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“Do you believe in destiny?”

[Image ID: 3 screenshots of Pyrrha Nikos from RWBY with text over them; the first 2 show her from the back as she fights, and the third shows her kneeling in front of Cinder. The text reads “Pyrrha, derived from pyrrhos, meaning “flame colored.”” “Nikos, derived from Nike, Goddess of Victory, meaning “victor of the people.”” “Pyrrhic Victory, a victory won at too great a cost to have been worthwhile.” END ID]

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In a JNPR group chat

Ren: I have text on dark mode

Jaune: yeah the light mode on text is ugly

Nora: Text has a light mode???

Jaune: yes but it is horrible

Nora:* changes to light mode *

Nora: ew this is gross

Nora: wth

Pryyha: Nora send screenshots

Nora: why would they make something this gross

Nora: * sends screenshot*

Pyrrha: ew

Pyrrha: why would you do this to my eyes

Nora: skdgststs

Nora: you told me to??!

Pyrrha: So…?

Jaune: you asked her?!

Nora: fcydgstsgxgst

Jaune: change it back

Pyrrha: that’s disgraceful

Nora: I already did

Nora: that was horrifying

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players and pieces is truly the best episode - you got quality content for the holy quadrinity of ships (whiterose, bumbleby, arkos, renora), sick ass weapons and fights, the relationships aren’t crumbling and falling to pieces yet, the gang has 72% less trauma, pyrrha is still alive-

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My thoughts on Ren…

Honestly the fact that Ren knew Jaune cheated his way into Beacon and never said anything about it or made Jaune feel like he could never be a leader is very telling and proof that Jaune and Ren are really BFFs. Granted we don’t know when Jaune told Ren he cheated but the fact that Ren only brought it up when he was telling Yang how in over their heads they are is really telling.

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Pokemon RWBY: Some Pokemon Weren’t Meant to Fly by PorterHawk

A comic that goes along with a (still unfinished) chapter of my story Two in a Million.…

This is a Sequel to ChrisRainicorns story titled One in a Million.…

Jaune’s new Sirferch’d can’t learn fly (his Pokemon is very self conscious about it), so Jaune has a blonde moment where he thinks he had the PERFECT solution… Only it didn’t work out how he expected. Pyrrha’s pretty sure the stunt killed both of their last shared brain cell. Basically him and Sirfetch’d share way too many dumb moments (blondes have to stick together djfjfkc).


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*I made up the backstory for Nora in this, so it spoils nothing, but I’m not unconvinced that, in canon, she’ll be eventually revealed to have a deeper connection with Mantle.

1. In this au, Pietro grew concerned at how Ironwood would talk about the PENNY Project.  He wanted his creation to be more than just a weapon, and Ironwood gave him the impression that Penny, if created, would be dehumanized.  Pietro fakes a critical flaw in the project so it would be abandoned and moves away to Vale.  He accepts a practical teaching position at Beacon Academy and eventually befriends Ozpin and joins his inner circle.  After a few years, Ozpin gives Pietro the resources he needs to build Penny.


2. Nora grew up as a street orphan in Mantle.  She probably would have slipped into a life of petty crime if she hadn’t suddenly gained strange magical powers one day.  Since she had a lifetime of experience slipping away from the authorities, it took a long time for her to be discovered as the Winter Maiden.  Ironwood only found her because she stepped in to stop a Grimm attack in her community.  Though they did help get rid of the stragglers, the main thing the military did that day was take Nora into custody.

In interrogation, Nora tried to pass off the maiden powers as her Semblance (since, you know, lightning), but Ironwood remained unconvinced and demanded she remain in Atlas for training.  Nora didn’t have any option to refuse.


3.  After a few years of living there, Penny enrolls at Beacon Academy.  As Pietro’s daughter, she was brought into the loop about Salem, the maidens, etc. relatively early.  She wants to become a Huntress to help in the fight to make the world a better place.  

Penny meets Ren in the Emerald Forest by accident.  They don’t quite hit it off.  Penny is too enthusiastic and loud and Ren is too quiet and reserved for them to really have good footing with each other starting out (Penny spends a lot of time assuming her partner doesn’t like her because he never seems to want to talk to her).

She ends up having a conversation with Ozpin (like Ruby did in canon about being a team leader), but Penny and Ozpin’s conversation is about how Penny’s worried that her and Ren being partners was a mistake.  Ozpin encourages her to try and understand Ren.

Penny opens up to Ren about her feelings, and he slowly begins to open up to her in turn.  The fact that their teammates, Jaune and Pyrrha, are extremely friendly helps strengthen their team bond too.

(since Ren never had Nora in this au, he struggles a lot more with building relationships, and it takes a long time for his friendships with the rest of JNPR to form)

(JNPR is still the team name, but with Pyrrha Nikos as the ‘N’ and Penny as the ‘P’) 


4. Nora is allowed to travel to Beacon for the Vytal Tournament, to test her skills.  Although, as a maiden, she’s under strict instructions not to wander off, which she does, every chance she gets.

Nora never really got along with Ironwood.  The way he’d brush off Mantle always bothered her.  Despite being told Atlas is her home now, she never forgot where she came from.  So, she seldom, if ever, does what she’s told.

During her exploration of Vale, Nora comes across Penny, who’s hiding in an alleyway.

Earlier that day, in training, an accident with Pyrrha’s semblance revealed Penny’s true nature to her teammates.  She’s scared what they’ll think of her now.  Penny doesn’t tell Nora this at first, but, when Nora sat down next to her to comfort her, she saw Penny’s hands (and the revealed metal beneath her artificial skin).  Nora sort of figures it out.

To make Penny feel better about that, Nora reveals her own secret (that she’s a maiden) to Penny.  They end up having a long conversation where they start to become friends.  Nora eventually convinces Penny to return to her teammates, saying that if she, a complete stranger up to that day, can accept Penny for who she is, so can her friends (and they aren’t true friends if they don’t - and also Nora will blast them with lightning too, which she has an endless supply of, if that happens).

Jaune, Pyrrha, and Ren all do accept Penny though.  They start to become more careful with how they handle themselves so Pyrrha using her semblance never affects Penny in combat.

Nora quickly becomes friends with the rest of the team too, even starts to have a crush on Ren.  Penny sees it as her duty to play matchmaker between her partner and her new friend.


5. I kinda like the idea of Ozpin still approaching Pyrrha about becoming the Fall Maiden, just because that would go massively different (since Penny would probably likely fill JNPR in on Salem and everything and their friendship with Nora would let them know about maidens a lot sooner), but I also kind of like the idea of him approaching Penny about it (because he knows her more).

Either way, that whole conflict is addressed by JNNPR as a whole (Nora has been unofficially accepted as a fifth team member at this point).

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