How so?"
"Don't get me wrong, your still our adorable nerd but... You're more confident, I guess?" She chuckled and shook her head. "I don't know how to explain it."
"Thank you?" He furrowed his brows. "In that case, your style has changed a lot."
Y/N looked down at her clothes and tutted. "Really?"
"Yeah!" Spencer peeped. "Back then, you made it a point to wear clothes that'd cover your skin. Now you're more open, more creative with what you wear," he noted.
"Thanks," Y/N thought about what he said and played with the ends of her green shirt. "You've changed your hair a lot."
"Yeah and you've started running in heels."
"You've gotten better at using your gun."
"You sing better now."
"And you- wait," Y/N almost choked on her laughter. "What is this, a complement battle?" She snorted, finding it difficult to keep a straight face.
Spencer laughed at her, teeth peaking out and eyes crinkling.
"You're tryna get an ego boost out of me, nice try," she waved a face, innocently winking before a silence fell upon then.
It wasn't uncomfortable or anything. They were just laughing- or trying to stop laughing, at least. And then silence took over them, neither of them knowing what to say. So they just sat there, playing with their fingers or the hems of their shirts.
There was a part of Y/N that looked back at when Spencer and her were first beginning to open up to each other. Their banter back then was much more... genuine. It was much more funny. And as time passed and as the pair went on with their lives, the banters died down. They were merely conversations between them now. 
Y/N missed how it was back then, but maybe now was for the better.
“Y/N, I really like you.”
His words sliced through comfortable silence and Y/N’s eyes widened, head snapping towards Spencer. She was sure her neck snapped... Spencer was sure that he shouldn’t have opened his mouth.
Spencer thought he was making the right decision, but Y/N had nothing to say. Spencer thought it was the right time to tell her, but Y/N was looking at him like her eyes were about to fall out of her head. Spencer thought she liked him back but-
But Rossi was hollering them into the dining room and the pair scurried towards him, not knowing how to be around each other without feeling awkward.
“It’s late and I’m not driving you two home, so you’re staying the night.”
It wasn’t even a request, it was a statement and Spencer and Y/N had no choice.
So, that’s how they found themselves walking up the stairs together to find a room for themselves. They stood at least a foot away from each other, occasionally stealing glances and half widened smiles.
All Spencer wanted was to go home and replay the moment of his confession and cry about it. He was embarrassing, it was embarrassing, he’d always understand if Y/N didn’t like him back but it would still hurt.
Yet he wouldn’t blame her.
Then he felt a slight tap against his hand and he turned his head to catch a glance from her, moonlight illuminating the side of her face and bringing a twinkle in her eyes.
He only hummed in response.
“I like you too, Romeo.”
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m00s0ups · 8 months ago
Hi!! I normally don’t ask but if you want can you write Nsfw and Sfw for BadBoyHalo? Like I have the feeling that Bad is a softie on the outside but in bed it’s a different story like he’s very kinky and everything but he gives great aftercare I’m sorry if this is too much for you! You don’t have to do it!
im such a simp for bad i love him sm omg
Tumblr media
bad loves you sm its so cute
he will go on walks with you and lucy and sometimes you just stay at the park until the sun starts to set just sitting on a park bench
they would be so cute too all decorated with flowers and other things like it
he loves your laugh so much anytime you laugh he just wants to make you laugh more because he loves it sm
when you guys cuddle it depends on how you feel in the moment ya know
like i wanna be big spoon tonight ok you’re big spoon for the night want to be little spoon you’re the little spoon
when you guys kiss it’s usually on the lips, cheeks, forehead, or ear
he’ll go into kiss you and you’ll move away and he’d start whining and pouting until you kiss him
you like to tease him with cursing around him
sometimes you just say when you guys are cuddling “i love you bitch” and he’d go :0000 “LANGUAGE!!”
he probably calls you names like angel, sweetheart, sugar or something like that
you’d call him babes, handsome, and my bitch as a joke
his chat adores your guys relationship and thinks you’re so funny and awesome (which you are)
overall your guys relationship is so lovely and i’d love to have one like it
Tumblr media
SHEEESH now we’re onto the spicy shit
this man is so kinky
some of his kinks- KNIFE PLAY, BREEDING KINK, SIZE KINK, BONDAGE, DEGRADING KINK, and a shit ton of others but those are the main ig
when he’s in a kinky mood you are getting tied the fuck up dude
his ass is tying you to the bed making sure you can’t use your hands or legs
hes fucking you as rough as he can hitting every single spot that makes you scream his name
once you start to scream he’ll whisper in your ear “y/n you’re such a dirty bitch just for me only for me.” and then he’ll smack your ass and grab your hips leaving bruises in the morning
not to mention his sex voice is deeper than his normal voice especially when he whispers
when hes done and cums deep inside you he’ll use one of his knives to cut the ropes
when he’s not really motivated to be kinky you’ll do doggy style and he’ll be quick and pretty rough
and when he does this he loves to degrade you
he’ll say things such as “you love this cock dont you huh?” “take it baby or else ill have to just go harder baby”
when you both are really tired and horny its really sweet sex
where you hold each others hands and give each other kisses and tell one another how much you love them and are so happy to be partners
Tumblr media
istg this man will do anything for you
you need coffee/tea you got it
you need another blanket you got it
he will cuddle you and sing to you until you got to sleep
if you really need to take a bath he’ll go make you one and help you wash yourself only if you want him to
he’ll ask you questions if he hurt you or was he to rough and things like that
in the morning he’ll make you breakfast and give you a big kiss
bad is so fucking adorable i love him sm
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bukojuiice · 8 months ago
get you.
Tumblr media
ೃ pairing: (husband! executive levi ackerman x wifey! reader)
ೃ  warnings: nsfw (18+) - the rest of the tags are below the cut! c:
ೃ genre: smut
ೃ word count: 2,696 words
ೃ  my nav  →  my college au! eren x fem! reader (fluff)
ೃ song inspo: get you by daniel caesar ft. kali uchis
ೃ  please do reblog if you enjoyed!! it really helps writers and content creators on tumblr! (feel free to add tags too because i love reading them and my heart swells with happiness when people love my work!)
ೃ “visit your husband at work” day is an actual event that happens every 3rd Thursday of the month at the company Levi works in. however, after he’s become too focused on the workload for the day and you’ve grown impatient as he wasn’t paying attention to you at all, you had to find a way to grab his attention. 
Tumblr media
additional tags: fem dom! reader, slight bondage, sub! levi then a dramatic shift to dom! levi 
hope you enjoy reading!
Tumblr media
Today is the 3rd Thursday of the month.
Which meant “Visit your Husband at Work” Day.
No. Like, it was literally an actual holiday that existed in the company.
One of Levi’s fellow executives, Hange Zoe, created a whole-ass holiday just so to tease you and Levi.
Not that it was a problem though, it was always so fun to watch your husband work so sternly and seriously. Even if he ignored you most of the time, especially when you were being annoying and were asking too many questions.
This month’s iteration of the holiday though… left much to be desired.
Your ever so busy husband promised you a lunch date at one of the swankiest restaurants in the business district, however he was so swarmed with papers, business plans, and taking calls from important clients that could he not take 1 hour out of his day just to spend time with you and keep the spirit of this “holiday” alive?
It really doesn’t make any sense. He could relay the client calls to his secretary, Eren, for an hour and a half, then once he gets back, he could go through them and call them back again.
Was it that hard to do?
Despite your many pleas of asking him to just stop working for a few minutes and eat some take out McDonald’s chicken nuggets with you, he still refuses to do so. He even remarked about how unhealthy they were, but you corrected him by telling him that it was alright to eat from time to time at least.  
The whole chicken nuggets exchange you had with him, put you into an even more sour mood.
Before he could even ask where you were about to go, you stormed out of his office, trying to get a reaction from him, so that he would try and make it up you. However, that did not happen and your romantic fantasy of Levi holding you by the wrist, whispering huskily into your ear, not wanting you to leave was not achieved.
So, you then head over to Hange’s office where they were eating lunch with their secretary, Moblit, and surprisingly, the company’s very own Erwin Smith, the CEO of Survey Corp. (get it? Because survey corps? Mwahahaah ok I’ll see myself out)
This got you even more confused, because why are both Hange and Erwin able to eat lunch so casually whilst your husband is so tense and stressed about all the paper works that he has to go through?
“AHH! Ms (Y/N)!” Hange beams at you as soon as they see you enter the room. “What brings you here? Does Levi not want to leave his office again?” They giggled. You greet the three of them back with a wave, but a sad smile present on your face. Erwin raises his eyebrow at you in worry.
“Ms (Y/N), is everything alright?” The blonde man asks worriedly, taking another sip of his afternoon tea. “Did you get into a fight with our most loved and hardworking executive?” He teases, trying to keep the atmosphere light and carefree.
“That’s the problem actually.” You laugh exasperatedly, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. “He promised me that we would go out for lunch, but he didn’t commit and told me he was caught up in a lot of business calls, and he didn’t want to miss any of them as they were very important.”
“Oh? He can just give them to Eren though. They aren’t extremely important calls. We’re not even trying to bag some huge business deal right now. I told Levi to loosen up a bit, but he continues to want to see through with everything.”
You breathe out an irritated sigh, crossing your arms in disappointment. “I’ll be going back to his office now. I’ll be talking to my husband about this and his workaholic tendencies.” You bite your lip, trying to muster a smile, waving goodbye and leaving as soon as you arrived.
“Aw. I wasn’t able to ask if she wanted some sashimi.” Hange pouts, holding a small paper bag that contained the premium dish. “Erwinnn should I go after her?”
“Nope. Don’t.” Erwin shakes his head, laughing, clearly in a very good mood.
“Huh!? Why can’t I-“
Erwin gives them a knowing look, raising his eyebrow suggestively as if referring to something.
Tumblr media
You arrive back at Levi’s office, your arms crossed, waiting for the raven-haired man to greet you. The man you know and love so well, was still very much engrossed with the materials and blueprints he was reading.
He looks up at you then goes back to what he was doing.
You lock the door behind you and then proceed to sit at the long velvety couch situated in the middle of Levi’s huge ass office. Your arms remain crossed, so were your legs as you begin to read a random book laying on the coffee table.
Levi steals some quick glances at you from time to time and your petty self pretends that you don’t notice him doing so.
You hear him sigh and take off his black rimmed glasses that he only wears during work. He then rubs his temples and clear his throat, to try and get your attention.
“(Y/N) love, I know you’re disappointed over the fact I didn’t push through with our lunch plans. I know that you know how much I love you but this is a very important-“
You stand up from the couch and throw the book carelessly to the table. Approaching him with a rather alluring aura surrounding you, your husband giving you a puzzled look as you arrive in front of his table.
