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So my 2020 Christmas Challenge sneak peak is done…

I won’t give anything away but if you want a general idea of what’s gonna happen @thadelightfulone is the only one who’s read it pre-edit besides me.

I will remind you

EYE never said Christmas In July

This will be the only 2020 Christmas Challenge post before December.

And if you’re looking for someone(s) to blame @shaekingshitup and @glittermakesmesmile are just as responsible for this as me.

Other than that…enjoy 😊

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Just A Heads Up…

I will be going on a semi-hiatus. Meaning I’ll still update my fics until they’re done but I won’t be around my blog interacting with you guys and I won’t be starting any new fics.

This is temporary. I honestly wish there was a way for me to keep things going the way they are. But I need to put fanfiction on the back burner until I find equilibrium.

I’ll still be interacting with people who comment on my Ao3 & mutuals who know my other accounts.

Thank ya’ll for the support & I promise not to be a stranger!

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This is for the Quarantine Writing Challenge prompted by @chaneajoyyy​ & @shaekingshitup . I’ve been trying to get  this out of my drafts forever! Now I can check it off my list.

Thanks for the inspiration!


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I’m back! It’s my favorite time of the year with my favorite couple! For those of you who don’t know last year I had a special fic called A Catfish Christmas featuring my OC Fallon King and the late king of Wakanda Erik Killmonger. In that universe they found their happily ever after so I wanted to write them falling in love all over again!

Once again I’m challenging myself to post a chapter of this fic every day until Christmas on the 25. And maybe I’ll do a bonus chapter who knows! Either way you are welcome to join me in this challenge. If you do please tag me because I’d love to read your fics!

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I have this OC named Willow but her whole family calls her Will because when she was eight she decided she didn’t want to be called Willow.

She’s the daughter of the Alpha of a modestly sized but well respected pack. Her mother was what we’d think of as a church lady, always thinking of appearances and expecting ladies to behave and look a certain way because that’s how she was raised.

But when it comes to Will Jacqueline Park knows her daughter wants a more masculine look so she bends her rules as long as her daughter is the classiest looking person you’d ever meet.

Because ultimately the root of her “girls should dress a certain way” is based in “women, people, should alwaysstrive to look their best and behave in a polite well mannered way because that’s what success and happiness looked like”.

Jacqueline had had a more traditional pack upbringing but upon marrying Jason she changed a lot of the rigid rules she’d thrived and been raised under.

Jason Park, Will’s father, had come from a small, violent wolf shifter family that were never especially respected but everyone in town knew them. When he came into his maturity he left his old pack behind, risking going feral, until he bought some land abd started helping out those who needed it.

So Will grew up always knowing she was loved despite being a stubborn defiant little sister to Sage Park. Sage is almost a carbon copy of her mother, just warmer and sweeter. And Will loves nothing more than to tease and get her goat so she’ll relax and play with her and all the other pack kids.

Will doesn’t really understand why her mother and sister live by all these rules on etiquette. She sometimes thinks it’s a holdover from those shifters who thought they should give up their “animal traits” to assimilate with other Supernaturals.

Will thought that there was nothing shameful about the wolf in her heart. At night, she dreamed of running through the forest in her wolf form. She takes full moons seriously because it’s the one time a month the whole pack is together and they spend hours in the thick of the woods on her father’s land playing and hunting and sometimes even mating.

It’s the ultimate pack bonding experience and it nights like those are some of Will’s fondest memories of pack.

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