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Hey I do not mean to be a bother but I love your isabella stories and was wondering since requests are open(I am new to tumblr forgive me). If you can make a story surrounding one of your headcannons with her and the reader. Specifically this one if that is alright.
"Loves to tease you, especially during times when it’s not the best. Purposely flipping her hair in a certain way you like, walking a certain way, referencing specific things in her casual speech that would leave others confused, but you a steaming and heated mess
᪥ She hates being teased in return and will pay back ten fold behind closed doors until you’re worse than you were before"
If it is to much then no problem please take your time.
My Turn 
Isabela Madrigal x Reader
Tumblr media
Notes: yess!! It’s not too much at all, I really like that idea!!! Sorry for the wait, but it was pretty fun to write. AND you're not bothering at all, no worries. Hope you like it <3
-> Reader insert//female reader//innuendos at horrible times//girlfriend to magical Isabela//party planning//teasing Isabela//oh snap she said that
Warnings: innuendos galore and a pretty heated scene at the end more so 14+ this time around
Desc: The local party planner was put in charge of planning the birthday of Alma Madrigal, the grandmother of her long term girlfriend, Isabela Madrigal. Unfortunately, to make sure she impresses, she had to sacrifice time from spending time with her, which spelled nothing but future trouble.
Tumblr media
Alma Madrigal’s 71st birthday was coming up and per every Madrigal birthday, the whole village was invited in on the celebration. 
Although, unlike every birthday, someone outside the family was going to be planning it; [Y/n] [L/n]. She wasn’t inexperienced, of course. She planned things from personal family baby showers to large and jubilant Quinces, ever since the age of seventeen and all went out without a hitch. She liked to joke that it was her own little gift. 
It was also around that time that she caught the eye of and asked out (more so the other way around) her love and light, Isabela Madrigal, the granddaughter of Alma Madrigal. 
Alright, maaaybe she wasn’t too outside the family, and she hoped to close that gap even more, but it did not make her any less nervous when Señora Madrigal herself showed up on her doorstep and requested the event to be planned two months ago. 
And ‘requested’ is frankly generous as the way she said it, there really wasn’t a choice. At least with her nerves, it felt like it. Ever since then, [Y/n] had been planning out what food to be served, who would be able to attend, lighting, decor, theme–everything she could think of. The only thing that rang through her mind was if she failed, not only would it ruin her reputation among everyone, but Isa would never forgive her for ruining her grandmother's birthday.
That meant she had been over the Madrigal’s casita more often than before, which she didn’t think was possible. Despite that, nearly none of that time was with Isabela. 
It ached her heart, but the thought of failure and losing Isabela completely hurt worse. And it all led up to this moment. A few hours before everything was supposed to begin. She placed the food Julieta prepared onto a dining table in the backyard, but halted before setting it down and snapped her head up. Not too far away, Isabela had been talking to a person setting up a pole for where the hanging lights would be. 
When did she get here? This was the first time she saw her ever since arriving. She could hear her angelic laugh toward the woman, twisting her hair around her finger. [Y/n]’s eyebrow twitched as she stared longer, a stirring of jealousy in her heart and butterflies chest. She then shook her head and finally placed the bowl down, then looked away. Isa can talk to whoever she wants to, of course, but she only twirls her hair like that when she’s talking to her. Not that it bothered her. She shouldn’t let it bother her. Maybe she did that more often than she realized, is the lie she wanted to tell herself.
She went into the kitchen and retrieved another plate, Julieta leaned on the counter, dabbing away the sweat on her forehead with a cloth. “Finished the last one. You really picked a good menu for this one.”
Julieta often helped cater for her. “Great! I know it was a lot and a bit challenging, Thank you, Julieta.”
“I appreciate everything you’re doing. You are a sweetheart. Would you like me to help carry some out?”
“No, you don’t have to you did a lot already-“
“Nonsense, I’ll gladly help more. It’s my mother. Now show me.”
They walked out and once again, Isa was talking to the same woman as before. Her girlfriend laughed once more, sweet and light, flipping her hair. With the flip, a very specific one that was slower than her usual flow, that she loves, [Y/n] caught Isa’s beautiful brown eyes momentarily as flirty mischief bounced in them. It took everything to not go over there. Her face became hotter.
“Are you alright?” Juli inquired. “You look a little flush.”
“I’m fine, thank you.” She said as she placed the plates down. 
“Ah, here she is, my love.” Isabela said as she came around. She halted but held an awkward smile as Isa extended a hand her way. “This is my girlfriend [Y/n],” she introduced. But before getting a word out, she continued, “You know we were talking about babies, mi rosa. The Escobars gave birth, finally.”
“Oh that’s-“
Isa turned to the helper, “I love babies,” 
[Y/n] scrunched her eyebrows. “No you-“
“But they whine and cry a lot. I mean, I’m used to dealing with criers,” Isa gave her a knowing and teasing glance, “but it’s their first so I hope they’ll be alright.”
Huh? Did she mean Mira or Luisa? She would have been young but she could remember things like that. But what did that glance mean? Was she making a joke about Antoniooo, no, no, no… 
[Y/n] could feel herself malfunctioning, overheating as if a loaf of bread left sitting in the oven.
“Antonio was a handful. Ah but the way they look at you from below. It’s wonderful.” Her girlfriend continued. 
“Sweet Jesus…” [Y/n] murmured and planted a hand on the table to keep her steady, her head hung low as her body and mind tried to reset.
“Is she okay?” The helper asked. 
She felt a soft hand on her forehead. “Dios, you feel like you put your head into an oven. You need to sit down.”
“Don’t forget to clip their nails either. It can hurt sometimes, you know?”
Her eyes widened. “Isa-“
Said woman began to walk off, “oh, well, I have to go now. Nice chatting with you.” She swayed her hips in a hypnotic motion that could rival pocket watches. She knew deep in her heart that was, like everything else just then, on purpose.
“That’s it, come now, I’m going to get you to sit down.”At that point 
She hadn’t seen Isa since then, but at least she was given more time to recover before the party began. And it went off without a hitch! Blessedly. People and mingling, all of the madrigals had come up to her with praise and thanks for how wonderful everything looked, and Señora Alma herself had given a personal graciousness with a grateful gleam in her eye. 
Right now she stood in a corner in the backyard where people mostly resided, talking to a few of the other party goers, but rather half heartedly as Isabela still hung on her mind. She didn’t understand if she was mad and trying to make her jealous or some twisted payback, but whatever it was, it was working and she had nothing but Isa on her mind. 
Although she hadn’t seen her since earlier. She tried asking around but had been roped into longer conversations about future celebrations for them and their families. Each time she finally pulled away, she was smacked into another long talk. 
At some point, someone prompted for speeches and people went around telling stories about Alma and other meaningful topics. As it captured the attention of most, she finally spotted Isa in the back, drink in hand, and boredly paying attention. 
She held a brightened look and was about to travel over before someone called her name and all eyes were on her. Included Isa’s, who seemed far more interested, but still rather heated, than moments prior. She then whipped her head away and apparently found the nearby tree more interesting. She clenched her jaw, a new fire in her, then smiled brightly with a kind wave to all, “hello. Yes, I thank everyone for showing and it’s wonderful to be able to celebrate another strong year for Señora Madrigal.”
“Not abuela yet?” Someone from the crowd yelled. The crowd laughed as did she with a glance to her girlfriend, her brown eyes were completely focused on her. And she wanted to keep it that way while getting her own pay back.
“No, unfortunately not.” [Y/n] said with a chuckle, casually rolling a corner of her lip between her teeth, catching a swoon then tenseness from her girlfriend in the crowd. “Hopefully soon. I really do love Isabela very much, her radiance reaches every deep corner of my being and brightens my life.” Isa spat out her drink, which gained the attention of few, but the majority kept their eyes to the front. “But it’s not about us, it’s about tonight. But I would also like to just wanna give thanks to everyone that helped.” Claps ensued as she walked over to the buffet table and dipped a chip in a lot of dip with a somewhat inadequate bite, “sorry, couldn’t help it. Hopefully, you eat some of every delicious dish up here, of course thanks to Julieta.” 
The crowd laughed and clapped for Julieta, who stood up and waved. There was a little something on her cheek she left until she went back to the center to make sure it was seen. “Ah,” she gave eye contact to Isabela and licked the counter of her lip and lightly her finger. It was indescribable the expression that Isa’s eyes held as a cold but excited shiver ran up the planners back. “Don’t know how that ended up there but with how I’ve been eating, it was bound to happen.”
Even as she looked away, she could feel the death stare. In that moment it felt like she had Bruno’s gift, because she could see her future and it didn’t look very good. Maybe she shouldn’t have went that far. 
Nonetheless, she cleared her throat and awkwardly chuckled. “Just to wrap things up, let's raise our drinks to another glorious year for Señora Madrigal.”
It was quick the way Isabela grabbed [Y/n]’s arm and swiftly dragged her to her room without a word, slamming the door behind herself. Faster than she could process, the Madrigal pushed her girlfriend against the door, then trapped her with both arms on either side of her. She leaned into her ear close enough to feel the tickle of her somewhat labored breathing on her ear.
“You are in big trouble, lily.” She darkly threatened in a low and slow tone, “I swear I’ll make you do so much more than cry.”
“You started it.” [Y/n] retorted, pushing her up a bit before flipping their positions. “I felt like I wanted to kiss and kill you at the same time.” She said and leaned her forehead on Isabela’s.
“You started it with the whole party mess.” She bit back. “I feel like you love my abuela more than me.” She said after, hurt and anger in her voice.
[Y/n] winced and brought her hand to Isabela’s face. “You’re right. I’m sorry. Really, really, sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you but I was afraid if anything but perfect happened tonight… I just wanted things to be perfect for her.”
Isa shook her head and sighed. “I know you were stressed, and it’s sweet how much you care, but besides you and me together, nothing is perfect. I wish you would have just come to me, love.”
“You are right as always, Isa, I’m sorry. Though you did not make it easy for me to function properly tonight, I may have deserved some of it. I acted foolishly before.”
“Si, and the fact you tried to get me back made me very angry, petal.” She responded, though, it was filled with anything but anger and rather want and tease. “But you are my fool. And it becomes a problem when anything cuts into my time with you.” She followed lowly, slowly leaning from their position to her neck, first placing chaste kisses along her shoulder blade before becoming a little rougher, nipping and biting, marking numerous sections that wouldn’t fade for sometime. Those worries faded, however, and so does her strength, as if Isabela’s kisses were a sedative.
[Y/n] relaxed then bit her lip before a low moan escaped as she tilted her head to the side to give more access. In a yearning to get more physical contact, her hands were about to rest on Isa’s wrist before vines quickly wrapped themselves around her wrist and brought them above her head.
She whined and Isa brought herself up, bringing her lips an inch close, but no contact. [Y/n] tried to close the gap but vines also wrapped around her neck and legs, firm and sturdy. Her breath hitched as Isa’s hands began to wander around her body.
Finally, her sweet voice graced her ears. “I hope you aren’t doing anything tomorrow,” her delicate hands glided up the side of her body, “or the next,” back down, “or the next,” up once more, “or the next,” rested at her shoulder. At this point [Y/n] was glad the vines were able to hold her up because she could feel herself get weaker and weaker the longer Isa’s poisonous touch remained on her. “Because it’s my turn to get you back.”
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Tumblr media
I always talk about Liam and Varric or Liam and Fenris but I don't talk nearly enough about Liam and Isabela, which is a crime because these two disaster rogues were pretty close actually and had zero braincells when put together
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Thinking Mariano & Isabela having a talk about each other awhile after Dolores & Mariano started dating….I just want Mariano to be nervous about what Isabela thinks of him dating her cousin while Isabela feels just so awkward after how things ended with him
I just want them to have a heart to heart & end with Mariano saying that he’s happy for her now, & that everything considered he would still love so see her as a friend & that he’s here if she ever needs someone who isn’t family to lend an ear & she teases him being like “you’re not family… YET.”
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Fenris, Bela, and Hawke getting ready for a fancy schmancy party :)
I am tempted to apologize in advance, but then… nah. It’s a fancy schmancy party which means OUTFITS which means thirsty, overly in love characters ;) Enjoy ❤
“Do I have to?”
Isabela’s mumble was barely decipherable from beneath the blanket. Only a tangled mess of hair could be seen of her.
“Yes,” Adriene said, not for the first time. She was already braiding her hair, dressed in one of the few incredibly fancy and ridiculously expensive dresses she had brought from Kirkwall. It sat a bit tighter than back then, hugging a few curves that hadn’t been quite as pronounced when she had still fought more than was good for her. “Unless you want me to get Cassia to freeze the bed.”
“Don’t you dare!” Indignation was in Bela’s voice, and Adriene grinned.
“Try me.”
With a groan, her wife threw the blanket aside. “Ugh, fine.”
“Don’t tell me you finally managed to get her out of bed,” Fenris said, coming into the bedroom. He wore the close-cut dark outfit Adriene had made him, with offset embroidery that left his muscular arms free, hair neatly bound back.
“By the Sea,” Bela murmured appreciatively.
Adriene’s hands sank down as she looked at him, the braid disheveling again. “I did,” she said slowly, her eyes wandering over his body with unbridled heat, “but honestly, I’m changing my mind right this second.”
Fenris paused as he noticed her gaze, a slow smile curling the corner of his mouth. “You are aware of the time, yes?”
“Mhm,” Adriene hummed distractedly, still looking at him with dreamy eyes. She knew they were cutting it close; they had to be at the ceremony in less than an hour, but as she looked at Fenris, there was something decidedly different than her brother’s appointment to Warden Commander on her mind.
“Actually, she didn’t get me out of bed,” interjected Isabela from the bed. “I was going to get up, but I’d be happy if you two would just get back here.” She lay back down into the cushions, an inviting smile on her lips as she trailed a finger down her still naked body. “Although, I have to say I do enjoy the show,” she purred. “I never thought I’d say this since I usually do enjoy undressing someone more than dressing them, but… we should dress you up more often. Both of you.”
Adriene’s eyes flickered over to her, and a little groan escaped her as she saw what Isabela was doing. “Andraste’s tits, Bela, you are being mean. I am at least trying to get us there on time.”
Fenris chuckled and took a step towards her. His hand slid from her shoulder to her neck as he pulled her closer for a long, slow kiss. Adriene trailed after him when he let go again, and he smiled. “Actually, right now, I am the only one who is trying to get us there in time.”
Adriene stuck her tongue out at him. “No, you are teasing.”