He stands up, thinking you were about to envelop him in a hug and accept his apology until…
You grip the lapels of his suit and yank Levi hard against you.
“Prove it.”
Your lips clash with his. Kissing him with every ounce of frustration and heat in your body. But even as Levi’s arms come around you, holding you flush against him, he suddenly pulls back with a questioning look on his face.
“Maybe you might be too busy for this too Mr. Ackerman.”
You push his jacket off his shoulders before your fingers slide along the back of his neck as you guide his wet, hungry mouth back to yours.
Levi spins you around, pushing your back against the cold glass of the windowpane, the beautiful city skyline as your backdrop whilst you make love? It was perfect.
He lifts your wrists up above your head, holding it there with one hand while the other explores your body, caressing the skin he could touch even though you were still fully clothed.
You feel exposed in a way that makes your pulse race, the intensity and the heat between the two of you continue to escalate as his fingers find a strip of bare skin at your waist, then slide up beneath your clothes to trace the curve of your breast. He continues fondling it whilst his other hand slowly unbuttons your blouse, revealing the beauty that was your upper body. Levi takes in the view, breathing
You arch your back, pressing your body against him. His tongue continues to tangle  with yours, and he moans into your mouth.
“Can you even get back to work after this?”
“It depends how much you can keep me busy.”
Levi picks you up easily in his arms. You lock your legs around his waist as he carries you across the office.  He sweeps everything off his desk with a loud crash and lays you down.
Again, you were seeing a different version of him. Not only was it not typical of him to be careless and thrashing things around like this, but the way you can feel his heart beat and his emotions just by these gestures and the two of you haven’t even arrived at the good part yet.
Your head swims, going wild over the thought of what the two of you could end up doing as he unfastens your clothes and throws them across the room. Very out of character for a man who wants to be clean and organized all the time.
His lips trail kisses all over your body, pausing to skim his teeth along your side, caressing each soft spot, turning you on even more.
“I want to eat you up…” He whispers, continuing to smother you with all the love that he can give, touching you everywhere he can.
You look down your body at him, taking in the intense look in his eyes. You want him…
But you also want to make him pay for how he treated you today.
“You have to earn that privilege, Mr. Ackerman.”
You sit up from the desk, pushing him back lightly.
“You’ve been a naughty boy, Levi.” You wink at him, sucking your finger and waving it in front of him. “And you know what that means…”
“I’m going to tie you up.”
Levi, lets out a soft curse, as you hop down from the desk and motion for him to take a seat behind it. He has no choice but to follow you, albeit a bit surprised as this was something new that the two of you haven’t experience yet. He starts to move around the desk when you call out to him.
You lean in and skim your fingers over the exposed skin of his chest, then tug lightly on the open flap of his shirt.
“I don’t want to have to deal with this later.” You wink at him again, running your fingers through his abs, caressing them, and you know that something was stimulating inside of your raven-haired lover.
Levi then quickly strips out of the rest of his clothes, then takes a seat in his office chair, arms on the armrests.
You grab a spare cord from one of his desk drawers, then tie his wrist to the chair. You do the same for his other hand, letting your fingers trail along his bare body, noticing the bulging erection in his pants before you step back and admire your handiwork.
“Aren’t you a sight?” You tease him, your husband smirks and shakes his head at how you were the one showing dominance this time around.
Levi tries to reach for you but stops when he pulls against the cords. He sits back with a pout.
“This isn’t fair.” He cursed under his breath. “I want to touch you.”
“Oh… you want to talk about not fair? What have you been doing all morning then?”
You lean over the chair, careful not to touch him, to try and tease him even more. You let your breasts idle near his face… so close, you can feel his breath ghost over your skin. He visibly gulps.
“And now you’re being punished for it.”
You hop back on the desk, facing Levi. You spread your legs so he can see every inch of you, you hear him gulp again and you were loving the attention as you slip your fingers under your panties.
“Tch…” He cursed under his breath.
Your head lulls back as you let the pleasure course through your veins, trying your best to stop yourself from mewling in pleasure. You call out his name, as if imagining that you were pleasuring yourself whilst he wasn’t around. “A-ah…”
Touching yourself in front of Levi is a power trip like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. You can barely control your movements as your hips buck up. You continue to rub your clit in a circular motion. Your husband continues to watch.
Levi licks his lips as he struggles against his restraints. You slow your fingers as you consider him…
“Hmm… have you been punished enough yet?”
“No… but I can’t make it up to you properly unless you let me touch you.” He continues to breathe heavily, still trying to free himself from the restraints.
Selfishly, you know he’s right. You reach out to untie the cords, and he’s all over you, quickly pressing your body onto his, before the ropes even fall to the ground. Levi continues to kiss you deeply, pressing you back against the desk as his hands work your panties down your thighs.
“I haven’t been able to think about anything else all day. I know we could have just done this at home.”
“And now? What do you think is the point of this work holiday?”
His fingers make their way back up your bare legs, stroking you teasingly.  “And now… I can barely control myself. I want to devour you.”
You lean back and let your legs fall open as wide as they can. You fight back a blush as he hungrily takes in every inch of you. Levi bows at your feet, lowering his mouth between your thighs and working his tongue against you. He slowly licks the inside curves of your pussy, taking in every inch of you. He continues to make work of exploring your insides by a finger, pushing it in and out.
You shiver and grip the desk, reeling from the sensation.
“If you want me to make this up to you properly, then you can’t come yet.” He stops for a second, now it was his turn to tease you.
“Can you do that, Ms. Ackerman? Can you hold back until I tell you?” Levi punctuates his question with a devilish twirl of his tongue, and you gasp.
“Yes. I can.”
“I can take whatever you have to give. Don’t hold back.”
Levi smirks at you, and you know he’ll rise to the challenge. He licks his lips… then dips his head and licks you. His tongue continues to ravish you, deeply and heavily, unrelenting.
“A-ah I’m going to!“ You mewl, your hands looking for something to grasp.
“Already? I thought you said you could take it?”
Your body trembles as he sucks and nips on your nipples, leading you toward the brink. He makes his tongue rigid as it flicks against your clit. You lift your head enough to see Levi’s hand working between his legs, touching his cock in rhythm with you as he groans out your name.
“L-levi…” You gesture him to enter you, your finger pointing down as your breath continues to hitch, craving more for him.
He slowly enters as if teasing you, and you feel your juices stimulate as you become one with him. He continues to thrust in, shifting from a normal to a fast pace, still relentlessly teasing you. How the tables have turned.
Levi’s pace grows even faster and faster, it was as if his dick was enlarging inside of you too. Your moans were in sync with his and with one final thrust…
That’s all it takes. Your body clenches, and you fly over the edge, ecstasy crashing over you.
You both exchange your I love you’s, leaning in for one last kiss as you feel the last pump enter inside you.
Levi slowly holds you and helps you down from the desk. It was such a smooth release that not one drop fell onto the desk. If it did though, his clean freak tendencies would probably show by now.
“Let’s clean up. I have a meeting at 3.” He says, still catching his breath, picking up his clothes that he threw from the other side of the room.
“So… you’re telling me that we can still have our lunch date!?” Your eyes lit up; the raven-haired man offers to help you clip your bra.
“Yes. Then let’s go to the spa after.” He smiles, combing a hand through your hair, kissing your shoulder before you finish wearing your blouse again.
“Does that mean we can also do it in the spa?” You ask, suggestively.
“Aw. You’re no fun.”
Tumblr media
me after writing this and as i hit post now:
Tumblr media
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rorowrote · 6 months ago
What the Genshin Characters Smell Like 🌈
Fandom: Genshin Impact
Featuring: Diluc, Kaeya, Childe, Zhongli, Albedo, Venti and Xiao (separate) x g/n reader
Warnings: none!
A/n: someone next door was sawing a lot of wood and I have a sensitive nose. That was my prompt xD enjoy!
Read part 2 with Ningguang, Beidou, Jean and Lisa here!
Tumblr media
On most days he smells like an odd mix of crushed berries and an evergreen woodland. Perhaps it reflects how he spends his days - one half tending to the winery and the other half risking his life for his home. You're enveloped in notes of pine and cedar, freshly mown grass and subtle hints of grape leaf, strawberry and bitter cherry. On special occasions there's something heady and intoxicating about his scent, and a depth that screams high quality. You can't resist the pull. Spend too long around him and you forget all about the winery's excellent vintages; you're drunk on Diluc. 
This man's mission in life seems to be to charm. His scent reflects that. At first you get a warm, spicy smell like cinnamon and caramelized sugar. It's the sort of sweet scent that draws you in, eases your mood and makes you eager to open up. But the longer you spend with him you start to notice a coldness in him. Notes of iris and violet mixing with what you could only describe as post-blizzard air, wrap you in an enchanting sort of melancholy. You want to know more; you sense there is more to this man than meets the eye. 
Despite the freezing climes of his icy homeland, Childe smells like the ocean. He spends most of his time on travels, fulfilling his duties as a Harbinger, and the countless battles he fights seem to stay with him long after they're won - he smells like energy itself. The first impression is unusually neutral and you feel a growing sense of suspicion. However, when you meet him head on, you're hit with notes of sea salt and mint, coupled with unexpectedly playful hints of orange blossom, all combining in an exhilarating scent - one that wakes you up, ready to face anything. 
Unsurprisingly, Zhongli smells like comfort. In his presence you immediately feel the soft embrace of jasmine tea and amber. It's a timeless fragrance, one that makes you nostalgic for a bygone era, yet somehow still radiant and in-the-moment. If you lean in closer, you will start to unravel the complexity of the aroma. Like the wisdom he has accumulated over his long life, the fragrance has several layers and you can only pick out a few hints of silk flower, sandalwood and star anise. His scent lingers long after he has left a place as if he has frozen time and left a part of himself to live on in your memory. 
Albedo’s scent fills you with wonder and intrigue. It is at once simple and complex, and as you inhale deeply you feel reassured. On days when he takes a break to sketch outdoors, he returns smelling faintly of white flowers like gardenia or chamomile daisies, and freshly dug earth. Usually, however, he smells rather mystifying - a unique mix of ivy, coffee, apple and burning embers leaves you curious about his true nature. His scent is the sort that puzzles you, sometimes even frustrates you, but most of all, always delights you with new and exciting discoveries. You want to treasure it like a rare artefact. 
Venti smells like a warm midsummer breeze. There’s no better way you can describe it. His scent evokes the same sense of calm and joy you would get from petting a puppy warmed by the sun. Like the winds he dances with, his scent has a tendency to change depending on his mood - on most days he is cheerful, and you drink in the bright scent of lily of the valley and peach blossoms, but on rare days where is is more pensive you sense faint notes of rain and moss mixing in. His scent is one you find yourself looking forward to, especially on gloomy days. It’s a reminder that the winds are with you and it brings you hope. 
