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illicit-ivy · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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countingdots-tc · 27 days ago
what kind of luck do you need to have to be able to text your tc?
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forbidden-secret-and-desire · 3 months ago
How to get closer with your teacher crush
A lot of y’all asked me to make this post so here is it
Be interested and focused in their lesson
Have good grades in their class
Don’t be afraid to ask for help if it’s really not a subject you are good into
Be intelligent, don’t act dumb to get their attention, they will see you as a bad student
Stay after class to talk with them about class or ask them about something concerning homework, eventually you could start talking about other topics not concerning school
Be yourself, don’t fake your personality, show them the real you
Be bold and confident, keep eye contact, talk to them in the hallways, start conversations…
Get how to contact them ( their email, number, social media), ask them if they can give it to you so you can send them a project or an additional work you would like to have their opinion on and boom now you have it
Find the place where they usually stay in the school and try to be there as much as you can, of course being there and not doing anything is unnecessary, so try to talk with them, if it’s the library you can start talking about books and a longer conversation will come
Join a club they lead, it’s a great new experience for you and a good way to be closer to them
Give them a gift at the end of the year, be original
Seek a friendship with them not a romantic relationship, by seeking a romantic relationship you will most likely end up being disappointed
Once you know them better, see if you share any similar interests, it’s a great conversation starter
Make inside jokes that no one around you understand, I swear it’s so funny
Make them think of you when they see something you like by talking about it a lot or posting about it if they have your socials, that way they will think of you every time they see it and even send you stuff related to it
Ask them for suggestions, it can be about books, movies, songs, places, games,etc
Be polite and respectful
Be interested in learning things about them
Good luck everyone! If you want more details you can ask me with the questions option or text me :)
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shes-not-mine · 11 months ago
you were never mine in the first place but the serpent of your name carved in someone else's heart has the same poison in its fangs as the serpent that would be if you belonged to me
its bite intoxicated me with jealousy, infecting my bloodstream, and every inch of my being but i have no right to be this way, for i am not yours, and you are not mine
yet, why do i present the same symptoms as someone who watched their lover fall for someone else doctor, oh doctor, can you cure me of this ailment may i mistake these feelings for something they are not
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tc-angel · 4 months ago
tips for anxious tc'ers
having a tc is hard. eveyone knows the feeling of going blank when youre around your tc, or stumbling and choking on your words when you try to speak to them. so i decided to compile a list of tips that i have used that have worked for me (an extremely shy and awkward person) get close to my (extremely closed off/cold-ish) tc. if you're looking for ways to start a conversation with your tc and make that leap into a more casual relationship - read on.
these tips work well for when you're both online and on-campus :)
this is a very good way to talk to your tc when everyone is stuck at home during online school. how many times have you seen a dog running across the frame in your tc's class? or heard meows in the background? if this every happens, take the leap and ask your tc (preferably after class as not to derail) what their pets name is. when i did this my tc she even sent me some pictures! it's a great conversation starter and you can ask about the pet again in the future :)
casual segways.
this one is a little trickier and more nerve-wracking and it can be difficult depending on what class your tc teaches, but making the leap is really important. to do this, you have to first be having a class discussion in your tc's class. for example, one time we were learning about how different cultures celebrate christmas. so i casually asked L how she'd be celebrating and spending her holiday. this turned into a conversation and brought us slightly closer together. asking your tc personal questions related to what you're learning is great, it shows them you're interested in both them and the class and everybody loves talking about themselves.
joining/coming to class early for small talk.
i know everyone has sat and waited a couple minutes before joining a google meet so that they aren't alone with the teacher, but joining early when it's just the two of you can create some really good conversations. it's scary and you have to be quick, but joining quickly and giving a quick 'hi! how are you?' can create a friendly relationship between you. adding in a 'how was your weekend?' can create a great conversation as-well.
advice, questions, help.
this is an obvious one, but asking your tc for help or reaching out to them for guidance is a great way to talk to them. if you have assignments or assessments in their class, you can ask for advice or for them to check on your work. the worst part about this tip is actually coming up with a question to ask, lol. you can confirm due dates, clarify details, and ask a question about what to do or how to do something.
compliments (within reason)
everyone likes getting complimented, and when we're online it can be a great way to lift up your tc's mood. i wouldn't go too far with compliments, i'd stick with things like 'i like your shirt' or "cool earrings!'. another great opportunity is complimenting your tc if they get a new haircut or change something about their appearance. one time, my tc got bangs and i complimented her. this became a conversation and that was one of the first times i really spoke to her! and if you're worried about being weird or obvious, there have been countless times when ive complimented other teachers on their jewelery or clothes. its always been recieved well.
speak up!
keeping engaged and active during a class is really difficult to do, especially whenever we're online. a good way to create a good relationship with your tc is engaging in their class! obviously, dont be obnoxious or rude, but answering questions and making jokes can be a great way to liven up a lesson. if your tc asks 'how are you guys' in your class and nobody says anything, take the leap and answer! it can be awkward and really scary, but trust me it's worth it. don't let your tc's questions go unanswered.
i hope these tips help you guys become more confident and that you have some good conversations with your tc's after reading this <3
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sweet-but-stoned-tcc · 9 months ago
I see you standing right in front of me,
Basking in your heavenly glow.
I hear the sound of your smooth comforting voice,
But I can’t hear you over the sound of my heart beating.
For a minute, we lock eyes,
And I can feel the world around me stop.
