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Tumblr media
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Older men... *dramatic sigh*
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Teachers Pet
Pairing: Reader x Chris Evans
Warnings: NSFW SMUT 18+, there is sex, lots of dirty talk, swear words, ass smacking, teacher and student relationship
Summary: You find yourself becoming Chris Evans favorite student
Type: One shot
Tumblr media
It was wrong. All so wrong. You knew that and so did he. Right now you could care less cause your teacher was fucking you on top of his desk, and you were in heaven.
“Such a good girl.” He groaned driving his cock hard into your pussy. “Been waiting to be inside this beautiful pussy.”
Laying on top of his wooden desk mewling like an animal in need. Your hands splayed out beside your head. Chris holding your legs by your ankles firmly against his side. Using your legs as leverage so he could slam deeper into you.
“Fuck Mr.Evans.” You whined your back arching off the desk. All your shame went out the window, and you didn’t care if you got caught
“Wanna hear you fuckin scream my name baby it’s Chris.” He snarled as he sharply thrusted into you making you squeal. “Let em know whose fucking you so good.”
“Chris oh shit.” Crying out his name as you felt his cock all the way up your stomach.
Fingers gripping onto the sides of the desk holding on for dear life. Your breasts bouncing with each thrust. Looking down at your body watching your breasts move, and your pussy taking him all.
Leaning his head forward he took a nipple into his mouth sucking on the bud. Twirling his tongue before he would bite down on it tugging it until it fell out of his mouth. Your fingers tugged on his hair as he pulled away to stand upright.
“Such a good student for her teacher.” He grinned as he watched your body moving back and forth. “Takin my cock so deep and well.”
Looking at where the two of you were connected watching his cock pounding into you. His cock covered in your arousal when he would pull out. Shoving his cock back into making a squelching sound that made your cheeks heat up.
“Such a tight pussy. Maybe I should fuck you more often.” His words drove you wild and you gasped at how naughty he really was.
Continuing to hit that spot over and over again his hands holding onto you. Groaning above you as your pussy would squeeze around him every time he hit your magic spot.
Moving your hips up every time he would push into you so he could get deeper inside you. Your legs spread out farther until they were about shoulder length, he looked down at your exposed pussy and groaned at the sight.
“Naughty little slut fucking her teacher.” He shook his head with a lusty grin making you giggle. “Teachers dirty pet.”
“God yes just for you.” Agreeing with him making him lean forward and attach his lips to yours.
His mouth swallowing all your moans making him groan. Hands placed on either side of your face as he continued to make out with you while slowly moving his cock in and out of you. It felt like such an intimate moment.
Keeping up with his rhythm he sharply thrusted into you stopping buried deep inside you. Your head reeled back as your toes curled. You could feel his cock twitching inside of you as he stayed still. Your hips moving on their own to get him to keep moving.
“Nuh uh you gotta say please for me sweetheart.” His tone was commanding and mocking but you were desperate for him again. “Be a good girl.”
“Please fuck me hard Chris.” Still feeling shy under his heated gaze but not shy enough to keep you from getting fucked into oblivion. “Please my wet pussy needs your cock so much.”
Your words good enough for him as he picked you off the desk, and turned you around so you were not bent over the wooden furniture. Your feet firmly on the ground as your hands laid out in front of you.
Rubbing the tip of his cock up and down your soaked folds before plunging right into you. His thrusting never stopped and he never once lost his pace. It was like his stamina never ended, and you couldn’t help but wonder if it was like this every time.
“Fucking take my cock.” He growled through his teeth as his hand came down smacking your ass cheek. “This pussy is all mine.”
His cock diving deeper inside of you inch by inch. Your walls welcoming his cock. His hands on your hips pulling you back into his body so your skin was smacking against his.
Didn’t take long for him to find your sweet spot again before he started pounding into it harder this time. If Chris wasn’t holding you your body would have fallen to the floor from how rough his thrusts were.
“Yes yes yes right there.” Squealing out each word as you closed your eyes tightly letting the feeling take over your body.
“Squeeze my cock sweetheart.” His hand coming down harder on your ass making you hiss. Surely his hands would leave all kinds of marks on you. “That’s it baby just like that.”
Your body was rocking against the desk driving your hips onto the edge. Opening and closing your eyes again at the intense feeling of pleasure that was washing over your body making your mind all fuzzy.
“Oh god I’m gonna cum.” You cried out feeling your legs give out and your pussy tightening around his cock.
“Cum all over your teachers cock.” He snapped his hips into you with each word. Gasping loud each time he did. “Wanna fill this pussy up.”
Couple more sharp thrusts and the two of you were cuming together like a freight train. Your body trembling underneath his as his hands gripped your skin as his orgasm hit him.
Your body slumped against the desk as Chris leaned his sweaty head forward on your shoulder breathing heavily into it. Giving it a tender kiss his cock still remained inside of you, which oddly and strangely enough it was comforting.
“Fuck after that you’ve passed my class for the rest of the year.” He winked at you and you giggled wiggling your ass as he smacked it hard again.
This was going to be a fun year for you.
Tag list for Chris Evans: @denisemarieangelina @kimberlydyan @patzammit @tinawritesstuff @princess-evans-addict @cevanstan29 @chrisevanisliterallysir @whiskeytangofoxtrot555 @inmoix @evansgirl7 @nina-sj @chris-butt @a-moment-captured @suchababie @colinbridgertonisbebe @d3vil-is-my-sugg4rd4ddy @sesamepancakes @justjulie1105 @r2gers @sweetllamaparadise @coldmuffinpartycloud @couchiecorruption69420 @foxchild-v @evansphnx12 @breezykpop @sunwardsss @nathalienightmare @franfineashell @snowy992 @chrisgirl4 @rainbowkisses31 @mrspeacem1nusone @mayisdelanoche @fantastickoya @seaweedthewhale @eliluv1626 @ccmarvelxx @chelricki96 @justile @maceymae2704 @ysmmsy @cheerup-loki @nostxlgia18 @nicolarobertson89 @evansxchalamet @freerose11 @ace-of-spaids2 @gitasor @lordkayl @december16-1991 @allthingschrisevans @melissad1974 @starry-night-20 @maryann8913 @gh0stgurl @vaseoftulips
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Tumblr media
-----professor!Bucky x college student!reader
Summary: Your history professor, Mr. Barnes asks you to stay after class for extra help which leads to...*ahem*... other things(;
A/N: I’m so sorry it’s taken me this long to release this. I’ve just been busy recently and my writer's block really just said ‘fuck ya life, bing bong’ and left me in the dark. Thank you all for the support on Roadside Assistance since I put that out as well (just over 3k notes when I'm posting this!). Love you all and I'm forever grateful, xoxo.
Warnings: smutty smut, lap dancing (f! giving), oral (f! + m! receiving), aggressive blowjob, p/v intercourse, desk sex, public sex, payment (for the lap dance, not prostitution), insemination, cum rubbing (???), some dirty talk, and a soft moment.
Tumblr media
“Alright, that’s it. You can all get out now, happy Friday,” he dismisses. Mr. Barnes, your history professor, sits on the edge of his desk with is arms crossed and a scowl on his face as he watches your peers leave the room. You throw your black bag over your shoulder and shove your phone into your back pocket, walking to the door. He watches you walk down the stairs of the lecture hall with an intense gaze. You begin to near the door before he pushes himself off of the desk and saunters toward you, closing the door.
“Sir-” you start, reminding him that you’re still in the room before he cuts you off.
“I know. I want to speak with you,” he says, his height alone enticing you to pounce on him right that second, towering over you by a solid 15 inches at least. "Privately," he adds. Your eyebrows furrow and you follow him as he walks back toward his desk, a panic building in your head.
“I think you're in need of some extra help,” he says, sinking down into his office chair and leaning back. You stammer in response. You were a great student; handed assignments in before the due dates, aced your tests, worked well with others, asked questions, etc.
“What makes you say that?” you inquire. He crosses his hands over his abdomen, interlacing his fingers and leaning his head to the side.
“Well, your marks have been dropping, you’re not asking as many questions, and a few other things,” he says. He’s clearly bullshitting. You were the only person asking any questions at all in the past week.
“Could you show me?” you ask, leaning over his desk to see his computer screen. His eyes drift down to your cleavage exposed by your tank top from your face before he opens a few tabs on his computer, showing a spreadsheet of student grading. You lean a bit farther to read the screen and he sits up in his chair, now so close that you can feel his shaky breath fanning down your neck. “I don’t understand, I have a 97% average,” you complain, looking down over at him. He tilts his head and switches his gaze back and forth between your eyes and lips.
“Well, then, maybe that’s not the problem,” he coos, tucking a piece of hair behind your ear. You glance at the wall behind him trying to decipher what he means it clicks. He can see the realization in your face as you reconnect your eyes. “I’ve seen you at work…” he starts. “I’m a regular,”.
Your stomach drops and hot blood swells in your cheeks.
You were a dancer at one of the bars a few blocks away from the campus. You’d never paid any mind to the people who’d shown up, though there had been times you’d seen people there that you could’ve sworn you knew. One of those people was professor Barnes, but you never said anything.
“Uh…” you draw out, trying to think of a response. He leans back in his chair again, resting his elbows on the cushioned arms.
“I could pay you for a dance somewhere more like…here,” he says, motioning around the large room. You stammer without sound before he places his hands on your waist, rolling the chair backward and pulling you with him. “If... that’s okay with you,” he draws, staring up into your eyes with a tilted head, his gaze dropping to your lips twice per moment.
“It is, sir,” you say, swallowing the dry lump in your throat. He smirks and a dark glaze spreads across his glossy ocean eyes.
“That’s what I like to hear,” he murmurs into your ear before sinking into his chair, giving you space to work. Being obligated to do so, you ask him what he wants specifically.
“I need you to tell me what you want first, Mr. Barnes,” you say with innocent eyes, your respectful demeanour being held up by a thin string as something intense possesses your moral compass. He groans and smiles widely, chuckling and dropping his head back. His head returns forward as his wide grin turns into a smaller, sweeter one.
“Keep the top, red flatters you,” he starts confidently. “But lose the shorts…”.
You obey and unbutton them, pulling the distressed jean shorts from your hips. They drop to the floor from your thighs and you step out of them, kicking them a few feet behind you. He releases a drawn-out exhale as he admires your figure, the tight red tank top and matching coloured lace underwear pressed flush against your body giving you a small confidence boost onto what confidence you had to begin with. He raises his eyebrows at you and huffs out with a small chuckle before waving you over to his lap. You trail to his hand and stand in front of him, facing him, as he grabs your hands and interlaces his fingers between yours.
“So beautiful…” he states as he runs his gaze across your body from top to bottom. “Turn,” he demands, shifting in his chair. You turn around before being quickly grabbed by the hips and pulled down to his lap. You gasp quietly as your backside collides with his tense thighs. “I know... calm, baby, calm…” he coos into your ear before wrapping his arms around your waist and running his hands from your knees to your hips agonizingly slowly, taking in the texture of your skin.
“Sorry, sir,” you whisper. He grunts lowly in response and, seemingly involuntarily, bucks his hips up into yours, making you inhale sharply. You take a quiet, deep breath to relax before spreading your legs so you can rest your hands on his knees and begin to move your hips.
His hands ‘guide’ you as you draw figure-eights on his lap and grind down onto him. Rocking your hips back and forth in an abstract pattern, you trail a hand down your side and grab his hand, leading it back up to one of your breasts. Leaning back onto him, you press his fingers down, squeezing your breast with his hand. He huffs into your ear and you begin to feel him harden against your ass. It wasn’t anything new to you. You saw it all the time at work-- you’re rubbing your ass onto someone's dick, of course they’re gonna get a boner.
This was your history professor, your 'MCM', your Saturday night wet-dream. The very man you gushed over in the shower had a hard-on for you.
This was different.
You feel a sense of dread wash over you as you continue dancing on him. You shouldn’t be getting wet over a client. Or was he a client? Is he gonna pay you? A thousand thoughts clouded your mind. So much so that you didn’t realize that his other hand had moved to your clothed heat, only noticing when you felt shivers run up your spine from the brisk contact with your clit through the fabric.
“So wet, missus… all for a client?” he teases quietly. You should be telling him to stop. You should be leaving. You should’ve been home by now. But you weren’t. You loved this as much as you might wish to deny it. You lived off of it starting right now.
“Yes… but you’re not a client,” you emphasize with a smooth, low voice before swivelling around and diving down to his lips. He grabs your waist harshly and pulls you close, forcing you to bring both of your legs to one side. The smacking of lips and heavy breathing fills the echoes in the large room as he pulls you down onto him to straddle his hips. You eat each other's faces for a few minutes, pawing at clothes and removing them accordingly. You, now left in only your underwear, pull away from him, now in only his underwear, and place kisses down his torso. His breath gets caught in his throat when your lips make contact with his dick through the fabric, making you smile up at him. His eyes had been consumed in their entirety by his pupils, so dark you can see the clear details of your own face in them. You hook your fingertips in the band of his boxers and shimmy them down his thighs and toward his ankles, watching in surprise as his cock sticks up in freedom, much bigger than you’d ever thought.