Xiao will insist he doesn’t smell of anything but you know better. It takes you a while to earn his trust and his scent mirrors this. At first, you smell nothing. The absence of a notable scent throws you off slightly, but once he lowers his guard a little, you are blown away by how delicate he smells. You most definitely do not expect the notes of pear blossom and bamboo he carries. Much like the tormented adeptus, the scent is one that is difficult to know but desperate to be acknowledged and cherished. It fills you with an overwhelming sympathy and you want to protect it, afraid it will dissipate.
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pineconeinatree · 4 months ago
witchy tips for witches with depression <3
I've been struggling with depression for some time now and I've been having a lot of issues practicing my craft since the lack of energy and motivation, so I decided to compile a list of simple routine things you can try to add to your daily life to get you back on the craft and maybe make you feel better :]
theres no instant cure to depression but there are ways to make it a little less bad, and little by little get you back on your feet !! these may not work for everyone as I am writing down things that work for me and just simple ways I use to incorporate the craft into my daily life. please please please also seek prefessional help if you're able to !! talk to friends and family, you're loved and cared for !! google depression self help tips for more tips, I know most of them may sound dumb or trivial or useless but it is so worth a shot adhering to them for some time, maybe you will notice an increase in your mood :D
1. veiling
when I go out, I wear a scarf on my head to protect my energy or keep me in a good mood, depending on the days activity. you can wear a scarf around the house or go out with it and putting one on also works for a bad hair day (read: haven't washed hair in a week) ;D
just cleanse the scarf by maybe shaking the unwanted energies out of it or with incense or with whatever you see the best and bless the scarf with your intentions for the day :D
2. cleansing
if you have a hard time taking care of your hygiene ( it's okay I promise, it can be very exhausting :/ ), try getting some baby wipes on your bedside table and when you wake up / before you go to bed, wipe your face, armpits, feet etc. with the wipe and with the intention of cleansing. it's quick and very easy and I promise that it's worth it, you'll feel a lot more fresh afterwards. you can do the same with washing in general ! if you take a shower imagine the bad thoughts and depressive energy go down the drain in a black/gray/brown stream of dark water !! you'll feel a lot more fresh and maybe a bit clear-headed even :)
3. tea magick
while getting your cup of tea / coffee, stir your days intentions into the drink or do this:
stir clockwise thrice to bring positivity, stir counterclockwise to let out negative energy in your next three sighs and then seal the spell to let the sadness repel.
I recommend black tea or white tea or chamomile tea and add some honey / sugar to sweeten the deal !!
4. shadow work
I know that one of the last things you might want to do is dwelve deep into your feelings but it really will be useful in the long run. if you feel yourself getting upset or your mood suddenly dropping, try getting to the bottom of it; what triggered the emotional reaction? take a deep breath, relax into your feelings as they are in that moment and be honest with yourself. observe them without judgment and try to find out where they came from and how to solve the conflict.
here's some prompts and questions you can try asking yourself:
how did you feel ( more accurately than just upset; were you angry, jealous, sad, lonely etc.) ?
is there something you can do right now to solve it ?
how could you handle this situation in a healthy way? eg. try to come up with healthy coping mechanisms.
how can you maybe prevent this in the future?
try the court trial thought challenging technique. if these thoughts or this situation was a court case, which side would win? imagine yourself as the defense attorney. you need to gather 100% foolproof evidence you have siding with the negative thought and then defend it against the undermining counterpart. it's kind of a pros and cons type of list but you adopt the viewpoint of an outside viewer to get a clearer and more realistic view of the situation. this thought process can help you realize that some negative thoughts aren't truthful and help you let them go. you can Google "the court trial cbt" for more on this technique :D !!
5. studying the craft
we're all individuals and we react differently to bad states of mind but what I do often is distract myself by being on my phone and I know ( I hope so, at least ) I'm not alone in this. as a witch, you're always developing and learning new things, was it about learning different kinds of ways to practice your craft or getting to know other practices or maybe reading a guide how to grow your own herbs ! point is, if you're gonna distract yourself, you could try reading ebooks or articles or even tumblr posts about things that interest you !
maybe try making a list of subjects, topics and practices that interest you and set a goal for yourself to read at least about 3 subjects on the list per day !!
6. making pinterest boards / planning
this isnt directly magick but I think it does count as practicing your craft. make mood boards for the next full moon, come up with spells, make pinterest boards about cool things that interest you or maybe start planning for the next sabbath ! just have fun with it, maybe colour coordinate your pin boards or arrange them by season !
7. go out for walks
it is so so so important to try to adhere to some routines. a big part of managing depression is taking care that you get enough sleep, eat enough and do fulfilling, nice and healthy things. go outside and try to look for rocks or crystals from the nature ? or try foraging ! or maybe go for a walk during sunset/sunrise and admire the beautiful sky and clouds ! ANY reason to peep your nose out of the house is a good reason. maybe go meditate to the nearest park ? or try yoga !!
8. interests and passions and things you loved to do
I know that it might be hard to find joy in the things that you used to like doing but you should try to do at least one thing that you used to love doing for 10 minutes every day ! incorporate a little witchcraft into it too if you want to !
draw or paint a sigil and maybe colour it
sing your favourite song with intent that matches the lyrics
try freestyling with any instrument you play and let your intuition guide you with the chords and notes that come out ! you can try also making small melodies that correspond to different intents and use them for cleasing or happiness or protection !!
bake or cook something you've always wanted to try ! look up the ingredients' correspondences and cook with desired intents !
please know that you're not alone !! my dms are always open if you want tips or just someone to talk to, too :) you don't need to do all of these but maybe try taking some inspo and adjust it to your life and surroundings and daily life and come up with ways of your own, it's your craft after all !!
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feralforestbastard · a month ago
winter hc request! how do the main 6 make hot cocoa? (Or other hot drinks they like?) milk, water, marshmallows? (I know someone who just melts chocolate ice cream which is cursed,, but effective)
We’re just gonna ignore how I’m answering this after literally a year but the ice cream hot chocolate has been haunting me this whole time lol. I stopped liking the arcana a while ago but I got covid so I’m quarantining and my interest in it came back.
Main 6's favorite hot drinks/ fall drinks
Definitely a iced drink over a hot drink person but he’ll try anything once and likes to switch things up often.
Also drinks more teas and coffees over coco. He likes them all, just more of a savory person over sweet.
He puts the weirdest milks he can find in his drinks, currently the weirdest he’s tried is dolphin. He’s currently searching for something to top it.
He alternates wildly between practically all milk and cream drinks and absolutely straight coffee/tea/coco, you can probably create a weather forecast if you pay enough attention to when he does what.
When you first met him he never had a plain drink, he always had some mixture of cream, sprinkles, marshmallow, etc in it. He never had the option to do it as a kid so when he had the means to do it he did.
He often mixes many drinks into one, he’s had coffee tea and coco all together at least twice.
Has tea broken down to a science and has created a personalized blend for each of her friends.
Before her coma she was practically a caffeine addict and spent many days in her room tinkering in a coffee fueled haze. After her coma she tried to stick to tea over coffee because sometimes the smell of black coffee would irritate her headaches
She sometimes will get tired of plain drinks and orders things to melt into her drinks, her favorite one is a custom order of a white chocolate owl that makes the drinks shimmery.
I headcannon her as lactose intolerant so she doesn’t like to add milk to her coffees and teas.
She still uses milk as her base when making hot chocolate because that’s how Portia did it when she woke up and it just feels weird to have it any other way now.
She always tries to learn about the foods from whatever place she’s interacting with at the time, so far her favorite is glühwein from Firent.
Obviously he consumes a stupid amount of black coffee no matter what season.
He’s surprisingly picky about the details of it though, he wants a certain merchant’s ,grown in certain conditions, and ground to a consistency he likes. Julian is to coffee as Valerius is to wine.
Catch him when he’s stressed or tired enough and he’ll take anything labeled coffee but he will complain about it. Its not that it tastes bad it’s just that he knows how much better it can be.
He’s ungodly with any other beverage though, nothing is safe. He’s brewed tea with salt water a few times and once served it to Asra (without warning).
If you give him hot chocolate made by Portia while he’s in a certain mood he will cry.
If it gets cold enough he will heat up salty bitters to drink like a fall beverage, depending on who you ask some people think it’s better that way.
As you can guess she’s the god of hot chocolate, she’s in general the queen of fall (and spring) so she’s mastered any hot drink you can think of.
Also her collection of coffee cups is to die for, especially in a modern au.
She never drinks tea/coco/coffee without milk in it, it doesn’t even have that much to do with the taste anymore it’s just more of a personal ritual for her.
She doesn’t like how jittery caffeine makes her so she sticks to decaf but she keeps Julians favorite around her house even when he’s gone.
She’s a firm believer that cold drinks are for summer and spring and hot drinks are for fall and winter and she refuses to cross that line at all.
When she even slightly thinks she could be getting sick she will drink chicken broth like it’s an actual beverage.
Never embellishes any drink besides coffee on his own because it seems unnecessary but will generally match it to whoever he’s drinking with.
On that note he has tried every type of milk asra has out of curiosity, they kinda made it their version of a girls night.
He really likes drinking plain hot water before he goes to bed, he likes the warm feeling in his chest but doesn’t want to deal with making it an actual drink like tea.
During his years in the coliseum he drank almost exclusively black coffee and now the only time he’ll drink coffee without making it 90% milk and cream is when he’s feeling really depressed.
He has a really weird habit of taking sips of his homemade paint when he makes new ones, it’s herbs and water so it’s drinkable and he just thinks it’s funny that it’s technically supposed to be paint.
He likes chocolate chips and marshmallows in his hot chocolate but he only makes it with water because he feels weird drinking milk casually.
He grew up on exclusively herbal teas and water, and he had to drink a lot of medicinal herb mixtures when he had the plague, so he really likes strongly flavored rich hot chocolate.
When he gets nostalgic though he drinks watery teas, his go to is dandelion. He doesn’t enjoy the taste at all it’s just something he does for the experience.
He’s the most likely to put ice cream in hot chocolate, the thicker and creamier he can get it the better.
He doesn’t like coffee at all even with a lot of cream in it, when he gets tired he’s more the type to bounce around to wake himself up. But for the majority of his life he’s had pretty high stamina so he doesn’t worry about it much to begin with.
If you even THINK of bringing him hot chocolate made with water instead of milk you’re spending a few days in the humiliation pit.
He actually really enjoys just plain hot milk too, he likes drinking it the most on cold mornings.
