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byakuyas · a day ago
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Do you think Sasuke really loved Sakura?
It's really hard for me to believe that to be honest.
So... I really don't understand why people go on and on with asks like -
"Do you think Sasuke really loves Sakura?"
"When do you think Sasuke fell in love with Sakura(if he ever did that is - which I don't think he really did)?"
"Do you think Sasuke had feelings for Sakura during the 700+10 chapters of Manga? "
"Why did Sasuke marry Sakura when he never really loved her?"
- When the man who had OFFICIALLY played as Sasuke's Voice Actor for 15 FUCKING YEARS (and still continuing to do so), in the OFFICIAL ANIME, had already answered this question, like YEARS AGO?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Davinci Magazine Interview
You don't have to believe us fans.
But tell me, do you find it "hard to believe", Sasuke's official Voice Actor, and Masashi Kishimoto too?
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minchao-mochi · 2 days ago
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Finally someone's waiting for him......😘❣️
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sizzlingbirdkingdom · 21 hours ago
Sakura: Hey Sasuke, I've been meaning to ask you something.
Sasuke: Hmm?
Sakura: How did you know I was a medical ninja? You know, back then.
Suigetsu: Oh, I know the answer-
Sasuke: Naruto told-
Naruto: I didn't tell you anything!
Sasuke: Orochimaru-
Orochimaru: Not me.
Sasuke: Would it kill any of you to lie for me?
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harunomoon · 2 days ago
team 7
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ikuzedobe · 11 hours ago
Team 7 ~Kizuna~
Tumblr media
Sasuke Uchiha & Naruto Uzumaki
Tumblr media
Sakura Haruno & Kakashi Hatake
New official artworks from Naruto Shinobi Collection game
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uchiha-blossom · 6 hours ago
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sakura haruno new borutage cards
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the-beginners-journal · 2 days ago
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Team 7 at its best.
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thehighpriestess1 · a day ago
Naruto characters as college students:
Tumblr media
Naruto :
Forgets he has a class to attend and falls asleep in his dorm room. Wakes up only when sakura calls him 30 times.
Always hungry
Always snacking
His room smells of cup ramen.
Got admission on sports scholarship
For some reason teachers love him even though he submits his assignments late and is hardly on time for class.
Run in hallways for no reason.
Dorm mates with Sasuke and begs him to teach him one night before exams, falls asleep one hour into studying but passes miraculously.
Sasuke :
Top of the class
College heartthrob
scoffs at everyone
Only wears black and dark blue
Not a part of any club or society. Joins a book club to befriend a pink-haired girl. Insults her instead of asking her out for coffee.
All his cousins live in the same frat house.
Prefers to hangout with his brother instead of making new friends.
Sakura :
Smartest girl in entire college
Thinks she is better than everyone.
Will only sit next to Sasuke.
If you ask her for help she will say “You should pay attention in class” and walk away.
Only drinks Starbucks pink drink.
Tells she hates Naruto but considers him a friend.
Only agrees to group study to sit next to Sasuke. Started book club because she saw Sasuke at a bookstore.
Tried asking Sasuke out after book club but got rejected. Lol.
Secretly takes photos of sasuke. Has an album full of it.
Shikamaru :
Attends every class but sleeps all the time.
The kind of student that doesn’t study whole semester but ends up getting good grades in the end.
Has four friends.
High most of the time.
Man bun! Man bun! Man bun! Man bun!
Somehow ends up being president of chess club
Hangs out with Naruot and tolerates Sasuke
Choji :
Naruto’s snack supplier
Always snacking in class.
Left class to go snack in his room
Helpful when he can help
Sits next to Shikamaru
Neji :
Thinks he is the smartest one
Family issues
Man bun! Man bun! Man bun! Man bun!
President of martial arts club
Doesn’t talk to anyone except Tenten and lee. Hates Lee but would secretly die for him
Tenten :
No one notices if she is in class or not except neji and lee
Only Gai snesei knows her name
Is into anime and cosplay
Lee :
Reminds the professor of assignments.
President of track club and Judo club
Always In gym
Wants to be like Gai sensei
Drinks protein shake in class
Has a crush on Sakura and offered her protein shake. That was the last time she spoke to him
Thinks Sasuke is overrated.
Ino :
Best friends with sakura
President of art club
Mean girl vibes with soft girl personality
Sai :
Involves professors in meaningless discussions to pass time.
Sits with Sai.
president of art club
Thinks Sakura is overrated
Thinks Ino is the most beautiful girl ever.
Thinks Sasuke is overrated
Friends with Naruto
Has a book “How to make friends and influence people” in his bag.
Hinata :
Shy girl who sits in first row
Has a crush on Naruto but would never confess
Neji's cousin but doesn't talk to him
Draws in her book most of the time
Soft vibes
Has a glow up in second year
Pretty but doesn't know it
Smart but doesn't show it
Shares lunch with friends
Kiba :
Snuck his dog into class and got suspended for it
Smells like weed but doesn't smoke
Works at animal shelter
Always covered in dog hair
Used to bite people in school
Friends with everyone
Eats lunch with hinata cause his dog at his lunch
His dog at his homework. It really happened!
Snuck his dog again.
Professor made a fake class pass for his dog. Akamaru is a student now.
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daughter-of-sea-and-wisdom · 18 hours ago
I love the idea of parents!team 7 just watching their kids admire and respect Kakashi and they're like
Tumblr media
"Kakashi? Kakashi Hatake? Our old sensei? The man who reads porn in public and can't be on time to save his soul? That Kakashi?"
Well team 7 can't have that. They start to roast on Kakashi . . . who is two feet away.
They don't give a fuck if Kakashi was the beloved sixth hokage, to them he's the same chronically late perverted sensei he's always been. And they'll be damned if they don't make sure that man stays humble.
Kakashi wouldn't have it any other way. He loves his little students.
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reineydraws · a month ago
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i actually spelled "worcestershire" wrong the first time i uploaded the panel bc i had no idea how to sound it out lol rip
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cubur · 2 months ago
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Sorry not sorry~! @snstober21 - Day27
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danzohater · 29 days ago
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sakurananii · a month ago
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Team 7
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sizzlingbirdkingdom · 21 hours ago
Naruto: So how was it?
Sasuke: Was what?
Naruto: Well, it was your first time right?
Sasuke: *my what?!*
Naruto: Sooo how was it?
Sasuke: None of your business.
Naruto: Eh? But we're a team!
Sasuke: Exactly.
Naruto: Don't tell me... you lost didn't you?
Sasuke: Lost?
Naruto: Yeah, Sakura-chan won the fight didn't she?
Sasuke: Fight? What are you... wait are you talking about the spar we had?
Naruto: Well yeah, what else would I be talking about?
Naruto: I mean it's the first time you two have actually fought so- uh why are you looking at me like that?
Sasuke: You have five seconds to run before I kill you!
Naruto: What did I do?! 😨
*cue Chidori and distant screaming*
Sai: So this is friendship. 😊
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uzukage-naruto · 2 months ago
a naruto shippuden summary:
Tumblr media
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uchitachi · 4 months ago
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naruto + ao3 tags (1/?)
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bilboswwaggins · 17 days ago
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Realized every team in Naruto consists of serious dude, a goofy dude + a girl.
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monosrojo · 6 months ago
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Happy birthday you deserve everything
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ponury-grajek · 2 months ago
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good luck, naruto
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