His breathing increases in speed by ten-fold the second your lips make contact with his dick, planting kisses down his shaft and leaving behind faint marks the colour of your lipstick. You wrap a hand around his base and begin to pump him before getting him in your mouth. You progress to open-mouth kisses back up his shaft before licking a thick stripe up the bottom of it and ending in a big, wet kiss onto his tip. He groans, grabbing your hair and forcing himself down your throat. You gag on him at first before forcing your throat to relax a bit. Rings of your lipstick now paint closer to the base as you keep a hand around it, massaging his balls with your palm. You continue gagging, tears pooling under your eyes and some dropping as he fucks your face at an inhuman pace. He moans out and bares his teeth as he forces his cock down your throat one last time before pumping your mouth full of his tangy cum.
He pulls out of your mouth and cum drips from the side of your mouth which you lick at. He swipes his thumb across your chin and collects what your tongue failed to reach, then pushes his thumb into your mouth. You lick his finger clean before being guided back up to his face. You kiss deeply, his tongue pressing into the father parts of yours before standing without breaking the kiss and sitting you on his desk. Your ass hits the desk with him still between your legs and he slowly lowers you down onto it. He snakes down your body with a trail of kisses, stopping just before your boobs to get an eyeful of them first. He indulges himself in your breasts, sucking harshly on one while massaging and toying with the other. You moan out when he bites down lightly on your nipple and flicks it with his tongue. You grab at his forearms wrapped around your waist as he moves lower on your body, dragging his hands from your back to your hips.
He looks up at you with clearer vision before pulling down your underwear and you nod your head. He pulls them down and admires what you have to offer before running his thumb between your lips and pressing into your entrance, massaging your wall as he lowers his lips to your clit. He hangs his thumb from your hole as he makes room for his tongue to pass a stripe from your slit to your clit. You shudder as he does it a few more times before focusing his tongue on your clit and burying his thumb in you. He sucks your clit into his mouth and flicks it with his tongue as he wiggles inside of you with his thumb.
You moan pornographically as he sucks on your clit rapidly, now pumping his thumb in and out of you.
“Fuck! Sir, sir, sir..!” you chant as you feel yourself reaching your orgasm. He picks up the pace and moves his free hand from your hip up to your breast and kneads it in his palm. All of the sensations send you off the edge and you see a white light as your body convulses in his grasp. He rides you through it and slows once he’s sure you’ve finished. He parts with your cunt and his thumb slides out of you as he looks up at you from between your legs. “Oh, fuck,” you huff, still out of breath, before being engulfed in another long kiss. This time you feel his tip poking at your thigh, still completely hard. You part the kiss and look down to make sure you’re not just feeling things. He chuckles at you before lining up his dick with your entrance and renewing your consent.
“You alright with this, too?” he asks, renewing your consent. You nod your head in response but he ‘tsk’s at you. "Hm, no... I need to hear you say it, doll," he demands, grabbing your throat with gentle pressure.
“I’m alright with it, sir,” you say. He smiles to himself and presses his forehead against yours before slowly pressing his hips forward, holding his base to stay aligned. You release a broken moan at the stretch and move your grip all over his body, searching for a place to settle. His pace starts slow, pushing all the way in and pulling almost all the way out— however it grows faster and more vigorous with every few thrusts. Squelching, skin slapping, and breathless moans from the both of you fill the stale air filling the old lecture hall in no time.
The smell of sex penetrates your nose as it permeates from your bodies, his scent mixing with yours as well as his coffee breath and your long discarded bubble-mint gum. With him hovered over you, you pull yourself up by wrapping an arm around his neck. Unlike the others you’d been with before, his arms didn’t buckle at your added weight hanging from his neck-- like he didn’t even notice. By an educated guess, you would say your more vertical position was what caused the knot in your stomach to tighten very suddenly, making you cry out.
“You fuckin’ like that? Huh? Tell me, baby. Tell me how good I’m makin’ you feel,” he taunts, his hot breath tickling your scalp.
“Really, really good, sir,” you whine out. You feel tears prickling your waterline as you start to grow painfully close to your big finale. He grunts in response and attaches his lips to your neck, kissing and sucking like his life depended on it. You start to twitch your hips before moving your free hand to toy with your clit. Using two fingers to swipe it, you clench around Bucky as his pace remains relentless. He growls lowly at the pressure and places a hand behind your back to support you.
“Come on, cum for me, babydoll,” he mutters into your ear. “I’m not going anywhere, give it all to me. All you’ve got,”. His words kick your ass off the edge and you convulse in his grasp, squeezing the life out of his cock. You cry out as you reach the highest point and a couple stray tears that had built up fall down your face and collect on the edge of your jaw. “That’s it, doll, come on,” he urges, engulfing you in his arms and lowering you onto the desk once again.
As you begin to come down, his grasp stays firm around your smaller frame. His knees buckle a bit before he slams his hips into yours as hard as possible, burying himself in you and clenching his ass, holding onto you for dear life as his cum spews at your cervix. You moan out quietly from both the overstimulation and the pleasant tickling his semen provoked inside you. After a few more small, slow strokes, he slowly pulled out of you, rubbing the cum that leaked from you into your skin with his thumb.
You sit up on the desk with him still standing between your knees, both of your heart rates calming. He pushes a few loose strands of hair from your sticky face and lowers your head, kissing the top. You grit your teeth together to stop them from chattering as your body shakes from both the physical exertion and the chill of the old hall. With your eyes closed and head bowed, you find immediate comfort in the warm breaths on your scalp and his large hands supporting the sides of your head.
Your comfort bubble is popped when he pulls away from you with one last lingering kiss to your forehead before gathering his clothing from the ground beside the desk, you stare at yours for a moment before standing from the desk and picking it all up, sifting through the pieces for your undergarments. You look around the floor when you realize you can't find them until your eyes meet the contrasting red peeking from Bucky's back pants pocket. A small, private smirk adorns your face as you pull your tank top over your head and tuck the edges into your shorts-- the tough denim slightly uncomfortable on your bare crotch.
"Don't lose them," you say, grabbing your bag from the floor next to his desk. He looks at you with a confused and somewhat panicked face. "They were expensive," you finish, making him smirk at you as he adjusts his watch. You thought you had gotten the final remark in before he pulls his brown leather wallet from his front pants pocket and hands you a $20 bill.
"For the dance," he says as he passes you the bill before leaning over his desk and jotting words onto a post-it note. He passes you the yellow piece of paper and you smile as you read both his home address and phone number written messily on the sheet. "...And for the company,”.
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Yes, Mr. Lee (m)
Tumblr media
Preview: When you were getting a new English teacher, you didn’t know that it was going to be Mark Lee, your older brother’s best friend and your childhood crush.
Genre: smut,smut,smut,smut,smut
Pairing: Teacher! Mark Lee x Student! Female reader
Words: 6,8k 
Warnings: smut, age gap (only 3 years, everyone is legal), teacher x studant relationship, dom!Mark, sub!reader, teasing, unprotected sex, thigh riding, Mark Lee’s big cock
ʚ .·:*¨༺♡༻¨*:·. ɞ ʚ .·:*¨༺♡༻¨*:·. ɞ ʚ .·:*¨༺♡
The time is 09:00 on a Wednesday Morning and you are sitting in your classroom waiting for your first lesson to start. You were never a morning person, always sleeping the first 30 minutes of the first lesson every day. The first times it happened, your teacher, Teayong, tried to talk to you and said that it’s not good if you sleep in the classroom, if you want to have good grades in his class. You, obviously not caring, didn’t listen to your teacher and still, until this day slept through your first lesson in school. Taeyong doesn't even care anymore, it seems like you were fine with just having a simple -F- in his class. English is a stupid school subject anyway, and it’s just so boring. 
Normally this is the situation you would be in right now. Your head on your desk, and your eyes closed, while Mr. Taeyong did a stupid presentation about a subject you simply didn’t care about. But not today. Today was different. 
Teayong wasn't going to be the person teaching your Friday morning class in English this week. Or any other week in five months prior. Last week Teayong decided that teaching wasn't really a part of his big dream, and decided that he wanted to start a singing career instead, so you will be getting a new teacher in English. Not only a new normal teacher, but a rumor is going around school saying that a new, hot and young English teacher will start teaching at your high school. And you weren't going to miss the opportunity to see who this new teacher will be. Now, obviosly the tought of having a secret relationship with a teacher is fucking disgusting, even if he is hot or not, so the fun part will simply be watching everyone else swoon over this new teacher that you will soon know the name of. 
While having all of these thoughts in your brian, waiting for the already popular English teacher to enter your classroom, you hear a knock on the door. It’s very quiet in the classroom, so everyone can hear the knock and turn their heads towards the door. It's then an average tall looking boy, just a few years older than you, walks into your classroom and you can’t help it but think that he looks familiar. It’s something about his black slicked back hair, and the smile on his lips that feels familiar to you. Not only that, but he has his ears pierced and he is wearing a shirt with a black tie and black pants. The outfit makes him look very handsome and dare you say it - hot, making the rumors about this new teacher true. You can't help it but feel a little bit defeated by the fact that you were one of the many females that also thought the new English teacher was hot, making you no different from the other girls at your school. But still, it’s something about him that seemed so familiar, like if you had already seen him before, a long time ago. 
Suddanly the new teacher stands in the front of the classroom, takes out a whiteboard pen and begins to write his name on the whiteboard behind him.
 “Hello everyone! My name is Mark Lee and I will be your new English teacher for the upcoming five months!” That’s when you recognise the man in front of you. Mark Lee. Your older brother’s, Lucas, best friend. 
Your brother is only three years older than you, and so is Mark. Wow, can people so young teach a bunch of eighteen year olds at a highschool? That is just a recipe for disaster. You don’t remember Mark that much from your childhood, because he was always out with Lucas and doing god knows what, while you were inside doing stuff you liked. It were times you were allowed to be with Lucas and Mark on a few of their *erm* adventures, but those times you were too embarrassed to speak to Mark, only laughing at his jokes and greeting him by your front door, before he ran up to Lucas to play video games on his computer. You did always have a little crush on Mark, something only Luces knew. It was kinda obvious. 
Him being your new, hot and young English teacher and at the same time your brother's best friend was just too good to be true, like a bad written fanfiction. The scenario, him being your teacher and your older brother's best friend, just made him look even hotter. It was a while ago you two met each other, because your brother left for university and doesn't live at home anymore. You hope that he still remembers you, so you can brag to your friends that your new hot English teacher they probably have a crush on, knows who you are already. But you also hope that he doesn't remember you because it’s kinda embarrassing. What if he remembered all the embarrassing stuff you did when you were younger, like falling off the tree you were climbing or you accidentally tripping while running super fast, making you fall on a big water puddle, making you very dirty. Omg, now you have to call him Mr. Lee! That's so weird, what if you accidentally call him Mark in front of the class? That would be so embarrassing. 
“I have already mailed you guys the course plan for this term to your emails, I want you to pick up your computers and look at it please.”
While all of Mr. Lee’s new students pick up their computers from their bags, Mark looks around the classroom until his eyes land on you. He watches as your hair is wrapped up in a ponytail and how your cheeks are flushed, as if you were embarrassed over something. For a second he caught you looking at him, before looking back at your computer screen. 
Wait is that? Wong Lucas sister? What was her name again? y/n? I didn’t know that she went to this school. 
You see that Mark, or now, Mr. Lee is watching you and you begin to silently panic, feeling you sweat under the tight sweater you are wearing. Why is he looking at me? Does he remember me? Or worse, did Taeyong snitch and told Mark that you were one of his trouble-students that Mark had to look over? If that's the case, then this is going to be the worst five months of your life. 
Too busy sulking and wondering why your new teacher is watching you so intensely, you didn’t realize that the lesson had ended already. You look around the classroom and see that all the other students are putting their stuff in their school bag and walking out of the classroom. Eager to leave this hell hole you quickly stand up from your desk and begin to pack your stuff until you hear Mr. Lee speak up.  
“Ms. Wong, I would like you to stay after class for a while. We need to talk about your, erm, sleeping habits”
Motherfucker. Taeyong really did snitch on your ass to your new teacher. Even though it technically is a teacher's job to look after his students you were still kinda pissed at him. You let out a big sigh, wait for all the students in the classroom to leave, until you walk to your new teacher while giving him an awkward smile, signalating him that you really didn’t want to be in this situation. 
You stand in front of a sitting Mark and you can’t help but stare at him a little. He is leaning back towards the chair he is sitting on and his legs are far apart from each other, which makes it really hard for you to not want to sit on him. He is fiddling with a pen between his two fingers in his right hand and his head is tilted to the side. He obviously knows that he is hot and he obviously remembers you and he obviously knew you had a crush on him when you were little.  Otherwise, he wouldn't act this cocky around you, only on the first day you meet each other after 3 years. 
“It seems like you had been acting badly Ms.Wong, your last teacher said that you had a problem concentrating on the English lessons in the mornings. Is that something I should be concerned about?” He asks with his eyes looking at you up and down. Wow, you had really grown up since the last time he saw you. Your figure is a lot more mature now and your clothing much more lady-like. 
“Excuse me? Ms. Wong? Don’t act like you don’t remember me Mark, you know, y/n, Lucas Wong’s sister?” you say a little upset. So he doesn't remember you? 
“Its Mr. Lee now y/n, don’t call me by my first name at work. Shouldn't you give your new teacher some respect? You can’t be that stupid, that’s not how I remebered you” he says with a teasing smile, knowing you hated to be called stupid, because Lucas always called you that. 
“Hey! Don’t call me fucking stuped Mark! Just because I’m bored by just the thought of your stupid subject dosen’t mean im stupid!” you say to him with a loud voice. And before you can count to three. Mark has stood up, his height making him tower over you, and is now looking down at you with dark eyes. His right hand had dropped his pencil to the floor and is now holding your jaw, making you look up at him in a submissive manner.
