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#team rwby

Today’s janurwby is swap day, so here’s an outfit shuffle!

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more haunted house au! tagging @zacs-of-rwby again

  • ozpin and glynda are tense bc glynda had a miscarriage. both are quietly devastated by it, with glynda throwing herself into her work and ozpin shutting himself away from the world. in a way, taking care of the ghost kids is bringing him back to life. 
  • ozpin ISN’T ozma’s reincarnation in this au, they just look alike, like the mom and the dead bride in disney’s haunted mansion movie.
  • the younger kids, usually oscar and ruby, sometimes forget that ozpin isn’t their father, so ozpin will occasionally hear a little voice yell “daddy!” when glynda isn’t around. 
  • the kids are occasionally visible, but entirely nonverbal. ozpin isn’t sure if its trauma bc of their deaths or just how ghosts work.
  • Ozpin is very good at determining which invisible ghost kid is which. like
    *chandelier shakes like someone fell to the ground above it*
    Ozpin: Nora! Stop horseplaying with Pyrrha!
  • ozpin writing a guide to how ghosts work and everyone slams it on amazon reviews.
  • ozpin and glynda have guests over–like, glynda’s sister is a really snooty mean lady–and the kids prank them out of the house. they throw things at her, they keep her up at night, she thinks she’s going insane, while ozpin is in the background, sipping hot chocolate and thinking “this is what you get for visiting without warning, BRENDA.”
  • *Yang, pushing brenda out the door*
    Ozpin: Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!
  • the kids make a game out of trying to get glynda to believe. ozpin is the referee who “enforces” the rules like “no direct contact” and “no writing in spilled flour or other substances”
  • Ozpin wants to get to know the kids better, both because he’s living with them but also because they’re dead kids, he wants to help them move on. So he starts to research the family outside of ozma’s journals. 
  • He discovers that the police originally suspected that ozma killed the kids due to the unnatural way they died and also because he killed himself right after the interrogation the police did. ozpin immediately discounts this theory bc ozma loves his kids so much
  • no one really suspected salem; she was considered a socialite and beloved by the nearby town, but her disappearance after the deaths was weird. ozpin’s research shows no sign of salem, not even appearing in other cities. She just… vanishes. 
  • and ozpin starts to doubt the “death by carbon monoxide poisoning”. he calls up the real estate agency to ask about the furnace and learns that the previous furnace was old, but in great condition. Plus, why didn’t ozma and salem die too? gas leaks everywhere, not just into the kids rooms. 
  • So ozpin decides to ask the kids. He originally tries a spirit box but either it doesn’t work or the kids don’t like it so there’s no response. 
  • Of course, it could also be the nearing anniversaries of their deaths that’s making the kids silent. 
  • He decides on a ouiji board and try to contact them then, a few days before their death day. Only… he doesn’t contact the kids.
  • “Is there anyone here right now?”
  • “What is your name?”
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I like Qrow’s better. Ruby’s is clunky because she also put a gun in it, because aside from Weiss’s sword, every weapon in terms RWBY is also a gun. For some reason.

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I misread @zacs-of-rwby‘s halfway house ozpin au, so here’s a haunted house au

