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#team dad bobby
annwyncallin · 4 months ago
bobby passive aggressively chopping shit is such a parental move
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bend-me-shape-me · a year ago
Seeing your tags about Bobby and Cas as a dad and his adopted old af son just made me emotional bc I was just thinking the other day about how Bobby was more of a dad to Cas than anyone and it made me emotional
i always get really emotional about bobby and i think killing him was a huge mistake, just right there with charlie's death, the thing is dean and sam, for me, wouldn't be the same if they haven't met bobby, he was the real father figure for them, not john, and even if dean learned many things on his own when he was a child i don't think we can just deny the influence bobby had in him, even more when he was a little bit older, he gave dean this unique view of what a family can be. he was the father they deserved and same goes for cas, just imagine how someone like john winchester would have reacted to something like castiel appearing in their lives, not with trust or acceptance, but bobby did, i think he had basically the same process dean and sam had, it was weird in the beginning but there is this point where they seem to forget what cas is and it's just their buddy too, and i would have given anything to see more of them, and to see more of bobby! bobby wasn't a perfect man, he did have this sadness around him, like normal giving his story, but still it was so clear he worried about, and loved, those three idjits a lot and that he thought of them as his family
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mishasminions · 11 months ago
Here’s why the Supernatural Series Finale Sucked
First of all, I’d like to state, that this perspective is coming from someone who has watched, invested in, and dissected this show for 15 years. I’ve tried to rationalize and justify every single decision each of the main characters made throughout the years, and I’ve always tried to make sense of each of their story arcs from a “bigger picture” standpoint as each season progressed.
Anyway, before I can properly explain why the finale sucked, let me quickly take you through 15 seasons by segregating them into 3 eras, because you can’t really comprehend what Supernatural is about and what it’s become without going through how it tried to expand its universe.
Now, we all know that Kripke was always set in wrapping up Sam and Dean’s story in 5 seasons, and he did just that.
So, in this era, Supernatural is about two brothers who set out on a journey to fulfill “the family business”. They hunt mythical monsters that terrorize the world, while battling the monsters within themselves. Their ultimate “big bad” is an apocalypse.
Towards the end of this era, we find out that Sam and Dean are actually a parallel to Biblical characters who are brothers turned rivals. And that Sam and Dean’s destiny is to go up against each other.
However, as a dynamic, they have always been about making their own choices, choosing free will, and having a brotherly bond that can power through against any obstacle at any given day.
So, this era is neatly wrapped up with its finale. The characters grow, and get justified endings.
Dean, a man who thinks of himself as two things: 1. Sam’s older brother and protector; and 2. Daddy’s blunt little instrument.
He’s spent his whole life believing that that was his only purpose, and he knew that the only ending he’ll get would either be a bloody death fulfilling his duty to the family business; or laying his life on the line to save his brother.
Dean gets the ending he thought was never possible for him, something he thought he could never deserve. After years of living and dying for his family, he gets a shot at having an apple pie life--to settle down with a nice girl, raise a kid in a house with a white picket fence. With Sam gone, Dean’s responsibility now is to himself.
Sam, on the other hand, never wanted any part of it, because he wasn’t groomed the way Dean was, and because thanks to Dean, Sam wasn’t traumatized or forced into growing up too quickly the way Dean was.
So Sam aspires for a normal life, and works the cases with Dean so he can maybe get some semblance of it, when everything they set out to kill are laid to rest.
Ultimately, Sam performs a selfless act for his brother, who has given up everything for him, and for their cause--to save the world.
The journey is this: Dean sacrifices everything to save Sam, and Sam sacrifices himself so Dean could live.
Apart from being Dean’s “savior” and guardian angel, Castiel’s role in this era is to serve as a mirror to Dean’s journey. Castiel goes from being heaven’s foot soldier, following “God’s orders”; to an angel who learns to choose and feel for the first time in his existence.
After they realize that they’re both daddy’s blunt instruments, Dean starts choosing his own path for himself, and convinces Castiel to join him. Castiel stops following heaven, and starts following Dean.
In the end, with his newfound understanding of the world thanks to Dean, Castiel goes back to heaven to reform it.
We’ve resolved the biblical arc, and the character journeys.
So this is where the show realizes how vast its universe can be, so it tries to expand it by tapping into uncharted lands and experimenting with it.
They take on heaven, reform hell, explore purgatory, have the angels fall, turn Dean into a demon, and kill Death.
Dean and Sam recognize their codependency, and try to rise above it.
They go back and forth between which brother will risk it all for the greater good every other season.
Dean and Cas strengthen their relationship by recognizing the impact they have on each other’s lives.
Cas structures his life and decisions around Dean (Seasons 6-7), and Dean learns to trust and fight for Cas (Seasons 8-9).
Sam and Cas bond (mostly over Dean) because of their shared rationales in decision-making.
Dean, Sam, and even Cas also forge relationships with the people they work with. The concept of “found family” is introduced here.
This era was heavy on the plot while establishing, reinforcing, and solidifying relationships and dynamics.
At this point, it wasn’t just about the brothers anymore.
If Supernatural had ended in Season 10, the logical finale would’ve been Team Free Will, along with the family that they’ve found, going up against the latest big bad (Death or whoever). Maybe they lose them along the way, maybe they all make it out alive, or maybe they go down swinging, but at least the show recognizes and supports the message they keep saying, “Family don’t end with blood”
This is where the show runs out of ideas and decides to invalidate the seasons that came before it.
From bringing Mary back (basically rendering their whole journey pointless because they’ve literally started hunting because of her death), to changing the stipulations in being Michael and Lucifer’s vessels (another character struggle rendered useless), to God himself breaking the fourth wall by saying that the Winchesters get away with everything because “they’re the main characters in his story and everything they’ve been through was just part of a badly written narrative”.
But what we’re getting from this era is that Sam and Dean, along with Cas (who has also deviated from the story) ARE trying to escape a badly written narrative.
That’s the “big bad” in this era. The writer.
At this point, the characters have picked up so many strays (including those from alternate universes), and have settled into their roles in their “found family”. Dean, Sam, and Cas all become surrogate dads and uncles.
They’ve also graduated from the whole “we’re on different sides” and “going behind each other’s backs” drama. And they just want the whole family together.
They’ve all resigned themselves to the cause, but they’re also tired. Dean allows himself to contemplate about wanting more out of life or at least getting a vacation. Sam, on the other hand, realizes his capabilities as an effective leader. Castiel learns to love another being that isn’t Dean (spoiler: it’s Jack).
However, they also realize that they’ve just been puppets on a string all this time.
So what they want now, is to write their own story, and make their own choices knowing that God/the writer isn’t the one fueling their narrative.
So here’s why the finale sucks:
Andrew Dabb, the current showrunner, said that there would be two finales.
15x19 - The finale to wrap up Season 15, and 15x20 - The finale to wrap up the series by “resolving the characters’ journey”
In 15x19 the boys find a way to de-power God/the writer. For the first time in their whole lives, they are free from the story. Their lives are completely theirs now. They can make their own decisions. There are no more “big bads” to fight
And here’s what happens in 15x20:
Immediately after being freed from their story arc, Dean and Sam go back to hunting the monster of the week.
Dean eats pie, gets nailed (literally), makes a 10-minute speech to Sam because he knows he’s dying, then he goes to heaven.
Dean is greeted by Bobby, his surrogate Dad who he hasn’t seen (fully alive) since Season 7. Bobby’s expository dialogue comprises of him explaining that he got out of heaven’s jail, that John and Mary are next door, and that Jack and Cas fixed the dynamics of heaven off-screen.
The first thing Dean decides to do is go for a long drive in his Impala (as if he hasn’t done enough of that already).
Meanwhile, Sam decides to stop hunting after Dean dies, he gets the apple pie life he hadn’t wanted since Season 8 (while Dean was in Purgatory), and names his kid “Dean” for effect. He grows old and dies.
Dean drove around in heaven for so long that Sam catches up to him.
They hug. The end.
Great, right?
After 15 years of struggling to battle their own respective destinies, going up against big bads and even bigger bads, then finally being able to take charge of their own stories, Dean and Sam regress to hunting the monster of the week, and get killed off by a nail and old age. Okay.
Sam gets to retire and have a family, sure, but they still focus on him and the kid he named after his dead brother. Still just “Sam and Dean” through and through. Nothing to do with found family. Just lineage. Just blood. And it ends there.
See, the problem here is that this ending would’ve been passable in The Kripke Era. But we’re 10 years down the road since, and while Sam and Dean are the original main characters, the show isn’t just about them and their codependent relationship anymore.
So you see, even if you take out the whole “Castiel deserves to be in the finale because he’s also a main character with an unfinished story arc” argument, the finale still does no justice to the series it tried to “wrap up”.
But anyway, now I’ll make the case for the problem with Castiel not being in the finale:
In 15x18, we get a 5-minute rushed confession from Castiel to Dean. The context of which are as follows:
1. Earlier in the episode, Dean had wounded Death with her scythe. We later find out that this wound is fatal.
2. Their friends start to “blip out” in a Thanos-like snap, and Dean thinks that Death is causing it, so Dean seeks her out, and Cas goes with him.
3. Dean and Cas anger Death, apparently for no reason because she didn’t even do the thing they thought she did. She chases them to try to kill them
4. Dean and Cas lock themselves in a room. Dean starts a pity party.
5. As Dean goes through hating himself out loud, Cas decides to inform Dean of the deal he made with The Empty. He then proceeds to explain the stipulation of the deal (that he would get taken once he experiences a moment of true happiness), then discusses his newfound happiness philosophy. Dean is getting whiplash.
6. Cas goes on to imply that the one thing that he wanted that he knew he couldn’t have is Dean Winchester reciprocating his romantic feelings for him. (Don’t even try to fight me on this because Cas already has Dean’s platonic love, and he knows that Dean thinks of him as a brother, so if he really meant this in a “familial” way, then why would he think that he couldn’t have the thing that would make him happy?) So Cas’ realization is that telling Dean about his feelings is enough to make him happy.
7. Cas tells Dean all the reasons why he loves him (thereby combating Dean’s self-deprecation tirade), and all the reasons why he’s worthy of his love. Meanwhile, Dean is still winded from the fact that Cas is about to sacrifice himself for him again.
8. Dean never gets to process anything, because Cas is shoving him out of the way, as he and Death (who busts through the door) get taken by The Empty.
After this episode, Dean never speaks of it. Misha Collins supposes that Dean doesn’t reciprocate. Jensen Ackles says that Dean didn’t really get to process it because it was too much, too fast, and that Dean, still dense as ever, thinks that Cas, a celestial being, doesn’t interpret human feelings the same way.
So what was the point of this confession?
Politics and sensitivities of a 2005 network television aside, what does this do for the story?
Cas proclaims his romantic feelings to Dean, but Dean never acknowledges it, doesn’t even give it a passing thought afterwards. So Cas’ big declaration goes unheard.
Cas cashes in on his Empty deal to kill Death (who was dying anyway), in order to save Dean who dies two episodes after.
Dean makes no effort to save Cas (despite being really broken up about his previous deaths, or even spending a whole year in Purgatory looking for him), even after they’ve beaten God, not even asking Jack (who has all the power in the universe) to bring him back (when Jack has already done it before, with less mojo).
Dean moves on to fight the monster of the week. Somewhere off-screen, Jack rescues Cas from The Empty, but Cas uncharacteristically doesn’t even bother to go to Dean? (Every single time he comes back, Dean’s always the first person he goes to)
And Cas, who apparently helped craft and reform the new heaven, isn’t the one who welcomes Dean and explains the new dynamics of it?
Sure, Jan.
Supernatural, you’ve created a finale that only your casual viewers and people who dipped out after Season 5 can appreciate.
Just goes to show how much you actually valued the people who actually invested in your story and characters, and consistently helped keep your show on the air.
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matan4il · 5 months ago
Buddie 413 meta
Tumblr media
Buck talking make-up with the bridezilla is the kind of ‘secure in his masculinity’ content that I fucking love 911 for. And even though Eddie makes a face (he's on teasing boyfriend duty), right after that he basically continues along the same line of helping the bride, by pointing out she’ll have her veil to help disguise what happened. I love the lack of panic over discussing make-up and bridal veils, plus the way Buddie naturally complement each other.
* * *
Tumblr media
Also, the mother of the bridezilla talking about being too lenient with her made me grin. A small wink at Buck and Eddie’s exchange over what is “too much discipline” that we saw in 410? ;) Might be a coincidence, but it's still a fun little throwback to Buddie's parental discipline banter.
* * *
Tumblr media
David hanging out with Michael and his kids, being a part of their custom to play games together (since we learn this isn’t a new thing) reminded me of how Buck is a part of Eddie and Christopher's game nights, as seen in 309 and 403. This small parallel made me so happy. Buddie are BOYFRIENDS, confirmed (yet again). Oh, but Michael wants both David, his boyfriend, and Bobby, his best friend, to be there in order for this to be complete. Buddie don’t need anyone else there during Buddifer game nights, because they are both. And isn’t that a part of what makes Buddie so special? How many other same-sex canon ships have we gotten to see on screen who are built as both? I think it’s a part of why we want to see them become canon so much...
* * *
Another small touch that I liked was the glimpse of Eddie’s St. Christopher necklace in the dinner scene. Honestly, it’s such a nice touch of continuity and it also reminds us what a great dad he is, which fits how naturally he goes above and beyond the call of duty when helping out Charlie.
* * *
Tumblr media
It’s an interesting shot when Carla comes back and they celebrate her birthdays together. When she comes in through the door, Eddie and Chris hug her, but Ana is left to the side. That’s understandable, Carla doesn’t know Ana much at this point. The camera didn’t have to linger on Ana outside of this circle of love and connectedness, however, and yet it did. Then at the dinner table, we see Ana physically connected to Chris, but not to Eddie. This leads to the way Eddie talks about her to Carla. It’s “nice” and “easy”. But that’s not necessarily love. Especially this early on in a relationship, love gives you butterflies in your stomach and makes you nervous. It makes you buzzingly uncomfortable in your own skin in that good way of being hyper-aware of someone else’s presence and of everything between the two of you, because everything matters. It’s challenging and makes you gulp because you want this thing so much. And Carla picks up on the fact that something’s lacking, telling Eddie to make sure he’s following his own heart and not just staying with Ana for Christopher’s sake. The look Eddie gets after that is even more telling than Carla's words that she is, in fact, completely right. It all paints a picture that tells us Eddie’s at the start of realizing he’s with Ana for the wrong reason…
(meta and gifs for THAT SCENE under the cut to save your dashboards)
Tumblr media
All that would have been a lot in itself, but then we get all of this leading to Eddie getting shot while paired off with Buck. Consider how the show took pains to make sure it would be Eddie and Buck together out there in the street, even though Chim was shown to be a part of the conversation when Eddie got Charlie’s call. He and Buck are just coming in, so they’re still in civilian clothes, Buck finds it so important to go with Eddie, he doesn’t even change into his uniform before they get to Charlie. But we’re shown Chim did change into his uniform and that he didn’t come along, even though it’s clear they had a medical emergency on their hands and Chim’s a paramedic, unlike Buck and more experienced than Eddie. It would make more sense for Buck to stay at the station and for Chim to go with Eddie, but nope. Buddie are a team. Where one goes, the other one follows, even in civvies and when it doesn’t make sense. “All we ever wanted was to go together,” as Mitchell told Buck in 208.
Tumblr media
Then we have the way the shooting is filmed. I already screamed about the ceaseless eye contact, because it is incredible, but let me try to be more coherent about it. When Eddie’s shot, we immediately see Buck, Eddie’s blood splattered on him. Eddie’s looking down, but as the reality of the bullet piercing him starts to set in, he looks up at Buck, seeking his gaze. They hold it for a really long moment. This shot establishes the moment as a shared experience. It’s served by the contrast with the previous shot. Right before the sniper shoots, the camera is restless, circling Eddie, showing us Buck in his perimeter, but not stopping on anything. This enhances the still shot of them just standing there, staring at each other. The sound also plays into this, going from a noisy street to blocking out all human communication. It will only kick back in later. Both the camera and sound choices highlight that Buddie are having one of those moments of wordless communication that they often share, only this time it’s wordless, because there are no words for what they’re trying to process together. They’re within the same bubble of shock and emotional pain that’s only beginning to take shape.
Tumblr media
I can’t emphasize enough how much this shot is a romantic trope. I know the most immediate parallel is to Buddie themselves, in ep 306, because we have them similarly standing across from one another, staring at the other guy, and because we have the episode director’s confirmation that this was meant to mimic lovers' cinematography. But I think this shot is even more meaningful, with the whole build up around it and the way this turn of events is the ep’s climax, and it reminds me of other examples from TV and movies when we see would be lovers about to be torn apart, maybe forever, with the threat of death hanging over them. The most famous example that jumps into my head is Han Solo and Princess Leia when he’s about to be lowered into the pit. That’s the moment when she chooses to finally confess she loves him. It’s honestly impossible not to see the romantic trope subtext.
