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I just realised there is an organic reason for Oscar and Whitley to interact: Whitley called for Klein to tend to Nora while she was unconscious, and Oscar evidently cares a lot for Nora (as well as Jaune and Ren), so when he finds out that Whitley, basically a stranger to him and most of the protagonists, was the main reason Nora got medical attention before it was too late he would be super grateful to Whitley. Could be pretty sweet actually…

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JOR really got back to the mansion and probably expected to be tackled as soon as they walked through that door. Especially Ren. Instead, they didn’t even see, let alone hear, her.

And RWB didn’t even have the chance to explain anything before James’ broadcast came through. The three of them are probably thinking the absolute worst right now. And you could see it on Jaune’s face as soon as he noticed she wasn’t there.

Next week is gonna h u r t y’all.

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What if all the times oscars disappeared gives everyone separation anxiety like jaune starts walking behind him so he doesn’t loose him Nora holds his hand in a crowd’s and ren always keeps him in sight when there out and they all double check he’s where he’s supposed to be before going to sleep at night

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RWBY- Oscar’s Proposal

The hall of Beacon was decorated beautifully, just like it was on the night of the dance. Team RWBY, Nora and Penny were starstruck.

Ruby: Wow!!!!

Weiss: I know. Just like old times.

Blake: I still remember mine and Sun’s dance like it was yesterday. *sighs dreamily*

Yang: Speaking of which, where are the guys anyway? They said they’d be here an hour ago.

Nora: *shrugs* Penny, have you heard anything?

Penny: *shakes head* Sage didn’t tell me anything at all before we left.

Blake: Hmmm… I smell trouble.

[Behind the curtains]

Jaune: Okay, everyone in position?

Neptune: Almost. *adjusting his tie* Okay, perfect!

Jaune: Perfect! Oscar are you…. Oscar?

Oscar: Guys…. *blushing deep red* I thought we agreed to keep this simple!!!

Sun: Come on, simple’s boring. You said you wanted this night to be memorable and that’s what we’re here for.

Oscar: But…

Sage: Sun’s right. If you wanna make this proposal work, you go big or you go home.

Ren: Plus, we’re already here, we’ve hired the musicians *points to Scarlet, Nolan, Yatsuhashi, Coco and Velvet*, it’s too late to back out now.

Oscar: Well… I guess.

Neptune: Oscar, what’s the worst that could happen?

Oscar: She could say ‘no.’

Jaune: Say n- *facepalms* Dude, you’ve been in a relationship with her for 3 years!!!

Oscar: *laughs nervously*

Jaune: Anyway, how are we for songs?

Scarlet: Well there’s a lot to choose from. You have Everybody, All I have to Give, I Want It That Way. Whatever you want, we have it.

Suddenly, an idea sparked into Oscar’s head.

Oscar: *smiles* Guys, I think know what we should sing.

Neptune: Oh? What is it?

Oscar: *whispers*

Neptune: *eyes light up* Oh that is a sweet choice! Alright, let’s get moving everybody!! *claps*

[Back at the ballroom]

Tai: Still as lovely as I remember.

Ruby: Dad? What are you doing here?

Tai: Oscar texted me here.

Yang: He did? Have you seen him at all?

Tai: Sorry I haven’t.

Yang: *groans*

Ruby: *rubs her shoulder* Don’t worry, I’m sure he’s fine.

Just then the curtains opened, revealing Sun, Neptune, Sage, Ren, Jaune and Oscar all dressed up in suits. The girls couldn’t help but blush. Fancy suits were their weakness. The band started play. Yang’s eyes widened when she heard the tune.

Nora: Yang? What is it?

Yang: *smiles* This was the song on our first date.

Ren: Although loneliness has always been a friend of mine, I’m leaving my life in your hands. People say I’m crazy and that I am blind. Risking it all in a glance.

Jaune: And how you got me blind is still a mystery. I can’t get you out of my head.

Sun: Don’t care what is written in your history, ss long as you’re here with me.

JSSNOR: I don’t care who you are. Where you’re from. What you did. As long as you love me. Who you are. Where you’re from. Don’t care what you did. As long as you love me.

Ruby: *giggling* They’re such dorks!

Weiss: *smiles* But they’re our dorks.

Blake: *smiles* You got that right.

Penny: *claps along*

Neptune: Every little thing that you have said and done feels like it’s deep within me.

Sage: Doesn’t really matter if you’re on the run. It seems like we’re meant to be.