“You both are teasing,” said Bela. She finally jumped up from the bed and came over to them to kiss them. “I’m not sure I can forgive you ignoring me when I was basically arranging myself on a golden platter for you—”
“Darling, you were the reason we are late to begin with,” Adriene interjected dryly, but Isabela ignored her.
“— but since I have a bet running with Varric who can make Cullen say ‘Maker’s breath’ first, I’m going to let it go.” She gave Fenris and Adriene a telling look. “For now.” With a wink, she turned around and grabbed her outfit to disappear in the bathroom. “Hurry up so we won’t be late, alright?” she called over her shoulder.
Adriene let out a breath and chuckled as she looked back at Fenris. “We won’t make it to desert, will we?”
He only shook his head, amusement twinkling in his eyes that quickly changed to something entirely else as he looked back at her. His voice dropped a notch as he murmured, “Definitely not.”
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Eclipsed - Chapter 2
Tumblr media
Beware the company of wolves, my dear … beware the spawn of the dark. Where one rises, so does the other, and black blood runs in the streets. An old fable, perhaps, but one that is playing out on the streets of Denerim right under the noses of those not born to take notice. What happens when a mortal woman learns about the secret lives lived by the friends she thought she could trust? - A Modern Urban Fantasy Paranormal Romance AU
[Read on AO3]
"There you are! ... it is you under all that, isn't it?"
Katrina narrowed her eyes playfully at Isabela, laughing as the dark woman reached out to help her untangle herself from her layers of wool. As her mouth was uncovered, she stuck her tongue out at Isabela, though her eyes were busily looking around the bar. It was comfortably dark, with pools of yellow light illuminating tables and chairs set across the wide space in front of the bar. At the far end of the taproom lay a small stage, already set up for a soloist performance. The bar itself was just the right kind of busy - not too full and nowhere near empty, the level of chatter a warm buzz that wasn't too intimidating for Kat's first time out since moving to Denerim. In fact, the only group that might have seemed intimidating was a collection of men and women who had grouped too many chairs around one small table off to one side, and seemed to be playing a lively game of Go Fish.
"I'll have you know my arse is freezing," she informed Isabela cheerfully, grateful for the help in removing her coat and accoutrements.
Isabela snorted with laughter, looking her over in approval.
"Thigh high socks? Darling, in Ferelden, that's practically risque."
Kat looked down at her chosen outfit - pan-collared sweater dress, thigh high socks, warm winter boots - and back up at Isabela, worry touching her expression.
"Is it really?" she asked in concern. "Only ... well, I couldn't find my leggings, and all my tights had holes in -"
"Precious, you look wonderful," Isabela promised her, gently chucking her chin. "And far too easy to tease."
Kat rolled her eyes, her smile just a little shy. It had been a long time since she'd ventured out for an evening that didn't involve entertaining her little sister or talking to Tatum's tutors; she was nervous enough as it was without Isabela teasing her mercilessly all night, too. But her sultry companion could clearly sense that. Isabela simply wrapped an arm through hers, drawing her over to the bar.
"A drink should warm you right up, kitty," she predicted with confidence, catching the eye of the elven bartender as she parked Kat against the smooth ironbark counter.
"And who have you brought me, pretty Isabela?" the elf said, his accent Antivan, his voice smooth enough to send a ripple of pure lust down Kat's spine. His eyes were warm, gentle in their appreciation as he looked her over with a charming smile. "How much to taste her?"
As Kat's eyes widened in shock, Isabela smacked the bartender's hand soundly and laughed.
"Zevran, what have I told you about trying to buy my friends?"
The bartender chuckled, drawing his hand back with another of those charming smiles. His teeth seemed to glint in the reflection of light behind the bar as he smiled, turning his head to show off two supple lines of dark ink on his cheek.
"You cannot blame a man for trying when the lady you present is so delicious," he defended himself.
The comment should have been offensive, but there was a decided playfulness about Zevran, a self-deprecating awareness that his flirtations were just flirtations and nothing more. Despite her initial shock, Kat found herself relaxing, smiling at him even as she shook her head.
"I thought the point of a bar was for the customers to buy drinks, not for the bar staff to buy the customers," she pointed out.
From the over-crowded table behind her, a strong Starkhaven voice called out.
"Zev, are you propositioning my customers again?"
Kat turned curiously to find the owner of that voice, forcing herself to let her eyes scan over the group crowded around their chosen table. They were quite the collection, she had to admit, every one of them compelling in their own way. Three men, three women, most not even glancing up from their lively game of cards - the women were beautiful, in a warm kind of way; not a beauty that declared itself as aloof, but one that invited you to come closer to enjoy the people behind the smiles. One of the dark-haired women was sitting in the lap of one of the lighter-haired men with an easiness that screamed out their relationship status, yet didn't look out of place among the group. The only one of the men sporting dark hair was the one who had spoken, setting his cards face down on the table as he rose to his feet to make his way over to the bar. Kat bit down on a snicker as the other dark-haired woman, who had been sitting next to him, took the opportunity to look at his cards and switch some with her own.
"When you say it like that, it sounds so dirty, my friend," Zevran was saying as the Starkhaven man approached. "I was merely being friendly."
"Why don't you be a friend and get me a rum then, darling?" Isabela suggested to him, laughing as he rolled his eyes with playful reluctance and turned to do just that. "Kitty-Kat, let me introduce you to the owner of this fine establishment and one of the sexiest backsides known to Andraste - Rylen McKenna."
Kat tilted her head back to meet the gray-blue eyes looking down at her, ignoring the little voice in the back of her mind that had decided to wake up and exclaim about the gorgeousness of the male specimen standing right there. She took Rylen's hand with a smile, shaking it more confidently than she felt.
"It's a pleasure to meet you, Rylen," she said politely. "I'm Katrina."
"Likewise, a pleasure for me," he answered, bending a little to loom over her for a moment before drawing back. Was he ... sniffing my hair?
"Isabela, my dulcet delight, here is your foul liquor."
Zevran's voice drew Kat's mind away from that odd moment, a little relieved when Rylen released her hand. She discreetly caught a hank of her loose hair, drawing it past her nose. No, she didn't smell of anything but her shampoo. Isabela claimed her glass with a grin, tapping the bar in front of her friend.
"I'm paying, kitty, order something sinful."
Distracted, Kat snorted with laughter, letting her hair fall back over her shoulder as she considered what was on offer. She wasn't a fan of beer or ale, and she definitely didn't want to get completely plastered tonight. Beside her, Rylen leaned his forearms on the bar.
"Mind if I make a suggestion?" he asked, drawing her attention to him once again.
"What makes you think you can suggest something I would like?"
Kat tilted her head as she surveyed him, realizing that what she had taken for shadows on his face were, in fact, inked lines that looked almost dwarven in origin. And despite the fact that she was fairly sure he had sniffed her, he didn't seem dangerous or all that strange. He radiated an aura of warm assurance that she found herself drawn to, her vague nerves at meeting new people eased by the confidence of his friendliness. Rylen grinned at her once again.
"Judging by that accent, you're a Marcher like me," he pointed out. "Markham, maybe, or ... no, you've got the Fereldan tang. Ostwick, aye?"
Impressed, Kat nodded. "Very good. Why not Kirkwall?"
Rylen snorted with laughter. "You're not shady enough for Kirkwall."
Despite herself, she laughed, her shoulders rising as her head dropped forward for a moment in a mirthful giggle that just didn't want to stay quiet. Mortifyingly, she then snorted as she breathed in, turning bright red under the sudden amusement of the three people standing with her.
"Now that is adorable," Isabela stated, patting the top of her head with a friendly hand.
Chuckling, Rylen nodded to Zevran. "Firemead for our new wee friend, Zev."
Kat raised her head, feeling her cheeks still burning brightly. She hated when her laugh produced that little piggy snort; it was excruciatingly embarrassing, and yet everyone around her seemed to think it was the epitome of sweetness and hilarity. With fingers pressed to her cheeks, she couldn't even meet Isabela's eyes, much less Rylen or Zevran's.
"So what brings you to the Broken Templar, Katrina?" Rylen asked, straightening up as Zevran slid a small glass of golden mead across the bar and into her hand. "Pretty lady like you shouldn't go unescorted after dark - no lover to hold your hand?"
"She doesn't need a lover, she's got me," Isabela declared, throwing her arm around Kat from behind.
"That does sort of suggest that you render the physical act of intimacy completely moot just by existing, 'Bela," Kat pointed out, one corner of her mouth twitching upward as Isabela planted a loud kiss on her cheek.
"That is unacceptable," the sultry sea-goer replied affectionately. "The best part of any relationship is the orgasm."
"Maker's breath. Can you stop?"
Kat raised her glass to her lips, swallowing a mouthful of the potent mead in one gulp in the hope that somehow the exquisite burning would make Isabela magically not be a walking talking how-to of practical sensuality for the modern woman. The dark-skinned woman simply grinned at her, glancing up at the stage as the redheaded woman who had been sitting with Rylen and his companions stepped up onto the stage.
"Ah." Isabela's smile warmed. "Showtime."
She nudged Katrina up onto one of the bar stools, looping a friendly arm about her shoulders to lean against her from behind. Rylen, in turn, slipped behind the bar to dim the lights, a warm spotlight illuminating the redheaded woman as she took up her guitar and settled onto a stool behind the microphone. She didn't waste time with introductions or coy attempts at humor; she simply began to play, and Kat felt herself instantly relax.
It had been so long since she had been able to see any music performed live, the sensation of witnessing something wholly unique for one night pouring through her like crème Orlais, lifting her expression into an enthralled smile. Leliana played with a delicate confidence that Kat couldn't help but envy, thinking guiltily of her own guitar still packed away after all these months. The redhead's voice was clear, her tone pure, drawing an innocence from the simplicity of the melody. Her repertoire was a familiar challenge; created from old songs of Thedas given a twist of her own design, a twist that breathed life into cultures that, in some cases, were almost entirely gone. Almost without realizing it, Kat found herself singing along quietly, testing out harmonies that came naturally, unaware that her vocal enjoyment added a new layer to the performance for anyone who could hear her. The other sounds of the bar faded for Kat, so absorbed in the music that she didn't even notice when Zevran refilled her glass, or when Isabela tried speaking to her. Only when the last note faded and Leliana took her applause, announcing an intermission before her second set, did Kat return to her full senses, glancing around a little self-consciously.
"Oh, back with us, are you, precious?" Isabela asked laughingly. "You are too adorable for words. I am going to have to take you out for musical evenings a lot more often."
Blushing, Kat dipped her head, turning back toward the bar in embarrassment.
"I can't help it," she muttered, the defensive note in her voice fading to an almost forgotten excitement for the music she had just allowed herself to enjoy. "Her voice, her playing, it's enchanting. The songs are so familiar to me, but they sound like her, not like the old men I learned them from. And her use of the language, the phrasing, the complexity of chords set against the simplicity of the melody, and -"
She trailed off in the face of Isabela's raised brows. The sea-going woman looked startled by the sheer passion in her friend's voice, the enthusiasm in her gestures and eagerness to make her opinion easy to understand. Given that Kat generally spent most days as a quiet shadow with a ready smile and not much to say, it must have been something of a shock to find a subject she could get so easily fired up about.
"Oh, then you must tell her yourself!" a new voice behind her said delightedly.
She turned her head, confronted by the dark-haired woman who had, until recently, been sitting on the lap of one of the handsome men at that rowdy table. The voice declared her to be Antivan, the cut of her clothing declared her to be of a significantly higher income bracket than most people in the bar, and her smile just sparkled in the low light. She was, in a word, gorgeous.
"O-oh, I ... I don't know her," Kat began, her protest cut off by a wave of the woman's hand.
"Nonsense, you won't know anyone until you take the first step," she said cheerfully, taking hold of Kat's hand in a gentle grip. "Isabela, are you coming?"
Isabela was grinning widely at the warm bulldozer that was clearly another close acquaintance of hers taking Kat in hand and refusing to let her be shy and retiring. She caught Kat's eye, and for just a moment, her expression turned from teasing to reassuring. This was a person that could be trusted.
"Of course I'm coming," she informed the Antivan woman. "But introducing yourself to my friend before you drag her off to sit on your boyfriend's lap might be advisable, princess."
The tall Antivan blinked, looking down at Kat, who managed a nervous smile back at her. This produced a wider, brighter smile from the dark-haired beauty.
"Of course," she agreed. "My name is Felicita, though everyone you are about to meet calls me Fabs. And you are?"
"Terrified of you," Isabela murmured, snorting with laughter when Kat shot her a swift frown.
"Katrina," she introduced herself, drawing her gaze back to Fabs.
"Well then, Katrina, we have now been introduced," Fabs declared. "Come, come!"
She turned, still holding Kat's hand, and pulled her toward the table where Leliana was sitting with the rest of their party, Isabela trailing along behind them. Rylen was swiftly shooed out of his seat to make room for Kat, but unfortunately for the other unknown man, Isabela was already dropping onto his lap before he could stand up, tugging her fingers through his curls as he grimaced at her.
"Yes, hello, 'Bela," he muttered from behind his glass, jerking his hair out of her grasp as she laughed.
"Oh, Cullen, still so grumpy," she teased. "And here I thought you might be able to summon that devastating smile of yours for my friend here."
"I am not in the habit of smiling on command," he complained, his gaze skimming over Kat briefly before returning to his glass.
She frowned, feeling very out of place, unconsciously wishing to make herself smaller. From the corner of her eye, she saw Isabela flick the man's - Cullen's - ear hard enough to make him wince, but Fabs was already pulling her attention away.
"Katrina, amiga, meet more people," she declared brightly, nestling back into her seat on the lap of the friendlier-looking man. "This is Alistair - Josephine - and, of course, Leliana, whom you were so eager to meet in the first place."
It appeared as though the rest of the group were far friendlier than the man Isabela had decided to torment, judging by the bright smiles that were turned onto Kat by the introduced trio. Alistair winked at her over Fabs' shoulder, already raising his glass to his lips as she made herself comfortable on his lap.
"So you're Isabela's new squeeze, hmm?"
Kat spluttered around her own drink as Isabela let out a sultry laugh.
"Unfortunately for me, Alistair, I lack the appropriate parts to entice her," the dark-skinned woman informed him through her grin, seemingly quite content to make Kat's blush deep enough to resemble a plum tomato.
"And here I thought you were always prepared," a warm voice teased from across the table, drawing Kat's eyes to the woman who had been performing - Leliana.
