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#team fortress 2

Au where scout wants a life where his dad didn’t leave him and he was an only child. Yes a coraline au. Spy is a cockroach.

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my favorite things from the official SFMs:

– that time when Spy pretended to be a Classy Lady by holding a crash test dummy in front of him and making his voice comically squeaky… even though he’s a flawless shapeshifter and mimic.

– Medic dramatically telling Archimedes that “ribs can’t grow back” mere seconds before firing up the makes-ribs-grow-back machine.

– during the Sniper time-lapse sequence he can be seen drinking from his mug and messing with his gun, but at no point does he ever leave to go to the bathroom. the jars just magically fill up with piss. isn’t nature wonderful?

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I love how smut authors (like me) treat Scout in most plotless situations

We’re all like “ohhohohoho we got a little horny boi here? A little bitch boy? A twink with horniness and attitude? Fuck yeah, we’re gonna have his masculine teammates fuck his ass. Gonna have em shut him up with a cock in his mouth.”

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If you’d kindly keep still

I can ease your pain


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At some point I’m just gonna snap and walk into a fucking build a bear and get me a fucking bear that will have one of medic’s voice lines. That’s how close I am to being done with functioning normally in society.

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Soldier, stuck in a closet: “Help!”

Heavy, opening the door: “Soldier! How did this happen to you?”

Soldier: “Thanks, commie! That Spy tricked me!”

Heavy: “The enemy Spy tricked Soldier?”

Soldier: “Yes, he tricked me!”

Heavy: “What did Spy do to Soldier?”

Soldier: “He opened the closet, told me to get inside and I fell for it!”

Heavy: “….”

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I Teleported Bread!

Just a random redraw for fun-

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Soldier: What’s a clique?

Demo: It’s when a group of people hang out together.

Spy: Oh, you mean like having friends?

Demo: No. Because these people make fun of other people.

Spy: Oh, you mean like having friends?

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I made a birthday present for my friend.

The character’s name is Thunder Scout.

This scout can run very fast TF2 Freak.

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Another day, another feeling of undying passion to kiss 9 idiots that shoot each other in the desert

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