JSSNOR: I don’t care who you are. Where you’re from. What you did. As long as you love me. Who you are. Where you’re from. Don’t care what you did. As long as you love me. As long as you love me.

That moment, Oscar mustered all the courage he had and walked off stage, taking everyone by surprise. A small blush appeared on Yang’s face as he took her hand.

JSSNR: As long as you love me.

Oscar: I’ve tried to hide it so that no one knows. But I guess it shows when you look into my eyes. What you did and where you’re coming from.

JSSNR: I don’t care, as long as you love me, baby.

Just then, the music stopped and everyon gave a short applause.

Yang: *chuckles* So this is what you were planning all this time?

Oscar: Well… not exactly. I wanted something a little less extravagant but I got talked into it by the guys. However, it did buy me enough time to prepare for this. *kneels down*

Yang: *eyes wide* Wait, Oscar?

Oscar: Yang, you are the best thing that ever happened to me. You’ve been there for me when I needed you most. You’re my strength, my rock, my partner and now, *takes out box* I want you to be my wife. Yang Xiao Long, will you marry me?

Everyone gasped disbelief. Ruby smiled widely, Weiss covered her mouth, Blake and Tai were fighting the urge to cry and Nora and Penny were fighting the urge to jump for joy. Small tears formed from Yang’s eyes as she saw the ring. It was topaz, her favourite jewel. She looked at the man she loved once again, gazing into his hazel eyes.

Yang: Come here you!!

She grabbed Oscar by the face and passionately kissed him. Oscar returned in kind, lifting her up from the floor and spinning her around. The entire room erupted in applause, though they weren’t as loud as Jaune, Ren, Sun, Sage and Neptune.

Oscar: *breaks the kiss* So I take it that’s a yes?

Yang: *giggles* Absolutely! *kisses him*

Ruby: I GET A NEW BROTHER!!!! *hugs Oscar*

Oscar: WAH!!! *falls to the floor*

Yang: *laughs*

Oscar: *looks at Yang* Best decision I ever made.

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Hm… I dunno about favorites, cause they all love each other and he’s gotten some nice moments with most of them here and there! So instead, how bout some reasons why he loves each of ‘em in no particular order? :)

Blake - Fellow bookworm, major sibling energy (more accurate sibling dialogue than the actual siblings in the show), sassy interactions and great to just vibe with. They’ve got that thing where they can just be near each other and it’s comfy. They sit near each other in a lot of scenes, which was nice to see back when no one was really talking to him in v6. Blake just interacted with him like normal, which was nice and grounding when he felt most lost. While the others are off being chaotic or intense, they can just chill and talk about their favorite stories! Oscar used to dream about living through these books, but now he’s realizing he actually has, and that many of these books should not be classed as “fiction.” Blake asks him to autograph her copy of The Man with Two Souls.

Weiss - She’s the teammate he’s interacted with the least onscreen (which I think is a shame since he’s close in age to her brother and yet so different from him), but Oscar likes and admires all the Schneeblings (he remembers Winter fondly). Weiss went to the movies with him in v7! If only to get away from the bees XD She’s the one who tells the waiter when Oscar’s order is wrong. “It’s okay, you really don’t have to–” “Oscar you’re allergic to peanuts you could die.” “I mean, can I really though?” “No. I forbid it.” “So did god.”

Yang - She’s such a bro with him! Yang was the FIRST (and I think only??) character to ask how Oscar feels/what Oscar thinks about something. Ever. (Only took until Volume 7 for someone to ask that; maybe one day it’ll be asked to him and not just about him). Leaning on his shoulder was real cute :) Yang and Oscar were the only two to voice discomfort with lying to Ironwood, Winter, Penny, and the Ace Ops, both gently asking Ruby about her decision, disagreeing, but following her lead. Yang ruffled his hair in Monstra, that was such a sweet moment. She’s also the first member of her family to stop herself from punching him! (Okay with Ruby it was sparring but still) XD

Ruby - He looked up to her from the start, and now they treat one another like true equals. Ruby has always treated Oscar as his own person, even when he himself doubted it. She was the one to reach out and open up to him when he was more scared than he’d ever been, and that clearly meant a lot. During V6 he began to offer her comfort and support in return. V7 let them have discussions about what’s right, and come together to make decisions they could both agree on. They have a very healthy relationship to one another, where they’re allowed to disagree and talk and work together, remaining supportive and trusting through it all.