Now I have to add a word about Buddie’s record when it comes to the other guy being in danger. In ep 203, Buck tells Ali he’s glad not to be worried about Abby and Ali replies that it must be nice to have someone to be worried about. During the tsunami eps, we have a scene of Eddie leaving Buck a message, telling him about the tsunami and that Eddie’s glad Buck’s missing it. Buck is the person Eddie worries about in a way that parallels how Abby, Buck’s former romantic partner, was the person Buck used to be worried about. That’s pretty powerful in itself, but consider all the times they now had to stand there and watch, incredibly worried for the other man. We had Buck going crazy when Eddie climbed into a burning house in 214, Eddie watching Buck lying wounded in the street in 218 and rushing to hold his hand as soon as he could, Buck losing his mind over Eddie trapped underground in 315, and then Eddie watching the factory explosion knowing Buck’s inside and reacting by leading the charge to get him out. Now we get Buck having to watch Eddie as he’s shot and about to collapse. This scene is made all the more poignant because of all of these other scenes leading up to it. It infuses this scene with accumulated meaning and adds to the sense that even though it was only Eddie who was hit by the bullet, they’re both irreversibly affected by the bullet.
Tumblr media
Then Eddie collapses. The danger is still present, the sniper is still around, but Buck is so paralyzed by shock, he can’t even think of taking cover himself, Captain Mehta has to force him to do this. And then as they’re both laying on the ground, they’re still holding each other’s gaze across the firetruck between them. The whole world is narrowed down to the other man’s eyes. More than that, Buck angles his body towards Eddie, almost like he’s stupidly thinking of getting up and running to him, while Eddie’s hand reaches out for Buck. The shots deliberately captures Buck’s body and Eddie’s hand in the frame so that we see this.
When all this is playing with the lead up of Carla advising Eddie to follow his heart, when shows tend to deliver the emotional impact of a character getting hurt through showing us the person who’s their significant other (romantic partner or the person destined to be that) during this, when Ana is nowhere to be found once the emotional climax of Eddie's story in this ep is reached, despite being in the ep… All of this weaves its own narrative about who Eddie’s heart really belongs to.
When I tell you that this is fanfic material! Not only do I mean it, I mean it so much that I actually wrote once a fic where Buddie do that 'stare at each other before death might tear us apart' thing. And I’m sure I’m not the only one. I can't fucking believe 911 actually delivered the fanfic of our dreams. 
( NGL, I saw someone misspelling Captain Mehta’s name, writing it without the ‘h’, and for a second I thought I found my superhero name… XD )
Thank you so much to the unbelievable @bicepsie​ for the awesome gifs. Even when you have a lot going on, you still make these for the weekly meta posts and you’re truly the real MVP! *hugs* If you like   my takes on Buddie, you can find more of my meta and fics here. Thank you for reading, and for every reblog and like.
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loverbarnes · 11 months ago
What the Fuck Happened to the SPN Finale?
Okay so here it is, my Charlie Kelly style manifesto.
Before I get into it, I recognize that I will look like this to many of you, and that’s okay, I understand:
Tumblr media
Secondly, your personal Takes about the writers don’t interest me, I don’t need to hear them. This, as I’ll explain, is going to remain a writer positive blog, and that’s the end of it.
Third, and most importantly: some of what I’m going to talk about is fact, and some is highly educated speculation. I will notate what is speculation, just so there’s no confusion or hot takes in my inbox that I’m a conspiracy theorist or stirring shit up for no reason.
A list of what I’ll be discussing
The episode in regards to the rest of the season
The episode issues: length, editing
Scene placement and speculation of scenes cut
The scrubbing of Jack, Cas, Eileen
Network involvement and general timeline of when things were cut
Misha: theories on where he was, official company line, why we can’t expect to hear anything directly
The silence of the cast post episode (in Misha’s case, mid episode) and what this might mean
Jensen speaking with Kripke about the ending: why it doesn’t mean what you might think (also why kripke remained positive on the ending)
Walker, and why this episode had a major shift
Why the network would do this or get involved
Why the writers of the show simply aren’t the bad guys here, and what I “want” out of this post, since I know it’ll get asked
This is very long and under a cut, but I hope you’ll give it a read.
The Episode In Regards to the Rest of the Season
So, I’ve discussed this already here, but it’s the most obvious thing to me, and that’s the way this episode simply doesn’t fit with the rest of the season.
These people in this room have, truly, been nothing but consistent when it comes to their arcs, especially this season, and the marked dropoff in quality for the finale episode is just too sus to discount to me.  Dabb’s whole focus has been character-based.  In his seasons, we’ve moved far away from MOTW and bro-codependency, the found family taking it’s place.  Does it really sit right to anyone that that was all thrown away in literally the last episode of the entire show?
This is speculation on my part, but as a writer myself, there is no way I would be happy or willing to stamp my name on something that I didn’t think would, at the very least, wrap up the season+ character arcs that I and my team had been crafting.
And before anyone comes in here saying, “well GOT did that!”  Bruh.  The writing was on the wall for GOT long before the final episode.  You could tell that the showrunners just wanted to be done (not only from the plot, but from the fact that they lobbied for a shorter season).  Miss me with that, it doesn’t apply here.  Andrew has, besides Singer and J2, been with the show longer than anyone.  He cares, he is meticulous and detailed, and this ending feels worse than anything Bucklemming has ever written, let alone Dabb.
Additionally, I’ve seen a lot of people say that Dabb was never behind Destiel, that it was all Bobo and Meredith and no one else.  That is reductive to the point of insult of the work Dabb has done to get this greenlit.  This man did not write the s13 Dean grief arc to be slandered like this.  That being said, YES, Bobo and Meredith were the leads on the DeanCas arc this season, but ANDREW IS THE SHOWRUNNER, TO GET EVEN THE CONFESSION APPROVED BY THE NETWORK HE WOULD HAVE TO HAVE THEIR BACKS.  AND HE DID.
Finale Issues
So, now that we’ve gotten the fact that this episode doesn’t hit on any of the major themes the show was barrelling towards all season, let’s discuss the fact that the episode is just...weird.
Not only is it shorter than any other episode (I think with the intro and the credits/crew thing at the end, it was around 38 mins), but it was also...idk, 90% filler?
One of the lovely humans in the POLOL server did the legwork here, and broke it down:
Tumblr media
This is weird, y’all.  Most series finales are LONGER than normal (Lost, SOA, Longmire are the ones I can think of off the top of my head), and for the final episode to be this?  I saw more than one person point out that we only really needed 19 episodes, what was the point of 20?  AND THAT’S EXACTLY IT?  WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THIS FINAL EPISODE IF THIS WAS ALL WE WERE SUPPOSED TO GET?
It simply doesn’t make any sense, the first half of the episode was rushed, a final monster hunt gone wrong, but in the second half?  Nothing really happened?  Sam lived his entire life and Dean just drove around.  It doesn’t make sense to have all the emotional arcs left unaddressed in an episode that definitely needed some kind of spark.
Here’s the speculation I have: the episode seemingly went through a lot of changes between the initial inception of the final season and when we actually got it, but I think it would have been passable (as in, we wouldn’t be sitting here asking each other why each arc feels incomplete) until the editing room got ahold of it.  The only think that makes this episode make sense is network fuckery.  Truly, that is the only thing.  It explains the weird, cuts, the rushed pacing of the first half followed by nothing in the second half, the double montages of “Wayward Son” back to back, and Dean just...driving around for the last half of the episode.
Scene Placement and Speculation of Scenes Cut
Before I get into this section, the info of the shots in the episode I have come from a source that @occamshipper​ got a week or so before the finale.  She’s talked about this here.
So here’s what Min was given:
1-5: 1 INT MEN OF LETTERS – DEAN’S ROOM Dean is greeted by Miracle
6-10: 6 INT MEN OF LETTERS – HALLWAY/SAM’S ROOM Sam has his routine
D1 1 11-15: 15 EXT FARM HOUSE Establishing
N1 1/8 16-20: 19 Dad’s journal, marker, drawing of masked man in journal.
21-25: 23 INT IMPALA – PMP Driver picks the music
N2 1 3/8 1,2 26-30: 28pt2 INT BARN: A face from the past
28pt3 Sam and Dean say goodbye
28pt4 Shot early for technical reasons, presumably the overhead shot
N2 31-45: 41 INT MEN OF LETTERS – SAM’S ROOM Sam’s alarm goes off D4 1/8 1 46-60: 56 INT N7glasses for Sam, laptop. all fits right?  It all tracks with the actual episode, where it lands, etc.  The issue is between shots 29-40 which were apparently “too big to spoil.”  Uh.  Where are they?  And where’s 28 pt4?
After Dean dies, the next scene is Sam burning him, then shot 31, the shot of his alarm going off.
So.  Where are those 11ish shots?
PLUS we have the boards, which are scenes we KNOW were actually shot:
As well as scenes for 20 that were shot in 19.
It’s just...weird, it’s weird and again hits on the fact that the episode is so short and like 80% montage.
The Scrubbing of Jack, Cas, and Eileen
So now we have to reckon with the fact that Eileen was last mentioned by Sam after she got snapped by Chuck, Jack’s last mention is that he’s off being God somewhere, and Cas’ last mention is a ~knowing look~ between Dean and Bobby.
I’m sorry, make it make sense:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
????????  That’s the end if it?  They don’t need to be discussed after this???  It’s just simply not something a writer would do, they would not introduce these characters, these arcs, without thinking there’s going to be some kind of follow through here.
So not only were three major characters (including two leads and both of the original characters’ love interests) completely wiped from the finale episode, it was as though Sam and Dean never even needed them, which just...ain’t it.
So why Eileen and Jack too?  Why not just take Cas out of it if they were afraid of the gay?  Because, ultimately, the episode went back to Kripke’s original story: just the bros, they only need each other and no one else.  They don’t want anyone else, they don’t need anyone else.  Easier to go back to something they knew was successful than trust the writers and their audience and take a big leap.
Alex even said he shot for 20 with “some of the guys” here.  What happened to that footage?
The complete 180 of it all still shocks me, I still cannot believe that we were essentially at the finish line, and the network just stopped short, and decided to go run another race, at the expense of the arc of this fifteen year legacy show.
Network Involvement and When Things Were Cut
Okay, now into the juicy stuff.
So I’ve pretty well established that network fuckery is clear, but how much did they get involved, what was the original intent?
Well again, we may never actually know what Andrew’s original script was, but I think, at the least, it would involve Dean speaking his truth to Cas and Sam living a life with Eileen.
Now, it seems today, that Misha said that Jimmy Novak was supposed to be in the finale in one iteration of the script, and while initially my brain was like “that truly makes no sense and he’s either straight up lying or telling a half truth,” I think what may be happening is Misha talking about as much as he can right now.
Tumblr media
So Jimmy right.  Weird as fuck.  Why would he been in the Roadhouse and not Cas?  My current thought (this is about as reachy as I’ll get) is that Jimmy had no lines, could he have been in the Roadhouse as a red herring, like it said “Jimmy” in the script but it was just Cas in human clothes, a way to get around the network saying Cas couldn’t be in the final scene.  Also, you’ll notice that Misha didn’t say that Cas wasn’t supposed to be in the ep at all, just Jimmy in the last scene.
All this to say, there have clearly been multiple versions of the script, getting lighter and lighter with Cas and Eileen as the network pulled further and further back.  Remember, Dabb has to get things approved before they get shot, and if the network kept asking and asking and asking to cut Cas and Eileen, he had to find a way to work around it.  Granted, I still think that if we had been able to get a Dabb script that wasn’t torn to shreds in editing, it wouldn’t be so bad.  It may not be what a lot of us wanted (Dean speaking his truth to Cas and a reciprocation), but doing everything he could to give it to us in subtext or visual clues.
Plus, in all honesty, my man can’t keep his story straight anyway.  He said twice in his panel that the Empty and offscreen Heaven ending weren’t his original ending either.
In addition, remember that Jensen did ADR post episode 18, AND said in a meet and greet last weekend that Dean’s reaction to Cas’ confession was “cut down.” (Source here).  Many of us clowns got excited when we first heard about ADR, because we thought it would be upping the ante on Dean’s reaction, but I remember being a little sus when it was just crying.  My speculation on that is that they cut out Dean actually SAYING something, @winchestersingerautorepair​ spoke about that here.
The biggest sins were, in my opinion, committed during editing, where the network got too gun shy and sliced the episode until it was nothing but a heartless bro-fest of a finale, not mentioning anything about the other major characters that we all love, and letting the boys just suffer in separation until Sam died and finally joined Dean in Heaven.  The editing came by cutting all the major emotional beats between anyone other than Dean and Sam, leaving the skeleton of the story intact, just shorter and less...poignant than it was ever supposed to be.
We know Misha was in Vancouver, we know he quarantined, but we also know he wasn’t in the final scene, when he spoke about being in the last moment of the show months ago.  We were not crazy, he was there, he quarantined, and, in all likelihood (speculation but fitting with the timeline), he actually may have shot something (not much, but something).
I have sources here, here, here, and here showing where Misha was at that time.
Remember, the man was completely open about coming back until they finished shooting (look at this thread).  The switch happened, just like everything else, halfway through them shooting.
Please also remember Jake Abel posting his “Where’s Misha” video here.  Jake isn’t malicious, he isn’t being nasty here.  Misha was there, and everyone that’s trying to convince people he’s wasn’t just...isn’t telling the truth about it.
This is one of the things that makes me really mad, because they’re literally attempting to gaslight people into thinking, “oh we were totally wrong he was never supposed to be there” WHEN HE WAS THERE, WE KNOW HE WAS THERE.
So we’ve already heard from several people (Meghan Fitzmartin, Jay, a PA on the set of 19 (WHO WAS NOT WORKING FOR 20), Misha himself) that this was all down to Covid restrictions.  Ultimately, as this post says, we’ve heard FIVE versions of where Misha was.  None of it makes sense, but the Covid protocol seems to be the company line that others are repeating.
Tumblr media
You may ask: why?  Why lie to all of us when we have questions?  Why, in Jay’s case, say that we’re all spreading false lies to stir up trouble, when we just have questions and things that do not make sense.  Simply?  Warner Brothers is absolutely massive.  These people have their careers to protect and are likely all under NDAs.  They want to work for WB again and don’t want to burn bridges, including Misha.  It sucks, but that’s why it’s unlikely that we’ll hear someone come out and say, “yeah we’re lying to you.”
Silence of the Cast Post Episode
So this is...probably the worst part of all this, at least in my opinion.
The guys had all been pretty excited about the end of the show (especially Jared, but Jensen’s panel last week was Jensen as happy and jokey and positive as I’ve ever seen him.  He was so excited about episode 18, about what it meant for Dean and for Cas, and I just cannot buy that he would have been that excited unless he thought there was something more in the episode.
Misha live-tweeted the episode, and was watching it with his kids.  It’s well known that Misha and the kids don’t watch the show because it’s too scary, and let’s ask ourselves, why would he have them watch an episode that he’s barely even mentioned in?
He also stopped live-tweeting at a very specific point in the episode (Dean’s death) and has not mentioned Supernatural since then. 
None of them, not Jared, Jensen, Misha, or even Alex, said anything about the episode for nearly 36 hours, when Jensen posted a salty photo on instagram.  It’s just...not what you’d expect for the end of a 15 year show, when the cast and crew are so close to the fans, so close to each other. 
My theory?  They didn’t know.  They thought Misha was, at least, going to be in the episode in some way, and when he wasn’t, they decided not to say anything.
You really think that Jensen “Heller” Ackles would have been so excited about the end of the show last week if he thought Cas wasn’t going to be in it at all?  Nah son, doesn’t make any sense.
Even today, in Jared and Misha’s panels, they seemed sad and...more than a little careful, both saying that there were things they couldn’t say, both talking around things that we all have questions on.
Jensen Speaking with Kripke
So this is where a lot of people are getting fodder to take shots at the writers, saying that Jensen hated it from the beginning, but I don’t think so.  I actually think I know what Jensen went to him about, and it wasn’t the lack of Cas or the weird pacing or the montages (which I don’t think were there when Jensen got the script); I think it was the manner of Dean’s death.
I know a lot of people were upset about that, upset with how...normal it was, coming off an episode where they literally beat God.  I actually didn’t mind it, I thought it was an interesting thematic take to be like: you can be a hero all your life, but sometimes shit happens, and you just die.
But imagine how hard that was for Jensen to read.  He would run to Kripke for that, because for him, Dean dying by being impaled by a piece of rebar had to be tough to swallow.
So, why didn’t Kripke say that?  Why didn’t he say, “oh well he had a problem with Dean’s death, none of that other stuff was in the script.”
Guys.  Why would he get involved?  He’s not going to burn bridges any more than anyone else is.  He said the ending was good because it’s the easy thing to do, it’s simple, will cause him no problems in his career, and he can just ignore the people trying to engage with him on it.