Omgomgomgomg. Your childhood crush is holding your face and you can feel his breath hitting your skin. You are so close to each other, making your thighs clench together. 
When the thought that your childhood crush is holding your face disappears, and the thought that your new teacher is doing it, makes you want to jerk away from him. Isn’t it illegal to be this close to a teacher, even though you are practically the same age. 
“Watch your tone y/n, I’m your teacher and you should show your respect to me” he says and looks at you up and down, noticing the way your thighs are clenched together, you obviously enjoying the way he is holding your jaw this close to you. He lets out a low chuckle that sends a shiver down your spine and straight to your core. “And don’t act like I didn’t know that you had the biggest crush on me growing up, Lucas has told me everything. Just look at the effect I’m having on you”
Lucas I will kill you after this. 
You try to act surprised, maybe if you lie and tell him that it wasn't true, then he could leave you alone. “Wasn't the reason why you wanted to talk to me because of my bad concentration skills and not the lie Lucas has told you? Me having a crush on you is just not true. Nope. Never.” 
He raises his eyebrows and tilts his head back. He can’t believe that you were lying. And that you were just so bad at it. He gets an idea and lifts his other hand and places it on your waist, making you jump, his thumb massaging the side of your stomach.
“So, you are saying that me doing this to you doesn't affect you?” he bites his lips trying to hold in his laugh, loving how your cheeks are now redder than ever and how your mouth is gaping. 
What was his deal? Why was he doing this? He never acted like this when you were younger so why was he suddenly flirting with you? 
You try to look as tough as possible and give him a grin. “Nope, not at all!” 
He tilts his head to the side and moves his head slowly towards you. “Not even now?”, he says and looks down at you. 
You try your best to not panic by the fact that Mark fucking Lee (and your teacher, gross) is being this close to you right now. “Not. a. single. bit. affected.” you say with a semi determined voice. Your lips are barely touching now when he speaks up again. 
“So, does that mean that by the end of two months of me teaching your class, you will not get the desire for me to fuck you?” he says teasingly, already knowing the answer to his question. 
Is this a challenge Mr Mark Lee? Well bring it on. 
This time, to his surprise, it is you who brings your face closer to his. “I’m 100% sure, Mark. I’m so sure that I will make a fucking bet on it. If I win, by not falling for you in five months, then I can sleep on your lessons as much as I want!” 
Your lips are so close to touching, that with the slightest form of movement would make you kiss each other. Marks hold on your jaw tightens, reminding you both which one is really in control.
“Well, if I win, then you need to be your best self in my lessons. Listening to everything I have to say, being my good girl”. Ignoring the effect the pet name had on you, you roll your eyes and look at him. 
“Deal. I am so going to win, Mark” you say and grab his wrist with your hand, trying to loosen up the grib he has on you. He pulls his hand from your jaw and sits down on his chair again. Spreading his legs apart and adjusting himself on his seat. Goddamn. This is going to be really hard to resist. 
“Oh but I am going to win y/n. You were the one crushing on me, remember?” He says. You look at him and pick up your bag lying on the floor and you let out a huff. 
“That is so not true” you say as you are walking out of the classroom and Mark lets out a small laugh. 
“Yeah, right. And also, y/n,” he says, making you turn around and look at him. 
“In the classroom it’s Mr. Lee. You wouldn't want me to spank you in front of the whole class, would ya? If you are not into that of course” he says with the fattest grin on his face, while rubbing a ruler with his hands that was before lying on his desk. 
Without answering him, you turn around, and leave the classroom. Jerk. You have to win this bet. 
It has already been one month since you and Mark made that stupid bet, and you have to be honest, it’s pretty easy so far. Mark hasn't really tried to seduce you the way you thought he would, so you are pretty sure you will be getting a lot of sleep after these two months. But, it was one time he really caught you off guard. 
It was already one day after he agreed to your bet and apparently you had English that day. In front of the whole class, while doing a presentation about different English accents or something (you didn’t really remember), he looks at you and slowly begins to loosen up his tie. You know, in that hot, sexy, mafia boss way. And then, if that wasn't enough, he slowly folded the arms of his shirt up, so you could get a perfect view of his defined arms.
That, plus the fact that he was looking directly at you the whole time, made your stomach tingle. But, the thing that made it even more embarrassing was the fact that you couldn't handle it, and instead of looking back at him, and rolling your eyes or something, you looked down at your desk. 
Down. At. Your. Desk. 
Can you be more obvious? 
But now everything is chill, you are sure of it. Until you got home.
As soon as you walk through the front door of your house a big man is hugging you, tight. “Surprise y/n! Are you happy to see me?” No. Oh no. Lucas is home. Which means-
“Oh hello y/n! It’s so weird to see you when we are not in a classroom!” Mark is also here. Shit. 
You try not to look at Mark for more than five seconds, but the way he looks makes it impossible for you. In school he is often wearing proper clothes, in other words, a button up shirt with a black tie and a pair of suit pants. You can’t lie, that outfit makes him look really hot, but this just hits different. He is wearing a white well fitted t-shirt with a pair of semi tight ripped black pants. Holy fuck. And to top it all off, he is wearing a silver necklace, silver studs and silver rings. He is wearing rings. 
Why did Lucas have to come home right now? Couldn't he wait for another month before he stepped his large foot into your calm house and bringing the fucking rat with him? You look at Mark and give him a fake smile, trying to act as normal as possible when you are in front of your big brother. 
“Lucas… what are you doing here? I thought you would come next month” you say and hug him back awkwardly. You love your brother, but right now is not the best time for him to come home. He stops hugging you and looks down at you.
“Yes, but I missed you so much that I decided to leave early. Oh and you probably already noticed it but I told Mark that I would be coming home today, so that’s why he is here. He told me that he was your teacher now at school and that you were a really good student! Isn’t that fun!” Lucas says with a big smile on his face. If he only knew the things happening between you and Mark. 
You give him a fake smile “Yes, soooo, fun!”, you say and look behind him, noticing Mark is tilting his head to the side and poking his tongue on the inside of his cheek. Fuck he looks really hot. No! He is not the regular Mark anymore! He is your teacher! Don’t forget about the bet! Think y/n, think! You mentally curse yourself, before Lucas leaves your side, going upstairs to his room. Screaming after Mark to follow him upstairs so they can play video games on his computer. 
But Mark isn’t going after Lucas, instead he is walking towards you, making you step back until your back is hitting the wall behind you. Mark's hands are placed on the wall behind you, caging you in, making it impossible for you to escape. His face is super close to yours and you can’t help but look down, making him grab your jaw for the second time this month, all for you to look up at him. He licks his lips and looks down at you. When will you break?
“You really thought that I was going to let you win this bet y/n? Did it never cross your mind that I was planning something like this?” 
You look up at him, and see how fun he thinks this is. It was already a month ago you made the bet, but you had still not figured out why he agreed to this bet, that was first a joke on your side. First you thought that he maybe also liked you when you were younger, but he never showed any sign of it, so it would be weird if that was the reason. Maybe guys have a problem showing their emotions?  
“Why do you want to do this Mark? I don’t understand why you agreed to this stupid bet! It’s so weird” 
Mark down at you, “It’s because I love how you react. The fact that I can just look at you for more than five seconds, loosen up my tie or fold up the arms of my shirt to make you all worked up. To make you blush or to make you look away from me, I love it. And the fact that I had known you since you were little, plus your cute little crush on me, just makes it a whole lot better. It wasn't that hard for me to figure it out, you were kinda obvious about it. And I have always dreamt of the day when I can tease you about it.”
You look up at him, with wide eyes. He can’t be serious. When he told you that Lucas told him that you had a crush on him, you thought that he ment Lucas told him recently. But no. Apparently Lucas told Mark a long time ago, just in the beginning of their friendship. 
Lucas is sooo dead. You try your best to look uninterested, as if your inner twelve year old self is not screaming right now. 
“Well, the last part about me having a crush on you is just not true. Lucas is just a lying little bitch!” 
Suddenly you feel Mark’s leg between yours. Your eyes widen as Mark is pressing his leg towards your core, making you accidentally let out a small whimper, before covering your mouth with your hand. You can’t believe it. Just the feeling of Mark’s leg made you let out a freaking whimper! This is so humiliating and now he is 100% sure that you had been lying right in front of his face this whole time. 
“Well, well. What was that y/n? Was that the sound of your defeat? Just give up, how would you like me to fuck you? Right here in your house? Or are you more turned on with the tought of me fucking you in a classroom?”, he says as his thumb swipes across your lips, making your lips open up for him, trying to push his thumb into your mouth. 
Before you can protest saying it’s not true, even if that last offer sounded really hot, you could hear Lucas loud steps coming down from the stairs. Mark's eyes widen a bit, realizing he is seducing his best friend's little sister and quickly steps away from you. 
“Hey, Mark! Why are you still standing there talking with my sister? Is it about school or something? Come on, let’s play video games!” Lucas says and grabs Mark's arm, dragging him to his room on the second floor. 
It’s the day after Lucas came home and you are walking down the stairs, to your kitchen. You are wearing your pink pajama shorts, which barely covers your ass, and a tight tank top that is way too small for you, because you got it four years ago. Lucas was the only person home so you didn’t care how you looked. You take a glas from the cabinet and fill it up with water. You stare at it, too tired to think straight, and when you remember the things that happened with Mark yesterday it gives you a shiver down your spine. You put down the glas you are holding on the counter when you hear someone walking into the kitchen. You think it’s Lucas and turn around when a top less Mark Lee is facing you. 
He slept over? You think while looking at Mark. His hair is wet and he has a towel around his hips and his abs, wow, they are definitely defined. And you try, that’s what you are telling yourself, to not be attracted to him. When trying to look away from the man standing in front of you, you finally make eye contact with his *erm* yeah, cock, realizing that he is big. Even the white towel doesn't hide that he would absolutely destroy you if you lost this bet. 
To busy eyeing your childhood crush, like a bag of candy, you forgett for a moment that Mark is also your fucking English teacher, making you cover up your eyes with your hands. 
“Don’t act like you don’t love what you are seeing y/n.”, Mark says, suddenly right beside you. You shake your head, still covering your face with your hands, avoiding Mark's gaze. Mark, being annoyed with you denying him, and determined to win this bet, he takes your wrists with his hands and pins them down on the counter, making you look up at him. You are now caged in, between a half naked Mark Lee, or Mr.Lee, which makes your thighs squeeze together. You can’t help it but feel a little bit aroused by the fact that Mark is this close to you again. Almost forgetting the bet, you bite your lips trying to resist his. You are not going to kiss your English teacher, you are not going to kiss your English teacher, 
“Answer me” he says and tilts his head back, making him seem more dominant in a situation like this. You turn your face away from him, not wanting to look at him. You are not going to kiss your English teacher, you are not going to kiss your English teacher 
“I don’t know what you mean”. You say, obviously lying. Mark is not dumb and he lets out a chuckle watching your your chest rise up and down as you breathe. You are nervous, and he knows it. 
“And you dressed up so nice for me, you know how much I love the color pink, especially if it is a small tank top paired with cute pajama shorts” he says with a big grin on his face, teasing you. You hate that you feel a little bit flattered, knowing that he had seen you in this pajama set before. Did he always see you like this? Or was this just a way for him to make you flustered? You lean more towards the second option. 
One of his hands is now leaving your wrist, slowly moving towards your hair, playing with it. You are not going to kiss your English teacher. 
His face is slowly moving towards yours, and you can’t help it but slowly move towards his face too. I know it’s hard to resist him y/n, but you really need to win this bet. 
You feel his other hand moving up, now touching your waist, while his other hand is now planted on the back of your head. He looks deep into your eyes, and his eyes are dark, and you already know the things he wants to do with you. You are not going to kiss your English teacher. 
You can feel his breath on your lips, and you are millimeters from kissing each other, making your childhood dreams come true. The way he is simply touching you, makes you weak, and you hate the fact that you already know that you had fallen for Mark Lee. Again. For the second time in your life. 
That’s when you hear Lucas loud steps, again, coming down from the stairs, making Mark immediately release you from his grasp. Thank god, maybe Lucas wasn't that bad afterall. 
Mark Lee aka Mr. lee aka your new fucking English teacher is giving you a wink before walking towards Lucas. Tomorrow it’s monday and you have English on mondays last period. Shit. 
You sit on your desk silently as Mark Lee is having a presentation about English history and you try your best to not fall asleep at your desk, the thing you would normally do. Your legs are crossed and you are wearing a short skirt, because you forgot you had English today. You already know you have to explain to Mark later that you didn’t wear the skirt for him, but you already know he isn’t going to believe you, you don’t even know if you believe yourself. 
Mark, as always, is looking very hot today too. After both seeing him with and (low-key) without clothes, makes him look even hotter. He has abs under that goddamn button up. Today he is wearing his normal school-suit, aka a white button up shirt with a black tie and a pair of suit pants. He never wears the coat with his outfit, but that makes his chest appear bigger. So it’s completely fine with you. Even if that outfit alone is making your stomach tingle, today it’s different. Today he is wearing rings. Again. 
When you saw him wearing rings yesterday, in your house, it was hot. But today. Today was different. When he wore the rings with his normal clothes, it made him look hot, but the rings plus his suit made him look even hotter.  The thought of him fucking you, hard, on his desk and holding your neck, flods your brain while you look at him. You just know that his hand would fit so perfectly around your neck, and you get horny when you think about how the metal from his rings would feel on you.