The redhead's eyes were sparkling in the low light as Isabela laughed again, glancing toward Kat herself with curious interest as Rylen reappeared at the table with an extra chair. He wedged it in between Kat and Josephine and thumped down with a grin, and a moment later, Isabela had launched herself across Kat's lap to crawl into his, stroking the bar owner's jaw affectionately.
"Abandoning your golden-haired boy, 'Bela?" he asked, the Starkhaven brogue giving his cheerful comment a homely feel for the Marcher in their midst.
"Somehow I don't think he's that interested in being felt up tonight," Isabela answered just as cheerfully. "Oh, Leliana ... this is Kat. She sings like an angel."
Kat's jaw dropped.
"You've never heard me sing!" she protested, that blush returning in embarrassment as the group around the table all seemed to turn to her with curious eyes.
"Oh yes, I have," Isabela insisted. "Just now. You were singing along with our sweet Nightingale for most of that set and it was gorgeous. Like honey on the ears."
"Maker's breath ..."
Aware that her ears were now burning as hot as her cheeks, Kat closed her eyes, dropping her face into her hands in a futile attempt to get some kind of control over her embarrassment. She'd had no idea Isabela could hear her singing to herself, vowing never sing along to anything ever again unless she was locked in a soundproofed bathroom.
"Isabela, you have no tact," she heard Leliana say, that sweet Orlesian accent easy to place. "It is a rich compliment for any musician to have inspired an audience to join in."
Reassured a little that the performer wasn't upset by this revelation, Kat hesitantly raised her face from her hands to find Leliana and the woman beside her - Josephine, wasn't it? - smiling with encouraging warmth in her direction. A tentative smile lit up her own face when no more teasing was forthcoming.
"Indeed, the music I play is meant to be shared in such a way," Leliana went on, still warm in the face of Kat's grateful smile. "And these melodies can be enhanced beautifully with a second voice."
"I learned a few of them years ago," Kat admitted, glad to be able to engage in conversation. "The harmonies come easily even now."
Josephine's face lit up with excitement, one hand falling to Leliana's arm.
"Haven't you been saying you wished for a partner for your music?" she declared, revealing herself to be just as Antivan as Fabs. Kat couldn't help wondering if they were related in some way as Josephine continued. "I do not suppose you play an instrument as well, Katrina?"
"Ah ... well, I play guitar, but I haven't picked it up for almost a year," Kat answered a little awkwardly.
"Would you like to?" Leliana asked, something that was almost hope lighting up her eyes.
Startled, Kat stared at her. "Excuse me?"
Leliana flashed her a wide grin as she rose to her feet.
"Stay and talk to me when I am done with the second set," she said, her words more an order than a request. "If Isabela says your voice is like honey, then it is a treat I must hear clearly at least once."
"O-oh, I -"
But the redhead was already making her way back up to the stage, leaving Kat to glance worriedly at the rest of the table. Josephine smiled proudly at her.
"Do not worry, we will protect you from her enthusiasm," she promised, the mischief in her expression drawing an unexpected laugh from Kat's throat.
"Yes," Isabela agreed. "If all else fails, let's arrange a safe-word. You say it, and Rylen here will whisk you away and give you the finest rogering of your life. Won't you, darling?"
As Kat's eyes widened in shock, she was relieved to see that Rylen looked just as shocked, if only for a moment. The handsome Starkhavener looked completely cornered for a brief moment, his gaze snapping from Kat to the man next to her and back before forcibly relaxing under her eyes. He drummed his fingers on the table.
"Oh, but 'Bela, you know I've eyes only for you," he declared, grinning as Isabela kissed the tip of his nose for the compliment. "Katrina, I'm no help when it comes to, uh, rogering, but have you met Cullen?"
He jerked his head to indicate the man sitting on Kat's other side, and before the words registered in her mind, she turned to look at him ... and found herself gazing into the most gorgeous pair of eyes she had ever seen. Amber-bright with whisky notes and earthy warmth, they truly belonged in the stunningly handsome face that was staring at her in turn. How had she not noticed him before? Cullen was broad-shouldered and incredibly easy on the eyes, a perfect manly package wrapped up in an aura of watchful wariness. In short, he looked and felt like a predator, dangerous and beautiful and impossible to resist.
Then Rylen's intention sank into her mind, and Kat didn't think she had ever blushed so uncomfortably in her life. As Isabela chuckled, she glanced down at her lap, hearing Cullen clear his throat uncomfortably. She was vaguely aware of him looking over her head at Rylen for a moment, then he rose abruptly to his feet and left the table, abandoning her to the reaction from his friends. Wow, I must be even more repulsive to men than I thought.
"Ah, bollocks," Rylen muttered. He patted Isabela's leg, moving to rise himself. "Up you get, pet."
To Kat's surprise, as Isabela was rearranged in Rylen's wake, Fabs slid down from her perch on Alistair's lap to pat her hand affectionately.
"It was not personal," the friendly woman assured her. "Cullen is terrible with women."
"And worse with women he likes," Josephine added from across the table. She, too, was offering up a reassuring look. "That is a very good sign. I have not seen him too embarrassed to even talk to a woman before."
"How is that a good sign?" Kat asked, trying not to feel hurt and humiliated by the odd little encounter. He was gorgeous, but apparently had no manners at all.
Alistair snorted with laughter. "Well, if he hadn't liked you, he probably would have done the same thing, only with more speed," he offered up in amusement. "Took him a while to stop staring into your eyes."
"Yes," Fabs agreed, squeezing Kat's hand. "There was clearly a lot to see."
"If he plays his cards right, he'll get to see a lot more," Isabela predicted with lazy confidence
"Maker's breath, I do not need to be rogered, 'Bela!" Kat burst out, rubbing an awkward hand through her hair. "I'm not ... on the market."
Relief gripped her as Leliana began to play once again, dragging her attention back to the stage and away from the excruciating conversation. She was so focused that she didn't see the significant looks on the faces of her table-mates as they exchanged knowing glances; didn't notice Cullen's astonishing eyes on her from the bar, soft with something not even he could put a name to, not yet. There was just the music and, once the embarrassment faded, the calm camaraderie of enjoying the show in the company of people who might, one day, become friends.
Six new friends in one night. Perhaps Tatum had been right, after all.
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radiorenjun · a month ago
shapeshifting frolics ii || camilo madrigal
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
¤ pairing: camilo madrigal x reader
¤ genre: fluff. Just fluff lmao
¤ synopsis: once again, camilo should really stop shape shifting as other people just to talk to you.
¤ warnings: character inaccuracy? honestly the man has 30 seconds of screentime in the whole movie I have nothing to work with here
¤ wordcount: 2.6k
¤ a/n: MOOTS LOOK AWAY THIS IS ANOYHER FEVER DREAM. THIS IS A ONE TIME THING I SWEAR YALL JUST DREAMING LOOK AWAY JUSEYO. Also I ain't colombian or Hispanic nor do I speak fluent Spanish, please correct me if I said anything wrong ♡
¤ regrettably tagging: @c-sanshine @roochcooch @koishua
Tumblr media
It was just another regular day in the life of Camilo Madrigal.
Shushing crying babies in town, teasing his cousin Isabela with every given chance, mocking his sister and his own father by shapeshifting into them and mimicking their voices around the house and sneaking more food from his Aunt Julietta’s kitchen into his plate. ‘All in a day’s work of a 15 year old Madrigal’ as he would often say with an enthusiastic, cocky salute of his two fingers. Well, all in a day’s work except-
“Good morning, Camilo!” you exclaimed, carrying a basket of fresh flowers Isabela had grown, waving at the shapeshifting boy as you walked past him. The boy squeaked in response, startled as he turned his head around so fast to catch a small glimpse of you, Mirabel swore he was going to get a whiplash. Nearly dropping down the apple he had picked from a nearby tree, the boy couldn’t even utter a response as you walked into Mariano’s house, indicating that Mariano’s mother had requested more flowers for her new vases.  
Camilo physically deflated as he realised that he was way too late to respond, eyes trailing along your bright figure as he watched you knock the door. You held the basket to your hip, sticking your tongue out slightly as you struggled to carry the heavy object with one hand and used your free one to knock on the wooden door. The curly haired boy then frowned as he took a dull bite of his half eaten apple. 
“Better luck next time, Camilo,” he muttered to himself, tossing the apple up and catching it in the air with a heavy sigh as his cousin watched him with a deadpan expression. “You do know you could just talk to her like a normal human being instead of moping and sulking around like a weirdo, right?” Mirabel raised her eyebrow up at how dramatic her cousin was being, placing a hand on her hip as she fought the urge to roll her eyes. Camilo was acting as if he and you were star crossed lovers from two different worlds, you couldn’t blame her for fighting the urge to smack him upside the head. 
The boy then turned to his cousin, putting his hands together to emphasize on how pathetically desperate he felt, lips pressed together into a makeshift pout that made Mirabel sick to her stomach. “I am truly at loss, prima. I will never be able to have the courage to talk to mi future amor,” he whined, finishing what’s left off of his apple before throwing the core away recklessly behind him. “Stop littering,” she sighed, shaking her head as she kneeled down to grab the stem of what’s left of the apple with her two fingered before throwing it away properly. 
Grinding her palms together to brush off the dust away in disgust, she turned back to her sulking cousin as Camilo’s eyes never left the Guzmans’ house. She swore that he resembled that of a housewife waiting for her husband to come back home from the war. “Honestly, Camilo, you should just go up and talk to her. It physically hurts me to see you even more dramatic than usual,” she laid an arm across his shoulder, patting him on the back encouragingly. “Because this is getting sad, really sad and pathetic, amigo,” she gave him an encouraging smile. 
He gave her a weary smile, half lidded eyes filled with sarcasm before frowning abruptly. “I can tell, you’re being really helpful right now. Way more helpful than your gift,” he swatted her arm away from, eyes glancing back and forth from Mirabel’s offended frown to the bag slung across her shoulder. “Really helpful,” he repeated once again with an affirming nod, the sardonic tone in his voice being the cherry on top to the loopy smile hanging off of his lips. 
“If you really want to talk to her, we could help you,” Isabela’s voice startled Camilo, causing him to yelp and jump in response. “Oh Dios, don’t do that! You scared me,” he hissed, putting a hand on his chest as he glared menacingly at his older cousin, the smirk adorning her lips enough as the boy brushed off the dust off of his ruana, grumbling under his breath. “I don’t need help, I’m fine with admiring Y/n from a far,” he crossed his arms across his chest, giving his two cousins a pointed look. 
The two sisters shared knowing looks, shaking their heads in disappointment. “Hey, Y/n is making her way over here,” Isabela exclaimed, looking over Camilo’s shoulder enthusiastically. Once again, the boy jumped in his stance, his gift allowing him to shapeshift into you for a brief moment out of pure instinct and panic before morphing back to his usual self. Head spinning so fast to catch a quick glimpse of you with a tensed form, he let out a small squeak as a small ‘Y/n? Where?’ was elicited from his throat. 
Realising that you weren’t anywhere near, he realised Isabela was only messing with him again. The light laughter that erupted between the two Madrigal sisters was enough to cause the 15 year old boy to frown, physically deflating once again as he let out a small ‘dammit, fooled again’ under his breath to mask his embarrassment, fists clenched tightly as he turned his head to the side to avoid the teasing glares given by his cousins. 
“Yeah, no, you definitely- no, desperately need our help,” Isabela snorted, flipped her hair away from her shoulder as she patted Camilo’s shoulder before walking past him. 
“Well good afternoon to you, Isabela!” you exclaimed with a delighted wave of your hand. 
“Y/n, where are you going?” she asked, walking up to you with a peculiar smile, giving you signals that she had something planned up her sleeve.(not that she has any sleeves) “Home? I heard that your mom had given mine the recipe to her iconic empanadas,” you sighed, swallowing your saliva at the reminder of the scrumptious taste of Julietta’s cooking. “What about you? You don’t look like you’re planning something good,” you raised your brow at her, wiggling your eyebrows together. 
Isabela scoffed, laughing in disbelief as she waved you off. “Me? Planning something? Who do you think I am? Mirabel?” she shook her head at you in an almost offended tone, walking alongside you as she waved at a few of the townsfolk who called out her name to greet her. “I was going over to buy some more berries, Abuela thinks my mom needs more for her newest recipe or something,” she said, looking at her hand casually as if she was trying to avoid eye contact to prevent herself from getting caught lying. 
Scrunching your face in confusion with a perplexed smile stretched across your face, you let out a small hum. “I thought Tia Julietta went out to pick her ingredients herself,” you hummed, scratching your chin in confusion, eliciting a few ‘uhms’ from the pretty Madrigal beside you. “Well, I figured today was supposed to be the day Mami could rest a bit, you know? I thought I’d do her a favor and buy her ingredients,” she explained with a slightly nervous tone, an uneasy smile stretched across her face. 
“That’s sweet of you,” you chuckled softly, clearly not wanting to pry into her any further considering it wasn’t really your business to ponder why she was being so uneasy in front of you. “Well, I’m going to see you later, gotta go buy some berries!” She said with an awkward smile stretched across her face, turning to part ways with you, causing you to be even more perplexed. “But the berry stand is down the road?” you reminded her with the kindest tone you could muster to avoid appearing rude. Her eyes widened slightly, her throat running dry before letting out a nervous giggle. 
“These are special berries,” she said abruptly before waving goodbye at you and turning away to leave without another word. 
Watching her disappear within a few minutes, you placed your hands on your hips in slight concern, furrowing your brows. “That senorita really needs some time for herself, she looks very tense,” you muttered under your breath before shaking your head, letting your hands lay limp on your sides as you turned around the corner right where your house was supposed to be after letting out a small, casual shrug. 
It was then, as if on cue, a vine had grown from the soil underneath, inevitably causing you to trip over it and stumble on your own two feet. Letting out a small noise, you shut your eyes tight to prepare yourself from making contact with the concrete floor before an arm wrapped itself around your waist and a hand grabbing your forearm, your face coming in contact with a familiar soft fabric. Your senses were almost instantaneously engulfed in the familiar scent of someone's cologne.
Pausing, you looked up to see Camilo staring down at you with a nervous smile stretched across his lips. "Oh, Camilo, you caught me," you exclaimed, feeling your heart soar at the fact that he was the one who managed to save you from falling flat on your face. Regaining your composure, you stumbled to get on your feet, feeling your skin heat up under his touch as he, as usual, proceeded to not utter a word.