Something else to talk about is the major shift this episode had from the rest of the season: the shift from Dean to Sam.  I am NOT saying that Sam isn’t important, he definitely, absolutely is, but it was DEAN who really needed to wrap up his arc, Sam just needed to move on, get married to Eileen, become the leader he was always meant to.  So what changed?  What was with the shirtless scene, the Austin number and random case there, most of the episode being heavily Sam focused, going through his entire life in a montage?
Anyone else notice the 375 Walker promos, or Jared’s little spiel about Walker and how he hoped SPN fans would “come along for the ride.”
It’s...kinda obvious?  CW wanted to appeal to who they think the key demographic of SPN and Walker is: rural areas in the South.  It would explain a lot, why so much editing, why so Sam focused, the Austin number, the number of Walker promos, all of it.
I’m not saying this is fact, I don’t know that it is, but it is a little suspicious that even in Jared’s panel today, he talked A LOT about Walker and how he hopes SPN fans will watch it.
Why Would the Network Get Involved?
Simply put: $$$
If they think Walker can be the new SPN, and that those crazy SPN fans liked it originally, it’s a lot safer to go with the “original intent” of the show than do something risky (like making one of your two original leads queer).
And?  They don’t care.  They don’t care that the episode didn’t make sense, they don’t care that all the emotional arcs were left hanging, they don’t care by (potentially) smashing together two of Dean’s monologues (one to Sam, one to Cas) that it came of as...gross. ( @curioussubjects​ wrote a beautiful post showing how part of that death speech was likely meant for Dean here).  They don’t care, they never have, they just want to make their money and move on from the too-loud fandom that fought for representation too hard for too long.
It can’t help but feel insidious, which, honestly, it might be, but it really all comes down to the next cash cow, which, they think, is Walker, even at the cost of the fifteen year legacy show.
The Writers and What I Want
So here it is, all this weird, sus shit laid out on the line.  And you know what?  To me, there is no way to blame the writers, because they didn’t want this.
I don’t think Dabb and Bobo would have gone ahead with the confession in 18 without thinking that there would be some closure to that arc, they wouldn’t have done that not only to the fans, but for the sake of their own story as well: no writer wants to start something that they can’t finish. (And this applies to both Cas and Eileen).
Here’s a basic rundown of what I think happened: they had a clear arc from 18-20, ending in reciprocation at some level from Dean, Sam marrying Eileen, Hunter Sam as the new Bobby, Dean in heaven with Cas and big roadhouse reunion at the end. Covid prevented a good amount of that. Network had to stare at big gay 18 for six months, got cold feet. Thought about Walker, target audience and alienation of the rural areas if it went full gay. Misha quarantined and likely shot something (not much), he was then cut by execs and went home. They likely added in lines referencing Eileen and Cas to make it clear but more subtextual. They wrap, editing gets it and hacks it to pieces, so we get a shorter episode that’s mostly montages and jarringly bro-centric with nothing else. Arcs are left hanging. Dabb gets episode but it’s too late, there’s nothing he can do. Actors aren’t told so they can continue to do positive PR for the ending, they all found out at the same time we did: hence almost complete silence about the finale.
And you know what?  They warned us.  I talked about it here, but they’ve been telling us all season that Chuck wasn’t the writer, he’s the network.  I don’t think, still, that they thought it would be cut up like this, into something so unsalvageable that it’s been panned by almost everyone, even people who didn’t care much about Dean and Cas.
Finally, a masterpiece can be ruined by editing, and while I’m not sure even the script they ended up shooting on was a masterpiece (due to the network meddling already), but to me it’s blatantly obvious that it’s no one but the network that caused this, that took away closure for Dean, Cas, and even Sam.
So what do I want?  Nothing really, there’s nothing we can do, but I wrote this mostly to show people that the writers are not your enemy.   In fact, to the people trashing them?  You’re doing exactly what the CW wants you to: blame the obvious targets, blame Misha, blame Jensen and Jared, blame Dabb.  Scream and yell at them on Twitter and about how the show is ruined because of them.  The network keeps their engagement levels high, they don’t get as targeted for their behavior, and just keep moving along.
Just, please, think about who did this,  Mourn the show, be angry, but not at the people who fought tooth and nail for this for literal years, not the people who wanted it more than we did, not the people who cannot say anything because of their careers and the NDAs they’re bound by.
Someone is going to spill eventually, but until then, we just have to wait, and continue to be loud.
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bellarkeselection · 21 days ago
Hero Date Night
Tumblr media
Request from @make-me-imagine Buck and the reader are supposed to have their first date. But a semi truck explosion causes a huge crash so the reader has to save herself.
Warning - blood, injuries, curse words.
Tonight is my first official date with Buck. Sunset is lowering in the distance of the highway. Resting my hands on the steering wheel as I'm wearing a simple green dress with tenna shoes. My phone starts ringing so I put the caller on speaker. "Who is it?"
The voice of Buck comes through the phone. "You're hot firefighter date." I can hear the smirk in his voice watching a semi truck behind me that is riding too close.
"I'm on my last call for the evening. Then I'll meet you at the restaurant." He explained making me smile. Two cars are in front of me. I squint seeing the first car suddenly break. The car in front of me braked hard making me have to do the same. The semi that's riding my tail doesn't bark hard enough and slammed into the back of my car.
Glass shatters around me as I slam my head on the steering wheel. "Y/n. What happened!" Buck's voice rings in my ear and through the phone.
Lifting my head up my blurry vision catches sight of my right ankle twisted and blood coming from forehead. "B-Buck...911. Oh shit-shit!" Flames started coming from the gas from the semi truck behind me.
The smoke rises around me hearing Buck shouting to his team. "Don't worry we're on our way. Guys, let's go Y/n's in trouble!" The last thing I hear from the phone is the firetrucks siren. I start heavily coughing feeling air being sucked from my lungs I start to close my eyes.
'In my daily work you gotta push through whatever is in your way.' Buck had told me that the first time we met after he helped my friend who was allergic to shrimp and needed help. Opening my eyes I realized that's what I need to do now.
Reaching for my seatbelt I snap it with a pocket knife I got from my dad last year. The flames surround me making everything in front of me turn smokey grey and bright flames. Flipping the blade around in my hands I try stabbing my driver's side window but it doesn't work so I slam my left elbow harshly against the window three times before it cracks and shattered.
Forcing myself to knees I wince feeling my ankle shot with pain. Gripping the side of the window I cut my hand a little on glass but force my body out the window halfway. Barley keeping my eyes open I see red flashing lights of ambulances and firetrucks. "Buck she's here!" I heard Bobby his boss call out.
"Y/n. Hey, hey. It's me. It's Buck!" His voice calls out to me as I felt his hands cup my face with Chimney helping Bobby lift my body out of the car. Glancing around I see I'm now in an ambulance Buck starts to get out but I grab his hand. Bobby nods to allow. "Go with her, Buck. We can handle this."
Buck sits down looking over my injuries as I coughed into the breathing mask. "Evan. I'm sorry-about tonight." He brushes my bloodied hair back with his freehand. "Don't be. You saved yourself tonight."
"I'm only sorry that we'll have to reschedule our date." He kisses my forehead as I squeeze his hand. "Me too. But I think you deserve a week off for being a hero tonight."
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youlightmeupfinn · 6 days ago
Too Close 》 Tom Hiddleston x Reader
request: since the last fic you did was about Tom taking Sophia on a walk and the press getting pictures? What about maybe the press gets a little too close to Sophia and him freaking out? maybe something angsty :)
a/n: AW just imagine protective dad!Tom, ugh SO FREAKING CUTE. i loved this! thank you for the request! <3 i have another request sitting in my ask for dad!Tom, but you guys keep sending over ideas you want to see :)<3
**A continuation/version 2 of Baby Love**
summary: Tom was fine with photos being taken of him and his daughter, except when personal space was invaded and it scares Sophia.
warnings: a touch of angst but a cute end! :)
main masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Oh, my littlest darling, you look so precious.” Tom smiled down at the giggling baby whose blue eyes were in line with his. He took his phone out and snapped a picture of Sophia and sent it to you. He knew the anxiety you felt being away from her, so he tried his absolute best to promise you that your darling baby was fine.
Sophia says she misses you, love.
Immediately, he saw you texted back multiple heart eyes and gushing about how much you missed her. Tom smiled to himself, his eyes glancing back at Sophia. She had her fingers in her mouth, her lips pouted. Tom swore that when he looked at her, he saw you. But other times, he found himself in her eyes.
He prayed she was the perfect mixture. Part of him wanted her to never grow up, as he was more than scared to see what she resembled in her teenage years. He was all for hurting boys if he needed to, so long as Sophia was kept protected.
His heart ached for a day that entailed his little girl rushing home to him in tears over something that happened.
Who would he have to hurt?
Maybe, just maybe, you two would have one more. He had his little girl and he knew he wouldn’t mind having a son. Maybe he could convince him to protect his darling sister and vice versa.
But then horror struck him.
What if it was another girl?
How could Tom function with trying to keep boys off of two girls?
His heart rate increased, but he told himself he needed to stop stressing over it. Hemsworth had already given him pointers when it came to being a dad to a girl. He even promised that if Uncle Chris needed to team up and fight boys off of Sophia, he’d be there.
“I’m stressed, aren’t I?” Tom asked Sophia who he knew wouldn’t answer, but at least she smiled at him, giggling yet again. “Sophia, you always laugh when I speak to you. Am I just that funny? Or are you just laughing at my voice?” He chuckled, grasping her foot, tickling the bottom which made her laugh even harder.
He hadn’t even noticed the paparazzi inching closer to him until seconds after a photo was snapped of Sophia, at close range. He was perfectly fine with pictures being taken, but he was invading personal space.
“Hey, would you mind not getting so close?” He said in his most polite tone, instantly pulling the stroller closer to him. The protectiveness kicked in and he felt as though he needed to guard his child with his life.
He would.
The man taking the picture instantly obeyed the request, taking a step back before soon disappearing. It wasn’t but a few minutes later though, they all appeared.
Tom inhaled deeply, pulling the top over Sophia’s stroller. He grasped the leash Bobby was hooked to, beginning to trudge back the way he came towards your shared home. Pictures were continuously being snapped and the sound of the cameras drew closer.
Too close.
It was when the second man entered close proximity, then the third, and the fourth. The flashes of the lights went directly onto Sophia’s face, soon startling her. As soon as her heartbreaking cry erupted, Tom lost it.
“Okay, enough!” He hissed. “I don’t mind you taking pictures, but you’re getting too close to my daughter!” He said in a deepened voice, his accent laced with anger. Sophia was beginning to get scared and he knew if his voice pitched any lower or raised, she would cry harder.
As though it were a taunting move, another person snapped a picture.
Seething under his breath, Tom was never the type of man to curse at anyone in public.
But when the press came this close to his daughter’s personal space?
That rule flew out of the window.
“Take one more picture and I break the damn camera.” His face hardened. As the threat ensued, people stopped to watch and the cameras were stowed away, everyone hurrying off in opposite directions. Sophia cried in the stroller, her wails of fear shattering Tom’s heart.
“C’mere, my sweet girl, it’s okay,” Tom whispered as he pulled the stroller towards a vacant bench. Wrapping Bobby’s leash tight around his wrist to ensure he remained put, he carefully unfastened Sophia’s straps and picked her up, cradling the crying baby to his chest.
“Daddy’s sorry, I know, it scared you,” He shushed her, his voice gently soothing her as he rubbed her back. “You’re fine. I’m right here,” He promised, bouncing her gently. Her cries soon ceased and when he pulled her back from his shoulder, her blue eyes were glimmering with the present tears, her cheeks reddened. He kissed both of them which earned a smile from her. He then tickled against her belly which resumed her fits of giggles.
“There’s my happy girl!” He exclaimed, kissing her neck which made her laugh harder against him. Once she was settled and happy, he placed her back in the stroller before resuming their walk.
He hoped you didn’t hear of that one.
Did he feel bad?
He’s honestly more shocked he kept his cool the way he did, except for that one curse word leaving his mouth.
By the time they finished their walk, Sophia was passed out in the stroller which gave Tom the ample opportunity to curl up on the couch with his baby love on his chest. He cherished those moments.
Which made his heartache when he realized someday, Sophia wouldn’t be this little forever.
Oh no.
He sounded like you now.
He wanted another one.
Tumblr media
tagging: @bqnners @immersed-in-mischief @high-functioning-lokipath @eclecticlokibytomhiddleston @annoyingsweetsstranger @spidyyparker @deanaddicted2 @ethanshide @shae-annelore @realandloud @marvelgirl0515 @tiredmamamac @i-snort-cherry-coke @ellerosie2332 @cherrii--bomb @stuckybarton @peachsteven @vampire7595 @knopewyattworld @donttouchmylaevateinn @rebeccalokisdottir @holdmytesseract
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ablazenqueen · 7 months ago
Bobby: Buck, you’re grounded. No firetruck.
Buck: But I need the firetruck to respond to 911 calls.
Bobby: Fine. Then no video games with Hen during break.
Buck: The tv’s broken anyway.
Bobby: Then no... Uhh, no Eddie.
Eddie: What? No Eddie?!
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annwyncallin · 4 months ago
bobby is about to go dad mode, absolutely
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deanwinchesteradjacent · 8 months ago
This is a season 7 appreciation post.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
honey cas:
Tumblr media
ghost jo:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
amy and sam:
Tumblr media
nurse meg:
Tumblr media
slash fiction:
Tumblr media
crowley joins the team:
Tumblr media
bobby’s last season alive:
Tumblr media
the Dick Jokes:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
dad dean:
Tumblr media
the rosenhyphenwinchester wedding:
Tumblr media
dean’s huge crush on elliot ness:
Tumblr media
it brought us here:
Tumblr media
tl;dr season 7 (Seven) is criminally underrated. thanks for coming to my gifset.
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stefanmikaleson1864 · 18 days ago
Hope and Love
Tumblr media
Can you write an eddie / reader story where the reader is pregnant and in the end the doctors tell her her life is in danger that she has to take the baby away? She and Eddie fight about it. She wants to keep him, and he doesn't want her to die. In short, around her 8th month, she goes to see the 118 team to have dinner with them, they are called on a mission so she remains alone in the barracks until they come back. When the team returns they find traces of blood and the reader on the ground unconscious ... Chim and Hen take her to the hospital ... There the baby (it's a boy) must be taken out urgently and the doctors tell eddie that the reader is in a coma ... she stays asleep for 2 weeks and when Buck (who is her brother) comes to see her she makes a stop! He calls Eddie to come asap. They wait together and when the doctors arrive they announce that she is awake! She finally meets her baby and Eddie proposes to her.
I'd love to read a story like this too muchI'd love to read a story like this too much 😊
“I’m sorry I wish I had better news for you Miss (Your last Name). But this is where we are and the two choices you have are to either accept the risk and continue with the pregnancy or terminate.” the doctor said 
When he said those words to you it felt like knives being stabbed in your heart and your whole stomach just felt so sick. In your mind there wasn’t another option you were going to keep this baby. You had to at least try. 
“Thank you doctor well talk about it.” Your boyfriend Eddie said 
The doctor got up and left the room and Eddie turned to you and grabbed your hand and looked at you in the eyes with such a sad broken look. 
You know this was hard on him to because he was so happy when you told him you were pregnant he was such a good dad. And he was hurting just like you. 
“Look Y/N when it comes down to it I need you here with me and Chris he needs you were a family we can try again.” eddie said 
“This isn’t a discussion Eddie. This is our child and I have to at least try. I can’t do what your asking me to do.” you said with tears in your eyes. 
“What about me don’t I get a say Y/N come on just take some time a think even if the baby is okay I don’t want them to grow up without a mom like Chris just think about that.” Eddie said pleading with you. 
“ I love you Eddie so much and you know how much I want this and even If I do die I know they're going to have a big and happy family to grow up with like Chris they would be okay but my body is my decision.” you said
“Fine” Eddie said you could tell he was mad because that's all he said 
You two left the doctors office feeling defeated that day. It was supposed to be a happy day not such a sad one 
Eight Months Later..
Everything was going as best they could.  We found out we were having a little boy.  Eddie invited me to come to dinner at the 118 that day. I think because I was so close to my due date that he was worried about me. 
So instead of causing him more anxiety I went and brought some food along with me. 
The moment Eddie saw my car pulling in he ran down and opened up the car and helped me get out 
“Mi amor are you okay you should have called an uber are you okay.” he asked rubbing his hand all over your belly and back. 
He took your hand and walked you in the firehouse and sat you down at the kitchen table. Everyone walked over to you and greeted you and asked a million questions if you were okay. 
“I’m fine everyone no pain or nothing i’m doing good I appreciate the concern I really do.” you said 
Buck was worse though I mean he basically had a whole emergency room on stand by and you know he was worried with you being his sister but between him and Eddie it sometimes stressed you more. 
You tried to understand be grateful for the help but it was sometimes overwhelming for you. 