You are, apparently, so lost in your thoughts that you can’t hear Mark calling for you. 
“Ms. Wong! Ms. Wong! Are you not paying attention to my class? Can you tell everyone what I was just talking about?” he says, trying to sound angry at you. He knew you were fantasizing about him. 
You look at him stunned, not used to being called out like this in the middle of a class. You don’t remember what he was talking about and try to guess. 
“Erm… English history..?” Mark walks up to you, and leans down on your desk, and looks you deep in your eyes. He lets out a big sigh and looks down while shaking his head, before looking up at you again.  
“Sorry Ms. Wong, but I'm afraid that you will get detention. You need to learn that there are consequences to your actions” He says and tilts his head to the side, before walking back to the front of the classroom, continuing with his presentation. 
Oh no. Oh no. nonononononono. This is a trap. This is definitely a trap. Was he planning to fuck you in the classroom. You look up at him and he looks at you and gives you a teasing grin. You look down at your desk again. Oh shit he definitely was. The dirty thought of being fucked by Mark, not only in a classroom, but in the classroom he teaches in, turned you on. You tried to push away this emotion but it was hard. So hard that you could simply not do it. It’s now you are sure that just with a simple touch, you will lose. 
Now you are all alone in the classroom, again, with Mark Lee. He looks at you from his desk, and is sitting on his chair, leaning back. “Ms. Wong, can you come to me please?” Your legs are shaking as you are walking towards Mark and you are now standing in front of him. Your hands are tugging the side of your skirt, trying to make it longer now when you are so close to him. He looks at you silently up and down as he tilts his head to the side. The tension is so thick you could cut it with a knife. His legs are far apart, making it a perfect seat and he smirks at you. 
“Come here y/n”, he says and pats his lap. You can’t take it anymore. You are so hypnotized that you can’t even do anything, you just stand in front of him, mouth gaping and look at him. Mark is done with your bullshit and grabs your arm with his hand and shoves you towards him, making you sit on his thigh. You gasp, surprised by the sudden attack, and he lets out  a small chuckle. 
He leans more into you and he is so close that you can feel his breath on your lips. But you don’t do anything. Just sit there, too tired to resist, waiting for Mark to take over you. 
“Why are you not complaining anymore? Are you finally going to accept the fact that you want me to fuck the shit out of you?” you look at him and nod your head, to horny for your own good. He grabs your neck, making you gasp at the feeling of his metal ring against your throat. 
“Answer me properly y/n, listen to your teacher” he says and licks his lips. “Yes, Mark” you say as he suddenly tightens his grip around your neck. 
“In the classroom, it’s Mr. Lee”.  
You had lost the bet. Officially. You were definitely going to kiss your English teacher. 
“Yes, Mr. Lee” 
Mark doesn't waste a single second before smashing his lips into yours. The kiss is harsh and sloppy and his hand is still holding on your neck while the other one is on your waist. He suddenly presses you down towards his leg, making you let out a small moan from the friction. You can’t help it and grind on his thigh while he kisses you, making you wetter and wetter by every second. He pulls away from the kiss, and you both are phanting, and he looks up at you.
 “You are such a little whore, getting of by grinding on your teachers thigh”, his words making you moan again, just begging him to fuck you, already forgetting about that stupid bet. He suddenly attacks your neck, sucking on it, already finding your sweet spot. He was really good at this. He seems to be addicted to your neck, your scent, just making him want to claim you, to mark you up. He pulls away from your neck and your head is tilted back, your pussy still grinding on his thigh, and he already feels his jeans getting wet from you. 
He tilts his head to the side and observes you. Your hair is already messy and he havent even fucked you yet. Your lips are sore and red from the kiss and your white button up shirt is disheveled and he can already see the purple marks forming on your skin. He can’t wait to fuck you. To fuck his best friends little sister. 
His hands suddenly meet your waist, forcing you to stop the motion of your hips. You look up at him, whining. You want him so bad, so why did he try to stop you? He looks at you and his tongue is poking the inside of his cheeks.
“Do you really wan’t me to fuck you this bad, slut? Tell me what you want me to do. Tell me. Give me your consent and I can guarantee you that you are not going to be able to walk afterwards.” 
You look at him. His black hair is messy and his lips have lipstick on them. Your lipstick. You want this, you need this. You need him. You need Mr. Mark Lee. 
“I want you to fuck me Mr. Lee. Do whatever you want, I don’t care, I'm yours. I'm your slut” Mark looks at you and raises his eyebrow, and licks his teeth while he smirks and suddenly your stomach is pressed towards his desk. The stuff before lying on his desk, is now falling to the floor, making the whole classroom a mess. 
One of his hands is on your waist while the other one is massaging your ass, giving it a squeeze. He flicks up your skirt, and squats down so he is eye level with your core. He licks his lips as admires the wet patch on your panties. Such a mess already. He lifts up one of his fingers and gently strokes your wet folds over your soaking panties, making you let out a whimper. He is teasing you, and you can’t take it anymore. You need him now. 
“Please Mr Lee I can’t take it anymore, I need you” you say and look up at him. His eyes are dark, filled with lust. He can’t believe that he was able to break you like this. 
He doesn't answer you and just lets out a low chuckle. Oh you are so not prepared for this. He looks down at you, flicks his tongue and unbuckles his black belt slowey. Normally, you would tell him to hurry up, but the way his veiny hands unbuckles his belt makes your lips part together, just waiting to see how big he really is. 
Finally he is done unbuckling his belt and he takes off his pants and boxers in one go, making you see all of him. Wow, he is so big and thick. Probably the biggest cock you have ever seen, and you have seen a couple of dicks in your lifetime. You look at his cock and then up at him, your eyes begging him to fuck you. 
He grabs the base of his cock and his other hand is still on your hips. He slaps his cock on your core, teasing your entrance, and he looks at you and squints his eyes and licks his lips. “Beg for it, show me that you are good enough for me to fuck you”. You look up at him from behind with pleading eyes. 
“Please fuck my pussy Mr. Mark Lee” 
After Mark hear your pleade he slammes his cock into you, showing you no mercy, treating you like his personal fuck toy. You let out a loud moan at the feeling of his cock being buried deep inside you. Fucking finally. He rocks his hips towards you, fucking you at a staddy, but fast, pace and he let’s out the sexiest groan you have ever heard in your entire life. 
You need to look back at him. You need to see what he looks like when he fucks you. So you try your best to turn around to look at him and holy fuck. His head is tilted back, and his eyes are closed and his mouth open because of  pleasure. 
He opens his eyes and sees that you are looking at him and shakes his head. The hand that was before placed on your hips is now pressing down your head towards the desk. His dominance is really impressive and surprisingly addicting in a way. You don’t want to know how much you would let him do to you, but you know it’s a lot. 
But if him fucking you from behind wasen’t enough, you suddenly feel his hand leaving your head, to rubb against your clit, sending you over the edge. This is too much for you. 
All you can hear in the classroom is the sound of you moaning and screaming his name, begging him to let you cum.
And that’s exactly what you do. You cum. All over his cock still fucking you stupid, overstimulating you until he comes inside of you. Thank god you are on the pill. 
Mark is slowly pulling out of you and look at your red swollen pussy. He nearly gets hard again when he sees how his cum is leaking out of you. You try to stand up, but it’s hard, already sore from the feeling of him fucking you. He was right. You are not going to be able to walk normally after this. 
You turn around to look at him and both of you are panting hard. He grabs your jaw and swipes his thumb over your mouth. “You don’t know how much I have waited to fuck you like this” he says and replays hip thumb with his mounth and kisses you. The kiss is fast but sincere. You look up at him and smile at him, disappointed in yourself. You lost the bet. 
“It looks like I lost the bet” you say and look away from him. He lets out a big sigh and turn your head so you look at him. “Forgett about that stupid bet y/n, do you not understand that I agreed to that bet as an escuse to come close to you? I always knew you loved challenges”
You look up at him surprised. It was all, fake?
He lets out a pure laugh, the first time since you meet each other. “Sooo,” Mark says as he awkwardly scratches the back of his neck, “do you, like, want to do something later? Without the fucking?” You smile at him and answer him with a quick kiss on his lips. 
“Of Course I want, Mr. Lee.” 
He looks at you, laughs, and pats the top of your head. 
“You are allowed to call me Mark in the classroom, y/n”
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mikoism · a month ago
18+ content. minors do not interact.
Tumblr media
being his favourite student whom he watches from his desk at the front of the class, eying every line of your face as it holds in the whine of pleasure that dares to erupt from your throat. he knows you like it when he teases you like this, the remote used to control the vibrator lodged in your sticky cunt held tightly in his hand as he ups the intensity. your shaky gasp sends a few strange looks your way and he immediately steps in; “are you feeling ok, [name]? would you like me to escort you to medical?” when he does intervene, you know that medical is not where you are going. it doesn’t suit him; maybe against the wall in the janitor’s closet will do.
kaeya, childe, albedo, ayato, baizhu, itto
Tumblr media
or being her favourite student whom she teases relentlessly throughout the day, leaving light touches anywhere she can reach. she leaves sexy whispers in your ear as she explains tasks to you and slides a sly hand along your bare thigh when you ask her to repeat the last sentence, tongue flicking over her lips as she watches you struggle to keep your composure. she’ll keep you after class to go over the spec for this semester, only to keep you perched on her thigh with one hand between your legs and the other tangled in your hair. “would you like me to go over it again?” she asks, fingers pinching at your soft spots through your underwear. the quiet “yes” leaves her craving for more, and after class is where she’ll ravish you, keeping your pretty little noises all to herself.
yae miko, beidou, la signora, yelan, ningguang, lisa
Tumblr media
© mikoism 2022
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zhongliswhore1 · 5 months ago
Afternoon pt2
Zhongli x afab reader
Disclaimer: profesor x student roll play, vulgar speech, teasing, thigh riding, manhandling.
Not prof read.
Tumblr media
Mean history teacher Zhongli, who makes you stay after class because you've been having trouble with his last subject. :(
He loves observing how you struggle with your homework, sitting nicely on your table, watching your pretty face with a bothered expression, makes dick twitch. Sometimes he even palms the outline of his cock, to relieve himself a little. He's such a mean perverted teacher :(
You haven't paid attention to his class lately, which means you need to be punished.
"Come here"
He sits you in his thigh, your cunt bare, only your tiny skirt covering your privates, while being in front of his desk. He starts moving you slowly as he continues to explain the subject. Your mind getting dizzy with the pleasure he's providing you. Zhongli can feel your pretty pussy drooling in his pants, making his cock feel lonely, but he ignores it.
"Pay attention"
He says once he feels your hips moving, he holds your movement with one arm. Slowly he starts caressing your thighs his fingers getting closer to your wet cunny. He finds your clit and starts teasing it gently, slowly loosin his patience. Zhongli wants to fold you against the desk, and pound your cute hole until you're left crying, he wants to bite your neck, and cum all over your ass, he wants to feel his cock melt in the warmth of your pussy, he wants to corrupt you so bad, but he needs to teach you a lesson first. He breathes in, and ignores his needs.
"Move your hips, but don't stop paying attention, or else I won't let you cum."
You do as you're told, moving your hips in a steady pace, running his pants with your slick. You pay attention to every word falling from his mouth, his hot breath in your ear, and his voice that sounds like warm honey. He finally finishes explaining the subject, and stays silent, waiting for you to cum, but you can't do it by yourself :(
"Profesor Zhongli, I ca'ahmm I can't, pleaseplease help me please"
You grab Zhongli's hand and put it right in your pussy, that gesture alone, was enough to make your profesor snap.
Zhongli manhadles you, bending you into his desk, opens your legs and starts grinding his clothed cock into your wet slit "I'm gonna fuck you so hard, you're gonna forget your name.." he bends over you, his mouth kissing your lobe, he's desperate and you are too. With one hand he unbuckles his belt, freeing his dick. He ruts into you, teasing your cunt, until he finally inserts it.
He starts with a slow pace, relishing the warmth of your gummy walls. With one hand he keeps your head buried in the paperwork that sits in his desk, and with the other he opens your asscheek, to observe his fat cock disappear in your sloppy pussy. All he can hear are your mewls and the squelching sounds of your sexes. His dick is so hot inside you, torturing you deliciously. Zhongli slowly adjust his pace, now pounding into you, making you see stars, he keeps pushing into your sweet soft spot, your minds is blurry, only concentrated in the hot pleasure and his sensual grunts.
"You're squeezing-Ah me so good mmh, do you enjoy having my cock deep inside you? Hmm princess?ah ...fuck mm"
He's almost animalistic, fucking into you like it's his last day alive. With his dirty words and his experienced hands, you feel that exquisite pressure in your tummy. "I'm gonna cumimgonnacum -li li li ah I'm gonna cum"
He cums at the same time you do, flooding your insides with his seed, it felt so good, you were salivating, pussy left quivering, and things shaking.
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Would it be possible to request a teacher x fem!reader ff of Bruno Madrigal in a modern-day au?? Like in his POV and him just constantly thinking about her?? (possibly inspired by Don't Stand So Close To Me by The Police?) 🥺 👉 👈
Don’t Stand So Close To Me (18+)
Teacher!Bruno Madrigal x Student!Fem!Reader
Modern Day!Imagine
Non-Magic AU
Summary: Inside the mind of Teacher!Bruno Madrigal and his thoughts about his favourite student
Warnings: Swearing, Agegap, inappropriate thoughts, teacher/student (STUDENT IS OF AGE), slight sir kink, maybe slight bimbofication if you squint
Word Count: 1375
Italics will mostly be his direct thoughts or his imagination 
Author Note: I wasn’t really sure how to incorporate Don’t Stand So Close To Me, but if I do end up making this a series, I will be sure to use it then
Don't Stand So Close To Me (Masterlist) >(Part 1)< (Part 2)
Tumblr media
(I do not own this gif)
Bruno’s POV
I want her.
