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thesaintsaraa · 22 hours ago
moths <3
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zornxiii · 3 months ago
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I can't believe I'm cheering for Jacob in 2022.
Good job Mrs MoYeR.
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jstwilight · a month ago
Who hell made this-
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ventvnni · 8 months ago
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roxannecullen · 5 months ago
Edward in biology class, sitting next to Bella for the first time
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edwardsapple · 4 months ago
Warmth; Smut
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Pairing: Dark!Edward Cullen x Fem!Reader
CW: DARK THEMES PLEASE READ WITH CAUTION, somnophilia, dubcon, groping, unprotected sex, plotless smut, degrading
Summary: One night, Edward finally indulges in his fantasy of sleeping with Y/n
A/N: this is my first time writing smut with dark themes to please bare with me <3 also happy valentines day !! ^_^
Word count: 956
It was a cold Friday night, and Edward’s gaze couldn’t stop but to fixate on Y/n’s body.
The way the pale moonlight reflected on her skin, or the way her hand was gracefully placed on her chest, or maybe how her body curved whenever she held onto her pillow.
She never minded his presence, but he was always more comfortable keeping a distance between them.
Though it wasn’t as if he’d never fantasize of her. After watching Y/n for quite a while, Edward could sometimes feel his cock twitch through his pants over a small, yet sinful thought of her. But all he managed to ever do was shrug it off and wait til the feeling had gone away.
Though it was this night, specifically, which drove him closer to the edge. Edward had a clear view of Y/n’s hard nipples poking out of her tank top, and the glimpse of her shorts which revealed her inner thighs.
He couldn’t help but to imagine how it would feel to fuck her. Although he was a vampire, it were moments like these which made him feel more human.
At this moment, he had finally give in to what he held back for a long time. The overwhelming feeling of his erotic fantasies came to the tall vampire. As he began to strip of his pants, only leaving him with his black tight fitted shirt and his Calvin Klein boxers.
Edward approached Y/n. Glaring over her figure, then eventually crawled on top of her. His breath becoming shallow as he didn’t want to wake her up.
Slowly, he began to kiss her lips, then reached over to her cheek, and got lower from there. His cold lips touched the edges of her jaw. And he couldn’t let go of her neck, not to mention how his hand was placed to the side of it. Along with the feeling of her hard collarbones.
It was that moment in which the feeling of Y/n’s warmth drew him in.
Edwards hands then slipped from the inside of Y/n’s tank top to reach for her breasts, gently playing with them and tugging onto her nipples. Which caused her to moan a little as a reaction.
Biting his lip, Edward let his erect cock grind against her clothed pussy. Letting his perverted fantasies play out.
“Oh Y/n.. if only you knew how much I’ve wanted you…” He whispered into her ear
His hand had desperately held onto her breast, playing with it. As his other hand desperately grabbed onto Y/n’s hand.
“—and the amount of times I’ve thought about giving you a good fuck like the slut you are..” He managed to blurt out.
Edward stopped for a moment to slowly remove her shorts, revealing her cotton panties. He could sense her wetness without needing to see anything.
“You’re wet, aren’t you? I haven’t even gotten inside you and I still managed to turn you on” His lips slowly formed to a smirk.
His fingers rubbed her slit through her panties, a feeing of dampness going through. Edward slowly revealed your dripping pussy, tossing your panties aside.
As Edward tugged his boxers off, his fully erect cock slapped his lower abdomen. Positioning himself closer to Y/n, his length was rubbing against her wetness to tease her a little.
“Y/n, darling, I’m going to fuck you so good tonight and I’ll make sure of it.” He whispered into Y/n’s ear.
The tip met her entrance, and the size of him stretched inside of her as he let his length go in deeper.
Once he was fully inside, his arms held onto both of her hands. As Edwards cock slowly thrusted.
While this occurred, Y/n’s eyes began to flutter open. Eventually gaining conscious of what was occurring,
“Wakey wakey, Y/n. I do have to say how good you feel with my cock stuffed inside of you.” Edward smirked
And he was right, his girth was something Y/n has never felt before. But at the same time it felt so right, the feeling of his cock reaching a spot inside her that made Y/n feel a sort of high. So it felt natural for her to be vocal about the sensation.
