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#team fortress 2

Oh shit you’re right.. well, since I’m sure gravel and gargoyles was purely pauling’s idea in the comic I’d have to say no but he does set up a game of clue, but called something else ofc.

Of course you can still have him play it, though! 

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Oh 100%, but that’s also if he’d have any interactions with him in the comics. One look and Havoc might just call cheavy a bitch.

Though that also brings up the question on if I’ll be swapping the classics too- I’m thinking not just because I feel like it’d stray far, far too much from the original comics if I do but at the same time it’d feel wrong not to. The comics are gonna be the bane of my existence on this blog smg

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I’m the same way with Medic!! If someone needs healing, and i’m not busy with someone actively under heavy fire, I am ON MY WAY. It’s for this reason i never call Medic as scout, don’t wanna summon a medic who has better people to heal. When a medic goes out of their way to heal me tho,,, i feel so honored,,, If a medibeam touches me for even a second i am PRESSING my THANKS bind.

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Although I don’t add a whole garlic into a dish that requires 2 cloves of garlic like Sniper, I do add 4/5 cloves instead of just 2 cloves because I’m born and raised in Asia and we go kind of heavy with the garlics (still live there, btw).

Usually recipes from overseas just don’t cut it when it comes to the amount of garlic to add so we add a little more than what’s required (at least in my household, but I’m the only one that adds that much, usually my family just adds 1 extra clove).

Going back to Sniper, that is indeed wasteful (I know it’s hard to picture but I’m snickering here). Since he is inexperienced in making complex dishes, he doesn’t really know what to do with the extra leftover garlic and leaving it in his van is equivalent to just letting the garlic sprout. That’s why he wanted to add the whole garlic (oh, and he doesn’t know what adding a whole garlic instead of 2 cloves will do to the dish, he thinks there won’t be that much of a difference).

Soooo yeah, Spy is there to stop the disaster from even happening in the first place. Go, Spy!

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