Bobby brought over dinner and yelled at everyone to stop hovering over you and let you breathe. Which you are grateful for. Just as dinner ended the bell rang and everyone had to go. 
 Buck and Eddie looked over at you with sad and worried eyes. 
“Are you gonna be okay here by yourself sitting here alone.” Buck said 
“I’m fine and it’s not like anyone has a choice so you both go and be careful. “ you said 
They knew you were right and left to go be heroes. 
A little bit went by and next thing you know you felt this pain in your stomach that you never felt before. It scared the hell out of you. 
You got up and saw some blood coming from your legs and you tried to get up to the walk to the bathroom but you felt your legs give out and everything went black. 
Eddie and Buck were basically jumping out of there skin when they pulled up to the firehouse. 
They didn’t even let the trucks come to a stop before they ran out and went upstairs to find you. 
There worst fear came true when they saw you laying on the floor with blood around you. 
“Omg what the hell Y/N” eddie yelled 
Buck ran over to you and tried to shake you but nothing. 
They picked you up and gently carried you and Hen and Chim ran over and saw what was going on.
They pulled the stretcher out and began to asses you.  Bobby had to pull the both of them off you to let them do their job. 
“It looks like it might be her uterus repurting but were not sure were taking her to st marks there best equit to handle her.” Hen said 
Eddie hopped in the back with Chim and Bobby and Buck got into the captain's car and followed behind you. 
“It’s going to be okay, you and our son are both going to be okay. You hear me stay strong mi amor.” Eddie said, holding your hand the whole way there. 
Doctors and nurses were waiting for you and pulled you into the room. Eddie had to stay behind and chim and hen sat with him with Buck and Bobby came in a few minutes later. 
“What’s the news anything” Buck said 
“No Nothing were all waiting.” Chim said 
Time felt like it was going by so slow and the fear and anxiety just took over. The waiting room was so silent and Eddie tried keeping it together even though he was dying inside. 
Then the doctor came out and Eddie and Buck both jumped out of their seats so fast. 
“Her placenta ruptured and she lost a lot of blood and we did have to preform a crash c-section. The baby is fine and he’s in the NICU for pre cautions. Unfortunately Y/N had to be put into a medically induced coma to let her body heal.” the doctor said 
Eddie felt his heart plummet into his stomach. In one way he was so happy his son was here and he was okay but then on the other hand he was so worried about you. 
“Can I see my son.” eddie asked 
“Of  course one of the nurses will take you up.” the doctor said. 
Buck and the rest of the 118 went to see you. And sat by you. 
Eddie went down to the NICU and was able to hold your son. 
“Hello I’m so happy your here I love you and I can’t believe your here. And I know your mom can’t wait to see you either.” he said to his son. 
Two Weeks had passed and Eddie was at the hospital every day with your son and Chris. When he wasn’t there Buck was there or someone from the 118 was there. 
Finally one day your came and the doctors were able to wake you up. 
Buck was sitting by your side that day. Holding your hand and talking to you. When suddenly the tube you had helping you breathe started to resit. 
Which was a good thing. The doctors told Buck that you looked like you were finally waking up and He called Eddie to hurry up down with Chris and The baby 
Your head felt heavy and your eyes slowly opened up. With Eddie, Chris and your son by your side. 
Your first thought was your baby. 
“My baby is he okay.” you asked looking over at Eddie. Who was crying happy tears. 
“Yeah Mi Amor he’s okay he’s right here.” he said putting the baby in your arms. 
You started crying and it was a feeling you never felt before holding your child you were so happy. 
“He needs a name, we waited for you.” Eddie said 
“ How about Lucas.” Chris yelled out 
And you and Eddie both laughed and thought it was a good name. 
“Yeah I like it.” you said and Eddie agreed. 
Buck had called the rest of the 118 and they all gathered by your bedside happy to see you. 
Eddie said he had an Important question to ask while everyone was here and you and everyone else was so confused. 
“Y/N I Love you so much and these past two weeks and even eight months had only made me realize that through every hard moment and every good moment I want you by my side so please do my the honor of marrying me.” Eddie said pulling out a ring 
“Yes of course I love you.” you said and Eddie leaned down to kiss you. 
The rest of the 118 Cheered. And congratulated you guys. But Buck Pulled Eddie aside 
“You hurt my sister and I will end you.” Buck said 
“Don’t worry I won’t.” eddie said 
A while later everyone headed out and Eddie sat next to you Chris and the Baby both sleeping in the room. 
“ I love you so much I love our family thanks for saying no 9 months ago.” Eddie said 
“I Love you so much I’ll do anything for my family.” you said. 
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creativeashproductions · 5 months ago
Change of Scenery // Evan Buckley
IN WHICH: Captain Bobby Nash has kept a secret from his friends, his wife and his step children since 2015 when he came to LA. Bobby’s eldest and only surviving child comes to LA to reconcile and make amends all the while she catches the eye of a certain blue eyed firefighter.
Warnings: Swearing, death/familial loss, pregnancy, blood, angst, injuries/medical emergency, and fluff
Words: 8k
A/N: Back at it with another 9-1-1 fic. Hope you enjoy, and I may just have to do another crossover with 9-1-1 and Julie and the Phantoms.
Tumblr media
There are moments in our lives that define us, whether it can be known as a positive or negative, but the outcome is always the same. A six-letter word that strikes fear and excitement into the souls of humans is change. The fear can be for ourselves or as a result of a child, a sibling, or a parent branching out on their own. Unfortunately, you had gone through a harsh and cruel experience on a cold winter night in the city you grew up in.
A typical Thursday filled with classes at the college you attended in Minnesota on a scholarship, nothing out of the ordinary. The plan had been to drive to your parents’ apartment to catch up with them for the weekend. Saturday morning was already reserved for a girls day with your little sister Brook and your mom. In the afternoon, you’d promised to take your brother Bobby to the ball diamond.
Your bag was packed, the plan to drive straight from class to St. Paul the following day to arrive in the daylight. Your dad struggled with worry when it came to you driving in the dark and especially in winter with icy roads.
“Y/N!” Dottie screeched from the living room of the four-bedroom dormitory. The pretty and curvy brunette had been the first friend you made in college.
Typically Dottie was on the quieter side, so when she screamed, you practically sprinted to the girl.
“Where’s the fire?” You demanded with a smirk at the reference to a topic that was a constant in your family. 
The fire drills your father conducted every four months for an exit plan in case of a fire and general information to save yourselves. He had also trained you to remember fire hazards and how to call dispatch with clear information if that time ever came. It never did and hopefully never would.
“The Lakeview Apartments in St. Paul.” Dottie’s dark brown eyes spoke only of pity and concern. The five foot ten roommate literally caught you as you tumbled into her arms with a loud grief-stricken scream.
You were forever indebted to the brunette for the plans she sacrificed to drive you back to St. Paul. There was absolutely no chance Dottie would allow you to both drive and be alone with no news. The media hadn’t released the names of the 148 deaths the fire relentlessly tore from the land of the living.
“I want to prepare you for what you’ll see. Your mother suffered severe third-degree burns over the majority of her body.” The kind nurse, also one of your friend’s parent, explained as she guided you to the Burn Center in the Regions Hospital, “I don’t want to lie and tell you she’ll be fine. You’re an adult Y/N. You deserve the truth and not be coddled.”
“Is she gonna survive?” You quietly asked, “Has she woken up since she was brought in?”
“The doctor placed her on a high dosage of morphine for the pain. Your father hasn’t left her side.” Lucinda informed you with sympathy written as over her face, The hazel eyes unable to adequately meet yours.
“I’ll check on her, then could you take me to the rooms my siblings are in?” You asked, completely unaware Brook and Bobby had been DOA at the hospital.
Your father hadn’t answered the text messages or the voicemails you had left on his phone—radio silent. You couldn’t be mad when he was with your mom, but a text would have been nice.
“This is where your mother is staying for the unforeseeable future. If you need anything, you can call me.” Lucinda softly replied before turning her heel to head back to the Burn Centre’s front desk.
It was horrific walking into a room with no idea if the occupant who had raised you would survive. The confident, gorgeous mother you had for the past nineteen years was unfamiliar to you, the extensive gauze covering nearly every inch of her body. You almost couldn’t even recognize the man sitting in the chair with his hands wrapped. 
“Dad? What happened?” You questioned the grieving man. The only person left in your family as you would soon come to know.
“Y/N?” Bobby gasped, pushing himself to his feet, staring at his only living child. The guilt ate at him just staring at you with those light brown eyes, “Oh, sweetheart.”
Your dad crossed the room in a few steps. The scent of smoke was still clinging to every part of him, but it was fine. Your dad was okay, minus the wounds on his hands. You’d always been closer with your father than your mother.
“Dad, what happened?” You quietly asked the ashamed firefighter that had to reconcile his feelings on the fire and his career—that struggle ending up pushing you away when he really just wanted you as close as possible.
“The building caught on fire after an ember from a heater lit a blanket on fire,” Bobby informed you with his eyes pinned on his wife. Bobby knew the chances of Marcy surviving were incredibly low, and he had to tell you that.
Bobby only knew the details passed on from a firefighter who pitied the man who’d lost most of his family. 
“Is Mom gonna be okay?” You questioned, and the said injured woman in the bed weakly responded.
“Baby?” Marcy quietly questioned from her absolutely still position on the hospital bed, “Uh, Bobby.”
You left your father’s side to be as close to your mom as possible, with the clear plastic separating you for her safety. Your heart shattered at the sheer exhaustion in her pretty blue eyes. 
“Hi, Mom.” You shakily spoke with one hand lightly pressed against the plastic divider. You didn’t even notice when your dad stepped up too.
“Marcy?” Bobby called out from right beside you, just as torn up, but Bobby carried extra weight on his shoulders, “We’re right here, Marcy. It’s okay. It’s okay.”
The muffled grunt of pain, your mom’s attempt to save you from grief, Marcy let out as she turned her head to look at you. You knew deep in your gut that this was the time place you would see your mom alive. And by the look in her eyes, she knew too.
“…?” Your mom’s breathing became more erratic as she questioned the man she viewed as her hero. The man she believed had saved her and their youngest children, “Where...are they?”
“The kids are fine.” The way your father said it and the tears led to the knowledge once kept from you.
“No.” You whispered, seeing the total grief written clear on his face. The pain meds and agony kept your mom from knowing the truth.
“They’re safe.”
“I knew you’d come and save us.” Your mom breathed as her eyes started hiding the pretty blue you’d now only see in pictures. In your dreams, until even those faded as father time cruelly pulled you along.
Then your worst nightmare happened. You watched as the woman you looked up to flatlined with the thought of her children safe. You’d always know she’d held on just long enough to find out the state of her children. You could only hope she’d forgive your father for lying to her as she died.
“Mom!” You screamed, fighting the arms of an orderly restraining you. You barely noticed the resistance to your frantic attempts.
One minute you were staring at a team unsuccessfully trying to revive your long-gone mother, then you were in a hotel room. The atmosphere tense and quiet between father and daughter, with the ghost of your dead family to keep you both company. You could hear Brook gagging every time you’d kissed your now ex. You could see Bobby toddling after you years ago.
At least you had your father—a father whose guilt festered until he couldn’t hold it in anymore.
“It was my fault.” He murmured, staring at the barely eaten burger that tasted solely just cardboard. He couldn’t bear to look at your face, “I didn’t mean to leave it on.”
Your head snapped to stare at him in disbelief, “What do you mean you didn’t mean to leave it on?”
“I-I went to the roof to sleep after your mom kicked me out. I didn’t have my keys to the apartment I had below ours.” Bobby began spilling the lies he’d told to you about his addictions. Of the apartment, you’d had no clue was even in his possessions.
The pain of losing your family tore into you, “You took my mom away from me. I’ll never get to share my wedding day with her. Shopping for a dress and gossiping about boys. I’ll never be able to wipe Brook’s tears during her first heartbreak.”
Each word broke Bobby more and more.
“You stole my future. You’re selfish, ungrateful and utterly pathetic. You cost so many people so much, all because you sought out your next high.” You spat, glaring at someone you’d never expected to hurt you. You didn’t notice your hands grabbing your possessions nor opening the hotel room door, “You couldn’t even properly try to get clean.”
“Get your shit together before you kill anyone else. I never want to see you again.” You sobbed with regret already festering in your body, but pride held you back from apologizing.
Upon your return to your dorm with Dottie by your side, you immediately began the process to enter an exchange program. Within a month, your feet entered Sydney Airport. You didn’t return to America for several years.
You took a job as a casual lifeguard on Bondi Beach, met Lucas in a meet-cute situation at the grocery store. You graduated college and found a job as a paramedic as you began becoming a flight paramedic. In 2020 Lucas and you discovered you’d be bringing in a little baby into the world.
Learning about your little Cashew growing safe in your womb fanned the flame of desire to reconcile. Ultimately the pride kept pushing the urge to apologize for the cruel words you told your father further away. You naively believed you had all the time in the world.  
Remember the six-letter scary word? If losing your mom, siblings, and father was a devastating blow, losing Lucas was nearly tied. Your little Cashew lost their father before they even got to meet him. That was push enough to pack up your home and fly back to America with your father’s new address as soon as you could.
In the fallout of the apartment fire, your father relocated from Minnesota to Los Angeles. 
Tumblr media
Los Angeles, 2020
As soon as you’d found the nicest but cheapest hotel to stay in until you found a place, you walked the streets of LA. The first order of business of approaching your father at his workplace as you had no personal address. Residing still in Minnesota, Deputy Chief Evans had only given you the address of Bobby’s work.
You could only hope Bobby wouldn’t turn you away. That he was willing to bridge the gap, you’d widened over the years. That he could forgive the silence to each email, he sent when you changed numbers.
“We should go out to dinner.” The female voice was what brought you back to the present time. The woman was beautiful with her buzzed head and clear skin.
Right by her side was a dark-haired male of Asian ethnicity with a bag thrown over his shoulder, “If you’re paying, you bet I’ll be there.”
The two continued to converse in their own world until the man had to literally dodge you when they finally noticed you.
“Does Chief Bobby Nash work here?” You inquired, having no desire to enter small talk when the baby was sitting on your bladder again. You nearly retched when the man stared down at your swollen midsection, shocked, “It’s not his baby.”
Hen caught the evident disgust on your face, “He’s in his office. I’ll guide you there…”
“Y/N.” You supplied the firefighter. Hen smiled in response, “And your name is…”
“Henrietta Wilson, but you can call me Hen. That was Howard Han. He goes by Chimney, and I’ve been sworn to secrecy on the name.” Hen chuckled in her steps to the closed door of the fire chief. Hen swiftly knocked on the door to give Bobby a heads up.
“Come in!” Bobby called from his pile of paperwork he had pushed and waited to work on. It had slipped as the date came closer. Your twenty-seventh birthday, the seventh one since he last saw you.
“Cap, a woman is asking for you,” Hen told her friend and boss. It’s a good thing you didn’t choose to surprise your father because Hen was shorted, and your bump made manoeuvring around tricky.
“What can I do…” Bobby trailed off when he saw the girl waiting to talk to him. The pen in his hand dropped to the table in shock.
Hen glanced between the two equally taken aback individuals, “Am I missing something here?”
“Hey, dad.” You whispered to the man who’d been dreaming of this moment since the minute you left. He’d searched for you at your previous college and nearly made a missing person report.
“Dad?” Hen couldn’t pick her jaw up from the floor if she even wanted to because this was juicy information. Sure, Bobby had caved into telling his team, his family that he’d lost his wife and two children in a fire.
He rarely talked about his life before the 118, but he’d never mentioned having a surviving daughter. Not in the handful of times he’d talked about the tragedy, nor did he have any objects or photos of you. 
“You’re really here?” Bobby lightly chuckled with a twinkle in his eye. Hen had only seen a handful of times. All of them had Athena in the scene, “I missed you.”
“I missed you too.” You beamed, stepping closer to the man you’d missed dearly, “I’m so sorry for the way I left. What I said was cruel and untrue. You aren’t selfish, and I can’t blame you for something you couldn’t control.”
Bobby grinned. He’d stepped around his desk only to halt when he took in an undeniable development—the baby bump you carried.
“I’m pregnant. Six months along with a baby girl.” You laughed to the apparent disbelief in your father’s light brown eyes. His gaze continued to shift between the bump and your e/c eyes.
“Wow. Sorry, this” 
“She’s one of the reasons I wanted to come back. To fix our relationship because I want her to know her grandpa. You’re the only grandparent Poppy will know.” Bobby was quick to tug you into his arms as soon as the first tear dropped down your cheek.
There was so much you wanted to tell your father, but that overwhelming grief rose higher. You’d left Australia where Lucas laid in a plot in a cemetery. You left the friends you’d found in the city. Left the lifeguard job you’d come to love.
“Where are you and your partner staying?”
“He...uh...Lucas passed away recently.”
The arms holding you tightened in response to your confession, “Oh sweetheart.”
“I didn’t know where else to go. I can’t stay in the home we bought. Not the place he died when I couldn’t save him.”