I watched as she moved her pen across the page, taking down the questions I had just put up on the board. The way her hand gripped the pen really does things to me.
I’ve had an eye for her since the first time I watched her walk into my class. I know how fucked up it is but I just can’t help myself. I wish I just didn’t act like a complete fool in front of her every time she talks to me or even just looks my way.
I sit at my desk, with my head resting in the palm of my hands, watching her.
I wonder if she’s a vi-
“Mr Madrigal? I don’t understand the third question?”
The sudden voice from the front of the class startled me out of my daze.
“Uh, yes, that one is a bit of a trickier one, you would like me to do it up on the board?” I asked, standing from my desk.
The student nodded.
I looked back over at her.
Shit, she’s watching too!
As I make my way over to the board, I trip over my feet a few times. I can’t even stand to look back at her now. I fumble while picking up the whiteboard pen, almost dropping it in the process. After writing up a few helpful tips to get through the question, I turn back around to see all the students looking back down at their papers. Expect her. She has her pen resting on her bottom lip as she pouted, looking confused.
Any good teacher would have seen this and approached them asking if they needed help. But that’s exactly what I’m not. I can’t go over there and end up looking like an idiot in front of her. Before I can get back to my desk, I watch as she raises her hand.
I’m fucked.
Walking down the rows of desks I focus on trying not to bump into anything or trip. I stop beside hers. The way she looked up at me made my heart stopped. Her glowing eyes looked into mine with a nervous smile.
“I don’t really understand,” she whispered.
Her voice. What I’d give for her to moan my name.
“U-um. What is it you’re having trouble with?” I stuttered out.
Can’t I just talk like a normal person in front of her! Pull Yourself together, you’re a Madrigal for fuck's sake!
“I don’t understand where to use the formula,” she said, looking almost ashamed.
“That’s okay, uh, do you have a spare paper?” I asked, as confidently as possible.
She grabbed an additional paper from her book and handed it over to me, along with her pen. I had to bend down slightly to be in proper reach of the paper. At that moment, her hand slightly touched mine. As insignificant as that would be to many, it was a huge deal for me. I felt as my face began to heat up. Embarrassed, I tilt my head down as much as I could. I couldn’t look at her, not now.
I quickly write out the formula and the process in how it would be used.
“Does-s that help a bit”.
She looked back up at me with a smile on her face. She is so close
I wish I could just kiss her right now.
I push that thought out of my head before I could let it get any further.
“Yes, thank you, sir,” she said, cheerfully.
S-sir? Did she just call me sir?
I quickly stand up straight before nodding and quickly rushing back to my desk before my boner could make itself known. I sighed, relieved I got to my desk before anyone could spot my raging hard-on. It was quite uncomfortable though. I had to fiddle with adjusting the position of my pants a couple of times.
I just hope this class would just end already so I can deal with this!
But no, just my luck. The class wouldn’t end for another 35 minutes.
Great, what am I meant to do now?!
I had to push the thought out of my head.
I have to stop thinking about the fact that she just called me sir…I am really bad at this.
I couldn’t help it, I just couldn’t help it. The way she said sir should not have turned me on like that. There was nothing inherently sexual about it. It’s a completely normal title for a man like myself. Plenty of my students before called me the sir. Why is this any different?
Because it’s her. The way the word just so easily rolled off her tongue. It was like magic.
All the blood in my body rushed to my dick.
Fuck me.
I sigh while dragging my hands through my curls. This is torture.
“Please, sir! I need you,” she would whimper.
“Tell me what exactly you need from me, mi Vida,” I would ask back, wanting her to beg.
A desperate whine would leave her throat.
“Come on, use your words, I know you can do that”.
“Please, I need you to fuck me, sir!! I need you in me!” She would cry.
“That’s more like it”.
Just as it was getting good, the movement of my students packing up pulled me out of my vivid imagination. I look up at the clock on the wall.
Had I really been daydreaming about her for 30 minutes?
“If there are any questions you have about today's lesson, don’t be afraid to email me,” I said, as the students made their way out of my classroom.
I watch as she walked out of the class, saying a little ‘thank you’ with a smile before leaving.
She has no idea what she does to me.
“F-uck!” I moaned.
The second I had gotten home and to my room, I removed my pants almost immediately and grabbed at my cock, stroking it at an incredibly slow pace.
I imagined her on top of me, grinding her cunt along my dick. She’d be doing it slowly while looking at me with half-closed eyes. Her breath would be slow and heavy, trying to stop herself from moaning.
I couldn’t stop myself from becoming a moaning mess at the thought of her rubbing herself against me. I spread the precum down my cock, pretending it was her slickness on me.
She would then lift herself up before positioning my cock at her entrance before sinking down onto me, letting out a desperate whine. She’d sit there for a while with her eyes closed, trying to process how good this would feel. I would tell her how beautiful she looked before grabbing onto her hips, but still letting her take charge.
I started to go a little faster with my stroking, just how she would.
“Shit, just like that,” I whispered, closing my eyes and resting my head back into my pillow.
Her moans and mine would fill the room along with the sound of our skin slapping against each other. She’d lean down to rest her forehead on mine and I’d bring her closer to kiss her soft lips.
I was so close now. I felt my cock start to twitch in my hand, but I didn’t want to finish, it’s too soon, but I didn’t stop. My cum spilled out into my hand, dirtying the blankets beneath me at the same time.
I take a tissue from my bedside table, wiping my hand before grabbing my blanket and taking it to the laundry. After disposing of my blanket in the washing machine, I processed to the bathroom to have a shower.
Upon getting out, I can’t even look at myself in the mirror. I could already see the grey hairs and feel the wrinkles on my skin. I’m old, what would someone like her see in someone like me.
As I reach my bedroom again, I lay on my bed and try to sleep. Even though the night was cold, I didn’t bother to grab a new blanket, I didn’t deserve one. Sleeping wasn’t easy that night, not without her racing through my head.
“This is gonna be a long night”.
Author Note: if you had made it this far, thank you for reading and i hope you enjoyed reading it 
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Tumblr media
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[ warnings: nsfw, cockwarming, degradation, teacher x student, gn reader, age gap, etc . . . ]
who knew that signing up for being a teacher’s assistant for your professor would end up like this? you wanted to help him grade papers, hoping he’d loosen up a little and stop being so stressed. and he was extremely attractive, so of course you had to sign up to be his TA. he always bought you snacks and brought you coffee, he was so grateful for his little assistant. he was so grateful that he invited you to his home to help you grade papers in a quiet, less distracting setting. his house smelt like cedar and pine, a beautiful setting that almost felt romantic.
“ come sit on my lap, dear, “ he suggested as he sat in his office chair while you attempted to grade papers on the couch. your cheeks grew hot as you walked over to him slowly. “ don’t be shy, it’s alright, “ he cooed as he patted his thighs, symbolically begging you to press yourself against him.
and so you did. you sat on his lap, your back to his chest, your core shamelessly throbbing as you felt his crotch against yours. you couldn’t help but squirm a little, there wasn’t much room on the chair for the both of you anyways. your little movements were driving your professor absolutely mad. he gripped your waist as you gasped quietly, turning to face him.
“ why couldn’t you just sit still? “ he questioned angrily as he sighed, hand reaching down to his pants. he fumbled with his belt buckle, unbuttoning himself and freeing his painfully erect cock. he practically tore your clothes off, wrestling to expose the fruit of your young body. he spit on his hand, rubbing his saliva against your exposed hole. you couldn’t help but moan at the eroticism of his actions, how eager he was to bury his cock inside you.
and so he did. he was so big, stretching your virgin hole to it’s limit. you let out a wanton moan as he stretched you, molding your insides to fit his length. but he never thrusted. he sat there, you sat on his cock impatiently, wriggling your hips, trying to provoke him to move. he nearly growled, grabbing your face with one hand. “ sit. still. you’re such a slut, you know that right? “ he questioned bitterly, causing tears to prick at the corners of your eyes. “ answer me, “ he demanded, his grip tightening around your soft skin. you nodded, rambling words and phrases of agreement. “ good, what a whore of an assistant you are, “ he sighed, returning his hands to your hips. “ now finish grading these papers and don’t fucking move. maybe i’ll reward you, doll. “
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peepaw x reader 🥺
pretty girl | fnaf | teacher! william afton x student! female reader (nsfw)
𝙨𝙪𝙢𝙢𝙖𝙧𝙮: (EVERYONE IS 18+!!!) distracting your teacher leads to some serious consequences…
𝙬𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨: (18+!!), smut, teacher x student, fingering, eating out, unprotected sex, daddy kink, pet names, choking, a little bit of degrading
𝙬𝙤𝙧𝙙 𝙘𝙤𝙪𝙣𝙩: 1.6k
𝙣𝙤𝙩𝙚𝙨: this was so fun to write AHHH
𝚖𝚒𝚗𝚘𝚛𝚜 𝚍𝚗𝚒!!
𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎 𝚊𝚛𝚎 𝚠𝚊𝚛𝚗𝚒𝚗𝚐𝚜 𝚏𝚘𝚛 𝚊 𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚜𝚘𝚗, 𝚒𝚏 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚍𝚘𝚗’𝚝 𝚕𝚒𝚔𝚎 𝚒𝚝, 𝚍𝚘𝚗’𝚝 𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚍 𝚒𝚝. 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚊𝚛𝚎 𝚛𝚎𝚜𝚙𝚘𝚗𝚜𝚒𝚋𝚕𝚎 𝚏𝚘𝚛 𝚢𝚘𝚞𝚛 𝚘𝚠𝚗 𝚊𝚌𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗𝚜!!!
Tumblr media
Opening the large classroom door, you fumbled with your belongings. Late. God, I’m so late. You were met with the angry glare of your teacher - Mr Afton.
As you felt the mocking eyes and the teasing snickers of your classmates, the older man began to speak. “Y/N. You’re eleven minutes late - we’ve already started the work!” He was shouting, clearly very visibly annoyed by your lateness.
“Sir I-“ You were abruptly cut off, “No, Y/N. It’s completely unacceptable. This is the fourth time this week you’ve been late to my lesson.” His voice echoed throughout the room - everyone was in complete silence.
He added, “You can’t come to me after school and ask me to raise your grade if you’re going to purposely fail.” A deep feeling of embarrassment spread across your body as you looked down, searching within yourself for a response. Nothing.
“There’s no wonder you’re failing,” he sighed, turning back to his whiteboard. You searched once more for a response. Still nothing.
“I’m sorry sir-“ You were cut off once more by a deep sigh, “Just… Take your seat.”
Walking over to your seat, you sat down awkwardly - you were rigid.
Why did I have to be late? You questioned yourself, sighing as you gathered your equipment. Quickly, you started your work and Mr. Afton went back to teaching.
He was wearing black trousers and a deep purple shirt that framed the outline of his toned body - God, he looked so good. You had had a crush on this man for quite a while now - you didn’t know what you found so attractive about him… Was it his confidence? His attitude? His looks?
It was a mix of all of these things, there was just something so terribly attractive about Mr Afton - William Afton. Plenty other people in your class had a crush on him too, you would always hear them gossiping about him at lunch.
The thought of other people liking him infuriated you, however you refused to let it get to you - you were one of his favourites anyways, why should their feelings bother you?
“Y/N?” William’s voice snapped you out of your thoughts. “Y/N, pay attention to me, you’re staring.” He stated with a harsh tone.
You loved it when he spoke to you like that…something about it was just so attractive.
“Sorry sir,” you replied and smiled at him, earning a cocky eye roll from him. You kept working.
Glancing down at you, William kept looking under your desk. Something was distracting him and you knew exactly what it is.
The reason you were late this morning was because you were getting ready for your teacher - Mr Afton, of course. You wanted to shoot your shot today and you really hoped he felt the same.
Today, you had decided to wear a short skirt with no panties - it was risky, of course, but you only had two more months left at school - so, why not?
You noticed him looking and flashed him a devilish grin. Raising his eyebrow, he excused himself to the bathroom.
Eventually, Mr. Afton came back and carried on with the lesson, as if everything was normal - except he kept glancing at you with a cheeky grin. You knew exactly what he was thinking.
When class ended, you got up, about to leave when he stopped you, “Y/N stay behind, hm?” You nodded.
After all of the students had left the classroom, he locked the door and looked deeply into your eyes.
“Y/N.. you’ve been such a naughty girl today,” He cooed in your ear, muttering it in a low voice.
“First you come in late and disrupt my class and then…” He gestured towards your pussy, smirking as he did so.
“Did you not wear panties on purpose or did you forget, hm? ”He chuckled. “Silly girl.”
You were lost for words. Looking up at him with an intense blush dusted upon your cheeks, you replied “ah- uh-“
“Shh, pet.” You complied.
“Do you want this?”
“I do, sir”.
Unbuttoning your tight shirt at a painstakingly slow rate, he ogled down at you, flashing a smirk at your exposed tits.
“God… You’re so fucking hot,” he whispered, leaning towards your neck, kissing and sucking the sensitive skin, causing you to whimper in response.
“Aww baby,” he chuckled.
“Can’t you take it?” You nodded and whined for him. Pinning you quickly against the wall, he put his thigh inbetween your open legs, letting you grind your sensitive cunt against it.