  • ozpin and his new wife, glynda, move into their new house in the countryside. the opening is nice and idyllic, but you get the idea that there’s some underlying tension between the two that isn’t addressed right away. 
  • The house is big, almost a mansion in size, but they got it cheap bc it needs to be renovated and also people died on the property. (imagine the Barnaby house with no extra buildings.) 
  • The house used to be owned 100 years ago by Ozma, a really rich man who happens to be a near carbon copy of Ozpin. Ozma was married to Salem and had 9 adopted children, because Im involving all of team rwby, team jnpr, and oscar, suck it.
  • They lived happy lives until one night, all the kids mysteriously died. Decades later, the causes of deaths were eventually listed as carbon monoxide poisoning, since there was no visible causes of death, but after the kids died, ozma killed himself and salem disappeared (with the nearby town believing that she had just taken ozma’s money and ran).
  • Ozpin and Glynda start their lives in the house pretty well. some weird things are happening, like floors creaking, doors closing at random; stuff that can be attributed the house settling and being in a new place. The tension between Ozpin and Glynda starts to settle as they settle into the house, but Ozpin is pretty reserved at this point.
  • Glynda would probably be a home renovator in this au, so she’s just going through the house, seeing all the ghost activity, going “So, new floorboards, incorrectly installed doors, we should probably check for mice too…”
  • Ozpin finds Ozma’s diary and is just blown away by how much this man loves his children. Ozma would just go on for pages about Blake’s love of books, or how Nora led the kids into building a swing set that fell apart, or how he took the older kids hunting and Oscar and Ruby wouldn’t talk to him for a week. 
  • And he starts to notice how weird stuff in the house isn’t really… normal. Like, he entered the library in time to see a book thrown across the room. or all their dishes appearing out on the lawn over night. or occasionally feeling punched or shoved when he walks past the remains of a home gym that hasn’t been renovated yet. 
  • He doesn’t think it’s ghosts until he sees little seven year old oscar just… sitting on the second floor landing, staring down at him before blinking out of sight. 
  • The house is haunted by the dead kids. 
  • Ozpin is a little freaked out, but isn’t that scared. the kids haven’t done anything harmful, they’re just… ghosts. that a real apparently. he freaks out a little until he finds one of the drawing that ozma kept from the kids childhood and realizes that they’re still just kids and they’ve been alone for a while. 
  • So he starts small. Talking with them a little, baking chocolate chip cookies because he knows they were Ruby’s favorites, framing and hanging the old drawings like he’s their dad, stuff like that. Glynda thinks he’s crazy, there are no ghosts, but this is the most animated Ozpin’s been in months, so she lets it slide. Meanwhile, ozpin finds more drawing done in pen ink and frames those too.
  • He starts trying to find solutions to the ghosts frustrations. He figures the library ghost is probably blake and that she might be bored from having read all the books in there, so he gets her new books. but the book throwing continues, so he thinks that maybe she can’t touch the books long enough to finish reading them and buys her a cd player and a bunch of audio books for her to play, and that works.
  • He insists Glynda renovate the home gym even though they don’t work out and there’s no more ghost punches.
  • i just… really like the idea of ozpin being a dad to his ghost kids.
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rwby julie and the phantoms au featuring dead girl band rwby and jaune as the conduit. but like, jaune who just half-way cheated his way into music school

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Glynda: Be a teacher, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.





Ruby, Pyrrha, Blake and Ren, screaming as something explodes:

Glynda, sighing: Don’t listen to them. Don’t.

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Sorry in advance for being gone lmao life is bullshit sometimes, anyways have this cute lil weissy

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Oooh, that’s a fun one. This one’s a classic little AU concept based around Ruby not befriending Jaune on her first day at Beacon and instead meeting someone else

“Welcome to Beacon…” Ruby Rose mumbled to herself as she lay back on the cold, hard stone outside the academy. So much for making any new friends-

Ruby’s thoughts were interrupted as a shadow fell over her.

“Rough day, huh?”

The first thing Ruby noticed was the pair of chocolate-colored eyes peaking over a pair of sunglasses that were way better looking than those ugly aviators Yang loved for some reason.

“…Yeah…” Ruby groaned in response.

Then she noticed the hand covered in a fingerless glove extended towards her.

“Well, maybe we can do something about that,” Ruby saw a pair of lips curl into a wry, yet friendly smile, “name’s Coco.”

“…Ruby,” Ruby replied as she took the offered hand.

…Maybe her first day wasn’t a wash just yet.

So yeah, basically what if Ruby befriended Coco instead of Jaune on her first day, and by extension CFVY became the shows ‘B-team’ instead of JNPR? You know those short CFVY/RWBY flashbacks in After the Fall? That was pretty much the basis for this whole idea.

