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daddysplaytoi · a month ago
P. O. V. You’re my teacher and we are on a field trip. We are on the bus and we sat together for the ride up. You slowly move your hand over to my thigh keeping your eyes around to make sure none of the other students catch on. You slide your hand up under my skirt, you silently moan as you feel my panties are already wet. You dip down to my ear and lowly growl while hooking a finger underneath them “give these to me” I bite my lip and slowly start sliding my panties down looking around noticing all the other kids are too busy talking amongst themselves as I pull them all the way down and crumple them up handing them to you, you uncrinkle them and lick where the wet patch is. I widen my eyes telling you to stop before some one sees but you’ve turned your body to block anyone else’s view so you know you’re fine. You start sucking them into your mouth and your roll your eyes back to make it more dramatic. As you take them out of your mouth and smell in my sweet scent before putting them in your pocket. You open my legs sliding your hand back up under my skirt pushing two fingers inside me. You pump them in and out slowly, I bite my lips and look out the window trying to act casual. You speed up your fingers as I bite my lip harder grabbing your wrist trying to get you to stop. You only smirk cocky and move faster my mouth opens as I silently moan squeezing my eyes shut tight you feel my pussy starting to clench around your fingers and you use your thumb on my clit rubbing it slightly as you finger me. I cover my mouth with my hand as I try to control my breathing. You feel me get so close and clench hard before you pull your fingers out of me and stop all together as you edge me for the first time this trip. Sucking your fingers clean, as the bus stops.
We enter the museum splitting up into our groups you made sure you would be my chaperone as we made our way around the museum. We had a tour guide show us all the artifacts and tell us weird facts neither of us were listening to. I made every effort I could to tease you the way you did with me on the bus. I dropped my bag and bent over to pick it up right in front of you not touching you but knowing that you couldn’t look or touch me in front of the whole school. You cock a smile as i flash my eyes over at you sticking my tongue out. We were at one station and I knew you were behind me. So I back up into you knowing my ass would hit your cock before immediately stepping away. You rub a hand through your hair as you start to get frustrated with all the slight touches I would give by grazing my hand over your midsection as I walked by you or even just look at you sexually, and the more I kept going the easier it was. You flash a warning look over to me to stop but I just roll my eyes. The museum put together a short film for us so we all piled inside the dark theater. I sit down in the back of the theater and you sat down beside me. You waited until the film started and then quietly undo your pants you pull your cock out and take my panties wrapping them around your length and slowly start jerking yourself. I look away from the film and notice what your doing I whisper lowly about how it’s stupid and you’re gonna get caught. “Well if I didn’t have a little girl teasing me I wouldn’t have to” you say in my ear. You put your mouth close to my ear and “suck it”. My eyes widen and I shake my head “every will see” I try to explain to you “suck it” you repeat more stern this time and I shake my head again refusing to, you do up your pants and lean over one last time. “You’re gonna regret that” you growl in my ear. Shortly after the film ends and the lights turn back on.