“I don’t know what happened, but it wasn’-”
“Don’t coddle me. I a paramedic. A flight paramedic, to be specific, so I know that my hesitation could be the reason he died.”
Your career took the father by complete and utter surprise because you’d always planned on a different job. Before the fire that claimed so many lives, you’d never entertained a career in the emergency field.
“We have a lot to catch up on. First, you need to know that I’ll always love your mother no matter what, but you need to know. I met someone when I first moved here, and we were friends at first. She divorced her husband. We started dating...sweetheart, I remarried.”
A wave of emotions flared in your chest, from betrayal to sadness and ultimately happiness. Having lost your first love, you understood and knew if love came around for you, you wouldn’t ignore it. Lucas wouldn’t want that.
“I can’t wait to meet her.”
Re-entering into Bobby’s new life was a difficult adjustment for everyone included. Tension had risen between Athena and Bobby for a brief period. Athena hadn’t even been aware of your existence, but she could fault Bobby. Athena had even told her first husband about her late fiance Emmett when they were still together.
It was difficult for you with the new addition of two step-siblings in the same birth order as Brook and Bobby had been. The Grant siblings had welcomed you into the family without any reservations.
“Did you ever get to fly the chopper?” Harry asked as he scrubbed the dirty dish from the Sunday family dinner. 
It was the first dinner that had no awkward tension since you arrived back in the country. Athena had taken a bit to warm up, but it was nothing personal. She’d actually been the one to find you you’d been staying at a hotel. Mama Athena did not like her pregnant step-daughter living at a hotel. She’d actually stormed your room with Hen and Karen as back up to pack your room and leave for the Grant-Nash house.
“No. I had to help keep the patients alive. If I’m telling the truth...sometimes I didn’t even notice I was in the air.” You whispered to your stepbrother. He was just invested in your career as he had been when Bobby first entered their lives.
“That is so cool!” Harry enthused with soap suds splashing your thin knitted sweater. Harry’s mouth formed an ‘o’ when you flicked water onto his face in retaliation.
“Do you know Bondi Beach in Australia?” You inquired the youth with the chore of dishes completed.
“Yeah! There’s a tv show called Bondi Rescue! I watch the clips on YouTube!” Harry exclaimed, hot on your heels to the couch. Out of May and Harry, he followed you around with questions about your life in Australia.
“I was a casual lifeguard. I’m not featured on that show, but I would get called in when a lifeguard was needed. It paired well with my job as a flight paramedic.” You half-smiled, remembering the Bondi lifeguards who had welcomed you into the family. You became one of them when they started pranking you.
“Did you ever see a shark-”
“Harry, go brush your teeth. Leave Y/N alone.” Athena informed her youngest from the open patio doors. Your father, Athena and May had been outside as soon as the table had been cleared.
“Harry,” Athena warned the youngest Grant. Harry didn’t attempt to argue with his stern mother; all he did was hug you quickly. You watched the young boy disappear into the hallway.
“He reminds you of your little brother?” Athena questioned. In your time of reminiscing, the older woman had settled in Harry’s previous position.
“A little.” You whispered, “Thank you for welcoming me into the family. For making my dad happy.”
“You know I may have some baby clothes put away if you’d like to use them?” Athena offered with that smile that made you feel at home. Athena was far different from your late mother, with her presence commanding respect and intelligence. Your mom was similar, but I suppose it could be described as a softer touch.
“Anyway, saving a penny is appreciated. I have a question for you also.” You hesitantly started with a bundle of nerves deep in your belly. Athena turned to give you her full attention.
“Well? Out with it.” Athena pushed, but she had a slight feeling of what you were about to ask her.
“My mom was one the strongest women I know. It hurts that my baby won’t get to experience her love and guidance, and you can say no. We’ve only known each other a short time, but would you consider...maybe being a grandma to my baby?”
Giddy was the feeling Athena developed along with the laughing smile that only came from happiness. The woman could only nod her head in response to your hesitant question. To Athena’s knowledge but not yours, Bobby was softly smiling, watching his formerly estranged daughter getting along with your stepmom.
“Oh!” You gasped as your baby kicked hard enough for her foot imprint to be seen through your knitted sweater. 
Bobby was by your side in concern the second he heard your startled sound, but Athena wasn’t that concerned. Athena remembered having the same reaction.
“Are you okay?” Bobby frantically questioned. He faltered when the woman shared a belly-deep laugh at the sheer fear written in the seasoned firefighter’s eyes.
“Poppy was kicking.” You chuckled as your father’s shoulders dropped in relief, “Here.”
Your nimble fingers clasped around your father’s wrist to bring his palm to the spot Poppy was kicking. A certain lightness flooded your entire body, being capable of sharing this experience with Bobby. Watching tears well up in the grandpa to be’s brown eyes.
“Whoa.” Bobby breathlessly spoke as Poppy kicked against his palm. The feeling building in his was exhilarating with the small amount of grief mixed in, “I remember when your mom was pregnant with you. We didn’t know if we were having a girl or boy, but she was adamant you would be a kickboxer. So active.”
Athena watched as the relationship between father and daughter started healing directly in front of her eyes. The Sergeant was about to give you two some privacy when you caught her hand in your free one.
“Here.” You informed the older woman shifting to place her hand where your father’s hand had previously been. Your e/c eyes sought the wonder-filled different shades of brown eyes the couple had.
“You should get some sleep,” Athena spoke, staring at her hand resting on your bump. Her dark chocolate brown rising to find your gaze, “You won’t be getting a lot once she arrives.”
Bobby and Athena watched as you turned the corner to the spare room Athena’s parents used when they visited. For the time being, you’ve moved into the room, and the Grant-Nash house hoped you would stay. May had always wanted a sister, and Harry loved all the stories you told about Australia.
“You know, at some point, you’ll have to talk to her.”
“I just was-’
“-without anyone else being the buffer. Bobby, both your lives is evidence enough that some things are too trivial to stress over.” Athena pinned her stern gaze on her husband. The same husband is actively trying to avoid her penetrating gaze.
“What I did-’
“Is in the past, Bobby. You have a second chance with that wonderful woman in that bedroom and our grandchild. Now, are you sure that having the party at the firehouse is okay?”
Tumblr media
A hand supported the base of your back where an ache tended to stay for most of the day. That ache wasn’t the worst symptom of your pregnancy. You had heartburn constantly that tied with unfortunate constipation that had thankfully lessened. Your purse always had a cardigan for the hot flashes as well.
“Perfect! May has my car, and Bobby needed that.” Athena beamed from the open bay of the 118. One of the firefighters, Eddie, if you recalled, snagged your purse and the specific ingredient for a recipe.
“You could have borrowed Bobby’s-”
“His vehicle is in the shop Buck.” Athena interrupted the only member of the 118 you had let to officially meet.
Now there were two suspects of the sudden shortness of breath you started experiencing. It could be Poppy in the limited space in your body or the handsome firefighter. Buck had to be hands down none of the most attractive men you’d ever encountered. His dark blonde hair had minimal height, but the soft waves made your fingers itch to feel it. His ocean blue eyes crinkled at the corners with mirth.
“Ah, so you’re flesh and blood of Cap?” Buck questioned from in front of you. His blue eyes centred solely on you, with half a mind thanking himself that he could navigate the station blindfolded in the dark.
“For the last twenty-seven years, I have been.” You retorted, stopping at the edge of the stairs to the apparatus. Your keen sense of smell catching one of your favourite meals your father had dug up from the recipes he hadn’t used in years.
A zing of electricity trailed off your arm when a calloused palm met yours. Your e/c eyes followed the path of tan skin until it reached the shirt sleeve of Buck’s t-shirt. The shirt emblazoned on the chest with the department’s insignia. The man in the casual uniform guided you safely up the stairs with his hand on your back.
The pressure of Buck’s hand on your aching back muscle nearly brought what would be an embarrassing moan from your lips. Thankfully a gasp of surprise fell out instead at the banner hanging with other decorations.
“What?” You choked, cupping your hands to your face. Pure unadulterated shock and affection flooded every inch of you.
The entire 118 squad intermixed with their loved ones surrounded the open area with grins. On a table behind everyone was many wrapped gifts. But the cake was the most impressive.
A large rectangular cake in the realistic shape of a fire engine parked in front of a fire hydrant with a fondant hose going to the truck. On top of the fire truck was the turnout boots next to the matching helmet, the 118 proudly on it. You adored the turnout coat draping off the top to hang off the side.
“If you look at the helmet, it says Poppy.” Buck enthused, guiding you even closer to catch the immaculate cake, “It has to be the best cake we’ve gotten from them.”
“Hey, my rebar head cake was phenomenal!” Chimney called with a belying grin on his face. His hand encased by a brunette woman about his height with her heels on.
“It’s a long story.” Buck offered as soon as you gave him a weird questioning look, “Let me introduce you to everyone!”
For the next five minutes, you spend it by meeting the family of 118, including Eddie’s completely adorable son. Christopher was happy to sit next to you as soon as Harry had found you. Slowly the others came closer to hear the stories.
“What’re the most common injuries on the beach?” Denny, Hen and Karen’s ten-year-old son questioned.
“Bluebottle Jellyfish stings. On one day, we had hundreds of people come to the tower for stings, and the treatment for the minor ones is stingose spray and ice.”
“My question is how a girl from Minnesota is a lifeguard in Australia. Especially on Sydney’s most dangerous beach.” Chimney inserted, waving his bottle of pop at you, his eyes kept moving towards the wine Maddie brought.
Unfortunately, the 118 wouldn’t be celebrating with the wine until their shifts ended in a few short hours. It was a damn miracle they hadn’t been called out yet.
“This former Minnesotan spent summers at my best friend’s parents’ place in Cali as a lifeguard. Also, Bondi is not the most dangerous beach in Sydney. That’s Tamarama.” You pointed towards the man who raised his hands in surrender.
“Have you ever seen a dead body?” Harry asked, bringing a sobering silence in the question’s wake.
Your body language changed as soon as he asked, “Unfortunately, I’ve seen death as a paramedic and as a lifeguard.”
“You’re a paramedic? I thought you were just a lifeguard?” Buck asked, interested in the new information. Buck could feel his Captain’s eyes on the back of his head; he was sure Bobby could smell the attraction on Buck.
“Casual lifeguard. Called when needed as a backup.” You turned your e/c eyes towards the arguably youngest member of the 118.
“How many dead-”
“Harry.” Athena warned her son from continuing a topic that killed the ease and happiness you’d shown previously, “Why don’t we stop talking about-”
“Too many, Harry.” You interrupted your stepmom with a gentle smile towards the woman, “It’s not just drowning that claims lives but also the cliffs surrounding the beaches. Lifeguards patrol more than the beaches and water. Lifeguards respond to medical emergencies, mostly spinal until the paramedics arrive.”
“I had a fellow lifeguard leave the job because of the suicides we deal with.”
“...who wants cake?” Karen used the quiet interlude of the much too serious topic for a group of kids barely in the double digits of ages. All referenced children followed Hen’s life to the beautiful baked creation.
“Sorry for getting dark there.”
“We all know the dark side of the jobs we chose to do. You sound like you miss Australia. Are you going to return there?” Eddie questioned with one eye pinned on his son, consuming more sugar than he wished.
Eddie’s question did raise self-doubt, but you knew that ultimately living in Australia was no longer a viable option. 
“There’s nothing there for me.”
Eddie, Buck and your father understood that mentality to a ‘t’ with family complications keeping them away. Your father for obvious reasons, whereas Eddie and Buck each had a living family with opinions only they saw right.
“You’re always welcome here. Especially when you bring that little cutie to the firehouse.” Maddie cooed towards your baby bump. The 911 dispatcher had asked many questions about your pregnancy.
 Maddie was the type of person who could make a stranger feel like they had known for their entire lives.
A plate of the cake was thrust in front of your face courtesy of Maddie’s brother Buck. It is quite literally the perfect size you could ask for. In his other hand, he had a new bottle of water waiting for you to grab.
“Thank you, Buck.” Your shock must have shown in your voice when his cheeks flushed.
“This whole party is a celebration for you, so you shouldn’t have to get up...unless you want to!” Buck rushed to respond, getting more flustered with the amused look of his older sister on him, “You’re already doing something absolutely amazing, so you should get to rela-”
“Buck!” You laughed, ending the older man’s rambling thoughts. The entire party attendees had started watching Buck’s failed smooth attempt.
“Thank you.”
Buck mutely nodded in response, “No prob-”
The bell was the one to interrupt him instead. The on-duty firefighters rushed down from the upper levels to the lockers. The swift suiting up impressed you as it was like you blinked, and the bay was empty.
“Should be the last call before they get off shift.” Maddie, still occupied with the cake she was eating, “That wine looks so good!”
Your attention snapped from the vacant spots the 118 vehicles parked to the woman ploughing down on the cake. Sure it was good, but not that good. Maybe you could tell as a pregnant woman, or perhaps you just caught some of the symptoms you felt.
“How far along are you?”
Maddie froze, “What are you talk-”
“You’re pregnant, right?”
“Don’t tell anyone. Chim and I found out recently, but we want to wait on telling people. Once the first trimester is over, everyone can know.” Maddie pleaded with two hands cupped under her chin in a prayer position. The pretty brunette using the puppy dog eyes on the new friend she’d made.
“You should tell Buck-”
“We will once we enter the safe zone. So tell me about your baby’s father.” Maddie swiftly changed the subject, unaware of the ache developing in your midsection.
“Lucas Gowan.” You mussed, recalling the freckled half Australian half Scots man with the thick red locks.
“Ooh, is he still in Australia?”
“Technically, he is. I met him at the grocery store near the university campus. I’d transferred to escape my grief. It was purely an attraction at first sight before developing into love at first sight. We convocated and moved into a cosy little place. We’d only just found out about the baby when Lucas passed away.”
As you told Maddie, your hand had moved to cradle the only remaining piece of Lucas. 
“His death was unexpected and sudden. He’d taken a run the morning of our scan to find out baby Gowan’s gender. He fell off the side of the cliff. I was told he died instantly. The investigator believes his shoelace untied, and he stepped on it. Fell right off the side.”
“I’m so sorry.” Maddie breathed, leaning closer to hold your hands in her own, “He’d be so proud of you. For returning to the states. Do you keep in contact with his family?”
“He was an only child. Parents died in a car accident when he was ten years old. He was in foster care until he aged out of the system. Poppy is named after his mom.”
Maddie instinctively knew talking about Lucas was, “You know you get along pretty well with Buck... I’ve never seen him so flustered.”
“Maddie, I can tell you are a very intelligent woman, but you’re wrong here. Why would a guy like Buck be interested in a pregnant woman with a reconciling relationship with her father and his Captain while grieving her baby’s dad?”
Maddie tilted her head to the side, “Because I know my brother. He’s only ever had that look when I first moved to LA. Back when Abby was still important to him.”
“We’ll just have to agree to disagree.”
Maddie’s mouth opened to speak, but you were saved by the bell when Athena called you over for pictures. Then her attempts got thwarted once more when the 118 returned to the house perfectly synced to the end of shift.
“Driving here was the last time until the baby’s here. You’ve got precious cargo-”
“I’m seven months pregnant; I can still drive. There’s no law saying I can’t-”
Never argue with Athena Grant-Nash, “It may not be illegal, but I won’t endanger my daughter or my granddaughter.”
“I have to get to my OB/GYN appointment tomorrow. You and Dad each have a long shift during my scheduled appointment. Harry is both too young to drive and in school. May has a shift at dispatch. There’s literally no one available to take me.”
Bobby watched as two of the most important women in his life argued over something as trivial as driving. Harry shook at listening to someone fighting against his mother; she could be terrifying.
“I can take her.”
Everyone in the fir house turned to the voice who’d offered suddenly and found the sheepish form of a tall firefighter. Eddie’s eyebrows raised at his best friend.
“I don’t work tomorrow. I’ve got no plans. Albert’s got some date with a girl at her place.”
“I couldn’t put you out.”
“You need a ride, and I’ll be bored, so why not take my new friend to her baby doctor.”
“Baby doctor?” Hen parroted to her wife in astonishment towards her coworker and close friend. Both the women found the blatant flirting from Buck to the soon to be mother.
“She’ll take you up on the offer. She’s staying in our guest room. Come early for breakfast before you go. We’ll be having waffles.”
Tumblr media
Buck found any excuse to visit the Grant-Nash home with the motive to hang out with you ever since the baby shower. From delivering baked goods from your favourite bakery to insisting on driving you to appointments. Didn’t matter if Athena or Bobby could take you; Buck was adamant he drove you.
The friendship was easy going and very natural, like a ball glove still moulded perfectly to your hand. The hangouts in your home evolved to weekly visits to restaurants with guidelines to the current event happening worldwide. 
Ultimately it even led to a test date.
“You look breathtaking.” Buck breathlessly informed you once he’d gently pushed your chair closer to the table.
“Thank you.” You kindly responded despite thinking the complete opposite to the charming man sitting across from you.