Jaune - They’ve both been the underdog, and are both still growing and finding their feet. Neither had their semblance when they met, and both feel like they have to work harder and train more than anyone else just to keep up. They practice together sometimes. “How’d you get to be such a good teacher?” “I had a friend help me like this when I was just starting out. Now it’s my turn.” They went to the movies in v7 and the huge smile and big hug in Monstra truly showed how much they’ve bonded and the effort Jaune’s put in to make sure he can be comfortable around him again. He’s given him compliments, called him brilliant, and has become a solid teammate and friend. Oscar lived alone with his Aunt. Jaune was always the baby brother. Now he has someone looking up to him. They are brothers, your honor.

Ren: Ren defended risking his life in the hopes of saving Oscar, truly viewing him as not only a part of the team, but as a friend. He was always soft with him, (even if he lost his temper when Oscar lost the lamp). After riding the hoverbike with Yang, Oscar switched to ride with Ren because no way was he going through that again. Ren is a much safer driver, especially with Oscar on board. He’s been more of a supportive figure from afar, a background comfort to him. Ren accepted him right from the start, patiently teaching him about aura and semblances, and encouraging him that it’s something he can work towards.

Nora: She’s always been so affectionate with Oscar, almost motherly (but like, the world’s most chaotic-yet-loving mother whose son is more responsible than her). She stopped calling him “little cute boy Ozpin” or “cute boy Oz” as soon as it became clear he values being his own person, and has only referred to him as Oscar since. She regularly greets him with tackle hugs, but when he returned after being shot, she gave him a soft, gentle embrace, just happy to see him safe. Nora and Oscar were also the most vocal about helping Mantle, and both confronted Ironwood about the morality and consequences of his choices. Both wanted to warn the people of the kingdom about the incoming attack, actively opposed his implementation of martial law, and explained why it will only cause more division to treat some people as not worth saving. Listen, they’re both commies and you cannot change my mind.

RWBYALPN has accepted Oscar as one of them, an irreplaceable part of the team, making sure he knows they want him around for who he is. <3

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Nora: Guys if you post your password in the groupchat it will block it out.

Ren: ***********

Oscar: ***************

Jaune: Wow, cool.

Pyrrha: ilovejaunearc


Pyrrha: Oh no.

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Ren: For the last time, ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ are different! ‘your’ is possessive, and ‘you’re’ is a contraction of ‘you are’

Jaune: My fire.

Nora: The one desire.

Oscar: Believe when I say.

All three of them: I WANT IT THAT WAY.

Ren: Pyrrha! They’re doing it again!

Pyrrha, ready to sing:

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Nora: How do you want your coffee?

Oscar: I want my coffee as dark and bitter as my soul.

Nora: So, a glass of milk then.

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JanuRWBY day 18: Teams/ found families

I absolutely love these guys they are definitely my favourite!!!!!

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Clover: My team only eats organic food.

Jaune: That’s nice.

Jaune: My team eats candy off the floor.

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Qrow: I think I should adopt another kid.

Qrow: No, wait, I already have nine of them.

Yang, Jaune, Oscar and Ren: *come back with Emerald*

Qrow: Ten.

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Photo Dump (one of potentially many in future)

I will also be using this post as a request for suggestions for future Lego RWBY content. (Please use my Ask box [which I will rename soon] that way I can keep track dhkdsk-)

Suggestions will be “officially” open until 12/31/20 at midnight, but I will happily accept any later. :)

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I love this Grimm Oscar idea so much but I’m waiting for people to start making reunions where Oscar has become a Grimm and the team has come to rescue him and there Oscar is lying on the floor covered in Grimm gunk and his own blood someone probably Nora or ruby runs over to him and shake him or try to pick him up and he bites them and not a little bite I want it to be one kinda like what happened with the hound I want him to latch on and shake his head so it’s a parrallel to the hound attack at first there all so suprised they do nothing like why would oscar bite any of us and then they see parts off his skin have gone completely white his eyes are strange red and he’s not speaking Oscars crying and then the fight really starts

Just an idea I had ive loved the Grimm Oscar idea for ages and then had the idea that it would be good for angst

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I am so, so, so scared right now…

No granted, the team was able to rally from the previous episodes in very short order, so no missing farmboy angst which is fair, there’s only so much time to allocate in a single season. I love seeing Ruby take the initiative and a firm stance on getting to Amity Arena, and I look forward to seeing her new temporary team fight their way into Atlas.

Yang’s more pragmatic approach was handled well and to see the boys of Team ALPN, a d it’s great to see Jaune being the mediating and even wise presence within his team.

