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#team jesus

I love being Christian but also a meme bc I can look at a church and say “there are too many churches and therefore too many people, we need a new plague” but my friends respond with “you’re literally Christian” and I can tell horribly bad Bible retellings and justify it with “im Christian that’s what happened” and I can yell “GOD IS REAL HE JUST DOESN’T LIKE ME” whenever I experience a minor inconvenience and I can randomly say “praise Satan God yeeted him out of heaven bc he had pride but I mean you gotta have that self love y’all”

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St. Augustine, Confessions (10.6.8)
In loving you, what do I love? No physical beauty, no temporal glory, no radiancy of light that commends itself to these eyes of mine; no sweet melody of songs tuned to every mode, no soft scent of flowers or of ointment or of perfumes, no manna, no honey, no limbs that can receive corporal embrace; yet I do love some kind of light, some kind of voice, some kind of fragrance, some kind of food, some kind of embrace, when I love my God, who is light, voice, fragrance, food, embrace to my inner man. There it is that a light shines on my soul that no place can contain, a sound is uttered no time can take away, a fragrance cast that no breath of wind can disperse, a savor given forth that eating cannot blunt, and there clings to me that which cannot be torn away by satiety. This is what I love in loving my God.
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In everything you do, do it with love..DONT JUST DO IT FOR GOD, DO IT WITH GOD!! Isama mo si God pag nagmahal ka. Isama mo si God pag masaya ka.. Isama mo Sya pag nagtiwala ka. Isama mo Sya pag nagpatawad ka. Isama mo sya sa lahat ng pangarap at desisyon na gagawin mo. Dahil di mo kayang maglakad sa mundo ng mag-isa. .. Baka mawala ka. Nakakatakot mawala. Handa Syang gabayan ka sa bawat hakbang mo. God knows the way because He is the way. Pagkatiwalaan mo Sya. Isama mo Sya. WALANG KANG LUGI PAG DATING SA DIYOS!! Pangako, Lagi kang panalo pag kasama mo Sya. 😀
#ClaSays 🌸

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the priest at chapel mass this afternoon had the perfect exam-season message
Shut your laptop, look up at the sky or ceiling, and say Christ is risen. The most momentous thing that will ever happen to you and everyone you love has already happened and it is happening every day on altars around the world. Term papers are nothing. Alleluia.
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O happy fault that earned for us so great, so glorious a Redeemer! / O felix culpa, quæ talem ac tantum méruit habére Redemptórem!

Tonight it was preached: the darkness has not overcome him, and it will not overcome you. Be not afraid to carry the light of Christ into the darkness within you. It will not overcome him.

Christ is risen!

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Natakot ako noon lumapit sa kanya dahil baka
….baka ako'y mahusgahan ng iba
Natakot ako kaya ipinikit ko ang aking mga mata
At sa pagpikit ko ng aking mga mata
ako'y walang nakita at tulad nila, ako'y nawala
Tumagal at lumipas ang mga taon na ako'y naglakad sa dilim, nawala kahit may kasama pang iba
Naalala ko sabi ko, aba.
Ano na?
Hindi ko na ata kaya
Ayoko na. Kaya
Kaya pinilit kong idilat ang aking mga mata.
Nagsimba, nagbasa ng Bibilia.
Dinilat ko ang aking mata.
Binuksan ko sila.
at aba…
nakita ko Siya.
nakita ko Siya.
Ako'y naluha.
Tinignan ko ang Kanyang mga mata
kumikislap sa tuwa.
Tinignan ko Siya.
Aba, nakabukas ang kanyang mga kamay naghihintay na ako'y lumapit sa Kanya
Aba teka
ako'y pabalik na.
eto na ako’t lumuluha
aba eto na
nakayap na sa pagmamahal Niya
Aba iba
ang nararamdaman kong tuwa
aba. aba.
Ayoko nang kumawala.
Eto na.
Siya na.
Ikaw na at wala nang iba.
Hesus, salamat at ikaw ay nagparaya
Hesus, salamat at ako ay iyong minahal kahit wala akong magandang nagawa
Hesus, salamat at ikaw ay nandito para ako'y isalba
Sa aking pusong nagdusa
Ikaw na at wala nang iba.

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This song sums up my college experience this year. This year was all about giving God the glory and that no matter what was thrown at me I should stay focused on God and what He was doing in my life. I grew a lot and all because of God and what He was doing in my life. I’m so thankful for the fellowship I found in my small group. It was an amazing year, and as happy as I am for summer, I am very sad to see it come to an end. 

Take Courage -Kristene DiMarco

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Giving up everything you own is painful.
Jesus DOES NOT require us to give up our material goods in order to become his disciples, but he does ask us to consider the cost of following him.

If you decide to become a Christ follower, life will change. You will give up some things, some people, some habits and some time.

Source: Bible App (devotional)

* * *

But the best thing of giving up is gaining more from and of Him. Giving up what you have isn’t easy. Let’s be honest. Giving up a shoe that’s new isn’t easy as giving something that is already used… sometimes even the used ones are the hardest to let go! Right? But giving it up means giving more… more for the homeless, to/for the wounded, the lonely, the lost, and the list goes on and on and on.

Honestly, it’s one of the things I also struggle with most of the time. But we need to remind ourselves that it may not be easy, it may be hard and painful, but it’s totally worth it. Super worth it. So? Give it a go. Let it go.

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