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prettybabysworld · 20 days ago
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lanaismyemotionalmother · 23 days ago
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Every day of living is another day of rotting away
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ilovetilfs · 3 months ago
god I love older men so much, I can never understand how boys my age are seen as appealing
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bauhausluvr · 2 months ago
the mix of anxiety and excitement on the walk to ur tc's class is sumn else
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promsongldr · 24 days ago
does he treat me differently or am I just so into him that anything he does is like my whole world?
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lilradis · 2 months ago
having a tc be like discovering the attractiveness of hands because you can't see other parts of his body
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heismymathtutor · 2 months ago
your wife and kids should be your second priority,your student who has a crush on you should be the 1st always.
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rinzydingz · 4 months ago
the urge to straddle his lap and make out with him
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illicit-ivy · 3 months ago
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teachersbabygirl · 3 months ago
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historytc · 4 months ago
ngl I think that one of the most stressful things about having a tc is that you really have to be the one to show that you’re friendly and interested in getting to know them to make the relationship grow.  like yeah they can initiate a conversation with you every now and again but it’s really up to you to show that you’re not just another student taking their class to pass it, and having to be the one to make that initial connection is so weirdly difficult sometimes.
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prettybabysworld · 27 days ago
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lanaismyemotionalmother · a month ago
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She’s so cute I can’t
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teachersp3t · a month ago
I’ve had this idea forever and I just - ok hear me out …
Male prac teacher (uni student there for teaching experience) who’s stuck with your sport class for the day. He lets the class go early because he’s just too flustered having not taught alone before- but you stay and offer to help him pack up.
In the end you end up in the teachers gym room/bathroom with showers because all the student ones have been locked up already.
He watches you shower and you notice halfway through and start touching yourself and giving him a show.
Mwah! Have fun ;) <3 <3 <3
<< this is so adorable i am obsessed. ive never heard of the term prac teacher before, we just call them student teachers here lol, you learn something new every day ! also i was unsure what gender you wanted the reader to be so i kept it gender neutral, i hope thats okay <33 >>
[ warnings: nsfw, topics mentioned above ]
your student teacher was an absolute wreck today. your gym instructor was out for the day, some sickness or something, you weren’t exactly listening. you had more important things to worry about: your student teacher’s flustered, overwhelmed expression. the disrespect the other students were showing him was absolutely ridiculous, you felt so bad for him. no matter how many times you checked up on him, he gave you the same answer:
“i’m fine, love- i promise! it’s- fine, really.”
but you were smarter than that. even when it was time to undress and get in the showers, he still seemed so nervous. you helped him put the equipment away and everything, he was so appreciative but he’d never admit it. “you don’t have to do that, y’know, it’s fine, i can handle it-“ you shushed him with a smile, informing him that everything will be okay.
as you helped him clean up after your inconsiderate peers, you couldn’t stop staring. his sweat glued his shirt to his chest, he looked so fucking good. his smile was sweet and seemingly innocent for a university student. he laughed, he enjoyed your company. and you enjoyed his, a little too much.
another issue surfaced as you went into the locker room to change: there were no open showers left. you had already undressed and everything! you sighed, covering yourself lazily as you peaked your head out the door to the locker room. “uhmm, teach? there’s no more showers open!” you called out. he appeared in front of the door, peaking back at you, his face completely flushed.
“you can use the teacher’s locker room, there’s nobody else in there right now! but please, get dressed before you head in there,” he chuckled nervously as you nodded, slipping on your gym shorts and your t-shirt and quickly heading out to the teacher locker room. of course, your lovely student teacher couldn’t help but notice the way your nipples poked through your shirt, and how your face flushed when you looked at him.
and then he became the one to stare. as you undressed and headed into the showers, he calmly told you he’d wait for you and make sure nobody would walk in on you in such a vulnerable state. but he abused his guard privileges. as you lathered your hair with shampoo, you couldn’t shake off the feeling that you were being watched. your prac teacher couldn’t get his eyes off of you, if only you could see the tent forming in his pants at the mere sight of you.
two can play at this game, though. you smirked as you saw his eyes far away in the distance before you brought your gaze back to the shower head, pretending like you didn’t notice. then your hands started to explore your own body. your fingers itched down to your crotch as you began to play with yourself, moaning softly. you could practically hear your teacher’s breath hitch as you rubbed circles into your most sensitive spots, causing your legs to quiver. your student teacher couldn’t help himself, he reached down and began to palm his cock in his pants.
what really drove him over the edge was you moaning his name. as you reached your climax, his name broke free from the confines of your lips. you lost control, crying out for him, his touch, his cock, his everything. and that’s what caused him to peel off his clothes and join you until the water ran cold.
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nightowl-luna · 4 months ago
how do i tell him, "you are the person i aim to be. perhaps that's why i've always felt connected to you: though i tease you, every day i work to be just a shred of the man you are. i've told you before how i admire your character, and i've tried turning my admiration into my own ambition towards being better. i've never been able to tell you how much you mean to me, but let me say this: knowing you has had a profound impact on me that i'm only starting to notice now, and i plan on holding onto that for the rest of my life, as it's something i'm forever grateful for," in a way that's like super chill and understated and not deranged?? asking for a friend
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tc-amour · 6 months ago
will never get over how hot eye contact is…
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tryoutstc · 3 months ago
i be like "yeah i have a crush on him" then i want him to adopt me
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heismymathtutor · 2 months ago
pov: you crave validation and love from a teacher because you never received any as a child.
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babywearinbluejeans · a month ago
listening to let me love you like a woman and staring at pictures of him until i sob profusely is so vibes like THIS is what having a tc is like. not flirting and giggling and twirling your hair and seeing each other in closets, it’s the depression during weekends because he’s at home with his wife and you’re creating false scenarios so strong you can’t tell if it’s real life or just in your head.
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lustfulromances · 9 months ago
“does your crush go to this school?”
…..yeah. something like that.
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