And how it breaks my heart,
To be so close but never to touch
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tc-blossom · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Idk if anybody did this before but if I stole your meme I’m sorry 😭
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rutc · 4 months ago
the amount of times this man has caught me staring is painfully embarrassing .. but hey i’ve caught him too so we’re equal.
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nobodygottaknow92 · 12 days ago
feeling like you’re always the person to start the conversation is the worst feeling. does he actually want to talk to me or am i just annoying?
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itsleadingmeon · 29 days ago
i went on a school trip with my tc
okay so there’s that.
little run down of what happend:
i saw him shirtless
we talked A LOT
he was face timing his children and he SHOWED ME TO THEM?
i was standing at the end of the stairs talking to my friend who was standing at the top of them and then i turned around to walk off the stairs and he was standing right there going “boo!” and when i tell you- his face was like AN INCH away from mine
he took a selfie on my phone. he held my phone in his hand.
this will be a little longer but i’ll try to keep it short: we went hiking and i but my head really hard (i literally almost cried) and ever since then he calls me ‘his little unicorn’ ????? SIR-
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wannabesk8r · 9 months ago
the things i would do to hug my tc...
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illicit-ivy · 4 months ago
no one else compares to you. their attention means nothing if i don’t have yours.
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countingdots-tc · 18 days ago
i just want him to think of me as much as i think of him. i want him to wonder about me
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forbidden-secret-and-desire · 3 months ago
Remembering the time I sat on his lap😩😩, it was so hot and he made an excuse so I can stay longer 😏😏 😳🤫
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shes-not-mine · 10 months ago
my dearest, sol,
you’ve taught me for two years. a third year in september now. i believed i was in love with you - but what even is love to me when i cannot find the words to define it. but, it was never true. my schoolgirl crush on you was deluded with fantasies i had of you, but never of you. my insecurities, my broken home, my dreams manifested into this attachment i had on you.
you were constantly on my mind, and i dreamt and dreamt for you to notice me. and you did, god it felt so good; i felt so special,  but not in the way i wanted. you gave me attention, you gave me care, you gave me the support i never found in my mother. you were there to fill the empty, aching shell of my absent mother figure.
believing i was in love with you has been fun, even when i started to see it wasn’t true. you were my muse, my phaon to my sappho. poetry spouted out of me like a waterfall, and those who loved unrequitedly came drinking with parched throats. i’ve met many beautiful people, baring stories similar to mine, because of my endearment of you. and, i thank you for that.
however, it’s time to move on now before this unrequited feeling drives me to insanity. phaon did not love sappho, yet sappho loved her. my sol, you never loved me, yet i loved you. i shall not be driven to such a tragedy, by your unreciprocated love. i shall see in again september, but with new eyes. goodbye.
— my last love letter to you
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gloomy-tc · a month ago
my tc: gives me a hug that lasts way too long to be normal, has some dumb pictures of us on his office wall, held my hands and hugged me while i was crying, said he loved me(sort of?), lets me ramble about dnd and other random shit to him, walked me to my car because it was dark out and we were some of the last people in the building, never deadnames or misgenders me (even accidentally), very proudly displayed a sticky-note doodle i left on his desk up on his computer monitor, took a bunch of selfies with me and has held my hands multiple times
also my tc: doesn’t say hi to me when i walk into his class
me: okay so he hates me
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sweet-but-stoned-tcc · 17 days ago
But ultimately even if it ended badly,
I’m glad it happened
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tc-blossom · 6 months ago
The logical part of my brain: Dude, she literally loves you as a student, she even confirmed it, end. of. story.
That one little voice isn’t the back of my head: sO WHY DONT YOU-
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rutc · 4 months ago
today in class he made us write down a couple of notes and then let us do the assignment he posted for us.
i was in fact, not doing the assignment and i was reading instead. my hair was all over my face so i ducked down and ran my hand through my hair and looked up at m.
to my surprise, he was staring at me with a small smile plastered on his face. when we made eye contact he immediately looked down .. and i looked at the clock like i always do when stuff like this happen
BUT GUESS WHAT! i was the one that caught HIM staring this time so i feel a bit better about myself but oh how the turn tables
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prof-crushing · 2 months ago
I GOT TO SIT ON R’S BIKE. He brought it into the office through the rolling door in the back. I snagged a pic of him on it while he was moving it and he looked happy. He came back to the desk where I was sitting and I asked him why he decided on a Harley Davidson and he was telling me how it’s a sports model, something more his size, and he wanted something American made. He sat on it first and showed me how he changed his foot rests and how he initially tweaked his handle bars. He offered to let me sit on it so I took him up on it and followed him to the back and straddled it. I switched between my feet being on the ground and being on the foot rests. He let me stand it up and move it around a bit. He was talking about how he wanted to modify it. I stayed on for a while and he commented how happy I looked on it. At one point he turned it on and let me feel it with the engine on. He said that his bike seemed/sounded happy with me on it ☺️. He tweaked the head light while I was on it and I started to notice some gray hairs on his head and I wondered when those came in. I remembered the time when he was pointing out to me the first gray hair he found in his hair. He asked me to get off for a second so he could check/tweak his handle bar. He offered for me to get back on when he got off and he asked me to stand the bike up so he could check the headlight. I told him how I’ve thought about getting a bike in the past, but more my size. And how I’ve seen some around when I go out. He’s a little taller than I am, but he said that his bike isn’t too big for me he thinks. My feet nearly touch the ground fully. If I wore boots I’d totally touch the ground. I took a pic of my pov on his bike and it’s now my phone background 😊
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