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wannabesk8r · 9 months ago
the things i would do to hug my tc...
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ilovetilfs · 4 months ago
TC discord server
My friend @mutts-crush owns a TC discord server! Here’s a link if you are interested: https://discord.gg/G3WzbVjstS 
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socialstudiesstressedv2 · a year ago
yeah the fact that there’s a (small) student crush community on tumblr is rlly ruining me. imagine your tc going on their phone after your class leaves just to list all the cute things you did in class. imagine them at home, reading through the tag and seeing all the students with crushes on their teachers, hoping somehow, one of them was you.
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tc-angel · 11 months ago
missing somebody is the worst feeling ever. the emptiness in your heart that you know only they would fill. it's like i can feel my heart trying to escape my body and find her.
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vintage-brass-tc · a year ago
I hope your wife loves you as much as I do.
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tc-blossom · 9 months ago
Okie dokie update time!
So when I walked into the classroom she just gave me a stiff nod which kinda scared me. So, she let us get up and take our computers and when I open mine, one of the keys fell out.
So that meant I had to ask her for help. So when I raised my hand she was all “hi honey!” So when I told her about my situation she was like “huh, that’s weird.”
And she proceeds to lean over my computer and put the key back in place, which gave me a really nice view of her hands.
She was showing us where she got sunburned over the weekend, and she PULLED her shirt back for us to see this sunburn running across her neck and it looked really painful. And she plays softball?!
So during class there was a problem we had to answer, and nobody raised their hand. I was kinda trying to avoid eye contact so she wouldn’t call on me but the mf says “I think Alice wants to try this one,” and she gave me the cutest little smile.
But I got it wrong, lmao. Later on there was another question and she randomly said “Alice, do you know?” And I didn’t 😕
So fast forward to our locker break, and I’m panicking because I can’t find my ruler! It’s for my history class and our teacher is REALLY strict about it and docks points off of our classwork grade.
So I literally empty out all the contents of my locker to look for it and my English teacher passes me and says “it looks like your locker vomited!” So this grabs the attention of K, who was waiting for her next class.
So I told my English teacher that I can’t find my ruler, and K walks over and says “I have some spare rulers in my classroom, I can get you one!" So at this point I want to kiss her, and I wait outside her classroom and then she comes back with a ruler.
Ok so now it’s lunch, and I thought about her and then all of a sudden, she appears and she has LUNCH DUTY NOW?! That was a fun time, even though I got nervous because she kept walking behind me.
Ok so now it’s the end of the day, and she crossed her arms and lawd have murthy she’s strong and I almost fainted because HER ARMS.
Ok so the principal came in and K told him about how he didn’t announce the birthdays on Friday. (Our school announces the birthdays over the loudspeaker).
So she looked right at me and said “your birthday was on Friday right?” And yes it was!
Ok so I came back from my locker and gave her the ruler back, and she called me hon and then she whispered a little ‘thank you’.
AFTER THAT, the key came loose again and I went up to her so she can fix it, and she told me to be gentle with it, looked me right in the eye, and our hands brushed. I’m having a Y/N moment 🤪
I was trying to close the computer case and she says “Alice honey you could leave it, I’ll do it later.” hehe
Later on she made some joke about her “psychic powers” weren’t on today. And then she looked me right in the eye and giggled.
And then when I left she did the same stiff nod as earlier because she scolding a kid.
Thanks for reading, remember to drink water <3
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rendezvous-ramblings · a year ago
how did you get together if you don’t mind me asking?
I graduated almost 5 years ago now and it was honestly a very slow burn process. I was never an extroverted student though my school was very small. E technically knew me since my junior year but just likely by face. He didn't teach me until my senior year and I didn't actively start talking to him or got to know him until towards the late middle of the school year. He cracked a joke at my expense in front of the whole class and I just couldn't let him get away with it 😂
It was an inappropriate joke because he was showing his high school yearbook photos to the entire class. All the girls were drooling over how "hot" he was and all the guys wanted to be him. They asked him how he got all the girls during high school and he said it was "sweet talk." The class clown started cracking jokes and was like "Hey S (my crush at the time/guy friend) does that to A all the time!" I don't know what possessed E to look all the way to the back of the room and dead set into my eyes and in a serious tone asked "What?!? A, are you cheating on me!?!" The whole class was hollering with laughter because I'm so quiet and the super academic type (nerd!). Maybe it was revenge because he noticed how I got his yearbook took a glance at it and just shoved it over to my friend to gawk at. He was my favorite teacher but the fact that we were taking up class time for that got me a bit annoyed.
