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short answer: Im not as good at lineart as I’d like to be so I’d rather leave it sketchy than clean. 
long answer:  I don’t like to spend too much time on something I find a drag if the intent is to do it for fun! If I like the process of refining or just really like the drawing and wanna make it look nicer, I continue! If not, I call it good enough.
About 80% of what I draw are sketches (at least, what I consider sketches). Trust me, I have TONS of drawings that don’t get on my blog for whatever reason. I especially love exploring character interactions and/or expressions, and those require a lot of drawings. Anyway, sketches are good for exploring concepts quickly and are just plain fun! 
As for posting, I judge my sketch drawings first by how much i like them, how interesting i find them, and how readable they are. I don’t think about it all too much, to be honest.
the approximate way I think of it is: it’s my blog, if someone doesn’t like the messy stuff I post, they can leave.
I’m not sure how helpful that is to you personally but that’s my take on it!
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mercuryislove · a month ago
not to reveal too much about myself but when I'm stressed I like to watch videos of people trimming horse's hooves
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paipayaseeds · 9 months ago
the cameras... she remembered kaede mentioning a plan when fumiko had helped gather the devices from the warehouse. she was also reminded of the way she felt upset at the time, disturbed that he was actively hiding something from her. fumiko felt guilty for not trusting in shuichi earlier, maybe, somehow, if she hadn’t hesitated to trust him, this wouldn’t have happened. she was aware of how unlikely that was, but it didn’t stop her from feeling guilty. her eyebrows turned slightly downward as she turned her head to now face the robot who was rushing her out of the room.
once they were out, he stopped and faced her, “how are you feeling? i... i didn’t get a chance to ask you before kaito...”
she nodded, her expression softening, “i feel a little dizzy— but it’s not that bad!” fumiko quickly assured when she saw the concern on his face. “i’m alr- HUh?!” she was cut off by the boy hugging her, something she hadn’t expected.
“when i was away from you i felt... fear. it’s difficult for me to understand why you don’t look out for yourself more, it’s as if you’re purposely putting yourself in danger.”
she instinctually returned the gesture, confused as to how she had put herself in danger. “i-i’m sorry, i- um... i’ll try being more careful...?”
taking her words at face value, he pulled away, smiling, before he continued walking with the girl down the hall. “good... alright, so when you were out here with... nevermind that— i gathered some information from kaede. she told me that she and shuichi had been keeping lookout from a classroom upstairs, and something inside of me tells me that it’s a good place to start.” she nodded slowly, wondering what they were doing in there. was it part of the plan?
kiibo opened the door for fumiko and both of them let out a yelp when they were greeted with a tall, slender man standing in the middle of the room.
“oh? i see, you two must’ve been drawn to this room as well.” korekiyo stated, noticing their hesitation to enter, “there’s no need to fear. i am aware that my appearance might lead one to believe that i would commit murder, but that is not the case.”
fumiko remembered back to when he’d prevented her fall, one that definitely would’ve injured her badly. they were alone before tenko arrived, and he could’ve easily taken advantage of that situation. she decided to believe him, for now, walking into the room, kiibo following behind her.
the three of them looked around the room, unsure if there was a point in coming her in the first place. fumiko was about ready to leave before kiibo grabbed her hand and brought her to a vent.
“this, here... i believe it is connected to the library. perhaps the culprit entered the library like that, and crawled back out when the two left this room...?” fumiko nodded slowly as she tapped her chin, c’mon, think like shuichi!
if shuichi was a huge dumbass, that means she succeeded.
fumiko dropped to the floor and opened the vent before crawling into it. detectives have to see things from the culprit’s point of view, right? yeah! someone’s probably said that before!
“f-fumiko!” the robot’s eyes shot wide in panic, running behind her to pull her by her legs.
“h-hey...! i’m wearing a dress... that- that’s weird!”
“w-well it’s necessary, get- get out of there! you’re going to get hurt!”
“no, i’m shuichi!” she didn’t realize how stupid she sounded since that was her mindset and reasoning for doing this at all. korekiyo observed them quietly. his eyes moved to the door when he saw it open once again, though.
Tenko had actually followed the pair beforehand, finding it suspicious that Fumiko had been left with none other than a... male? Robot male?
