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Post birthday celebration

The group is in Vacuo shortly after Atlas, and a bunch of Shade students are making fun of how small Oscar is (though he’s drinking his milk~)

Jaune: *grabs Oscar and carts him away*

Nora: *brandishes hammer at the students*

Ren: *glaring at them before dragging Nora with him to Jaune*

Nora, pouting: NO ONE messes with my 14 year old son.

Oscar: oh, actually, I’m 15.




Jaune: I’m sorry what—

Ren: when-

Nora: how?!

Oscar, embarrassed: yeah, uh, it was several months ago back at Atlas. I didn’t think to tell you all, since, you know, you were so b-

Nora: this is a crisis!

Ren: *checking map for nearest bakery*

Jaune: *dials Ruby* Ruby, we have a problem!

Ruby, over comms: oh no. How bad? Do you need back up?

Jaune: yes, I need immediate back up. This is an emergency.

Ruby: what happened?!

Jaune: we missed Oscar’s birthday.


Ruby: I’ll be there in 47 seconds


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I have never done this, but I wanna give it a shot

We all know that Jaune, Nora, Oscar, and Ren (team JNOR) have been here for a while and are definitely very popular among the fan base. And I know that sometimes CRWBY sees posts if they’re popular enough.


Like, reblog, share, etc to get this thing big.

We want individual trailers for team JNOR!!! Please and thank you!!!

(Tag your mutuals if you want)

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Team JNOR birthday headcanon:

Imagine one day Nora just wakes up and tells her boys “we’re gonna celebrate my birthday today” (because, as an orphan, she probably doesn’t know when that crap actually is).

And then Ren is like “Nora, you said that five months ago.”

And Nora’s like, “I just don’t understand why we only take ONE DAY a year to celebrate ourselves. I think I deserve at least four.”

Ren: “No, this has gone on for too long. Just pick a day.”

Nora: “Well I don’t know! When are your guys’?”

Jaune: “June 6”

Oscar: “November 20”

Ren: “March 10”

Nora, pulling out calendar: “… so, strategically, for maximum party opportunity, I should put my birthday in, like, August or September.”

Ren: *drags hands down his face*

Jaune: *is helping Nora find the day of equalibrium*

Oscar: “I just want to grow up.” 🥲

Oh how I love this chaotic family. 💛💖🧡💚

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Ren: I literally just saw Jaune kill a man in cold-blood.

Nora: He’s a good boi, I’m sure it’s not his fault.

Ren: He jumped out of some bushes and ripped his jugular out with his teeth.

Nora: Look lets ask Jaune, I’m sure he has a good reason!

Jaune, red blood-shot eyes: I can’t feel emotions anymore, unless I strip down naked and hunt the unworthy under the light of the full moon.

Ren: …..


Ren: Oh, you should have just told us.

Nora: Yeah, I mean we do that all the time.

Ren: We haven’t felt normal in years.

Nora: The law has been dead to us for years.

Jaune tearing up: You guys really do get me!

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Ren walks into a room and stares at Jaune, then turns to Nora.

“Should we stop that?” Ren says pointing at Jaune choking Neo with one hand, and playing with his scroll in the other.

“Nah, I think she’s into it.” Nora says waving off Ren.

Cuts to Neo smiling.

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I’m not saying that the team system in Rwby (the show) is essentially just polycules who fight together, but- it would not surprise me if any of the teams turned into a polycule that fights together.

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*Nora slides extra fries onto Ren’s plate*

Nora: Eat up Ren~, remember you are eating for two now.

Jaune *chokes on water*: Excuse me, he’s WHAT now?!

Nora: Oh right, we didn’t tell you. He’s got tapeworms.

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JanuRWBY 4 - Favorite Relationship

I almost did just Ren and Nora’s but I didn’t want to leave Jaune out this time. (Both because I wanted to show how much I love them as a team but also Renorarc rights.)

These three went through something terrible and have grown together a lot since the fall, and I’m really proud of all three of them okay. She would be too.

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There are two desires inside of me.

One is absolutely fulfilled by the Renora content, specifically the kiss and the beautiful way it was animated. 

The way Nora pulls Ren to her then the way Ren is shocked! but then instantly melts into her like

How you see his eyes roll in the back of his head because he utterly enjoys it and how they hold onto each other when it’s dark. 

Makes me believe in the power of love. Truly.

This is contrasted by the the absolute angst of Ren being 100% gay and part of his lashing out was realizing this and not knowing how to proceed with Nora.

Like can you imagine? He understands that Nora loves him in a way that he cannot but they are also the only family they have and he doesn’t want to break her heart/lose her but they cannot continue in this state as they are and oh god who can he even talk to about this?!?!

And the aftermath of him coming out to her??? Could their relationship evven survive? I’d like to think it would be it would have to be completely redefined but then this fits into the recent theme of Nora discovering who she is without Ren and vice versa.

God I love living in the first one but want to see the second one play out so bad cause like. Talk about game changing. You know?

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Qrow watched as James gave the kids their licences. He remembered how it felt, the excitement, the freedom of knowing he and Raven would be staying. They thought they could do anything, that nothing could defeat them. They were proven wrong.
Somehow, though, he didn’t think these kids would be.

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Oscar is like a magical-elf-boy that makes us all more magical by being around him.
Jaune and Ren
*nod in agreement*
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Best of 2020 TV Shows #5: RWBY (Rooster Teeth)

The enemy of trust…

As Ruby and company find out just cause your trying to save the world doesn’t mean those who you think are helping really are.

Case in point Ironwood who goes to villain mode after mistrust tears what little reason he has away from him.

And with a maaaive army led by an immortal being of chaos incarnate at your doorstep the question of who is trustworthy quickly becomes more and more blurred.

Though Penny and Winter do have the years best and most unexpected moment.

SUM 22: The Battle of Atlas begins as Salem moves on Ruby and company.

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<b>Jaune:</b> I am the ultimate third wheel<p/><b>Ruby, holding Weiss' hand:</b> What makes you say that?<p/><b>Nora, cuddling with Ren:</b> Yeah, you shouldn't think that way<p/><b>Penny, hugging Winter from behind:</b> You're just being hard on yourself<p/><b>Blake, sitting on Yang's lap:</b> Completely untrue<p/><b>Jaune:</b> Wow, I have leveled up to NINTH wheel, I am truly powerful<p/></p>
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Ren got fed up with Harriet’s shit about replacing people, and if you think on it… it’s because he lost someone too.

JNPR is just JNR now. And I imagine he didn’t take kindly to the implication that Pyrrha was replaceable.

Sure he went with RNJR for a while, but Ruby wasn’t replacing Pyrrha; they were just there to help out another on of their friends.

So Harriet saying that? That’s insulting to him.

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When you realize he’s thinking about Pyrrha here and the conversation he had with Jaune back in V6 and that’s what led to his revelation


Ren knows what it means to lose a teammate but he never tried to replace Pyrrha. He mourned for her and pushed forward, honoring her memory. And in the process, he found a new teammate who he has grown to care for as well and he doesn’t want to lose him too. He doesn’t want to lose any of his family again

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