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Fun Fact

The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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Dice Used:
d20- Chessex Smoke Borealis
d12- Chessex Lustrous Shadow
d100- WizDice Stardust
d10- Bescon Veil Mist
d8- Chessex Frosted Smoke Gray
d6- Chessex Phantom Black
d4- HDDice Grey Gradients

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[ID: Avon shaped tea cup (wide and flat) which is white with pale flowers and leaves, and a saucer with is a dark blue/purple with pale flowers and leaves. End ID]

Been feeling low lately so I brought myself this teacup, its so pretty!!! (I got lucky as it was the last one) Its a Wedgwood, Wonderlust Midnight Crane china teacup and saucer, I’m going to feel so fancy drinking tea with this 😊 I can’t wait 💕

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We’ve (yes “we”, theres’s two of us behind the scenes now! 🤠) been working on some behind the scenes/technicality aspects of pennybun recently, but we’re happy to say we should be on track to have a drop date for our first items soon.


In the meantime, my kiddo and I picked some flowers from the yard and had a lil’ tea party today. He’s now requested we do so “every Sunday and make the front patio more beautiful for tea parties”. Say no more fam. 😭💖

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