Even so! Fumiko would be better off investigating with a very capable female woman such as Tenko, herself, rather than a creepy stick-bug and a gender-undefined robot!(nothing against gender-undefined robots)
"Hey! What are you two doing to poor Fumiko!? Looking up her skirt!?" Tenko was revolted, no, perhaps that'd be an understatement for how she felt. Not short of a split second, a blue flash passed them both by, and before they knew it — "Hiiiiiyah!" — they had been kicked three meters away from the girl who had crawled into the vent.
Now, she swears that her intentions were purely good, but it seemed intentions weren't enough to save Fumiko, as Tenko's 'intentions' accidentally nudged Fumiko down the vent with her hip as she made the mistake of sprinting over to her; causing Fumiko to —
*sad slide whistle noise*
"Fumiko—! Nooooo! Oh god! Oh god, what did I-" Tenko felt dread wash over her as she saw the poor girl slide all the way down, she, unfortunately, seemed to fit inside like a puzzle piece, considering her small build.
K1B0 finished her sentence for her as he finally got up, "What did you do!?" "I- I didn't mean to!" Tenko had almost been close to tears, she didn't know where the other end of the vent was, what if Fumiko got hurt? Or worse, what if she—
Before another worrying thought could curdle and form in Tenko's head, K1B0 had already sped down into the library; fortunately, thanks to his photographic memory, he knew exactly where the vent was.
The library.
This was funny because Shuichi had been unsuspectingly investigating Rantaro's body, conveniently right underneath where right underneath the book pathway to the end of the vent from the classroom.
I think you know where this is going.
He looked up as he heard Tenko's loud cry echo out from somewhere he couldn't quite place, and it was almost as if it was déjà vu for Tsumigi as the scene almost replayed exactly how it was for Rantaro, except, the ball was... A human being. And Rantaro was Shuichi.
K1B0 had been a second too late, he concluded as soon as he saw Fumiko sliding down the books, no stop in sight. You would think she would've at least been able to grab the books and stop halfway but,
Kaede only watched with dreadful eyes as her plan had practically played out in front of her, except the ball, as mentioned earlier, was Fumiko. It was horrifying to see her plan in action, god, she hoped she would never have to witness this.
Sadly, Kaede's eyes had been a second too late to realize Shuichi had been panicking, yet unusually calm as he heard the books shuffling above him. Panicking because, 'What the hell is that noise?' and calm because, 'Maybe I'll find out more if I stay here!'
So yes, Shuichi stood there looking up
K1B0 panicked at his spot, unsure whether to tell the detective to move out of the way or to catch Fumiko. Either way, someone would get hurt, most likely; both of them. But K1B0 didn't exactly care whether Shuichi got hurt, so —
"Shuichi, open your arms and aim up!" It was an idiotic thing to say, truly. Especially with no context. But it wasn't as if K1B0 had enough time to say anything else, his calculations told him if he hadn't said that, Fumiko's chances of getting hurt(if she wasn't already), would rise. And her safety was his priority. Even if it was in the hands of a timid, and quite frankly, useless detective.
Shuichi, stunned, did as he told without another thought, the loud, booming voice of the robot scaring him straight into obedience. "Wh- O-okay? Okay."
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fl0werbun · 2 months ago
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c4 sayu (no constellations before) c6 diona(c5 originally) thoma and hu tao!! <33
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ohpalinoia · 5 months ago
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herb likes 2 sing to his little plants as they grow bc he believes it helps them get big n strong
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mr--link · a year ago
This was another one of my final projects, titled Ava and Odin Have a Nice, Short Talk. It was an idea I’ve been wanting to...
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lacobscur · 2 years ago
bond 9 with zerker in fgo and max bond w him in extella........ f is for friends who do stuff together,
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behold her
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infamouscabal · 2 years ago
"You say that, but it isn't true." He brushed Horst's lips blindly with his fingertips, then settled again. "There's always fear. And there should be: it'd be fucking stupid /not/ to be afraid of things you can't control. I have no way of knowing you won't--" He hesitated. "What you're asking," he said instead, slowly, "Is for me to trust that you won't simply leave me in the street in a foreign country the moment you get bored. And that you won't--if I wanted to leave, if I had to, then--"
Although the room was dark, Horst could see perfectly the gamut of emotions flickering across Silver’s face. It pained him to see-- the fear all too recognizable. Like looking into a darkened window and seeing his own reflection.
