#teacher crush feelings
forbidden-secret-and-desire 4 months ago
The urge to physically tease him while sitting on his lap then open his buttons shirt and kiss him all over his lips and neck 馃槒馃槼馃槴馃槱
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filiasapphonis 11 months ago
A get to know me post!
i鈥檓 17, shes 46
i鈥檝e had feelings for her ever since my first year of school and had a tc blog like 5 years ago but now i鈥檓 back for my last year of school
i am probably going to tell her how i feel the last time i ever see her (i will be 18 and not coming back to school so hopefully it won鈥檛 be too weird for her)
she is the most beautiful person i鈥檝e ever seen
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babywearinbluejeans a month ago
there is nothing and i mean NOTHING i wouldn鈥檛 do to get inside his head for a while.
i want to live inside his mind. i鈥檓 just so curious about him. i want to know what he鈥檚 thinking at any given moment. i want to know what he thinks when he sees me or talks to me. i want to know everything about him, even the ugly parts.
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th-ousand-moons a month ago
Older men on my mind 24/7 馃槍
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booasaur 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Expanse聽- 6x03
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promsongldr 2 months ago
does he treat me differently or am I just so into him that anything he does is like my whole world?
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countingdots-tc 2 months ago
i just want him to think of me as much as i think of him. i want him to wonder about me
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boysunberry 4 months ago
I wonder if I鈥檝e ever been in a dream of his
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bauhausluvr 3 months ago
the mix of anxiety and excitement on the walk to ur tc's class is sumn else
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tc-amour 8 months ago
will never get over how hot eye contact is鈥
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depressedcoffeeaholic 2 months ago
I wish I could talk to him and ask him the millions of questions I have.
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forbidden-secret-and-desire 4 months ago
How to get closer with your teacher crush
A lot of y鈥檃ll asked me to make this post so here is it
Be interested and focused in their lesson
Have good grades in their class
Don鈥檛 be afraid to ask for help if it鈥檚 really not a subject you are good into
Be intelligent, don鈥檛 act dumb to get their attention, they will see you as a bad student
Stay after class to talk with them about class or ask them about something concerning homework, eventually you could start talking about other topics not concerning school
Be yourself, don鈥檛 fake your personality, show them the real you
Be bold and confident, keep eye contact, talk to them in the hallways, start conversations鈥
Get how to contact them ( their email, number, social media), ask them if they can give it to you so you can send them a project or an additional work you would like to have their opinion on and boom now you have it
Find the place where they usually stay in the school and try to be there as much as you can, of course being there and not doing anything is unnecessary, so try to talk with them, if it鈥檚 the library you can start talking about books and a longer conversation will come
Join a club they lead, it鈥檚 a great new experience for you and a good way to be closer to them
Give them a gift at the end of the year, be original
Seek a friendship with them not a romantic relationship, by seeking a romantic relationship you will most likely end up being disappointed
Once you know them better, see if you share any similar interests, it鈥檚 a great conversation starter
Make inside jokes that no one around you understand, I swear it鈥檚 so funny
Make them think of you when they see something you like by talking about it a lot or posting about it if they have your socials, that way they will think of you every time they see it and even send you stuff related to it
Ask them for suggestions, it can be about books, movies, songs, places, games,etc锟硷考
Be polite and respectful
Be interested in learning things about them
Good luck everyone! If you want more details you can ask me with the questions option or text me :)
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filiasapphonis 6 months ago
February TC Challenge Day 2
2) if they were here right now, and you could tell them absolutely anything, what would you say?
i mean given the fact i鈥檓 in my bed looking as crusty as possible it would not be the best scenario for a meaningful confession and if she was with me in my room i think i would have alluded to some feelings previously.
however if i was just with her at 23:51 regardless of location i would tell her everything i鈥檝e ever felt about her and how she鈥檚 the only person who makes me excited to live
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nightowl-luna 4 months ago
he's simultaneously one of the smartest people i will ever meet and also a massive fucking idiot
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teachersbabygirl 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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idontunderstandmyselff 4 months ago
one part of me knows that鈥檚 it鈥檚 never going to be you but another part of me can鈥檛 help but think you can鈥檛 stay away from me either鈥
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promsongldr 2 months ago
another night creating fake scenarios with him that will never happen to the sound of songs by lana del rey
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