Fuck. It feels so good.
“Looks like someone’s getting off on this, hm?” He cooed and moved his thigh away, earning a soft mewl from you.
“Shh, love. We don’t want anybody hearing us now, do we?” He teased, slowly moving his large hand down to your waiting cunt. You were desperate.
“Do you want me to finger you, hm?”
Smirking, William slid a slender finger into your tight hole, causing you to moan in response. He started pumping slowly, knuckle deep in your pretty cunt - your slick coating his golden rings.
Moaning at your teacher, you bit your lip as he smirked down at you. That smirk - god, it made you so fucking wet.
“Come here, princess,” he demanded, strutting over to his desk and clearing everything from it in one confident swoop. “Lay down for me.”
Nervously, you walked over to it and laid down, feeling the harsh coldness of the wood against your delicate back. He marched over to you and placed your legs on his large shoulders, peering down at your glistening thighs.
“Do you want me to eat you out, hm?” He asked, causing you to meet his question with a desperate ‘‘yes, sir.”
He took a long lick from your hole to your clit, swirling his tongue around the sensitive bud. “Fuck,” you whined out as he slid his tongue in your aching hole, sending bursts of pleasure through your body.
“It feels… So good,” you moaned, not caring if anybody in the neighbouring classrooms heard you.
“Good girl,” he muttered. “Such a good girl for me.”
Looking down at you, William placed his firm, cold hand on your abdomen, sending shocks down your spine.
“Do you think you’re ready for me to fuck you, hm?” He cooed, making you blush and nod in response.
“Condom or no condom, baby? I can always pull out.” He asked, making sure you were fully comfortable with him - after all, he is a respectful man.
“I don’t want to get you pregnant, especially considering it’s your first time with me,” he added.
“Uh…no condom heh…” You awkwardly mumbled, wanting to feel all of him inside you.
Once again, he slid a finger in your small hole, prepping you for his thick cock. “You’re so tight princess,” he whispered softly, smiling at you.
Fuck, he’s so hot.
“Just relax for me… Daddy will take such good care of you.” Slowly, he pumped his finger, adding more as you became more wet.
“Fuck, princess,” he smirked down at you. “You’re being such a good girl for me… I think you’re ready for my cock, do you?”
You nodded in response as he slowly slid his fingers out of you, getting his thick cock out and pumping it slowly a few times.
Spreading your delicate lips, he slowly slid the tip in, throbbing against your aching core.
“Fuck kitten, i’ve only got the tip in and you’re already so tight,” he moaned out, biting his lip. It felt new, but exciting.. It felt good - it was ecstasy.
“Daddy, more-!” You whined out, feeling an animalistic urge for him. He slid further in and you felt a sharp pain, causing you to whimper.
“Shh princess, it’s okay,” he whispered, rubbing your abdomen - it was oddly comforting. “Tell me when you want me to keep going.”
You nodded as he slid fully into you, almost literally balls deep. He waited a few minutes before thrusting, giving you time to adjust to his large cock.
Holding on your hips, he began to speed up, peppering soft kisses all over your sensitive neck, making you moan delectably in response.
“That’s my good girl,” he grunted, feeling every inch of his large cock against your tight walls. “Look at you, you’re moaning like a bitch in heat,” he smirked and kept going, harder and harder, turning you into a pathetic mess under him.
“Good little doll,” he cooed, sliding his hand up your neck and looking at you for approval. You gave him a quick nod.
You felt his strong, veiny hands choke your small neck - like a predator about to catch its prey.
You were in for a long night.
“Daddy fuck,” you moaned out, feeling your walls clench around his cock. “I feel like I’m gonna cum-!” Smirking in response, he uttered “Cum for me baby, come on. I know you can do it.”
As you felt your orgasm approaching, he sped up, fucking you through your high. Quickly, he pulled out and came into his hand, rubbing the hot cum against your plush lips.
“Lick it, pretty one,” he demanded and smirked as you lapped it up. “Good girl,” he lifted your trembling body up and smiled, placing a small kiss to your forehead.
So caring. So, so caring.
“I can’t wait to see you tomorrow, pretty one.”
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Tumblr media
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Thigh Highs
Gojo Satoru x Reader
Warnings: Teacher-student relationship, implied noncon somnophilia.
As an attentive teacher, Gojo Satoru costumed all of his students uniform which surprisingly looks fitting for his students.
For example, Yuuji. A dark blue gakuran-like uniform with the red hoodie. And you? You're also not an exception.
Gojo gave you a standard female jujutsu uniform with a slightly shorter skirt. He knows perfectly how to make his students look stand out. However, yours actually is just for his personal desire. But you dont need to know that.
What he doesn't expect is, you're wearing thigh highs
He won't be have any problems if it was ordinary socks, but thigh highs? A black silicone band wrapped around your milky thighs? It is as if you were asking him to take you there and now. Making him want to ruin you again.
But it is not a problem at all, he always get what he wants. Did you know that almost every night he sneak up into your dorms? Probably not...you were too knocked out to notice it anyway. And now, thinking about you getting fucked by him while wearing nothing but the thigh highs making his cock throbbing.
Maybe he should give you a drink again tonight.
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miss-ariella · 5 months ago
The History of Love: Part 1 - Professor Andy x Student Reader
Warnings: Teacher x Student relationship (later parts)
Word Count: ~1100
Author's Note: I've wanted to write a Professor Andy fic for the longest time but couldn't make anything work. Then last night, when I was trying to fall asleep, inspiration struck and ta-da! Anyways, this is the first part of several.
Tumblr media
You toss the shot back and wince before slamming the glass down on the table. You can’t believe you’re out drinking the night before the semester starts, but it was Kay’s birthday and you couldn’t say no to your best friend.
“Wooooooo!” Kay yells, holding her arms up in triumph. Your friends laugh and cheer before someone orders another round. Tiny shot glasses are being passed around again, but you beg off, excusing yourself to use the restroom.
In the empty ladies’ room, you splash some cold water on your face and sigh. Your senior year of college starts tomorrow, which is totally weirding you out. Soon you will have to start applying for grad schools and figuring out what to do next with your life. It’s crazy how time flies.
You look down at your phone and notice you’ve been in the bathroom for ten minutes. You take a deep breath and head back out into the bar. As you exit the ladies' room you aren’t watching where you are going and run smack into someone else.
“Oh sorry, excuse me,” you stutter out, looking up at who you ran into.
“No worries,” the man responds, before taking a good look at you. He smiles at you and offers his hand. “I’m Andy,” he says.
“I’m Y/N,” you reply, trying not to blush at the handsome brunette shaking your hand. He’s clearly older than you as he’s beginning to go a little gray at his temples.
“It’s nice to meet you, Y/N. What are you doing here tonight?” he asks.
“Here at the bathroom or here at the bar?” you ask back, wishing you were better at flirting. It must have worked though cause Andy lets out a small chuckle.
“Here at the bar.”
“Oh, celebrating my roommate Kay’s birthday,” you tell him, glancing back toward the bar where you can hear your friends' loud laughter.
“Uh, what about you?” you ask.
“Getting to know my new colleagues,” Andy responds. You notice then that he’s dressed in a nice suit which is not the normal dress code for the college bar.
“Well, I best let you get back to your friends,” Andy says, shifting awkwardly between his feet. You nod and begin to walk away, but Andy calls out after you.
“Actually, can I buy you a drink?” he asks.
“I thought you had to go to the bathroom,” you tell him.
“I do, but I don’t want to stop talking to you,” he says, causing you to blush.
“Okay,” you reply.
“I just gotta, uh,” he stammers, pointing toward the bathroom. “Just don’t leave.”
“I won’t,” you promise him. Andy smiles at you and then disappears into the bathroom. You rush off back to the bar.
“Where have you been?” Kay asks with a drunken giggle as you rejoin the group.
“I…uh…met a guy,” you admit.
“I thought you were in the bathroom. You met a guy in the bathroom?” she asks, looking shocked. You give her a playful smack to the arm which only makes her giggle some more.
“I met him outside the bathroom,” you inform her.
“Well good for you, it’s about time you spread your wings a little,” she teases. Before you can respond, Andy emerges from the back hallway and catches your eye before giving you a wave.
You wave back and then turn to look at Kay who giggles and gives you a wink.
“An older man, how scandalous,” she teases you before practically pushing you out of your seat and sending you back to the bar.
“Have fun and use protection!” she shouts after you as you make your way over to Andy.
It doesn’t take long for you to realize you and Andy have a lot in common. You’re both Boston natives, you are die-hard Red Sox fans, and you both geek out on history. Before you know it, it’s been two hours and your friends are getting ready to head back to campus.
You glance down at your watch and realize it's after midnight. Your first class is at 9am and you know it’s time for you to head home as well.
“It’s getting late,” Andy says as you look up from your watch.
“Yeah,” you reply, kind of sad to have to go. Kay was right, it’s been a while since you’ve clicked with a guy as much as you have with Andy tonight. You notice Andy shifting awkwardly in his seat a little before pulling out his phone.
“I’m a little out of practice at this, but uh, could I have your number?” Andy asks. “I’d like to take you out for dinner sometime, would that be okay?”
“Yes,” you eagerly respond. Andy hands you his phone and you input your number in before handing it back. Andy types something into his phone and you feel yours buzz in your pocket.
“And now you have my number,” Andy smiles, making you blush a little.
“Y/N!!!!” Kay shouts from across the bar where all your friends are waiting by the door.
“I, uh, better go,” you tell Andy. He nods and stands as you get up. “It was really nice to meet you,” you tell him.
“It was nice to meet you too,” Andy responds. You shuffle a little before Kay yells at you again from the doorway. Andy leans in and presses a quick kiss to your cheek.
“Goodnight, Y/N,” Andy says as he pulls back.
“Goodnight, Andy,” you respond with a smile, before making your way over to your friends.
The next morning as you sit in the lecture hall next to Kay, who is slightly grumpy from her hangover, you re-read Andy’s text message for the millionth time.
Andy: I had such a great time tonight. Can't believe I found someone who might be a bigger Red Sox fan than I am. ;-)
You’re so distracted by your phone that you don’t notice the professor walk in, but you can feel Kay sit up straighter next to you.
“Uh, Y/N, isn’t that the guy you were flirting with at the bar last night?” she whispers to you. Your head snaps up and indeed she is right, standing there at the front of the lecture hall is Andy. You look back down at your class schedule and notice that it says A. Barber next to "professor" for this class. You never had gotten Andy’s surname last night.
“Good morning, everyone,” Andy greets the class, still rearranging the stack of papers on the front table. “This is History 303: Colonial America,” he informs everyone, finally looking up and scanning the class before his eyes fall on you.
“Oh fuck,” you whisper back in shock.
Part 2
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just-a-desparate-fangirl · 5 months ago
Mr Barnes | teacher!Bucky x student!reader
Summary: Your English English teacher finally finds out why you’ve been failing your classes and he isn’t disappointed.
Warning: TEACHER X STUDENT, smut, age gap (reader is like 22 and Bucky like 30), fingering, oral sex (female receiving), unprotected sex (don’t do this), language
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Tumblr media
You entered the class sighing hoping that he wouldn’t come today. You didn’t see him the whole day which was a good sign that he hadn’t come to school today.
You took your seat which was in front of his desk which didn’t help the anxiety rushing through you. It’s not like you didn’t like your history teacher, no it was quite the opposite. It wasn’t easy to be taught by a hot teacher who you assumed was about ten years older than you. You are always distracted by him and constantly the thoughts of his cock inside you, that you can’t even concentrate on the lesson anymore. You knew it was wrong but you just couldn’t get rid of the feeling.
You hoped someone would walk in the classroom, telling everyone that your teacher wouldn’t be here today, or this week but all your hopes were ruined when Mr Barnes stepped into the room closing the door behind him, slightly smiling at everyone. He took his seat and said good morning which you all answered back as well.
”Alright guys before we start today’s lesson, I need to talk about your last test and your grades. This class is divided into three groups. There is group one with amazing grades and great participation in class, there is group two with good grades and ok participation in class and then there is group three, which well pretty much sucks” He chuckled and everyone laughed.
You already knew in which group you were. You weren’t a bad student at all, in fact you were a great student. But you sucked in English and he was the only reason why.
“Now” he said as he rose his hand to run it through his soft looking hair and his long fingers slipped between the strands. You imagine your own hand in his hair while he his fingers move in and out of you furiously. Just thinking about it you could feel the wetness between your legs, you squeezed your thighs harshly gritting your teeth. “here are the results.”
He started handing the papers out and as he handed you your paper, he smiled softly and his fingers brushed against yours making you jump slightly which made him frown.
“You alright miss Y/L/N?”he asked kindly
“ Y-yeah I'm fine.” you stuttered, he nodded his head walking off.
The rest of class was practically torture. You desperately trying to push away some certain thoughts while he was talking. You tried your best to concentrate but failed miserably, like always. When the bell finally rang you were one of the firsts to stand up and made your way towards the door until Bucky called your name.
“Hmm Y/N can you stay for a bit, there is something we need to discuss about.” you mumbled a 'ok' turning around, cursing in your head knowing you were in trouble because of your grades. You waited until the class was cleared out and once it was Bucky closed the door and walked over to you.
“ Y/N” the way he said your name made your core throb and you gripped the edge of the nearest table tightly. “I have been noticing your participation in my class hasn't been so great lately and your grades...” he slightly shook his head. “Is there any problem I can help you with? It's really surprising that your grades in my class are failing even though you are such a great student. I talked to your other teachers and English seems to be your only problem.”