After that diaster I just started going to after school to annoy him because people couldn't let go of the joke for weeks. Even the day after he cracked the joke as I was leaving class he teased and said "I'm watching you now." That's essentially how we became friends and E would never crack a joke like that again. To this day he realized how stupid that was on his part at the spur of the moment. I've always asked what possessed him but he has never given me a straight answer. He's old and likely forgot...kidding 🤣
We got closer throughout the year and getting to know him backfired on me because I developed a crush on him so quickly. I usually take a long time to develop crushes on guys and all my previous crushes were guys I was friends with first. I always knew E was funny and charming in class but outside of class even more so. I know now that E also realized I was developing a massive crush on him but he always kept things professional (after the joke) and prioritized our friendship. I have a lot of asks scattered throughout my blog about memories and moments we had when I was still his student. I usually tag things related to him with #E💕
After graduation we kept in touch for the entire summer. Eventually he invited me for coffee to see how I was adjusting to college. I had received a full scholarship and chose to stay home and commute. That's a pretty popular choice for students in my city. I'd say about half decide to dorm and the rest stay and attend nearby unis. Well, that simple coffee "date" ended with him asking if he could kiss me because throughout the entire conversation we ended up inching closer and closer together. He was my first kiss and he was shocked when I confessed that after we were done with a French kiss that evolved into a heated make out session 🙈 He's an amazing kisser and it felt so natural and fluid with him. I just acted instinctively when I kissed him back.
Unfortunately, things sort of went a bit downhill from there since E felt guilty after the fact. He wanted to remain friends and even though he "fucked things up" as he put it he said he wanted to remain friends and in touch because he deeply cares about me. He wanted to support me at any capacity he could regardless of his role in my life. Essentially, he was fighting his feelings for me and kept encouraging me to meet and date boys in college. This back and forth went on throughout the rest of my freshman and sophomore year (of college!) though we would still meet for coffee occasionally and text to keep in touch.
At this point E didn't have the filter he once had when we were still friendly when he was still my teacher. We matured out of those roles and at times I even got into arguments with him (text and in person). To an extent as a senior in high school I did put him on a pedestal and I wasn't aware of the flaws he had as a person. The "flaws" are nothing unforgivable or unacceptable but I was obviously becoming friends and getting to know the real E without his teaching persona.
During my third year, E started getting more comfortable with his feelings and the flirty interactions we had became more frequent and serious. That translated over to when we would hangout because he began kissing me again. We started having deep conversations about what would happen if we hypothetically got together since he wanted to make sure I wasn't pausing my life or rejecting a reasonable partner my age for him. I was never genuinely interested in anyone from my school and just made friends. We officially started dating later in my junior year of college.
That's pretty much the cliff notes version of our relationship. Haha, it was an emotional rollercoaster with him sometimes before we made it official. We both didn't date anyone during the in flux period of our relationship, but I'd imagine that would have killed our chances or dragged out our relationship from happening.
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october-honey · 6 months ago
the inevitability of the end of the semester and the fact that I won't have a class with S again for at least a half a year, if at all, has me 🤠 just. vibing
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keytc · 6 months ago
i posted a private story on snapchat it was a picture of me wearing a crew neck of r’s favorite football team with the caption “tempted to wear this to school j bc it’s his favorite team”
i deleted the story not too long afterwards and like five minutes later my friend sent a message. which was j a simple “no” i was about to reply but then they sent “i saw that story” i lied and pretended that what i was wearing was a raiders crew. my friend said “oh ok i was like .. r .. ??” the panic i felt LMAO
everyone at school knows his favorite team he has it displayed all over his walls even has banners for them
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star-tc · 10 months ago
[ memories ]
so i used to go to some activities (none which were related to school) but feu was one of the teachers there. on this particular day, were we supposed to make a tower with dry spaghetti and marshmallows. whoever made the tallest tower won.
so the teachers were passing the spaghetti and feu was across the room and he saw me looking over at him and he came up to our table the thing is that he was on the opposite side of me and her walked over right besides me
he leans to the furthest place on the table from us which results in him being basically on top of me. he was so warm because of the huge fluffy coat he had on. i accidentally placed my hand on his back because i was leaning back because well he was right there and then he got up.
looked at me and smiled ?!:$&:&: i then turned to my friend and she said when he was coming toward our table he glanced at me and smiled 😭 that day lives in my head rent free
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forbidden-feelingsss · 11 months ago
Damn there's something going on and immediately I'm too hyperanalysing to talk so I just smile like an idiot🥰✨❤️
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wannabesk8r · 7 months ago
I feel like adult men are perceived as more predatory in age gap situations especially with girls. So age gap friendships between women are more normalized. I can for sure say that my relationship with my tc that everyone knew about would have never passed as okay if she was a man. NEVER EVER. so many lines crossed but its fine cause were just “girls being friends” supposedly…
that's true, i hope being that close to your tc didn't cause you damage or if it did i'm so sorry :(( i feel like the whole tc community should remember to always keep a proper, professional distance to teachers despite having a crush on them
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lostbbygorl · a year ago
My Mandarin teacher who I have a fat crush on just sent me a mail saying that shes impressed by my progress in class, and she sent flower and heart emojis oh god.
My heart isn't beating faster guys.