And that Nora and Oscar hug… 💖💚

 God I love Team ALPN/JNOR/JNPOR….

But I have so many damn questions starting with what the hell is going to happen with now that Penny isn’t just a target for Cinder, but possibly Watts as well. Neo has a major grudge against Cinder but she isn’t going to be chummy with the heroes either. Salem being a devilish dark lady is always a treat, even if my legs are quivering in fear…

This is gonna be a dark, dark volume, the like of whcih we haven’t seen since Vol 3, and I’m not convinced that all of them (RWBY and ALPN)will make it out in the end…

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RWBY Boys- Can’t Help Falling in Love

Team RWBYALPN and Penny gathered together as they sat around the warm fire. Camping in Forever Fall Forest was the best idea they had. Jaune and Oscar looked Ruby and Penny, the former teaching the latter how a thumb war worked.

Jaune: Hey Oscar?

Oscar: Yeah?

Jaune: *smiling* I’m thinking you and I confess to Ruby and Penny tonight.

Oscar: *eyes wide* T-Tonight!!!!!!

Jaune: Shh!!!! *whispering* Keep your voice down!

Oscar: *whispering* Sorry. But really, why tonight?

Jaune: *whispering* Why not? We have everything here; warm campfire on a beautiful night where we can see the stars? It’s perfect. I even brought my guitar!

Oscar: *sighs* Okay, what’s the plan?

Jaune: *smiles*

[10 minutes later]

Nora: Oooooh!!!! The Arc Guitar returns! What are you playing tonight, Fearless Leader?

Jaune: *chuckles* You’ll find out soon enough, Nora. Everyone gather around, this song is dedicated to Ruby and Penny!

Everyone: Awww!!!

Ruby: *blushes* Jaune, stop it! *giggles*

Penny: And we love you two, guys! *beams*

Jaune: *turns to Oscar* You hear that? They love us! *leans in and whispers* Even more when they hear us play.

Oscar: *heavy breathing* Brothers give me strength.

With a little bit of strumming to warm up, Jaune finally started playing. Even though they heard him sing numerous times, it was always a surprise to hear such a beautiful voice.

Jaune. Wise men say only fools rush in.

But I can’t help falling in love with you. *winks at Ruby*

Ruby: *sighs dreamily*

The biggest shock, however, came when Oscar sang. It sounded like a choir of angels.

Oscar: Shall I stay? Would it be a sin

If I can’t help falling in love with you?

Penny: *gasps* Oh my!

Jaune/Oscar: Like a river flows

Surely to the sea

Darling, so it goes

Some things are meant to be

Take my hand

Take my whole life too

For we can’t help falling in love with you

For I can’t help… falling in love… with… you.

Jaune and Oscar’s faces lit up when they were met by the roaring sound of applause, though none cheered more loudly than their girlfriends.

Ruby: *runs over to Jaune* Oh my god!!! That was beautiful!!!

Jaune: *holds Ruby close to him* I’m glad. Because there’s no one else I’d rather be with than you.

Ruby: *tearing up* God, you’re such a dork! *giggles*

Jaune: *giggles* I love you, my beautiful rose.

Ruby: *cups his cheeks* I love you too, my darling knight.

Their faces moved closer together, capturing each other’s lips in a warm, tender, passionate kiss. Everyone watched happily at the sight, especially Blake, who squealed like a fangirl at a rock concert.

Oscar: *chuckles nervously* Yeah, this was all Jaune’s idea. To be honest, singing’s not really my thing.

Penny. But why not? You have the voice of an angel.

Oscar: *blushes* I-I do?

Penny: Of course! Oscar, you have a wonderful gift!

Oscar: W-Wow! You know, Penny, you’re the first one to ever say that to me.

Penny: I’m saying it because it’s true. *grabs his hands* It also made me realise that I love you.

Oscar: Y-You do?

Penny: *frantically nods* Absolutely!

Oscar: *chuckles* Guess like this idea wasn’t as bad as I thought. Penny, I love you too. So much.

Penny: C-Can we please kiss now? *smiles widely*

Oscar: *smiles back* Nothing would make me happier.

Pulling her close to him, Oscar and Penny lost each other in a deep kiss. This day would be remembered as the best camping trip ever.

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My fav little lad!

Okay so I adore the idea Oscar is Ozpin’s actual son like on @rwby-actor-au ’s blog, so I’m taking that as my headcanon too.

He originally auditioned for Jaune, but he just felt too young. (And tiny)

In the original script, Oscar was going to be a fellow classmate at Beacon, just a fun little Easter egg so when he becomes Oz he’d already be familiar. But then he was cast as a certain metallic little brother with a fondness for cats, and it was decided to push his introduction to season four.