"Thank you, you saved me from getting my face squashed like an arepa," you joked with a light snicker, causing the boy's smile to widen bashfully as he pulled his arms away from you slowly, as if they never wanted to leave in the first place. "I-" he opened his mouth to say something but alas, his throat went dry as the words he longed to say got jammed up. "Yes?" You leaned your head to the side, signifying that he could proceed with his words and that he should just spit out whatever was on his mind.
Was this the moment Camilo finally gathered the courage to spark up a conversation with you?
It was surely bound to happen someday right?
Well unfortunately for everyone involved, that day wasn't today.
"You should really watch your step if you don't want to fall into your own doom," he said with a joking tone before abruptly leaving without another word, hissing under his breath at how awkward he sounded as he made a run for it, completely ignoring how his two cousins watching him from a far were probably frowning at him with utter disappointment. 
Mirabel could only sigh as Isabela pressed her palm to her face in disappointment. "Well, that could've gone way worse," Mirabel shrugged, watching Camilo disappear around the corner, ignoring a few of the people looking at him with confusion and bizarreness as he ran faster than Antonio's jaguar. "I had some hope he would actually talk to her this time, or at least finish the plan," the flowery senorita grumbled under her breath, tapping her feet against the floor to produce small cactuses and flowers under the soles of her shoes.
"Maybe next time, I guess. Want to go back home before he starts hogging all of the arepa con quesos again?"
You averted your gaze from the bright blue sky the moment you felt a small tug on your sleeve, turning to see that none other than Antonio Madrigal was sitting on the bench right beside you with an adorable smile stretched across his face as he moved to sit beside you. For once, he didn't have some random animal following behind him, not even a bird! It was rather peculiar to see the animal loving boy without being surrounded by the things that made his gift glow from afar.
"Antonio! What brings you here?" You exclaimed brightly, scooting over to make more room for him on the wooden bench, leaning your head to the side expectantly. The cute, cheeky boy smiled silently, reaching over his pocket to pull out a small flower. You assumed he had picked this up somewhere from his house or maybe perhaps, he had asked Isabela to bloom a flower so that he could give you one. Nonetheless, it made your heart bubble up like water in a kettle over a stove.
Cooing softly, you gently grabbed the flower from his small grip with your two fingers, staring at the green plant with awe. "Thank you, you really didn't have to. This is so sweet of you," you chuckled, twirling the stem in between your fingers before looking back at the small boy sitting innocently beside you. Giggling softly, you reached over to plant a soft kiss on his cheek, nuzzling your nose against his soft skin. "You can cut the act now, Camilo, you ain't fooling me this time," you grinned giddily, watching the boy beside you grow his eyes wide in surprise.
Camilo gulped as he shapeshifted back into his regular self, his hair bouncing as he returned to his normal height. Placing a hand on the spot you kissed as his mind racked to comprehend what had just happened. "How did you know?" He asked incredulously, baffled by how you were able to easily identify him even though he was posing as someone else. Chuckling lightly, you leaned back against the bench before turning your head back to him, pressing your cheek against the wood. "You shapeshift to other people too much just to talk to me. Oh Dios, I'm somehow able to tell you and other people apart now," you grinned with a small giggle.
He let out a bashful laugh of his own, his hand reaching up to rub the back of his neck as he looked down at his sandals. "I do that alot, huh?" He mumbled under his breath, his smile never leaving his facial features as he kicked his own feet to swallow his nerves. You let out an affirming hum, nodding before leaning over to ruffle the curls on his head gingerly. "Don't worry, I find it cute that you're trying. It's not everyday that Camilo Madrigal shapeshifts to other people in a weak attempt to talk to you but also fails in the process," you shrugged, your tone filled with sarcasm and light hearted teasing.  
"Now you're just making fun of me," he deadpanned, frowning at you with a roll of his eyes as he attempted to mask his own embarrassment by placing his chin on his hand. "Well you're making a good conversation with me now, aren't you?" You teased in a sing-song voice, shaking your head from side to side. Letting out a soft laugh, Camilo shrugged before mimicking your actions and leaning back against the bench. "I guess making fun of my stupidity counts as making conversation," he sighed heavily, his hand still caressing the spot you kissed.
Giggling lightly, you avert your gaze up back to the bright sky (seems like Pepa was in a good mood that day). "You know, I think I would prefer if you talk to me face to face like this instead of shapeshifting to Dolores or Antonio or Mirabel just to give me Tia Julietta’s arepa every day," you admitted truthfully in hopes that he would actually listen to you for once. Camilo placed his hands on his stomach as he leaned his head to the side to face yours. "Really?" He asked in awe. 
Humming as you nodded in affirmation, you leaned over to press the petals of the flower against your nose. 
"Will I get another kiss on the cheek if I do?"
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onaluvstowrite · 26 days ago
summary: another day of camilos and isabelas teasing each other
camilo x reader
he/they pronouns for camilo
requested by: @pls-love-me-camilo
“so, whens the wedding?” Isabela asks as she walked past the two teenagers who were in the kitchen. “isabelaaa eres tan molesta” camilo whines out as his head is laying in your shoulder.
You and Camilo were having a sleepover, and The both of you decide you want it and sweet treat so you two are currently making brownies. Well to be technically you’re making brownies and camilo is just waiting to lick the spoon and bowl.
“you two and just so cute together i can wait cami” she smirks using a nickname that you made up for your lover. “yeah i feel the same about you and the bakers daughter” camilo says nonchalantly while trying to sneak a bit of the batter already, but you slapped theyre hand away leaving him all pouty.
 The comment about her crush on the bakers daughter made her blush and little flowers grow on top of her head. Her reaction made you and camilo laugh until she came up with a comeback.
“ well at least I don’t kiss my pillow pretending it’s my girlfriend” she then walked out of the kitchen witch called camilo to yell out “I DONT EVEN DO THAT ANYMORE” he then rolled his eyes then looked at you “are you done now” he pouted trying to change the subject.
“so lets talk about the pillow situation”

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monoul · a month ago
chameleon || camilo madrigal x reader
pairing: camilo madrigal x reader
tags: fluff, secret relationship, shyness, meeting the parents
he/they for camilo, she/her for reader
prompt: "camilo's family spot him with a girl, and make it their mission to get them together after seeing his love-struck face. only problem? you're already dating, but have been trying to keep it a secret until he tells his family."
Tumblr media
Camilo was known to pull pranks and tease their family, but rare was the occasion when his family could tease him.
Dolores noticed it first—hearing his pacing in his room and muttering before they headed down into town, nervous expression she had never seen on her sibling making her pause. Before she could even open her mouth to ask about it, he disappeared through the doors.
She could still hear his beating heart.
Mirabel discovered something was different next, when she was walking the halls and stuttered over her steps when she saw an unfamiliar girl in the house.
She doubled back, only to be met with a sheepish looking Camilo, who only offered a hasty goodbye before retreating into his room.
Hell, even Isabela had noticed something up with her younger cousin. He never seemed to be in the house much anymore, and he couldn't have that many chores lately.
The trio's conclusion? Camilo had a crush on a girl, and was sneaking out everyday to see her.
Camilo was looking for her.
The stands advertising products and goods seemed to surround him as he searched for a particular head of (hair color) hair, weaving through the crowd with the talent of a man on a mission.
Music was playing cheerfully, and in the colorful twirls of people dancing, a familiar figure was spotted by the curly haired teen.
You were dancing with a group of energetic kids, bouncing around and swinging off your arms. You were laughing, (eye color) eyes positively glowing in the afternoon sun.
Camilo felt the familiar butterflies.
You spotted him across the crowd, offering a wave cut short by a little boy tugging your arm and pulled you along with his uncoordinated dance.
You were beautiful, face slightly flushed and screaming kids hounding for your attention.
Camilo made his way over to you, fond smile written across his freckled face.
"Camilo!" You said, seemingly glad for a distraction. "I was wondering when you'd show up."
"Abuela had another chore for me," he said apologetically.
You waved your hand, children thankfully becoming distracted by the dessert cart rolling their way. "Don't be sorry, you're here now and that's all that matters."
He was sure Dolores could hear his heart skipping as he looked at you with the most adoring face. "I absolutely do not deserve you, mi vida."
"Few people do," you respond cheekily. "Now come on, you promised me a date."
Across the plaza, Mirabel was staring wide-eyed. That love-struck look—her poor cousin was absolutely smitten.
She got a determined look on her face, pushing up her glasses as she started to rush back to the house. She would help her cousin get together with their crush, it was her duty as both Camilo's friend and family.
A few of the Madrigals were going into town for decorations for Antonio's ceremony, which would take place in a few days. Camilo was excited for his little brother, make no mistake, but he was worried about accidentally running into you while in town and not being able to spend time with you or even properly acknowledge your existence. It made him feel gross inside, not being able to just adore you in the open without fear of Dolores or someone spotting them.
Pepa had a checklist of the things they were still missing, rushing back and forth between shops and stalls. Felix tried his best to soothe his wife's nerves, noticing the cloud forming above the ginger's head.
Dolores noticed her brother looking around anxiously, concluding he was looking for his crush. She wanted to coo, also trying to follow Camilo's eyes in search of this mystery girl.
She heard the slightest intake of breath from her brother, spotting a girl who looked her sibling's age in a pretty blue and yellow dress, the fabric twirling around as the girl herded a group of kids through the streets.
Camilo didn't know you were working today, or he wouldn't have come on the outing with his family. You helped out as a sort of nanny for kids in the village who's parents had to work during the day. It was how you two met, actually, one of the kids recognizing Camilo and rushing over to talk to him, a slightly frazzled you after them.
Now you were here, his family was here, and his sister was looking far too close in your direction for his comfort.
"Hey Mama, I'm pretty sure I saw those streamers you liked over there," Camilo said, tugging on his mother's elbow.
"One second, Camilo. I need to pick out table toppers," she replied, holding up two different patterned fabrics.
A child squealed, and all of a sudden a group of kids were running up to the Madrigals.
"Hey, she can control the weather!"
"I heard he can shapeshift into anything!"
"Sorry!" Your voice sounded, the familiar melody making Camilo's head snap up. "They got really excited, I don't want to..." you trailed off, eyes wide as you made eye contact with Camilo, who shook his head minutely.
"..bother you," you finished.
Dolores was watching the whole exchange with slightly narrowed eyes, fighting the urge to tell her brother to just talk to her already! It was sad, watching him try to conceal his pitifully obvious crush.
While Pepa said hello to the kids and you worked on rounding them back up, Camilo was pointedly looking anywhere but you. Dolores thought she was going to get gray hairs.
Wait till Mirabel and Isabel hear about this, she thought.
Camilo had noticed his family was acting odd when they got back.
His mom had tried to subtly (and failed) ask him about his trips down to the market. Look, he knew he wasn't the most slick about it, but he had gotten better. These past few days he had slipped out completely unnoticed. Antonio even had a deal with him that if anyone asked where Camilo was, he would put them on a wild goose chase in exchange for (Y/n's) special desserts.
Isabela had been strange, too. They didn't talk much as they weren't the closest, but lately she'd been trying to give him unprompted fashion advice. You should try this color, or your hair could really use this. After some reassurance from you that they didn't need to work on their appearance, Camilo was just confused at the random encounter.
He had no time to waste thinking about his family's strange behavior, though. Today he was going to introduce you to his family. He was confident they would love you, but there was still a nagging worry.
"Hey," you said, running your fingers through his hair as you both lay on a picnic blanket. "What's wrong? You're never this quiet."
Camilo chose to let that jab go. "Worried about tonight, I guess."
You hummed. "We can always wait, there's no rush."
Camilo frowned. "But I met your parents ages ago."
"And they love you, mama's asking when your coming over for lunch again, by the way."
"See!" He exclaimed, throwing his hands up dramatically. "Everything feels so, so perfect right now. I don't want to mess it up."
"Oh, mi amor," you said. "It's not going to get messed up. I'm going to meet your parents, thats it. It's not like we're announcing our engagement," you joked.
Camilo nodded, invisible weight being soothed off his shoulders by the methodical fingers still brushing through his curls.
It would be okay, because you were by his side, and really that's the greatest blessing he's ever received.
When Camilo told Pepa and Felix he had someone important for them to meet, they were excited.
When Dolores told Mirabel and Isabela what she overheard, they knew it was their chance.
They helped set up dinner with so much determination Abuela was most definitely suspicious of something, but didn't get a chance to question it before Camilo emerged into the dining room.
He wasn't alone. Behind him and looking shy but sweet was a beautiful girl with (hair color) hair and (eye color) eyes. She held a basket of baked goods and fresh fruit, offering it to Abuela with a kind smile. Dolores recognized her from somewhere, she was sure of it.
"Thank you for letting me into your home," she said.
Camilo let out a breath he didn't know he was holding when his Abuela accepted it with a returned smile.
"Well Camilo, introduce us," Pepa said, wasting no time in shaking your hand.
"Mama, papa, this is (Y/n)," he shared a smile with her. "My girlfriend."
Isabella, Dolores, and Mirabel's jaws dropped. All the love-sick glances and sneaking around, and he was already dating the mystery girl? Dolores snapped her fingers, where she saw you from finally coming back. You were the girl from the market, the one Camilo seemed so shy around.
Dolores groaned, catching everyone off guard. "And here we were trying to come up with a plan to get you together."
Camilo tilted his head. "Huh?"
"I saw you at the market," Mirabel confessed sheepishly. "I thought you were still in the 'just friends' stage."
"I thought you were hopeless at the shops yesterday," Dolores said, defeated slump to her posture.
You concealed laughter behind your hand as Abuela looked at her granddaughters with an exasperated expression.
Camilo seemed scandalized. "So you were trying to set me up?!"
You placed a hand on his elbow, leaning into his side slightly. "I think it's cute."
After the initial...introductions, dinner commenced. Seeing you talk to his family, and get along so well with his mother and sister, made him wonder what he was so scared of in the first place.
You belonged here, with him and his family in the casita.
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lxvely-jinx · a month ago
Flirty Camilo Hcs
Tumblr media
Fandom : Encanto
Characters Included : Camilo Madrigal
Type : X reader, Pure tooth rotting fluff
Warning(s) : None, Short
Prompt :
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You knew before getting into a relationship with Camilo he could be quite the flirt
But dear god not to this extent
Every single time he sees you, you leave the conversation with a flushed face
It's either super cringy, or sickeningly sweet, no in between.
