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On a hike
Clint: It's so beautiful out here
Steve: Yeah and so quiet
Natasha :... Too quiet
Clint: Did we lose someone?
*Cut to Bucky and Sam running from a bear*
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aroacebiscuit · a year ago
so someone on twitter said this is the only picture we have of the cap quartet and i-
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marvelousescapism · 7 months ago
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actually crying over this catws set pic oh my god if it weren't for the smashed glass and supersoldier assassin squatting on their roof they'd look like they were on a road trip :')
this right here is the cap 3 we deserved - steve and sam and nat driving around looking for bucky, laughing at inside jokes, acting like dorks, having marvin gaye singalongs, all of them completely unaware bucky has just been chillin on the top of their car the whole time :')
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thinking-about-fiction · 8 months ago
Forget Team Cap or Team Iron Man
Are you Team Sorcerer or Team Wizard?
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Clearly the Avengers are very divided on this topic.
[Image Descriptions:
Image 1: Scene from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, episode 2. Sam and Bucky arguing
Bucky: There are no wizards.
Sam: Doctor Strange.
Bucky: ...is a sorcerer.
Sam: Ah-ah! A sorcerer is a wizard without a hat.
Image 2: Scene from Avengers: Infinity War. Tony Stark talking to Bruce Banner, with Doctor Strange standing behind them. Tony is saying, "Dude, you're embarrassing me in front of the wizards."
Image 3: Scene from Thor: Ragnarok. Loki saying to Doctor Strange "You think you're some kind of sorcerer."
Image 4: Scene from Thor: Ragnarok. Thor asking Doctor Strange "So, Earth has wizards now?
End image descriptions.]
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iloveprettyboysblog · 2 months ago
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It's Definitely Been a Shitty Couple of Days and Chris+Puppies is Pure Comfort 💕💞
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imposterogers · 4 months ago
cap america civil war summary: 
steve rogers: I don’t want to sign the accords so i’m going to retire as a superhero
UN: lol cool but heads up we are sending a kill squad after bucky barnes 
steve rogers: bucky barnes, my childhood best friend who was tortured by a n*zi scientist, brainwashed, and had control of his own body taken away from him, who I feel obliged to protect bc he protected me for so many years? oh no. I can’t let that happen 
team iron man/thaddeus ross: steve how could u break the accords and not let the kill squad kill ur bff? 
bucky: so yah they’re like five more supersoldier who, if they wake up, will go on a murderous rampage
team cap: u know...... things aren’t quite adding up here. maybe steve had a point. let’s help him stop the murderous super soldiers and then rehash the sokovia accords issue 
tony: steve why would u break up the avengers like this. just let us put u in jail 
steve: disrespectfully, no
tony: bucky, the man who had no control over his actions (which I saw with my own two eyes), killed my parents? I will kill him 
steve: bro 
tony: you’re choosing the guy you’ve known since you were six over ME, your work associate???? give me the shield. u don’t deserve it. 
steve: bet *drops shield*
steve: *breaks his squad out of secret ocean raft jail* 
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bucky-bucky-bucky-bucky · a month ago
My fave painter is adding to her Marvel collection!
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stevesbigbazoxngas · 2 months ago
its fuckin' WIMDY
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gay-jewish-bucky · 2 months ago
Bucky in the team cap group chat:
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jeremyleerennerdotcom · a month ago
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on this day in history
captain america civil war premiere 12th april 2016
see the team cap press conference
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thewayitsrandom · 4 months ago
Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie and Chris Evans shading Robert Downey Jr.
I just love them---
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loryevrg · 2 months ago
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Steve Rogers / Avengers: Infinity War (2018), Chris Evans
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aroacebiscuit · a year ago
fuck i don’t know why my brain went there but-
bucky is probably the only person alive right now that knew who steve was before he got the serum and became Captain America.
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and this moment right here,
steve: how about you? are you ready to follow Captain America into the jaws of death?
bucky: hell no. the little guy from brooklyn who was too dumb not to run away from a fight, i'm following him.
is exactly why bucky hates the new guy.
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funnyincorrectmcu · 2 months ago
Bucky: You know how amazing it would be if you and I were totally gay and into each other? Steve: … Steve: What? Sam: *mutters* “If”
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prettiestcaptain · 4 months ago
I was rewatching Civil War, and the audacity of Ross to pull up New York and Washington DC to try and prove that the Avengers are too dangerous to operate on their own lmao, excuse me, but y’all literally tried to nuke New York, and Washington happened because a government organisation got compromised, and you have the audacity to expect the Avengers to put trust in the governments now? the fact that the Avengers acted on their own is the reason why millions of people didn’t get killed during those two incidents
anyway, Team Cap, is what I’m saying lol
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iloveprettyboysblog · 2 months ago
I Wanna Go For a Ride, Boys 🥵🔥
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imposterogers · 3 months ago
More Steve and Bucky arguing I’m begging you it was the funniest thing ever 😭
to go along with my "steve & bucky argue during howlie era" post, here's a few of my headcanons about steve & bucky basically being shitheads (affectionate) to each other post catws while everyone around them suffers
- bucky @ steve: seventy years of beauty sleep and u still look like a constipated dock rat
nat: they're so sweet to each other
-whenever steve and bucky get REALLY mad at each other they point the the fridge and say "time out"
-sam: they never make me feel like a third wheel
steve & bucky: *actively in a fist fight over an argument about the dodgers and whether or not its ok to support them since they moved to LA*
-bucky: since you like jumping without parachutes so much *pushes steve out of the plane*
sam: we're at 15,000 feet
bucky, pulling on a parachute: ya ya don't worry i'm going after him
nat, watching bucky disappear below them: awh young love
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bucky-bucky-bucky-bucky · 4 months ago
Captain America: Civil War
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lucidasidera · a year ago
The problem is not that Tony is a flawed character or that he’s wrong (because he IS wrong), the problem is that the MCU goes out of its way to validate and legitimize Tony’s arguments despite the fact that they are blatantly unethical. 
And yes, pre-Iron Man Tony is explicitly okay with killing people using his weapons. Then he swears off selling weapons and makes the suits, then makes Ultron, then throws his weight around to force the Avengers to sign the accords. Hell, he shoots Sam when it’s Vision who knocks Rhodey out of the sky.  And then he tries to kill Bucky and Steve. 
Let’s be clear here, there is a direct parallel between already woven in the MCU: Tony’s missiles killed Wanda’s parents. Ultron, and stopping Ultron, is what killed Zemo’s family. And it would be FINE for Tony to need time to figure it out, to metabolize how Bucky was forced to do what he did, and what it means about agency and responsibility and all that.  Look: they had to torture Bucky for 70 years to get him to kill people but they had to torture Tony to get him to stop. 
And that would be great character development if Tony’s character actually, you know, developed but by Endgame, years later, Tony has doubled down on his position and still blames Steve for the rift in the Avengers and the MCU lets him get away with that. 
I’m not anti-Tony, but you need to let him be wrong so he can learn from it. 
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sersi · a year ago
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