Highlights to this idea include: Coco and Ruby doing the ‘Sempai/kohai’ anime trope with Coco taking Ruby under her wing and giving her pointers, and Ruby thinking it is just awesome that she’s friends with the coolest girl at Beacon.

Weiss on the other hand is super jealous that Ruby is friends with Coco. Like she’s still doing her best to be the best partner and teammate to Ruby, but she finds herself slipping into a ‘Notice me Coco-sempai!’ mode from time to time.

Basically, it’s going to be pretty gay. Probably not to a ‘actual couple’ point, but definitely to a ‘if this were the actual show, fans would be shipping the hell out of them’

“Wait… Coco Adel? From Pharos?”

“Ah, you’ve heard of me then?” Coco broke into a wide grin.

“Uh… yeah, you could say that…” Ruby replied just a bit awkwardly. Honestly, it was hard not to have heard about the star student of Pharos Academy. Breaker of records… and the hearts of young maidens. Ruby knew for a fact that a fair few of her female classmates back at Signal would be murderously jealous if they knew Ruby was hanging out with Coco Adel right now.

Of course, there’s also more expected interactions, like Blake having a closer friendship with Velvet having a notable impact on her arc. Another idea I’ve got is that Yang pretty quickly picks up that something is up with Fox given how little he talks, and Fox has way too much fun giving her the runaround. Also, Ruby totally guesses telepathy way before Yang figures it out.

30 notes

For our next team rwby redesign we have Weiss schnee

For her redesign I wanted to keep that popped collar and for her to have her teams colors

But as well as giving her a wizard like poncho

One more thing to mention is that her scar has her left eye blind

It would make it harder to fight, but I guess she now has something new to overcome

4 notes

Ruby: And what are the acorns?

Blake: That’s us.

Yang: Which one is me?

Weiss: The little deformed one.

Yang: Shut up.

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team rwby + homework

ruby: chaotic 4.0. lives off caffeine, sugar, and spite. always waits until the last second, 99% of what she’s assigned is never turned in, somehow still gets amazing grades on tests and straight a’s at the end of every quarter.

weiss: immaculate grades and she works hard for them. stays up late studying obscure concepts that won’t be on the test “just in case.” needs cuddles from ruby to calm down and take a break.

blake: does her homework as assigned, no more, no less. misses an assignment every now and then, but never anything too bad. never goes the extra mile for work unless the subject interests her. grades are always nice and neat.

yang: inventor of the phrase “c’s get fucken degrees.” she’s very intelligent, of course, but you wouldn’t think that from her grades. passes neatly every quarter, though, to the bewilderment of everyone who’s seen her grades.

45 notes

With the DC RWBY crossover. I was thinking about what Zatanna would look like in Remnant.

One idea i had was that she has a “mirror” semblance. Similar to Velvet where she can copy any semblance she sees or maybe only ones she’s seen recently. Which of course she would focus by saying the semblance backwards like it would appear in a mirror. This allows her to be pretty versatile like she is in the comics.

Other thoughts I’ve had range from illusions and telepathy, to controlling elements without dust? Like maybe just the 4 fire, water, earth, air without making her a maiden. But i tgink i like the mirror one most. Anyway let me know what you think and what DC characters you’d like to see in Remnant and what you think their semblances would be

8 notes

Sexuality headcanons ‘cause I’m bored

(With the help of @harmonylight 🥰)


Ruby: Aroace

Weiss: Bisexual (Female Lean)

Blake: Bisexual (Canon)

Yang: Pansexual


Jaune: Bisexual (Female Lean)

Nora: Panromantic Asexual

Pyrrha: Demisexual

Ren: Bisexual (Female Lean)

17 notes

Ruby: Our dorm has a spare key and a master key. Weiss has them both. Once, I asked her, “What if you die? How will we get inside then?”

Jaune: What did she say?

Ruby: She said, “If I’m dead, you guys have all been dead for weeks.”

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