    “If you wanted to, if you had to, it would break my heart      to watch you go. To know that I had driven you away.”
Horst drew a slow breath. It caught it his throat. His eyes stung.
    “I should tell you... I’m not what you think I am. I could      never hurt you. I could no more leave you behind than      I could watch the sunrise.     Why do you think you keep running into me? Coincidence?” 
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uncultureddoubloon · 2 years ago
I’ve got a french press, coffee, and a fancy teacup. I’m happy
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paipayaseeds · 9 months ago
*falls down a flight of stairs* okay so i will prOBABLY get working on those drawings that literally nobody asked for tomorrow bc a new cord for my tablet is coming in yaAaAyaaaya
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morphogenetic · 2 years ago
hm. sure do love swinging WILDLY romo-repulsed for no fucking reason 
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charmandhex · 2 years ago
Never read the secret tags when I’m tired and need to yell into the void
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whiterosemilktea · a month ago
just heard the eng dub of heavens official blessing
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wolfhook-s · 2 months ago
re: genshin 2.3 post-livestream
i was so fixated on eulalbedo banner confirmation and the event surrounding it that it took me a few hours to realize the most important parts of this update (for me) will be:
beidou's hangout
eula FINALLY appearing in an event story (is it too much to hope for moonchase-level characterization? probably.) please give a little more apparent depth to her characterization mhy
pokemon impact with teapot as pokemon pc
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girlwparasol · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
bein’ gay and fancy again, this time with green tea
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crankyteapot · 2 months ago
Have you played inscryption? I've been thinking about it a lot since playing it and I think it might be up your alley. If you have do you have any thoughts on it?
You're in luck! i just finished it and it is So SO SO up my alley.
I was lured in by how the first part of the game looks, and the rest of it was such a nice surprise!!! Sidenote, the first part is Very Good To Play in a dark room. got them good spooky cabin vibes. i imagine the other parts would be too but uhhhhhh its summer where i am so it gets dark p late and i am Impatient lol
Tumblr media
There's so much to love in this game, and this is coming from someone who isn't big on TCGs.
Big Ole Spoilers under cut
I adore the whole "Haunted Ass Game Creepypasta" thing it's got going for it!! it surprised me when i booted it up the first time, haha. the live action segments were amusing enough to watch.
and the gameplay is real fun! even if part 2 kinda overwhelmed me with the Sheer Amount Of Cards i got... and part 3 was both fun and kind of annoying at times (i got. WAY too many cards in my deck that it was getting hard to make any kind of strategy). Leshy best game host haha.
AND i love the ways in which you can just
break the game
who needs strategy when you have a cheap seeker card and an ouroboros
i love the characters so much.
Grimora has such good vibes. id wanna sit and drink tea w her and talk abt bones or smth. it would be great. she is also the sole owner of a braincell among the scrybes. its a shame you never got to play her bossfight, the start of the music for it was so jaunty. alas.
Leshy... again. great spooky vibes. still fucked up his. uhhhhh. fffriends??? maybe???? he just wants to play card game dnd with you and he's great at it. i love him. also his aesthetic is also the kind of aesthetic i adore.
Tumblr media
i hate them so much. i love them so much. theyre terrible but in the funniest way possible its great. i wanna listen to them rant abt how leshy wastes so much time on "flavour" and "immersion" and then toss them out a window.
Tumblr media
I wanna draw an animatic of them to the gamerpad speech so bad.
(its so funny when they have to count all that ouroboros-money every time. and then they count 400$ when u die and then when u pick it up.)
Magnificus is so stuck up and unlike po3 he doesnt have the advantage of being funny. hes just a bitch ass motherfucker. "oh yeah lemme just. Torture my disciples so they can turn into cards for me" bitch i'll torture YOU
speaking of disciples i love goop and lonely wizard so so much. i wanna hug lonely and then like. swing them around like a sack of potatoes. i think they'd like that. (also i turned wizbot into a werewolf when i was playing lol. i think its kinda funny)
Tumblr media
luke..... eh. he's a Guy. i cant think of him any other way than Generic Creepypasta Protag. maybe that's the point of him. he serves his purpose well enough haha.
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Tumblr media
all according to plan
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