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socialstudiesstressedv2 · 10 months ago
just got my classes for next year. Good news, I’m with B!! Also I’m gonna switch classes (hopefully) to be in one of my other TC’s class. not just bc of him but because I like economics lolz
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tc-angel · 9 months ago
IM CRYING :( how do you guys cope when your tc is being a bitch ignoring you 😩💔
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vintage-brass-tc · a year ago
I’ve seen you talking with other students, sort of like you’ve known them for years. Laughing, smiling, and joking as normal pals do. Some have even felt comfortable enough to use your first name in your absence, without any second thoughts. 
I hope it isn’t too late to at least become friends with you in that regard. 
I truly do want to spend time with you and get to know you better. It would be pretty saddening if I missed out on the opportunity to hang around the very person I look up to the most.  If I could prevent the things I’ve done in the past that potentially worsened my self-image in your eyes, I would. Unfortunately, things happen and you have to keep moving forward in spite of them. 
It must have been rough having to deal with me back then....but at least I think I’ve grown to improve as a person over the years. The R from the past shouldn’t be the R you see me as now, right? 
Maybe there’s still a chance to better myself—if not for you, then for me. 
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tc-blossom · 9 months ago
I was the first one in class again and when I walked in she was eating something from Dunkin Donuts XD
So I heard her say hi and then she mumbled that she finished just in time. So she looked me up and said “no jacket?” Because it was raining like hell out there
Ok so she brought in donuts for the class and she said that she can TRUST me to bring them down. (I did)
She went to put paper towels in the bag and they didn’t fit so she laughed and said “well, a smaller one of course.”
Okok so later I was going to my locker and she looked at me like she wanted to say something and when I passed her again to walk into the classroom she said “thanks for bringing the donuts down!”
Now I was trying to tell her where they were but I was getting flustered and stuttering for some reason, and she laughed at me, because she was FINEEE today.
After that, she told me I could get an extra donut because I had won the Kahoot yesterday. She told me to get a paper towel for it and our hands touched for a second.
This was super funny:
A teacher I have for study hall loudly told one of his students “this weekend you’re gonna STUDYYYY!” And all of us laughed.
Now this one kid, after he left, went up to him and said, very loudly, that we could hear him from the classroom: “Mr. C, this weekend I’m gonna STUDYYY!” Now I burst out laughing.
K looks like she’s holding something in and all of a sudden she starts HYSTERICALLY laughing.
Then she said “bye honey,” to me and then she said “don’t forget your water- oh,” because I grabbed it lmao
Thanks for reading <3
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rendezvous-ramblings · a year ago
May 6, 2021
I was teasing E about the shirt he was wearing yesterday in the car because I realized it was the same one he wore to the Spring Formal. I couldn’t believe that he still had that shirt after all these years! He starting mocking me back and was like “How in the world do you remember all these little details? Geez! Obsessive much?!” So I said “The only other ridiculous thing I remember was that obnoxiously yellow dress shirt that you wore with a salmon color tie on the first day of school. I remember judging your outfit choice, but as soon as you started lecturing I knew you were going to be my favorite teacher of the year.” 
He made a face and was like “Yellow? I know which shirt you’re talking about but a salmon colored tie?” I laughed and said “Probably more so pink.” He then mumbled something about how he had poor fashion choices. Though I’m hypocritical because I do wear a lot of yellow now because it suits me since I’m warm toned especially when I’m tan 😜
 I missed our back and forth banter so much the past year. It really isn’t the same at all over text.  
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tc-unrealisticlove · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
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keytc · 7 months ago
NOV 19 ‘21
- - class : i witnessed him washing dishes which is something i’d never though i’d see ..
- - practice : i’m a student manager so i help the team until my pinky gets better .. nothing really happened the first hour until after the girls came back to the wrestling room after conditioning.
i was heading in but realized there were still a lot of girls left + b was there and we made eye contact. i held the door and i noticed that b looked down at my hand.
the girls were all in so i went in and i passed b in the way in. coach asked b to help him out with the timer and b said “oh yeah i could do that”
i leaned against the wall and b went around and sat on the mat by some benches. he looked up at me and said “what happened to you?” i said “oh i broke it..” he then turned his head back and patted the spot right next to him
“come, i can’t hear you” i went over and sat next to him we made direct eye contact i said “i broke my finger” he then said “which one?” i lifted my hand up and said “pinky” and he said “how long? .. 4 ? 6 ? weeks?” i responded “six” and he nodded
we sat next to each other and watched the girls wrestle.
suddenly a song came on and b tapped me twice lightly on my leg and said “what band , what band?” i shrugged my shoulders and smiled and he turned forwards and said “hmnn music education..” i laughed then he said “the smashing pumpkins” and smiled
< tonight tonight : the smashing pumpkins >
after a bit he got up and went back over to sit on the weighted dummies. another song came on and he yelled out “what band what band!” no one answered him and he said “oh cmon .. the rhythm”
i recognized the song and it came to me it was gorillaz i yelled over at him “mr b .. mr b” he looked over and nodded “gorillaz” i yelled and he nodded and said “gorillaz”
< feel good inc. : gorillaz >
and he didn’t ask anyone but he was lip syncing lovely day by Bill Withers
he was also really sweaty bc he was wrestling some of the boys before we came in his hair was such a mess but it was adorable
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