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#team phantom
newfixin · 2 days ago
Danny phantom au: basically Wes gets ahold of a Death Note, gets the shinigami eyes, sees Phantom is fenton, and is now trying to actually murder him since the death note won't kill him
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juke-fic-recs · 4 days ago
Juke Fic Recs
Since this fandom has written an incredible amount of fic since JATP was released, we wanted to create a space where you can share the love for your favorite Juke fics and find some new fics to love.
So dig out those links to your favorite fics on AO3, Tumblr, FFN, Wattpad, and beyond! Fics, drabbles, podfics, and graphic-centric fics (like social media AUs) are all welcome. Our only two rules? Juke should be the primary pairing, and the fics you submit should have been written by someone other than you.
Send us all of your recommendations! Yes, all of them. We’re brand new—if you think every Juke shipper already knows about/has read your favorites, our archive doesn’t know about them yet. Love for fics isn’t a limited resource: spread it generously! If you’re on mobile, just be sure to check out our submission guidelines first.
And remember the golden rule of the JATP fandom: tell your friends!
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li1-dess · 5 days ago
Hey Fantoms!
I was scrolling through youtube looking for a female cover of Unsaid Emily. In my opinion, a lot of them completely change the point and sing to soft. This doesn't mean they aren't good, it just means I don't really care for them.
I did find one cover that I fell in love with. The voice is amazing, the beat is on point, and it was over all my favorite cover so far.
I also found a duet and loved it as well, so I'll give the link to that one as well.
Cover Link:
Duet Link:
Please go show these amazing singers some love, they deserve it!
I hope yall loved this as much as I did!
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justlikeitwas · 13 days ago
Try to change my mind. Severus Snape/Lily Evans = Christine/Phantom. If you ship one, the chances are high that you do/would ship the other. I don’t make the rules, I just announce them.
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violetwolfraven · 14 days ago
I’m like… unsure if my little sister is neurodivergent cause she gives me mixed signals and I’m not good enough at social cues to be able to tell anyway but whether she is or not the point is SHE CAN’T JUDGE ME FOR HYPERFIXATING ON SHIT ANYMORE BECAUSE SHE’S WATCHED PRIDE AND PREJUDICE LIKE EIGHT TIMES IN THE LAST TWO WEEKS
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lyumia0202 · 17 days ago
I feel like if wreckers headaches are foreshadowing then like, it's kind of.... Missing the point of foreshadowing???
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lucifer--deckerstar · 18 days ago
No longer confused after watching the first 10 mins of episode 7.. FULL ON BOARD WITH TEAM LUKE 😍😍😍😍😍 HES SO CUTE!!
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lucifer--deckerstar · 18 days ago
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santoshbvn · 21 days ago
Pink Arrows, Canadian Snowbirds and F4 Phantom to Assist Aerobilitys Armchair Airshow
Pink Arrows, Canadian Snowbirds and F4 Phantom to Assist Aerobilitys Armchair Airshow
(26 Could 2021) Aviators from all over the world are coming collectively in assist of disabled flying, giving their time to take part in Aerobility’s Armchair Airshow 2021, which is able to livestream on Saturday, 29 Could at 14:00 BST (GMT+1). The Pink Arrows will be joined by The Royal Canadian Air Pressure’s show crew The Snowbirds, Wealthy Goodwin’s Jet Pitts, The Memphis Belle in addition…
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danny-phangirl · 21 days ago
DannyMay 2021. Day Twenty-seven
Sam opened her house's door and sighed when she saw one of the two friends she was angry with.
"Sam, we're really sorry about today. Really, it won't happen again." Danny pleaded, dripping wet on her doorsteps as rain poured down on him, making him look like the world's most kicked puppy.
(They were clever; Tucker's charming smile was to convince adults to let them do something they shouldn't, Danny's puppy eyes were to get out of trouble when the consequences of their actions inevitably came after them, and Sam's money was for any reparations needed.)
"Is that all you came to say?" She crossed her arms at him, putting on a bored face.
"Seriously, we are sorry. We should have told you that sandwich had real meat and not a tofu substitute, but it was the only one left and we couldn't do anything about it. It was just this one time, we won't do it again!"
"You keep saying 'we', but I only see one of you here." Sam remarked with a lifted eyebrow.
"He's actually a crucial part of this apology."
"Over here!" Tucker called from above. Before she could poke her head out and spot him, Tucker gave a high-pitched yell of "Shit!" and came tumbling down, falling from the short ladder he had been standing on and over Danny, taking the water hose and the rain down with them.
"Oh fuck!"
"Man, that hurts!"
"Ggh, that'll bruise for sure."
Both teens stopped their bemoaning when they heard Sam laughing Turning towards her, they found the goth hiding her mouth behind her hand even as her eyes creased with concern. Once she saw them get up, holding onto each other for support, she finally gave in and began cackling.
"Is that an 'I forgive you' laughter? 'Cause it didn't sound enough like an evil laughter to me." Tucker asked once she calmed down and recovered her breath.
"I am still angry with you two!" Sam snapped and the boys flinched. "But I can put it on hold until you two get checked over."
She waved them in, bending down to pick the hose and turn it off, and then proceeded to take her dorks with her grandmother's nurse, drupping water on her parents' dumb carpet as they walked.
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redrobin-detective · 21 days ago
?? What did Sam alter the costume to in Memory Blank? I’ve never seen the episode before
So Phantom up to ep 20 aka the first season:
Tumblr media
Then comes the first ep of season 2, Memory Blank in which, tldr, Sam accidentally wishes she never met Danny which Desiree overhears meaning Danny never got his powers. Sam recreates the accident but this time, slaps a logo she made so it's literally fused to his costume without explaining to Danny what she's doing and then trying to pretend after that it had always been there:
Tumblr media
(creepy shot I realize but the whole ep was Sam being invasive and creepy, and not in a creepy goth way, which is so infuriating)
I remember pre-teen me was upset bc I did (and still lowkey do) think the logo was dumb looking and much preferred the sleekness of the plain black/white suit. As an adult looking back I'm pissed at how they treated Sam throughout the episode, making her a bad friend, making her only seem interested in Danny for his powers to the point of making him go through a traumatic, life threatening accident again seemingly for her own gain as not much had seemingly changed in Amity with Danny safe and fully human.
Also the idea of Danny not having his powers with ghost attacks still prevalent is a damn cool idea and could have been explored. What if Amity was a warzone without Phantom, that would be a good reason to give Danny his powers. What if, even human, Danny had become a hunter in his own right and it was HIS choice this time, not a stupid accident, to become half ghost and save his town? Like they could have very easily made the story make sense, highlight Danny's inherent goodness/heroism even without powers, up the stakes and show a good story. Instead the ep is a very clear and ham-fisted attempted to make DP "marketable" and it annoys me 15 years later.
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