Athena and May had helped you get ready for the date with calming words on how going on a date so far into the pregnancy was okay. Then, your father had tentatively inserted himself with sage advice on re-entering the dating scene.
“I thought we could grab some ice cream after,” Buck spoke up as soon as the waiter had taken your drink order. Buck had decided to refrain from alcohol and went with glasses of lemonade and water.
“You shouldn’t say that. I’ll just want ice cream.” You snickered, caressing the taut belly you’d grown to love. In fact, the firm push of a heel announced Poppy’s agreement with ice cream as dessert.
“How is Poppy?”
“The doc says she’s right on track. Healthy all around and in the position, she’s supposed to be at this stage.” Buck adored the affectionate smile that always appeared when the topic of your pregnancy was brought up.
“That’s amazing! Bobby gushes about you and Poppy. The fridge has an entire door dedicated to sonograms of Poppy. Even a few from that maternity shoot Hen and Maddie surprised you with.”
A few weeks had passed since the baby shower the 118 had surprised you with. Maddie had announced her pregnancy to the joy of the chosen family she had. Bobby had put together a crib he had painted. Michael, Athena’s ex-husband, had started making plans for adding on to the house for a room for the baby.
Despite informing the architect, you planned on moving out when you had saved enough, he’d made a sound argument. Athena would want a place for the baby to stay when you visited, or the woman demanded to babysit.
Now you found yourself in a National forest not far from Los Angeles, posing in front of nature. A surprise photoshoot Hen and Karen had organized with Karen’s brother Trey. Maddie and Athena had been the ones who drove you.
“Hold the teddy bear on your bump,” Trey informed you from behind his professional and intimidating camera. The photographer praised you in the rapid movement to listen to his offer.
“Hey! Maddie! You should take a few photos. I need a pee break.” You didn’t wait for Maddie to respond in your rush to the somewhat rustic bathroom hut.
By the time you returned, Maddie was taking a couple pictures. Then you took some with Athena to have on the nursery walls and for Bobby to have a photo for his desk.
“Now one with all three of you.”
“So a daredevil.” You stated unsurprised that the firefighter had a history of recklessness. You don’t go into firefighting without a taste for danger.
“The bruises and blood fit better than the awful bleached hair during my time in Peru.” Buck laughed, recalling the questionable choice in his fashion pre-firefighting. Sometimes he missed the people he encountered in his period of self-discovery.
“You didn’t wear puka sh-”
“I did. Bleached hair, puka shells and Hawaiian shirts were my staples during my bartending years. I fit in with the aesthetic of the bar I tended.”
“Buck!” You nearly gasped at his raw honesty. Buck didn’t hold back any answers to your questions, but you each strayed from the topic of family.
Talking about the tragic family history wasn’t a good idea on the first time regardless of the time you’d known each other.
“You’re telling me-” Buck halted as soon as he caught the flash of discomfort flicker over your beautiful features, “Are you okay?”
“She shifted. Been sitting on my blad-” You cut yourself off with a hiss of pain. Buck’s eyes widened at the pain taking over your features, “Oh, that hurt.”
Buck went straight into work mode, “Have you been in pain for long?”
“No. A few cramps here and there today, but my doctor said it was nothing to worry about.” You informed the experienced first responder resting level to your knees.
Buck didn’t want to say it, but he was sure that you’d gone into early labour. There was no indication your water had broken, but he kept over the last hour together. Every once in a while, you shifted or pressed a hand to your bump.
“Has your water broken?”
You shook your head, “No, but...oh... that’s not a cramp.”
With that statement out, you clenched your fingers tight on the edge of the table as pain rippled in your belly. A contraction that stole your breath momentarily. In your contraction, Buck had dialled 911. Buck recalled that sometimes a woman’s water doesn't break until right before the birth.
“We’re not getting that ice cream, are we?” You snorted upon being lifted onto the gurney. How fortunate or unfortunate you were to have the 118 right there.
Hen had taken a position at your feet to check on your lower body while Chimney took your vital signs. You honestly didn’t like the look Hen and Chimney shared with Buck.
“What is it?”
“We’re gonna need to deliver here.” Hen sighed, giving you the facts that terrified you. When you envisioned having the baby, it was in a medical centre. Not in a restaurant.
“My office is large and away from the crowd if you want. I can show you the way.” Sophie, the restaurant manager, offered already starting to lead the way. Sophie would never know how thankful you felt for being able to have privacy.
“Okay, Y/N, is it okay if I check how dilated you -.” Hen breathed with her hand, gently disappearing until the thin blanket Chimney procured from the stocked ambulance, “Y/N when I saw I want you to do that.”
Hen didn’t need to check your dilation when she could see the baby’s head already.
“I’m right here.” Buck cooed in your ear. He had held your hand as his coworkers did their jobs around you.
“This isn’t the way I envisioned you seeing my pu-”
“Push.” Hen urged, cutting off your almost vulgar language, but it eased the tension in the small restaurant office. You couldn’t even see Buck’s flustered reaction as you bore down with the contraction, “Good! Take a breath.”
“You’re a strong woman. It never ceases to amaze me the strength women have.” Buck spoke, keeping your e/c eyes on his blue ones. His hand raised to push a strand of your sweaty hair off your temple.
“Once more push!” Hen called out just in time with the last contraction. The feeling of the pressure between your legs popping was moan inducing.
Poppy was silent. Your entire body froze, yearning for the sweet sound of crying instead of the eerie silence. The world stood still as Chimney worked on your baby girl.
“Pulse is strong,” Chimney announced, keeping his attention on the task of clearing Poppy’s throat and nose. And that sweet sound of crying commenced, “Congratulations Y/N, you have a beautiful baby girl. Let’s get you to the hospital.”
Your father beat the ambulance to the nearest ER in pure anticipation at meeting his granddaughter Poppy Nash Gowan. He barely noticed as Buck stuck to your side like glue. Bobby waited outside the door as you got checked over in the room.
“Quite the first date.” You mused towards Buck, who hovered in awe over the life form you had carried for nine months. You’d been pregnant for three quarters of an entire year to his fascination. 
“All my meaningful relationships started with a medical emergency.” Buck finally looked up at you. He’d kept Poppy company in the bassinet while you delivered the afterbirth upon entering the hospital.
“Had a tracheostomy on Valentine’s Day with Abby, an earthquake with Ali and a newscaster in a crashed helicopter.” Buck listed off. He hadn’t even noticed scooping the newborn into his arms until he’d sat in the chair by your bed, “Why not add a sudden labour and delivery.”
“He would have liked you.”
The sentence came out of absolutely nowhere. Almost like something had ripped it out of your vocal cords. At the look of confusion, you elaborated.
“Lucas. He would have liked you. I think if it is possible, he might have pushed me into meeting you. I’ll still need to take it slow, but I’d like to give this a shot.”
That was all Buck needed to lean in closer to kiss you—the first of many kisses.
Some might disagree on how quick your relationship with Buck developed, but they didn’t know yours at all. It was natural with the firefighter who stepped into the role of father figure for a growing Poppy. By the time Poppy was one, you’d moved into a house not far from your father’s place with Buck. By the time Poppy was three, a pretty ring had sat on your finger. By five, the young girl had a baby brother. 
“Your parents spoil Poppy.”
“You say that like you didn’t crawl into her crib during her afternoon naps.” You deadpanned towards your husband. Buck had the nerve to sheepishly grin, “You give in each time she says ‘pwetty pwease’ for a cookie.”
“It’s a crime to make her sad!” Buck defended himself, but a grin of amusement threatened his act, “Besides, you crack each time too!”
“Mhm. Just wait until Theo can talk.” You pressed a kiss to the sleeping infant strapped into the baby carrier. Theodore Robert Buckley could fall asleep in a thunderstorm if he was in Buck’s arms.
“Oh! Maddie wants to have Poppy over for a play date. Madster’s been begging for her cousin to have a sleepover.”
Maddie and Chimney’s daughter was only a few months younger than your daughter, but the two were thick as thieves. Buck had referred to the Han daughter as Madster with how similar her mannerisms were to her mother.
“Think they’d take the rascal?”
“Is this code for you wanting to have another?” Buck questioned with a twinkle of mischief in his blue eyes. The same blue Theo had inherited along with a birthmark like Buck’s on his bicep.
“I-” You choked, blinking furiously, “Evan, I pushed Theo out of my body barely three months ago!”
Buck inconspicuously winked in response with the sudden scream of excitement coming from Poppy. The rambunctious five-year-old ploughed into Buck’s legs full force. Falling into the practised ease, you’d unstrapped Theo from Buck’s chest and promptly had his tiny body stolen into his grandpa’s arms.
“There’s my boy.” Bobby cooed to the sleep drunk tiny infant. The little baby is crowded by his Gram Athena and Aunt May, “Gonna have to get you a Minnesota Wilds jersey.”
“Hell no. That boy is LA born and bred. He’ll be wearing a Kings jersey like the civilized.” Michael announced with the sudden arrival of Theo and Poppy’s Uncle Harry.
“Mommy? When are we going to Stralia?” Poppy inquired from right beside your leg. Her tiny handheld is the giant one of her dad.
“In a few weeks. Are you excited to see the mommy’s old friends again?”
“Hm. Can we see Dada?”
Buck may be Poppy’s father, but he’d never let Poppy go without knowing she had two fathers in all. Her first one waiting to meet here decades from the time she was born and solely referenced Lucas as Dada. Buck was grateful for the man who brought Poppy into existence; the little green-eyed tot Buck could never regret. Unlike Buck’s parents keeping his older brother’s existence a secret, the firefighter refused to follow in their footsteps. He’d continue to shower the late Lucas in gratitude and respect. He refused to make the same mistakes as Phillip and Margaret Buckley.
“Of course. C’mon Poppy, time to say goodbye.” Buck guided the little girl to the extended family showering her little brother with love. The little girl was quickly swung into Bobby’s arms, and Athena cooing at your infant son.
Changes. The six-letter word doesn’t have to be terrifying. It can be breathtaking, memorable and beautiful to experience. 
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hotchsbabygirl · 6 months ago
Cake & Kisses
Tumblr media
Evan Buckley x Reader 
Warnings: nothing really 
Category: fluff with like 0.01 angst if you squint 
Word Count: 2.8k (This one kind of ran away from me oops)
Author’s Note: This is for my darling @mrs-dr-reid, when I saw it was your birthday, I had to write a little something for you. Happy birthday again! <3
The sun peeked through the curtains just as your alarm went off. Your boyfriend, Buck, had a habit of closing the curtains before he left for work which you didn’t mind on your days off but today, you couldn't wait to get out of bed. 
See, today was a special day. It was your birthday and Buck had been hinting all week that he had a surprise for you. 
“Babe?!” you shouted as you rolled out of bed.
Peering over the railing, you looked around for your boyfriend, but he was nowhere to be found. You picked up your phone to find a few messages, birthday wishes from your mom and your siblings before you came across a text from Buck. 
From Buck: Headed into work early, covering for Eddie. Chris came down with something so he took him to the doctors. See you at work, love you 
To Buck: Okay, love you too 
Huh. No birthday wish. It was a bit strange considering how excited he was but you didn’t think anything of it. Maybe he would tell you at work. You replied to your siblings and just as you were going to reply to your mom, she called you. You spoke with her as you got ready for work. She wished you well before letting you go. 
The drive to the station was quicker than expected. Walking in, it seemed like a normal day, you went through your routine- changing, clock in and head up for breakfast. You braced yourself, hoping that maybe there was a surprise for you but nope, just a regular old day. Hen was sitting on the couch, her legs up on the table with Chimney beside her in the same position, both of them saying good morning as you passed by. You smiled at them on your way to the kitchen, your boyfriend had his back turned to you, he was getting a cup of coffee. 
Your arms wrap around his waist, hugging him from behind. “Hey you” you smile, Buck’s hand comes down to rest on top of yours, “good morning baby. Want some coffee?” he turns, a mug in his other hand. You sigh, looking up at your boyfriend- head tilted slightly with a small smile on your face. 
“What ?” he smiles too, his expression mirroring yours. Shaking your head, you smile, “nothing. You just look cute that's all.” 
“Hm, so do you” he leans, meeting you halfway before giving you a kiss. 
“I’ll be back love, I forgot my phone in my locker” you give his hip a squeeze before unwrapping your arms from him and heading down the stairs. Once you reach the locker room, you see Eddie in there. Knocking on the wall to give him a heads up, he turns to the door. “Oh hey” he smiles and turns back to his locker. 
“Hey, how’s Chris feeling ?” 
“Chris ?” he trails off, he was unsure what you were talking about. 
“Buck said Chris wasn’t feeling well. You took him to the doctors ?” leaning against the lockers, you look at Eddie. You watch as his confusion changes into understanding. 
“Oh yeah, stomach bug he picked up at school. Carla’s at home with him” he says, he gave you another smile before stepping out of the room. 
You find your phone and sit on one of the benches. You find a few more messages from your friends from high school and such - not that you didn’t appreciate them, it was just that none of the messages were from who you really wanted one from. Regardless, you said thank you and moved on. 
Heading back up to the kitchen,  the team had made themselves comfortable at the table and they were having a conversation until they saw you. The conversation stopped, they were all looking at you. 
“Come sit, breakfast is gonna get cold” Bobby smiles, nodding towards the chair beside Buck. 
You take a seat next to your boyfriend, he smiles at you as his hand comes down and rests on your thigh. “Did I interrupt something just now?” questioning, you take a sip of coffee which you soon realized was Buck judging by the overpowering sweetness. 
“We were just talking about the latest episode, Buck said you hadn't seen it yet” Hen tells you, you hum. 
Breakfast was interrupted by the sound of blaring alarms. Everyone loaded up onto the truck, you could feel the awkwardness building by the second. From Buck leaving early this morning, to Eddie seeming confused about taking Chris to the doctors and then the dropped conversation at breakfast- something was off today. 
Nonetheless, you pushed all the awkwardness aside and did your job. There was a little kid who gotten himself stuck at the top of a tree but his father couldn't go up to get him because the branch was about to break. The entire team wasn't exactly needed, Eddie got up on the ladder and got the little boy down. 
You were sitting on the curb of the street when Buck found you. “Hey, we’re about to leave.” the displeasure evident on your face, Buck sat beside you. 
“Are you okay babe ?” 
“What day is it today ?” 
“The 5th, why ?” 
“So you know what day it is then” 
“Well yeah” Buck chuckled, “are you sure you’re alright ?” he asked once more, you hummed before getting up and leaving him at the side of the road.
The station was quiet, most of the team had left half an hour ago. Hen was on her way home to Karen and the kids, Chimney was going on a date with Maddie and Eddie was on his way home to his little boy. Your boyfriend Buck, also headed home because he was tired.
Bobby had made dinner and it didn’t seem fair for everyone to leave and have him be stuck with paperwork and dishes so you stuck around and tidied up a bit. After clearing the table and washing the dishes, as well as sticking the leftovers in the fridge, you head down to change and then go home. Seeing that it was empty, you took your sweet time changing. You were sitting on the bench, putting on your shoes when you saw Bobby coming towards you. 
“Did you clean the kitchen ?” he asks, stepping further into the locker room. 
“Yeah, I heard that you had some paperwork so it didn’t seem fair that you got stuck cleaning” you tell him. 
“Thank you,” he smiles and sits beside you, “did they all leave ?” 
“Yeah” you hum. 
Bobby nudged your shoulder with his, “Happy birthday y/n” he smiles, you look at him- shocked. “You remembered ?” “Of course, how could I not?” 
“Thanks” you give him another smile, which turns into a sigh. “What’s wrong ?”he asks you. 
“Oh, it’s nothing. Isn't Athena waiting for you at home ?” 
“She’ll be okay if I'm a few minutes late, what’s on your mind kid?”  
“It’s just that you’re the only one that remembered” you admit to him quietly. 
“Your birthday ? Surely at least Buck remembered” he looks at you. 
You shake your head, sighing. “Sorry, I feel like dumb whining about it. It’s just a birthday you know ? I mean they’ve got busy lives, it’s fine” you tell him, you were trying to reassure yourself more than you were trying to convince Bobby. 
“Hey, don’t apologize.” He gives your hand a squeeze, “why don’t you come over? You can have dinner with Athena and I” 
“Thank you, but I couldn’t do that. I can’t crash your plans like that” 
“Y/n, I assure you that you wouldn’t be crashing our plans. Plus, she’s been asking me when she’s going to see you again” he chuckles and gets up, “come on. I’ll call her and let her know that we’re coming” Bobby reaches into his pocket for his phone when you get up, you follow him outside and then the two of you head towards his house. 
The whole drive over, you couldn’t stop thinking about how they forgot your birthday. You could understand everyone else- Hen, she had Karen and her family to think about. Eddie was worried about Chris who wasn't feeling the best right now and Chimney and Maddie had a baby on the way- but Buck, that one hurt. 