You'd been in a relationship with him for a year when it finally occured to you
You've never seen him ever close to how flustered he got you
And so you decided it was time for some revenge
And oh boy, Camilo was in for a RIDE
You'd gone to Casita to spend the day with him, the routine going on as usual.
Aka he'd flirt with you
Though there wasn't much of a reaction this time.
When you actually flirted back poor boy didn't know what to do with himself.
He'd attempt to hide his face in his poncho
Pls he'd go from super confident and flirty to a stuttering blushing mess
He'd be the one to do those really long dragged out "stooooop"s while hiding his face in the crook your neck.
He's super adorable more at 11
Once you've left he'd just continue thinking about it and flustering himself.
Ps : You've doomed him to a life of pure hell, he's being teased by Dolores and Isabela as we speak.
Tumblr media
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nixthewolf · a month ago
Camilo Madrigal x Reader HCs
Tumblr media
- He’s a sweet and caring young man
- So it’s no surprise he’s so carefull around you.
- But don’t expect the shapeshifter to not prank you !
- But don’t worry, he will only do so to make you smile
- It’s kinda his top priority really.
- He likes to get you some little gifts, flowers, food (he took extra, don’t tell anyone !), he even tries to make some unique gifts himself.
- You watching him when he’s trying out acting (and also joining the fun, especially if his tio Bruno his here too)
- If you try to get something on a shelf, or doing any lifting, he would lift it or reach it for you.
- You two sometimes talk a lot at night. After all, he’s pretty chill.
- You two could also just relax in silence, it wouldn’t be awkard.
- He kisses your hand(s) a lot. But he truly LOVES kissing your forehead, or cheeks, it’s his favorite way to show you how he cares without words.
- Yeah, he’s good with words; he’s a flirt ;)
- Camilo loves to dance with you; slow dances, or just dances, barely catching breaths.
- He’s a great kisser too, he got a dulce de leche taste, and a bit of honey too.
- Take time to count all his freckles and kisses his face, ans he’ll be a beaming mess in your arms.
- Oh, and you can play with his hair too obviously... only if you let him play with yours.
- Camilo do the best he can to braid your hair, and with a little training, he can do pretty neat things.
- You’re his source of comfort when he doubts of himself, and wonders who he really is.
- By the way, his parents love you ! And Felix is proud of his son when he sees Camilo acting like him around you.
- Thanks to you, Dolores can finally have revenge on her little brother, for all the times when he made fun of her and Mariano. And so does Isabela.
- “Oh dear cousin, your girfriend/boyfriend/perfered is here !” (Good luck with the teasing !)
- And Antonio ! Oh you love that cute little guy ! And he loves you as much. He helpt you getting a chameleon for your boyfriend birthday.
- The rest of the family loves you too. Even Casita helps you out once in a while (The first time you came in the Casita and you didn’t knew how to get to the second floor, it grew a staircase ^^)
- Mirabel, you and Camilo get along really well. Being around the same age as her maybe was for something.
- Abuela (not so much) secretly wishes to see you marry her shapeshifter grandson. Oh and Bruno loves you too.
- ~Welcome to the Family Madrigal~
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dos-oroguitas · 27 days ago
Playing with the Madrigal Grandkids in Minecraft + S/O prompts, Platonic! Antonio
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Isabela Madrigal would almost always give you flowers. Randomly dropping it in front of you and shift crouching so that you'd know even in game, she loves and appreciates you.
Proclaims the two of you as the rulers of the nether. Would probably make her own custom texture so that you two could have matching crowns.
Very much protective of you, she may only have flowers and a lava bucket in her inventory but you can count on her to risk herself to fight off mobs who would approach you.
Gets jealous of the dogs and cats you tamed who you'd always baby talk.
"They're not baby! I am, I'm your baby!"
Grumpy Isabella noises. What do those animals have that she doesn't have?!
Most likely would have tried to hide them so you could pay attention to her instead. Feeling bad midway and apologizing profusely when you get online.
She'll insist on having matching Minecraft skins.
Most definitely names your armor before giving it to you like the netherite helmet? 'Mi Amor's Head Protector', your sword? '(Name) and Luisa's bonk stick'.
She's proud you're wearing the armor that she herself crafted and mined for.
Puts her Minecraft bed next to yours as soon as you have a home in Mirabel's Minecraft replica of Casita.
"Mi Amor, don't wander off too far."
Yeah you'd most probably be like Camilo, getting lost for god knows what reason. You just liked to explore the world!
Her Minecraft character scurrying after yours when she notices you're straying away too far.
Let's face it, she'd build a shrine for you. Not in a creepy way. Well, she'd plant flowers on your statue's feet. It's cute, shh.
Most likely plants red poppies in the shape of a heart and crouches in the center of it to show how much she loves you.
Banner and pixel art for her significant other!?
Probably away a lot, collecting materials for her new map art that features the two of you together.
Lots of texts in-game
Randomly places signs in front of you with little cute messages of how she loves you.
"(Name) I made another map art!”
“(Name), Me encantas. :D <3.” She would say while standing on an enchanting table.
Makes a Minecraft playlist for her significant other!?
'Songs to listen to while you play Minecraft with the Love of your life.'
'Don't need to mine any diamonds when you're the only precious one to me.'
Cheesy playlist names
Gets you a parrot in your preferred color. Lets them sit on the juke box with one another.
She would make music out of the note blocks in Minecraft of your favorite song.
Only hops on the group call when you're on.
"Hah. Simp." - Most likely Camilo.
Camileon was k*lled by Dolores.
Teases everyone as a simp but the biggest simp there is when it comes to his s/o.
The boy would most likely ask for admin privileges just so he could impress you with his super duper powerful 'Sharpness 100' sword.
This boy is at your beck and call. You need trees? He'll get the saplings for you. You need diamonds?! Say less, he's already TNT mining at y 11.
Most likely would cry about you if Isabela bans him.
"Isabela! Please, I can't live on without seeing them in-game. I need them! I need mi vida!" He would sob.
Would probably get scolded by you when he randomly attacks Bruno.
"That man is dirt poor! You leave him alone, Madrigal!"
Antonio (Platonic)
You are very protective of Antonio in game. They're like the brother you wished you had/ never had.
Probably buys him Minecraft plushies.
Pepa would absolutely love how you spoil Antonio. She is very grateful.
Once Camilo had accidentally hit a dog and instead of helping him, you two just watched as he was mauled by the dogs.
"Should we help him, (Name)?"
"Nah, he deserves it."
Camileon was k*lled by Wolf.
Bonus! Bruno
Rambles about this fun block game he's been playing with the kids for a while.
Manages to convince you to play it with his nephews and nieces.
"Auntie (Name)! :D !!" Most likely fills the chat.
Pranks wars with Camilo.
Bruno's defender when Camilo suddenly attacks.
You probably spawn kill Camillo while he screams for mercy.
"Maybe you should take it easy on Camilo, Mi esposa/ Mi esposo."
Camileon was k*lled by (Name). F's in the chat.
Tumblr media
Minecraft with the Madrigal grandkids s/o + platonic Antonio? I'm very into Minecraft right now, please don't judge me.
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jensrose · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
❝ Camilo wants to kick himself. He’s not usually so tongue-tied. You just have that effect on him, he supposes. ❞
pairing :: camilo madrigal x fem!reader
genre :: fluff, best friends to lovers!au
wc :: 1k
warnings :: none, except it’s slightly out of character?
notes :: tagging my fellow camilo simps, @cahiwo, @toodles-things, and @ryuflix <3
Tumblr media
Camilo Madrigal thinks that he could kiss you, right here, right now, and he doesn’t care about all the people who could potentially see him.
Of course, most people wouldn’t be thinking about their best friend in that way, much less thinking about their lips, but Camilo knows for a fact that he’s in love. He hasn’t told anyone - especially not you - and though he’s asked Dolores for love advice, he’s not implied anything. Hey, he said he was asking for a friend, which is totally believable and completely unquestionable, who’d ever doubt him?
He props his chin on his hand, staring at you through half-closed eyes. The evening is setting, and the sun is disappearing behind the mountains, leaving a trail of warm sienna and light pink in its wake. The city square’s tiles are rather hard underneath him, but Camilo doesn’t mind the slight ache.
He listens to you ramble about something, occasionally letting out an absent-minded hum or a small nod. He’s listening to you, he swears he is, but how is he supposed to give the words tumbling out of your mouth his undivided attention when all he can focus on is the way the sun’s setting rays reflect on your eyes, making them appear brighter than they always are?
“Camilo?” You wave your hand in front of his face. “You good?”
Camilo wants to kick himself. He’s not usually so tongue-tied. You just have that effect on him, he supposes. He finds that he’s not complaining.
“You have Mirabel’s face right now.”
The boy shakes his head and reverts back to his usual appearance. He’s also not about to complain about the fact that you’re the only one with whom he finds that he loses control over his shape-shifting. Not when you’re laughing. Even if it’s at him.
“Sight for sore eyes, huh?” he says instead, grinning widely in an attempt to calm his racing heart.
“Nah, I prefer you like this anyway,” you say simply, lifting your head up to the slowly darkening sky. You pull your knees to your chest, hugging them. The basket half-full of flowers lies discarded by your feet, in between the two of you.
For reasons unknown (okay, not really unknown), Camilo pushes the basket next to him and scooches closer to you, your knees almost bumping against each other’s. He eyes the basket, his eyes softening when he sees the carefully plucked blossoms.
“Hey,” he says, “why don’t you just ask Isa to make flowers for you and sell them? It’ll make things way easier for you.”
You shrug. “It’s not the same.”
Camilo tilts his head. “How so?”
“It’s just…” You turn to look at him (Camilo ignores the way his heart starts thumping loudly in his chest). “It means something different if I’m selling something that I’ve worked hard for, you know? I’m sure Isabela wouldn’t mind making flowers for me, but I couldn’t ask her to. It’s my hard work that I wanna get paid for, not someone else’s.”
Camilo Madrigal is sure that if he wasn’t already head over heels for you, he’d have fallen for you right now. He also wants to kiss you, but that’s not new information.
“That’s…” he trails off, for once unable to come up with a snarky reply, “really admirable.”
You smile at him. “Not all of us were gifted with the most useful powers, you know.” Your voice is only teasing, containing no hint of malice or spite.
Camilo winks. “Of course. Nobody was gifted with good looks like me, either.”
You snort. “And yet you shape-shift into every known person in this village.”
“Well, someone’s gotta make use of their talents.”
You roll your eyes, and silence descends upon you two once more. It’s calming, comforting - Camilo thinks he prefers this silence with you than all the chaos that goes on at his home (even if he’s one of the chaos’ main perpetrators). He loves his family, but he wouldn’t mind spending the rest of his life with you.
It’s a shocking realization.
“You know, Camilo,” you begin slowly, fiddling with the ends of your sleeves, “you’re being really weird with me nowadays.”
The boy shifts in his seat. “What do you mean?”
“I don’t know,” you answer him honestly. “I just feel like you’re not telling me something.”
Of course you could make out. You always do. Knowing someone since childhood would do that, he thinks. Camilo swallows.
“You don’t- you don’t have to tell me anything,” you quickly say, clasping your hands and placing them on your lap. “I mean, I’m not pushing you or anything, but, you know, I’m here if you need someone t-”
Camilo has never considered himself to be a romantic.
Yet, he reaches out for your hands and takes them in his own, squeezing them once, gently. You look at him, eyes wide and lips parted slightly.
“Y/N,” he says, his voice soft. He wonders if you can hear how loudly his heart is beating, or if you can tell that there’s blood rushing in his ears. “I really like you.”
“Yeah, I know that, stupid. That’s why we’re still friends.”
“That’s not what I meant.”
“I…” he clears his throat. “I like you in a way best friends don’t.”
You’re grinning at him knowingly, a twinkle in your eyes, and that’s the only thing Camilo can comprehend, because his heart is pounding and his cheeks are burning and he’s holding your hands and-
“I like you in a way best friends don’t, too.”
Tumblr media
© JENSROSE, 2022.
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ghost-in-a-flowercrown · a month ago
sometimes i think about the fact that antonio's gift was kind of foreseen because he always really liked animals. like how did this play out with the others? how did they show their signs?
like just imagine all these chaotic tiny little under-5-year-olds
camilo, looking up to all his family member and wanting to be just like all of them at the same time, and also being super theatric, putting on little shows for everyone. no matter how bad they were (and they were usually bad), dolores would always clap the loudest
dolores always listening in on adult conversations she wasn't a part of, chiming in at random times. much to the adults' amusement, they called her their little recorder. she thought it was the coolest and whenever someone would swear she'd be like "i'm RECORDing!!"
isabela, perfect and kind and sweet but also adventurous. sneaking out into the wilderness whenever possible, loving to just exist with the plants and talking to them. julieta would always make sure to heal her before alma could notice her scraped knees.
luisa, trying to help everyone out really really young, constantly saying she could hold and help with things she clearly couldnt, and being upset that she couldn't do more . agustín would scoop her on his shoulders so she could reach higher places , which made her happy
julieta following alma around the kitchen before she was even old enough to walk, just watching with excited eyes, and having an intense sense of empathy for people. you always had to watch out with julieta, if you were crying she would quickly follow suit
pepa being obsessed with the skies, giving the stars her own names and trying to predict when it was going to rain. she was usually wrong but she didn't care, the few times she was right the triplets would get SO hyped
bruno, reclusive and shy, teased by the village kids a lot. in public he'd stay quiet, julieta and pepa coming to his rescue, but in private he'd be pleased with the idea that they would get what was coming to them. karma's a bitch, after all
and mirabel, who was always the one to get the family together, running down hallways yelling that it was mealtime or lights out or whatever it may be, always getting excited to be the big announcer
so basically i am thinking intensely about All of them
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camilosgirlfriend · a month ago
hello again, i really love your writing so here i am with another request 😭😭
basically fluffy camilo x fem!reader at one of the kids of encanto’s birthday parties held either in casita or in the actual market place, either way everyone is there and the reader is dancing among the children (she got lessons from isabela) and isabela, dolores, and pepa push camilo to get over his puppy crush and ask reader to dance and eventually he gets comfortable again and they dance together
i’m imagining either to soldier, poet, king or the kingdom dance from tangled
and the reader wearing this skirt
Tumblr media
tysm if you get to this
Tumblr media
camilo for your troubles <3
this prompt >> AND HELLO AGAINN :))
Feel The Music, Baby.
camilo madrigal x fem!reader
the way your hips swung, your hair moved and the skirt you were wearing blew in the wind had him caught in a daze. the girl— that girl. the one that he’s loved since he was 13, only being able to stare from afar, was now just so close. your smile widened as you picked up a child who was at your feet and spun around with him in your arms. giggles erupted from his mouth as he slung his arms onto your neck, shimmying his hips a little in your arms. the child who was in your arms was put down right as the song ended so you could get water. you walked away from the crowd and into the kitchen at the madrigal house.
