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RWBY plays Among Us (part 2):
Blake Belladonna: -Whoa, whoa, whoa, Ruby are you gonna let me talk-
Blake Belladonna: Weiss, if you believe that nonsense, you're gonna throw the whole game for us!
Weiss Schnee: Will you dolts slow down, I can't think straight-
Ruby Rose: IT WAS BLAKE!
Blake Belladonna: NO, IT'S NOT ME. IT WAS RUBY!
Ruby Rose: (incoherent screams of joy, followed up by loud clapping noises)
Blake Belladonna: WEISS. WOW! Just...WOW!
Yang Xiao Long: Weiss, I'm calling you Eiss from now on. Because Ruby stole that W from us!
Scarlet David: (sounds of disappointed groaning)
Sun Wukong: Nep...bro, I've never felt this betrayed in a long while. Why you gotta self-report my body, man? Also, WHY WAS I THE FIRST TO DIE?
Jaune Arc: Damn it...I say that Ruby was sus ONE TIME! And then all of RWBY declares me as the impostor and votes me out! Look what happened! LOOK AT WHAT HAPPENED!
Lie Ren: Honestly, I can't even be that mad. I'm just happy we at least got Neptune.
Weiss Schnee: (steps away from her laptop and starts pacing her room, fuming with anger)
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RWBY AMV - A Little Bit Dangerous (Bumblebee 2020)

Finished my fan-made RWBY AMV featuring Blake and Yang… Guess I’m one of the last of the non-toxic Bumblebee shippers… I really think they are the yin and the “yang” of the RWBY team… God dammit Barb!!! Well here it is… RWBY AMV - A Little Bit Dangerous (BUMBLEBEE 2020)… Hope you like it as much as I loved making it!!!  Spread it around… I want folks to watch it… I don’t care about “likes” or numbers… I make these AMVs because I enjoy doing them and want to share my creations with you… My motto… “Enjoy the freedom of creative expression… It will ALWAYS be FREE!!!  You own it!!!”  It’s up to you if you want to share it FREELY… Enough of the lecture talk… Click the arrow and watch my latest fan-made RWBY AMV featuring Bumblebee… Love ‘em or hate ‘em… I’m sure you will like my video… I do these because I enjoy doing them… I do not or want to get paid for what I do… These AMVs are my gift to you and my payment is you enjoying what I give to you… So… Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it… Keep a watch out for the next RWBY AMV… Already in the works!!! Thanks for watching!!!

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Blake: Do you ever regret marrying Ruby?

Weiss: Lately she’s decided the best way to let me know she wants a kiss is to t-pose in front of me until I kiss her, so that’s the closest I’ve come.

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Team JNPR and RWBY exploring  haunted houses
Jaune: "Alright the ghost's name is Cinder Fall lets gear up and get going. I have the thermometer and EMF reader."
Pyrrha: "I have the book and Spirit Box. Nora?"
Nora: "I have the cameras and UV flashlight!"
Ren: "And I'll monitor everything from here."
Ruby: "Alright everyone have their smudge stick and crucifix?"
Blake and Yang: *Both holding up the crucifix and smudge sticks* "Yeah!"
Weiss: "Wait we still need the other equipment in ord-"
Ruby: "Lets go Kick Tyrian Callows ass!"
Weiss: "Wait!"
Pyrrha: "Is anyone here?"
Spirit Box: "..."
Pyrrha: "How old are you?"
Spirit Box: "..."
Pyrrha: "If you're with us can you give us a sign?"
The door to the room: *Opens slowly*
Nora: *Shines the UV light on the door* "I have finger prints!"
Ruby Blake and Yang: *Circling around the table* "Tyrian Callows Tyrian Callows Tyrian Callows!"
Weiss: *using the thermometer to check all the rooms* "Stupid team mates." *Breaths and notices she can see her breath* "I have freezing temperatures guys!"
Ruby: "Ahhh! Something just breathed near me!"
Jaune: *Checking every room with both the EMF reader and thermometer* "Are you here with us?" *Notices the EMF reader goes to two* "If you're here can you show us?" *EMF flashes to five as a figure emerges in the corner as his flashlight starts blinking* "Oh Shit! Guys EMF 5!"
Ren: "Guys its spiking to ten! Hid-" *Static*
Jaune and Nora: *Hiding in a hall closet*
Jaune, whispering: "Where's Pyrrha?"
Nora, whispering back: "She was down stairs last I saw."
Pyrrha: *Scream of pure terror from down stairs before silence*
Ren: "Guys I think Pyrrha's down! Get out of there!"
Jaune: "Not until we figure out what this bitch is!"
Weiss: *Setting up the camera and returning to the truck to check for orbs* "Of all the harebrained things this is by far the stupidest" *Watches through the Camera as Yang Blake and Ruby continue to goof off and startle each other only to stop when she notices orbs flying all over* "Guys we have Spirit orbs." *Looks over to the activity monitor and sees it spiking* "Its spiking hide somewhere!"
Yang Blake and Ruby: *All start smudging and holding out the cross's and run around in a blind panic*
Ruby: *Stops moving and starts choking before going limp*
Weiss: *Flinches when the comms go back on only to hear Blake and Yang's screaming constantly*
Jaune and Nora: *Walking down to where Pyrrha was last seen*
Jaune: "Alright it wasn't freezing temperatures so that means it has to be the book but we have to check it first to be sure."
Nora: "Right. Renny?"
Ren: "I can see the book right now. Your sanity is at twenty percent each. Better move fast"
Nora: "Eh a little insanity never hurt anyone before!"
Jaune: "EMF spike..."
Ghost: *Gurgle sounds*
Nora: "Well that doesn't sound good."
Weiss: *Moving slowly to the ghost room with the spirit box* "Blake and Ruby are down and Yang's not answering her mic... How do I end up in situations like this?" *Reaches the room and turns on the spirit box*
Spirit Box: "Kill. Run. Leave. Adult. Begone. Thot."
Weiss: "Well that's enough for me!." *Flashlight starts flicking on and off* "Shit."
Yang from down the hallway: *Screams and runs to the door and starts banging on it* "Let me the fuck out!" *Starts choking and goes down*
Weiss: "Great."
Scene Switch:
Jaune: "Can you write in this book for us?"
Ren: "Spike to six."
Nora: "Do it bitch!"
Jaune: "All we need is you to write in the book."
The book: *Draws pictures*
Nora: "Right we have what we need lets get the hell out of- "
Ren: "Spike. It's at ten. Get-" *Static*
Jaune and Nora: *Both walk into to different rooms and hide*
Nora, through the walls: "I see it! Taking a picture!"
Ren: "It's over get out of there!"
Jaune: "We have what we came for lets get the fuck out of here!"
Weiss: *Trying to leave but cant as the ghost keeps attacking every few seconds* "This is bullshit!" *Is finally able to leave.*
Jaune Nora Ren and neck braced Pyrrha: *Celebrating a hundred and fifty dollar pay day*
Weiss and neck braced Ruby Blake and Yang: *moping about the fifteen dollar payment*
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