We make our way out of the theater and you text me to meet you in the bathroom. While everyone else goes to eat their lunch. I finally find the family bathroom you’re in and you pull me in shutting the door and locking it. You push me down to my knees “let’s see if you can follow instructions now, suck it” I notice your pants are still undone, I pull them down and your cock flies out. Your cock is fully erect and swollen already leaking, I didn’t think I had teased you that bad but seeing how hard and swollen you are makes me kind of feel bad. I lick you from base to tip and go to wrap my lips around the tip but you grab my head and force me all the way down you. Holding my head as you thrust your hips, leaning back against the wall and you move my head up and down your length. “I swear to fucking god if you ever do anything like this ever again I will fuck you raw i front of all your little school mates you fucking whore you understand me” you scream out as you fuck my face pulling my mouth on and off you. Keeping my head pushed firmly against your pelvis “I’ll show the whole school what a cock loving whore you are, I’ll show them how much of a slut you are for my cock if you even think about teasing my like this again” you continue with your eyes closed tight back pressed against the wall and you feel my throat start to clench around you. “Fuckkkk I’m gonna cum baby” you look down at me as I look up at you making eye contact seeing my teary eyes and reddened face as you watch my throat swallow your cock. “You’re so fucking sexy holy shit, ohhh god baby I can’t hold it anymore” and with that you cum hard down my throat I swallow most of it but some seeping down my chin spilling from my mouth. You pull out of me and stand me back up kissing me hard and passionately. “Mmmm sirrr….” I moan into the kiss as you start to finger me again moving your fingers faster and faster as my breath quickens and our kiss deepens “ohhhh ssssirrrr..,,” you swallow my moan as you listen to the sound of your fingers speeding in and out of my pussy pushing through my juices. You feel me clench around you and my head flings back and my hips thrust forward and I’m so close I’m just about to çüm when you stop and push me off you. I whine and beg “please sirrrr not fair pleaseeee” you suddenly smile cocky again and lower to my ear “I told you you’d regret it” as you walk out of the bathroom and leave me there a sticky hot mess.
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bauhausluvr · 2 months ago
the mix of anxiety and excitement on the walk to ur tc's class is sumn else
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promsongldr · 21 days ago
does he treat me differently or am I just so into him that anything he does is like my whole world?
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lilradis · a month ago
daydreaming about him in the morning warmth of your bed, half unconscious... like yeah, I want you by my side right now
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boysunberry · 4 days ago
He thinks I’m a passionate student and I’m listening to Lolita by Lana del Rey
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teachersp3t · a month ago
i want to make him feel so good he can’t stop thinking about me.
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tc6why6me6 · 14 days ago
“omg he’s only x years old.” BITCH HE’S DOUBLE YOUR AGE
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filiasapphonis · 3 months ago
i’m so embarrassed 😭😭😭
i brought her cookies and didn’t plan to stay but i ended up staying the whole of lunch and we were just having our usual conversations. and somehow it came up in conversation that she had a student a few years ago who wrote her a love letter before he left ??? and she was like . that was kind of funny
and then i for some reason decided to come out with “i used to have such a crush on u in like first year “ ??? like ???? why would i do this ??? i made it clear to her that it was a “former “ crush tho
and she laughed and said she never noticed but she was flattered . and then just started talking about gillian anderson lol
and i was leaving i was like i’m so sorry for telling u that and she replied with its ok happens to all of us , see u next week ???
then got a uni acceptance so i sent her an email which she hasn’t replied to , but knowing her she’s probably sleeping and will reply on monday
not sure what to make of this tbh but not a bad thing ?? and she said the cookies were good so
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back-of-the-class-notes · 3 months ago
I realize that I don't have a thing for teachers, but rather I like nerds and a lot of them happen to be teachers.
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winter-tc · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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gwenstcdiary · 4 months ago
i love it when he teaches and the only person he looks at is me 
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tcc-ella · a year ago
what do people without teacher crushes even think about while falling asleep???
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bauhausluvr · 2 months ago
me when i have to rely on being obsessed with someone/thing to give me true happiness
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promsongldr · 20 days ago
another night creating fake scenarios with him that will never happen to the sound of songs by lana del rey
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tc-blossom · 6 months ago
ATTENTION: This is now a winter break hatepage.
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boysunberry · a month ago
I just want to do everything with him 😭😭😭 excitedly telling him about my day, and just being clingy as fuck I can’t 😭😭😭
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teachersp3t · a month ago
thinking about how J doesn’t know how to use youtube . . . why does that make him hotter.
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tc6why6me6 · a day ago
What do I have to do for you to like me the way I like you?
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littlesadtcslut · 10 months ago
Manifesting meeting my TC resulted in me dreaming about Him kissing the chocolate out of my lips 😳
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back-of-the-class-notes · 3 months ago
I am fully convinced that my TC knows he is attractive and likes to brag about it 💀
Or at the very least knows some of his students find him attractive and makes jokes about it
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