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Kissing You and Being Kissed
Tumblr media
The lips or basically anywhere on your head. The back of the head, lips, ear, cheek. He loves it all, it just depends on where you are if your passing in the hall it’s the cheek, walking together the back or side of your head.
his lips. The best is when he least expects them, reading a book, chilling, walking around at night, but not in public because he wants to keep a more private relationship. (I’ll explain the reason soon)
The neck. Vampire. That’s it
The cheek, he gets a little red from blush
The hand. He a true prince it doesn’t matter Male, Female, or non-binary he’s gonna kiss your hand. He thinks it’s the most romantic way to show love, because since the beginning of fairy tales the prince would kiss the hand of the fairest in the land.
The forehead. The only good part about sleeping all the time is that you’ll wake him up with a kiss on the forehead and say something like “Wakey wakey my sleeping prince.”
The cheek or base of your neck. Once you guys are together he’s very clingy wether it’s in public or private. But mostly in public, because he’s worried about other guys. He’ll usually ask to put his hand on your waist, or hold hands when out and about, but only if you want to, he doesn’t want to to feel like he’s limiting your free will. He likes the hand on waist or on back because he can move his hand up and pull your cheek or neck closer to him and kiss it. Small pecks.
The cheek, but he loves being kissed on the shoulders because of the muscles. It gives him confidence and a wonderful feeling of love.
Tumblr media
The stomach or chest. When you laid in bed or on the sofa he likes to press his face to your chest or stomach. Sometimes he’ll- jk at least a couple kisses every time he lays there, he’ll kiss you there.
The chest. He likes it when you lay on him, specifically on his chest. Leona loves to be showered in your kisses on his chest. I don’t know why he just does.
The cheek both ways. He’s sweet and classic.
The nose, Ruggie is a soft boy so he loves it when you cuddle him and rub nose softly. He’s usually hugging you while doing so. His tail wags like crazy to! When you give him love
The forehead. I know Ruggie’s a hyena but he feels like a dog getting forehead kiss. It feels like a head pat and a “good boy”. He’s only like this around you. And he laughs his signature spray bottle laugh.
Tumblr media
... The thighs. ONLY BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. Other then that he doesn’t kiss you much. He does kiss more then your thighs don’t worry. His favorite spot is the thighs though, he’ll kiss your lips, forehead, and the like.
The forehead if sitting down but the cheek he’s all blushy if you kiss his lips
As a friend he likes kisses on the head. It gives him the feeling of being alive and a kid. Like a parent reading him a story and tucking him in for the night.
Tumblr media
Jaw. He loves showering you with all of his love kissing up and down your jaw. He’s not afraid to do it in public either.
lips or jaw line. He gets butterflies all over when you kiss him and giggles about it.
Your forehead, he’s not to open with PDA so a quick forehead kiss. If your alone he’ll kiss your lips or forehead for longer giving you all his love.
Back of neck. Moving his hair out of the way and placing a kiss there is his favorite.
Tumblr media
The hand. He’s no prince but he likes the way it makes him personally feel. He thinks it makes him gentlemen like. He’ll great you at the bottom of a staircase and kiss your hand, he’ll slow dance with you and kiss your hand before starting, and during if your hand is close enough.
Anywhere and everywhere. Getting showered with love is normal for him but with you he feels extra special when receiving kisses anywhere, the forehead is a no go zone he’s not a fan at all, I mean you could mess up his make up and he might not know. But the cheeks, lips, nose, and the rest are okay with him. Just don’t leave a mark or he’ll be annoyed that he has to put in effort to cover it up.
A Classic on the lips. He’ll just pull you a side and plants one on you. Usually at random and whisper something to you in French.
He likes it when you take his hat and put it in the line of sight of the other students and kiss him on the cheek, lips, neck anything goes.
Forehead, and neck. He’s a simple boy, the forehead is a place that’s sweet and meaningful to kiss. The neck is a place he’ll feel much love about. He doesn’t really have a reason...
Jawline, and chest. Kissing you of the chest and watching you squirm gives him great power and he’s living everyday for it. The Jawline. A room where no one else is. Day or night. He’s in love with the way you look at he kisses your jaw.
Tumblr media
The hand and lips. He’s a classy man so nothing to suggestive for kissing you.
The back of the neck... he loves it to death. But is usually embarrassed when you do. he’s walking down the hall with contracts and you kiss him on the neck, he’ll probably drop the papers out of shock which you’ll both have to pick up.
The hand but also the neck. He’ll put you up on a table or the monstro lounge bar and kiss you on the neck a lot after the lounge closes if no one is around and you kiss him first. If your in public he’ll simply kiss your hand.
Anything goes (A mark follows it) and with kissing him the collar bone (Especially if you leave a mark)
Tumblr media
The forehead is Riddle’s favorite. Why you might ask? Oh simply it makes him feel tall...
Kisses from you are sometime Riddle cherishes a lot, but sadly he’s alway busy and you hardly get to kiss him but when you do it’s a loving kiss on the cheek for him, or maybe even a kiss on the lips depending on his mood and the amount of time he has to spare.
The shoulder is his favorite spot to kiss you especially in the morning or night when your tired. His favorite to be kissed is the cheek. Imagine for a second Waking up in the morning and waiting for the coffee or tea to finish brewing and he walks up behind you kisses your shoulder after pulling down your collar then you grabbing his cheek opposite of you, bringing his face closer and kissing the cheek closest to you.
He loves to kiss you on the lips at random. He spins you and kisses you in his arms which he’s very needy about because it gets very passionate really fast! Or maybe in his room he’ll push you onto the bed or up against the wall (Gently) and kiss your lips. He’s never really thought about having a S/O so you’r most likely his first which means you get all of the love in him. Any who to kiss or to get kisses will always be the lips.
The neck is a no go If it’s more then one kiss. He already die of happiness when you kiss him as it is, don’t kill the poor boy😖. The cheek blushy, the lips death, anywhere death. You just fry his brain when you kiss him... But
If he’s the one kissing you... That’s different he’s prepared! Most of the time his kisses are soft but rough. He’s soft and you can tell it’s full of love, but if he hasn’t kissed you in a long time be ready because he’s got a lot of love for you.
The chest and thighs... He’s the chest and thigh guy. Female or male, or non-binary, Small or big he doesn’t care he loves to kiss you on the chest and thighs. If your sitting on the bed he’ll come over and rest his head on your chest. Sitting in a chair and he’s feeling needy he’ll pull out the chair your sitting in and rest his head on your lap holding on to your lower back on the floor.
The cheek, the reason... Selfies. The best angle for a couples picture if no one else is able to hold the phone or no tripod it’s the cheek kiss from you.
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llamagoddessofficial · 4 months ago
Favorite brand and/or flavor of tea? Any recommendations?
[slams boxes of tea onto the table]
IM SO GLAD YOU ASKED!!! sit down I shall tell you more!!
I said sit down.
So! I have different favourites depending on my mood, the weather, and any current ailments I might have. But narrowing it down, here's my top favourite teas!
1. Earl Grey
A classic. One of my absolute favourite flavours, with or without a splash of milk- when I want to feel like Alice in Wonderland this is the one I go for. It's the tea I think of when someone says 'cuppa', makes me feel very sophisticated, but it can often be a bit too strong. I generally reach for EG with breakfast if I'm not in the mood for a coffee because it's a Bit Much for evenings.
Tumblr media
2. Green/matcha
I'm such a sucker for some green tea. Call me crazy but I do like to put a tiny bit of sugar with it. Green is very gentle because of its lower steeping temperature, so it's easier on the senses than EG, and unlike EG it tastes quite nice iced so it's good for summer too.
However, when I'm craving this particular flavour, I only really reach for Green if there's 1. no matcha, 2. I'm low on time, or 3. super super lazy. The fun/slightly hypnotic ritual of making matcha with the bowl and whisk is a great way to unwind, so 99 times out of 100 I'm preparing that instead! It has a beautiful smell and makes me feel at home.
Tumblr media
3. Chamomile
Ah, chamomile.... mon amour.... 😔😔💘 When I'm sad, the weather is shit, I'm missing spring and summer or I have shitty period cramps, I go for chamomile. Aromatic and fruity and flowery, a comfort tea for evenings and blankets. What more can I say
Tumblr media
Hope you enjoyed!
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valberryy · 8 months ago
lemon, peppermint, milk, coffee and rooibos tea for my local white boy?? 👉👈👉👈 am sorry if im greedy im just,,, brainrotting over him(and courier) hard ehe
obligatory albedo tag: @ukiiyo hello my love
coffee: do they get jealous easily? how do they show it?
albedo isn't quite the type to be prone to jealousy, but it's mostly because he's never had a lover before you. it's a new feeling to him, honestly—this heaviness in his chest when he sees how happy you look with someone else. while he's figuring out these feelings for himself, he'd be the type to withdraw and introspect, focusing on his work, work, work. as time goes on he starts to become more in tune with his emotions—and with you—to the part that he gets kind of...cheeky. "would you really rather spend time with them rather than me?"
lemon tea: what are mornings like with them?
he often wakes up earlier than you, so more often than not he tries to crawl out of bed as quietly as he can to get ready—most of the time having to peel off limbs clinging to his waist as you mumble that it's way too early to be up. most mornings you wake up to him already dressed, sitting on the side of the bed. "good morning, mein schatz," he'd say, watching with fond eyes as you blink blearily up at him. "i've prepared breakfast for us. let's have some together."
milk tea: what are their kisses like?
it depends, honestly—both on his mood and his schedule. if you try to steal kisses while he's busy with work he'll be rather distracted, only vaguely returning your advances before his eyes are back on the papers before him. but if you catch him when his schedule is less packed, he's more willing to indulge you. much like himself, when he kisses you it's curious and slow and methodical—he wants to learn just what you like as well as he knows your likes and dislikes with more mundane things. it's almost like an experiment to him, but he finds these results endlessly more fascinating than his laboratory work.
peppermint tea: what do they get excited about?
albedo isn't as outwardly expressive as some other people in the knights, so his "excitement" looks much like his regular face—but you've spent enough time with him to see how his eyes light up when he's talking about something he loves. he often gets excited about new breakthroughs in his research, rambling on to you about alchemical terms that you...can't quite understand, he gets excited about finally finishing up big pieces, gets excited about sharing all of these experiences with you, and thensome.
rooibos tea: what’s their favourite thing to do with their s/o?
he'd love drawing you, first and foremost—committing your image to paper the same way his hands recognise each bump and scar and blemish on your skin. but if you're not comfortable with that, he has no qualms with you just being near while he works. by no means does he see you as an intruding presence in his laboratory—in fact, he'd be more put off if you weren't there. but albedo's favourite thing to do with you has to be sharing meals with you. quiet breakfasts in the morning, rushed desserts as you walk back to the knights' headquarters, and lively, cheerful dinners with klee. for something so mundane to suddenly bring him so much truly are a spectacle, aren't you?
almost 4got to add this but send me tea prompts !!