“Shhhh now, you wouldn’t want your dad to be hearing how much of a slut you are now do you?” Edward said softly, covering her mouth as he spoke.
Though all she could respond with was a nod and an eye roll as he continued to hit her g spot continuously.
“Yes- please there-!” Y/n gasped, grasping onto Edwards biceps
“You think you are so innocent hm? Oh I know what you’ve been doing all along, darling. Dressing in clothes you knew would make me hard, being a little-fuck-whore just for me huh?” As Edward said that he let himself pound inside of her but this time, hard. Burying his face into your neck.
Y/n didn’t want to disobey Edward so she let her teeth bite into your lower him, letting herself take in the electric feeling tensing up inside of her.
“Edward, fuck-“ By the time Y/n said that she reached her orgasm, pulling him closer to her.
Even through she’d already came, Edward didn’t stop until he reached his climax as well.
“I’m going to fill you up so much darling you have no idea” He moaned before his tip met her cervix, letting his warmth release inside of her. Edward’s lips met hers and refused to let go of the kiss for the longest time. 
His fingers running through her hair, but in the end it was a night they would never forget.
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daisyxlace · a year ago
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honey, are you okay? you’ve barely touched your twilight water
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Me about to enter my ✨30s✨🤦🏻
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i made this a few weeks ago and i feel like i should make a wolfpack one
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geraltshumblebard · 8 months ago
do I hate twilight? absolutely.
do i absolutely love twilight? undoubtedly.
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the-cullens-dont-come-here · 4 months ago
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graphic design is my pasion (my redbubble) 
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Under a constant cover of clouds and rain
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jstwilight · a month ago
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love love love
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simpfordemetri · 15 days ago
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generic-wattpad-badboy · 3 months ago
Hi!! Love your writing sooooooo much!!
Can I request Cullen family(platonic) x male reader who's a new vampire( turned after 9/11) with autism? I would prefer headcanons but will take what I can get.
Feel free to change as needed and feel free to decline
Being the newest Cullen (platonic)
Tumblr media
Carlisle had his rule but when he found you barley clinging to life, he just had to help you, so he did.
When you woke up to a guy telling you were now a vampire you thought he was crazy
But after he proved it and began trusting him, he brought you back to meet the rest of the family.
You’re the baby of the family
Protective older siblings
Rosalie practically adopts you as her own
Bullying the rest of the family together
Especially Edward (fuck that guy)
Learning control from Carlisle
Missing human comforts (like sleeping and your comfort food)
You did try to eat it once, but it just tasted gross, and you didn’t enjoy reaching it back up later that night
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gxyvampire · 2 months ago
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Robert Pattinson for Time Out Magazine (2020) 
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carolinesam99 · 2 months ago
*Y/N and Wanda in the car, returning from the mission*
Y/N: Am I team Edward? Yes. Do I share his concerns about turning Bella, though?Absolutely not.
Wanda: Edward's primary goal, at all times, is Bella's protection.
Natasha, from the backseat, trying to nap: Can you guys please, please shut up?
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alosiasstuff · 18 days ago
hihi can we get some cuddling with Edward Cullen head canons !!
hot and cold
Tumblr media
` requested a head canon where reader and Edward are cuddling
gif not mine !!
Edward always wants to keep you close, to have you and your scent as close to him as possible
he never wants to let go, holding you tight that you swear he literally takes your breath away
in your room its usually pretty cold, so you have a million blankets-- which usually makes you really hot
so Edward is always there to keep you nice and cool, but sometimes its just too cold for you to handle
you go from Edwards arms to back under the half a dozen blankets every 15 minutes
all though not sleeping/getting tired, he gets very tired of your back and forth
"love, are you hot or are you cold?" "I dunno, im hold" you reply, shivering a little bit "hold?" "hot and cold"
he lets a low chuckle escape when you always tell the "hold" joke
to his reply, he always goes to "hold you some more" but making sure you are in a perfect temperature
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