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So my class is being as annoying as usual, and sure enough my teacher types this on the board:


This, dear people of tumblr, was my response


“The definition of silence is the thing I have to write down because other people are ruining my time here. The definition of silence is something I’ll have to write five more times because most of this class is full of incompetent fools who won’t shut up. (No offence. Totally.)

Not making a sound 1

Not making a sound 2

Not making a sound 3

Not making a sound 4

Not making a sound 5”

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  • Family: Physically speaking, it applies. We have our traditions and jargon and all that, so those values influenced me to become who I am. Just all the usual, y’know?
  • Friends: They gave me broadening views of life and taught me things through sharing our experiences, ideas, and thoughts. I learned a ton from them, and they are downright amazing! It would not be an exaggeration to say that they changed my outlook in life into a more positive one. They’re the source of my happiness and optimism. I have several people to thank, but (I HOPE) they know who they are.
  • Teachers: There are several teachers throughout my life that I trust as adults. They are my second parental figures if you think about it. They taught me some aspects of life, and they gave me great advice that I think about daily. Ah, they also taught me that adults are similar to kids in many way. If I can have a convo with them, that’s proven.
  • Creators: I’m talking about the people who put out content out to the world. Those contents are doors to a new path, and they piqued my interest in different topics. For example, Thomas Sanders? Psychology. LMM? Musicals. Dodie? Ukulele and songwriting. John and Hank Green? So many school subjects. Even my friends as creators with their fanart give me interest in stuff.

I would say that those are the types of people that I was shaped from. It’s like I am a clay dough, and the people I meet are different artists. The amount of participation varies, but in one way or the other, they make me into who I am. They might not know it, but even a small breath coming from them can change the pottery. It’s weird, but tis cool!

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Things that have happened at my school that I’m still mildly concerned about

  • children,,, scootering down the hallways,,, regularly
  • that one time there was ten dogs at schl at once and they all met at the same time and there was almost a fight
  • the fact we’re allowed to just,, being our dogs to school (i’m not complaining though trust me)
  • our principal teaching us dance moves that included gems such as “big fish, little fish, cardboard box” and “stack the shelves”
  • that time our principal rick-rolled the entire school over the speakers
  • that time our other principal inexplicably rode an electric skateboard around the school
  • my maths teacher dressing up as an egg for halloween
  • the same maths teacher making customised stickers with her face on them,, one of which said “[insert teachers name] thinks you’re da bomb diggity”,, which came to be worth over ten actual dollars
  • one kid walking around the school obviously skipping class eating form a whole half a watermelon with a plastic spork
  • the alpacas being taken for regular walks across the oval
  • the fact we HAVE alpaca, sheep and goats,, we are smack bang in the middle of a very normal residential suburb
  • all of the grads getting drunk off their asses at camp but somehow only three getting caught out
  • a teacher on grad camp telling kids to ask her whatever they want about the other teachers and the first question was “is it true [two specific teachers] had an affair”
  • two teachers getting high behind the gym
  • one of those teachers then proceeding to go insane,, take a shit ton of drugs,, and genuinely take on the persona of the joker??? i think??? no one really knows what happened there
  • a group of year 7s getting high behind the gym whilst there was a sports class happening in there,, the gym filled up with smoke,, and stank of weed,,,,,
  • one of the boys bathrooms being boardered off with big signs saying it’s a “biohazard”,, yes it’s legitimate
  • our head sport teacher betting all the kids that whoever could beat him in cross country would win $50,, the bet had to change to the FIRST person to beat him
  • (yes he did pay up one of my friends won)
  • we have a rotunda that has been specifically modified for the many many quails that call it home
  • we have a graffiti wall,, that’s endorsed by the school,, i have a fair few past ups on that wall
  • the skate boards jump section thing?? where kids have build a shit ton of ramps and stuff and they can just use them at lunch
  • we have a $10,000 laser cutter but half the time we can’t afford substitute teachers
  • half the school is gay,, the other half is bogan
  • grads filling all the sinks,, all of them,, with cereal for muck up day
  • the year after they took all the furniture from one of the common rooms and cling wrapped it together in the middle of the oval
  • my current maths teacher,, who is a very old very traditional indian man agreeing to get drunk with several students at graduation
  • my chemistry and biology teachers taking bets on whether i would cry after my final exam (jokes on them i didn’t

i could go on,, and i might,, later,,,,

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Anyone else have online classes on a shitty platform so you wanna turn your camera on during a call because you understand how hard it is on your teachers and a lot of them are pretty great so you want them to be able to see you, but if you did that, the call would buffer and the quality would drop below zero, so you all silently agree not to because you’re barely keeping up as it is?

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I’m in college now, but my sister still goes to school in District 203, and her school has a huge problem. Despite having taught from home for months now, the school isn’t allowing some teachers to continue working that way. That means that for immunocompromised (and beloved) teachers like Ms. Weston, she may have no choice but to quit her job and find a new position. We’re trying to help save our teachers’ livelihoods in the midst of this pandemic. 