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lavynrose · 3 months ago
Tag nine people you want to get to know better!
Tagged by: @hqrbinger @bigdicklorax THANK U SO MUCH FOR THE TAG ILYYY😭💕 i made a seperate post bc idk which one to reply to
Favorite color: GREEN, the darker the shade the better
Currently reading: some random fics JSHSIWAJ
Last song: shut up - greyson chance (check this out it's a really good song)
Last movie: awawarwwfsg i cant remember ive been binge watching anime lately
Last series: Tokrev
Currently craving: some almond choco ig
Tea or coffee: depends on my mood, but a cup of coffee would be nice
Currently working on: ToT men when their S/O almost [REDACTED] during [REDACTED]
Tagging: @stargazer-balladeer @irethepotato @vynchu @tokyo-fukushu yall are cool <3 feel free to ignore FSSHKJK ilyyy
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theasstour · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝐔𝐧𝐞𝐱𝐩𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐝𝐥𝐲 𝐄𝐱𝐩𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐝.
𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭: 𝟕.𝟕𝐤 𝐍𝐁: 𝐚𝐥𝐜𝐨𝐡𝐨𝐥, 𝐛𝐨𝐝𝐲 𝐢𝐦𝐚𝐠𝐞, 𝐞𝐱𝐩𝐥𝐢𝐜𝐢𝐭 𝐥𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐮𝐚𝐠𝐞, 𝐟𝐚𝐭𝐩𝐡𝐨𝐛𝐢𝐚
Tumblr media
Tuesday, 13 December 2017
Tooley Street was always busy, whether there were a horde of people walking to and from the riverside and underground, or cars driving by at a ridiculous speed. London Bridge station on the other side of the road to where Y/N and the gang sat at Caffé Nero, looked like a small insect in comparison to The Shard that reached like a pillar above the partly cloudy winter sky. The blue painted brick building beside it, The Shipwright Arms pub, was a lively addition to an otherwise very bleak street.
The winter wind by the riverside was horrendous, but Y/N had offered to come with Annalise on her cigarette break, so she had only herself to blame for exposing herself to more of the biting cold than completely necessary. From where the two were sitting, they could just make out Tower Bridge behind them, bare trees rising up along the streets that indicated summer was long gone and winter had arrived.
Y/N had spent a lot of time just sitting outside the last few days. Whether it was on a bench by Regent’s Canal, in the grass at Shoreditch Park, or at a table outside a café with a coffee in hand. She had just been sitting there, staring out at nothing. Thinking. All she had been doing since finding that watch was think.
She had tried to find some kind of logical explanation as to why that watch had the coordinates for her family’s Newport cabin, but there was none. What kind of connection did George have to Newport? To that cabin? Had he just fucked her and left it there because he knew who Y/N’s sister was? And where was George now? She had not seen him since that night in October, was he still around? Or had Y/N just missed him when he had been, and this had all just been a huge coincidence. But Y/N somehow knew, deep down, that this was far from a coincidence and she should not treat it as one.
“You have to come to Monnickendam,” Annalise said, blowing out a puff of white smoke.
Y/N looked away from a man across the street who was arguing passionately with someone on his phone. Shoving the thoughts of the watch that was laid on her desk in her room, out of her head. She had not told anyone about it, this was not something she wanted everyone to know about because she had no idea what it meant. The only person that knew was Harry, and she would like to keep it that way.
“I’ve never been to the Netherlands,” Y/N said.
“Even more of a reason to come.”
Y/N smiled. “Buzzing. I haven’t travelled much in Europe, mostly been to Brazil with my family.”
“When you come to Monnickendam, we have to take the train to, like, Germany or France. Andorra is also so beautiful, I think you’re gonna love it.”
“Make a roadtrip out of it.”
Y/N’s smile grew. “Had you been to London before you came here for school?”
Annalise brought the cigarette up to her mouth. “Loads of times.”
“Yes, we went here around Easter in 2012 the first time, and I fell in love. Went here four more times, then to an Open Day last year.”
Y/N nodded. “Was Helmond your first choice then? Did you like it the best?”
“No, Battersea was, but I’m happy I ended up at Helmond.” Annalise breathed out white vapour. “Helmond’s prettier.”
Y/N laughed. “The aesthetic is more important than the uni itself, innit? If you can’t take decent Instagram pictures there, what’s the point of spending the next three years at that place?”
Annalise laughed along with Y/N, taking a last drag. “I rarely use Instagram.”
“I used to. I loved to like document my life, to let all my friends and family know what I was doing at all times. But then I found Snapchat, and it’s just better.”
“You know that if you, like, save a picture or video in the Snapchat app, Snapchat owns it?”
Y/N blinked.
“At least what someone at home told me once.”
“Doesn’t Instagram do the same?” Y/N asked.
“Think so,” Annalise said, walking over to the litter and stumping her cigarette out in the ash tray on top of it. “Ground rule: don’t save anything onto social media. Anyone can save and see your pictures.”
“Basically,” Y/N mumbled, looking over at the man she had watched earlier. He was still arguing with someone over the phone.
“Ready to head back inside?” Annalise asked.
“Yeah.” Y/N got up and the two strolled back over to the Caffé Nero their three other mates were sat in. Thian, Hayden, and Chloe were all sat with their laptops in front of them and books in the centre of the table behind their screens. Chloe was talking animatedly as Y/N and Annalise approached, Hayden busy with something on the laptop in front of them while Thian sat with a book in his hands, looking at Chloe as she spoke. Y/N took off her puffer jacket, hanging it off the back of her chair as she sat down, adjusting her black V-neck jumper and loose denim jeans.
“…the problem isn’t that. The problem is the fact that they never clean up after themselves. That’s the problem,” Chloe said, groaning loudly. “And when I ask in the flat groupchat if anyone wanna be social, no one answers. I swear, all of them hate me.”
“Maybe they’re just busy,” Thian suggested.
“They always say that, but I know two of the boys are in Dave’s room playing something on that PlayStation.” Chloe crossed her arms over her chest. “Should I learn how to play FIFA?”
“You don’t have to impress them,” Y/N said, turning her laptop back on to finish the essay for Critical Reading that was due that Friday.
“No, I know. But if I want to hang out with anyone in my flat, I gotta do something. What games do you play in the PlayStation, Thian?”
Thian stared at Chloe for a second, mouth working before he mumbled, “I didn’t bring one to uni.”
“Alright, then what did you play at home?”
“Call of Duty.”
Chloe scrunched up her nose. “Isn’t that a war game?”
“Nah, I’m not into that.” Chloe grimaced, looking at something further away. “I’ve never really played PlayStation. One of the blokes I dated in college gamed a lot, but I couldn’t be asked to sit around and just watch.”
“The three in my flat play GTA,” Y/N said. “At least that’s what Nathan wants to play, Harry and Mason just go along.”
Chloe’s face instantly lit up. “Oh, my word, Y/N. You have to make Harry teach me how to play something on the PlayStation.”
There was a slight pang in Y/N’s chest at the sound of his name leaving Chloe’s lips in that way. Y/N opened, then closed her mouth, then opened it again. “I don’t really hang out with them when they play it. I’ve had so much to do these past months.”
“That’s fine, Nathan can keep us company,” Chloe said, leaning back in her seat. “Make Mason come, too. God-“ She grinned, letting her head fall between her shoulder blades. “-Your flatmates are fit.”
“Harry’s fitter than Mason,” Hayden chimed in.
“No, definitely Mason,” Annalise said.
“I can’t choose. Depends on my mood,” Chloe mused.
Thian kept quiet, staring pointedly at his laptop.
“Can you do it? Make them teach me?” Chloe begged, sticking her bottom lip out at Y/N.
Y/N took a deep breath. “I’ll try.”
Chloe grinned.
“They might be busy, too. Might not get to it till after Christmas break.”
Chloe waved her hand. “That’s fine. I just want to hang out with someone from my flat eventually.”
Y/N glanced down at her laptop again, trying to forget the conversation she had just had with the other three. Chloe continued chattering on about something of no significance, Y/N did not care to listen as she wanted to finish her essay before she had to leave for home coming Saturday. Though her coffee was cold now as she took a sip of it, Y/N still appreciated the taste of caffeine. It woke her up, made her more alert and focused.
Ever since she was seven years old, her papai had made her coffee to drink. He always said “coffee is as vital to a Brazilian’s existence as tea is to a Brit’s” and she had drunk it ever since. She loved the taste of it much more than tea, but seeing as tea was much easier to make, she had come to resort to it here in London. Home in Nottingham, there was always a brew in the making or one ready for whoever felt like having a cup, made with a proper coffee machine that Davi had invested proper money in. He had bought it back in 2001, and it worked just as well as it did back then. Y/N, like her papai, loved the coffee from that old coffee maker more than anything else. She could not wait until she was home with her parents so she could drink proper coffee all the time without going to the nearest coffee shop to do so. The instant coffee Nathan often made smelled and tasted rank, Y/N would have no other coffee than her papai’s and a cup made at a coffee shop.
“I’m gonna go buy a muff,” Hayden said, getting up from their chair. “This essay is doing my head in, I need something to sooth the pain.”
“Oh, could you buy me a scone?” Thian asked, putting his hands together as if he was begging on his knees. “I’ll pay with five stellar knock knock jokes.”
“Make it six.”
The two shook hands and Hayden grinned as they looked at the other three. “Anything from the trolley, dears?”
Y/N and Annalise chuckled. “No thanks,” Y/N said, Annalise saying the same thing.
“No, I’ll just add to this,” Chloe said, patting at her stomach.
“Add to what?” Hayden asked.
“A belly.” Chloe gripped the little that was protruding from her tight denim jeans. “I’m trying to start working out for bikini season, to remove that extra uni weight, you know?”
Hayden looked absolutely lost, so did Thian, and Annalise looked to not be paying any attention at all. Y/N, however, felt a familiar pang in her chest. It was a small explosion she had felt before, one that would taint the rest of her day. Instinctively, she put her scarf around her chest, letting it fall over her stomach.
Hayden did not comment, instead they just walked up to the till, ready to tell the lady working there their order. The table fell silent, but not for the reason Y/N wanted it to. No, they were all just busy with their essays. Y/N knew that it would be impossible for her to concentrate on the assignment now that the only thing she would be thinking about for the rest of the day was Chloe’s comment. Chancing a look over at her friend, she saw her flicking through a book in her lap, completely unbothered, Annalise was cocking her head to the side as she wrote something on her Mac, while Thian was watching Hayden pay for their food. None of them had batted an eyelash. Which was nothing new, Y/N was used to no one picking up on covered up fatphobic comments.
She knew that Chloe had not said those things with her in mind, that the statement had been about her own body only. But Y/N could not help but feel the comment in her very soul. She could remember her mates from school in Nottingham making comments similar to that one, so hearing it wasn’t alien, but it stung as much as hearing it that first time.