Bobby waited for you outside and both headed in. He stepped in first, shouting for Athena as he walked in. “Honey! I’m home! Y/n’s with me!” he shouted, stepping further into the house. Bobby walked down the stairs first, the house was quiet and you hadn't heard Athena answer him either.  You followed him in, shutting the door when you stepped in. As you round the corner, you see the living room was empty, Bobby now by the dining room table with Athena. 
“Y/n, sweetheart!” Athena called for you as she saw you. She made her way over, arms opened for a hug. “Happy birthday!” She pulls you in for a hug, your arms wrapping around her. 
“Thank you Athena,” you give her a smile. “Hopefully, I'm not ruining any plans” She leads you towards the table, her hand now resting on your back. 
“Not at all, actually we were just waiting on you” she says, your brows furrow and head tilts in confusion. She holds your shoulders and spins you towards the kitchen where the team and their families are standing. 
“Happy birthday!” they all shout, you let out a laugh. “I cannot believe y’all” you’re smiling so much, it physically hurts your face. “Thank you, you guys are so sweet - and here I was thinking y’all forgot” 
“How could we forget your birthday?” Chimney asks as he comes over to give you a hug, Maddie following him and repeating his actions. Maddie wasn't far along but just far enough for her bump to start showing, your hand rests on her stomach for a moment, she smiles as her hand comes up to rest on yours. 
A few moments later, Hen and Karen come over, both wishing you a happy birthday as Denny and Nia give you the card they made for you. You crouch down to give them a hug, thanking them for the beautiful card they made you and promising them that it’s going to go up on the fridge when you get home.
Eddie and Chris were next, Chris wrapping his arms around your waist as he leant into your side. Your hand coming to his hair, running your fingers through it. “I thought you had the stomach bug lil man” you look down at the boy who was grinning at you. “No, dad and Buck said that so dad could pick up your birthday cake” he tells you, spilling all of his father and Buck’s secrets. “Is that so?” you ask him, looking at Eddie who was holding back a smile. “Yeah! it’s chocolate cake, I picked the flavour” he says proudly, making you smile. Chris walks off at some point while you and Eddie are talking, making his way over to Denny, Nia and Harry. 
“I know we shouldn’t have lied- are you mad ?” Eddie asks, handing you a cup of a currently unknown liquid. “I mean, kinda but not really ?” you both laugh, “happy birthday y/n” Eddie kisses your cheek before walking off. 
Finally your boyfriend makes his way over to you, slinging his arm over your shoulder. “Happy birthday baby” he smiles, kissing your temple as you lean into his side. 
“Thank you but I’m still mad at you” you huff, turning your face away from him. 
“Oh, what’s wrong ?” he asks, his thumb pushing your head back towards him. You smack his side, not hard enough to hurt him but hard enough to get his attention. “Ow! what was that for?” 
“How could you let me go all day thinking that you forgot my birthday ?!” 
“Because I had to come up with some way to keep this a secret! If I told you happy birthday, you'd realize I was up to something.” he tells you, you hum- not bothering to give his answer a reaction. You weren't actually mad, you were grateful that he took the time to plan a surprise party for you- you were grateful for the entire team, they truly were your family. 
“Don’t be mad, c’mon” he turns towards you, his hands now on your hips and your arms come up to his shoulders. “I couldn’t stay mad at you if I wanted to”  smiling at him, he leans in and kisses you. A chorus of ‘ew’ and ‘gross’ put a halt in your moment as you both look over to see the 3 boys giggling with a very confused Nia beside them. Buck laughs, sending them on their way before turning back to you.
“I hear I have chocolate cake waiting for me somewhere” 
“How’d you know that ?” he asks, obviously confused as to how you deduced the flavour of your birthday cake. 
“Ah man, that was supposed to be part of the surprise” 
“What can I say ? My charm is irresistible, he just had to tell me” you joke, Buck chuckles. Buck pulls you closer to him, his body basically pressed against yours. “Can I tell you something ?” he looks down at you- although you weren’t super short, he still towered over you, as he did everyone because he was a giant but that’s besides the point. You hum, waiting for him to tell you whatever it is he wanted to tell you.
“It was killing me not to tell you happy birthday. You have no idea how much I just wanted to pick you up and shout it” he groans and then sighs like he’s let out the biggest secret of his life. You laugh, “well I’m glad you told me anyways” you kiss his cheek, he smiles.
“Can you get me a cupcake, please ? I think they’re in the fridge” he asks, you hum. Letting go of him, you turn to the fridge. You spot your cake in the corner, blue frosting with white lettering. Finding the tray of cupcakes, you pull it out and set it in the counter before picking out one for Buck.
When you turn, Buck was gone - well it seemed like he was until you glanced down. Buck was in front of you on his knee, the black velvet box in his hand opened, a beautiful diamond ring sitting in it.
“Y/n, you make me the happiest I’ve been in a long time. I know I always tell you that I don’t believe in soulmates but with you- it’s different. You are my soulmate, the one I’m supposed to spend the rest of my life with. From the first day you walked into the station with your “I’m new but I know my shit” attitude, I was into you because babe, that was so hot.” You both chuckle before he continues.
“You’re my best friend and I would do anything to show you how much I love you - literally anything. I love you and I really hope you love me as much as I love you because this is about really awkward if you don’t- will you marry me ?” he looks up at you, the hope glimmering in his eyes.
When you look at Buck, you saw your whole world, your lover, your future all wrapped up into one.
“Yes, I’ll marry you” you lean down, hands cupping his cheeks as you kiss him. He gets up before sliding the ring onto your finger. You hold your hand out, admiring the ring. 
“Oh baby, it’s beautiful” you smile at him, his arm over your shoulder again. The two of you make your way to the backyard with everyone else.
“Guys!” Buck shouts, everyone stops and looks at the two of you. “We have an announcement to make,” he says, looking at you and smiling.
“We’re getting married!” You both shout simultaneously.
Everyone’s just as shocked as you were moments ago in the kitchen. “What?!” Chimney shouts back, making you laugh. You hold your hand out, showing him the ring. “Holy shit,” he turns back, looking at everyone. “They’re getting married”
Soon enough everyone comes over to congratulate the two of you, one by one. You and Buck stood together, he was talking to Bobby and Athena, his arm still over your shoulder. You look around the backyard, everyone’s smiling and happy.
This was your happy place, these people were your family and you wouldn’t want it any other way.
taglist: @ssa-volturi @advicefromnixxxx @dralexreid @keenmarvellover @beth-winchester21 @averyhotchner @fernandaweasley2 @yikesyikesyikes95 @hotchsdarling @venusrosepetal @luke-alvez @looney-literature @caitsymichelle13​
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cockslut-padalecki · 6 months ago
All The Good Girls Go To Hell (17)
Tumblr media
Summary: When Sam marries into Y/N’s family he naively believes she’s a little princess incapable of putting a step wrong. But once he comes face to face with evidence that proves she’s far from angelic which also implicates his own brother in her misdeeds, Sam finds himself battling against his own moral judgement.
Characters: Step Dad!Sam x Step Daughter!Reader, Uncle!Dean x Niece!Reader.
Words: 2586.
Warnings: stepfather/stepdaughter relationship, step uncle/step niece relationship, oral sex (male and female receiving), sexting, rough sex, major degradation, dirty talk, female masturbation, daddy kink, size kink, cheesy double entendres, Dean's filthy whore mouth, consensual amateur pornography, thigh riding, cockwarming, multiple orgasms, voyeurism, threesomes, face/throat fucking, overstimulation, dom/sub themes, Sammy being an absolute deviant, cream pies, sloppy seconds, cum eating, spit-roasting. Assume all tags will apply to every chapter and warnings may differ/alter as story progresses.
A/N: Again, massive thanks to both @winchest09 and @deanwanddamons for their help with this chapter, your support is unparalleled. And I have to apologise for the length of time it’s taken me to muster up the energy to write more of this - as most of you know, it’s been a tough couple of months so I just want to thank you all for being so understanding. Beta: @deanwanddamons but all the general bullshit is entirely mine. While likes are gold, feedback is golden. Masterlists can be found in my pinned post. Subscribe to Patreon and get access to fics, just like this one, two weeks before Tumblr for as little as $3.
Chapters eighteen and nineteen already available on Patreon.
The New Year is an hour away, and the house has been bustling with music, drinks and laughter since before 8pm. Out of all the people crowded inside, you recognise maybe four or five at most, and that’s excluding Sam, your mom and Bobby, who’s had a face like thunder the entire evening. And the longer you sit slumped against the sofa, sipping on a glass of slowly flattening coke— Sam refused to allow you even one glass of champagne, you realise you’re well on your way to matching your younger brother’s sour mood. 
You would usually have Janey to keep you company, but she and her parents decided to spend the holiday season skiing in Vail. Stupid Colorado. And while you had become friendly with Lesley, your roommate, you weren’t close enough just yet that it felt appropriate to invite her to your house, not to mention the fact she lived in Arkansas when she wasn’t at college, so having her make the nine hour trip just for one party seemed incredibly futile.
Bobby certainly wasn’t interested in inviting his friends to any kind of gathering that didn’t involve staying up until 2am playing video games, but he was now at the age where socialising with his big sister would massively impact his street cred, so making conversation with you was most unthinkable. 
Your mom is busy playing the hostess, making sure everyone’s drinks are flowing, and the hor d'oeuvres are kept in abundance, so you’re not worried about her failing to check up on you throughout the night, even though you’d probably be embarrassed if she did. You’re nineteen now after all— you don’t need her constant attention.
But the attention you do crave fails to come from the person you most want it to. Sam’s barely said two words to you all night, unless you decide to count the brief moment when he snapped at you in front of one of the partners at his law firm, who innocently suggested setting you up with his son, who was at a neighbouring college in Oklahoma.
“Ah, so this must be the prestigious Y/N,” the stocky man says, giving Sam a manly clap on the shoulder. “Your daddy doesn’t shut up about you.”
You flash Sam a coquettish look. “Is that right?” 
He tries to avoid your gaze, stifling his own grin behind his tightly-closed lips, as the friend laughs at Sam’s sudden coyness.
“Oh yeah, it’s ‘Y/N this, Y/N that.’ The usual proud father stuff.” 
You merely quirk an eyebrow in Sam’s direction, unable to hide the smile splitting your lips wide. He’s proud of me? 
“Say, you’re down in Norman, aren’t you?” the man questions, pulling your attention back towards him.
You nod politely. “Yes, that’s right.” 
“My son’s over at Edmond, maybe the two of you should get together some time.” He tries to joke, but you can tell underneath the layers of alcohol he’s serious. “He’s a good lookin’ kid, star quarterback, you name it, a real catch.”
Sam makes a disapproving sound under his breath, before attempting to interject. “Pete, I’m not sure—”
“Yeah, no thanks,” you object sharply. 
Sam’s hand pinches discreetly at your bicep causing you to glance up. His jaw is set in a hard line. “Watch your tone.” 
‘Pete’ doesn’t notice the exchange between you, or at least he pretends not to, instead laughing heartily. “Got your hands full with her, Samuel, she’s a fiery one.” 
Ever since that moment, Sam has given you a wide berth, almost silently punishing you for being so abrupt when ‘Pete’ was only trying to make conversation. But you didn’t want that kind of conversation. The very idea of being paired up with somebody other than Sam or Dean made you feel nauseous. You didn’t want a college boy who didn’t know a clit from an elbow. 
The later the night dwindles on, the more you wish your uncle was here to keep you company. Sam had invited him, but your mom didn’t want him hitting on her single mom friends, knowing exactly the kind of fuck ‘em and dump ‘em guy her brother-in-law is. The last thing she needs is a weeping girlfriend who had become ensnared in Dean’s intricate web of sex and empty promises.
You know Dean must be busy with his own New Year plans, and the more you think about it, the more you don’t want to. What kind of night was he having without you? Was he at a bar trying to pick up a date? Or was he already at home with someone, nailing them into the same mattress he’d fucked you on a hundred times? 
A blend of curiosity and envy fuels you to fumble inside the bosom of your dress, pulling your cell from the confines of your bra, and you quickly type out a text and send it to Dean. 
< Party’s so lame x
A reply comes quicker than you expect, and you can’t help feeling an overwhelming sense of relief. He wouldn’t text back so fast if he was balls deep in some slut, would he? 
Remember that time he took a phone call from Sammy while he fucked you sweetheart? your brain unkindly reminds you delivered in the form of Dean’s husky voice. Pushing those thoughts away, you glance down at the message.
> Oh princess, not getting the attention you want? x
You pout at your cell, hating that he knows you so well.
> Wish you were here to distract me x
> That so baby girl? x
Before you have a chance to reply, another message makes your cell vibrate in your clutches. 
> What kind of distraction you thinking? My tongue on your clit? How about two fingers in that tight little cunt? x
> Anything. Just— But before you have a chance to go into detail, your mom calls for you across the room. 
Midnight comes and goes. Kisses, hugs and a litany of wishing everyone “Happy New Year” are passed around the house, and you can’t help feel a pang of jealousy when you see Sam kiss your mom as the clock strikes twelve, signifying the start of January. 
Once the main focus of the party is done and dusted, Bobby disappears, no doubt retreating to his room to play more on the laptop you donated to him after your mom and Sam had bought you a new one for Christmas. You made sure everything incriminating had been deleted before handing it over, and while your little brother still hasn’t outwardly thanked you for the gift, you can tell he’s ecstatic with it. 
You just wish you’d had the idea first, knowing that Sam wouldn’t be best pleased if you both sulked off upstairs.
By 1:30am, the house is still packed to the rafters, despite handfuls of people taking their time saying their goodbyes before drunkenly stumbling to their cars, handing keys to reluctant spouses who hadn’t counted on driving home. 
Your mom is still caught up with some of her closest friends, and Sam flits amongst the rest of their guests, making small talk before he spots you in the hallway, your back to the wall while your eyes mindlessly wander from room to room. 
Placing his half empty glass of whiskey on the shelf above the fireplace, he slowly walks towards you, hands stuffed in his pockets. You haven’t seen him so dressed up in a long time, and the sight has kept you in a permanent state of arousal which has probably— definitely been the cause of your bad mood all night. His tight black shirt teamed with black jeans has always been a classic look for him, but alongside his new haircut and short beard you thought was just a phase while you were gone, he looks positively exquisite. 
“I know it’s a lot to ask, but can you at least pretend that you’re enjoying yourself?” Sam remarks when he reaches you, slumping against the wall beside you. “You’ve been wearing that scowl all night.”
“I’m surprised you noticed,” comes your reply. 
Sam snaps, and grabbing your elbow, pulls you quickly into the downstairs bathroom. As soon as the door closes with a soft click, he turns to face you, placing his hands either side of your head, effectively caging you in. His lips and brow are drawn tight in outrage. 
“You’re a selfish little brat, y’know that?”
“I had no idea,” you bite back with sarcasm. 
One of his arms moves from beside you, and in a flash, you find his forearm pushed hard up against your throat, his nose brushing yours as he threatens, “I thought I told you to watch your tone.”
"Slip of the tongue,” you give your lips a teasing lick, “must be the brat in me.”
“Don’t push me, Y/N. You know exactly what I’m capable of when you do.”
“Yeah, that lesson with the hooker really went down a treat.” The vitriolic words are out of your mouth before you can register them, and the darkness that descends over Sam’s features makes you regret them instantly, but you hold your nerve. 
The pressure against your throat lessens considerably, suddenly feeling the tips of his fingers replace his forearm, his tight hold instantly set to bruise and blemish the skin beneath them. 
"That lesson was to show you—”
“If you and Uncle Dean are allowed to fake it, I should be able to,” you cut in. You know exactly what the lesson was for, you don’t need him to spell it out for you. 
He shuts you down quickly. "Out of the question.” 
You glare at him, wishing with all your might that you had the strength to push him off. But you’re not quite done pissing him off yet. 
“Perhaps I should see about that guy’s son in Edmond,” you say, “sounds like just my type.”
Sam snaps, roughly pulling you from the wall over to the mirror, and turns you around to face it. His left hand holds your head in place, fingers biting sharply at your jaw, while his right curls firmly around your waist, holding your back tight to his chest. His eyes reflect back at you, and you could swear obsidian begins to pollute the golden flecks in his irises.
“You’re not anybody’s type but mine,” he declares deeply. “You belong to me. Not Pete’s limp-dicked son, not Dean, me." 
The hand around your jaw loosens slightly, and he drags his index finger teasingly over your bottom lip before letting it spring back into place. 
"These lips are mine.”
His right hand moves from around your waist, and up to your breasts, giving each one a squeeze, using his thumb and middle fingers to roughly tug through the material of your dress. You let out a strained whimper through barely parted lips. 
"These tits are mine.” 
The same hand smooths its way over your abdomen, and down the front of your dress until it reaches the hem, just out of sight. 
“This pussy is mine,” Sam growls, cupping you hard. 
“O— h, fuck,” you hiss. 