“you’re drooling.” dolores said in a teasing manner, eating her food. “what?— what, no i am not dolores.” camilo huffed, wiping his mouth just to make sure she was lying. “if you like her so much, why dont you just make out with her.” mirabel laughed, made fake kissing faces at camilo. “cállate mira!” “camilo!” pepa came out of the kitchen with a few plates and water. camilo stomped his foot, causing mirabel to laugh even harder. “primito, do you really think she doesn’t like you?” isabela asked, interjecting herself into the conversation. “we’ve— only ever talked once.” “well! i am her dance teacher. and she tells me everything.” isabela smirked, leaning on the table they sat at. “and i hear everything. hm.” “okay, okay. stop teasing your brother dolores. he has enough on his mind. pobrecito.” pepa said in sympathy, getting his hair away from his face. camilos face obviously turned red as he covered his face. “well, what does she say!” “in order to tell you, you have to get over it, locito. just dance with her.” camilo sighed, putting his head down. “if i do will you tell me.” he replied, his voice muffled. “yes!” dolores and isabela said at the same time. he lifted his head and rolled his eyes. “fine.” camilo stood up and walked back to the center where the girl of his dreams was. he made his way through the crowd and towards the edge where he saw her twirling a small girl with braids around. he cleared his throat and walked up to her, putting his hand out. “care to dance, amor?” he asked slyly, watching as she turned her head. “claro!” she accepted happily, grabbing his hand. almost immediately he spun her around, prompting a gasp and a laugh come from her. “asi camilo!” camilo heard his father say, turning around to him.
“you’re a very good dancer camilo.” y/n beamed as she got her coat off the wall. “gracias hermosa.” he responded with a laugh. y/n smiled and pulled his cheek to her, pecking it softly. “see you tomorrow!” y/n let his face go and walked away and out of the house. mirabel, isabela, pepa, and dolores waited until y/n was far enough. “camilo!!” they squealed, running up to him. “oh she was so beautiful, shes perfect for the family!” pepa continued, fixing his hair. “you were beautiful! your feet were moving in sync and your hand placements were just right!” “y/n agrees.” dolores exclaimed before giggling. “okay, okay okay! can you just tell me what she says now?” camilo asks putting his hands on his hips. “fine!” isabela burst and grabbed his hand, pulling him towards the kitchen and sitting him down. “so..?” he says, leaning onto the table. “she says, how she wants so badly to talk to you. how every chance she gets she admires you… and how you take her breath away anytime your eyes meet.” isabela pouts, putting her hand to her heart “how adorable.” she whines before smiling again. “she’s talking now.. she says she almost passed out tonight. she loved the way you looked at her. her sister says shes so in.” dolores continues, as she put her hand to her heart. “she says.. how badly she wishes you liked her back.” “but i do like her back!” camilo says, looking at his sister with puppy dog eyes. “lo sabemos, principe.” pepa replied. “how about tomorrow, we invite y/n to dinner?” pepa asks smiling at her middle child. “yeah.. yeah that works.” he smiled back at his mother.
that morning, camilo woke up extra early just to wake everyone up and get ready. he knocked on luisas door, then dolores, then mirabel, his moms, his aunts, his brothers, isabelas and abuelas. he had already gotten everything prepped for tía julieta and was rushing everyone. “mirabel, you’re going to y/ns house to invire her, dolores and isabela you’re helping tia! and mamá, just relax today. okay?” camilo shouted out orders before rushing into the kitchen. “everything looks good here tía!” he exclaimed and walked out and attempted to go up the stairs before something held him back. “camilo?” antonio peeped as camilo looked down. “yes antonio?” “don’t mess tonight up, please? i like y/n, she always plays with me and if you ruin it she won’t want to play with me anymore…andshesmyfavoritepersontoplaywith!” antonio complained all in one breath before pulling away. “i will not ruin tonight for us antonito.” camilo ran a hand through his brothers curls and smiled before walking upstairs.
camilo spent the rest of the morning and part of the afternoon in his room, pondering on what to say and how to say it. “camilo! y/n’s coming!” isabela yells from the kitchen, putting the final plate of food down. “ya voy!” he responds, getting off his bed and running out of his room. not before one last check in the mirror. camilo moved his strands and pat down his clothes before rushing out. the door rung and he sprung for it immediately, holding the door knob. “sit down everyone, hurry! i dont want us to look like hooligans infront of y/n!” he yelled before swinging the door open. “mirabel, y/n!” camilo laughed in a fake way and hugged mirabel, leading them both inside. “wow, this all looks amazing..” y/n said amused. camilo pushed a chair out right infront of him. y/n smiled and nodded and sat herself down, pushing her chair in. camilo walked around the table and sitting down, smiling immediately.
it had only been 10 minutes since everyone started eating and dolores was staring very hard at camilo, trying to not to spill his secret at the dinner table. “dolores, why are your ears so big?“ camilo asked in a teasing manner, as he always did. “why do you like y/n.” “dolores!” “what?” y/n questioned. “you do?” she looked at him. “okay, everyone go to the kitchen!” pepa sighed out, rushing everyone away from the table. “why did you never tell me camilo?” “well.. because youre just so beautiful and i couldn’t bring myself to do it.” he sighed out as they both stood up. “i know you watch me dance.” y/n chuckled with a smile. “you’re such a puppy amor.” she giggled. “everyone always says that!” he sighed out in frustration. but he was happy. now he knew the girl of his dreams liked him too.
i overwrote oops sorry i didnt even do it right i just cant write dancing im so bad at it 😭😭 anyways im super tired so mmm 🤘
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ketchuptime · a month ago
I’ve already sent in stuff like this before, but bc of that one dinner scene in the movie, I hc that Camilo accidentally shifts into whoever he’s focusing on really hard or whoever is taking up a lot of his mind, so any cute things you can write about that I would appreciate :)))
Gold Rush
Camilo Madrigal x GN! Reader
Genderfluid Camilo is hinted at.
(Y/LN)- your last name
(Y/MN) -your mother's name
(Y/AN) - your aunt's name
I’ve had this idea as well for a bit and i’ve had this little idea, but i haven’t been able to but it into words yet…but i’ll try.
You have been friends with Mirabel for as long you can remember. Your two families were intertwined by your Abuelas. Abuela Alma had been friends with your Abuela since Encanto was founded. When Pedro died, Your Abuela was there right beside Alma to fight off all of her fears and anxiety and raising her new magical triplets. When your Abuela soon fell in love and had your mother and tia, it soon became clear that the candle’s magic had spread. That it wasn’t a familiar thing, but something spread through true love and your Abuela and Alma bond was one of pure sisterly love. Your mother was gifted the power to empathy and being able to change a persons emotions, making her and Pepa best friends. Your Tia could teleport, which always came in handy when her, Pepa, Julieta, Bruno, and your mother got into a little to much trouble. (Y/MN), Tia (Y/AN) , Julieta, Pepa, and Bruno were always best friends and that never changed. When Julieta and Pepa fell in love, your mother and tia followed in suit. The Madrigal-(Y/LN) family grew.
You were a year old when Mirabel was born. Your Mother and Julieta couldn’t separate the two of you for too long before one, if not both of you, started crying for the other. When you were given your gift, Mirabel was right in front of you, an ever faithful and welcoming smile upon her face. All your nerves left, until a young Camilo would come around to tease you again. Camilo and you weren’t not friends, but he always teased you. It was aggravating, sometimes you wished your power would be to silence people just so you could make him shut up. However useful silencing people would be, you were gifted telepathy and telekinesis. They for sure came in handy when you wanted to get back at Camilo, getting into his mind was just to easy and making him trip was even funnier. When Mirabel didn’t receive a gift, you, and Bruno, were the only ones who werent disappointed. You knew that she didn’t need a gift to be special, she was already so incredible.
As you grew up into the gorgeous 16 year old you are now, the town fell in love with you and your gifts. Isabela and you always seemed to be the talk of the town. Camilo hated it. He hated the way you walked and talked and countered all his quick remarks, the way your hands glided through the air as you used your gift to help the towns folk, how you could ease a hurting mind by just getting into their head and telling them it would be okay. He hated when you would send Mirabel little telepathic messages at diner causing her to burst into laughter. He hated how you and Mirabel could have conversations that Dolores couldn’t hear, that he couldn’t beg her to tell him how you felt about him. He hated that you were perfect, he hated that Mirabel didn’t dislike you because of it. Camilo and Mirabel couldn’t gossip and gawk about you the way they did about Isabela. Camilo hated how he wanted what you and Mirabel had. He hated how you always looked like the hero from Antonio’s children's books that you’d read to him at night when Pepa wanted a break. Camilo hated how he wanted you to notice him.
What he didn’t know was how you noticed him. You notice when he looks at you and when he blushes a bright red when you call his name or comment on said or did. You noticed when he thought about someone so hard he’d turn into them. You notice how he cares so much for his family, even if he tries to make it seem like he doesn’t at times. You noticed how when Bruno came back, he started to find comfort in him. You noticed him, just as much as he noticed you.
However, It was normal day when he realized that you think about him just as much as he thinks about you. Julieta had called for dinner, and Mirabel and you were making your way to the dining room. Camilo was already there, teasing Isabela about the girl that Isabela had started to crush on. Ever since Isabela let being perfect all go, she had started to take insert in the towns baker. A lovely young lady who always snuck little pastries to Isabela when she went to pick up the bread order. Camilo noticed right away on this new little “friendship”.
“Oh come on Isabela! Just admit that you loooooove her!” He cooed before shifting his form into the baker. Camilo batted his eyes, still in her form, before Isabela hit him on the arm, cause Camilo to yelp.
“Will you stop that, Camilo.” You huffed, “I think it’s really courageous that Isabela has actually started to be herself. I feel like you would understand that.” Camilo shifted back and sighed softly before taking his sit across from you. He watched as you turned to Mirabel and smirked, Mirabel giggled softly. Camilo knew you must have sent her a “mind message” as he called it. Camilo scuffed before turning to Dolores who was already too busy fawning and giggling with Mariano. He wanted to feel like that, feel wanted by someone in a romantic way. He wanted it with you, but were probably in love with Mirabel. It looked that way in his eyes. Camilo wanted you to look at him the way Dolores looked at Mariano, or the way he looks at Dolores. The look of pure love and adoration. He wanted you to feel the warmth and love that flooded through his body when he thought about you. He wanted to be able to run his fingers through your hair, make you laugh the way Mirabel did, make you smile like she did. He wanted to make everyone in the town jealous because he could date you, he knew there was a fair share of people in the town who wanted to date you. He wanted them to suffer cause they couldn’t have you the way he had you. He just want-
“Camilo…are you okay?” Dolores asked softly. Camilo was thrown out of his thoughts by her concerned voice. He looked around to see everyone looking at him.
"uh yeah? why?" he sighs softly.
“Uh…Camilo. You kinda just started crying out of nowhere before shifting into me…” Camilo, despite noticing everything about you, hadn’t noticed how you moved beside him. Your hands cupping his face, well your face? Camilo turned to you and quickly shifted back, tears still in his eyes.
“I am sorry, I didn’t mean too…I wasn’t thinking.” he hastily tired to reassure you, he never wanted to make you sad and he could tell you were. ‘Or perhaps you were thinking a bit too much?’ Camilo almost fell off his chair as he heard your voice ring through his head. “I uh…I’m sorry…I didn’t mean too.”
Camilo stared at you, eyes filled with confusion and face plagued with anxiety. Your voice flooded his head again, your warm voice erupting into his brain like lava. ‘Everything is okay, I see you. I feel you. It’s okay. You don’t have to fear, Mi Vida.’
The rest of the Madrigals and (Y/LN)’s were confused, but it’s okay. Cause in your eyes, the only one who mattered wasn’t confused.
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nothereoranywhere · a month ago
Hi! Can I please request dating headcanons for Camilo from Encanto?
Having Camilo Madrigal as a S/O
Tumblr media
I got this request from SEVERAL people so... let's go! (Also, there are like no Camilo gifs)
This is also gender neutral! 
-You and your family had just moved to a new town. You didn’t hate the move, but you also didn’t love it either. Because you didn’t know anyone, you opted to doing things that didn’t involve people. Examples of things you did included cleaning the house, drawing, reading, and painting. 
-One day, your mother got sick of you staying inside all the time and demanded you get some fresh air. You decided, in order to satisfy your displeased mother, just to sit outside and read. You didn’t want to talk to anyone so best to look busy. However, this single action caught the eye of a certain someone.
“Hey, I’ve never seen you in town before.”
You would look up from your book to see a boy around your age on stone fence above you. He rested his chin on his hand while looking at his nails, almost like he was trying to appear “cool” and “mysterious”. His mannerisms confused you.
“My family just moved here two weeks ago,” you said before returning to your book.
“Cool... cool... hey, didn’t catch your name- WOAH!” The boy somehow slipped on something and fell onto the muddy ground.
You placed down your book and walked over to help him out. “Ouch, are you okay?” You gave him your hand and helped him get up.
“Yeah, yeah. I’m fine. Thanks...”
The boy smiled and gazed at you for a few seconds.
“Uh... you good there, buddy?” 
He immediately snapped out of his trace. “Yeah, yeah. Thanks for that.” The boy stood up and put out his right hand. “I’m Camilo. Camilo Madrigal.”
“(Y/n). (Y/n) (L/n).” You hesitantly shook his hand. 
-After that, the two of you started hanging a lot. You invited him into your life and he’s here to stay. What did you expect?
-Camilo teases you a lot and jokes around. He likes scaring you and playing pranks but he never takes it too far. And if he does, he is always quick to apologize. When you two start dating, this does take a slight turn but that will be discussed later.
-Speaking of dating, Camilo’s family, and your family, are quick to find out about you two’s little “friendship”. Cue Camilo’s sister and cousins constantly teasing him about having a crush. This leaves him mortified. You, too, are met with teasing from your family and even people around town.
-You’re most likely the one who asks Camilo out first since, even though he seems sly, he is truly and utterly weak and a nervous mess when it comes to you. Of course, when you finally ask him out, he is in shock but excited and immediately accepts.