He likes doing as many of his own stunts as possible, much to the chagrin of Ozpin and Salem.

Also, Oscar has the biggest crush on Ruby and it definitely shows in his performance. ^.^

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Oh that’s an interesting view on Oscar which I can totally see. Hunting rabbits, bird and game for home cook meals. It totally comes in handy when the group is stranded without any food and Oscar just comes out of the bushes with a rabbit and duck for all of them to share.

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RWBY: The Song of House Valkyrie

It was time. Everyone was packed for the perilous journey to Atlas. On their walk to the station, Nora noticed the glum look on everyone’s faces.

Nora: Hey guys? I know that this is a matter of upmost importance and all, but there’s no need to be so gloomy.

Ozcar: Sorry, Miss Valkyrie but we are pressed for time right now. We need to get the Relic to Atlas without any delays.

Nora: I know, I know. I just thought maybe I could help lighten the mood a little.

Weiss: What did you have in mind?

Nora: *smirks* Well… my voice isn’t as angelic as yours, Weiss, but I’m pretty good at singing.

Ren: She is. Can confirm.

Ruby: Ooooh! What song are you gonna sing?

Nora: An ancient song that was passed down by my ancestors for centuries; Sovngarde!

Jaune: *snickers* It’s a song inspired by Skyrim.

Nora: *deadpans* Damn it, Jaune! You couldn’t play along just this once.

Jaune: *laughs* Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Yang: It would definitely make this trip less of a slog. Count me in.

Blake: It couldn’t hurt to listen.

Ozcar: Well alright then. Miss Valkyrie, take it away.

Nora: Gladly!

As they continued walking, Nora closed her eyes and began to sing. What followed was one of the most beautiful sounds they had ever heard.

Nora: From the mists of the mountains a deafening call bellows down over the plains on a host of battle-worn ears it does fall, pushing out through the thunder and rain.

These men of the north they have suffered too long. The anger it swells in their veins of the spirited roars of lost warriors’ songs. Distant echoes are all that remain.

Weiss: *eyes wide*

Ruby: *mouth gaping*

Nora: And my voice is my violence! Clear the sky’s frozen tears! And no more we’ll be silent with this Sovngarde song in our ears!

And we stand tall, sons of the snow. We will not fall under these blows. For our hearts they are hardy, our spirits are strong and our voices are lifted into this Sovngarde song.

Blake: *almost dropping her bag* Oh my-!

Yang: *low whistle* Daaaaaamn!

Suddenly, Nora started clapping her hands, making the beat go faster. A wicked smile crossed her lips and she continued her song.

Nora: Conquer the anger and ravenous rage Make it a part of your power! Pummeling down let your bloodlust engage! Under your force they will cower!

Feeling the fury so pure and so bright! Breaking the bonds of surrender! Under the moon for our home we will fight! And we will die to defend her!

And my voice is my violence! Clear the sky’s frozen tears! And no more we’ll be silent with this Sovngarde song in our ears!

And we stand tall sons of the snow! We will not fall under these blows! For our hearts they are hardy, our spirits are strong! And our voices are lifted into this Sovngarde song!

Jaune: That’s our Nora. *smiles*

Ren: *nods* You got that right.

Nora: These perilous peaks onthe rim of the sky. I move in the midst of the clouds drifting by. At the top of the world onn a white doomful day, men of wisdom will show me the way.

And we stand tall, Sons of the snow. We will not fall unnder these blows. For our hearts they are hardy, our spirits are strong and our voices are lifted into this Sovngarde song.

Ruby: That… was… AWSOME!!!!!!

Nora: You like that? You should hear the original. I have it on my scroll! *whips out scroll*

Ruby: Send it to me!

Nora: Can do! Yang?

Yang: Do you even need to ask?

Nora: Blake? Weiss?

Blake: *smiles* Definitely. That song was amazing!

Weiss: It sure was. Send it over, please.

Nora: *finger snap* You got it!

Ozcar: It would seem that spirits are indeed lifted. Good job Miss Valkyrie.

Nora: Awww, thanks cute boy Oz! *hugs him*

Ozcar: AGH!!! Miss Valkyrie, I told you to stop calling me that!

Nora: Hmmm… Nope! *hugs him more*

(I was listening to Sovngarde Song by Miracle of Sound yesterday and my first thought was of Nora. It’s just perfect for her!)

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