“Here we go,” Hayden said, putting the scone down on Thian’s keyboard.
“Scones are so bloody good,” Thian moaned, taking a huge bite out of his. “If we had to fuck a food, I’d fuck scones.”
The table went quiet, all looking at Thian. He just continued on eating, humming some Alesso and Conor Maynard song that was always playing on the radio.
“Why did you just say that?” Hayden asked.
“Felt like sharing my thoughts with the class.”
Hayden raised their eyebrows before looking at the laptop in front of them. “The class did not need to know.”
Thian shrugged his shoulders and Annalise laughed, Chloe joining in after a little while. Y/N smiled at them, but her thoughts still drifted back to Chloe’s comments just a minute earlier. She spread her scarf out over her stomach, wishing she had worn something that wasn’t so tight fitted.
Tumblr media
Friday, 15 December 2017
“Sorry we’re late,” Mason said as him and the rest of the rugby team streamed into the seminar room. Hayden, Y/N, Thian, Chloe, Annalise, Nathan, and Annalise’s two friends were all sat around one table, already having started a round of Uno.
“Oh, don’t worry,” Hayden smiled. “I’ve put Uno decks on the other tables.”
Mason and the rest of the team sat down, all chatting amongst themselves and letting go of heavy sighs as they took their seats. It was clear that the last training session for the team this year had not only been cold, but also immensely tiring. They all looked very ready to travel home for Christmas break, and it looked like a few already had.
Y/N felt their struggle with the cold. She herself was wearing a mini linen skater dress in black. The skirt was loose, making it comfortable to hide her belly in – she had not stopped thinking about Chloe’s comment all week, but it would not stop her from looking really fucking good – and the waist was open, baring some of her skin and rib tattoo to everyone. Her skin protruded around the straps that were wrapped around her waist, connecting her skirt from her top, but there was nothing she could do about it, so she just tried to stay out of Chloe’s vision. The plunge neck revealed a very deep cleavage and skin, making it so Y/N had put on two silver necklaces to top of the outfit. The rest of the top had long sleeves and a nice collar, which was why Y/N had bought the dress. It was slutty, but in a modest way.
The rest of the gang around the table had also dressed up, ready to go out after this. They all had their last lecture of the semester today, meaning that their Christmas break had just started, and they wanted to celebrate before everyone travelled to their separate locations the next day. Chloe to Oxford, Thian to Bristol, Hayden to Sheffield, Annalise to Monnickendam, and Y/N back home to Nottingham. It would be weird not to meet up with them, to not go to lectures and stress about assignments for the next month. Then again, Annalise had made a Snapchat and Messenger group to ensure that the gang would talk every single day. And knowing her mates, Y/N was sure they would.
During a break between rounds, Y/N got up from their table after making sure that her polyamide shorts underneath her dress didn’t roll down her stomach. She wore them to prevent chafing, knowing that if she did not wear them underneath her skirt, it would be hard for her to wear anything the next day. She did the zip of her chunky sock boots before making her way over to Mason’s table.
“Alright, Y/N?” Mason said as she came closer, giving her a small smile.
“How’re you lot finding the society?” she asked, looking around the table, meeting Kai’s eyes.
Kai beamed. “Good, it’s nice to spend some time with the whole team off the rugby pitch.”
“You’re dressed up,” Mason pointed out. “What’s the occasion?”
“Uno Society.”
Mason smiled. “Trying to pull some rugby players, are ya?”
“No. No, rugby players.”
Mason only raised his eyebrows as if he didn’t believe her, smile widening.
She narrowed her eyes at him. “You’re just as unbearable as Harry sometimes.”
“Nah, Harry’s worse than me.”
“Right.” Y/N took a big breath. “Chloe over there, the blonde,” Y/N said, motioning behind her with a nod of her head. Mason’s gaze immediately fell on Chloe. “She’s wondering if you and Harry can teach her how to play the PlayStation.”
Mason blinked, looking over at Kai as the bigger man clapped his hands together before laughing.
“Is that funny?” Y/N asked.
“No, it’s not. I just knew Kai would react like that,” Mason said. “But I’ll do it. After Christmas at some point.”
“Nice, I’ll tell her that, then.”
“Why does she need someone to teach her how to play PlayStation?” Kai asked, and though there was laughter in his voice, Y/N could tell his question was sincere.
“Some blokes in her flat never want to be social, they just stay in this one room playing PlayStation, and she’s kinda left out ‘cause she doesn’t really know how to play.”
“That might not work out,” Kai said, smiling still.
“Worth a shot, either way.”
“Maybe she just wanna spend time with this hunk,” Kai grinned, putting a hand on Mason’s shoulder. “Or the other hunk that’s not here.”
“Speaking of him,” Y/N said, putting a hand on her hip. “Not that I care, but where is he?”
Kai grinned, sitting back in his chair. “You don’t care? Not at all?”
“No, Y/N doesn’t like Harry much,” Mason explained, completely unbothered. “He’s working. The team’s popping by The Stag’s Head later to check on him since it’s his last shift and all that.”
Y/N nodded, suddenly remembering how Harry had told her that a few weeks ago.
“What’s the bellend done to you?” Kai asked.
“Another time, Kai. We’re in the middle of a round,” Mason said. “I’ll find a day that’s good for Chloe to come over.”
“Wicked,” Y/N smiled. “See ya.”
“Later, mate.”
Y/N walked back to her table, sitting down in her seat again. “Sorry,” she said when Hayden gave her a look. “Chloe, Mason said he could teach you how to play PlayStation sometime after Christmas break.”
Chloe squealed. “Really?!”
“Yeah, he’ll text me saying when.”
“Ahh! Buzzing!”
Y/N gave her a smile before the gang went back to playing.
Though she was physically present over the next hour or so, Y/N’s mind travelled back to the flat and the watch on her desk. Besides assignments, Christmas, and what Chloe said on Tuesday, that was all Y/N had spent her time thinking about. She would be in bed, about to go to sleep, then just get out of her bed and look at the watch, study it carefully. Maybe there was another message of sorts on it, maybe she was supposed to do something with it. But other days she did not want to touch that watch. There was something about it, something about how it had just been left in her possession so casually, something about the fact that she had not seen George since that night, that did not sit right with Y/N at all.
Throughout the rest of the night, after the Uno Society, while the gang was sat at a pub, and then dancing at a club later, Y/N could not bring herself to enjoy herself thoroughly. All her energy went back to that watch. She wanted to understand what it meant, why George had it, and what she was supposed to do with the information. Was she even supposed to do anything at all? It only made her want to travel down to Newport even more. She had to now. Her parents might think about getting rid of that cabin, but Y/N had to revisit it one last time before that happened.
Y/N did not drink that night; she was afraid of the conspiracy theories she would form if she did. She had one cocktail at the pub they went to, but could not do more than that, and her mates did not ask questions as to why she was not drinking, something she really appreciated. It was late when she announced she would be going home, and so she called Nathan and made him stay on the line with her as she took the tube back to Haggerston Station. Once she reached Orsman Road, she could hear his snores on the other end, and hung up halfway down the road to the flat. However, in the distance, she saw a stag’s head sign hanging out on a metal pole, protruding from the building opposite her flat building. She suddenly remembered what Mason said, and crossed the road, making her way over to the pub.
A small group of lads made their way out of the pub as Y/N reached it, the last one holding the door for her. She smiled and thanked him before walking inside. Now that she wasn’t affected by alcohol, Y/N was finally able to take in the pub properly without having the slight haze of alcohol taint it. The lights were comfortably dimmed, not too much so you could not read the menu, but just enough so that a person’s facial features would be a tad blurry. The red that ran along the wall behind the dark bar counter was subtle, giving the bar a sense of holding onto the secrets of each person who walked through the front doors, like a Victorian murder mystery. Y/N could see Sweeney Todd’s barber shop trapped in the same colours.
“Excuse me, miss,” a man walking out from behind the counter said, grey hair and broad shoulders. “We’re closed.”
“Oh,” she said, looking around the dark pub. “I… I thought I might find Harry here.”
The man narrowed his eyes a little. “He’s got a new girlfriend? So soon after the other ones?”
Y/N felt herself narrow her eyes back at the man. Girlfriend? Harry’s had girlfriends – plural – since he started working in The Stag’s Head? There was a very strange combination of a lot of different feelings that swarmed around Y/N’s body, suddenly making her feel seasick. She was about to abort her mission, to say she would just catch Harry at home, when there came a voice from the door leading out into the smoking area.
“Y/N,” Harry said, turning the lights off outside and closing the door. It looked as if he could not quite believe his eyes as he saw her standing there, like he had not thought she would ever show up to his work like this. Without seemingly able to help himself, his green eyes fell down to her green dress and her exposed legs. He quickly looked to his other co-worker, clearing his throat as he walked behind the pub counter. Y/N could swear she saw a slight pink hue to his cheekbones.
“I’ll leave if you’re busy.”
“No,” Harry said, the word coming out a little too quickly as if desperation got the better of him. “No. Not busy.”
The grey-haired man raised his eyebrows at Harry. He must have seen something in Harry’s demeanour, because he said, “You’ll be alright to close up on your own?”
Harry smiled. “It’ll be a nice way to end my time at Stag’s Head.”
“Nice,” the man Y/N now suspected was Harry’s boss, said. “Pop by with the keys tomorrow, will ya?”
“Yes, sir.”
The man gave both Harry and Y/N a smile each before he started on his walk up to his office. The pub was suddenly very quiet, not a single sound came from inside, just the distant siren outside and the low buzz of the city. A place that was usually bustling with noise, energy, and anticipation, was now left with the latter. Y/N looked around the place, unsure of what to do with herself now that it was only her and Harry there. Harry watched her, picking up the Cif spray from where it stood under the counter. She felt his gaze on her as she walked along the booths, touching the red velvet cushions, a rush of goosebumps travelling up her spine at the knowledge that she had his full attention.
She turned around, leaning her bum against a table as she took in the liquor behind Harry. He was washing the counter, looking over at Y/N again, eyes falling to her mid-area that was expanded slightly at the pressure the surface behind her was providing. He quickly looked away again, biting his lips together as he focused on the counter in front of him. Y/N could not help a small smile.
“What made you show up to my work, then?” he asked.
“Can’t a friend show up to another friend’s work?”
Harry let out a strangled chuckle. “Alright. That’s very nice of you, but I don’t buy that for a single second.”
Y/N raised her eyebrows. “You don’t?”
“There’s gotta have been another reason as to why.”
“Okay…? What’s that?”
Harry shrugged his shoulder, spraying more Cif onto the counter. “You were bored. You didn’t want to be around your other mates any longer. You wanted to see a delicious man with an irresistible Northern accent clean up a pub since it’s his last shift ever here tonight.”