You didn't know how to respond, I mean what are you supposed to say ' I'm sorry I can't stop thinking about you fucking me hardly on your table till I can't walk and that's why I'm failing your class.'
“You know you can tell me what's wrong, I can help you out.“ You know he can but he’s definitely are not thinking about the same solution as you. His eyes bore into yours as you let out a soft pant. “Tell me.”That's when you noticed you were standing closer than before.
“It's nothing Mr- Mr Barnes, I have been a bit distracted lately that's i-it.”
“ I can help you if you want, extra classes?” he said as he placed his hand on your shoulder and his hot washed over you which caused you to let out a small whimper. You slightly widened and bit your lip. You noticed a darker shade of his blue eyes and you knew he understood what was really going on.
“ I should l-leave.” you tried to make your way towards the door but he grabbed your hand. “Y/N you are not going anywhere right now.”
“But Mr Barnes-“
He cut you off by placing his lips on yours making you widen your eyes, again. His big hands gripped your waist and he pushed you against the wall, his lips moving hungrily against mine. You gripped the front of his shirt tightly, pulling him against you, your tongues battling with each other. You wrapped your legs around his waist and pulled him into you further.
He pulled away for a moment, his teeth into your bottom lip before letting go. You were both panting slightly looking at each other with lustful eyes. You couldn't believe your everyday fantasy was actually happening.
“ I should have known it was me.” he slowly ran fingers along your jaw. “the reason why you are doing so bad at my class.”
He leaned in smirking, his hot breath washing over your ear, his hands squeezed your breasts lightly over your t-shirt as his tongue flicked across the shell of your ear.
“Tell me doll have you ever imagined this before?”
His lips slowly made their way to your neck and he made sure they brush every part of your skin on their way. He started sucking a bruise onto your skin and you let out a moan, finally being able to run your hands through his hair.
“ Because I have.” he mumbled into your skin, surprising you with his words. “ I have imagined you like this so many times, pushed against the wall looking at me with those eyes.” His hands slid down your torso under your skirt and he skimmed his fingers across the silky material of your panties. You moaned, bucking your hips ever so slightly into his hands. “I have noticed you in front of me sometimes biting but I didn’t expect you were thinking like that.” he let out a soft chuckle “Tell me doll have you ever touched yourself with the images of me in your head ?” his fingers played with the edge of the crotch of your panties.
“ Mr Barnes please-“
“ Yes Bucky I have, please touch me.” You begged desperately making him smirk.
His fingers pushed aside the material and skimmed across your clit. You gasped and pushed your hips forward, wanting him to push his fingers deep inside you.
“So wet?” he asked, making a 'tsk' sound with is tongue. You let out a gasp as his thumb began rubbing your clit in a circular motion. And without any warning pushing two fingers into your throbbing core making you moan loudly.
“Now doll I would love to hear you scream but we can’t have anyone find us.”
You nodded gripping his shoulders, wanting to feel his bare skin beneath your palms. You undid the buttons of his shirt with some difficulty and placed your hands on his bare chest.
“Fuck” you mewled, as his the speed of his fingers increased. He grinned, and curved his fingers to hit a spot that sent made you arch into him, your mouth falling open as you cried out. His hand covered your mouth. “Shhhh” he softly whispered.
You moaned as softly as you could as his actions continued to send bursts of pleasure shooting through every nerve in your my body, and you desperately bucked your hips against his, wanting to cum so bad.
“You close doll?” He asked looking deeply into your eyes. “Are you gonna cum on my fingers?” You could only nod knowing you can’t make any sounds at the moment.
“Let go, cum for me.”
“Bucky I- fuck I-“
“Do it.” He said, his fingers moving with incredible speed and your stomach clenched as your hands slid to his back under the shirt, and you held on to him for dear life. “Cum.”
So you did. Bucky’s hand covered your mouth again as you moaned against it, bucking your hips as you came, your toes curling, your eyes rolling back into your head, and his name falling from your lips along with a few profanities. He pulled his fingers out of you and you sighed, your head falling onto his shoulder as you tried to catch your breath. You could feel his erection in his jeans resting against your thigh. He took your chin on two fingers and made you look up at him.
“Satisfied?” He took your chin in his hand.
“Not until you fuck me.” You said as you removed his shirt completely. He smirked letting you reach for the buttons of his pants. You pulled them down along with his boxers, making his erection spring free. He groaned softly at the freedom, and you felt my eyes widen at his size.
“Surprised?” He asked ironically but you didn’t answer.
That’s all he needed to hear to remove your t-shirt and skirt. Then he took your hand and let you to his desk, lifting you up so you were sitting on it. He placed his hands on either side of you and kissed you roughly, his tongue slipped between your lips and tangling with your own. You whimpered slightly and he pulled away.
“You are so beautiful.” He smiled sweetly at you before gently taking off your bra and panties, his hands brushing against your skin, sending chills all over your body.
He took his cock in his hand, pumping it slowly. He hissed and his brow furrowed.He spread your legs apart positioning himself at your entrance, he slowly pushed in, taking his time to fill you in, making sure you adjusted well.
You both hissed as he settled within you and he took one breast in his mouth, he began moving. You gripped the back of his neck as he sucked harshly on your nipple, while massaging the other breast with his large hand. His skin slapped against yours and you cried out softly, chanting and moaning his name as every part of your body came alive with pleasure. Your nerves were on fire and your my mind empty of every rational and coherent thought, Bucky taking over your very being. His thrusts were fast and hard, and he was grunting against your skin as he kissed you, your neck, sucked on your collarbone, your breasts and let his hands all over your body.
“Damn it, you're so tight” he panted, his mouth hanging open. “Fuck, this is better than every time I imagined it.”
So he did touch himself at the thought of you too. The very thought made you gasp andI tightened your grip on him, purring in his ear.
Bucky’s thrusts were becoming irregular and sloppy, and you felt the familiar knot in your stomach yet again. Your moans and movements were becoming more desperate as you wheeled closer and closer to the edge, and you kissed each other roughly to hold your loud screams in. What you were experiencing was hot and raw, full of a passion and hunger that took your breath away, something you’d never experienced in your entire life.
“I'm gonna cum-“ he gasped. “Yes, fuck, yes.”
Bucky’s cock twitched inside you and he cried out slightly louder than he should have, as he shot ropes of white hot cum within you, moaning your name andgrunting and swearing and goddamn, it was everything you’d imagined, except a thousand times better. His face was red, eyebrows furrowed in concentration, sweat beading on his forehead, his hair a mess, lips swollen, eyes rolled back in pleasure and his mouth forming a perfect ‘o', soft pants and your name coming out of his mouth. You knew you weren’t reacting any different, just moaning his name. But he didn’t stop after he came, making sure to send you over the edges too and just a few seconds later you tried your best to not scream too loudly while you came for the second time, this time around his cock.
He pulled out of you and you whimpered at the loss of his cock within you. He dropped to his knees, and gripped you thighs tightly, forcing your legs apart. His tongue furiously attacked your clit, sucking and nibbling ever so lightly on it occasionally, you squealed and wound your fingers in his hair, snuggling his mouth further into your core. Your thighs tried to clamp themselves shut around his face but he forced them apart with his hands, and you came for the third time that afternoon. You panted and cried his name, your hands tightening in his hair as you thrusted my crotch into his mouth, and his tongue continued its work till you were spent.
He pulled away and stood up as you came back down floating from your incredible high, breathing hard. He kissed you, but this time it was softer, gentler, less urgent. He pulled away and you saw his eyes were back to the sparkling blue they really were, and his smile was light but genuine. He stroked your cheek with his thumb once before dropping his hand and walking away to retrieve you clothes. You put them on in silence, and your mind was whirling with what had just gone down. You’d had sex with your teacher, and if someone found out, you could get into endless amounts of trouble. So could he. It was so wrong, but you didn't remember feeling this amazing in a long time. It might be wrong but it felt right.
“ So” he said, breaking the silence. “ I think I should apologize for being such a distraction for you. Not my intention.” He turned to smile at you, one end of his mouth curling upwards. You insides warmed up as the smile lit up his face and your heart melted.
” I think you sort of made up for it.” you mumbled shyly, straightening your hair with your fingers.
“ Hey how do you feel about Saturday going out with me for Coffee.”
“Mr Barnes-“
“Bucky, if we go out people may see us together and we can’t risk that..”
His face fell but he still smiled slightly and you immediately felt bad. “ You are right, I could lose my job and you could lose your education, I’m sorry for asking.”
You felt terrible but smiled back and walked towards the door placing your hand on the door knob.
"Wait Y/N.” he said, and you froze. “Er, if you come over to my house, I could make you lunch or something. And that way, we don't have to worry about people seeing us.”
You smiled, but your heart went into overdrive at his words. The thought of being alone with him, in his house.
"I mean, only if you want to..." he said, and in his voice, you could sense that he was already thinking you’d refuse. So you turned around and smiled at him.
"That sounds okay." You nodded and Bucky smiled.
"Great." He said, grinning. “See you tomorrow, Miss Y/L/N . Don't be late for class or I may have to call you to stay back once more."
“ I’m not sure that’s a bad thing.” You smirked before getting out of the classroom ignoring the butterflies in your stomach…
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daddysplaytoi · a month ago
P. O. V. You’re my teacher and we are on a field trip. We are on the bus and we sat together for the ride up. You slowly move your hand over to my thigh keeping your eyes around to make sure none of the other students catch on. You slide your hand up under my skirt, you silently moan as you feel my panties are already wet. You dip down to my ear and lowly growl while hooking a finger underneath them “give these to me” I bite my lip and slowly start sliding my panties down looking around noticing all the other kids are too busy talking amongst themselves as I pull them all the way down and crumple them up handing them to you, you uncrinkle them and lick where the wet patch is. I widen my eyes telling you to stop before some one sees but you’ve turned your body to block anyone else’s view so you know you’re fine. You start sucking them into your mouth and your roll your eyes back to make it more dramatic. As you take them out of your mouth and smell in my sweet scent before putting them in your pocket. You open my legs sliding your hand back up under my skirt pushing two fingers inside me. You pump them in and out slowly, I bite my lips and look out the window trying to act casual. You speed up your fingers as I bite my lip harder grabbing your wrist trying to get you to stop. You only smirk cocky and move faster my mouth opens as I silently moan squeezing my eyes shut tight you feel my pussy starting to clench around your fingers and you use your thumb on my clit rubbing it slightly as you finger me. I cover my mouth with my hand as I try to control my breathing. You feel me get so close and clench hard before you pull your fingers out of me and stop all together as you edge me for the first time this trip. Sucking your fingers clean, as the bus stops.
We enter the museum splitting up into our groups you made sure you would be my chaperone as we made our way around the museum. We had a tour guide show us all the artifacts and tell us weird facts neither of us were listening to. I made every effort I could to tease you the way you did with me on the bus. I dropped my bag and bent over to pick it up right in front of you not touching you but knowing that you couldn’t look or touch me in front of the whole school. You cock a smile as i flash my eyes over at you sticking my tongue out. We were at one station and I knew you were behind me. So I back up into you knowing my ass would hit your cock before immediately stepping away. You rub a hand through your hair as you start to get frustrated with all the slight touches I would give by grazing my hand over your midsection as I walked by you or even just look at you sexually, and the more I kept going the easier it was. You flash a warning look over to me to stop but I just roll my eyes. The museum put together a short film for us so we all piled inside the dark theater. I sit down in the back of the theater and you sat down beside me. You waited until the film started and then quietly undo your pants you pull your cock out and take my panties wrapping them around your length and slowly start jerking yourself. I look away from the film and notice what your doing I whisper lowly about how it’s stupid and you’re gonna get caught. “Well if I didn’t have a little girl teasing me I wouldn’t have to” you say in my ear. You put your mouth close to my ear and “suck it”. My eyes widen and I shake my head “every will see” I try to explain to you “suck it” you repeat more stern this time and I shake my head again refusing to, you do up your pants and lean over one last time. “You’re gonna regret that” you growl in my ear. Shortly after the film ends and the lights turn back on.
We make our way out of the theater and you text me to meet you in the bathroom. While everyone else goes to eat their lunch. I finally find the family bathroom you’re in and you pull me in shutting the door and locking it. You push me down to my knees “let’s see if you can follow instructions now, suck it” I notice your pants are still undone, I pull them down and your cock flies out. Your cock is fully erect and swollen already leaking, I didn’t think I had teased you that bad but seeing how hard and swollen you are makes me kind of feel bad. I lick you from base to tip and go to wrap my lips around the tip but you grab my head and force me all the way down you. Holding my head as you thrust your hips, leaning back against the wall and you move my head up and down your length. “I swear to fucking god if you ever do anything like this ever again I will fuck you raw i front of all your little school mates you fucking whore you understand me” you scream out as you fuck my face pulling my mouth on and off you. Keeping my head pushed firmly against your pelvis “I’ll show the whole school what a cock loving whore you are, I’ll show them how much of a slut you are for my cock if you even think about teasing my like this again” you continue with your eyes closed tight back pressed against the wall and you feel my throat start to clench around you. “Fuckkkk I’m gonna cum baby” you look down at me as I look up at you making eye contact seeing my teary eyes and reddened face as you watch my throat swallow your cock. “You’re so fucking sexy holy shit, ohhh god baby I can’t hold it anymore” and with that you cum hard down my throat I swallow most of it but some seeping down my chin spilling from my mouth. You pull out of me and stand me back up kissing me hard and passionately. “Mmmm sirrr….” I moan into the kiss as you start to finger me again moving your fingers faster and faster as my breath quickens and our kiss deepens “ohhhh ssssirrrr..,,” you swallow my moan as you listen to the sound of your fingers speeding in and out of my pussy pushing through my juices. You feel me clench around you and my head flings back and my hips thrust forward and I’m so close I’m just about to çüm when you stop and push me off you. I whine and beg “please sirrrr not fair pleaseeee” you suddenly smile cocky again and lower to my ear “I told you you’d regret it” as you walk out of the bathroom and leave me there a sticky hot mess.