As he lets go of your jaw, the fingers already between your legs start to work your dress up over your hips to reveal dainty black panties. He makes light work of the lace, tugging them sharply down your thighs, and carelessly leaves them bunched around your knees to allow him complete access to your cunt. 
With one hand curled around your hip, Sam pushes you forward slightly, forcing you to bend against the fancy porcelain sink as he uses the other to tear into his suit and hastily pulls his cock free. You can feel the silky head poised at your entrance for a fraction of a second before he’s slamming his way home, both of you releasing groans from behind tightly clamped lips as his fingers find their way back to your throat, slotting perfectly into the indents he left behind. 
No matter how many times you find yourself at Sam’s mercy, you’ll never tire of the way your cunt spasms around him amidst that initial deep thrust— your body forgetful as he slides effortlessly into your channel, each ridge and bump a brand new revelation as if it’s the first time you’re discovering him, whilst muscle memory dictates it still somehow remembers every minute detail of his anatomy sheathed within your walls.
Flashing you a macabre smirk over your shoulder, he presses his lips to the shell of your ear, words bleeding into your skin like ink. 
“And now you’re gonna watch me take what’s mine.”
There’s a strange kind of awkward silence between them as Sam discreetly watches her rearrange her dress, pulling the material down over her sticky thighs. The knot he’s had all night in his stomach is still a little taut, however he can feel the kinks starting to loosen now he’s dealt with his fury at her in the only fucked up, dysfunctional way he knows how. 
He hates that she continues to push his limits, and more so that even after all this time, he’s still falling for it. He’s nothing but weak around her, and the facade that he’s always in control is just that— an act. 
From the moment she stepped down the stairs that evening, he felt it— that convoluted response to her presence he’d been trying to quell for months. Her pretty black dress hugged her body so sublimely. It looked as if the fabric had been sewn right onto the skin.
He felt it again when Pete suggested setting her up with his son, but this time it was tinged with disgust, the mere thought of anyone else touching her beyond his capabilities. And by the time it came to the moment he had to listen to his friends joke that they wouldn’t be able to “keep it in their pants” if she were their step-daughter, all he could do was smile through gritted teeth. 
She gives him a coy smile when she looks up and catches him looking, and he doesn’t think he’s ever seen anything so perfect, especially in her post-coital state. He returns her affection, giving her one last deep kiss before putting a finger to his lips, and takes the chance to peer out of the door to make sure the coast is clear. 
He can’t see a lot from this angle— his eyes flickering over a group of people he can’t recognise from the backs of their heads, suddenly blocked by the shadow of Bobby appearing at the bottom of the stairs.  
Sam debates slipping out when Audrey’s voice floats down the hall from behind the door. “Bobby, honey, what’s the matter? I thought you went to bed.” 
“I—,” he stammers, “I was playing on the laptop Y/N gave me, I— I don’t think her iCloud disconnected properly.” 
Sam stares through the gap between the door and frame, his stepson turning the laptop around just as Audrey comes into view. He watches his wife’s eyes scan the screen, blood draining from her face. 
“Mom, are you okay?” Bobby asks with concern. 
The sound of his voice  yanks her from her trance, and she blinks quickly, flashing him an uneasy smile before clearing her throat. “Could you find your dad for me? I need him. Now.” 
With a horrible lump thick in his throat, Sam turns back, his eyes locking with hers as she clutches her cell, typing out a text no less. 
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matan4il · 7 months ago
Buddie 408 meta
Tumblr media
In the first call of the ep, Buck and Eddie were paired up as partners and with the jumper call, we see them having parallel conversations about the problems that dating has introduced into their lives. That’s on top of the parallel dating timelines that I mentioned in my 407 meta and continues in this ep. Basically, no matter where the show takes them, it also links them together, even through the small things. Always.
Tumblr media
* * *
During Ana and Eddie’s ‘big date’, we learn that he spends his time solving math problems, which… what kind of a date even is that? And the flirting in the scene doesn’t quite work for me personally, because not only do we not know Ana as a character, we also don’t know them as a couple. ALL we’ve had so far is flirting, but where are the bits where they connect, where you can see how they fit as people in real situations? When a show is invested in a Love Interest, it gives us those scenes. Not just heavy handed flirting. Same goes for Ana meeting Chris at the end of the ep, we don’t know what she’s like with him, only that he loves her because she used to be his teacher, which is a very lazy way of establishing their bond. And the most meaningful scene in the ep? Didn’t involve Ana or Chris with her. She’s still not being invested in. So yeah, she’s around, but she still doesn’t feel like she’s meant to be long term.
Tumblr media
I found it jarring (in a good way!) that right after his date, not only does Eddie come home to Buck (let’s not talk about how Buck walks into the scene a bit like a revealed love interest would, for example like Athena’s walk into the restaurant revealing her as Bobby’s date in ep 110) and it then plays as such a domestic scene (given the bit of teasing with “you’re late!”, and how Buck is shown to be so great with Chris, as well as being there for Eddie), the fact that this happens right after the almost completely contentless date is a contrast that emphasizes just how much more meaningful this relationship is. It also served as a reminder that while Eddie hesitated in re-introducing Chris to his own mother, while Eddie was now unsure and uncomfortable telling his son about the woman he’s dating, when he met Buck, there was no hesitation. Just like Eddie instinctively knew he and Buck would have each other’s back, he knew he could trust Buck when introducing him to his son. Again, the comparison screams how meaningful the Buddie bond is and has been since day one! This is not how you sell a new Love Interest to the audience. Or get shippers to stop shipping.
And I couldn’t help but notice that Eddie’s date gives us a scene of both Buck and Eddie returning home. Eddie is completely comfortable and happy when he returns to his house, because he’s in his element, seeing Buck and Chris (other than the moment when he doesn’t feel comfortable telling Chris about Ana). Buck in comparison is highly uncomfortable returning to his loft, due to Veronica being there and his sense of Albert’s betrayal. This continues the theme of showing that really, Buck’s home is with the Diaz boys.
* * *
Tumblr media
In contrast with Ana, Taylor has been back for only one ep and already has been shown more as a character on her own, getting a mini redemption arc, as well as having a more developed and multi-faceted history with the guy she’s been brought back for. Taylor will clearly continue to show up, and I think a friendship between her and Buck could be interesting. At the end of the day, I can’t ignore that the biggest thing she said to show she does know Buck isn’t what she spewed in a moment of anger. It’s that he already has meaningful relationships - with the 118. Which of course includes, as this ep highlights, Eddie and Chris. Who knows? Maybe at some point, she’ll get to say something about this to Buck.
* * *
Speaking of friendships, I love so many of the platonic ones on this show. Athena and Hen’s just rules, Bobby and Michael’s is so freaking pure, and now I’m also adoring Buck and Albert’s. I LOVE that Al chose friendship over romance. That we got the show saying good friendships matter more. I love that Buck got to see his friend putting him first. I wanna take a sec to applaud this! (that Al and Buck are roommates as well and still less domestic and each other’s partner than Buck and Eddie are is just a bonus)
* * *
The date scene’s only meaty part is establishing the problem Eddie has: he’s not comfortable yet with telling his son about Ana. Normally, him resolving that would have been the climax of his story arc in this ep. Instead, his coming to terms with having to tell his son about his dating is played semi-comically, against the backdrop of the guy whose jumping from the roof the team is betting on. His scene of talking about it to Chris isn't the climax either, since it isn’t the one where Chris gets to open up and share his feelings, allowing emotional progress. Instead, that climax scene happens between Buck and Chris. And why would Eddie’s dating dilemma climax happen with a scene between his son and his best friend? Showing us how deeply they’re tied together? That’s not how these stories usually unfold... (another symbol of that is that dating stories with an interrupted kiss are usually resolved by seeing the couple getting to kiss after all before the end of that storyline, but Eddie and Ana don’t get that)
Not to mention that when Buck talks to Chris, he already knew about Christopher’s outburst, meaning he was updated about this right away, despite this being the night of his weird double date (not for example the next day), and Eddie had to have told him before he told Ana. Buck is SO Eddie’s real partner. I also found it interesting that what Chris confesses is his fear of more people he loves leaving. But who is he scared will leave? Eddie dating doesn’t mean he’s going anywhere. And Chris can’t be that afraid of losing at some point this new person that he doesn’t even yet know if he’ll like. So who might drift away if Eddie starts dating? It’s “Dad’s friend”, whose house is the place Chris chose to run away to. The guy whose reassurance - that he will always be in Christopher’s life - is what calms down this confessed fear.
Tumblr media
And if that doesn’t say everything about how central Buck is to Chris as more than just his dad’s friend, consider the fact that Chris’ fear of being abandoned parallels Buck’s as he had expressed it to Maddie in 316. This scene might have used the word ‘friends’ for Buck and Chris, but in every other way, it presented them as a family (and by extension, Eddie too). And this is a show that repeatedly points out how real family matters more than anything else, in whatever form it may come. That it’s a bond that cannot be broken. And that’s what these three have.
Tumblr media
Thank you endlessly to my amazing friend @bicepsie​​ for making her incredible gifs for this meta post! xoxox Also, if you like my takes on Buddie, you can find more of my meta and fics for them here. Thank you in advance for any like, comment and of course reblog, they all help so much! As we go into this break in eps, I’ll still be here, making content and answering questions for anyone interested. Have a pleasant hiatus everyone and be well! xoxoxox 
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phineasandferbtheories · 14 days ago
Phineas and Ferb pumpkin carving contest let’s go!
Obviously, it’s started as a fireside girl patch
Isabella mentions it to Phineas one day in class and ten minutes later, the entire school is talking about the Phineas and Ferb pumpkin carving contest (Isabella knew this would happen and is HYPED)
Phineas names it Ferb’s Halloween Pumpkin Carving Special (aka what the name of the episode would be)
Candace overhears it from some freshman and is LIVID
Stacy points out it’s her chance to beat her brothers at something in an attempt to try and make her not go into a busting feeding frenzy but it doesn’t work
Neither does the busting, but what can you do?
So lunch rolls around and Phineas and Ferb have all the planning together but are waiting until after school to set up (with the help of Fireside girls, of course)
Meanwhile, Candace is calling and texting Linda, who put her on silence after warning her to not interrupt her during the first call
She’s doing some pottery class and keeps messing up every time she hears the ringtone
Eventually school ends, the boys excited to start working on their project while Candace is sulking
When their dad picks them up, Phineas can’t stop talking about the contest while Candace can’t stop talk about STOPPING the contest. Ferb has some ear plugs or something
Lawerence, knowing full well what Phineas and Ferb are capable of, checks with the boys if they have permission from Linda. It was the first thing they got when planning for the contest
Meanwhile, the Fireside girls are having a meeting and Isabella can’t stop talking about Phineas and the other girls are, annoyed. No more on that cause I’m aro thanks ❤️
The Fireside girls split up into teams, one going straight to Phineas and Ferb’s house and the other going to get the pumpkins (some have a patch on how to check to make sure a pumpkin is good for carving and some don’t. What can you do?)
Isabella goes to the pumpkin patch with Adyson, Milly, and Holly and is banned from talking about Phineas while they’re there
Meanwhile, Phineas and Ferb are building another haunted house but like. Not actually a haunted house, it just looks like it is from the outside
Inside, they set up a bunch of tables with all the tools you need for pumpkin carving (plus some), a podium for the trophy in the middle of the room, and a spot for Perry (where’s Perry…?) up towards the front, where the judge’s table is
The judges are Isabella, Stacy, and Vanessa. They also leave a spot for Candace, but back to that later
They get Irving to make a playlist for the contest but it sucks so they get Buford to do it
Meanwhile, Baljeet is responsible for keeping track of all the participants and the rules for who’s allowed
The rules are: gotta be under 13, older than 8, teams can be from 1 to 3 people, parents are allowed to accompany their kids but only to supervise, and Phineas and Ferb can’t be on the same team (rip)
They also have a laser light show but that’s for later
God I haven’t even gotten to the contest yet OKAY
By the time the rest of the Fireside girls get back from the pumpkin patch, they’re just waiting on people to come
Soon enough, everyone is there and the contest is ready to start
Since they all have carve their own pumpkins for their patch, all the Fireside girls are alone
Phineas and Ferb end up alone but that’s for plot sake
Since Candace isn’t there, Irving is filling in her seat at the judge’s table
Buford and Baljeet team up much to Baljeet’s dismay
Meanwhile, Candace has gone to Linda. She’s at a hair appointment and, by this point, Bobby has gotten really good at avoiding Candace so she’s just sitting in the waiting area
While all this is going on, Perry’s off to fight crime! There’s some joke with Halloween and Monogram and Carl but I don’t feel like making one so just pretend it’s funny
So Perry goes to Doof who talks about his daughter not being there cause she’s at some Halloween thing which is great cause Halloween is evil but he misses her or whatever for a good 15 minutes while Perry is trapped in one of those plastic containers shaped like a Jack o’ lantern that kids use to trick or treat
Then he goes on a whole rant about how he never got candy on Halloween but, as tradition in Drusselstien when people don’t like your costume, was given rocks
So he makes a ray that turns whatever it hits into a bunch of candy (called the candyinator) in an attempt to make everyone eat so many sweets they can’t stop him becoming the ruler of the tristate area or whatever. He hasn’t actually thought that far ahead
Back with the kids, there’s like. 50 teams and most are two people.
Phineas and Ferb get kicked out of the competition cause they kept trying to work together (rip)
Don’t worry, they end up in a corner or something working on their stuff together
Buford’s sabotaging. Baljeet’s indifferent.
Django and his dad are there :)
The Fireside girls are all trying to outdo each other
Isabella’s still making a pumpkin but it’s not in a competitive sense. She’s putting a unicorn on it :)
Baljeet is mapping out his and Buford’s pumpkin. It’s supposed to be one of those  fibonacci swirls plus some stuff (idk I like the numbers more than the swirl sorry). Buford’s still sabotaging but Baljeet is now trying to get him to stop so they can work on their pumpkin. It’s not working
Django somehow got a giant pumpkin????? What
The girl that made a really good sand castle in that one episode by the beach when the kids are looking for Atlantis has somehow made her pumpkin into a sand castle (pumpkin castle????)
Jeremy showed up and he’s now one of the judges. Suzie’s there as well, but she’s too young to participate in the competition lol
The Fireside girls are all following a certain theme but no one knows what it is (yet)
Phineas and Ferb somehow split an atom or something idk I’ve never taken a physics class
Vanessa points out there’s not a time limit to the other judges and they just watch in horror as people keep working and working on their pumpkins
Finally Phineas shows up and is like hey there’s 30 minutes left (until supper but like. No one realizes that’s what he’s talking about). Buford’s still sabotaging people
Linda’s finally done with her hair appointment but has to stop by the grocery store before going home (she’s doing a make your own pizza night cause why not)
Candace decides to go home cause she just finds it to be a lost cause
She gets back and sees the haunted house and calls Linda. Again.
Linda tells her she’ll be home in 20 minutes so hell yeah
Candace decides to go hang out with Jeremy, Vanessa, and Stacy, causing Irving to get kicked off the judges table (lol)
Phineas offers to help Baljeet but he’s already accepted his fate and decides against Phineas’s help
Meanwhile, Perry broke out of his trap cause. It’s made of thin plastic. Doof, come ON!
He beats Doof up a bit
Now, back at the haunted house, we finally get to see what the Fireside girls have been working on! They made a 1/100th replica of the haunted house out of their pumpkins, interlocking them to create the whole thing
It’s cool as fuck but they get disqualified cause it’s more than 3 people on the team rip
Now, the time’s run out. Django has a giant pumpkin with a pumpkin carved into it. About 2/3rd of the teams got sabotaged by Buford. His and Bajleet’s pumpkin hasn’t even been started.
Django gets third place, the sand castle girl gets second, and that one guy called Russel or whatever from that Halloween special with the haunted house (not the hiccup one, the other one) won with a detailed carving of his basement with working lighting for the river and the zombies’ eyes
Back to Doof and Perry, the machine is now in random fire mode. Doof makes some quip about how he shouldn’t have made that setting and then gets punched again.
Perry destroys the inator right after it fires one last shot and jumps off the balcony with his parachute
Meanwhile, Linda’s in the driveway and Candace is running to get her.
Phineas and Ferb’s pumpkin was put into the trophy and has somehow incorporated the laser light show into it???
Anyway, it’s cool as shit
Right as the show is ending, a ray from Doof’s inator shows up and turns the house into a bunch of candy
Everyone’s hyped, Phineas thinks Ferb did it, and Ferb doesn’t care xoxo
Linda finally shows up and all she sees is a bunch of tables set up with pumpkins on them, the trophy, and the candy. Nothing bust worthy.
Perry shows up and goes over to where Phineas and Ferb are (Vanessa gives him a salute with the icon “oh there you are Perry” in a teasing voice)
Linda announces dinner and everyone but Jeremy, Stacy, Isabella, and Vanessa are kicked out (I guess little Susie isn’t either but whatever)
They all go in for supper
The end
Happy Halloween, I’m gonna shut up (for) now
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