Y/N let out a laugh, placing her hands on either side of the table beside her. “None of the above.”
“Alright,” Harry said, coming out from behind the pub. “What didn’t I cover?”
“You weren’t at the Uno Society meeting.”
The answer came so effortlessly, as if her subconscious had been holding onto the answer for Y/N until she was strong enough to know the real reason. Her hands instantly gripped the table harder, feeling embarrassed for admitting vulnerability so easily. She blamed how easy it was to talk to him, how he just seemed to throw a lasso around her deepest secrets, her most private desires, and drag them out of her.
Harry looked over at her from where he was cleaning the tables a bit further away in the pub. “Had work. Would’ve been there if I didn’t have to be here.”
She nodded, looking down at her black boots. For some reason, his words warmed something inside her. Hearing someone care about something she cared about made her feel special. Then again, someone she just met on the street could tell her they hated Marmite, something Y/N also did, and she would feel equally as fuzzy inside. Finding small bonds, small preferences, small somethings that connected you to other people, made you feel like you weren’t alone, but it also made you feel special, made you feel seen and understood. It was as if someone opened a door into their soul, and giving you a warm handshake, welcoming you into them and their life.
“The lads had a blast,” Harry said, now closer to Y/N as she had zoned out for a minute and some.
“They did?”
“Yeah, it’s nice to just sit down and relax like that. We don’t really get to do that.”
Y/N watched as Harry hovered by a table, leaning over it to clean it. His black tee shirt stretched over his broad back, his shoulder blades visibly working as he ran the cloth over the table in front of him. The outline of his muscles, the way they were so hard against the soft fabric of the tee shirt, made Y/N’s body feel very hot all of a sudden. He worked so carefully, sliding his hand holding the cloth so slowly over the table, paying it his undivided attention. She adjusted her position against her table, looking away from Harry as he stood back up, his black trousers that had been tight around his buttocks, slacking at the lack of pressure on the material. Get a fucking grip, Y/N screamed at herself in her head, focusing on the wall in front of her. She saw Harry look at her over his shoulder, gaze lingering on her for a few seconds. Y/N suddenly found it very hard to draw a proper breath.
“You’re mad I didn’t show up?” Harry asked.
Y/N was silent, her brain completely blank. “Didn’t show up…?”
She could see his smug smile in her peripheral vision. “Yeah.”
“To what?”
His smile widened and he focused on a table closer to her. “The Uno Society.”
She closed her eyes. Her checking out Harry while he had his back to her had not just made her forget the whole reason why she had showed up to The Stag’s Head in the first place. His body looking the way it did, him caring about the society, him teasing her to get a reaction out of her… Why the fuck did he have that effect on her?
“No,” Y/N said, refusing to look at him still. “I’m not mad.”
“Then why won’t you look at me right now?”
Y/N could feel her hands instinctively grabbing harder onto the table behind her. “No reason.”
“You know,” Harry started, she could hear the smirk in his voice. “You can try all you want, but I still know you.”
She huffed. “You wish.”
“I don’t gotta,” he said, chuckling a little. “Don’t gotta wish when I already do know you. Wish I knew you better, wish you’d just open up to me like you did so easily before, but that’s for a later time.”
That made her look over at Harry, her eyebrows drawn together as she just watched him clean yet another table. He… Did he really think she would one day open up to him again and they would go back to being friends like they used to? Was he really that optimistic? Had he thought about it? About them and their friendship? And what a future with her alongside him at uni would look like? Her eyes landed on his bicep as it flexed, holding his body weight as he leaned against the table again. Her gaze following his arm all the way down to his hand, long slender fingers wrapped around the edge of the table, and the thick veins over the dorsal part of his hand made something in Y/N’s brain short circuit. That along with the casual way he was leaning his hips against the table, staring down at it with his head cocked.
What the fuck, Y/N said to herself again, looking away from him. What the fuck what the fuck what the fuck?! How was she supposed to stay neutral, to not find him attractive, to not want to sink right back into old habits when she allowed herself to study him and look at him like that. She had to stop. This was getting out of hand.
“You’re uncharacteristically quiet tonight,” Harry said, working slowly as he cleaned up the table in the booth beside the one she was stood leaning against.
“No, I’ve just got things on my mind.”
“What things?”
Your broad shoulders. Your hands. The way you stick your tongue out of your mouth when you are concentrating. But Y/N said none of those things, as doing so would sentence her to a lifetime of humiliation.
“Insignificant things.”
“When they’re taking up a lot of space in your head and preventing you from being present, they’re not insignificant,” Harry said, sounding a little serious all of a sudden. “Everything alright?”
“Yeah, there’s nothing inherently bad on my mind, just… I’ve got a lot of… thoughts,” Y/N said, not knowing how else to explain it without giving something away.
“What thoughts?”
Y/N narrowed her eyes at him. “Thought you did Architectural Studies, didn’t know you also had a degree in being Nosy.”
Harry let out a laugh, coming to stand in front of her with the spray and the cloth in his hands. “I’m very nosy.”
“Glad to hear you’re self-aware.”
“But right now I just want to make sure you’re okay.”
Bloody hell, Y/N thought, could he just fucking stop being so nice? So fucking adorable? And fit? It made hating him so much harder than it already was.
“I’m okay.”
He took a step closer. “What’s been on your mind then?”
“Just… life.”
“Has uni exhausted you?”
“Yeah, but it’s not what I’m thinking about.”
Harry took another step closer. Y/N’s palms were suddenly very clammy.
“What’s on your mind?” he asked again, a small smile on his lips as if he was challenging her.
“Maybe you just have to face the fact that I won’t tell you and you can’t figure it out on your own.”
“Nah,” Harry said. “I’ll figure you out.”
Y/N watched as Harry took another step closer, her heart suddenly beating very fast inside her chest.
“I just gotta…” He trailed off, now standing directly in front of her. Tip of his shoes against the tip of hers. Without a warning of sorts, he leaned closer, bending over her until his head hovered beside her own. Chest wavering above hers, touching as she drew in a precipitous breath and he did the same. Their bodies did not brush against one another again, an invisible, burning shield was built to keep them apart the second their upper bodies made contact. As if the universe was telling them that by touching like that, the world would go up in total flames around them.
Harry’s sudden closeness made her breathe in a little too harshly, she was sure he must have heard it but she simply did not care. The reaction her body was having to him being so close was electric, it made all the hairs on her body stand on end. She didn’t know what he was doing that close to her, thinking at first that he must have wanted to whisper something in her ear, to say something to her that would undoubtedly make her glad she was leaning against something solid for support.
But she heard the familiar sound of the Cif spray, and a second later, Harry reached his cloth behind Y/N’s back, cleaning the table. She felt his breath against her neck, triggering something radioactive inside her. The oud aroma of his cologne, with notes of cedar, patchouli, and spicy saffron filled Y/N’s nostrils. In those seconds when Harry hovered above her like that, his warm body inches from hers, breath fanning against her skin, his aroma, and aura mere inches from hers, Y/N was conflicted as to if she wanted time to speed up or slow down some more. She knew that if she stayed like that, with Harry so close to her, for much longer she would go absolutely mad and have an impossible time resisting him if he were to try something like he had done in the living room the week before.
No sooner had she thought that, he pushed off, face lingering just centimetres from hers. “I just need to take a look,” he said, speaking as if he did not mind if the whole world was watching them. He raised his hand, about to touch her chin. For what reason, Y/N did not know, but she didn’t ask any questions. However, he stopped, as if touching her was something he could not do. Y/N was glad he hadn’t, because God knows how her body would have reacted had he tenderly touched her jawline like it looked like he wanted to.
“Take a look?” Y/N mumbled.
“At you.”
A small breath left her lips.
“Maybe the answer to what’s been on your mind is somewhere in your eyes,” he said, eyes suddenly falling to her lips. “Or your lips.” He glanced at her forehead. “Or in the slight lines that appear between your eyebrows when you’re deep in thought.” He looked down at her hands on the table edge. “Or the way you’re gripping the table so tight right now.”
Jesus Christ, she was about to explode. Y/N let go of it immediately, standing up and forcing Harry to take two steps back. His intense glance lingered on her, falling to her lips as she opened her mouth to take a breath.
“It’s getting late,” she said, fingering the hem of her leather jacket as her heart continued to hammer away inside her chest.
“Wait for me, yeah?” Harry walked over to the next table to clean it, doing it way faster than all the other ones. Biting his lip and moving his hand with the cloth over the table as if to make up for time spent on something else, cleaning very slowly and standing too close to her.
“No, I can walk home by myself.”
“I know you’re capable of walking, but I don’t like you being out in the streets all alone late at night.”
Y/N looked over at Harry as he cleaned the last booth, seeing the determination to finish as quickly as possible.
“It’s just across the road,” she said.
“Please just let me walk you across the road, then.” Harry walked behind the bar counter, putting the cleaning supplies away.
“You make me sound like an old lady.”
“Just-“ He appeared from behind the counter. “-Wait.” He then disappeared into the backroom where he only stayed for a few seconds. Y/N would have thought that since he enjoyed working at The Stag’s Head, he would have at least lingered for a few moments to take in the last time he would ever be back there. But instead, he emerged wearing his coat, locking the door behind him, mere seconds later. He turned the lights off, and, walking over to where Y/N was standing, placed a gentle hand to her lower back, guiding her in the direction of the door that she could only barely make out in the dark. Goosebumps instantly ran up Y/N’s back and she inhaled at the pressure of Harry’s hand on her body. He held the door open for her and Y/N stepped outside, watching as Harry locked the front doors to The Stag’s Head for the very last time.
He looked around them after locking the door, checking up and down the three streets that came to a crossroad just outside the pub. Once his eyes finally met Y/N’s again he gave her the smallest smile, then motioned for her to lead the way back to their flat. She wanted to roll her eyes, but she could not find it in herself to do just that in that moment. Though it was just across the road, she very much appreciated Harry’s company back to their flat. Distance was nothing when the roads were dark and the faces of the figures walking past were left blurred by the dim streetlamps.
Harry held the door for Y/N once again, letting her be the first to enter the building. She strolled upstairs, unlocking their front door and watching as Harry gestured for her to walk on inside. The flat was dark, except for the warm yellow lights Nathan had twined around the railing of their terrace and the changing colours of the luminous Christmas tree in the living room. The kitchen was usually left in darkness, as was the rest of the flat, but since their eyes were used to night outside, it wasn’t hard to navigate their way to the stairs. They took their jackets off, and without her leather jacket on, Y/N was very aware of how much of her skin was exposed to Harry. Her dress showed off her legs, arms, and parts of her back to him, and she knew that, if he walked behind her up the stairs, he would get a good look at her bum.