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villain-hotline · 4 days ago
Good evening my love <3 hope you're having a great week so far! Just saw your game night!
Size kink with nanami or aizawa <3
I wish you a wonderful night and sweet dreams!
but imagine the guilt consumed nanami who is obsessed with you.
Tumblr media
i want you to stay even though you don't want me; call out my name by the weeknd
tw; teacher x student, manipulation, size kink, dubcon, yandere.
he knows its bad. he knows what he is doing is so wrong on so many levels but he just can't stop. maybe it's the way you smile. or the way you try to help everyone out. or the way you blush when he makes eye contact with you, especially during class. afterall you are a bad habit he just can't quit. and he wants to fall out of love with you.... but he can't. which is why he is currently folding your tiny body in half as you call out his name.
his lips pressed against your soft skin as he pushed into your cute little cunt. your voice trembles as you push against his broad shoulders, but he doesn't ease up on his rough pace. his voice is soft and romantic as he mumbles desperate 'i love yous' over and over. his body completly dwarfing yours. you can't see anything... just his handsome face, with eyes filled with lust.
he wants you to stay, even though you don't want him. he doesn't understand why you don't want him. he has done so much for you. he put you on top, he took care of you. he went above and beyond for you even though you were just his student. .. but he knew that if he had to do it all over again he would. he is obsessed with his sweet little lover. -
Tumblr media
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promsongldr · 21 days ago
does he treat me differently or am I just so into him that anything he does is like my whole world?
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shigarakis-cumdump · 8 months ago
My Favorite Student
Tumblr media
(If you like what you read, consider supporting me on Ao3!)
Summary: He wanted to train your body to love him, just like he loved you. You’ll start liking it at some point. No matter how long it took, he would make you his.
Cw: age gap, yandere themes
Word Count: 2.4k
You had gotten into the hero course a few years ago, training alongside Aizawa. It was tough work, but he’s trained you well. On your off time, the both of you feed the stray cats and critique the other students. When Aizawa learned you were joining the hero course, he was quite happy. He took it upon himself to train you and help catch you up with the rest of the class. You’d go on patrols with him, too. You weren’t too sure, but something always felt off about Aizawa. He was your teacher, so you tried not thinking such rude things, but you couldn’t help it!
He was feeling nice and bought you both coffee, knowing it would be a long night. “Yeah, it’s no problem. If you’re going to be an underground hero like me, you’ll have more night patrols- You get used to it.” Aizawa explained.
Most nights, like this one, were slow. Rarely any villains, just talking and strolling through the city.
"Everyone from 1-A is throwing a party for graduation tomorrow. What are they like..?" you looked down, embarrassed that you had never been to an actual party before.
He hesitates. Right, graduation… is it already that time? “Depends who you hang out with. They’re pretty alright. I’d say hang out with Midoriya and his friends, not Bakugo. But that’s if you want to actually interact and have fun.” He pauses, “As a hero you need to be able to start conversations, keep them going. Especially if the villain you’re fighting enjoys witty banter.” He says with a small laugh.
"Right.. But with villains it's easier; there seems to be something to talk about. With them, you could talk about anything. I'm sure Midoriya would talk enough for the both of us, though." you chuckle.
“He talks enough for the whole class,” Aizawa adds, “but speaking of; are you ready for graduation? We could always hold you back if you’re not feeling ready. Or you could train alongside me a little longer.”
“I’d say I’m ready,” you look at him. “Training some more with you would be nice, of course.” you smile. He nods in response. Aizawa gave you his email a bit ago, telling you to use it whenever you needed some extra training. A bit old-school, but what do you expect from someone 13 years older than you? He even mentioned you could text him if you just wanted to talk, which seemed against the rules, but you didn’t mind.
In reality, Aizawa didn’t want to let his students go- you especially. He was drawn to everything about you. Your body, personality, the whole nine yards. Maybe you weren’t completely wrong in thinking something was off about him.. The rest of the night was spent patrolling with your teacher and talking about cats.
Once you get back to UA, you head your separate ways and say goodnight. You head to your dorm room and get some sleep before the party tomorrow.
The party was going pretty well, with Bakugo only having an outburst a few times, rather than his usual million. It was a good day. You noticed Aizawa sneak off to the kitchen.
“Did you sleep at all, Sensei?” you ask, touching his shoulder. “You look beat.” he tenses up underneath your touch. She’s so close.. He thinks, grabbing his coffee and turning to you. “Chaperoning a party is hard work, especially with a class like yours,” he replies sarcastically. “How’s the socializing going?” He was very thoughtful, although he didn’t look it.
“Well..” you scratch your head, “Denki’s hyper as ever, so I talked to him for a bit, but the others split off into their own groups.. I don’t mind too much, though.”
“I heard a rumor about the two of you~” Aizawa says.
“With Denki and I?! No no no, it’s nothing like that.. He just saw me alone most days and decided to talk to me. He’s not my type anyways,” you reassure him. Well that was a relief for him. Aizawa wondered what your type was, and if he was close to it. It didn’t really matter though, because in the end, he’d have you either way.
“Right, well good to know I won’t have to expel you right before graduation. Sadly, relationships aren’t allowed here.”
“Right, that stupid rule..” you sigh. Not that you had anybody in mind. You were too scared to even talk to your classmates, nevermind be in a relationship with one of them. You overheard the others talking about their favorite pro heroes and butted in.
“Midnight just does it for me, man..” Denki says.
“She's alright, but I think you're forgetting about our wondrous underground hero Erasurehead." you laugh. When Aizawa heard you say that, it made his heart beat fast. He wanted nothing more than for those words to be true and genuine. He wanted you all to himself and he would stop at nothing to make that happen. Those words rang through Aizawa’s head for the rest of the day. Somewhere throughout that time, you headed outside to get away from the noise, and decided to take a nap under a tree.
Hours passed and the party was pretty much over. The kids went back to their respective dorms, or the one who were leaving took their things to move back in with their parents after saying their goodbyes. Aizawa had put his scarf in his dorm and changed into some workout leggings and a short sleeved shirt to help clean everything up. I wonder where Y/N went.. He thinks to himself. You wake up to see the sun setting. How long was I out for? You get up and head inside to say your goodbyes to those who were still hanging around. You see Aizawa cleaning up and offer to help. “No no, that’s alright. It’s your graduation day. But let’s get some training in once I’m done.” You nod and head to your room to get your hero costume on. It looked a lot like his, including a scarf and dark clothing. He was like your idol, as some may say- how could you not want to be just like him?
“Ready kid?”
“Ready as ever.” you ready your scarf and training begins. This was the best part of Aizawa’s day; getting to train one on one with you. He would have it like this constantly, if it was his choice. Everyone else was too hard on you. You’d come back with a scratch or two and he’d worry his head off for the rest of the day. You can’t have him worrying this much, his poor heart can’t take it.
In a second, his scarf wraps around your leg and he has you pinned to the ground. “Someone’s slow tonight..” he whispers in your ear. The hairs on your neck stood up. He was so close.. It was impossible to move, his scarf wrapped tightly around you and your curves. “You look perfect like this..” he creepily mutters.
“Sensei..?” you give him a look of confusion. Did he really just say that out loud? Aizawa clears his throat and says, “For 18, that body of yours is really something,” he gropes your tit and lets his hand travel down your waist.
“Sensei! Anybody could see us!” Cute, that that was your first concern.
“I bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you? For someone to walk in on me doing this to you?” your face turns red. This is wrong. He is your teacher and you could both get expelled. Not like he cared much either way. “Aizawa.. Please stop.!” you struggle against his restraints, but to no avail. You wished you had Shinsou’s quirk at a time like this, so you could force him to get off of you. His other hand brushed your hair behind your ear as he leaned in. “What’s with that look? You’re even shy around me? I know there’s a slut inside of you, Y/N~” he coos in your ear. His hot breath left you shaking underneath him, not too sure from what emotion.
His pestering only stopped when he heard All Might rounding the corner. Aizawa quickly got off of you and pretended to help you get up. “I think that’s enough training for today, we still have a lot of work to do.” he said, ignoring what had just happened.
“R-right.. I’m gunna go head back..” you reply, quickly running off to your dorm. You slam the door and lock it, scared he might come in during the night. Your head was filled with a million thoughts. Did you like that? Or was he just getting to you? Truly, it was getting to his head that you looked up to him as a hero. His sick mind didn’t care what form of adoration you gave him, as long as it was to him and him only. Before you were even in the hero course, he had his eyes on you. And now that time is already over. Just like that. You’d move out and never see him again. He couldn’t (and wouldn’t) let that happen.
The next morning, you were hesitant to leave your room, afraid your teacher might try something. When you finally built up the courage to go to the common room, he was waiting for you, like a dog. “Morning,” you say quietly, keeping your head down as you race to the kitchen.
“Hold it.” he says in his stern voice. You froze, scared of the next words to leave his mouth. “You need somewhere to stay, now that you’ve graduated, no?”
“Oh yeah,” you sigh, relieved. “I’m sure I’ll find a place, though.” “You could always stay at my old apartment. I haven't used it since I moved into the dorms.” he offers. It was a nice gesture, sure, but after last night, you were more hesitant than usual to accept his offer.
“Oh no, that’s alright, I’m sure I can manage.. Thanks though!” you blow it off and make your way into the kitchen.
“Guess we’re doing this the hard way..” Aizawa says to himself. He follows you to the kitchen and presses up behind you. “You know… I really think you should accept the offer.. For a young hero like yourself, someone else may try taking advantage of you..” Like he was doing right now?! You could feel something hard pressing against your ass and it made your face go red.
“Aizawa.. I really don’t think-” you were cut off by his hand coming down on the back of your neck, quickly knocking you out.
You wake up in a messy room, with scarves and cat litter everywhere. The panic  quickly set in once you realized where you were. You screamed after looking down and noticing you were tied to a bed with nothing on. “Someone please help!” you cried. Aizawa strolled in through the door with a pleasant smile on his face.
“This wouldn’t be happening if you had just taken me up on my offer, sweetheart~” he says. Tears fall down your face as you begin apologizing. “I-I’m sorry! Just please, you don’t have to do this, Sensei!!” you beg him to untie you and let you go, but you both knew that wasn’t happening.
“I’ve been watching you for a while, you know.. You’ve always been my favorite student..” he adds. Your eyes go wide. How long has he been planning this? How long had he been watching you? Asking questions at this point was useless. He had you right where he wanted you: underneath him like prey waiting to be devoured. “I’ve been waiting so long for this, you have no idea..” his delusional thoughts get the best of him, and his hands fly down to your tits, just like yesterday. He pinches your nipples and you let out a breathy whine. The more he did that, the better your reactions got- it was music to his ears. Aizawa’s teasing was relentless. He wanted to train your body to love him, just like he loved you. You’ll start liking it at some point. No matter how long it took, he would make you his.
“Such pretty noises for me~ Not so shy anymore, are we?” he moves his hand away so his mouth could latch onto your tit and breastfeed like a newborn. “No milk yet.. Guess I’ll have to breed you for that- really make you mine.” You were sobbing, hoping this was all a bad dream. Your quirk was useless against him, too, which left you even more helpless. It was perfect. Aizawa used a free hand to palm himself under his sweats. His mouth trailed down your body, leaving harsh bite marks. His head was in between your legs and he held them open forcefully. His hot breath on your cunt made you twitch. “Please..”
“Sh shh, sweetheart, I’ll make you feel good, don’t worry..” he reassures. You shake your head and thrash around. His hot tongue presses up against your cunt, as he sloppily laps up your juices. His tongue rapidly flicks against your clit and has you seeing stars. Your whines fill up the room despite your mind screaming at you to stop. Aizawa was moaning into you, the vibrations hitting you like a truck. The consistent stimulation pushes you over the edge, cries and begs leaving your mouth.
“Such a sensitive little girl… tsk tsk.. but I’m not done with you yet.” he sits up and pulls his pants low enough for his dick to spring out. He lines himself up to your hole and slams in without warning. You scream, the pain sending a shock through your body and going up your spine.
“Aizawa it’s too much! I can’t take it!”
“Yes you can.” he accentuates his words with harsh thrusts. The pain was becoming more tolerable, only hurting when he pulled completely out and slammed back in. You weren’t sure if you were begging for him to stop or keep going, only tiny babbles leaving your mouth. Aizawa was panting above you, grabbing your hips to slam you down onto him. His stamina was incredible- you’d give him that. His pace never slowed as he hit your cervix repetitively. “Fuck, I’m gunna breed you full of my kids.. Have a family and be together forever-” he moans in your ear. Suddenly, a thick cream was painting your insides and spilling out. He kept his hard cock inside of you even after his hips stopped moving, making sure you didn’t waste a drop. “You’ll love it here. I’ll make sure you feel right at home, okay darling?” He kissed your cheek and hugged you tightly. The fear set back in again: you were never leaving his sight.
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