It would really help out if you would sign the petition below and reblog/repost it!! every signature helps. (let me know if the link is broken)  

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A wee bit of #thedandywarhols as I’ve been rewatching #teachers ;) here’s a #ukulelecover of #getoff. #ukulele #guitar #rock #indie #grunge #soul #musician #singer #songwriter #chrismassoncreates #glasgowartist #coverversion #60secondcover #instasinger #singersofinstagram #theukulelecover #ukuleria #ukerepost #youcanukewithus #theopenmicapp #whatsmusicde #ukelife #ukeplayer #blueeyedsoul #punk #rnb

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In Class…

My teachers really need to learn to shut up when they tell me to work like

Teacher- “Ok class now do your assignment…”

Me- *starts to do so*

Teacher- “and keep in mind that this is a very important assignment*continues to talk like what they’re saying is important*”

Me to myself-‘Well guess I’m not doing it then!!!’

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“But you are not to be called ‘Rabbi,’ for you have one Teacher, and you are all brothers. And do not call anyone on earth ‘father,’ for you have one Father, and he is in heaven. Nor are you to be called instructors, for you have one Instructor, the Messiah. 

The greatest among you will be your servant. For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.” 

- Matthew 23:8-12 NIV (2011)

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Sending love to my wonderful teacher friends who not only have to put their health at risk this school year, but they now have to come up with three different lessons plans because some schools are offering virtual class + in-person teaching + blended-learning modules.

Let’s be real, devoting time to lesson planning for in-person teaching and blended-learning modules will most likely be rendered completely useless at the first instance of a Covid-19 outbreak and school shutdown, leaving teachers scrambling to adjust as they did this spring.

And, don’t forget, these teachers also have to spend time learning proper cleaning procedures for the classroom and educating themselves on all the health safety protocols that must be enforced.

Which, if we’re being completely honest and thinking logically, it’s hard enough to enforce regular rules at school. Do you really believe every kid is going to follow every protocol, as well as properly wear their mask and social distance from their friends at all times?

The CDC themselves just published a report on Friday stating that they believe “children may play a more important role in transmitting the disease than previously believed” after an outbreak of more than 250 kids at a Georgia summer camp.

Reopening schools is such a risky gamble for all ages when we still don’t know enough about transmission, we have no idea what the true death rate is, and we’re not sure about the long-term effects of the virus for those who recover.

Why not focus on keeping everyone safe and healthy at home, let teachers solely devote their time to making virtual learning the best and most productive it can be for all students, and invest in solutions for the issues that virtual learning presents?

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Schools should not be pushed to fully reopen against the advice of medical experts, especially considering the fact that many states have been surpassing Covid-19 records every day, as of late.

Putting children in high exposure situations at school will just further spread the virus between students and beyond the classroom to their parents, siblings, relatives, and/or caregivers.

And don’t forget our teachers, too, who are already grossly overworked and underpaid. They will have to endanger their health.

I know there are many challenges to virtual schooling. Some kids need in-person teacher attention. Some rely on schools for breakfast and lunch. Some can’t afford the proper supplies and set-up to do work from home or their parents have to work and can’t afford childcare.

However, we have to find better solutions out there to tackle all these nuances and issues presented by the pandemic and virtual learning…without endangering the lives of a large swath of our population.

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You horde food. You carry maps. You leave your shoes on all the time, even in the bath.

You have not slept for weeks. No one else had slept for weeks.

Everyone is fashionably late. No one is fashionable. Someone is wearing a hairshirt.

Everyone has a coffee cup. The coffee cups do not have coffee in them.

You are separated into groups with names in dead languages. You drink from a communal barrel. 

Someone has Jell-O. The Jell-O does not have Jell-O in it. 

People go without clothing as a result of archaic rituals. 

After a week of icebreakers, everyone knows your name, your major, and a fun fact about you.

After a week of icebreakers, everyone knows too much.

You bought your textbook used. You ignore the writing in the margins.

Poetry 101 is in Latin.

Everything is in Comic Sans.

In the library, a stranger asks you to guard their stuff from other strangers.

Someone is sitting in your unassigned seat.

Someone is screaming in the hallway. “What are they celebrating?” you ask your roommate, even though you both know that no one is celebrating.

Netflix asks, “Are you still watching?” Yes. The answer is always yes. You are afraid to say no.

You look at the clock. It is five minutes before you last looked at it.

It is always five minutes before you last looked at the clock.

The college radio station plays numbers read on a loop. You ask someone why, and they tell you that there is no college radio station. Radio is obsolete. 

The bulletin board is always full of flyers. One day, there are only two fliers. The cafeteria has been closed by the health department until further notice, one says. Missing, the other says. The next day, there are no fliers. Paper is obsolete. 

Due to budget cuts, every professor must teach two classes at once. The football stadium grows larger.

Someone is in the football stadium. They are too tall to be human. It’s a basketball player. What’s it doing in the football stadium?

The girl who sits in front of you in Gen Ecology is watching Parks and Rec. She finishes the first two seasons. You are still in Gen Ecology. She finishes all seven seasons. You are still in Gen Ecology.

You have a doppelganger on campus. You have never seen them, but they attend your classes on the days you skip. You don’t say anything. Participation is 20% of your grade.

Nobody has seen Chad for five days. Another Chad takes his place.

You professor assigns a five thousand word essay. You don’t even know five thousand words.

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