She took her boots off and started up the stairs with her purse in her hand, hearing Harry make his way up them as well. If any man were to walk behind her up the stairs, Harry was one she trusted not to take the mick, to not look up her skirt and make her feel uncomfortable. But… after everything… she still didn’t want him to see her knickers. However, facing her door, she heard Harry walking up the stairs. Taking a deep breath, she turned around to face him once he reached the first floor. What happened next happened so suddenly that Y/N barely managed to wrap her head around it before the moment was gone.
She had just turned around to face Harry when he walked up over to her. Taking a step back at the sudden closeness, she felt herself breathe in sharply as Harry’s face lingered only centimetres from her own again. Though the person standing in front of her was a man, a completely different person, something inside her brain took her back to that night when they were 16. He hadn’t been this close to her since then, had not touched her or looked at her like this since then. His eyes flicked down to her lips, and then to meet hers, wet lips parting as if the anticipation was killing him.
And Y/N had to painfully admit, it was killing her, too. As much as she had tried to fight it, it was impossible to now. She wanted Harry to kiss her. Not tenderly kiss her like you would peck a person you were in love with, or to gently rub his thumb over her cheek as a show of affection, or to hug her tight when they met up for lunch. No, she wanted him to fucking kiss her. She wanted him to grab her face and kiss her hard; desperately, needily. She wanted them to fumble to take each other’s clothes off, and for him to make up for how bad that first time together was. There was absolutely no denying it, Y/N wanted Harry. She really wanted him. All these months, all those moments spent trying to push the thought away, she simply could not anymore. There was a hunger inside her for him, but only in the sexual sense. She could never fall in love with this man, she just wanted to fuck him. And she wanted to fuck him bad.
Her own lips parted, and she looked into his eyes with an expression she hoped he could read, because she needed him to understand. Once again, Harry raised his hand, hovering between them as if he were unsure what to do with it. Fingers twitching, she could see he was conflicted, whether he should touch her cheek as it looked like he wanted to, or if he should stop himself. Y/N let her eyes fall to his hand, to tell him she wanted him to touch her. She wanted to feel him somewhere, anywhere on her. Just looking at him, she could see he wanted the same as her. He wanted to feel her body, to explore it in a completely different way to last time.
Harry’s hand fell out of view, and just as Y/N thought he was going to let it hang limply, uselessly, at his side, she felt something on her waist. A warm pressure, snaking around the black linen of her dress. She waited for him to pull her closer to him, for their torsos to connect, but it never happened.
“Y/N,” Harry whispered, eyes falling to her lips again.
She did not answer, instead just tilted her head so it would be easier for him to kiss her. With her eyelids hanging low over her eyes, her body language not showing any sign of protesting, and with her lips parted, Y/N hoped the message was coming across clearly. Harry leaned in closer, his nose almost touching hers. Her heart was beating so fast and hard it hurt. Her hands were clammy. All her attention focused on Harry and the electricity they created on that spot where his hand rested. He leaned down, lips hovering just over the crook of her neck, making her close her eyes. Breath against the hair of her shoulder, lightning shooting up Y/N’s back. He slowly leaned back out again, nose hovering beside hers. The anticipation was absolutely killing her.
“I…” But he drifted off, eyes falling to her lips again. She could feel his breath on her mouth, could smell his cologne. The tension was making her dizzy, she just wanted him to bloody kiss her already.
She was just about to do it herself when she felt his warm hand drop off her waist. She blinked, and the next second, Harry took a step back. He only looked at her, mouth working as if he was trying to find the right words to say, but there were none. So, as if blinking himself awake from a sort of dream, he took another step back. Suddenly, he opened the door into his room. He stopped in the doorway, looking back at Y/N. Again, he tried to say something that must have died on the tip of his tongue, because again, he did not utter a word. It looked like he physically could not say them out loud. Instead, he closed the door, leaving Y/N standing alone out in the dark hallway.
Y/N’s eyes rested on the door to the bathroom, trying to go over in her head where it had just happened. Had… Had Harry just walked away just now? Had he teased her in the pub, then done almost the same just now, only to walk away? What had gone wrong? Why had he not kissed her? What had made him step away? What had made him stop? Y/N could not answer a single one of the questions, and she doubted Harry would give her any. She closed her eyes, resting her head against her door behind her. This was exactly why she had not wanted to live with Harry, this was why she had not given in to his charms and flirts before. Now, because of what had just happened, because of how awkward that had just been, they were back to square one. Just living under the same roof as him infuriated her. She could not fucking stand Harry Styles.
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citynightthoughts · 5 months ago
Twisted Wonderland and Caffeine
Riddle Rosehearts
Doesn’t consume a lot because his mother told him it was full of toxins
Definitely prefers tea over coffee
The Queen has crazy unnecessary rules for coffee drinking like you can only have 1.35 spoonfuls of cream with coffee
Secretly, the main reason he dislikes coffee is because of the taste.
Trey Clover
He definitely need a cup of something to help him wake up in the morning
His choice of coffee or tea depends on his mood / what he is eating
He’s not addicted just yet but he’s toeing the line and with what he has to deal with on a daily basis, who can blame him.
Cater Diamond
Coffee all the way. Tea is nice but it’s no where close to his love of coffee
Probably learned how to do latte art at one point of another and it pops up on his Magicam once in a while
Addicted to caffeine 100% but it’s nothing compared to his sisters... according to him
Definitely a regular at the Twisted Wonderland version of Starbucks
Ace Trappola
Why would you ever give this guy caffeine? Doesn’t he have enough energy?
He definitely snuck a sip of his Dad’s coffee as a kid
Doesn’t usually need caffeine unless it’s exam season and he spent the previous night cramming. Then he downs a can of red bull or something similar
Deuce Spade
The smell of coffee reminds him of his mom aww he likes the smell but not the taste
Tries to keep his caffeine consumption to a minimum for two reasons
A role model student shouldn’t be dependent on any substance to maintain good grades
For some reason he slips into his delinquent persona more after consuming
Leona Kingscholar
Legend has it that caffeine makes him even more sleepy... don’t ask me how
Seriously like this guy wants another reason to stay awake.
Probably told Cheka that if he drinks coffee he will be short forever
If you see him drinking a cup of Joe or tea assume he probably spiked it with something I might be projecting ever so slightly
Reggie Bucchi
To him, caffeine is a luxury so he rarely consumes it
A caffeine habit is expensive in his books and he doesn’t want to deal with the crash that comes afterwards. He needs his energy to stretch throughout the day and then some
If he does, it’s usually in the form of tea like cheap black tea or something similar
Jack Howl
Another member of the non-caffeine drinker club
He wants to build his strength and energy naturally
Seriously, you think a guy to goes to bed at 10pm needs caffeine?
Also I’m pretty sure caffeine is toxic to dogs and wolves
Claims he only drinks black coffee, is a dirty liar. He only likes coffee that is sweet and creamy
Tea is more for guests or the aesthetic
Don’t give him coffee when he’s stressed, it triples his anxiety
Jade Leech
Prefers tea over coffee
It may or may not be spiked, who knows
Does this guy even need caffeine? He never seems tired or energetic just mildly amused.
Floyd Leech
Are you kidding me? Give this guy more energy, like he isn’t bad enough as it is?
Anyone who gives this guy caffeine is banned from the Mostro Lounge
So of course Jade gives it to his brother every few months for their own amusement
Actually caffeine doesn’t affect him that much, he just likes to up the shenanigans to cause problems
Kalim Al-Asim
No. Please no.
Tbh caffeine doesn’t give him too much excessive energy. The problem is that it completely destroys his sleep schedule
So unless you want to deal with him rambling at 4 in the morning about everything and anything, don’t let him touch the stuff
He actually likes the taste of coffee for some reason
Jamil Viper
Of course he is dependent on caffeine. Have you seen the life this guy lives?
His sister probably got him a “Do Not Talk to Me until I’ve had my Coffee” mug or hoodie as a gag gift and he uses it pretty regularly
He’s trying to lessen his dependency by drinking more low caffeinated tea
Vil Schoenheit
Caffeine especially coffee is terrible for your skin and yellows your teeth, he will not drink that toxic sludge
If he is really desperate for a fix, he probably drinks green tea
He doesn’t even sponsor any caffeinated drinks
Rook Hunt
Similar to his dislike of garlic, Rook doesn’t like coffee because of its strong smell
Another occasional tea drinker just don’t ask him how it tastes if after you brew him some because he will wax poetry for hours
Epel Felmier
Vil said no coffee so of course he will drink some every chance he gets
He also read that coffee helps with muscle growth
He likes it as dark and bitter as his soul...milk it is
His preference between coffee or tea depends on his mood and day
Idia Shroud
G fuel all day everyday I died a bit while writing that addiction is an understatement
Honestly he probably consumes so many energy drinks, I wouldn’t be surprised if he pissed neon
Is trying to create an IV drip that directly injects caffeine into his bloodstream...with mixed results
Ortho Shroud
Why would you give a child caffeine?
Trying to get his older brother to drink a fluid besides energy drinks is a Herculean task
Regularly sabotages the caffeine IV drip
Malleus Draconia
According to Sebek, he likes coffee
Has anyone told him the coffee flavored ice cream is a thing?
Please invite him to grab a cup of coffee with you, it will probably make his day
Lilia Vanrouge
Gramps likes tea but he won’t say no to a cute cup of latte art
Caffeine doesn’t affect Lilia at all so he mainly drinks for the taste
Just don’t ask him to make anything, his cooking skills transfer over
Regularly drinks black coffee to help him stay awake
Experiments with unholy caffeine concoctions to help him stay awake, a mix of coffee, caffeine pills, and energy drinks. Sebek tried it once and thought the was going to die
Lilia your lousy cooking has killed all sense of taste in your son, do something.
The caffeine rush does help him stay awake, but when he crashes, he will fall asleep on his feet and will be out for the next few hours
Sebek Zigvolt
Doesn’t like coffee, only tea
He can brew a pretty decent pot
Drinking Silver’s version of Death Wish Coffee probably scarred him
Besides with how loud this guy is, does he really need caffeine in his system?
Ramshackle (contains my oc’s)
Due nightmares, Yuu regularly wakes up in the middle of the night and struggles to go back to sleep. So they are pretty groggy in the morning
Consuming coffee or tea all depends on how much money is in the food budget
Prefers coffee, super bitter coffee
School work, part time jobs, and tasks from Crowley cause her to fall asleep really late.
Needs caffeine to help her kick start her morning
She budgets the dorms’s monthly expenses so she gets the final say on if they can buy tea, coffee, or both.
Prefers tea with some honey
Is forbidden from consuming any form of caffeine whatsoever
If he sleeps through the alarm, Yuki just carries him in the cat sack until he wakes up
Thinks coffee is chocolate milk
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