-Despite how often you two hung out, you had never actually met Camilo’s family as a whole. Maybe a hi or hello from his sister or cousins but that was it. You were worried about meeting his mom but, when you two first met each other at the Madrigal’s front door, she was ecstatic and immediately determined, after examining your face and asking you a bunch of questions, that you were perfect for her son!
-Like his cousin Isabela, Camilo’s flirtatious comments are sweet and somewhat cheesy. Unlike Isabela, he isn’t the best at pulling them off. 
“Do you have a map?”
“No? Why do you need a map?” “Because I keep getting lost in your eyes.”
This always earns a laugh from the both of you.
-Camilo still teases and plays pranks on you but now you have started to tease him back. He usually doesn’t expect this and it almost always leaves him in a flustered mess.  
-Camilo also likes giving you very short and unexpected kisses. Mostly to tease you. You’ll simply be reading and Camilo will come out of nowhere and peck you on the cheek. Before he can scurry away, you drag him back and give him a real kiss.
-Camilo’s mom is almost like a second mom to you. She looks out for you and you help her out and calm her down whenever she gets agitated or stressed out. Camilo’s dad is also your second dad that you never knew you needed. You can she where Camilo got a lot of his mischievous from. Dolores is very sweet to you. I mean she kinda did help Camilo court you. And Antonio is like a little brother to you. Pretty much all of the Madrigals love and respect you.
-And finally, Camilo’s Abuela approves of you dating, and someday marrying, her grandson. Yay!
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camilos-amor · a month ago
i love your writings and wanted to request fluffy camilo x fem!reader who dances for the children of encanto in the village and has yet to properly meet camilo, but she interacts with isabela often and camilo watches her like a lovesick fool
isabela and dolores notice this and so isabela invites her to the casita for dinner and her and camilo properly meet (+ the whole family teasing camilo??)
tysm <33
bonita bailadora
camilo x fem!reader
part 2
Tumblr media
he admired her once again, sighing deeply as he watched her giggle and dance with the kids.
“go talk to her primo.” Isabela told him, handing him a flower. “dance with her instead of staring with puppy dog eyes.” she giggled at her cousin.
Isabela walked up to you and started talking to you. “hey Y/n, how are you?” you smiled, “i’m good.” you giggled as you spun a little girl around.
“that’s great! do you know where any baskets or boxes are? gotta pack dozens of roses and plants for the garden were making.”
you smiled. “i think there are some near the church or the barn.” Isabela smiled. “thank you!”
a few days later there was a birthday party for one of the kids you babysit. The Madrigals were there, obviously you were too.
you danced and laughed with the kids as they smiled and complimented you. “You dance so well Y/n!”
when your feet started aching the kids still wanted to dance. “just a little break. i’ll join you guys soon okay? go! have fun!”
after cooling down the kids tugged on your skirt. “cmon! dance with us again Y/n!” a young girl asked. “pleeeeaaasssseeee.” she made puppy dog eyes.
just how Camilo makes them at you, but you wouldn’t notice.
you nodded as you picked her up and started twirling around. she giggled and smiled.
once again, Camilo was completely enamorado with the way you moved and flowed to the music. your hair and skirt swaying perfectly.
“you’re making heart eyes again brother.” dolores said. “no im not!” Camilo denied. “yes you are! you always do when you see her!” Isabela said.
“maybee go ask her to dance!” dolores said as she raised her eyebrows and smirked. “yes! do that!” Isabela agreed. Camilo grew flustered and blushed. “no! what if she says no?” he said.
“well, if she does then you can stare at her with love heart eyes. but first! go ask!” he shook his head at Dolores’s comment.
the two girls sighed and rolled their eyes at the stubborn boy. yet, they both came up with a plan.
Dolores came up to you as you were getting food. “hey Y/n!” she waved at you as she sat near you. “hey dolores!” you smiled at her.
Isabela soon joined you both. “you should come over for dinner some time, we wanna hang out with you and maybe meet the whole family and get acquainted more!” Isabela said. Dolores nodded and agreed. “yeah! you can meet the family and get to know them better!”
you agreed. “yeah! that sounds good.”
later that week you knocked on the door of the Casita.
“come in! come in!” Dolores said as she smiled excitedly at Isabela. they led you to the kitchen, making sure to sit you next to Camilo.
their plan was going smoothly. “the dinner was delicious! thank you guys for having me over!” Camilo smiled at you. “i wanna have you over more often bonita.”
“what was that Camilo?” Dolores said, having a smirk on her face. “W-What? i didn’t say anything!” he started blushing.
“I’d like to come over more and hang out with you more Camilo! if that’s okay.” you whispered to him. he started blushing and nodding.
the family smiled at the two. “soo.. you got a novia?” Felix asked Camilo. Camilo started blushing and shaking his head as you giggled. “not yet but maybe soon. you just have to wait.” you responded, which made Camilo cover his face as you all laughed.
“aww cmon Cami! don’t cover your cute face! i wanna see you.” you said as you removed his hands and just held them. he tried to avoid eye contact but you placed your hand on his cheek. “i like your freckles.” you whispered.
after you making Camilo more flustered at the dinner table, you were talking as you hung out in his room. “i know you watch me dance.. just saying.” you said as you sat next to him.
“oh- that- uhm.” he started stuttering “it’s okay Cami. maybe one day we can dance together. i should go home now. it was nice to meet you.” you said as you kissed his cheek.
“wait! let me walk you home!” he said as he grabbed your hand. you smiled and intertwined your fingers as you talked on your way home.
“thank you Camilo. we should hang out more!” you said. “yeah! i’d like that a lot.” he said as he smiled at you. before you walked into your house you kissed him on the cheek again.
once he was back home he wouldn’t stop getting bombarded with questions and teasing of “when’s the wedding date?😏” or “did y’all kiss😏”
he was already flustered from you kissing him on the cheek twice. he landed on his bed thinking of you.
Isabela and Dolores high-fived each other for their plan working.
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cherryblossom2134 · 29 days ago
hi hi! i love your camilo fics sm and was wondering if you could do camilo x fem!reader or gn!reader who gets lightheaded and faints semi-often + them meeting the madrigals (if you could also isabela and dolores teasing camilo)
tysm! <3
I sure can! Thank you for your request :)
Sorry that it took long, I haven't had Motivation the last days. But I'm trying now to write more :)
Hope you like it :)
Nothing to Worry
Camilo Madrigal x fem!reader
He/Him for Camilo | She/Her for Reader
Summary: Reader meets for the first time the Madrigals, but she has a problem she gets lightheaded and faints.
Tumblr media
You and Camilo have been dating for a while now, since exactly 4 months. It's still new for you both the whole relationship stuff if you think about it that you both were friends.
But you both figured it out somehow.
The first time when you fainted, he was so scared of his life. But when you woke up, see him crying. You explained him that this was nothing to worry about. It happens sometimes with you.
He loves you, oh he adores you. He spent any free time he has with you, eventually his family even noticed how much happier he is since he is with you.
But today, today is a very special day.
Today you will meet the magical Madrigals, the Family of your boyfriend.
You gulp, Camilo came to your house as you prepare yourself for meeting them. "I feel I'm about to pass out" you tell him, he chuckles amused.
"Mi Amor, calm down, they're gonna love you. Just as I am" he tells you, you take a deep breath in and out. "Are you sure?... I mean I'm not that special.." you mumble.
Camilo stands up from your bed, hugging you gently from behind. It makes you blush every time when he does that. "You're more than special, especially to me" he kisses your shoulder making you giggle.
"You dork"
"Ah, I have to correct you. Your dork"
He smirks knowing that you're blushing madly. You lean your head on his shoulder. "Everything is gonna go out well, right?"
"They will accept us"
"Already do"
"They're not gonna separate us?"
"Won't let it happen"
You sigh satisfied, Camilo smiles at you. He thinks it's cute that you worry so much about meeting his family. But they already knew about you, just didn't met Izu personally.
But that makes it worse, what if you're not what they expected you to be? What if you didn't look like how they thought you would?
It just makes it worse.
"You will see, they will love you. Especially my Mamá"
You walk with your boyfriend hand in hand in the Casita, feeling nervous and anxious about it. "I think I'm gonna pass out" you whispers to him, he chuckles "If that's the case, I'm gonna catch you"
The Casita is beautiful, of course you saw it before from the outside, but never really from the inside. It looks beautiful.
"Mamá, Papá. I have someone you wanna maybe meet?" Camilo yells around the Casita, with a smirk. You squeeze his hands tighter.
"Mijo! Finally!" You hear a woman's voice call out. A ginger haired woman followed by a smaller man come down to you both, probably his parents.
Pepa gasps at the sight of you. You are absolutely stunning. She knew the girl who Camilo is dating, has his be beautiful but this is definitely more than she could ever think of.
You stand a little behind Camilo nervous, holding on his hand still. He smiles gentle back to you, then he looks at his parents. "Mamá, this is Mi Novia, (Y/N)" he introduces you to his parents.
Pepa smiles softly, a rainbow above her head. She walks over with Felix to you both. "It's nice to meet you (Y/N), I'm Pepa Madrigal and this is my husband, Felix Madrigal. We're Camilo's Parents, we're more than happy to finally meet you" she tells you.
"I-it's nice to meet you, Señor and Señora Madrigal" you smile shy, coming out a bit. Felix smirks "Call us Mamá and Papá, you're now part of the family"
You blush and nod, then right behind him the rest of the Madrigal family come to welcome you. Antonio is more than excited to meet the Girlfriend of his Brother.
Isabella and Dolores watch as Camilo stares at you in Awe while you talk with Pepa, Felix and Antonio.
Dolores chuckles and leans over to her brother "you're staring" she chuckles, making Camilo blush. He looks over to Dolores mad.
Isabella and Dolores giggle at his expression.
But in the next second, Pepa screams loud. Camilo looks over and sees that you fainted again. Pepa is in panick that a cloud with thunder is over her head. "WHY DID SHE PASS OUT!?"
Camilo walks over and chuckles, his mother looks at him mad. "WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING CAMILO?!"
"Mamí, it's okay. It's normal, she often faints. Nothing to worry. She's gonna wake up in a few minutes. She was just stressed meeting you all" he assures while holding you in his arms.
Pepa calms down, Felix on her side rubbing her back. "Dios Mío" she says relived.
A few minutes later you wake up, Pepa asks you out if you're alright. The whole family was worried, but you tell them the same what Camilo said.
So, in the end there was really nothing to worry about.
The Madrigals adore you.
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xayers · a month ago
happy birthday
word count: 3019
gif cred : @ cometcrystal 
camilo madrigal x gn reader
Tumblr media
Camilo flopped down onto his bed as he contemplated what the next few days would be like. Your birthday was coming up and he was puzzled about what he should give you for that special day. You were amazing to him and he didn't want to mess this up. Giving gifts was never an easy task for the shape-shifting Madrigal. In fact, he DREADED his relatives' birthdays because of the fact he would have to give them a perfect present, which he was never good at. For instance, on Isabela's last birthday, he gifted her a pink rose.. As if, she couldn't make those by hand… and his reasoning for this beautiful, yet pointless gift was even worse than the gift itself. 
"I see you making these things everywhere so you must like 'em! If you dig just a bit deeper and look at the real meaning behind my considerate present to you, I gave you your favorite flower, and on top of that, it matches with your dress, too! I believe a ‘Thank-You!’ hug and the title of your favorite cousin should be in order." 
Needless to say, he had to get Isabela a brand-new present and he had to get treated for the busted lip that Isabela had also given him. See, the thought and meaning behind all his gifts were there, it's just that the execution behind the gifts could use tremendous work. That's why Camilo was determined that his gift to you wouldn't be in vain, he didn't want a repeat of all the years where he had to suffer the consequences of giving substandard gifts to the people in his family. 
He was struggling and staring up at his ceiling as if the perfect gift for you would just fall onto his face. Soon enough, he got tired of trying to think and decided he needed to bring in backup, and by "backup" he meant begging anyone in his family to help him with his dilemma.
Camilo stood in front of Dolores' door reluctantly. He didn't want to ask her for help, but he had no other choice. No ideas were popping into his numb skull and Dolores did know about everyone in Encanto so she should be able to help with his problem .. right?
"I can hear you outside my room. You can knock, 'ya know? I don't bite!" Dolores teased. Camilo sluggishly opened the door and then flopped onto her bed. "Woah, Cami. You okay?"
"I've been better.” Camillo sighed while placing his hands behind his back, making a make-shift pillow, and closing his eyes.
"Yeah, you don't say.. What brings you here, you need help with something?"
"(Y/N) brings me here, that's what, and I DO need help with something. You know, their birthday is in a few days and I have absolutely no idea what I should gift them"
“Okay, so why’d you come to me about it?”
"Well, is the fact that you know almost everything about everyone who lives in Encanto so you should know some things about (Y/N) that could help me get them a good present good enough for you?"
Dolores let out a small chuckle then sat beside her brother who was sprawled across her bed with his hands on his face. "You do make a good point with that last reason but you two are literally dating! No amount of information I provide will ever come close to what you already know about them, but I can tell you this, give them something from the heart, something that you know they'll enjoy. Try and think back to some things that they expressed fondness in. It could be a certain garment they've been fawning over or a piece of jewelry they think is beautiful. Just try and give them something that shows you listen and care." 
Camilo started thinking to himself. He started thinking about something that you've been wanting for a while, and then, it came to him! On your last outing together, you said that you wanted a stunning diamond-encrusted hairpin Sure, it would be expensive, but when he thinks of you, he'd buy the whole world just to be next to you for a second. He was hopelessly smitten for you. You were his weakness, his kryptonite, but you made him feel like anything was possible and he wanted to be stronger for you because of this. You made him feel light and like he was constantly floating but you also pulled him down to earth and showed him the beauty in many things he would have never noticed before. You made him feel a lot of contradictory emotions but he loved you nonetheless. He made a promise to himself that he'd make you the happiest person on the earth and nothing would ever get in the way of that promise. 
Camilo got up from his somber position, thanked Dolores, and quickly left her room. He knew what to get you, but that wasn't enough for him. He truly believed you deserved more and the hairpin wasn't enough, so he was on his way to speak to his mother to get more advice on what he should give you.
"Mamí!" Camilo shouted while running into the kitchen.
"Holá, mi Hijo, how are you today?" Pepa gleamed, seeming happier than ever. Ever since you and Camilo started dating, Pepa was over the moon. In her eyes, her son had become a man and she seemed less stressed. She had someone to look after her little boy, someone to make him laugh and smile like how he does for everyone else around him, someone to entertain his pranks when even she was too tired to handle him, someone he could spend time with, and someone to love him unconditionally, just like she does. 
