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retroosquared · a day ago
Tumblr media
havent stopped grinning for the past 4 hours just fyi
[ID: Simple drawing from Techno’s charity stream on 25/09/2021. Techno is running from explosions and holding a Totem of Undying and gapples, and saying, “Chat-- Chat, THAT’S ENOUGH TNT--”. Above him and spectating are Philza, Ranboo, and Squid kid. Phil is laughing; Ranboo is looking at the donations and saying, “Wait-- there’s several every 1 second?!” Squid is looking on in slight horror and saying, “Oh my god...”, but he is smiling too. End ID.]
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cyraenea · a day ago
Tumblr media
girl help i’ve been transformed into a marketable plushie (now in techno-color)
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Plot holes are for ventilation btw. The lore in the dsmp was fine they just needed to make sure the characters can breathe.
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Tommy: Hey, wanna hear a funny joke?
Techno: I only like dark humor.
Tommy, turning off the lights: What do you call a fake noodle?
Tommy: An impasta!
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houndsofcerberus · a day ago
Potato duo content has blessed us once more
God I missed techno and squid’s dynamic, they’re so underrated
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a-bitchtm · a day ago
So anyway.
Minecraft but tnt spawns every second
Manhunt 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 to 5 v 1 edition
Wither v. Enderdragon
Technoblade never dies
Sure would be an awful shame if someone were to delete this >:3
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morgan1011 · a day ago
the power of georgenotfound
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calli0p3 · a day ago
Tumblr media
✨the 6th hunter ✨
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straightdresmp · a day ago
Guys we've got it all wrong, techno's DID gets solve by a reset button like in total drama :)
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Sadist carries the fandom on their back and it’s clear in the way that dsmp is trending for multiple days back to back after an animatic is released.
And it’s all deserved. The animation in them is near flawless, and the way the clips are cut along with the music is insane. Sad-ist takes the crack-treated-seriously-fic that the dream smp is and makes it seem like a Netflix original.
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i-was-born-a-mistake · 2 days ago
Have a Tumblr account and regularly use it: Tubbo, Ranboo Have an account but don't use it that often: Wilbur Made an account and forgot about it: Philza What's Tumblr?: Techno Made an account, didn't do anything with it for months, tried again and is now obsessed with Tumblr: Tommy
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spook-202 · a day ago
Tumblr media
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sewnbythedevil · 2 days ago
Techno being completely accepting of his death, he’ll try to avoid it but it isn’t a big deal if he dies to him. It’s not something important, that’s why Technos will was so calm and relaxed, his death at this point doesn’t mean much. Phil is like “mate wtf you can’t die. Why didn’t you try to let me help you beyond a trick that might fail?”
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warning-heckmouth · a day ago
Tumblr media
The Sequel 
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My albums selection for the next (and respect to Richard H. Kirk , RIP):
- Richard H Kirk – Earlier - Later (Unreleased Projects Anthology 74-89)
- Klaus Schulze ‎– Dig It
- Helm  ‎– Chemical Flowers
- Sandoz ‎– Every Man Got Dreaming
- Mlada Fronta ‎– Fe₂O₃
- Gerard Jugno 106 – Grand Korg Malade
- Micropoint – Neurophonie
- David Borden ‎– Music For Amplified Keyboard Instruments
- Techno Animal ‎– Re-Entry
- Cabaret Voltaire ‎– BN9Drone 
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honalele · a day ago
The Signal
“Are you going to tell me what we’re doing?” Purpled finally broke the silence as Quackity stalked towards wheat fields near the spider spawner. “And what is he doing here?” He added as he glanced at Technoblade. The pig-hybrid warrior strode tall and silent. His expression was difficult to read, but Purpled could tell by the flick of his ears and the way he gripped the hilt of his sword, he was annoyed.
“Keep it down. I didn’t pay you to run your mouth.” Quackity said as he led them into the wheat fields.
“All you said was that you’d pay me double whatever BadBoyHalo was paying me. You haven’t told me what we’re actually doing yet and as the only assassin on the job, I think I deserve to know.” Quackity glanced at Techno who shrugged in response. Quackity sighed and then began testing the ground like he was searching for traps.
“I know that BadBoyHalo hired you to do a job and I know that job was to kill CaptainPuffy, and how I know that is above your pay grade.” Quackity hesitated, then spun around and started searching in another area of the field. “The thing is, this Red Banquet has been a hoax the entire time. The Eggpire doesn’t actually want peace, it wants control. It’s a trap and the people stupid enough to to fall for it are in for a load of some freaky fucked up shit.” Quackity paused and bent down. He brushed some loose dirt away to reveal a trap door, then opened it. “But that’s only if we don’t make it in time.” He said. Purpled watched as Quackity took off his pack and tossed it down the hole before climbing in himself. “Follow me.” He said just before disappearing into darkness.
Purpled peered down the ominous hole. Quackity called to them from the bottom. It appeared he made it in a matter of twenty seconds or so. Purpled stepped away from the hole and turned to Techno.
“You want to go first Pumba?” He said. Techno cocked his head and flicked his ear. He slowly walked towards Purpled until he stood directly over him. He was so close that Purpled could smell the stench of the North off his fluffy ruffled cape. “Never mind.” Purpled spoke through gritted teeth. He sidestepped the warrior and threw his pack down the hole just as Quackity had done. Then he gripped the sides of the ladder and leapt down into the dark abyss.
