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Everyone… it’s February 22, 2020 (in my time at least), and the 40th anniversary of the Miracle on Ice! 

This game, whether a victory or a tragedy, has affected so many from the night it took place, and many more in the years since. It inspired and rekindled American patriotism at its time. It inspired future generations of American hockey, it inspired others that they too could do great things even if the odds were against them. It inspired stories, it inspired movies. One in 1981 and another in 2004. 

And for me, Admin Sunset, on a much more personal level, it inspired the making of nine characters who I love so much, along with a whole universe (albeit somewhat similar to the real world) they live and operate in. It inspired me to learn more about hockey even though I don’t play. 

However this game might have affected you from when you first heard of it, there’s no doubt it touched the hearts and changed the lives of many. Here’s to the miracles of the past, the present, and the future! 

- Admin Sunset

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I loved seeing Tingting’s fhs+front tuck this weekend and I hope we see more of them this quad, so I thought it was a good time to remember Oksana Limaryova of the USSR who competed both a fhs+front tuck and a fhs+double front tuck dismount in her beam routine! In today’s COP her dismount sequence would be worth 0.2 CV.

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Back in the days where beam was supposed to show what a miracle it was that someone could dance on four inches of wood suspended in the air… Who does that now? Vasiliki Millousi? Songsong? (Come back Sui Lu!!!)

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Sprite - Nickname Lv. (Moveset) [HP/ATK/DEF/SPA/SPD/SPE]

External image
Zoroark - Stalin  Lv. 50 (Grass Knot/Foul Play/Night Slash/Shadow Ball) [141/131/80/135/77/114]

External image
Stoutland - Marx  Lv. 50 (Dig/Strength/Wild Charge/Crunch) [166/133/102/53/93/125]

External image
Krookodile - Khruschev  Lv. 49 (Crunch/Bulldoze/Shadow Claw/Dragon Claw) [163/124/89/77/88/125]

External image
Escavalier - Trotsky Lv. 50 (Iron Defence/Aerial Ace/X-Scissor/Iron Head) [148/165/126/88/105/32]

External image
 Emboar - Molotov Lv. 51 (Assurance/Scald/Flamethrower/Arm Thrust) [193/156/92/130/73/87]

External image
Archeops - Novikov Lv. 53 (Crunch/Rock Slide/Dragon Claw/Acrobatics) [162/187/93/126/74/141]
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