"I'm doing fine, but I do need help with something," Camilo muttered while taking a seat at the table. "(Y/N)'s birthday is in a few days and I'm still not set on what to get them. Do you think you could give me some advice on what I should do?"
"Oh, Camilo," Pepa sighed while she played with the strands of her hair, eventually taking a seat across from Camilo. " I can't tell you exactly what you should get, but I can tell you this, try and take all of their favorite things into consideration when getting them something. I know you're not the best at giving presents, but try and think of things they love. Like their favorite place to be, their favorite song, favorite people, favorite foods. All of those will show them that you care about their comfortability and that you want them to feel happy!"
"Alright, Dolores told me something along the lines of that. I'll try my best, thank you, Mamí" Camilo murmured while sluggishly sliding out of his seat. He knew that your birthday gift had to be perfect. Absolutely perfect. There was no room for errors because he had his fair share of those, he wanted you to enjoy the 24 hours dedicated just for you… aanndd the other people who shared your birthday, but it's still your day since nobody else can compare to you.
time skip to a few days later cuz i'm lazy 
The day has come, your birthday. To say Camilo was a nervous wreck would be a BIG understatement. He was pacing around his room with the 2 presents he had gotten you on his dresser. The first present was a diamond-encrusted hairpin that Dolores had helped him choose. The second present was a heart locket with a picture of you and him in it, in front of the tree, you two met. That was where you both would go to meet up when you guys decided to hang out, the tree you'd two go-to when you guys got stressed, the tree you two would go to when you needed time alone, even though one of you would probably be there already. That place was special to both of you and it held irreplaceable memories. He wouldn't trade the days where you two would just sit under the tree together, basking in each other's presence for anything. 
Camilo finally grabbed the gifts and put them in a little bag that read "happy birthday," and with that, he headed off to your house. On his way there, he saw a street vendor offering bouquets of your favorite flower.
"Hey, you're the kid from the Madrigal family right, the shape-shifting one ?" Questioned the vendor.
"Yeah, that's me," Camilo answered. "How much for a bouquet of those flowers, the ones right there" He pointed to a batch of your favorite flowers. They swayed in the wind and looked golden as the bright sun hit them. They had a gold lining to hold the bouquet in place that made the flowers all the more enticing. To Camilo, those flowers were absolutely radiant and entrancing, but there was one flower in the bouquet that had yet to bloom, but despite this fact, it glowed and swayed just like the other flowers, but it still was beautiful, regardless of the premature nature the flower was in. Camilo brushed his fingers against the petals of the dainty herb and smiled. 
"The price for these is 2.25 but I'll give it to you for 1.25 since your cousin Luisa helped me move my cart into the town's place!" 
Camilo handed the man the money and left with a new batch of flowers in his hand, along with the gifts, and continued walking to your house.
another time skip cuz why not lol
Once Camilo arrived at your house, he saw that you were sitting in the front yard. Once he noticed you, he immediately ran and hid in the nearest bush. "Okay Camilo, you got this. Just give them their gifts and spend time with them without making it awkward or weird. That can't be that hard-"
"Camilo, is that you over there?" You blurted while running toward the mysterious figure hidden behind a garden bush.
Camilo panicked and transformed into you then back to him, dropping the presents and flower bouquet on the ground, he rushed to the ground, fumbling to pick up the objects that he just lost his grip on, all the while you got closer and closer to his little 'hiding spot.'
"Cami, what are you doing back here, you could've asked to come inside instead of conspicuously hiding behind a bush that can barely cover your head." You teased while you leaned on the hedge. 
Camilo let out a slightly embarrassed chuckle, as he dusted off the dirt from his pants. He always had a soft spot for your silly banter. 
"Happy birthday, mi vida." Camilo said, flustered. He was bright red as a tomato and he had barely spoken to you yet. He handed you an assortment of flowers and 2 jewelry boxes. One contained the expensive, but exquisite hairpin, while the other box had the beautiful heart locket. All with an embarrassed smile to seal the deal.
You immediately looked up at Camilo, back at the presents, and back up at Camilo with a surprised look on your face. 
Camilo looked up at your face and immediately regretted coming to you directly to deliver your presents. 
"I- I'm sorry I really shouldn't have -'' You cut Camilo off to give him a long, loving hug. You looped your arms around his neck and held him closely, burying your head in his neck while he stammered some more. He didn't know what to expect but he certainly wasn't expecting this. 
"Thank you, Camilo." You whispered while still holding your lover close. Camilo then wrapped his arms around the back of your torso. You two just stood there in silence for a while, enjoying each other's warm embrace.
 "Hey.. do you want to go hang out somewhere?" Camilo asked as he broke away from the hug.
"Of course." You said, taking your flowers and gifts. You both intertwined your fingers with each other and locked hands. It's as if your bodies were magnets, constantly attracting each other and Camilo couldn't get enough. You were infatuating and perfect in every way to him. 
"Oh, and mi Amor," you began to ask.
"Hm? " Camilo muttered, turning his head to look at you. 
"Why on God's green earth were you hiding behind that bush? If you really wanted to disguise yourself, you could've turned into a random passerby. You chose the worst hiding spot EVER.” 
"Well, I didn't know you were the hiding spot judge? When did this come to be? Cause if you ask ME, my hiding spot was pretty damn good, especially since you are not the observant type and wouldn't be able to see a fly if it landed on your eyeball."
"Says you! Do you remember when you were mocking your Abuela and she was right behind you?! It seems as if YOU aren't the alert, wise person you claim to be"
"Okay, now I never claimed to be any of those things, and you know how I feel about the Abuela situation. I wasn't allowed to leave my room for a week. That was the hardest 7 days of my LIFE ."
"Camilo, you snuck out every single day. YOU DIDN'T EVEN FOLLOW YOUR PUNISHMENT. HOW IN THE HELL IS THAT HARD?!" 
"Are you forgetting my sister hears everything about everyone? When people use the saying ‘The walls have ears,’ they're literally referring to Dolores. She hears everyone's business. Hell, she even heard me ask you out!"
"Okay but Dolores wouldn't tell on you for sneaking out, would she?"
"Oh yes, she would! There are some secrets she simply can't keep which I find ridiculous since she keeps all Isabela's secrets with no hesitation, but the second I ask for a teensy weensy favor, she requests 20 dollars and a free dessert.”
You began to cackle at what Camilo just said. “You actually paid her the money?!” 
“I had no other choice, but then again, paying her 20 dollars was nothing if it meant I could spend the day with my lover.” Camilo gushed.
Camilo and you walked a little more before you reached the town's place. 
“Hey, mi Amor, you wanna spend some time here for a while, while we wait for the sun to set?”
“Of course, but why would we wait for the sun to set?” You asked.
“I just want to show you something at that time, that's all.”
..another time skip cuz i'm fed UP, sorry y'all 💀..
“Cami, the sun is setting, didn't you say that you wanted to show me something around this time?”
“Oh yeah, come on,” Camilo said as he took your hand inside an old, abandoned building.
“You're not trying to kill me, are you?” You said, half-jokingly. 
“You know, with the number of questions you ask, I'm starting to actually consider that idea.” Camilo teased back.
You both started walking up a flight of stairs and after a while, you saw a light, signaling you guys were nearing the top and you were soon going to be on the roof of the rundown building.
“Oh, so you're gonna push me off the roof? How romantic.” You said sarcastically.
“Yep, and I'm gonna look amazing while doing so, and when people ask why I did what I did, I'm gonna reply with ‘their pessimistic attitude pushed me off the edge so I pushed them off the edge .. of a building.” 
“Hardy har har, Cami. I'm dying of laughter.”
“Yeah, you will be dying soon although, it won't be from laughter, and then again, pushing you off a building this high would result in an instantaneous death so you won't really register that you're dying, you'll just be dead.. but you won't feel any pain so that's a plus! No need to thank me for giving you a quick, painless death!”
“Okay, first off,  I'm not even gonna ask why you know so much about falling off a building, and secondly, ENOUGH OF THE DEATH TALK, CAMILO MADRIGAL.
“I know so much about falling from high places because I was researching how to properly dispose of you! Also, don't get mad at me, you started the whole death talk thing.”
“What did I just say about the D-word Camilo.”
“I was just answering your question, my love.”
What felt like an eternity of death talk for you, you both reached the roof of the building and the view there was something straight out of a movie. It's as if the sky was a coin and when the sun would set, we would be able to see the sides of the coin, which would be the golden-ish yellow side, whereas the blue ocean that took over the sky was on one side of the coin and the black, star-filled night was on the other. Camilo and you got there just in time to witness the sides of the coin where gold reigned the sky and other colors such as pink and yellow helped the sky look even more radiant. The sun looked over both you and your lover and gave you both a warm, golden embrace.
When you turned to look at Camilo, you could tell he was just as entranced with the scenery as you were moments before. The sunlight ghosted over his skin and made him look like an extraterrestrial being, something angelic-like. You stared into his eyes for a moment longer and saw the sea of colors reflecting off his glossy orbs. Then he turned his head to look at you.
“Beautiful, isn't it?”
“It is,” you said while beginning to sit down, bringing Camilo down with you. “Thank you for this.”
“It's nothing, really,” Camilo said, then reached into the bag he had given you for your birthday box and pulled out the hairpin he had gotten you, then clipped it in your hair. 
“I love you.” You muttered while laying your head on Camilo’s shoulder.
“I love you too, Mi Vida.”
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camilosluvr · 29 days ago
hello again! i love your writings sm and i thought of another prompt i’d like to see <3
fluffy camilo x gn or fem!reader who earlier in the day told dolores abt their crush on camilo and dolores had heard so much that day that at dinner that night when camilo was complaining because reader would be oblivious to his flirts (the whole family figured out he liked them before this), dolores blurts out that reader likes him as reader walks in because they were invited to dinner + the aftermath of that ?? pls include teasing from isabela and the adults <33
tysm ik it will be amazing <3
Tumblr media
camilo for ur troubles <3
Camilo Madrigal x GN Reader
Everybody knows Dolores can't keep a secret except you and you learn that the hard way (He/him pronouns for camilo and they/she pronouns for reader)
«────────────« ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ »───────────»
You stood under an orange tree picking the orange fruit with dolores as you ranted to her about her brother and at first someone would think it's weird to be ranting about someone's brother to said person but dolores honestly didn't mind, she loved hearing you rant about your big fat crush on camilo as she would call it "Camilo is so adorable! I'll never understand how isabela says that he's mean." You said as you got on dolores's shoulders to get more oranges from the top of the tree "She only says that because camilo always plays pranks on her but you like when he pulls pranks on you only because you think camilo's laugh is cute." Dolores said as she tried to keep steady and still so you didn't fall off her shoulders "That's true but you have to admit that his laugh is cute!" You yelled making dolores flinch because of the loudness "Oh sorry! Forgot about your gift for a second." You said rubbing the back of your neck and dolores hummed and nodded accepting your apology.
Dolores then nodded "His laugh is cute but in my point of view, I see it as like adorable cute not romantic like you." Dolores said as she wobbled a bit making you hold on to one of the branches to not fall "Yo, stay still or we're gonna have to take a trip to your house before dinner even comes around!" You said as dolores gripped onto the lower branches because she didn't want you nor her to fall "My bad! I felt grass tickle my foot!" Dolores said giggling a bit as you started picking the last oranges on the tree "It's cool but I need to get down now because all the oranges are gone." You said smiling down at dolores but her ponytail stopped you from seeing her face "I don't know how you're supposed to get down..." Dolores said pursing her cherry red lips and you groaned "Okay, so..I'm gonna grab the branches and you move from under me then I'm gonna let go of the branches then fall on my feet." You explained as that was literally the best idea you had.
Dolores nodded and waited for you to tell her to move, you grabbed onto the branches and then took a deep breath "Go." You said then dolores tried to move but out of fear of falling and hurting yourself or it was probably your body going into fright or flight mode, you wrapped your legs around her neck making you both fall on the ground "Ah!" You yelled as you back hit the ground while dolores winced "You alright?" You asked dolores and she nodded while she rolled off you and next to you "What about you?" She asked and you nodded then you both started laughing.
Dolores looked at you with a smile on her face "Well, one things for sure..if you and camilo get married there won't be a problem with us getting along." She said making you flustered at the mention of marriage with camilo "Yep, I already see you as my sister." You said looking at her smiling.
~Later at 8~
Dolores sat at the dinner table waiting for her tia to finish cooking while everyone else was talking, dolores had heard plenty of conversations today and couldn't keep them all in her mind at once "They're so oblivous to all my flirting!" Camilo yelled out as he through his hands in the air with a frown on his face, his mamà chuckled a bit "You know, your father used to be oblivious to all my flirting when we first met." She said placing her hand over félix's chubby hand while she gave a smile to her son showing her gap that félix loved so very much "Hijo, what have you been saying to her?" Félix asked camilo tilting his head a bit "I've been call her adorable and just being blunt but just thinks I'm joking and pranking her.." Camilo said pouting then he heard isabela laugh "When you were shy, you flirted with her and said it was a joke after but now you're not shy anymore and she thinks it's a joke?" Luisa said as she tried to hold in her laughter like antonio "The boy that cried wolf, camilo edition." Isabela said as she smiled.
Dolores took a deep breath as she couldn't hold it in anymore "Y/N LIKES YOU CAMILO!" She blurted out making everyone freeze and look at her but camilo just stared at you who had walked in the moment dolores blurted that secret out and you two just stared back at each other "Um..hi.." You said breaking eye contact with camilo and walking up to the table to sit down in your seat "Camilo, you have a green light!" Félix whispered in camilo's ear encouraging his son to confess to his crush and camilo cleared his voice "Um, (y/n)..would you maybe like to go on a date with me or somethin'?" Camilo asked averting his eyes from you but you smiled "Yes,yes I would." You said in a teasingly tone and then isabela made a 'Oooooo' sound "Camilo has a partner!" She yelled teasing her cousin, this was payback for all the teasing she got from him "Aww! Our little baby has grown up!" Pepa said as she smiled brightly making camilo flustered.
Though, he knows he sorta deserves the teasing from all the teasing he's done to isabela and his mom would've reacted like no matter how he confessed or how she found out but at least he knew that they wouldn't have a problem with him spending the rest of his life with you because that's what he planned to do.
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