He rode the ladder like a firemen’s pole. Every so often he’d pass a torch, but most of them had gone out. He looked down and saw the floor coming up to him, it would be about another ten seconds before he needed to slow down. Then he heard a noise from above. He looked up and spotted a black shadow coming towards him, blocking the light from above. Techno had thrown his pack early. Purpled would be hit in the head with fifty pounds of gear if he didn’t think of something quick.
Then, he felt the air behind him suddenly become cool and he heard the sounds of a quiet cave echo around him. Just as the pack was about to hit him, Purpled launched himself from the ladder. He twisted through the air of the open cavern and made sure to land quietly on his feet. Techno’s pack fell with a harsh thud that echoed in the otherwise quiet space.
“What the fuck was that for?” Quackity called up to Techno. A few seconds passed before the warrior came barreling down the pole, kicking up dust as he hit the cavern floor. First he gave Quackity a look, then he gave Purpled the same look. He flicked his ear, picked up his bag, and started walking towards the only tunnel that led out of the chamber.
“Ask Hero Boy Chris.” He said before vanishing into the dark tunnel. Quackity paused and turned to Purpled with a confused expression. “Who the fuck is Chris?” Purpled shrugged and walked over to the ladder to grab his pack. Both him and Quackity entered the tunnel, following the dimly lit path.
Quackity quickly made his way to the front, leading both Purpled and Techno deep into a system of tunnels.
“Why are there so many tunnels down here?” Purpled asked in a low whisper to avoid echoing.
“I wanted to make sure that no one would follow us.” Quackity responded. “I’m the only person who knows the way out so stay on me and don’t do anything stupid.” He said as he made a right turn into a much more narrow tunnel.
The group continued to travel silently, making a few lefts and rights every now and then, when suddenly Quackity stopped and motioned for the others to crouch. Everyone was silent as Quackity led them around one final corner to a tunnel that was covered in red vines. Purpled bent down and picked up one of the crimson leaves. There was a rush of wind and he could hear a chorus of voices rushing along with it. He couldn’t make out what they were saying, but he closed his eyes and tried his best.
Then suddenly someone grabbed his arm. Purpled opened his eyes, finding himself face to face with the raging glow of Techno’s blood red gaze. The voices swept up as did the wind, but Purpled recognized something familiar in the beast’s eyes.
“Drop it.” He said in a low threatening voice. The wind pulled at Purpled, egging him to disobey the man, after all, what harm could a leaf do? But Techno’s grip only grew tighter and eventually it was a decision between the leaf or his hand. Purpled dropped the leaf.
The voices immediately died down and were replaced with different ones that caught everyone’s attention. Technoblade let go of Purpled’s arm and the group of three made their way to the end of the tunnel. Then Quackity stopped again and signed for Techno and Purpled to remain still.
From the other side of the wall they could hear,
“Bad, Ant, this is your last chance with me. Your very last chance.”
“What are you going to do?”
As the arguing continued, Purpled looked to Quackity who still hadn’t given them the signal. He wasn’t quite sure what the man was waiting for.
“I don’t care about the egg! I care about people Ant, and you don’t.”
“This is because of you. You left the Eggpire. You betrayed us first.”
“You think you’re going to put my son up there and kill him in front of me?”
Purpled glanced at Quackity. Surely they should intervene at this point. But Quackity was listening intently on the conversation and his mind was deep in thought.
“Look at you now Puffy. You tried to protect everyone, and look at you now. Foolish, your own son is about to be slaughtered because of you.”
“Quacki-“ Quackity threw his hand over Purpled’s mouth with enough force to push him up against the opposite wall. Purpled could have tried to toss him off, but that would risk an unnecessary amount of noise.
“…but this is your fault.”
Then the scream came. The laughter. The shouting.
Purpled shifted from Quackity’s grasp and he finally let him go. Purpled took a few gulps of air, but did his best to keep quiet. He looks to Technoblade, but the warrior was deep inside his own mind.
Purpled was used to watching people die. He was used to gathering hits and profiting off people’s lives. But this was different. It was strange. There was a reason Quackity was doing this. There was a reason he let the targets kill one of the people they were meant to protect.
But employer always called the shots. A lesson he’d learned long ago.
“Wait for my fucking signal.” Quackity whispered to them before crawling through a small opening to the Egg’s chamber.
And Purpled obeyed.
After a few silent moments he looked over to Technoblade who was watching him with that stupid pitiful look that every adult tended to give him.
“It’s a job.” He said in defense. Techno’s gaze shifted if only slightly and he flicked his ear.
“Whatever helps you sleep at night.” He replied. Purpled tightened his grip on the hilt of his sword. Just when he thought he had a read on this guy, he would say or do something that threw him off. Technoblade the mass murderer. Technoblade the pacifist. Technoblade the killer of kings.
“So what helps you sleep?” He asked.
“I don’t.” More bullshit.
“For the record, I hope I never work with you again.”
And then Quackity’s voice carried over, “I brought the next best thing. I brought my biggest enemy.”
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piglins-bastion · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
holy shit i went back to look at the swords stats and…
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bellfort3 · a day ago
SBI Fanfics of the Week (week 42)
i hope you don't mind that i put down in words by merikai
If you loved me by Drhair76
Safe and Warm by SilverWing15
even when, even if by Cypherr
Maybe Just a Little Little by FandomCaptive
When your ziggurats have crumbled down by Drhair76
When it's strange to take a walk downstairs by justsummr
a saint bernard sits (satanic and chained up) by anxielin
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