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#team oop

so here’s my first little crossover idea, it’s Bibi as a precure team

I’d imagine Nico is the leader who often gets in way over her head and needs the other two to help reel her in lol

Eli would probably be the strategist who keeps the group together, and Maki is probably the powerful hard-hitter who sometimes refuses to cooperate bc of Nico

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Face to Face - Dylan Holloway.

Summary: finding out Dylan has you as his wallpaper.

Word Count: 735.

Warnings: one bad word.

A/N: ok uhm yes this is one of my favorite things that i’ve ever written. Also just pretend this was when they were all still back at wisco. I hope you guys like it as much as I do, enjoy!

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Originally posted by puckyess

(credit to em for the gif! @puckyess )

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“Please don’t worry too much. This doesn’t feel right, but we could still be overreacting.”


“Getting knocked around like that doesn’t do wonders for your confidence.”


“Sheriff Magnezone… has plenty of experience keeping dangerous Pokemon safely in their custody, and some backup so they don’t have to work alone.”


“… We’re hoping for the best.”


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drawfee and kiana said rocketsonas and i said “yeah, you right”

so here’s my rocketsona (me, but cooler, and also in team rocket being bullied into doing all the paperwork by petrel and proton specifically- and archer just doesn’t help)

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Does anyone actually know when the RSA dropping Max annoucement will be?? Like I assumed it would have been today with the F1 rebranding but RSA is still RSA and Max is still a member (but honestly RSA don’t deserve any of they’re drivers, like what’s the point in having an academy if you don’t promote you’re fucking drivers, don’t want/have the best and then shit on your driver’s for not having the best results if you’re not promoting them, if we’re still believing rumours it’s going to be 2023 at least before they promote and I guarantee those at the top of RSA will be sick of it and go looking elsewhere for a seat and not keep spending €2million year on year if they’ve got the talent but not being promoted)

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This is a question I’m gonna have to put more thought into but my first thought reading this question was Shino and Hinata from Naruto 😂

(of course this supposes that we ignore canon which you know…. is the norm when it comes to Nardo lol)

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